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    GLOBAL – 2/2/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC is proud to announce its first label imprint release “The Lift Off EP”, a new EP by The CoCreators, released exclusively this week on Juno Download. This is an exciting development for both the group and the label. Juno Download is one of the top three electronic music retailers in the world, currently holding over two million release titles online. It is widely regarded as one of the best online marketplaces for DJs around the world as well as for consumers of electronic music. The Juno Download deal promises to introduce The CoCreators to a vast amount of club audiences worldwide. Marco DiCristo, President of Love Vibration Nation Music, is hugely excited about this new development for his artists. “Juno Download is the best of both worlds,” he says. “Juno gave us the opportunity to release this EP in multiple formats including standard commercial release, STEMS format and our Pro Audio format DJ Superpack, strictly for DJs.” He goes on to acknowledge the tremendous support Juno Download has offered the Love Vibration Nation team. “Everyone at Juno has been phenomenal. We hope to have a strong, longstanding relationship with them for years to come.” The link to Juno is here:

    Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC is a, EDM label established last year with the idea of redefining what House Music is. “In past imprints we have had success with 2 top tens and one number 1 in the UK Dance Charts but this imprint is different. We are doing it for the Love this time. We want our music to not just fill the dancefloors around the world, we want it fill hearts too and remind us what makes us the same. People are working too hard to define what makes us different. Love Vibration Nation’s mission is bringing people together through music. When you think of Love think of us!” 

    The CoCreators are quickly emerging as a success story attached to the Love Vibration Nation Label. The group recently completed its debut album “Lift Them Up”, which has been recorded over a one-year period. The recordings took place in Spain, Peru, United Kingdom, New York and Florida, giving the album a truly global flavor. 40 tracks were recorded and mastered but only 15 made the cut. The album is set for release this summer. The CoCreators have been influenced by a wide variety of musical genres to create their own individual brand of house music, giving the group an instantly recognizable sound. They made their radio debut on Trax FM this past Friday to rave reviews on DJ Late Nite Dancer Filthy House Sessions with support on radio in Spain, UK, Australia and the United States. “We’re not trying to fit in any mold,” they explain. All Genres, All People, All Love. We just want to spread love through music. In this EP we used sounds that range from a backwards piano riff to full-on orchestral strings. Whatever it takes to bring people together. Love is the answer!”

    Love Vibration Nation is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) since 2016. The label’s music is distributed under the Sony Music Group umbrella and is aggregated to the top stores and music streaming services around the world. For the latest updates on The CoCreators and the label’s other artists and releases, you can follow Love Vibration Nation on Twitter @lovevibrationna  Facebook @OfficialLoveVibrationNationMusic,,
    , or visit  For further information on this story, please contact

    Full News Story:

    Distributed by Press Release Jet

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC
    Contact Person: Marco DiCristo President
    Phone: 424 581 5629
    Country: United States

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    A cursory reading of reviews of the Shen Yun show quickly reveals that those who see it – art critics and the public alike – are unimpressed by the stage antics.

    In Foreign Policy magazine of April 29, 2015, Isaac Stone Fish, a journalist and senior fellow at the Asia Society’s Center on US-China relations, said: “Shen Yun … is not about the arts. It’s not about ‘reviving 5,000 years of civilisation’, as the show’s ubiquitous fliers proclaim; nor is it a Chinese version of the wildly popular Canadian circus company Cirque du Soleil, as the older gentleman sitting next to me at the performance expected.

    “Rather, Shen Yun exists to transmit a message: that heavenly forces will destroy modern-day China, obliterating the Chinese Communist Party [CCP], which has ruled the country since 1949.”

    In a critique in the Hamilton Spectator in Ontario on Jan 1, 2015, Ingrid Mayrhofer was no less scathing: “The show tried our patience right at the beginning with garish electronic imaging and loud Western instruments. The background projection outdid the dancers on the stage with visual [effects], and the military-style sound smothered the hall.

    “Approximately 20 minutes into the spectacle, the announcers began to talk about Falun Gong and how the Chinese government persecuted the sect, offering the next dance as an illustration thereof. At this point, we agreed that we did not have to endure without complaining.”

    In the Oregonian of Jan 14, 2014, Jamie Hale said: “Organisers for the arts troupe Shen Yun bill its performances as ‘an extraordinary journey across 5,000 years of Chinese civilisation’ told through dance, music and breathtaking imagery’. They promise that the show … will ‘touch your soul’. But beneath the layers of coloured, flowing cloth is a message that wraps up politics, propaganda, religion and media.”

    In Britain, Sarah Crompton of the Daily Telegraph of Feb 25, 2008, said: “This show is advertised as a Chinese spectacular — a kind of Eastern version of Cirque du Soleil. It is nothing of the kind. Acrobatics, singing and dancing skills are used in the service of a propaganda exercise on the part of Falun Gong, a group banned as an ‘evil cult’ by the Communist Chinese government in 1999.

    “Most of the members of the Divine Performing Arts troupe are members of Falun Gong. But their beliefs do not simply form a backdrop to a neutral presentation of traditional Chinese dance and legends. They are the focal point of the evening.” In the New York Times of Feb 6, 2008, Eric Konigsberg’s remarks also covered what went on offstage.

    “Audience members who filed out of Radio City before and during intermission said they were troubled by the material. ‘I had no idea it was Falun Gong until now that it’s too late, and it really bums me out,’ said Steven, a Chinese immigrant living in New Jersey who, along with his family, was among the first to leave and asked that his last name not be published.

    “It’s a little too political, too religious, especially the dance showing some girls getting tortured in the prisons. That’s too much for Chinese New Year, especially with our children.”

    And then there was Susan Walker of the Toronto Star on Jan 21, 2008, who wrote: “The healing powers of the music and dance on display in this admittedly spectacularly tacky show was the icing on the cake of enlightenment and truth that was offered up at every opportunity in a presentation of ‘the true essence of Chinese culture’ before it was ‘damaged by the Chinese Communist Party’. The production is so heavily laden with Falun Gong messages as to negate any pleasure the dancing and singing might have afforded.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SPCN
    Contact Person: Shen
    Phone: (800) 719-7388
    Country: United States

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    Pensacola, FL – JoLu Media via Social NWFL is a social media marketing and management agency designed to help local business thrive. Their social media experts will expand businesses social platforms followers, the number of likes, and traffic to bring more customers. Outstanding and professional services are their company goal, providing reputation protection, expanding audiences, engaging social media content, and the ability to track the results. Their services are becoming increasingly popular as the need for successful social media platforms grows.

    Due to the increase of social media, competition becomes more threatening than ever before. Social media is one of the premier sources of marketing, next to the television, and it is spreading rapidly. Competition is catching on fast, so if a company lags on professional and efficient social media platforms, they will lose customers and decrease revenue. It sounds dramatic, but with today’s day and age, if a company is not up to date with the social media world, that company will not be found easily online or any social media site. Social media is essential to increase traffic to a business’s website and to get their brand out in the cyber world. Social media then shares, and recommends a business through tags, followers, and likes, causing it to be reached by so many demographics.

    This problem creates businesses to fall behind, and potentially lose profit and keeps them from gaining new customers.  Companies must invest in a creative social media management and marketing agency, to excel and be successful. JoLu Media via Social NWFL is here to make any business boom with new clients and more profit through unbeatable social media services. Their social media management team creates new customers with their creative and engaging content. They monitor and respond to customer feedback; they can make social shopping carts to sell product from a social media page directly, amplify social media marketing with sweepstakes, and build new clients with social deals that help create larger email lists.

    The company helps clients to optimize their profiles and increase their business across social media websites to get customers that are ready to buy. Thus, they obtain real and measurable results for their clients.

    JoLu Media via Social NWFL prides itself on helping local businesses grow. No other social marketing agency offers quality management, social media services, and marketing all in one package. Their expertise brings every business up to date with the most current social media marketing, creating instant success.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: JoLu Media d/b/a Social NWFL
    Contact Person: Joseph Huffaker
    Phone: 8884075658
    Address:428 Childers St
    City: Pensacola
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    K-Addons is a KODI Addons Center developed by TVBOXNews Team, and is designed to help people to find top Kodi add-ons easily. K-Addons is absolutely a useful TV BOX partner because it can fit the needs of most people. has today updated its website, teaching people how to use How To Use K-Addons (KODI Addons Center).

    Click for more:

    TVMC (TV Media Center) is a android-minded fork of Kodi, by the former Kodi android maintainer, TVBOXNews Team. TVMC has the same functions as KODI, but it is improved by TVBOXNews Team. People can find more useful and popular KODI Addons through TVMC and K-Addons. TVMC will check the new version of the add-ons that have been installed and upgrade it automatically if there is any add-ons need to be upgraded.  

    What’s the relationship between TVMC and K-Addons? TVMC is an APP, and K-Addons is this APP’s useful tool to download Add-ons. The downloaded App-ons can be found at TVMC.

    About is a technical blog about TV BOX products in China and its content includes electronics gadgets, tech knockoffs, and everything else. It provides the latest trending news from the Chinese tech industry, but not just TV BOX.

    For more information, visit:

    Distributed by TVBoxNews.COM

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TVBoxNews.COM
    Contact Person: Schneider
    Phone: 1-530-395-2035
    Country: United States

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    Aaron Gruenke, a marketing guru with 11 years of practice is now offering his SEO services to outside clients. Stationed in Kelowna BC, Wildlife SEO and Internet Marketing is open to clients worldwide.

    Aaron Gruenke is a renowned professional who spent over 11 years mastering the foremost digital marketing practices and implementing them in a variety of businesses. He created a range of highly successful websites and ecommerce enterprises. 

    However, for all these years, his skills were reserved for his own businesses only. Now that situation has changed as Mr. Gruenke founded Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing, a marketing company that allows a select group of clients to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

    The company is stationed in Kelowna, BC but it services clients from all over the world. They offer a full range of digital marketing services, including web design.

    Wildfire: SEO with a Difference

    Wildfire stands out among the dozens other internet marketing companies due to its approach to business. The company aims to deliver a comprehensive service package and provide proof that it will work. Every plan is custom-tailored to fit the client in order to achieve maximum success.

    This particular agency guarantees that they use the most advanced SEO and other marketing practices. One of their main selling points is that their techniques evolve along with the Google ranking protocols that were updated over 100 times last year alone.

    What Makes High-Quality SEO Today

    In order to understand what kind of marketing agency to trust, a business owner has to do quite a bit of research into the SEO practices that truly work. Nowadays, ‘blanket solutions’ with basic optimization focused on broad keywords do not help a website rank with Google. The reason for this is that the protocols that run the search engine’s AI have evolved to seek out much more specific answers to users’ inquiries. 

    This means that SEO must be targeted to a narrow group of keywords that fit potential customers’ needs perfectly. Finding this group and providing both on-site and off-site optimization as well as upgrading the website design are the true tests of a marketer’s skill.

    Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing is up for the challenge and the company’s experience shows that it can deliver on its promises.

    To learn more about the services offered by these marketing professionals, visit their website or contact the company’s office in Kelowna at 250-575-1527.

    One can also contact the agency through their online form.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing
    Contact Person: Aaron Gruenke
    Phone: 250-575-1527
    Address:720 McClure Rd.
    City: Kelowna
    State: BC
    Country: Canada

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    Shared bicycles appeared in 2016 at China gave big convenience to “The final 2km distance” transshipment, also brought new challenges to municipal management.

    At the end of 2016, people had found many different color-painted bicycles placed at the entrance of subway and crowed CBD area almost overnight in Shenzhen. Yes, orange color is Mobike, blue is Xiaoming, and while yellow is OFO.

    All these bicycles are for shared, you simply download an App and unlock one bike, cycle to your destination and place at allowed public area, then lock and go. Normally that would only cost RMB¥1.00 or even RMB¥0.5. That is much more convenient than ridding your own bicycle and worry where to keep it.


    In fact shared bicycles have been popular in Europe earlier before, yet its introduction and development in China is quite rapid just within one year. For example Mobike was just registered for business in 2015, and its bikes were first landed in Shanghai at April 2016, while at the early 2017, more than 100,000 orange bikes have been placed in 12 cities. Moreover, at Jan 23, 2017, the IPhone manufacturer Foxconn announced the strategic investment into Mobike, also an estimation of 5 million bikes annual production capability for Mobike to be provided by Foxconn plants. Observers believe that 2017 would witness the boom of shared bicycles in more Chinese cities. 

    How have these bikes changed the way people go short distance travel? Motorcycle riders outside Subway entrances have been much more difficult to find customers willing to try their dangerous and costy carry; previous pedestrian in groups walking towards office building, now are replaced by happy cyclists on colorful bikes. Far from parking lot to supermarket? Just take a bike. A walking distance of 10~ 20 minutes, now is only 5 mins comfortable cycling, and that will also be a great Aerobic exercise, why not? 

    However, the shared bicycles have grown too fast that they also arouse new problems, like the misuse of bikes in parks or sidewalks, malicious damage and stolen, random placement of bikes etc. Also technology of those bikes are still away from matured, with too expensive manufacturing cost, but actually high maintenance cost. Instead of simple support, Chinese city governments are concerned about these problems as well. 

    For the last 2 to 5 km of distance either by commuting or by travel, or sometimes even 20 to 50km shift, that cannot always been solved by cars, yet shared bicycles would have their limitation: they are not available in every city or every area; At mountain area, climbing slopes with bike takes too much effort; and sometimes cycling for more than 30mins cannot reach your destination.

    Then people may probably need another green transshipment vehicle, one that can be folded and put into car trunk/subway/elevator/bus/RV/yacht accompanying your travel; one that can climb a slope of 15° without effort; one that you ride 10 mins to reach 25mins of original cycling distance comfortably.

    That is the Onebot T8 folding E bicycle, an lithium battery powered ebike to solve the traffic difficulties. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Concepts Wit Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: George Yu
    Phone: 86-755-29308048
    Country: China

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    New FREE 8-Part Series… Living and Retiring In Panama. Sign Up Now For INSTANT ACCESS

    A leading expert on moving to and retiring in Panama has launched a new Free eight-part series which provides all the information and advice people need to understand more about starting a new life in the country located in the continent of Central America. Panama Relocation Tours and Jackie Lange, who provide a 6-Day all-inclusive tour of the popular country covers eight important topics.

    The topics covered in the Free eight-part series include Retiree Benefits and Visa Options, Panama Healthcare and Health Insurance Costs, Cost of living, as well as many more important topics. Each topic is sent directly to the interested party through email upon sign-up, providing a quick gateway to knowledge that is often charged for.

    Jackie Lange, the owner of Panama Relocation Tours Said: “We are always receiving emails for advice on moving to Panama, so we decided to put together an eight-part series that provides people with the answers to their questions.”

    Panama has been named as the number one place for people to retire to by many different publications including international living. Each year the Central America continent attracts thousands of people from around the world who want to achieve a low cost of living with a better way of life. However, there are thousands more people who are interested in starting a new life in Panama but are put off due to the lack of information, and that is why Panama Relocation Tours have launched the free eight-part series (

    Since being launched, the eight-part series has gained worldwide exposure for providing the important information people need to consider if moving to Panama is right for them. The company, which offers people the chance to experience the real Panama with their tours has helped hundreds of people explore the wonders of Panama and start a new life.

    To learn more about Panama Relocation Tours, please visit

    About Panama Relocation Tours Inc.

    The company’s owner is Jackie Lange who has lived in 4 countries, moved 22 times and visited 26 countries. She has plenty of great experience in relocating to a foreign country. She and her husband discovered the hidden gem of Panama.

    For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Panama Relocation Tours, Inc.
    Contact Person: Jackie Lange
    Phone: 972-496-4500
    Country: United States

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    Successful start to Belgium biotech start-up YUN’s crowdfunding campaign

    Ten days after launching their crowdfunding campaign on international crowdfunding platform Indiegogo Antwerp based biotech start-up YUN has already achieved 50% of its goal, gaining the support and trust of almost 100 people. The company is looking to bring skin care products based on friendly bacteria, a safe and natural alternative to antibiotics among other, to market with the help of the general public. Their unique technology resulted from groundbreaking research by the University of Antwerp.

    Scientific first

    YUN and UAntwerp announced their scientific breakthrough at the end of November 2016. Following years of research and development their teams managed to develop creams and sprays that contain friendly bacteria which combat spots, athlete’s foot and vaginal infections, without damaging the skin’s natural balance.  In doing so, YUN takes an important step in the global fight against bacterial resistance. 

    Tom Verlinden, CEO of YUN: “Antibiotics and antifungal products are only too often used for common skin concerns, which means we run the risk of them losing their effectiveness when we really need them.  We’re offering a safe and effective alternative and in doing so are contributing towards a healthier society.”

    A company with a mission

    Thus far the theory.  If YUN is to fulfil its mission this scientific knowledge needs to be applied.  Products need to become publicly available so that everybody is given the opportunity to see and experience the effect of friendly bacteria on spots, sensitive skin, athlete’s foot and vaginal problems.  YUN is appealing to the general public to help them achieve this mission.  They are appealing to anyone who, like those first backers, is convinced it is high time to start loving our skin and our bacteria more. 

    50% of final target achieved already

    YUN is looking to raise 20.000 US dollar through its crowdfunding campaign in order to bring the first 1.000 products to market and to help spread the philosophy behind probiotherapy. You can support YUN from 5 dollars, in exchange for a virtual thank you and a listing on the website. Those who wish to invest more will be rewarded with a product, a complete therapy, or even a visit to the laboratory and a meet and greet with the scientists. The campaign launched last week and has already achieved 50% of its goal.

    If you too are convinced of the benefits of friendly bacteria please visit for further details.    


    YUN Probiotherapy is based on years of research and development by a team from the University of Antwerp led by bio-engineer and professor in Microbiology Sarah Lebeer and bio-engineer Ingmar Claes. They are supported by prof. Filip Kiekens, head of the department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy of the University of Antwerp and pharmacist Tim Henkens. The scientists’ drive to find practical applications for their research brought them to Tom Verlinden. His background as a pharmacist led him to found biotechnology firm YUN. YUN has received the support of the Agency for Innovation through Science and Technology (IWT) and the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Vlaio).

    Distributed by CrowdfundingPR

    Media Contact
    Company Name: YUN Probiotherapy
    Contact Person: Tom Verlinden
    Phone: +32 477 46 24 53
    Country: Belgium

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    Denver, CO – On January 10 2017, Tom Eudaley launched a Kickstarter campaign for Chef Nation, a line of small batch gourmet sauces and salsa that are handmade in the USA without using any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Chef Nation is proudly gluten free, fat free, dairy free and has no added sugars.

    “At Chef Nation, we understand the importance of healthy diets and eating well,” says the creator, “Our products are packed with a ton of powerful antioxidants and capsaicin-type veggies and fruit so that you can enjoy a healthier way of life.”

    Chef Nation was started a year ago, by two local chefs working with family recipes to create healthy sauces and salsa using only the best ingredients. After spending a lot of time on research, product development, and getting the proper permissions, the team was finally able to test their products in local farmer’s markets and received a great response.

    Most of the salsa and sauces that we buy in the grocery store are packed with artificial flavors and preservatives that aren’t very healthy. Sauces and salsa made using only fresh ingredients are a much healthier alternative. Chili peppers are an aphrodisiac that packs more vitamin C than an orange and contains capsaicin, a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Capsaicin is responsible for that burning feeling on your lips and tongue, but is also the reason why chili peppers are so healthy for you. The Journal of Cancer Research reports that capsaicin has shown to suppress the growth of cancer cells. Capsaicin also helps reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and platelet aggregation. Capsaicin may help with numerous chronic illnesses like IBD, migraines, depression, anxiety and even stress.

    Tom Eudaley, owner of Chef Nation, believes he has reduced his cholesterol and lost weight by substituting numerous cheese-type sauces for his veggie pack salsa. Now the duo has turned to the Kickstarter community to help them streamline their operation and turn their dream into a reality.

    “This has been a dream of ours for numerous years and we are very hard workers. Let’s face it, chef salaries aren’t anything to brag about! Our goal is to do this full-time so that we can change our lives along with our families’,” Eudaley explains, “We believe in paying it forward and giving others a chance, something we will work hard to achieve in our day-to-day business. We will build this company one jar at a time to achieve our goals. With your help, we can fulfill our dreams and pay it forward.”

    In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one jar of sauce or salsa for as little as $25, two jars and a complementary jar of hot sauce for $50, and more. Backers can also pledge $100 for a four-jar set, thank you note, and newly released sauce or $200 for Chef Nation’s complete line of sauces and salsas.  

    For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

    Distributed by CrowdfundingPR

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Chef Nation
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    DENVER, CO – 6 Feb, 2017 – Often overlooked and completely misunderstood, he’s back with more of the same non-sense, extreme antics and odd behavior that’s wrapped up in a square or circle delivered in a head set. Look out for new videos on YouTube and Vevo channels. Thru all the gossip and rumors, here to pack a punch in conceptual art!!!

    The road to success is a little sketchy (with the dark side of fame) filled with booze, drugs, sex and sometimes horrible music, but not today!!!…. A refreshing new sound mixed with old school tastes from the opposite of award winning artist, more like awards being Takin’ away, the most under-rated artist of all time. Something unusual and passionate in character, Everywhere music is sold…

    From an awesome new following. The much anticipate third studio album Jinn LP. Gaining popularity in the underground scene. The best new music you probably have never ever heard. With features from singer Pheel-Good, Jay drummer from the band Falchemist, epAdemyk local Detroit rapper, and producer B.R. Fresh singles include professional light weight boxer Augustine aka Lil’a. New songs such as ‘Live or Live’ and ‘Where You Gonna Be’ are sure fire hits. Scaling new musical heights, in a played out mainstream pop industry…

                                                                           Track Listing

    1. Family First – feat. Lil’a                                                      8. Vocal Chords – feat. B.R.

    2. Where You Gonna Be                                                        9. Hit So Hard – feat Lil’a

    3. True Dance Party – feat. Jay                                               10. Happened So Fast – feat. epAdemyk

    4. Real – feat. epAdemyk & B.R.                                             11. Really Don’t Know

    5. Pop A Pill (‘Hop the Hill’)                                                    12. A Little Later

    6. Lost Soul                                                                          13. Live or Live

    7. Got Ya Back                                                                      14. Finished Last

    For more information, visit:

    True Music


    Mailing: P.O. Box 2964 Aspen, CO 81612

    Souls in Action Entertainment 

    Tsunami Publicity
    Phone: 303.442.1139
    Toll Free: 1.888.340.6439

    Video Link:

    Full News Story:

    Distributed by Press Release Jet

    Media Contact
    Company Name: True Music
    Contact Person: Jim True
    Phone: 970.379.2354
    Country: United States

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    Notebandhi and Expected Aarakshanbandhi Decisive Issues

    With just days to go before UP hits the booths, Lucknow based independent pollsters are forecasting an upset victory for Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party, better known by the acronym BSP. In November of 2017 the Bharathiya Janata Party and its mentor organization the RSS launched the now famous Demonetization, which overnight took out of circulation as estimated 80% of India’s currency.

    The BJP described it as a ‘surgical strike’ on money on which taxes have not been paid. This led to tens of thousands of businesses all over Uttar Pradesh closing down or going into deep losses. The business community which has historically supported the BJP is deeply against it at this time. Baniya, Brahmin, Jain and Kushwaha communities are deeply against the BJP despite the success the RSS has had in influencing and winning over defectors from the BSP.

    Rumor has it that just like the Notebandhi, there are plans for yet another surgical strike after the elections, this time targeting caste based reservations. There is growing support among the BJP’s upper caste rank and file for a complete cancellation of all caste based reservations for SC, OBC and MBC. This so called Aaarakshanbandhi or End of Reservation is expected to come with very little warning, in such a way that no rival organization gets the chance to react to it.

    The BJP has been emboldened by the lack of effective leadership on the part of national organisations such as the Congress party, and has calculated this year as the perfect timing to cancel Caste based reservations for the so called OBC, MBC and SC castes. This rumored action has won the  BJP the almost total support of its Rajput base in UP, but has alienated Yadavs, Jatavs, Kushwaha, Kurmi other OBCs and the Jats who have been campaigning for reservations.

    It has enraged OBC and SC community leaders that the stark poverty and deprivation triggered by demonetization, in addition to triggering a spate of suicides and bankruptcies also created yet another humiliation for the OBC-SC community. Many OBC and SC men were seen standing in line at sterilization centers since the government pays Rs 2000 for each vasectomy.

    This has caught the attention of Rajput leaders who see the benefits of lowering the OBC-SC population which has largely sidelined Rajput power in Uttar Pradesh. Overall the anger and suffering and poverty that rural Uttar Pradesh has suffered over the last three months is expected to turn into a victory for the Bahujan Samaj Party since the SP is divided, the Congress is extinct and the BJP is facing public anger on an unprecedented scale.

    To read more visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Ram Singh Chauhan
    Country: India

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    ENTER HEAVEN is a hardcore spiritual book and encourages every soul, ‘the book explains on how to become Superhuman to Enter Heaven’.

    NEW YORK, NY – 2/7/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Author of the book, Vishal Chipkar, discloses 900 Million Deaths are due to the Mass Ignorance, Ego and Immaturity of the leaders appointed after Christ. The book walks you through the process of understanding the Universe, Religion, Explanation on Dual to Non Dual identity of God, existence of our Creator in us, to become Superhuman, to “Enter Heaven”, a must read book for every soul.

    Looking at Syria & Aleppo‘s tragedy, the Author’s message to the world is quoted as, ‘Our immature, ignorant and egoistic death as an earthly human identity is a setback to our own mankind, if a revolution in higher consciousness is not reached or achieved to unite & dissolve in the Supreme Power…’

    Author says, his book is not dedicated to the mankind but to the god, the Supreme Power alone  The book encourages Vladimir Putin’s leadership and Kim Jong-Un’s role in the world, encouraging every soul to walk towards the righteous.

    ‘Enter Heaven’ explains the benefits of religion and the reason behind religions on earth. It guides on how to understand the Supreme Power and the workings of the Universal Consciousness.  It also appreciated Narendra Modi’s inner truth Consciousness contributing the welfare of India. Author has expressed the immaturity of Stephen Hawkins when the so called Black Hole was explained, and the scientists, mathematicians, became the mindless sheep following the herd.

    The book also appreciates Barack Obama’s legacy and the struggle of Hillary Clinton on fighting against the Mass Ignorance & immature votets. Author says today’s mass ignorance can be easily audited by the way population of that country votes to their leaders.

    The book encourages leaders to eradicate their self ignorance, ego and immaturity and walk in the path of Truth Consciousness. Author establishes the physically and mentally challenged births are worthy than the healthy births in today’s age of vice

    This book is available for Sale at Blurb,  Amazon Kindle & worldwide retail stores.. The Author Vishal Chipkar says his life journey on gifting this book to the supreme power has been an adventure. 

    Author quotes, ‘My name or yours doesn’t matter, we all are mere drops in the ocean of divine consciousness, an extension of Supreme Power’.

    Full News Story:

    Distributed by Press Release Jet

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Superhuman NPO by EMN Corporation
    Contact Person: Emily W
    Country: United States

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    FATIMA, PORTUGAL – 6 Feb, 2017 – HRH Princess Owana Ka‘helelani Salazar has reestablished the Royal Order of the Crown of Hawai‘i in a protocol exchange with HRH Dom Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza and Head of the Royal Family of Portugal, and other members of royal families and nobility of Europe and Africa. This historic event is the first exchange of royal honors between foreign houses of royalty and the Hawaiian Kingdom since the overthrow 124 years ago.

    The Order was first introduced as the Order of the Cross and Crown in an Order-in-Council of H.M. King Kamehameha III in July 1848, through his Minister for Foreign Affairs, Robert Wyllie. The Order was not conferred until the reign of H.M. King Kamehameha V, Lot Kapuaiwa. The statues of the Order, as the Order of the Crown of Hawai’i, were amended during the reign of H.M. King Kal’kaua and awards of the Order continued. After H.M. Queen Lili’uokalani was illegally deposed, the Order of the Crown was again held in abeyance. Princess Owana is committed to recognize great service to the Hawaiian nation, through the resumption of awarding membership in the Royal Order of the Crown, the first order of knighthood conceived for the Hawaiian Kingdom and thus the oldest.

    At a gala at Fatima, Princess Owana and her family were awarded several honors. Received by Princess Owana were Dame Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of Merit of the Royal House of Portugal, Dame Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael of the Wing, Dame Grand Cross of the Royal House of Egypt, Dame Grand Cross of the Crested Crane of Rwanda, these bein some of the highest honors bestowed by these royal families. The deep and cordial relations between the Portuguese and Hawaiian royal houses and their peoples were acknowledged by H.M. King Kal’kaua in awarding the grand cross of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I to H. M. King Luis I of Portugal in 1881. The present ceremony is in the spirit of the historic relationship between the two nations. 

    Princess Owana intends to restore relationships with royal houses around the world, especially among those nations that recognized the independence of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Contacts for further information:

    Elizabeth Moreno – Press Secretary 808.364.6607
    Dr. Paul Klieger – Chancellor for the Royal Order of the Crown of Hawai’i

    Photo caption:  HRH Princess Owana (center) with HM King Yuhi VI of Rwanda (Ieft) and HRH Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganza (Portugal).

    Full News Story:

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: Chacellery, Royal Order of the Crown
    Contact Person: Dr. Paul Klieger
    Country: United States

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    After 8 years of unprecedented progress in LGBTQ rights, the community is facing some possible dire circumstances.  Yes, Donald Trump decided to leave President Obama’s LGBTQ-friendly 2014 executive order in place, for now.  But that’s not our biggest concern.

    Steve Bannon, President Trump’s Chief Strategist, has a history of marginalizing minority groups (the New Majority).  He’s even used gay slurs in some of his interviews.  Not to mention, he was the chairman and CEO of Breitbart News-a mouthpiece of hate against all minorities.  Unfortunately, Bannon isn’t our only problem.  Vice President Mike Pence has a troubling history concerning LGBTQ rights.  As governor of Indiana, he passed the “religious freedom” law, which allowed businesses to refuse service to LGBTQ people on the basis of protecting their faith.  It makes sense that OutNSocial would start in Indiana

    There are others like Bannon and Pence populating the White House—filling some of the nation’s most coveted and powerful positions.  Our community not only needs protection during this administration but we need to rally together.  One way we can make our voices heard is with our money.

    In 2016, Bloomberg reported that LGBTQ purchasing power in the United States stood at almost $1 trillion.  If we pull $1 trillion out of anti-LGBTQ businesses, we can send a powerful message.  The problem lies in finding those LGBTQ-friendly places.  Other than word of mouth or exhaustive Google searches, it’s difficult to find them.  OutNSocial seeks to change that.

    Every time you pick up your phone, you experience a micro moment.  This moment could consist of any number of purposes—you seek to learn something, watch something, communicate with someone, buy something.  But regardless of your end goal, you have an intent.  You’re seeking an intent-rich moment. 

    When you look for information on LGBTQ-friendly establishments, many of your intent-rich moments can feel empty or unrealized.  With OutNSocial, you can pull value out of your existing social media network and easily find these locations.  You can spend less time with your screen, get more value out of your network and get out of your digital world.

    OutNSocial is crucial at a time like this.  With the tremendous financial command of the LGBTQ community, we can shift the conversation.  We can tell President Trump and his administration that we won’t tolerate moving backward or staying at a standstill.  We don’t support discrimination, fascism or bigotry in any way, shape or form.

    This is also a win-win for progressive companies that are interesting in partnering with OutNSocial.  You gain access to a targeted community that’s willing to spend with your business in appreciation of your support of them.  Not only will you pick up new customers; you’ll be remembered as standing on the right side of history.  You can avoid a PR disaster like #deleteuber by taking a clear stance right now.

    OutNSocial is so much more than an app.  It’s a movement of all people coming together.  It’s a portal to a safer, accepting America.  It’s a catalyst for change.  It’s an all inclusive soundboard for the LGBTQ community, People of Color, Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities, Women any group that feels threatened by this administration and want to know what company to align their business.  This is an app with purpose and change at the forefront of its mission.  It’s time to get onboard. It’s time to get #OutNSocial™.

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: OutNSocial™
    Contact Person: T. Henderson
    State: Indiana
    Country: United States

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    a 9-in-1 Smartphone Security Suite that protects your precious data & family as well

    Concerned about personal data breaches or losing or misplacing your mobile phone? Indian mobile phone major Intex is coming up with a new mobile security app embedded in a clutch of its top-end new models that can fully protect your data and device and much more.

    The smartphone, since its true advent 10 years ago in 2007, has become the fastest selling gadget in history. By 2020, 80 per cent of the world population will be using Smartphones.

    As smartphones have penetrated every aspect of daily life, be it communication, information, entertainment, and digital payments, smartphone security has become of paramount importance. Statistics indicate a third of smartphone users experience loss every year. An estimated 20 million phones are lost every month in India alone and only about 2 per cent of them are recovered.

    However, miFon, a new app developed by an Indian led company, ensures that you don’t have to worry about most of these.

    miFon provides best in class powerful anti-theft measures like Thiefe, Siren, Lock, SOS Panic button to discretely seek help in emergencies, smX to locate your misplaced or lost phone even if the phone loses internet, miVac anti-malware protection, xFIT to keep your phone ft and as good as new, miBkup auto-magically back up your precious data.

    With the proliferation of smartphones, increasing security risks, and push for mobile payments, miFon can be the number one choice in terms of mobile security, as it not only ofers best in class protection for one’s precious phone and data, but also his or her loved ones.

    “You can never put a price on your phone, data or family’s protection and miFon is the most powerful and easiest Android security suite to ensure you never have to,” says miFon Founder Abhijit Barua.

    With our 9-in-1 comprehensive security suite, users will be able to protect their phones against malware, data-theft, device loss and theft to name a few. We have unique features like Thiefe which captures and mails pictures in case there is a device theft and smX to locate your misplaced or lost phone even if the phone loses internet. We believe that we can never put a price on our phone, personal data or family’s protection. We have designed miFon as a powerful and convenient Android security suite keeping in mind possible theft & security today.” he added

    miFon’s founder, Abhijit Barua, a telecom and IT veteran, who has over 20 years of experience with global tech companies like AT&T, BT, Hewlett-Packard, SIFY, TATA VSNL, Vodafone and Wipro, ventured on his own to create a best in class mobile platform.

    The miFon app is available for free from Google Playstore. The PRO features are available on TRY&BUY and PRO subscriptions at US$14.95 (INR 999). Additional variants & special ofer for INTEX customers will be introduced shortly.

    About Intex

    Intex is an Indian handset manufacturer which pivoted from making computer peripherals. It is one of India’s biggest smartphone makers. The company has also manufactured TVs and recently launched an Android smartwatch in a bid to expand its product portfolio.

    About miFon

    miFon 9-in-1 Security Suite is a mobile based security service from an UAE-based, Indian led tech startup, that provides best in class and ubiquitous anti-loss protection for device, data and family. To learn more, visit or or follow us on twitter @mifonm or just write to us at

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: MIFON
    Contact Person: Abhijit Barua
    Phone: +1 650- 74-111-74 or +91 70-24-313-25
    State: DUBAI
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    February 7, 2017 – has announced that they will be helping students to save money on their educational expenses by providing them scholarships. After having saved money for thousands of consumers, the company has decided to give a hand to students who are struggling financially and thus established an annual University Student Scholarship with which they will give away $2,000 every year to one student in the United States.

    “I was completely overjoyed and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I felt very blessed and relieved to have received this scholarship,” said Alondra Harrera, the winner of 2016 scholarship. She won $3000. There are many other students who have shared their emotional stories of winning this amazing scholarship that helped them shape their careers and make a future for themselves in the United States.

    Currently enrolled or future students who will apply next year are eligible for the scholarship offered by ChameleonJohn. The $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to one student and the money will be transferred to their University’s bank account to cover the tuition fee. Several students have been awarded this scholarship so far and they are grateful than ever because it has turned out to be a life changing help for them.

    ChameleonJohn is a fast growing online coupons website offering great discounts from thousands of major online retailers. The ChameleonJohn coupons work on all the online retail websites and retailers including Amazon. The skilled team of professionals make sure that their visitors get the best deals online when they shop. Saving up to 70% has been made entirely possible while using coupons found at ChameleonJohn and it has helped thousands of visitors over the years.

    Distributed by Economical Click

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Chameleon John
    Contact Person: Laurynas Skupas
    Phone: +37064393608
    Country: Virgin Islands (British)

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    The property market is booming in Europe, particularly in countries like Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. The demand has been coming from across different continents. Especially the wealthy Chinese buyers are showing tremendous interest in European properties, as most of these investment opportunities could also help the buyers tap into the countries’ “Golden Visa” scheme, that would allow them to immigrate together with their family members. To many, this is “killing two birds with one stone”. Social welfare, education, wealth diversification, etc are the main focus of the buyers.

    Euzes International Properties ( is an independent real estate portal and consultancy that assists both Asian and overseas clients in sourcing and acquisition of property in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and more. Euzes has access to a diverse portfolio of properties that have been carefully selected by a team of property professionals who possess a profound and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the property market in the target region.


    The team’s superior market knowledge, experience and expertise guarantee a highly comprehensive, personalized and efficient customer service that could be relied on. Moreover, the multi-skilled and multilingual teams across Europe and Asia offer complete and tailored turnkey real estate services and solutions to ensure that the clients are properly advised from the onset.

    The needs for investments in new development, residential apartments/villas/houses, or vineyards/mansions/farmhouses could all be taken care of at Euzes, coupling with one-stop services covering financial services, legal & tax advice and immigration matters, etc.

    Please log on to to unlock your access to high qulity European properties.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Euzes International Properties
    Contact Person: Gary Cao
    Phone: +34 931 251 685
    Country: Spain

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    KINGSTON, JAMAICA – 7 Feb, 2017 – Promising British Sprinter, Zharnel Hughes has signed with the American sports agency, Doyle Management Group as he looks to regain success shown as a junior athlete. In 2015, at just 19 years old, Hughes, challenged and nearly beat Usain Bolt at the Adidas Grand Prix in New York. He then went on to win a pair of 200m races at Diamond League meets in Lausanne Switzerland and on home soil in London before finishing 5th at the World Championships in Beijing.

    Hughes found himself injured for 2016 season but is recovering nicely and can’t wait to take on  2017 stronger than ever. “I’m excited to attack the 2017 season with a vengeance. I had a tough year with injuries in 2016 but I’m healthy again and I’m learning about my body. I’m doing a better job of taking care of myself on and off the track and I am very focused. I am still very young and I know there’s a lot of time ahead for me in this sport, but I am hungry! I had a taste of success in 2015 and I want to build on that this year and put myself on the map at the top of the sport. To win a medal in London in front of the home crowd is what I am working towards and I am confident I can succeed,” said Hughes from his Kingston, Jamaica training base.

    Paul Doyle, CEO of Doyle Management Group speaks very highly of his newest client. “Every once in a while, a very special athlete emerges and you just know they are destined for greatness. That is certainly the case with Zharnel. I’ve watched countless race videos of Zharnel and he just has a way about him. His stride is effortless. His strength and power is something rarely seen, especially in a 19-year-old kid. In a few years’ time, we could be regarding Zharnel as the greatest sprinter in British history. He has the talent, he has the determination, and he has the maturity and mentality to be successful. I honestly think he could be one of the best sprinters of all-time when all is said and done.”

    The 6’3” Anguilla born athlete will open his competition season race this Saturday the 11th of February at the Camperdown Classic in Kingston, Jamaica where he will contest the longer sprint of 400m. Twice the distance of his bread and butter event, the 200m. “I’m looking forward to getting back on the track and competing again. The 400m race will be a good indicator of my fitness and the progress I have made in training.” With a smile, Hughes said: “Consider me one to watch!”

    For More Information, Contact: 

    Tara Playfair-Scott

    Full News Story:

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: Doyle Sports Management
    Contact Person: Tara Playfair-Scott
    Phone: 2022410214
    Country: Jamaica

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    THE HEMORRWEDGE is a radical, non-invasive new treatment for the painful and debilitating condition of hemorrhoids.

    HEMORRWEDGE is a specially-designed, ergonomic, silicone-gel ice-pack that provides fast relief from the irritation and discomfort of hemorrhoids.

    Doctors have long recommended the benefits of icing the affected area as the most effective way to reduce the uncomfortable swelling of the veins.

    While this advice is certainly effective, using bagged ice cubes to apply to the hemorrhoids can, in itself, be uncomfortable and also messy as they melt.

    The inventor of the HEMORRWEDGE (patent pending) took the idea of the silicone-gel ice-pack (The gel is made of Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (30%) and purified water (70%)) used to treat sporting or other swelling injuries and created this special and unique product.

    Ointments and suppositories alone used to treat hemorrhoids invariably are only a means of easing the pain and discomfort, in the hope the condition will resolve itself. The HEMORRWEDGE, which has secured Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification, and should be used to compliment other treatments.

    Now the HEMORRWEDGE, because of its convenient and discreet design, will allow sufferers to go about their daily lives almost unhindered.

    Primarily aimed at external hemorrhoids — though it can be used externally on internal hemorrhoids — the HEMORRWEDGE shrinks swelling within three to seven days, while providing relief from the irritation. Applied early enough on internal hemorrhoids, the HEMORRWEDGE can prevent painful prolapsing.

    HEMORRWEDGE comes in set of two so that one — which should be washed in warm soapy water after each use — can be cooling in the freezer in its hygienic, sealed case.

    It is recommended that the HEMORRWEDGE, which emerges from the freezer solid, is applied to the affected area for just 20 minutes. The sufferer should then find relief for at least an hour before the other HEMORRWEDGE gel pack is placed on the affected area.

    HEMORRWEDGE can also provide effective relief for mothers suffering from postpartum pain after giving birth, and those recovering from surgery (hemorrhoidectomy).

    HEMMORWEDGE’S inventor hit on the idea after suffering painful and long-lasting hemorrhoids caused by lifting heavy boxes, though the condition can just as easily be brought on by straining during a bowel movement or in child-birth for women.

    He eventually found that icing the hemorrhoids was by far the most effective treatment, but discovered it inconvenient to apply ice cubes. He set about designing and having manufactured samples, eventually arriving at the durable, hygienic and effective HEMMORWEDGE.

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: Hemorrwedge US
    Contact Person: John Oxley
    Phone: 1-888-310-6510
    State: Delaware
    Country: United States

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    – reporter, Nick Geek

    When attending CES 2017 in Las Vegas, I’ve visited an interesting company, NextVPU, in the “Wearable” zone in Sands Expo. This company is from Shanghai, China, and they presented their AngelEye smart glasses, for visually impaired people.

    I was curious how the glasses can help visually impaired people including the blinds. Alan Feng (Xinpeng), CEO of the company, introduced the product to me briefly. It sounds high-tech, but I think I got the ideas.

    The glasses seems like a self-driving system, yes like “auto-pilot” system of Tesla, but it’s for people to wear. It can detect obstacles, and distinguish the path from the “unwalkable” zone, and do bunch of recognitions of the scenes, objects, texts, just like Tesla’s “auto-pilot”. Also there’s a map inside it, so the user can locate themselves easily.

    I’ve tried this AngelEye smart glasses, surprisingly this is very light, weights similar with an ordinary sunglasses. This glasses’ appearance looks much better than the HMDs that I’ve ever seen, and better than Snap’s Spectacles. Wearing this glasses, I felt myself cool and empowered with “sixth-sense” :P.

    There are two cameras embedded in this glasses, and a pair of bone conduction headphone. After wearing the glasses, I can hear the beeps when facing an obstacle, and the beeps becomes urgent when I’m close to the obstacle, and quiet when facing a walkable path, which seems easy to grasp. It worked well even with a narrow hanging wire, which seems cool. It recognized chairs, people, desk, bottle, monitor correctly. It’s a fun when trying this glasses, and it passed my testing. Surprisingly all of these are done locally, w/o the data connection to a WIFI or 4G network. I don’t know how they managed to squeeze a complex hardware system like “auto-pilot” into a 50-gram smart glasses, but this is really cool.

    Alan mentioned he worked as a director of engineering in AMD, worked on CPU designs for many years and Xbox One CPU was one of his projects (Wow), and the team are full of engineers who are professionals in computer vision domain. The “computer vision” technology is to teach the computer to see the world like human do, which is a worldwide challenging & interesting domain, and “auto-pilot” system and this “AngelEye” smart glasses are applications of this technology.

    In overall, this AngelEye smart glasses is a really cool product, and could be very helpful to many people. If you are interested in their product or technology, their website is and here is the website of crowdfunding in indiegogo: I like the idea to use high-tech to improve people’s living quality, and will watch them closely in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: NextVPU Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Kevin
    Phone: +86 21 55281868 *108
    Address:Rm507, Section A. Bid 1, #3000 Longdong Rd, Pudong New District
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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