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    CWMALLS® is the world’s first online brand: personalized, free, beautiful, valuable…
    “Custom Made”,”Patented Product”, “Green Product” are all in CWMALLS® Leather Jackets, Shoes, Bags series!
    CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY are the pioneers and creators of the whole industry chain standardized value ecosystem.

    Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Patent Design, Custom Made Series — “CWMALLS® Multifunctional Coat” officially being sold both online and offline synchronously around the world; by the joint supervision by CWMALLS global networked lab and CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, the world-class globalized, networked united innovation, design and manufacture will show every innovative product, original product , patented product and green product to everyone; it has strong functional features, its technological content, workmanship index, intelligent equipment, personalized service will bring unprecedented sensory experience and artistic enjoyment to everyone; the exquisite details, classic styles, eternal color matching make you become the protagonist at any time; welcome businessmen, entrepreneurs, lawyers, middle-aged and elder friends and other elites from all works of life in the world to pay active attention, taste and experience! Its brilliance is just your excellence!

    “CWMALLS® Multifunctional Coat” is artistic work as well as technological product; what it concentrates is the essence of innovative design, what it represents is the ecology of perfect value; it has unique gene structure of Made in Internet & Made in World, whether for the nano, organic processed Turkish goat skin or the laser, green trimmed Australian lamb shearling, the 2 in 1 structure is more chic, freer, more comfortable and skin-friendly; especially in the blastproof ,waterproof, windproof, breathable, keeping warm, anti-radiation, easy-care aspects, it is more one-up; its all-matching function also makes you do whatever you want; its many styles such as the free and easy leisure style, glamorous fashion style, sexy slim fit style, mature and balanced business style, low-key and luxurious classic style also achieve your everything! The mysterious classic Black and elegant generous Brown light your journey of work and life in autumn/winter together; the personalized “Custom Made” and “Personal Tailor” ( services(without extra fees) meet your different demands and shape your personal charisma; global unified standards, prices and services make “CWMALLS® Multifunctional Coat” bring surprises and value to you whether you are on a business trip or vocation in European countries and North America! Therefore, our technology team, design team and management team have carried out professional and elaborate big integration to make Men’s Sheepskin Coat, Fur Coat, Trench Coat, Pea Coat, Parka, Overcoat of “CWMALLS®” lead the new direction of fashion and technology via the joint efforts with the third party cooperative partners; welcome to share, shop and experience this distinctive beginning via WWW.CWMALLS.COM! Thank you! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND will be more wonderful with your support and help!

    CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Patent Design, Hand Made Series — “CWMALLS® Reversible Shearling Coat”

    Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Patent Design, Hand Made Series — “CWMALLS® Reversible Shearling Coat” officially being sold and pre-sold both online and offline synchronously around the world; the united innovation, supervision and recommendation by CWMALLS global networked lab and CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee add more surprising elements to your quality life and wonderful life; Turkish Merino, Spanish Toscana and Australian Lamb Shearling play the symphony of patent design and hand made together, its special functions and characteristics bring every CWMALLS® Women’s Reversible Shearling Coat, Reversible Sheepskin Coat unique sensory experience and artistic enjoyment; Community Design Patent of European Union and exquisite craftsmanship also make perfection, art, value and feelings become your distinctive endorsements; welcome fashion icons, web celebrities, opinion leaders, industry elites, fans, old and new clients, customers in the world to appreciate and experience it actively! It is worth your owning!

    “CWMALLS® Reversible Shearling Coat” is the latest endorsement of Made in Internet & Made in World, also the super model of original design and innovative design; whether the personalized patched design, the noble, elegant slim fit design or the free, sexy artistic design, every style, every detail exudes the smell of science and technology, art, fashion and nature; the European royal traditional handicraft of every stitching and every cutting together with the pure natural, original ecological green and environment-friendly materials will present every unique artwork and artware to you after 308 standard crafts’ processing and manufacture; what the natural, fluent, smooth splicing process manifests are skills and feelings; what the natural, textured, chic material innovation highlights are perfection and value; the personalized products and services as well as the diversified excavation and integration also make every CWMALLS® Reversible Shearling Coat, Reversible Fur Coat, Reversible Leather Jacket, Reversible Shearling Trench Coat, Reversible Sheepskin Parka become the protagonist of 2017 autumn/winter fashion trend(; its nature and man syncretic sensory experience shows the quintessence of original design, skin-care, comfortable, breathable, warm, chic, lightweight, perfect, valuable, artistic…These are the reasons why CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex recommend it strongly, its difference is just your difference! Welcome friends and partners in European region, North American region and Asia Pacific region to concern and experience it actively!

    CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Patent Design, Hand Made Series — “CWMALLS® Patchwork Shearling Coat”

    Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Patent Design, Hand Made Series—“CWMALLS® Patchwork Shearling Coat” officially being sold both online and offline synchronously around the world; this is the renaissance revolution of traditional handmade crafts, also the inheritance of World Intangible Cultural Heritage; its feelings of every cutting, and care of every stitching make spirit of craftsmen become the spokesman of “CWMALLS® Patchwork Shearling Coat”; via joint supervision and recommendation by CWMALLS global networked lab and CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, the materials and ideas from all over the world will present every artwork, handiwork, work in different types to everyone; the unique patched craft and model, extraordinary visual experience and enjoyment will make you become the spokesman of fashion and communicator of art at any moment; this is the uniqueness of CWMALLS® Women’s Patchwork Shearling Coats Series, CWMALLS® Men’s Patchwork Sheepskin Coats Series: quality and art, design and craft, value and perfection, inheritance and development! Welcome friends, partners from all over the world to concern and appreciate it actively! There will be surprises at any time!

    “CWMALLS® Patchwork Shearling Coat” is the model of global networked united innovation, design and manufacture, also the endorsement of CWMALLS® Made in Internet & Made in World; the Spanish Toscana, Turkish Merino and Australian Lamb Shearling become one at this moment after 360 handcrafted personal stitching; the patched design( modelings of rhombus, square, rectangle, etc. fit body structure better, functions and characteristics like comfortable, skin-friendly, light and soft, natural, perfect, chic, etc. also make you, her, him become the protagonist of leisure, business, date and other work, life activities; therefore, CWMALLS design team, product team, operation team, technology team, management team carry out world-class big union, big alliance and big cooperation and horizontal integration as well as vertical excavation to make more pure natural, original ecological, green, environment-friendly works, products become your first choice via the Internet, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, network media, social media such modern technological tools; similarly, our raw materials of each Patchwork Shearling Coat, Trench Coat, Pea Coat, Parka are provided by the world’s top four fur companies(SAGA FURS, NAFA, American Legend, KOPENHAGEN FUR) and have ISO17234 authentication, SGS detection and insurance service; thus welcome more fashion icons, web celebrities, opinion leaders, industry elites, old and new clients to be assured to buy and experience it! It’s absolutely your only choice of wonderful life in autumn/winter! It will be more wonderful with attitudes!

    “Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School” — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND
    ”CWMALLS Light and Thin Sheepskin Coat” — makes leisure and business freer and more unrestrained in the chilly winter.

    CWMALLS COMMODITY (WWW.CWMALLS.COM) was established in 2010. Its predecessor has had export experience in traditional trading field for more than 17 years. Due to the continuous improvement of product, market, technology, logistics and service, now it turns to an E-Commerce corporation focusing on Business to Customers retail endeavoring to sell high quality innovative featured products (handicrafts, original designed products, innovative feature products, patented new products, etc.) directly to customers by network platforms. It aims to make it “CWMALLS Manufactures, Global Shares”.

    CWMALLS COMMODITY (WWW.CWMALLS.COM) has an operating center of 900 sq.m and a warehouse center of 1,800 sq.m in US and China; it also has sub-centers in United States, Germany and Australia, thus gathering over innovative featured products all around the world to provide global customers with 24-hour continual online direct sales sharing service, and building the sales bridge that leads to every corner of the world. Under the common efforts of our transnational online sharing shopping operation team, technology team, product team, etc. that are formed by our staff all round the world, CWMALLS COMMODITY is offering a flow of high quality products and great service to customers around the world! CWMALLS will be more wonderful with you!

    Make original design blossom and yield; Make dream come true, we share together!(More of our high quality feature products are directly or indirectly from 27 countries and regions such as Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, the United States, China, etc., for you to purchase, experience and share on line!)

    CWMALLS Dream: Four Basis(Information Flow, Talent Flow, Goods Flow and Capital Flow), Three Centers(North America Center, Europe Center, Asia Pacific Center), Two Funds(Maintain World Fund, Maintain Earth Fund), and One College(CWMALLS College with two courses History and Philosophy)
    CWMALLS COMMODITY Dream: To offer pure natural, ecological “green products”, “environment-friendly commodities” continuously to consumers around the world; meanwhile, to transform more ideas, works and patents to products and commodities to form a virtuous cycle of ecological chain and value chain.
    CWMALLS Mission: To create the global standardized value ecosystem!
    CWMALLS COMMODITY Mission: Integrating the world’s high quality featured new products for you to share and benefit everyone!
    MWE FUND: Maintain the world’s peace and stability, maintain the earth’s balance and development.

    2017 CWMALLS: Standard, Value, Ecology;
    2017 CWMALLS COMMODITY: Technology, Art, Intelligence;
    2017 MWE FUND: Charity, Public Welfare, Responsibility;

    Eco-friendly intelligent wearing, Low-carbon and environment friendly life, both are in CWMALLS global networking and mobilization.

    Great News: CWMALLS Network Factory, Online Factory Store offer small wholesale service and ODM & OEM; If you need wholesale, please contact our customer service about the specific style, quantity and price, more favorable for larger quantity! Meanwhile we also provide “Made to Order” or “Personal Tailor” service aiming at our innovative featured products “Sheepskin Coat” series and “Fur Coat” series; minimum order quantity varies from 2 pieces to 5 pieces according to the product you choose, and it usually takes 3-4 working days, very flexible; welcome any person or organization involved in physical stores, departments, TV shopping, online stores and group buying service to pay great attention to it! There will be surprise for you when placing an order!


    Media Contact
    Contact Person: FRANK
    Phone: 1-626-620-6846
    Country: United States

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    SINGAPORE – This initial coin offering aims to disrupt a trillion dollar industry. The new revolutionary cryptocurrency, GoToken has been created by GoNetwork to allow massive transactions to take place for buying and selling any virtual item available in games, mobile or web apps. The GoToken initial coin offering will soon go live and has been featured at KickICO, which just recently raised over $25 million.

    GoNetwork has been founded by industry stalwarts like Rashid Khan, having achieved fame for creating the largest Theme Park Game on Apple’s iPhone and iPad with millions of users. The team was also behind a social video network for teens called, which has earned millions of downloads.

    What does it take to disrupt a trillion dollar industry? The answer can be found in the team composition of GoNetwork. Among its advisors is Jeff Morris Jr, currently the Director of Product Management – Revenue at Tinder, where he leads the top grossing app in the world. Tinder makes over $75 million in revenue, and Jeff focuses on subscriptions, advertising, and products. Also on the advisory board is Nenone Donaldson, Director of Advancement, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada, which is the top engineering school in Canada, with alumni positioned as leaders at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Snapchat, Tesla and more. Laurent Bernardin, who is Chief Scientist and COO at MapleSoft, a world leader in mathematical and analytical software, is also GoNetworks advisor, says “A strong technical team is critical for building high quality, dependable and secure software, especially when you are out to solve some of the world’s toughest problems while constantly adapting to a changing market.”

    The core team of GoNetwork includes top Google and Amazon employees and doctorates, the dream team for any tech organization. Some of the members are: Amit Shah, CTO, a software architect & blockchain expert; Xun Cai, COO, a graduate with distinction and honours in Software Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada; Miao Jiang, Ph.D – University of Waterloo, having worked on core Android application optimization at Google; and Harry Peng, M.Sc. in Computer Science, and a Software Engineer at Google.

    GoToken is a unique, revolutionary cryptocurrency that is intended to be used on a massive scale by mobile, desktop and web app consumers. Since the currently available crypto-currencies can handle only a small number of transactions, GoNetwork also aims to create a strong team and invest in research and development. GoNetwork ICO will offer great perks and discounts of up to 20 percent to early investors.

    GoNetwork will also allow users to generate extra monthly profits and passive income. The new crypto-currency for gamers and app users will be supported by the GoExchange, where owners can trade, buy or sell any virtual item.

    The ICO for GoNetwork comes with attractive features. This includes discounts between 5-20 percent for pre-sale and early investors. Moreover, buyers can earn extra GoTokens by keeping them in the wallet. A debit card allows GoToken to be used as a flat currency anywhere with minimal fees. 

    Digital currencies like GoToken are sorely needed today to prevent fraud in the virtual goods economy, which sees a loss of billions of dollars each year. GoNetwork will save developers from this leakage, in turn making the currency more popular. The token can be purchased with both BTC and ETH.

    GoNetwork has also partnered with Infinidy Corp, one of the largest game developers in Canada with an install base of over 15 million users and the app, which has over 1 million installs. The GoNetwork SDK will be integrated with both, and exclusive hackathons and industry partnerships will further drive growth. The new currency for gamers and app users will reward holders of GoToken with part of the transaction fees obtained with each transaction on the network. During the first two years post the ICO, a limited bonus emission will also be made.

    The team at GoNetwork holds over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of software, mobile apps, game development and blockchain research. In 2009, the team had its first products featured by Apple Inc, and went on to launch several freemium games. One of these, Happy Park, went on to become the largest theme park game on AppStore with over 10 million users. This was followed by a video social network in 2016, which became the top 10 photo and video app.

    “This year, GoNetwork has crossed a new milestone with potential exposure to over 15 million users. We welcome all virtual players and users to take advantage of GoNetwork and even start earning income from their fans,” says Xun Cai.

    About GoNetwork

    GoNetwork is a secure, decentralized virtual goods commerce platform leveraging the blockchain technology and entering a multi-trillion dollar industry. If the GoNetwork becomes a standard, it will potentially have a market cap in billions. On ICO you can get it at a fraction of that cost. Our vision is to build a secure, decentralized e-commerce engine unifying mobile to desktop app economies.

    The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is already live and accessible on GitHub at:

    For more information, please visit official site:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GoNetwork
    Contact Person: Xun Cai
    Country: Singapore

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    Doctors and dentists are great at caring for their patients, but often not as good at looking after their own financial health. Paying closer attention to finances now can help ensure a better quality of life when they decide to retire.

    MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – 11 Oct, 2017 – Doctors and dentists are some of the most educated people around with most attending school for an average of 8 years followed by 5 to 7 years of residency before entering practice. Those years typically pay off in the care they give their patients, but not in the care they give to their own financial health.

    Why should doctors and dentists take better care of their money? Because both often have special financial situations that they can leverage to their advantage – or that can come back to bite them if they’re not careful. Certified Financial Planner and author of Heal Thy Wealth: How Doctors Are Misdiagnosing Their Own Financial Health and What They Can Do About It, John J. Moakler, Jr., BMath, CFP, CLU has come up with what he calls Financial Health Care for Doctors™ to assist those in the healthcare profession take better care of their finances. “Many people in these professions don’t know enough about managing their wealth and it can end up hurting them,” Moakler says. “Management consists of creating wealth and protecting it, and lots of doctors and dentists don’t take the protection aspect seriously enough.”

    Healthcare professionals are in a unique position in that they often hold other people’s lives in their hands. In order to continue to do this, they need to make protecting their own lives a priority. Risk management products, such as life insurance, can be customized to protect their families, create a living legacy for the ones they love, and can provide a tax-free pay cheque in retirement. In addition to this, there are “peace of mind” insurance products that can be put in place so that healthcare professionals can be protected in the event of an injury or illness.  Moakler notes that insurance coverage is a crucial part of a doctor’s financial profile and an important step toward protecting their wealth.

    Another aspect of wealth protection is keeping one’s money safe from undue risk. Like other professionals, doctors and dentists have to prepare for retirement and those in private practice, in particular, are often left to plan for their post-work years on their own. While stock investment is attractive because of the potential returns, the reality of market fluctuations means accrued funds are often at risk. Moakler warns: “All investments have to be assessed from a risk management viewpoint. The initial returns may be a bit lower on the safer investments, but peace of mind is priceless and it feels good to know that a market drop won’t wipe you out.”

    In addition to building and protecting wealth, it is important to plan for how it will be distributed after retirement. The accumulation period leading up to retirement is only half the story—understanding how the funds will be dispersed is the other central, yet often discounted, aspect of the financial planning process. As a part of his written “Financial Treatment Plan,” Moakler encourages the creation of a personalized individual pension plan that will help ensure even disbursement of their accumulated capital. Although the nature of their practice means doctors and dentists can potentially continue to work indefinitely, they shouldn’t be forced into working forever because they don’t have enough money to last. “People in these professions often put in very long hours away from their families,” he says, “Once they reach retirement age, they should have a choice of continuing to work part-time because they love what they do or moving on to the next chapter in their family life.”

    Legacy planning for their practices is another aspect of financial planning that doctors and dentists must think through. While these two professions have many similarities, legacy planning can differ significantly between them as dentists can often sell their practices and patient lists when they retire whereas doctors typically cannot. Because healthcare is universal in Canada, a new doctor can potentially just open his office and get an influx of patients through the system and there is no incentive to purchase an existing practice. Dentists, on the other hand, whose services are not covered by the national healthcare plan, can benefit from purchasing an existing practice, so the earning potential of the sale of a practice is another unique consideration for dentists as they look toward retirement.

    Despite the aspects of their professions that make their circumstances unique, like everyone else, healthcare professionals have a lot to consider as they seek to save, protect, and distribute their money back to themselves after retirement. As Moakler sees it: “Doctors devote enormous amounts of their time and energy to the health of their patients, and for that, we can all be grateful. The key is to help them ensure that they can live comfortably when that important work is done.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Moakler Wealth Management Inc.
    Contact Person: John J. Moakler, Jr., BMath, CFP, CLU
    Phone: (416) 840-8544
    Country: United States

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    The Fitness Journal delivers more focused workout guidance beyond any app.

    NEW YORK, NY – 11 Oct, 2017 – The Fitness Journal, designed with input from professional fitness trainers, is designed to keep the workout in focus. This paper journal features 50 training sessions, each consisting of two parts – one cardio and one weight based exercise. The Fitness Journal is now on Kickstarter.

    MINDSTONE, that developers of The Fitness Journal, have worked closely with fitness professionals. This journal represents a unique option for anyone that is serious about their workout and seeing results.

    From the smooth textured A5 size hard cover and the eco Swedish paper, The Fitness Journal feels like a companion in the journey for better health rather than an accessory. The Fitness Journal will guide users through recording their starting numbers and setting realistic fitness goals. From there, users will experience 50, two-part, training sessions that emphasize cardio and weight training.

    Within each journal there will be sections for before and after photos, intermediate tables, motivational quotes, and discipline guidelines to help keep users motivated and working towards their personal goals. Using an electronic device during a workout raises opportunities for injury due to lack of attention on machines in use, loss of balance, and causes ineffectiveness during the workout. By removing the cell phone or other electronic devices from the workout experience The Fitness Journal can keep users focused on the exercise at hand.

    The Fitness Journal features a smooth texture hard cover A5 size, which keeps the journal small but still functional. Accentuating the journal is a pen ribbon. Both men and women will find The Fitness Journal to be a useful, endearing, piece of their gym equipment.

    MINDSTONE have an established relationship with the manufacturer which ensures on time fulfillment and extremely high-quality production. The Fitness Journal has just launched on Kickstarter Pledge early and help make The Fitness Journal become a necessary part of your gym regimen.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MINDSTONE OG
    Contact Person: Kateryna Bodko
    Country: United States

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    Sunda Tech (HK) LTD deals in various automation products. Its inventory mainly includes products like cooling fans, proximity sensors and various other industrial products.

    Technological development has brought a big change in the industrial sector. Most of the industries prefer automation in order to improve the production process. It is important to get in touch with a professional manufacturer that has the experience of providing such products. One of the companies that have been delivering quality industrial products to different industries is Sunda Tech (HK) LTD.

    It is important to make a proper research before purchasing automation products. These products need to be high in quality and the buyer should focus on their durability. The photoelectric switch comes with different specifications and it is important for the buyer to check the description in detail. The minimum order quantity for this product is one and the buyer can order a sample before ordering it in bulk. It is mainly a capacitive product and the sensing distance is around 25mm. There is a cable terminal and the mounting is done through a panel. Clients can get the products customized according to the requirements of their industry.

    Sunda Tech (HK) LTD Produces Various Photoelectric Switch & Temperature Controller For Use In Different Industries

    There is also the temperature controller that comes with panel mounting and LED dual colors. Checking the operating temperatures, termination style and weight of the temperature controller is important. Clients can also go through the reviews provided by previous buyers before making a purchase. It plays a vital role in maintaining a proper temperature during the production process. In order to make a product inquiry and get a quote the visitors can enter their queries through the box provided with every product. The clients can also get in touch with professionals through Skype in order to discuss their queries. There are new updates and news posted on the website that helps the clients to stay informed about the latest developments. The company keeps adding new products to its inventory in order to make sure that the clients get what they are looking for.

    It is important to use state of the art machineries in order to meet the global requirements. Automation has been the biggest changing factor that has brought a revolution in the manufacturing sector. Clients can also check the omron plc that works like a controller. There are various dimensions and working capacities of a PLC. It is important to go through the description provided with the product in order to make sure that the product is as per the requirements. There is also the proximity sensor that helps in detecting different kinds of metals. It is quite important for different industrial processes and one must make sure that it adheres to the recent production standards.

    About Sunda Tech (HK) LTD:

    Sunda Tech (HK) LTD is a Chinese company that has been producing different industrial products for a long time now. It supplies these products to different regions around the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd
    Contact Person: Gilbert
    Phone: + 86 13750014627
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    With millions of followers, the Chinese brand now focuses on New York

    Recently, the annual advertising slogan of DZAT, a Chinese audio brand, has been displayed on the huge screen of Times Square, New York, which has attracted local American pedestrians and tourists with few words. It is not the first time for Chinese elements to be displayed on the huge screen of Times Square. However, it is the voice from China’s original audio brand: One day, you will find that you are not “alone” for choosing DZAT.

    Such a unique advertising slogan triggered the author’s curiosity. Through Internet, the author finds out that “faith” is the core culture of the young brand after referring to the official website and other information materials of the brand. As for its definition of faith, it is highly concluded by the four words, “humanism (Ren), style (Ge), ultimate appearance (Xing), precise structure (Xin)” and it is also exhibited in the enterprise’s brand culture and product casing concept in detail, which presents the special Chinese philosophical thoughts.

    “Humanism” here refers to the great importance that is attached by the brand to user values: to accord with human’s requirement and use habits and to think at the standpoint of users. With keen interest, the author consulted some friends in the industry in China and realized that, as an excellent original brand in the audio industry, DZAT pays extensive attention to user experience. From product structure design depending on ergonomics to detailed selection of wires that can be easily ignored, DZAT strictly adheres to the user-oriented principle. Meanwhile, DZAT realizes the faith requirement of precise structure (Xin), that is, being attentive in both places that can be seen or cannot be seen.

    As for the explanation of style (Ge), DZAT offers the following answer: refining the characteristics and styles of the brand and products, which is believed by the author to be important cause for the brand to obtain the attention of a great number of young Asian consumers. Either the fashionable and creative appearance design of products or the brand image that DZAT presents to the public has attracted a large number of followers on account of its unique and high-quality aesthetic taste.

    The realization also depends on DZAT’s adherence to originality. The enterprise takes originality as the base line, which requires the brand to isolate from external factors and to wholeheartedly devote itself to products with craftsmanship. Throughout all the DZAT products, none of them fails to integrate the brand’s profound understanding of audio products or accurately captures the fashion.

    From the perspective of brand, adherence to faith represents the self-restraint of the enterprise; from the perspective of products, it refers to the principle of producing products. Meanwhile, through further contact, it is found that faith has penetrated deep inside the brand, DZAT, and serves as its DNA.

    As for brands adhering to originality like DZAT, faced with international stage, there are multiple huge challenges to be overcome: they face the huge amount of research and development costs. During the process, they not only have to solve successive technical difficulties but also have to obtain the cognition and acceptance of more consumers in the rapidly-updated market environment faced with market squeeze by industrial giants. However, challenge also means opportunity. Currently, the entire Chinese economy is developing from extensive manufacturing industry to branding and the cognition degree of consumers on original brands is continuously improving. On the road of adherence to originality, DZAT will be understood and accepted by more people with the persistent brand concept, quite facilitating its advancing towards international stage.

    We find that the new products which launched at Global Sources Electronics fair hold in HongKong a few days ago has received a lot of attention. Hopefully, as DZAT put it, One day, you will find that you are not “alone” for choosing DZAT.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Du Zhete (DZAT) Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Contact Person: Vidi Zou
    Phone: (0086)18824252677
    Country: China

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    A new brand – Cobike joined in the bike borrowing fight for the market share, this is the first case that Electric bike compete for the domestic bike sharing market in China.

    During the National Day of China, you can see batches of “Cobike” sharing e-bike model “ONEBOT T8” at Songshan Lake in Dongguan city and Jiaochangwei special town in Shenzhen city. These shinning blue ebikes started their first meet-and-greet here 15 days ago, more than 20 stuffs of CWT (the manufactuer) showed their first journey in Songshan Lake, if you were there, you may catch a beautiful scenery. 

    To compare with “Mobike”, “ofo”, “blue” and other existing bike sharing brands, “Cobike” Onebot T8 model is totally electric powered, no pedal assistance, it means you only need sit on the cushion and control the direction, the bike will take you everywhere you want. Onebot T8 equipped with a 250W brushless geared motor, use 8.7Ah LG lithium battery, dual rear shock absorption system, dual rear disc breaks, for longer 

    endurance, you can also choose dual battery, beside, the outstanding appearance catch the eye, the most attractive actor is the foldable function, which is absolutely more comfortable, easier and convenient than the traditional bicycles. 

    Of course, E-bikes is not always better than traditional ones, at least the price is not so nice comparing with the normal ones because of the higher cost of production. But it will be a trend of consumer market.  According to last 10 years’ data statistics of electric bicycles sold in the European Union(EU) from 2006 to 2015, sales of e-bikes grew steadily each year growing from 98 thousand units in 2006 to 588 thousand units in 2010. Just regarding the increase between 2009 to 2010 shows an significant increase by 39.34 percent, and from 2010 to 2015 the significant shows an increase by 130.78 percent, what a amazing increasing speed. This is only for EU market, you can image the numbers of the whole world. 

    Sharing bike is already rapid and too much competitive in China market, but E-bikes still have big chance to occupy some market share due to its portable and easeful. Not only in China, the news reported that sharing bike market is day by day growing in some EU countries. As e-bike field growing day by day , it will cost down and popularize all over the world. 

    The growing of E-bike field will sure flourish the bike manufacturing in China, CWT make the fastest steps and take the courage to be “the first person to try tomato”, startup the development of e-bike sharing market.  But now its main target is still foreign market, and focusing on mini electric folding city bikes, to make a portable and comfortable life for city people.  

    Beyond all questions, we can predict the bright future of electric bicycles all over the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Concepts Wit Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Helen Hu
    Country: China

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    AlphaStar owns several FCC grandfathered licensees for use of mmWave spectrums and plan to deploy a 5G wireless network using the C Band (3.7-4.2 GHz spectrum). The FCC is in the process of approving C Band and other high frequency spectrums for 5G applications. Intelsat with Intel recommended to the FCC that satellite companies should lease commercially their spectrums to wireless providers to speed up the adoption of 5G. AlphaStar is seeking a lease/JV/funding to deploy 5G network.

    Greenwich, CT, USA – AlphaStar, one of the original 4 satellite TV broadcasting companies, announced plans to deploy a 5G network using the C Band or Midband Spectrum (3.7-4.2GHz spectrum).

    On August 3, the FCC began the process of approval of the C Band (the FCC called it MidBand) and other mmWave spectrums for wireless applications.

    AlphaStar FCC mmWave licenses are grandfathered since 1994 and renewable with a footprint covering North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and part of Asia.

    Because the C Band is harmonized among countries by the ITU, the 5G network can be deployed in many countries in JV with domestic partners.

    The giant satellite company Intelsat with Intel recommended to the FCC to speed up the process of adoption 5G that satellite companies can negotiate a commercial lease agreement with wireless providers. (

    AlphaStar is seeking lease/JV/funding to enjoy of the first movers advantages since our competitors will buy similar licenses thru an expensive and lengthy auction.

    AlphaStar will deploy an affordable network as it acquired the licenses before the auction system. Welcome operating and financial companies.

    Email Contact: Phone: 203-979-2700.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AlphaStar International, LLC
    Contact Person: Michael Wahba
    Phone: 203-979-2700
    Country: United States

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    Greg Clarke, the top realtor Kelowna has had in quite a while, has achieved another award that solidifies his status. One more Royal Lepage Diamond Award added to his collection signifies that Greg is in the 3% of the top real estate agents in Kelowna.

    Video Link:

    gregclarke logoFor years now, Greg Clarke has been one of top real estate agents in Kelowna. In 2014-2015 his professional success put him on top of all relevant industry ratings due to the extraordinary success of his team. Time and again Clarke proves that his leader status is well deserved and he has done so again by claiming another Royal Lepage Diamond Award. This achievement is a proof of being the top realtor Kelowna residents and those moving into the area can rely on.

    On his website,, Greg shows everyone just what kind of service they can expect to get when employing him as their Kelowna real estate agent. The site offers not only listings but testimonials from the dozens of satisfied homebuyers, who are willing to share their own experiences of working with this realtor.

    Royal Lepage Diamond Award and Its Meaning for a Kelowna Realtor

    Royal Lepage Kelowna is the name everyone interested in the Kelowna real estate should know. This is the company that dictates the industry in the region, and being acknowledged by it is a sign of professionalism and reliability.

    greg clarke realtorHowever, the Royal Lepage Diamond award is owned by very few. Only 3% of Kelowna’s 600+ realtors can obtain this mark of honor and recognition of their professional success. Greg Clarke has won it for several years in a row, which is a solid proof of his status as a top realtor Kelowna has.

    Is Greg Clarke the Best Real Estate Agent Kelowna Offers?

    The real estate business is volatile at the best of times, and realtors are the people who help one navigate these stormy waters. There can never be the single best person in this field, simply because people are so very different. Therefore, they seek different things from their realtors. However, not being able to fit one’s personal needs perfectly doesn’t mean that the Kelowna real estate agent isn’t a great professional.

    This is why the region’s premier real estate award covers 3% of top real estate agents in Kelowna. Greg Clarke, however, is at the very top of that list. The secret of his success lies in treating every client like a friend.

    The thing that allows Greg Clarke to make a bid for the ‘best real estate agent Kelowna’ title is his willingness to go above and beyond for every deal. He will not only do the minimum and show the buyers’ prospective homes. He will help one get acquainted with the area and find any service they need to settle in and complete the deal quickly and efficiently.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Greg Clarke Kelowna Royal Lepage Realtor
    Contact Person: Greg Clarke
    Phone: 250.869.9119
    Address:#1-1890 Cooper Rd.
    City: Kelowna
    State: BC V1Y-8B7
    Country: Canada

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    For purchasing a large range of products at factory prices from China, international companies can now rely on the Yiwu Purchasing agent, offering products and services from China’s largest commodity market that has more than 1,00,000 offline shops.

    China is a global manufacturing hub, and Yiwu Market is the largest commodity market in the country, from where millions of products are exported to the various parts of the world. This market has more than 1,00,000 offline shops that can provide an extensive range of products at cost-effective prices. For companies around the world, the Yiwu agent is a trusted name to source different products from this market.

    According to one of the agents of the company, they cater to the companies in many countries, such as Russia, USA, Canada, Italy, Thailand, South Africa, and the Middle East. They play the role of a local representative in the Yiwu Market for their clients and help them importing the best quality goods at factory prices. Some of the products that are exported from this Chinese market are apparel & accessories, artificial flowers, bags, beauty products, automobile accessories, ceramic & glass products, computer parts & accessories, eyeglasses and so on.

    Yiwu Sourcing Agent Announces To Offer Millions of Products from China’s Biggest Wholesale Market at Factory Prices

    The Yiwu sourcing agent reveals that they assist their clients in establishing a profitable business relationship with a trustworthy store or shop operating in the Yiwu market. From issuing a China business invitation letter to arranging the factory visit, they make the goods importing from China hassle-free and affordable for foreign businesses. With over 15 years of experience in this field, the agency has a team of efficient staffs who are familiar with the factories and shops in China’s Yiwu Market.

    Businesses from around the world can take advantage of the services offered by the Yiwu Purchasing agent from world’s largest small commodities wholesale market that supplies goods to over 200 countries in the world. They charge lowest commissions without any hidden charges and offer their complete assistance for clients to flourish and run their business in a profitable manner. To know more about the Yiwu market or the services offered by the agent, one can visit the website

    About Yiwu Agent

    Yiwu Agent is a one-stop product sourcing service provider in the Yiwu market in China, helping customers to import a large variety of goods from the market easily and in a cost-effective manner. They help in sourcing products or offer the market guide for foreign companies willing to import commodities from this Chinese market.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Yiwu Agent
    Contact Person: Mr. Andy
    Phone: +86 13732431397
    Country: China

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    Contemporary Art Projects USA/Gallery announces its participation in Art Basel Miami Week, the New Red Dot Miami Fair- Prime Fair Location, Booth #R215.

    Miami, FL, USA – Contemporary Art Projects USA/Gallery ( announces its participation at the New Red Dot Miami Fair, Prime Location, Booth #R215; a curated gallery-only contemporary art show, now in its 12th year, presents [IMPACT] as the curatorial theme for 2017. Art not only reflects society but also influences it. From individual creative explorations to large-scale exhibitions seen by millions, the [IMPACT] art has on all is immeasurable. This theme forms a common thread throughout the special exhibits and programming that showcases exhibitors, art industry professionals, and select nonprofits and institutions.

    The New Red Dot Miami features galleries representing over 500 leading contemporary artists from primary and secondary markets throughout the world. The five-day show attracts more than 30,000 visitors and high-net-worth collectors who interact with the specially curated programming, which includes the Spotlight Gallery Program, a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries chosen by the Redwood Media Group selection committee. Contemporary Art Projects USA has been selected as part of the Spotlight Gallery Program.

    According to their Chief Curator, Mariavelia Savino, one word will define this year’s Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth R215 at RED DOT ART FAIR 2017: Time. They are acknowledging the World in all its entire form: as Human Beings, Time is conducting our history of creators of beautiful intense moments; as Nature from its beginning to eternity, represented by planets and stars that illuminate the Universe, or by the deep waters of the sea and the attractiveness of the landscapes; as an Abstract Concept, Time guides kinetic and geometric visual artists giving them their musical rhythm. Time is endless for human excellence, here represented by their artists.

    The art on show is figurative to abstract, or geometric and kinetic, representing all media from metal or Plexiglas sculpture to photography, unique mixed media, paints and tridimensional collages. The artists exhibited are from Florida or other US cities, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The gallery is honored to present extraordinary Artworks by Brian Blount, Ricardo Cardenas, Lina Condes, Christian Coo, Hugo Diaz, John Dolle, Laura Epler, Artiom Grishaev, Senen Llanos, Lolo Loren, Daniel Marin, Juan Luis Perez, Marielle Plaisir, Lara Restelli, Nataly Schloser, Merrill Steiger, Gary Traczy, Michele A. Utley-Voigt among others.

    Finally, the Chief Curator states: “The goal of Contemporary Art Projects during Art Basel Miami Week 2017 is to present a booth that will outstand among the best presented during this year Art Basel Miami Week, as we are conceiving it as a fashionable traffic stopping experience, unforgettable and interesting, as well as we are introducing a selection of very sellable and affordable artworks of masterly quality in every sense.”

    Wednesday, December 6th: 6:00PM – 10:00PM

    Thursday, December 7th: 1:00PM – 9:00PM
    Friday, December 8th: 1:00PM – 10:00PM
    Saturday, December 9th: 1:00PM – 9:00PM
    Sunday, December 10th: 12:00PM – 5:00PM

    1700 NE 2nd Ave. (NE 17th Street)
    Miami, FL 33132

    Opening Night Preview Pass: $50 online / $60 at event
    Total Ticket: Opening Night + 5-Day Pass: $75 online / $85 at event
    General Admission, 1-Day Pass: $25 online / $30 at event
    Seniors, 1-Day Pass: $15 online / $20 at event
    Students, 1-Day Pass: $10 online / $15 at event

    About Contemporary Art Projects USA

    Headquartered in Miami, Contemporary Art Projects USA ( is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists and curators. Their mission is focused on promoting art appreciation within the international community, to inspire and assist with the process of the art collection, and to generate resources that support artists’ creative endeavors through art awareness, artist promotion and art procurement.

    They work with the best minds in the industry and share their experience and passion for marketing the arts, culture, and entertainment. From Biennials and gala auctions to exhibitions and major international art fairs, Contemporary Art Projects USA has the experience, innovation, and creativity to engage audiences through inspired campaigns.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Contemporary Art Projects USA
    Contact Person: Tata Fernandez, Director
    Phone: 786-262-5886
    City: Miami
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    Sierra Leone’s First Lady, Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma and Chinese Company-BEINGMATE together launched a milk powder donation project to promote the development of women’s and children’s health in Africa. Meantime, a ceremony was held in the Presidential Lodge witnessed by Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone Mr. Wu Peng, acting Sierra Leone Ambassador to China Mrs. Kumba Momoh, Mrs. Mariatu Kargbo the Goodwill Ambassador, and leaders from Ministry of Health, MSWGCA, MOHS, etc.

    The product will offer nutrition supplement for more than 20,000 1-5 years old children and breastfeeding mothers.

    Mrs. Foh, Mrs. Koroma, and Mr. Wu Peng in the donation ceremony

    First Lady Mrs. Koroma said, “my first job was working on reduction of women mortality in Africa, I know the importance of nutrition to children, so today’s gift is a valuable gift. I appreciate Maria’s effort in this project and her numerus contributions for the country. BEINGMATE is a leader in Chinese baby industry with high SCR consciousness, this milk powder will give more nutrition to our children. I sincerely thank BEINGMATE’s great support on behalf of my husband – President Koroma, my office, the mothers and children in Sierra Leone.”

    Mr. Wu Peng remarked that Children are the future of human beings. BEINGMATE is one of the top Chinese brands in supplying baby product and services. The Sierra Leone government and the strong leadership of His Excellency, the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma have made great efforts in ensuring that the people of Sierra Leone access to adequate food. This donation reflects not only the brotherhood between the two countries but also display social responsibilities of BEINGMATE.

    Mr. Frank Wang, Director of BEINGMATE International, expressed admiration for Mrs. Koroma’s continuous efforts to promote women and children’s health development in Africa, “BEINGMATE is a leading baby food and service provider in China. In the past 25 years, BEINGMATE has been working closely with world’s well-known companies, government agencies and research institutes to develop high quality baby food. With the spirit of LOVE, BEINGMATE is very glad to cooperate with Mrs. Koroma to enhance quality of family life and inspire children in Africa to live healthier and happier.”

    Mrs. Mariatu Kargbo and Mr. Frank Wang distributing milk powder to children

    It is known that this is the first African donation project by BEINGMATE, which is also of great significance to the development of women’s and children’s health in Sierra Leone. Next, BEINGMATE will launch donations in SAARC countries to continually help the global babies’ nutritional supplements.

    About BEINGMATE:

    BEINGMATE Baby & Child Food Co., Ltd. (“BEINGMATE”) established in 1992, is China’s leading baby product and service provider. It’s committed to continuously developing, manufacturing and engaging in scientific and safe maternal, infant and baby products and services. It established 8 milk source bases in the “Global Golden Milk Source Belt” including China, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, etc. With corporate spirit of LOVE, BEINGMATE helps children to live in a healthy way and makes contribution to sustainable development of human beings.

    BEINGMATE 2017:

    2017.01: Selected at Harvard Business School case;

    2017.06: Sign milk powder donation MOU with SAARC-CCI to help children in SAARC countries;

    2017.08: BEINGMATE’s products are listed “0001-0009” on the first approval formulas list announced by the Chinese FDA after the new policy;

    2017.10: 39 of BEINGMATE’s IMFs are approved by Chinese FDA for the new policy;

    2017.10: BEINGMATE launched donation project with Sierra Leone First Lady;

    So far, BEINGMATE has donated over RMB1b goods and funds to the society since its establishment.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beingmate
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    SADLampsUSA is a specialized blog site, which provides readers with informative content on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and helpful reviews on the best products used to treat the disorder. Among the products reviewed within the site include SAD or light therapy lamps and Light Boxes.

    The main strength of is that the site is founded by authors who are themselves sufferers of SAD and therefore have a thorough understanding of what their readers are going through. In addition, they have considerable experience in using numerous light therapy products reviewed on the site, which enables them to provide accurate and up to date information and helps readers make an informed decision.

    SADLampsUSA is a one-stop-shop for information and reviews, which caters for those who are unfamiliar or familiar with the disorder. The site’s homepage contains a detailed explanation of what Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Depression is, its causes and symptoms, some interesting statistics on the percentage of the population in the US and UK who suffer from SAD, and the various uses and types of light therapy products available.

    According SAD lamps can be used for treating biological clock and hormone-related disorders such as jet lag, pre-menstruation syndrome, and post-natal depression. The products have also been found to help people with depression. The site’s homepage also provides useful advice to readers on what factors to consider so that they can purchase a product that’s right for them. These factors include lifestyle, the level of light intensity of the SAD lamp (measured in LUX), and budget.

    SADLampsUSA also has a page dedicated to reviews of the best light therapies on the market, which include desktop models, floor models, compact or portable models, and in visor form allowing individuals to have light therapy on the go. Among the products reviewed include Northern Light Technology Boxelite 10,000 LUX, Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus, and Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX. Each review contains detailed information on the product’s benefits, features, and the author’s experience of using the product.

    The website also contains useful articles on how light boxes work and how they can be used for winter depression, and light treatments for arthritis. Interested readers can find more information at

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Joe Hughes
    Phone: 716-568-3393
    Address:1096 Nuzum Court
    City: Getzville
    State: NY 14068
    Country: United States

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    Swiggle Inc. announces the release of its mobile app that automatically gets shoppers money back when prices drop after the purchase.

    TORONTO, Canada – October 13, 2017 – With more than 50 of North America’s largest retailers on its platform, Swiggle Inc. today launched its revolutionary digital platform that serves as the “Personal Shopping Guardian” for online shoppers and automatically gets them a refund when prices drop after they shop.

    swiggleMore than 220 million people currently shop online in the U.S. and Canada and, according to Statista, the average consumer will spend $1,800 online in 2017. Although, two-thirds of shoppers actively compare and match prices before making a purchase, very few are aware of the after-purchase price protection policies offered by most retailers.

    Most stores and many credit cards offer money guarantees back if buyers discover a lower price on a previous purchase, but it is up to the buyer to monitor prices daily, read complex policy statements and file claims. As a result, only a tiny fraction of shoppers ever take advantage of these benefits, leaving an estimated $10.7 billion worth of eligible refunds unclaimed in 2016.

    “The idea behind Swiggle is simple. By equipping shoppers with the tools and transparency they need to take control of their online shopping, they shall be better able to manage their finances,” says Swiggle Co-founder and CEO Meetu Vijay. “Swiggle acts as a shopping guardian by continuously monitoring price movements and working with associated retailers to claim the price drop refund that is rightfully owed to the purchaser.”

    Large retailers apply sophisticated dynamic pricing algorithms to adjust prices across their online inventories rapidly — sometimes millions of times per day. Retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon employ large teams of data scientists and have powerful tools designed to adjust their prices in real-time or offer promotions. Co-founder and CTO, Sumit Vijay, says “An online shopper, is never really confident that they are getting the best deal. Swiggle now levels the playing field by giving shoppers a powerful tool to save money whenever retailers drop their prices. It puts money back in their pocket without lifting a finger.”

    Users start by registering with the email account they use for online shopping. Swiggle works in the background by employing a combination of techniques including data science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. It automatically organizes and itemizes receipts in the inbox and searches for lower prices across millions of SKU’s. When it finds a better price or detects an applicable promo code, coupon or discount, Swiggle automatically submits the price adjustment claim.

    During initial beta-testing with live users across the U.S. and Canada, Swiggle successfully identified and obtained eligible price adjustments ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. “Many beta-users have already received significant price adjustments on their purchases of clothes, shoes, electronics, computers, furniture and ordinary household items,” says Meetu Vijay. “With the launch of Swiggle, will extend these benefits to even more users. Swiggle goes far beyond existing options and protects users’ online purchases by providing a seamless, secure and engaging experience at more retailers and across more markets.”

    “The reaction to Swiggle has been incredible,” says Sumit Vijay. “Consumers need a shopping advocate now more than ever. It has the potential to empower millions of online shoppers with an easy-to-use tool that saves them money and improves their financial well-being.”

    Swiggle is available free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    About Swiggle

    Swiggle is a personal finance app that automatically gets online buyers money back when prices drop after the purchase. By using data science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, Swiggle protects shoppers from overpaying on their online purchases at more than 50 major retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Swiggle Inc.
    Contact Person: Meetu Vijay, CEO
    Phone: +1 888-728-9888
    City: Toronto
    Country: Canada

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    Singapore – October 13, 2017 – Branding his car with MicroMoney insignia, Nascar Whelen Euro Series pilot Sam Taheri hopes a million people learn about MicroMoney’s mission to lift two billion people out of financial oblivion, joining 50-plus advisors who are shifting MicroMoney’s token distribution campaign in the high gear, with almost $6 million down and $24 million to go as $30 million AMM token swap is revving up.

    Taheri joins officials of multilateral organizations, representatives of sovereign countries, officers of national financial institutions, major international banks, financial services organizations, prominent influencers, and public figures, as well as executives of MicroMoney’s key vendors and strategic partners, all joined to help MicroMoney to attract funds to add 25 million customers to its customer base and help introduce billions of the unbanked to the global financial industry.

    Today, banks are not able to approve first loan applications for billions of people worldwide due to the absence of credit history and records. A thriving business in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka with 100,000 registered users and 40,000 loans issued this year, MicroMoney breaks this vicious cycle by lending to the unbanked and thus creating credit profiles banks could use, a breakthrough made possible by productisation of the proprietary blockchain-based Decentralised A.I. Neural Network Scoring System.

    “MicroMoney is on a mission, and it’s no wonder that we have gathered one of the largest, diverse, global, and representative group of advisors out of the latest ICOs,” said Anton Dzyatkovsky, MicroMoney’s co-founder. “The primary objective of our company is to help people, and this socially conscious way of doing business is resonating with more and more power brokers around the world.”

    Kicked off Sept. 15, AMM token pre-distribution campaign has a minimum swap threshold valued at $10,000 and a soft cap of swaps valued at $2 million. Thus far pre-distribution event generated $1.3 million and approximately $4.5 million worth of AMM transactions pledged by Oct. 17. The actual token distribution campaign starts Oct. 18, with a soft target of $15 million worth of swaps, and a $30 million hard cap.

    “It would make me proud and honored to be a part of such noble cause and I really appreciate MicroMoney for letting me be a part of its team and accept me as its ambassador,” said Taheri. “I think this is an amazing concept and helps people in need and makes their life a lot easier. Mankind is obliged to help one another and share their resources with each other.”

    A two-year-old business headquartered in Singapore, MicroMoney plans to use attracted funds to expand to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Nigeria, launch its blockchain credit bureau and add over 100,000 previously unbanked customers, thus including them into the global financial system. Currently valued at $1.85 million, MicroMoney provides social lending services with no collateral or paper-based document requirements. World Bank’s Global Financial Initiative estimates that over 2 billion adults, almost a third of Earth’s population, have never been banked in their lives. The most affected regions are Asia, Africa, and Latin America where about 65% to 80% of the adult population is unbanked.

    About MicroMoney

    Founded in 2015, MicroMoney International ( is a global fintech company offering financial services for the unbanked in the emerging markets, and access to the unbanked audience for banks, trade, and financial organizations. MicroMoney is a fast-growing company valued at $1.85 million, with over 85 employees in six international locations.

    MicroMoney makes lending decisions using a proprietary, A.I. algorithms and neural networks-based mobile scoring system. MicroMoney’s lending process doesn’t require any collateral or paper-based documentation. MicroMoney collects customers’ opt-in mobile phone data to establish potential borrowers’ credit score. MicroMoney uses the score to generate credit profiles, stored with MicroMoney Blockchain Credit Bureau, which in turn shares this data with financial institutions worldwide. For more information or to register your exchange please visit:

    Contact: Max Smetannikov, Irina Nazarova, MVG for MicroMoney, +1 646 205 7030,

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MVG
    Contact Person: Max Smetannikov
    Phone: +1 646 205 7030
    Country: Singapore

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    MIAMI, FL – 16 Oct, 2017 – Today, Acticall Sitel Group, a world-leading provider of customer experience solutions, announced that it has established strategic partnerships with BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions and Qlik to further Acticall Sitel Group’s ability to leverage data and analytics to help their customer’s provide exceptional client experience moments. At a time when brands are servicing customers across multiple channels, from different locations and at any time of day, the rise of customer data has become increasingly overwhelming to extract and manage. Now, clients of Acticall Sitel Group can benefit from the company’s extensive arsenal of data to engage with their customers effectively, while at the same time, make smarter decisions about their customer service strategy. 

    “Our core objective was to bring the information assets together and discover insights through data science and analytical capabilities,” said Subhendu Mandal, Senior Vice President of Sitel Customer Insights. “The partners we chose in BRIDGEi2i will help us execute our vision with speed and scale while Qlik will provide a consumption layer that will be consistent across the organization.”

    BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions and Acticall Sitel Group 

    The partnership with BRIDGEi2i will enable Acticall Sitel Group to provide brands with a comprehensive technology platform that will analyze customer data quickly and deliver enhanced insights and real-time information, key capabilities in the quest to create a richer and more rewarding experience for their customers. In addition to providing more value to its customers, the partnership with also enable Acticall Sitel Group to further its own digital transformation by leveraging the analytics capabilities to make additional insight and decisions for its own business. This partnership will bring advanced data science insights from contact center driven information assets in a way that no customer experience company has done before. By leveraging BRIDGEi2i analytics solutions, Acticall Sitel Group will be able to improve business outcomes for clients including retention, NPS score, reduction of churn, and sales convergence.

    Qlik and Acticall Sitel Group

    Acticall Sitel Group is working with Qlik as part of the company’s move to leverage big data within its organization. As part of the agreement, Qlik will draw data from disparate sources within Acticall Sitel Group and power insights for employees through a visual and interactive presentation layer. This will enable Acticall Sitel Group to have access to data previously hidden across data sources, such as CRM or HR systems, or not accessible quickly for business decisions. Now, with this data at their fingertips, Acticall Sitel Group executives can access data from multiple sources in one simple and easy to use dashboard.

    Enhancing the Customer Experience 

    The combination of Acticall Sitel Group, BRIDGEi2i, and Qlik is unique to the industry as it will allow Acticall Sitel Group and its clients to analyze seemingly endless amounts of data derived from multiple resources in a more efficient way. Whether it is analyzing the customer interactions across different touchpoints (phone calls, email, chat, agent calls, surveys, social media), financial data, demographics, unstructured data in form of open-ended comments, the amount of data that will now be accessible to clients and in real time will have a direct impact on enriching business decisions around CX strategies and customer journeys.

    “The partnerships with BRIDGEi2i and Qlik will enable Acticall Sitel Group and its subsidiaries to better digest our clients’ data and, in turn, put forth actionable next steps they can take to enhance the customer experience journey,” said Arnaud de Lacoste, Chief Marketing and Innovations Officer at Acticall Sitel Group. “We are excited to partner with two companies who value and understand the power of harnessing data and we look forward to offering additional comprehensive customer experience solutions with the help of BRIDGEi2i and Qlik.”

    About Acticall Sitel Group

    Acticall Sitel Group combines comprehensive customer care capabilities and unparalleled digital, training and technology expertise across industries. With subsidiaries such as Sitel, The Social Client, Learning Tribes, Extens Consulting and Novagile, Acticall Sitel Group can be leveraged across geographies, verticals and all stages of the end-to-end customer journey, helping clients effectively harness the industry’s explosive digital transformation and consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences.

    For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acticall Sitel Group
    Contact Person: Shirley Loebsack
    Phone: 877.95.Sitel
    Country: United States

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    Budsgrowguide has published a review of the best LED Grow Lights of 2017 for cannabis plants. The review contains a comprehensive guide of how to choose the best LED Grow Lights, the advantages of LED lights over high energy incandescent light bulbs, and a review of individual products including the Advanced Platinum Series P900 and California Light works 440W.’s review begins with an explanation of the overall advantages of LED Grow Lights, which include the fact they are more energy efficient than high energy lights, last longer, produces less waste heat, and has different lighting modes for the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth. This eliminates the need for different kinds of a lamp in the grow tents.

    The guide then moves on to describe the factors that need to be considered when purchasing LED Grow Lights. These include: the size of the grow area (measured in square foot); the amount of light produced by a light source within a second (PPF rating); the amount of light that falls on the plant’s surface (PPFD rating); the total amount of daily light delivered to a plant by the light source (Daily Light Integral o DLI); and, the amount of light emitted in the electromagnetic spectrum between 400 and 700 nm, which are the light bands within which plant photosynthesis takes place (PAR rating).

    Budsgrowguide also recommends cannabis growers to check the angle of coverage of the LED light and their budget. The site’s review then moves on to discuss the items needed for the grow room, which includes grow room sunglasses for eye protection; nutrients and fertilizers; grow tent; light meter; thermometer and hygrometer; charcoal filter and exhaust system; and a pH testing kit. then ends with a detailed review of the top models of LED Grow Light. Each review contains a description of the product’s PAR rating, the lighting modes the product has for the vegetation, blooming, and flowering cycles of the plants, how much energy the LED light saves the amount of lighting coverage the product provides, and the number of plants the customer can grow with the product. The review also gives details of the product’s warranty, and a bulleted list of pros and cons.

    Interested readers can find out more at

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Bud Durden
    Phone: 4163886584
    Address:10 English Street
    City: Brampton
    Country: Canada

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    ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – 16 Oct, 2017 – Galalite, India’s leading cinema screen technology company’s second visit to Kino Expo was just as successful as the first.

    The Kino Expo to held from 19-22 September 2017 at St. Petersburg, Russia is the world ’s 3rd largest international film exhibition industry convention and a  gateway to one of the world’s fastest growing cinema / TV / digital media and entertainment industry markets of Russia and its neighboring CIS and Baltic countries. The 4-day event saw many distinguished visitors from the film exhibition industry visit the Galalite stall to marvel at the Screen of Tomorrow- Mirage.

    Speaking on the occasion, Ms Siranush Hovhanissyan said, “Our second visit to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg has been another great success. We are overjoyed and humbled by the great reception our Mirage screen has received at the Expo and look forward to converting the many leads we have received into our cherished clients. We look forward to repeating our success again next year.”

    About Galalite:

    Galalite®, is the flagship brand of GTC industries which manufactures the widest range of innovative Projection Screen surfaces across the world.

    A family owned business since inception in 1959, and head-quartered in Mumbai, Galalite® has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of screens to Exhibitors worldwide.

    Galalite’s specialized screen surfaces range from Gain Screens for digital compliant cinema systems to the latest 3D technology Silver Screens, from large format screens for Cinema Theatres / Large Events to Home Theatre Screens.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GTC INDUSTRIES
    Contact Person: Yusuf Galabhaiwala
    Phone: +919820836282
    Country: Russian Federation

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    With a team of expert technicians and engineers, Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd now offers gravity die casting and CNC precision machining services for various industries to manufacture a wide range of products.

    Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd is the leading supplier of die casting parts of different metals, allowing industries to manufacture a wide variety of goods. The company also provides precise CNC machined parts with custom features and specifications.Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd Announces Gravity Die Casting & CNC Precision Machining For Different Industries

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they supply a large range of aluminum casting parts that can be used in numerous industries. All die cast parts are made of the best quality aluminum, and they employ the industry-leading tooling, casting and machining process. The company has advanced machinery and each part undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure the quality and precision of the delivered parts. The spokesperson reveals that they can use different surface treatment methods, such as grinding, polishing, sandblasting and others to ensure the best surface smoothness of all casting parts.

    The company specializes in the gravity die casting, involving the aluminum metal. They can process A356 aluminum of various dimensions and can supply die casting parts of the exact size. These die casting parts can range anywhere between 5g and 2500g in weight and clients can rest assured of a perfect assembly and inspection of the parts before packaging and delivery. The spokesperson maintains that each of these parts undergoes different surface treatments, such as zinc or nickel plating, painting, powder coating and others for a perfect surface finish.

    Lishin Electronic & Mechanical Company enjoys over 15 years of experience in CNC precision machining, and they can supply a wide range of CNC machined parts for different industries. They have the equipment and expertise to carry out CNC machining of various metals, such as brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and others. They also offer free design and engineering consultation for industries that are looking for the best quality CNC machined parts with custom specifications. To know more about their CNC machining and die casting services, one can visit the website

    About Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd

    Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd is an industrial and international company located in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. The company is one of the professional casting suppliers of aluminum casting, including high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and zinc alloy die casting. With various casting equipment, CNC machines and inspection facility, they can provide one-stop service including tooling design, die casting and precision machining.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Marie Li
    Phone: +86 18663803095
    Country: China

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    Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd excels in the making of long-lasting and beautiful creations of acrylic products. These products are apt for cosmetics and fashionable items with fantastic craftsmanship.

    Delicate designer shelves, cases, cosmetic holders, and other acrylic products have been in trend. They play a great part in designing the interiors of a house. Creativity is an important aspect when it comes to manufacturing different acrylic products. Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd is a premier manufacturer of these acrylic crafts and cases.

    The company has expertise in the acrylic display for its creativity and modern technologies used in the manufacturing process. The main attraction lies in the exhibits in the cosmetics showrooms and malls. These include cosmetic displays, acrylic crafts and much more to add. They make out the best of it thereby durable, much lighter in weight and handy, also fashionable and trendy in look. In addition to this, these acrylic displays are water resistant too. Acrylic displays made for keeping cosmetic items are made in such a delicate but trendy style by professionals to attract the audience. The cosmetics showcased in the acrylic cases impress the ladies.

    Another unique product is the acrylic box case mainly made for displaying pens, makeup items, crafts models and watches too. Even earrings, jewelry, and bracelets can be kept in the acrylic box cases giving it a prim and proper appearance for the customer. The look says it all hence they should be designed in a much professional manner. One requires experience to make it look lavish and presentable in front of the customer, that is, it should catch the eye of the beholder.

    Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd Releases Wide Range Of Acrylic Product Displays For Cosmetics And Arts Crafts

    These acrylic box cases are of various shapes and sizes and designed in many ways according to the requirement. They can be of multiple colors, but the transparency is the most favorable one.

    Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd has its genius also in acrylic photo frames which are best for keeping memories in the form of photographs and collages in bedrooms or dining halls. These are mainly crafted for decoration purposes and for reminiscing special events and priceless moments. Acrylic photo frames are made making it sturdy and last longer. They manufacture these products such that they neither get into discoloration nor fades away. There is no damage caused, and it lasts for years long making the room look sober and at the same time creating a personal ambiance.

    These artworks are created for a commercial purpose as well as on customized demands. Acrylic products are in the market on a large scale for business purposes supplied to lavish shopping malls and companies’ showrooms in a sophisticated manner with luster and grandeur. However, for the customized ones they are made in a much more personal way thereby giving it a cozy look. Shenzhen  Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd builds its excellence in manufacturing acrylic products with its experienced workers and modern technologies best required to create the genius of art.

    About Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd is one of the well-known manufacturers of acrylic products and acrylic display factory in Shenzhen. They utilize its workers for quality maintenance, more innovative ideas, and extremely professional and modern advanced technologies thereby enhancing its customer satisfaction.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Jason Chan
    Phone: +86-755-85268096
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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