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    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 26 Apr, 2017 – Rev. Lucy Natasha, founder of prophetic latter glory ministries international based in Nairobi, Kenya is a budding world-renown christian evangelist. Thousands of her followers are turning out to her series of prayer rallies in different cities across America.

    As an empowerment preacher, Africa’s best selling author and international conference motivational speaker, Rev. Natasha has became a fixture of inspiration and prayers. From the social media to traveling to more than forty countries around the world, she draws millions of audience in delivering her most precious and uplifting message of hope.

    On her ‘America’s tour of hope’ where she has preached to her audience in San Francisco, Dallas and Seattle, The pentecostal evangelist has given an evangelistic message of hope from the book of Daniel Chapter three and guided attendees through confession and prayer of commitment.

    “The fire is not to destroy you but  to display the power of God,” she continues, “your current condition is not your conclusion. Every problem has an expiry date and before miraculous, expect the ridiculous.”

    She call every christian to stand firm and strong for what is righteous citing the biblical tale of Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego who were Hebrews and were thrown into a ‘fiery furnace’ when they refused to bow before the image of king Nebuchadnezzar, which was required under Babylonian law.

    The celebrated preacher has so far ministered in Novato-California, Dallas-Texas, Seattle-Washington and she has Upcoming meetings in Boston, Kansas among other cities in America.

    To connect with Rev Natasha:

    Facebook Page: Rev Lucy Natasha 
    Instagram: @revlucynatasha 
    Twitter: @revlucynatasha 

    Report by Samuel Wamwea Sr.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Samuel Mwangi
    Phone: 5108134176
    Country: United States

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    The Looking Glass Revue, a Classic Burlesque Troupe based out of the Lehigh Valley, PA can now include filmmakers to their already impressive resumes. The short film is set to premiere at The Cannes Film Festival on May 25, 2017, at the Palais des Festivals. Kate Elfatah, (Director and Producer), Mika Romantic (Star and Artistic Director) and Gracie Thorpe/Grainne Images (Director of Photography and Producer) will represent the film at the Festival. 

    With its humble beginnings in the basement bar of a local restaurant, the little show that could now enjoy modest success as the only professional Burlesque in the area. The troupe was filmed over the last year by their resident photographer, Gracie Thorpe / Grainne Images. The short film exposes raw, behind the scenes conflicts and the hard work and dedication it takes to create live adult entertainment in an oversaturated market. 

    Small Town Diamonds is a 25-minute short film documentary that explores the mysterious world of the Burlesque Troupe.  The film seeks to examine why this group of performers dedicate their time to an art form that supplies little in the way of financial prosperity and artistic visibility. 

    The film stars award-winning international burlesque performer and pin-up model, Mika Romantic. When not at the helm as Artistic Director of the troupe, Romantic pursues her passion as a full-time Burlesque Performer.  Mika has performed at some of the hottest venues and festival in the world including The London Burlesque Festival, The New Orleans Burlesque Festival, and Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. Mika’s knowledge and tenure in the burlesque world and her vintage artistic vision plays an integral part in the troupe’s success.  

    Executive Producer of Small Town Diamonds, Kate Elfatah makes her directorial debut with the short film documentary.  By day this serial entrepreneur is the owner of the Digital Marketing firm, HOM Consulting. She has been Executive Producing The Looking Glass Revue Troupe for over 4 years making sure to play on the vintage aspect of Burlesque and old Hollywood starlets and has been unstoppable ever since.  As their local shows grew in popularity, so did Kate’s passion for producing and delivering quality adult entertainment to the community. Small Town Diamonds is a glimpse into this world and the business of Burlesque. 

    The film also stars, resident performers, Ruby Von Vanity and Daisy Noir who are featured as the core members of the troupe and have performed with The Looking Glass Revue since its early inception.  Rounding out the cast is the host and funny man, Jayson Simpson and Sound Engineer, Alex Di Anna. 

    Premiere Screening:

    Palais H

    May 25, 2017 at 5:30pm

    Cannes France

    Small Town Diamonds Trailer & Website:

    Interviews with Mika Romantic, and Kate Elfatah are available upon request pending their availability. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cloud 21 PR
    Contact Person: Gotham Chandna
    Phone: (323) 432-6673
    City: Lehigh Valley
    State: PA
    Country: United States

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    Good news to all Business, Bloggers and Any individuals that need a web platform for their business to grow or to engage their consumers with, they can now use wordpress with this new

    WordPress, the name says it all. The popularity of this platform is sufficient proof of many of the features and benefits that bloggers and site owners offer. WordPress is widely used to create blogs and other professional websites. With the introduction of free WordPress, it is possible to change the appearance of a website easily with themes.

    What is WordPress Theme?

    One of the main components of WordPress is the theme. The theme is like a home. It has its own design and features, and also allows you to add features to it. When buying a home or renting an apartment, there are several things such as floor plans, lighting, furniture and household appliances, etc. that come with it. Then decorate a little, paint by choice or add pictures, etc. But chose this home because you like the basic structure and appearance. I certainly do not want to start building a home from scratch.

    WordPress is quite similar. There are thousands of themes out there – some are readily available, and some need to pay a pretty penny. But there are many to choose from among the free themes. You can apply for these topics based on your business category – restaurant food or, Realty, online shop, blog, magazine, etc. Once you select a theme that is made with a narrow (few are) you have selected something that meets your needs around 70 -80%. Like your own home. And the rest is easy to get to decorate or add a theme.

    There are many free WordPress themes that offer many variations. This allows you to choose a theme that fits your site best. Having a website that looks good and is easy to use is very important to attract traffic as well as re-establishing and returning visitors. When you want the look, layout, and content of the page you can be sure that you are a loyal customer who should be back for more. Free WordPress are good for new territories. Now you can start and edit your site without looking to pay anything. Start-ups probably do not want to end up spending a lot of money before they even start earning money. Free themes work well for site owners and blogs to get started.

    The look of the page should be such that it gives enough space to accommodate all their widgets, banners and helps the monetization potential. Put your company logo and other customized content is important. Toolbar, menu, and location should be included in another topic. There are several designers who offer a variety of customized themes for the WordPress platform. You can install any theme directly from the panel and change the necessary site. So many designers, by offering products that are high quality and meet the site owner or blogger; you can choose a theme that fits your specific requirements, tastes, and preferences.

    Now the question arises where to find the best WordPress themes. It is quite simple. All you have to do is do a Google search and you have a world of choices there waiting to be explored. Choose the best free WordPress site, install it and you are on your way to success. You can see the difference all by itself. If your first step towards a good business chooses WordPress, go ahead and increase your success in choosing good WordPress. Ensure a successful life.

    Now comes the question of where to find the best WordPress Free themes, you can tryMagpress today,

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MagPress
    Contact Person: Ronald Kiew
    Phone: +6001115327960
    Address:Blok A5 No 14 Ground Floor Kepayan Ridge
    City: Kota Kinabalu
    State: Sabah 88300
    Country: Malaysia

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    1st Class Upholstery welcomes all clients interested in antique furniture upholstery restoration. A Glasgow upholstery service that brings any furniture back to its original look or improves it.

    Antique furniture is a valuable asset to have. These pieces are works of art on their own and they can fit beautifully even in contemporary interiors. 1st Class Upholstery is a company dedicated to antique furniture upholstery restoration and they have a workshop in Glasgow. Now every person, who owns such an exquisite piece, can revive its original beauty.

    The upholstery professionals at 1st Class Upholstery believe there is always room for growth. Their upholsterers are always up for a challenge of not only restoring the glorious look of a furniture piece, but actually improving it. Lynda Henderson, who founded the company 30 years ago, says that she “loves seeing antique pieces restored and made beautiful again”. The team takes after her in their dedication to make every order as perfect as possible.

    1st Class Upholstery Glasgow offers a variety of services that address every possible issue that can occur with antique furniture, including:

    • Sofa repair
    • Padding replacement
    • Spring enhancement
    • Leather sofa upholstery replacement

    Detailed breakdown of every service and other helpful information is available at the company’s website:

    Benefits of Investing in Antique Furniture Upholstery

    Restoring a piece of privately-owned antique furniture to enhance one’s interior design isn’t the only reason to seek out this type of service. It can remove stains, prolong the life of your furniture for decades and generally make you value your home. Many customers have been thrilled with the level of service from 1st Class Upholstery.

    Many customers have come to Lynda in the past asking for a furniture restoration project and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. Why do they get such great success though? Lynda said “I just love seeing furniture being brought back to its original form or even better. We work tirelessly to get our customers results.”

    1st Class Upholstery is an antique furniture restoration service with years of history. The company provides a wide range of repair, cleaning, and restoration services and can fix any type of furniture, regardless of its age and condition. 1st Class Upholstery also offers a chance to redesign an antique piece in order to make it a perfect fit for a home.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: 1st Class Upholstery
    Contact Person: Lynda Henderson
    Phone: +44 800 652 1723
    Address:Unit 20, 96 Caledonia Street, Dixon Blazes Industrial Estate
    City: Glasgow, G5 0XG
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Urban Kitchens Melbourne, a new team of talented designers offers their services to everyone interested in improving their home or building one from scratch. The team focuses on creativity and ergonomic cabinets that allow for efficient use of space.

    Whether one is looking to renovate or build a new home, finding a reliable cabinets provider is a great challenge. Urban Kitchens is a young team from Australia that has already started making a name for itself. The firm is winning over clients with their creative and innovative designs.

    One of their main selling points is the ability to help clients use all available space most efficiently. This is especially important for renovations and joining projects, where the opportunities for expansion are limited. The team of Urban Kitchens has 27 years of combined experience in creating ergonomic and beautiful cabinets.

    Their website offers more information about the company and its services as well as a simple form that allows one to book a free consultation within moments.

    Video Link:

    What to Look for In a Cabinets Design and Manufacture Service

    There are a great many Melbourne businesses that offer cabinets of any type, so choosing which is best can be hard. As this decision is very important, one should always compare all available options and pick the company that meets the following requirements:

    They must have experience.

    It’s essential to check whether the firm has experience in the particular kind of project one is interested in. Unfortunately, being good in cabinets used for kitchen renovations doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is able to make great pieces for an urban office. It’s best to always check their portfolio to make sure they’ve handled jobs like this before and succeeded.

    The company must have right values.

    For example, Urban Kitchens is oriented towards ergonomic and cutting-edge design. Their service will work best for people who are interested in maximizing the use of their space or those who want to have an original contemporary home. A client should always start with thinking what’s most important for them and look for a company that shares these values.

    They must offer guarantees.

    Urban Kitchens gives a 10-year warranty to their clients and they use top-quality hardware and materials delivered from different parts of the world. Any cabinet manufacturer must be just as dedicated to delivering top-quality service in every detail.

    Urban Kitchens is a business specializing in design and creation of stunning cabinets. Their products come in a variety of custom configurations as each piece is designed to meet the exact needs of the client.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Urban Kitchen
    Contact Person: Mary Moshopoulos, Director
    Phone: (03) 9815 2836
    Address:523 Burwood Road Hawthorn
    City: Melbourne
    State: Vic 3122
    Country: Australia

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    Known across the world for its exclusivity and privacy, SEI Club is continuing its expansion into Asia and offering its exclusive matchmaking and dating services across the globe. SEI Club matches some of the most elite singles in the world via private matchmaking and dating services using their proven process and reliable club matchmaking system.

    Already popular in the U.S., U.K. and the majority of Europe, SEI Club matches some of the most elite singles in the world via private matchmaking and dating services using their proven process and reliable club matchmaking system.

    Unlike many of the dating venues and groups, SEI Club has a rigorous set of standards and screening process. At most, 30 percent of applicants make it to the final selection and are offered membership in the club. The club is also excruciatingly private, keeping its members and their dating profiles behind tightly encrypted security. “Many of our members cannot even post their photos on a dating site as they would end up in Page 6 the next morning.”

    “The membership screening process considers many factors,” said a company spokesperson, “such as intelligence, accomplishments, fitness – mental and physical, and overall presentation as a whole. The ultimate question is always: Is this person at a happy, healthy, positive space in their lives?”

    Since so many of the members meet similar criteria, club members enjoy their dating experiences tremendously. After all, heated chemistry starts with compatibility.

    The move into Asia came about organically due to a large number of affluent professionals living in the Orient and the growing number of eligible matches to be found.

    Memberships in the SEI Club start at $5,000.00 and go to well over $1 million dollars U.S. For those fortunate enough to be admitted into membership, it is a treasure trove of fun and exceptionally high quality dating.

    “The number of satisfied members we serve is proof that what we do is worthwhile for all members. It is a service they have come to cherish greatly. Now that we are in Asia, the number will only continue to grow…it is our pleasure and honor to serve each member and we are overjoyed to participate in this aspect of their lives” continued the spokesperson for the club.

    More information along with an application for membership can be found at the club’s official website. Visit SEI Club for additional information.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SEI Club
    Contact Person: Mike K
    Phone: +44 203 695 0813
    City: New York
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    AUSTIN, TX – 28 Apr, 2017 – A new social media app that gives power to connect with like-minded people, gather online with them and find relevant content based on interests, talents, skills and lifestyles of people.

    Available today, social media startup Famelent, Inc., announced the release of their app Famelent, available for Android on Google Play, that offers a fresh path towards a highly curated experience that aims to help users discover and share content like never before by personalizing the user experience of content through customized news feed, hyper-focused browsing, cultural archive system, and a deep level of personalization.

    Famelent is creating a destination hub online that strives to connect like-minded individuals together, ultimately letting users reach their ideal audience or points of interest with more precision and efficiency. Famelent is here to promote more purposeful connections, and they can manifest that by bringing the right people together.

    “The abundance of information and knowledge online in today’s world is ever-growing, and it may become easily overwhelming when trying to avoid irrelevant content. Famelent wants to reduce and avoid content pollution, and give users exactly what they are looking for when they do make the decision to spend their time online,” said Dogukan Sara, CEO and co-founder of Famelent. “Our aim is to support and empower the creative pursuits and endeavors that originate from people all around this world. This is the foundation of our journey. With Famelent, people will be able to be a part of a community that is aligned with their visions and eventually becoming an influential part to someone else’s journey in life.”

    Users can sign up easily by using their email, Facebook and Gmail accounts. Creating profiles are very easy with simple interface. Photos and videos as content are easily shareable. Title and description can be added to content for more personalization and discoverability. Users choose their interests from categories and this allows them to connect with like-minded people and follow relevant content of what they exactly want which means to have customized news feed to save their time. People also are able to create cultural archives by using folders to collect, save and organize content by defining them with preview picture, title, description and multiple categories. This gives them the power to have their own single content-source-data. Any type of content can be searched easily based on the type of content and its defining information. This allows users to discover and reach exactly who and what they are looking for. Profiles and folders can be independently either private or public to have more control on a trusted, secure and transparent platform.

    Famelent is available on Google Play for free. It is designed for Android phone users and requires Android 4.1 or newer.

    Download Famelent for free on Google Play:

    Please visit for more information about Famelent, including videos and screenshots of the app.

    About Famelent

    A new social media startup company, Famelent Inc. based in Austin, TX, funded by Dogukan Sara and Ali Can Ozkara on December, 2016. Famelent wants to direct social media and social networking experience into a different level by providing more personalization and customization to curate people’s life and moments.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Famelent, Inc.
    Contact Person: Dogukan Sara
    Phone: +1.512.577.5860
    Country: United States

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    NEW YORK, NY – 28 Apr, 2017 –

    Introducing Malinche. 

    Performance and art opening by Maria Fernanda Leaño.

    Invitation only for press and list guests.

    Date: 05.05.17

    Time: 7-10PM

    Address: 393 Broadway New York 

    Attached link with press info and highly resolution photos:

    How did you get here? – Through a portal; I was transported to the past, the future and then I travelled from a present to another; It was a mirror, I opened the portal by looking straight into my eyes until I got lost inside my pupils, then I left, and now, well, here I am. The other Malinche in Mirrors are portals. 

    Created and curated by performance and experimental artist Maria Fernanda Leaño this show consists on performance art, installations, neon signs, 3D art, paintings, collages, portraits of the character in collaboration with talented Mexican and American Photographers, videos, virtual reality, etc, all of them related to Mexican social and political situation and popular beliefs internally and internationally.

    Step inside this Magical Realism virtual reality, as you enter the exhibition, you become part of an interactive live book happening here and now, performed by the artist, it has a beginning but yet no end, now, you’re also part of this tale as you go inside the rabbit hole into Malinche’s story. 

    This exhibition is a peaceful reaction to the recent political situation between both countries; U.S.A and Mex (border siblings)

    La Otra Malinche is a nowadays version of Malinalli, better known as “La Malinche” she was the lover and translator of General Hernan Cortéz who came to The Americas (the continent) specifically to Mesoamerica in 1519 after Columbus, he defeated the Aztec empire with the help on his Aztec mistress. She is a controversial un comprehended character in Mexico, sort of like an Eve in Mexican history.

    Mexicans call people that consume American products or move to USA “Malinchistas” as in traitors who prefer foreign stuff other then Mexican made products.

    People love to hate Malinche, either way, she is the mother of the Mexican mixed rase, she gave birth to her son Martin, half European, half Aztec, and with him, she gave birth to a new civilization, Mexicans.

    Welcome inside Maria Fernanda Leaño’ solo art exhibition “Introducing Malinche” meet her alter ego, dive into la otra Malinche’s world and art.

    Malinche Art was born from the initial project Mirrors are Portals, a coffee table book that I am working on and I’ll launch soon narrating and sharing visuals (photos, paintings and collages) about the story of a girl called Maria, the reincarnation of La Malinche a historical Aztec character, but in a nowadays world, as the project grew sow this the art, so I decided to introduce the character (which I created and I channel her) I started performing the character, intervening art and posing in photographs acting her for the visual book, and now the book took life of its own, it is a story happening now, it has a beginning but yet no end. And as you watch her be, you become part of the story. 

    About the artist:

    Maria Fernanda Leaño studied in (Antonio Caso primary school) in Guadalajara Mexico and at (instituto Alpes San Javier), (Le Rosey Switzerland) in high school, in college she studied Journalism (Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara) oil painting and drawing in Florence Italy, writing and Hispanic Literature (Sogem México).

    One day out of the blue she quit her job as a magazine editor in Mexico and relocated to New York four years ago, where she studied Journalism and Photography (Parsons) Art journaling intensive (Pratt institute) Drama (Lee Strasberg) and Guerrilla Filmaking (Downtown community television center).

    Introducing Malinche is Maria’s first Solo in NYC and sixth art exhibition (first one was for a Televisa TV Network in Mexico 2008) (Marina Puerto Vallarta 2010) (Club de industriales México 2005) (Rectoría UAG Jalisco Mex 2008) (Playa del Carmen Mex 2012).

    Welcome to Malinche’s world and enjoy the ride.

    Maria Fernanda Leaño

    Photos by Maria Elena Valdes

    Special thanks to Malinche Art Team:

    Richard Conde 
    Melissa Edmond
    Marlon Arboleda
    Mariah Marquez

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Malinche Art
    Contact Person: Maria Fernanda Leaño
    Phone: 9175656718
    Country: United States

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    HELPS International Offers Gifts of Empowerment to Guatemalan Women

    ADDISON,TX – 29 Apr, 2017 – This Mother’s Day, Dallas nonprofit HELPS International is asking people to celebrate the women who shaped them by donating a tax-deductible, life-changing gift designed to empower the women of Guatemala. The HELPS100 Campaign was created to help 100 Guatemalan women obtain fuel-efficient cook stoves and high-quality water filters.

    “This campaign to celebrate and empower women is such a worthy cause and donations can be made on behalf of the women in our own lives who inspire us,” stated Bill McMillan, executive director of HELPS International. “For as little as $50, we can honor our mothers, sisters and friends while changing the lives of women in some of Guatemala’s most underserved communities.”

    Millions of women in rural Guatemala must spend hours each day kneeling on dirt floors to cook over open fires in their homes in order to feed their families. This results in many small children suffering severe burns from the flames of the open pits in their homes. In addition to the risk of burns, smoke from the open fires builds up quickly and causes respiratory issues from poor ventilation. And very few of these same homes are equipped with clean sources of water that are safe for drinking.

    To solve these issues, former HELPS medical team leader Don O’Neal, a retired mechanical engineer, invented a simple stove from locally sourced materials. The concrete-block base, Plancha-top (Spanish for “iron”) ONIL stove replaces traditional ground-based, in-home cooking fire pits and is vented through the dwelling’s rooftop to eliminate both respiratory problems and the risk of severe burns. It also reduces wood consumption by 70 percent, allowing increased time for activities once spent gathering wood. To facilitate a clean drinking water source, the ONIL Gravity Water Filters now eliminate 100 percent of parasites and 99.9 percent of pathogenic bacteria.

    As a part of this year’s campaign, HELPS International is on a mission to raise crucial funds to help 100 Guatemalan women stand up, save money and keep their families healthy and safe by donating fuel-efficient cook stoves and high-quality water filters. Donations will go to purchase the ONIL stoves and water filters, which will be installed by volunteers from the HELPS Women Helping Women initiative alongside the recipients, who have paid a portion of the cost.

    To donate, please visit the HELPS100 Campaign donation page.

    To date, HELPS’ volunteers and supporters have worked alongside the people of Guatemala to provide more than 250,000 homes with clean air and water, more than 4,000 farming families with the skills and resources to boost crop production, and nearly 475 students with a high-quality education.

    About HELPS International

    Since 1984, HELPS International’s growing community of volunteers and sponsors has been changing lives in Guatemala with extraordinary dedication. HELPS’ mission is to provide enduring programs of practical, social and spiritual value to people in the developing world through a system of partnership and mutual responsibility.

    To learn more, please visit or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


    Jeff Cheatham
    Account Supervisor
    TrizCom PR
    (972) 247-1369

    Katie Mudd
    Account Executive
    TrizCom PR
    (972) 247-1369

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TrizCom PR
    Contact Person: Katie Mudd
    Phone: 972-247-1369
    Country: United States

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    DUBAI, UAE – 29 Apr, 2017 – The World today is very dynamic and actively engaging, challenging us with the diversity of choices to make and services to find when you need them. In the bid to meet this challenge, here’s Wellclubs mobile app, offering a unique solution to the beauty and wellness industry.

    Technology is touching every industry, from travel to beauty, and we’re living in an era where nearly everyone has become digital savvy and Smartphones and Tablets have become the order of the day.  With a wide range of beauty and wellness providers and services on offer, it can be overwhelming to find what would suite one best.  

    Here to help anyone filter and refine through this abundance of choices is the Wellclubs app, your online local guide for booking salons, spas and beauty clinics in the UAE.  The app has been designed to make booking of any head-to-toe treatment faster, super easy and stress-free. Through the integration of modern technology, the Wellclubs app has set out to do for the beauty industry what Booking .com and Airbnb have done for the travel industry.

    The Wellclubs app will be available for free download on both iPhone and Android and customers will have on-the-go access to thousands of salons, spas and beauty clinics, allowing them to discover new venues, hidden gems, map directions, hours of operation and availability. This booking app will help you filter by a variety of heuristics and guide you in discovering a nearby provider, trendy nail bar, get a lowdown on a popular hair studio, check out how the salon looks, find out more about its services (even get feedback on their staff) and see what other customers have to say and ratings in a few swipes. You can even find and match the price band that works for you and enjoy more bang for your buck, thanks to app-exclusive promotions. By using this nascent technology, it is easy for anyone to decide between thousands of venues. In this way, a user has all the information they need to make an informed decision at their fingertips.

    Wellclubs’ distinctive approach is simple, yet sophisticated. Also helping beauty service providers to more effectively connect to customers within their community and fill empty slot or quiet times. Each salon has a unique profile page to showcase their services, special offers, promotions and incentives.

    This should be top of your download list! Download the Wellclubs app today, and try it for yourself!

    To learn more about Wellclubs, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wellclubs
    Contact Person: Natalya Koroleva
    Phone: 00971502229592
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    We are chasing an audacious goal of providing safe water access to 100 million people by 2020 in India and Africa; support from the Government, partnerships with development agencies and corporates including communities will be the key in making this happen, said Vikas Shah, Chief Operating Officer, WaterHealth International
    WaterHealth International has been shortlisted for The Unilever Global Development Award, supported by Business Fights Poverty

    WaterHealth International from Irvine, United States is celebrating after being shortlisted for the UK’s longest running and most prestigious awards programme, championing responsible business in the UK and abroad.

    Now in their 20th year, the Awards champion the most inspiring businesses who are making a difference by taking action to build more inclusive workplaces, stronger communities and tackle our biggest environmental challenges.

    Today’s announcement coincides with Responsible Business Week (24-28 April), an annual initiative aimed at increasing awareness of the positive contribution of businesses to society.

    WaterHealth International has been shortlisted for The Unilever Global Development Award, supported by Business Fights Poverty. WaterHealth International (WHI) provides clean, safe and affordable drinking water by setting up decentralized water purification plants known as WaterHealth Centre’s (WHCs) to the underserved communities across India and Africa through innovative and sustainable business model. 

    Commenting Vikas Shah, Chief Operating Officer, WaterHealth International, said: “We are chasing an audacious goal of providing safe water access to 100 million people by 2020 in India and Africa; support from the Government, partnerships with development agencies and corporates including communities will be the key in making this happen”.

    Chief Executive of Business in the Community, Amanda Mackenzie, said: “We want all businesses to be a force for good in the community, and being shortlisted means that WaterHealth International can inspire many more companies to be part of the responsible business movement, so that together we can work for a fairer society and a more sustainable future.”

    The winners of all ten categories, including the Responsible Business of the Year will be announced at the Responsible Business Gala Dinner at the Royal Albert Hall on 4 July, in front of 1,200 business leaders. The headline sponsors of the 2017 Responsible Business Awards are Experian, Unilever, UPS, Aviva, Barclays, Fujistu, UBS, Unipart Group.

    To find out more about Responsible Business Week 2017 visit or search for the hashtag #RBweek.

    For further information please contact – V.V.Sundar; Head-Public Relations, WaterHealth India, +91 9295029958

    For more information about Business in the Community or the Responsible Business Awards contact Alex Delaney, 020 7566 8694 / 07766 161419 or email

    For more information on the Awards visit and follow @BITC on Twitter #BITCawards.

    Business in the Community 

    Business in the Community is the Prince’s Responsible Business Network. Our members work together to tackle a wide range of issues that are essential to building a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

    We engage thousands of businesses through our programmes driven by our core membership of over 800 organisations from small enterprises to global corporations.

    The Responsible Business Awards

    Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Awards brings to life how businesses are creating innovative and sustainable solutions to our most pressing challenges, inspiring thousands of others to make a lasting difference and adding value back to their own business.

    Now in its 20th year, the awards, rigorously assessed by independent business peers, are widely acknowledged as one of the most respected endorsements of responsible business in the UK and abroad. Open to companies of any size, sector or scale, a wide range of businesses enter, demonstrating the breadth and depth of responsible business.

    Each year, over 250 business peers assess the entries, endorsement planters are used by companies to profile their achievement, inspiring thousands of people to be a motivated part of the Prince’s Responsible Business Network.

    About Responsible Business Week

    Responsible Business Week (24-28 April 2017) is an annual campaign from the charity Business in the Community to champion responsible business.

    It is all too easy to bash business, but we believe there’s another important story to be told. Behind every faceless corporation are real people, making a difference, improving society and changing lives through the business of doing business.

    Responsible Business Week is a campaign to tell this story, raise the profile of the year-round contribution of businesses of all sizes and inspire more business to address the most pressing issues.

    Through a wealth of free events, online debates and learning forums, the week is a platform for business to learn, share, celebrate and together build a better approach to responsible business for the future. By showing the brighter side to business, a side that the public rarely see, Responsible Business Week aims to motivate business to be better and do better, for the benefit of us all.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: WaterHealth India
    Contact Person: Nidhi Kachru
    Phone: +91 40 6701 1728
    Address:# 9-7, Survey No. 308/1, Nagaram, Keesara Mandal
    City: Hyderabad
    State: Telangana
    Country: India

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    For most people who are operating an app on their computer while multitasking, it is imperative that they maintain an active presence to prevent the app from timing out or their PC from powering down. In the past, this usually required constant interruptions to return to the PC and jiggle the mouse, but with the invention of the Lookin’ Busy device that is no longer necessary. This simple yet ingenious product uses an incrementally rotating surface under your mouse—along with mouse stabilizer pads to secure your optical mouse—to simulate activity.

    Lookin’ Busy will soon be a staple of teleworkers and multitaskers everywhere.  This simple yet highly effective device will keep open online video calls, remote work sessions and other timed applications, allowing you to step away for minutes, hours or even days. Unlike other devices, Lookin’ Busy does not require system drivers or software.  Because it is a stand-alone device, it only needs a power outlet or a USB charging stick to function; and it will operate almost indefinitely as long as power is supplied.

    You can now get your own Lookin’ Busy Mouse Mover through an exclusive Kickstarter campaign.  The Lookin’ Busy Mouse Mover is available in a wide variety of colors and is available at a steeply discounted pre-order price. Some packages even include a phone call with the Lookin’ Busy team. 

    To learn more about Lookin’ Busy Mouse Mover, or to order your own, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lookin’ Busy
    Contact Person: Gene Olafsen
    Country: United States

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    In 2017, the lucrative Chinese market is no longer a secret, in fact quite the opposite. Every brand, in every industry is trying to get a piece of this booming opportunity.

    Whilst a lot of brands are looking at huge market in China, Luxion Media ( has been helping many of the biggest brands in Australia target the million or so Chinese living, studying, working and touring Australia.

    “We have worked with all kinds of brands across all industries, from fashion, to tourism, to sports. Almost any business can now benefit from more Chinese customers,” explain Luxion Media director William Chen.

    Luxury is a particularly lucrative area. “When working with Luxury Brands in Australia, often 20% to as high as 60% of their clients are already Chinese, this presents a huge opportunity and need for these brands to actively engage and increase their presence amongst wealthy Chinese audience in Australia”

    One of the innovative ways Luxion Media have helped these luxury brands achieve success is through a Chinese Luxury Car Club called Zoomspeed (

    Zoomspeed started in 2013 with about 20 passionate Chinese BMW owners and has since grown to over 600 members, owning a total of more than $50 million worth of cars, ranging from high end Mercedes, BMW to supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren.


    “Although our passion for cars brings us together, our group is much more than just about cars. A lot of our members are entrepreneurs and business leaders, and there is often a lot of business networking and deals being done through the group” says Zoomspeed founder and Luxion Media co-founder Will Yuan.

    However, the opportunity from this group extends beyond just the members. Over the last 2 years, through Luxion Media, Zoomspeed has worked with some of Australia’s top luxury brands and have achieved amazing success through a combination of it’s influential and affluent members, as well as Chinese marketing campaign.

    “We invited several of our members to an exclusive Maserati drive day experience, by putting them in the cars and letting them experience the power and beauty of the Maserati cars, everyone simply fell in love with the cars. In fact someone from the day actually bought a Maserati! Not a bad return on investment!” recalls William.

    “The opportunity from the group isn’t limited to automotive brands either, being young and affluent, with huge spending power, they enjoy an extravagant life, which presents extraordinary opportunities for fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and leisure brands.”

    “This Chinese influencer group acts as bit of a catalyst for a lot of our Chinese marketing campaigns ( We often start with an event, but through this event, we can create a lot of amazing content from photos to videos, which we can then use to fuel additional marketing campaigns through Chinese social media channels and WeChat marketing (”

    Luxury brands have had a honeymoon period of sorts over the last 5-10 years. Many brands were able to achieve great success in China on their brand name along, however the Chinese luxury has well and truly shifted, luxury buyers are much more savvy, and are no longer buying on brand name alone. Luxury Brands need to step up their marketing game and find new and innovative ways to cut through the competition.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Luxion Media
    Contact Person: Joe
    Phone: 313-444-8588
    Country: Australia

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    China – 2 May, 2017 – Chinese machinery manufacturing giant JYF MACHINERY concentrates on the production and distribution of grinder wear parts, auger teeth, trencher teeth, and stump grinder parts known for superior deterioration-resistant properties. 

    JYF MACHINERY clients worldwide attest to the fact that the company’s products are more effective than other competitors in the industry. In fact, continuous use of these accessories increased use time by one-fourth to one-third percent. 

    The grinder wear parts contain Tungsten Carbide particles. The double grain composition of Tungsten Carbide is more durable compared to standard coarse grain cemented carbide. This fine gray powder (chemical compound) contains equal portions of tungsten and carbon atoms. It has maximum solidity of 90 to 93 HRA (Rockwell Scale) and highest impact robustness of over 2, 800 MPA. 

    This is considered an improvement in performance of between 25% and 33% which implies clients spend less for grinder wear parts because of longer-operating time of JYF MACHINERY. 

    The surface is impervious to wear and tear due to the custom-built CR-W finish with maximum rigidity of 60 up to 65 HRC. Said welding stick features extreme abrasion performance and resistance against impact. 

    The steel body of JYF MACHINERY grinder wear parts is built with special corrosion-resistant alloy that boasts of extraordinary toughness capable of enduring tremendous impact after the tempering process. The low-temperature heat treatment technique is made following the course of hardening so the preferred hardness-toughness ration is achieved. These features safeguard and prolong the life cycle of grinder wear parts. 

    JYF MACHINERY horizontal grinder components are used to pulverize tree stumps, wood barks, clipped or trimmed branches, waste wood and other biomass in the eco-system caused by massive clearing of forests. This addresses the issues of recycling reprocessing residential as well as industrial waste materials. Grinding is useful to recycling and minimizes processing expenditures. 

    Trencher teeth are made from Tungsten Carbide with high strength, durability and resistance against deterioration. The trencher is a type of equipment used for construction to excavate trenches particularly for pipe and cable installation; installing drainage systems, and preparation for warfare. 

    The steel surface is formed by special alloy that resists oxidation and extends the lifespan of the Trencher teeth. Welding techniques were brought from as far as Northern Europe thereby allowing the merging together of alloy and alloy composition in metal bodies to achieve extreme welding potency.

    About the Company 

    JYF MACHINERY maintains grinder wear parts factories. Clients can purchase these along with an assortment of products that include forestry mulcher teeth holders; rotary milling tools; welding bars; flat teeth; trencher wear parts; trencher teeth; mining cutting tools; grinder hammers; and many others at wholesale prices. The company uses only high-quality cemented carbide for efficient cutting performance. 

    JYF MACHINERY supplies trencher wear components along with a wide range of tools and tooling configurations for the mining sector.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: JYFMACHINERY
    Contact Person: Yu Zhengxuan
    Phone: +86-577-65961889
    City: Wenzhou
    Country: China

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    Hamilton, Ont – Century Stone Dental is both delighted and proud to announce that for the second year in a row they have won the community reader’s choice award, in three separate categories. The company is celebrating winning the best dentist, best hygienist and best dental office as voted for by the readers of the publication.

    The family dentist places a great deal of importance on providing a family friendly patient focused atmosphere in their dental offices. They understand that for many people a trip to the dentist can be a daunting and stressful experience, and so their entire philosophy is to put their patients at ease from the second they walk in the door.

    “We are constantly striving to provide the best service to all of our patients in a pleasant and relaxing environment,” said Dr. Christopher Sims of Century Stone Dental. “So many people avoid a visit to the dentist through fear or panic and yet getting regular check-ups is the best way to manage your dental health. Our aim is to make any visit to our dental offices as relaxing and stress-free as possible, which will then encourage people to get their teeth checked every six months. We are delighted to have won this award as it is a public and independent verification that we are achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Now the challenge is to improve further and try to retain our awards next year.”

    Century Stone is a family dentist serving Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas, and surrounding areas. They offer a broad range of dental services and have established a reputation for both their excellent dental work and the relaxing atmosphere in all of their modern dental offices.

    If you are looking for a new dentist or hygienist, then visit their website for more details at:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Century Stone Dental
    Contact Person: Dr. Christopher Sims
    Phone: 905-545-4833
    Address:684 Main St East
    City: Hamilton
    State: Ontario, L8M 1K5
    Country: Canada

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    For centuries, the pristine beauty of the rain forests of Guyana, Colombia and Venezuela have hidden treasures that have lured adventurers and treasure hunters from around the world.  Named for the legends of a lost city of gold, the El Dorado rain forest remains an inspiring, seductive locale that continues to produce natural treasures.  This rich, lush region was the inspiration for an amazing, new line of jewelry “Treasures of El Dorado” by Delisa.

    After spending years in the region as a geological engineer, Delisa was overwhelmed by the immense beauty of the area and local people. She used locally sourced materials like Amazonite, Onyx, Agate, Jasper, Honey Stone, Turquoise, Bronzite, Opal and Coral to create breathtaking designs that honor the region’s cultures. Lovingly handcrafted, “Treasures of El Dorado” bracelets each have a sterling silver charm and button inspired by local wildlife or traditional themes.

    You may now get a “Treasures of El Dorado” piece through an exclusive Kickstarter campaign.  You may reserve your own Bird Logo Charm, or one of a variety of gloriously designed bracelets at a steep discount off the retail price.

    To learn more about the “Treasures of El Dorado” or to order your own unique jewelry, please visit or

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Design by Delisa
    Contact Person: Delisa & Mikael
    Country: Guyana

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    ToolBelt USA, a community based platform in USA, feels so proud to announce an excellent service to help homeowners and novice & seasoned DIYers by offering them significant information about home remodeling at low cost.

    Home improvement is a vital part of home maintenance which needs to be done by every homeowner for the sake of their house. Remodeling not only keeps a house in a good condition, but also it helps home owners to increase the value of their home in market at the time of selling.

    There are many ways available how one can renovate their home to give it a new look, feel and more robustness. There are many home renovation contractors are also available in market today to help people with their home improvement projects, but with tight budget in hand it becomes so tough for many people to hire a contractor for their home renovation task.

    ToolBelt USA, a community based platform in USA, feels so proud to announce an excellent service to help homeowners and novice & seasoned DIYers by offering them significant information about home remodeling at low cost. ToolBelt USA is a company which encompasses highly experienced home renovation professionals from different corner of USA.  

    This platform is especially designed to provide unique, sound and high quality advice on different home improvement projects. ToolBelt USA takes their pride for offering valuable, informative, research-based, practical and honest articles by professional writers who have comprehensive knowledge on home remodeling.

    ToolBelt USA is a novice company, and therefore a lot of new features are still there to come to offer more facilities to the homeowners. The company is planning to release a new feature called “Ask a Pro” through which one can submit question to the professionals about their house renovation, and the questioners will receive the reply as soon as possible.     

    There are many more things to explore about ToolBelt USA which can be read from their official website.

    Visit the website from here:

    About Company:

    ToolBelt USA is an excellent platform with highly specialized home improvement professionals who help people with their home renovation projects and gives then unique, excellent and useful ideas about home remodeling.  

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tool Belt USA
    Phone: 313-444-8588
    Address:43155 Main ST
    City: Novi
    State: MI
    Country: United States

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    For most busy local and expatriate families living in Singapore, a small prosperous country in South East Asia, many may consider hiring a full-time maid in Singapore or a part-time cleaner. This is not an easy decision to take, though. It is important to be sure that you can handle a foreign worker who may not be comfortable or even aware of the way of life and laws of Singapore.

    After thinking and feeling that you really need full-time domestic help, the next step is to choose a trusted maid agency and to get one either via Maid Agency in Singapore or try looking up on the Ministry of Manpower website for list licensed maid agency.

    Through a Licensed Maid Employment Agency

    Whenever possible, the advisable option to take is to contact a licensed maid employment  agency. With a legitimate agency, you do not have to worry about the details of the requirement of legally hiring a maid in Singapore. Even though you need to participate in meeting the requirements as required by the Ministry of Manpower, a licensed agency will ensure that all documents are ready and that you do not miss a step and waste valuable time. Maid agencies also offer additional resources to employers whenever a worker performance is unsatisfactory and an agency can provide invaluable advice and assist in mediating the situation for a positive outcome.

    One of the established and reputable Maid Agency in Singapore with over 30 years of experience that comes to mind to many will be Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd and they can be reached at via their website or through their facebook page


    Remember, do ensure that whichever maid agency that you are dealing with are authorized to operate formally by the Ministry of Manpower and in addition it would be better if that agency is accredited either by the Associated of Employment Agencies Singapore (AEAS) or Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) for good business practice.

    You can find more of these maid agencies along the Orchard Road area, including the Far East Plaza Mall and Lucky Plaza Shopping Centre.

    Direct Hiring your own maid

    You may prefer to direct hire your own maid, perhaps through a personal referral from friends or relatives or maybe even bringing back your previous maid. If that is the case, you can either direct hire a maid in her own country or arrange a transfer if the maid is already in Singapore and she is eligible for transfer. Here are the general requirements you should take note of:

    First-time Employers should complete an Employer Orientation Programme (EOP) before hiring any foreign domestic worker. This can be accomplished online but you do need your SingPass ready.

    Employers will either need to be a Singapore Citizen/PR or S Pass/E Pass holders and above 21 years old to apply.

    Do note that Maid Levy is a monthly fee payable to the Government and is $265 or if you are eligible for Low levy, then it will be just $60. The medical examination of the maid must be done every six months and this cost must also be paid by the employer. Additional expenses include food, lodging, insurance, and a return air ticket if the maid does recontract for another 2 years with you.

    Before the maids are allowed to work, all first-time maid must complete the Settling-In-Programme.

    The considerations of an employer go far beyond the legal and documentary requirements. There are also some other important points to keep in mind.

    A foreign domestic worker is not allowed to get pregnant while working in the country. It is up to each employer to ensure this does not happen.

    The age limit for domestic workers is 23 to 50 years. The maid must also have at least eight years of formal education.

    Foreign domestic workers are not allowed to perform non-domestic work tasks.

    It is a good policy to educate foreign domestic workers regarding the culture and laws of Singapore.

    Foreign domestic workers in Singapore will not present problems if treated well, given due respect and understanding. That is why it is very important that employers know the appropriate steps to employ a maid in Singapore.

    For best information about hiring a maid through a licensed and established maid agency, do visit this website

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd
    Contact Person: Edmund
    Phone: +65 67353456
    Address:304 Orchard Road #03-52 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863
    Country: Singapore

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    We are delighted to receive this prestigious award alongwith National Bank of Oman, which has been a pioneer in leading banking innovation in the Middle East and Africa region. This award is a testimony of our commitment to bring powerful and high impact solutions which helps banks to leverage their unique strengths and create a sustainable competitive advantage in terms of customer experience and sales strategies, said Sushil Tyagi, Director Global Sales and Marketing, CRMNEXT
    CRMNEXT and National Bank of Oman won this award for implementing a new age digital solution that tracks all customer interactions and fast tracks fulfilment cycles

    MUMBAI: CRMNEXT, the largest provider of CRM in financial services globally, along with National Bank of Oman has won the 2017 Asian Banker Technology Implementation Award in the Best CRM Project category. This award was entitled  to recognize the innovation and business results achieved by National Bank of Oman delivering a delightful customer experience resulting in significant increase in customer loyalty and sales.

    CRMNEXT and NBO won this award for implementing a new age digital solution that tracks all customer interactions and fast tracks fulfillment cycles. The new system creates an integrated screen for any customer information boosting productivity and effectiveness of customer facing teams. Internal unique identifiers were drawn up in order to minimise duplication and organize the data effectively.

    On the occasion, Sushil Tyagi, Director Global Sales and Marketing, CRMNEXT said, “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award along with National Bank of Oman, which has been a pioneer in leading banking innovation in the Middle East and Africa region. This award is a testimony of our commitment to bring powerful and high impact solutions which helps banks to leverage their unique strengths and create a sustainable competitive advantage in terms of customer experience and sales strategies.”

    The Asian Banker IT Implementation Awards are among the financial services industry’s most prestigious awards, comprehensive and transparent recognition programme of its kind, anywhere in the world today. CRMNEXT and National Bank of Oman were named for the project’s innovation in enabling a complete customer experience transformation on a single platform, recognizing best practices that emerge from strategic use of technology and make significant difference to the bank’s functional ability.

    CRMNEXT enables its customers to implement a comprehensive CRM strategy on a single platform. Covers an extensive range of functions including CRM for sales force, customer service, business process and marketing automation, digital application platform, document management system, reporting and analytics. Customers have achieved a 360 degree customer view and an integrated customer service and sales platform.

    With the new system, National Bank of Oman has been able to reduce its service costs improve customer service quality and response time. The system also boosted the cross selling ratio by leveraging interactions across various customer segments. 

    About The Asian Banker :

    The Asian Banker is the region’s most authoritative provider of strategic business intelligence to the financial services community. The Singapore-based company has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Dubai as well as representatives in London, New York and San Francisco. It has a business model that revolves around three core business lines: publications, research services and forums. The company’s website is

     About CRMNEXT:

    CRMNEXT is the leading global cloud CRM solution provider. It has practice leadership across nine verticals assisting businesses from SMEs to Fortune 500 businesses in optimizing customer relationships. It is also pioneering a Digital CRM rollout for some of the largest enterprises across Asia-Pacific. CRMNEXT’s customers include global brands like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Pfizer, Tata AIA, National Bank of Oman, Pavers England etc. It was recently lauded in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2015 for Lead management, Sales Force Automation and Customer Engagement. For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acidaes Solution Pvt. Ltd
    Contact Person: Rahul Sheth
    Phone: + 91 9167799341
    Address:Corporate Avenue Chakala, Andheri
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India

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    PHOENIX, AZ – 3 May, 2017 – Nursery Rhymes of Zhymes was inspired by the spirit we all have inside of us. It was mostly written on a miraculous journey in Uganda, Africa. These poems have been read to both children and adults, setting them free…simply to be.

    We asked Joel Crotzer, author of Nursery Rhymes of Zhymes, why he wrote this book. “I would like to start with a disclaimer,” Joel stated after a brief moment of contemplation, “I am no conspiracist but it is apparent that mind games are still a foot.  It all begins at a nursery age–rhymes. Nursery rhymes are not evil in themselves but what is planted along with the program. In America, it’s all technological, fast and easy but we free thinkers are not so easily subliminized. All the nations in this world operate this way.”

    Why the focus on Africa? “We go there to teach life. Not just church or religion but business, government, family, media, arts, entertainment, and education.  There is no place like Africa where time began,” replied Joel.

    Joel C Crotzer was born in the small town of Dahlonega, GA site of the first Gold Rush. In 1992 he became C.E.O. of North Georgia Glass & Mirror at 22 years of age. He is a devout entrepreneur in business, devoted husband, and father, and has been the Senior Pastor of Fortress International Ministries for over 16 years. 

    Joel feels privileged to have spiritually fathered children of all ages, all over the world and in every facet of life. His goal is to teach real lessons on all areas of life, family, business, government, and of course the kingdom of God, so that anyone can apply and become successful. Joel believes that hard work, dedication, and faith make any dream possible.

    Bringing faith to the children of Africa is a courageous undertaking, why did you feel this was so important? “Faith opens all the senses of the soul from anger to passion. Faith makes poetry possible and when the human soul is open the mind can receive great revelations. When we believe, we are free to dream, see, hear, and taste life in all its glory and power.” Joel continued, “People are people wherever you go. There is only one race, human. When oppression is broken, we see life correctly and we are all the same on the inside.”

    Remember, big brother is watching, but we are the seers of it all. It is better to see than to watch, one will make you blind the otherwise. Nursery Rhymes of Zhymes stops time in the mind and unlocks its ability to see as a child. We do jobs we hate and live lives we would not have chosen; few ever find true zhymes.

    Buy Nursery Rhymes of Zhymes today on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    For more information on the journey, contact Joel C. Crotzer by email at or (470) 239-1940.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: A Book’s Mind
    Contact Person: Josh Babel
    Country: United States

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