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    Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd has been focusing on fabricating and selling high-tech lithium polymer and lithium battery packs and batteries for nearly 12 years now.

    Batteries are the souls of a nearly unlimited range of products and devices that are used by people all over the world. These devices include both big and small gadgets starting from a handheld smartphone to an electric vehicle. Batteries and battery packs are what drive digital cameras, mobile phones, automatic toys, portable gaming consoles, personal digital assistants, electric cars, diagnostic and medical equipment, and a host of other thingamajigs. Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd which was incepted in 2005 is a forefront establishment in China that has been dedicatedly producing and canvassing lithium ion/lithium polymer batteries, including custom rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries.

    These custom rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries have a nominal voltage rating of 3.2V with a capacity rating of 600mAh. The charging voltage for these batteries is 3.65V and has a lifespan cycle of 2000 times, or in other words, the batteries can be charge and reused for at least 2000 times. This LiFePO4 battery can be charged in a temperature range of 0˚C-45˚C whereas the storage temperature varies from -10˚C to 60˚C. There are several benefits to using these battery packs. For instance, they do not have any memory effect, have an extended functional life, high performance capacity, and very safe to use. At the same time, the packs are biodegradable which means these are eco-friendly.

    custom rechargeable AA Ni-MH RC battery packs

    The batteries find applications in electric bikes, electric cars, and scooters, and other kinds of vehicles running on electricity. Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd also specializes in manufacturing ODM 2S1P 18650 LED lighting battery packs that have a nominal voltage and capacity rating of 7.4v and 1400mAh respectively. The batteries start charging on a voltage of 8.4V and have a lifespan of 500 cycles which implies that they are apt for recharging nothing less than 500 times. A charging temperature varying from 0-45˚C is appropriate for these LED lighting battery packs. Every LED lighting battery weighs just about 65g. The advantages of using these batteries are that they have a high energy density as well as voltaic capacity.

    Additionally, the batteries are extraordinarily environmental-friendly and free from any memory effect. Also, as mentioned above, the battery packs have a long functional life. One can place an order for these lithium ion batteries for either assembling as series or parallel stacks. These batteries find widespread use in smartphones, notebooks (computers), digital camcorders, digital cameras, DVDs, MP3s, and so on.

    Coming finally to custom rechargeable AA Ni-MH RC battery packs, these packs have a nominal capacity of 1800mAh, lifespan of 500 cycles, charging temperature ranging from 0˚C to 40˚C, and storage temperature of -10˚C to 30˚C. If customers so want, standalone cells could be stacked in series or parallel as per their convenience. This type of battery finds maximum use in DVDs, CD players, MP3s, notebooks, telecommunication, electric razors, and many other devices.

    About Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd

    Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd with its headquarters in Shenzhen is a prime producer of lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries/battery packs in China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Daisy Peng
    Phone: +86-0755-82772785
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – 17 Oct, 2017 – For her dedication and excellence in patient care, Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners proudly named Dr. Karen Desrosiers, MD a Patient Preferred Physician representing Obstetrics and Gynecology in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

    With over a decade of achievements, Dr. Desrosiers currently serves her patients at the Moncton Hospital of Horizon Health Network in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Dr. Desrosiers is board- certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and acts as an Associate Professor with Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine and Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Medicine.

    Achieving great success, her patients applaud her compassion and expertise and rate Dr. Desrosiers five-stars.

    “I would recommend Dr. Desrosiers 100%. This woman literally saved my life,” said a patient of Dr. Desrosiers who also rated her five-stars for knowledge, and punctuality. “Not once did she ever put me off or make me wait. Not once did she ever make me feel like she didn’t care. I know what this woman can do, and if she’s late…there’s a good chance that she is saving someone’s life. She is everything that a good doctor should be.”

    Dr. Desrosiers obtained her Medical Degree in 1997 from L’Université de Sherbrooke – La Faculté de Médecine et des Sciences de la Santé in Sherbrooke, followed by her internship at L’Université de Sherbrooke. She keeps herself abreast of changes in her field and maintains professional memberships with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, the New Brunswick Medical Society, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and has earned the coveted title of Fellow of

    One high-risk pregnancy patient praised Dr. Desrosiers for her no-nonsense approach, “She was great with my whole family during my labour. Her bedside (manner) was great.

    “When we have another (baby) we will be going back to her and my family will too,” the patient said. “I will always recommend her. I have five other friends and they all loved her too. She doesn’t mess around and that is what u want for your baby.”

    On her free time Dr. Desrosiers enjoys reading and playing the piano.

    To make an appointment with Patient Preferred OB/GYN, Dr. Karen Desrosiers, MD please call

    (506)257-5111 and be sure to look out for her spotlight feature at

    About PPP

    Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners is an exclusive medical society of highly referred, patient approved healthcare providers giving exceptional care to their patients.

    Our member base is comprised of practitioners in medicine, dentistry, radiology, nursing, optometry, psychology & other health professions. Our experts are selected in their shared objective to maintain & improve the physical & mental health of their patients.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners
    Contact Person: Lauren Good
    Country: Canada

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    WESTFIELD, INDIANA – 17 Oct, 2017 – An incredible story of heroism and the unrivaled professionalism of the American military has come to life. Trent LaLand, a former Marine, authored “Night Mission to Mogadishu” which tells the true story of one of the most impressive military rescue operations most people have never even heard about: Operation Eastern Exit.

    While the entire world was fixated on Kuwait and Iraq in 1990, Somalia was descending into a bloody civil war that threatened everyone in the country including foreign diplomats. With the situation growing more and more dire, the American ambassador to Somalia, James Bishop, made an urgent request to Washington for immediate help. U.S. Central Command diverted the U.S.S. Trenton and U.S.S. Guam to carry out the mission to rescue 281 men, women, and children from over 30 countries.

    What happened next is the basis of Trent LaLand’s book and is one of the most incredible military missions in American history that students don’t learn about in the classroom. Two Marine CH-53 helicopters began their flight in the early morning hours and carried a rescue team of 51 Marines as well as 9 Navy Seals from Seal Team 8. The helicopters required two in-flight aerial refueling to reach their destination and rescue the people who were running out of hope and time.

    Night Mission to Mogadishu is a story about the heroism and incredible response of the United States military in the face of unbelievable danger and nearly impossible timelines. Now, a documentary is being produced to bring Trent LaLand’s first hand story of Operation Eastern Exit to life. U.S. Embassy Under Siege is nearing completion and will allow audiences to hear about Operation Eastern Exit in the words of the people who experienced it.

    In light of recent events including the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya where ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered, the story of Operation Eastern Exit takes on even more relevance as people begin to understand the volatility of situations around the world.


    Trent LaLand is a former Marine who was a member of the ground rescue force in Operation Eastern Exit. His book, Night Mission to Mogadishu, is available on Amazon and Kindle eBook store for just $4.50. It serves as the inspiration for the creation of a documentary about the incredible rescue mission in the face of a Somalian civil war that was escalating by the minute. The trailer for the film is available online and gives viewers a look at the incredible stories from the individuals involved in the mission.

    YouTube: Trailer available here

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Night Mission To Mogadishu
    Contact Person: Trent LaLand
    Phone: (317) 281-3659
    Country: United States

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    “Tracking the Transition” by Sai Wansai
    Sai Wansai makes his articles available to a wider audience with his new book “Tracking the Transition”.

    Myanmar is a country so divided by ethnic conflicts that the evolution of its history and politics is often hard for outsiders to grasp. The current political reform is dominated by disparate discourse and agendas. Sai Wansai is a Shan political analyst and has written extensively on Myanmar’s ethnic conflict and political development.  However, until now, his articles were not easily available to the general public. This book collects his most important articles that help readers understand the ethnic conflict in Myanmar. He points out that after decades of civil war and military rule, there is still a long way to go before Myanmar’s ethnic conflict can be solved. 

    The clear writing in “Tracking the Transition” by Sai Wansai provides an excellent guide to navigating Myanmar’s complicated political progress towards peace and reconciliation. The experienced and knowledgeable author explains the conflict’s history and dynamics, the key grievances and aspirations of the country’s ethnic nationalities, the conceptual differences among the key stakeholders, and he points towards possible solutions.

    “Tracking the Transition” by Sai Wansai is now available from tredition or can alternatively be ordered by using ISBN 978-3-7439-5430-4. The main aim of the tredition publishing house is to provide young and unknown authors with the chance to publish their own books, and to offer cooperations to publishers and book sellers. Tredition publishes books across all media types, distributes them in the book industry, and also actively markets books since October 2012.

    Additional information about this book can be found here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tredition GmbH
    Contact Person: Nadine Otto
    Phone: 040 / 41 42 778 – 00
    Address:Halenreie 42
    City: Hamburg
    Country: Germany

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    Dutch twin brothers Daniel & Michel are at the beginning of something great. They followed their dream of creating an international jewelry and fashion brand. This week they launched their new brand Mayford Amsterdam on Kickstarter.

    Amsterdam, NL – On October 17 2017, Michel and Daniel Brok launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mayford Amsterdam, their new international jewelry and fashion brand. They are kicking it off with their first collection – beautiful beaded hand jewelry for men along with Limited-Edition sweaters and t-shirts.

    “It’s the small details that create a man’s look. And it’s more common than ever that men wear jewelry, but it’s hard to find a piece which can be worn for every occasion. One that’s elegant and shows off the ultimate refined simplicity,” said Michel, “The name Mayford arose out of the combination of two strong personalities; Floyd Mayweather and Tom Ford.”  


    For their first handmade jewelry collection the twin brothers were inspired by the history behind natural gemstones. The natural gemstones used in the Mayford Amsterdam collection are selected with the utmost care from different areas around the world. Every man is unique and has his own powers, personalities and ambitions. This also applies to the unique gemstones of Mayford.

    Each gemstone has its own historical background depicting its symbolism and power such as relaxation or protection. Each bracelet from Mayford tells a unique story. These core values make each piece a personal one. To make it more personal each bracelet from Mayford is delivered with a unique Mayford Black card. This Black card lists the specific powers of your bracelet, as well as the date it was created and either your name or the name of the person who’ll receive it as a gift.

    Mayford stands for high-quality craftsmanship. Every bracelet will be delivered in a specially designed Black box which is handcrafted in the Netherlands. The uniquely designed Mayford cylinder is from 925 sterling silver or 18kt gold plated. The gold-plated version is made by the preferred supplier of the Dutch Royal House.

    “The great thing about this collection is that each piece is unique. We want to bring all the elements together which makes you different from others as a person. We’ve also reflected this in our sweaters and t-shirts. Each item has a unique number and only 250 pieces per item will be released.”

    Mayford believes in taking care of how you look… AND how the planet looks, which is why the Brok brothers will be donating 1% of their total sales each year to approved nonprofit partners.

    In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including carefully crafted handmade jewelry and clothing made in the Netherlands using sustainable sources.

    For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here. For HR images or press inquiries, please contact the creator below.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mayford Amsterdam
    Contact Person: Daniel Brok
    Phone: 0031 – 6 13248420
    Country: Netherlands

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    “The Government Council is fine tuning GST rules and regulations with each meeting as the GSTN continues to make the API updates necessary for GST automation to be possible. Avalara is meticulously tracking all of the domain and technical changes being made by the Govt to ensure complete and up to date compliance automation for our clients.” , said William Rau, Sr Director Engineering, Avalara

    Pune: About 40 lakh businesses have filed their first GSTR1 for the month of July till 10th October 2017. This amounts to 62% of the total taxpayers liable to file their returns. Making the lives simpler for several businesses and stakeholders, Avalara an experienced Application Service Provider (ASP) provided the compliance automation solution known as Avalara TrustFile GST to its customers for faster and seamless GSTR 1 filing for several companies such as Trimex industries, Elcom, Walter Pack automotive, Mantri metallic, Paranjape autocast and many more.

    “All our States Successfully filed (with DSC) the GSTR 1 through TrustFile GST” expressed J Ganesh Pandian in finance department of Lotte India Corporation Ltd. “We thank Avalara for the wonderful support in successful completion of our GSTR1 filing.”

    Though there are still hiccups with GSTR 1 APIs from GSTN, Avalara ensured successful data upload and filing for its clients through efficient support and managed service assistance. There are several compliance solutions available in the market but it needs to be the best out of the rest and stand out amidst the complete crowd. Avalara TrustFile GST Solution has emerged as a front runner in the list with its unique propositions, aiming to simplify the GST processes for the Indian enterprises.

    The next solution will be provided in the form of Reconciliation and GSTR-2 Preparation and Transmission. The Government portal provides a download of transactions in GSTR-2A, and expects users to perform reconciliation manually. Trustfile GST provides a usable extract of GSTR-2A transactions in CSV format that can be used for one-to-one matching of Invoices reported by suppliers, against the Purchases in users’ Books of Accounts.  Additionally, the solution also provides an automated mechanism to save transactions outside of the reconciliation process, in Bulk to GSTN.

    William Rau, Sr Director Engineering, Avalara, stated, “The Government Council is fine tuning GST rules and regulations with each meeting as the GSTN continues to make the API updates necessary for GST automation to be possible.  Avalara is meticulously tracking all of the domain and technical changes being made by the Govt to ensure complete and up to date compliance automation for our clients.”

    Avalara TrustFile GST is a cloud-based GST compliance solution providing end-to-end solutions and helps businesses of all sizes achieve GST compliance. Since the manual preparation of the GST records not only increases the costs in terms of devoting additional human resources but also makes the data susceptible to errors. Coupled with an additional advantage of prior GST experience (in Brazil and Canada) and Avalara’s experience in serving 20,000+ clients globally, Avalara TrustFile GST helps with complete automation of GST compliances, be it accounting, reconciliation or return preparation. Trustfile GST provides a huge array of benefits, including timely compliance, report generation, comparison of reports, decision making, cost-effectiveness with reduced staff, technical and online support, and more.

    Avalara’s unique Pay per Use Model makes it more flexible and easy to use for the compliance professionals. With the new tax regime, there are bound to be new challenges. However, the challenges can be a stepping stone for growth while other businesses still figure out the right way.

    About Avalara

    Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including sales and use taxes, VAT, excise, communications, and other tax types. The company delivers comprehensive, automated, cloud-based solutions that are designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use.  Avalara’s Compliance Cloud™ platform helps customers manage complicated and burdensome tax compliance obligations imposed by state, local, and other taxing authorities throughout the world.

    Avalara offers more than 580 pre-built connectors into leading accounting, ERP, ecommerce and other business applications, making the integration of tax and compliance solutions easy for customers. Each year, the company processes billions of indirect tax transactions for customers and users, files more than a million tax returns and manages millions of tax exemption certificates and other compliance documents.

    A privately held company, Avalara’s venture capital investors include Sageview Capital, Battery Ventures, Warburg Pincus, Technology Crossover Ventures, Arthur Ventures, and other institutional and individual investors. Headquartered in Seattle, Avalara has offices across the U.S. and overseas in the U.K., Belgium, Brazil, and India. More information at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Avalara Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Contact Person: Payal Mathur
    Phone: +91 20 25638991
    Country: India

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    Yiwu Market in China has a large number of wholesale bag factories and suppliers and companies from around the world can now import customized jute bags, paper bags and other products with the professional services offered by the Yiwu Sourcing Agent.

    China’s Yiwu market is the world’s biggest wholesale export market for procuring a large variety of products at factory prices. For companies around the world, the Yiwu Agent offers dependable services for importing different products in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner. The agency has partnerships with many factories and wholesale suppliers in the market, ensuring the best bulk deals for their foreign clients.

    The Yiwu Market supplies more than 1.8 million different products to different countries. These products include apparel and accessories, bags, eyeglasses, pencils and pens, ceramic products, computer parts and lots more. The Yiwu Agent enjoys partnerships and familiarity with the local factories and stores to make sure clients get quality products at wholesale prices. They can arrange a visit to a shopping bag factory for a foreign client to select the best quality bags. All businesses today require paper bags and they can rest assured of getting the best quality paper bags with the help of the Yiwu Agent.

    Yiwu Sourcing Agent Announces Partnerships With Yiwu’s Bag Factories To Help Supply Customized Jute Bags For Global Companies

    Foreign companies can choose from a wide range of bags that the factories in Yiwu produce. One can find plastic bags, leather bags, PVC bags, jute bags and other types of bags. Companies can also get customised branded bags in custom dimensions and in custom colors with the presence of their logo or images. The jute bag factories can offer custom printing on bags that can meet the client’s branding requirement. Made of jute, these bags are 100% recyclable and are thus eco-friendly.

    Besides different types of bags, the Yiwu market also has factories and shop to supply the pencil case used in schools, colleges and offices. These pencil cases are available in different designs to suit the requirements of the diverse group of customers. Made of the PVC material, the product is 100% eco-friendly. These pencil cases are available in multiple colors and various dimensions and the Yiwu agent can also ensure custom printing and OEM production for their clients.

    One can check the different types of bags available in the Yiwu market or can learn more about the services offered by the Yiwu agent by visiting the website

    About Yiwu Agent

    Yiwu Agent is a one-stop product sourcing service provider in the Yiwu market in China, helping customers to import a large variety of goods from the market easily and in a cost-effective manner. They help in sourcing products or offer the market guide for foreign companies willing to import commodities from this Chinese market.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Yiwu Agent
    Contact Person: Mr. Andy
    Phone: +86 13732431397
    Country: China

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    “PERSIA – My Home” by Susan Princess Reuss
    Susan Princess Reuss shows the readers of her book “PERSIA – My Home” a different side of a fascinating country.

    Most people only know Persia from magical stories, movies, and maybe a particular video game series. Not many have a clear idea about the true nature of the country, its culture, and its people. Susan Princess Reuss’ book provides a more detailed view especially valuable to readers prreparing for a trip to the country. There are a few things visitors to Persia (Iran) need to know before they travel and narrowing down the must see destinations before a trip is always advisable. This book is instrumental in doing just that.

    But there is more than attractions and sightseeing advice to “PERSIA – My Home” by Susan Princess Reuss. Readers will also learn about the history, customs, and culture of Persian people. Especially readers previously unfamiliar with this beautiful country will find much to explore. Unlike many other travel guides will keep you intriegued and entertained to the last page.

    “PERSIA – My Home” by Susan Princess Reuss is now available from tredition or can alternatively be ordered by using ISBN 978-3-7439-5465-6. The main aim of the tredition publishing house is to provide young and unknown authors with the chance to publish their own books, and to offer cooperations to publishers and book sellers. Tredition publishes books across all media types, distributes them in the book industry, and also actively markets books since October 2012.

    Additional information about this book can be found here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tredition GmbH
    Contact Person: Nadine Otto
    Phone: 040 / 41 42 778 – 00
    Address:Halenreie 42
    City: Hamburg
    Country: Germany

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    USA – 18 Oct, 2017 – Singer Justin Reynolds is set to release his long awaited highly anticipated new single and video “Masquerade”, taken from the forthcoming debut album 25 on Friday, November 10th. Masquerade will have been sent to radio by the time you finish reading this. The single will be available through Starlight World International Records and Itunes or wherever you buy music.

    Masquerade, an uptempo production with catchy lyrics and a delicious Latin beat that will lead you right to the dance floor. “This record will be a plus to the much needed playlists that has suffered in recent years.” Explains music veteran Andy Herrera.

    J Reynolds the album features twelve dynamic tracks with a little something for everyone, young and old, other hot singles includes “Champagne You”, “Fuego”, “Unconditional Love” “No Sleep” and the title track Masquerade.

    Justin Reynolds who is in the forefront of happenings will also be the new face of Island Energy Drink, for the apple in you, prior to this Reynolds will perform several single release parties in Miami, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

    Justin is available for photo shoots, interviews, radio drops, appearances, performances, chartiable and any other notable events. For more information please contact the above person mentioned.


    Justin Reynolds Social Media

    Twitter: justinshoc

    Instagram: justinreynoldsmusic

    Facebook: JustinReynolds

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Jamrock Public Relations
    Contact Person: Roy Thompson
    Phone: 2147215915
    Country: United States

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    Wuhu Haiguan Co.,Ltd manufactures and supplies different types of duct machine and blades. Their range of products includes HVAC products as well as various folding machines.

    Automation has been on the rise in almost every industry. It helps in improving the production process and manufacturing products smoothly. Duct machines are something that needs to be durable enough and they are used for residential as well as commercial purposes. There are various cutting blades that are mainly used for industrial purposes. One of the companies that have been manufacturing innovative designs of cutting blades include Wuhu Haiguan Co.,Ltd.

    Research is one of the most important aspects of any industry as it helps in manufacturing high-end products. In order to manufactured well customized HVAC systems and having quality duct machine the manufactures need to get in touch with experienced professionals. CNC machined duct machines tend to last long and they come with quality finishing. Wuhu Haiguan Co.,Ltd makes sure that the ducts machines are CNC machined and they have quality bearing steel. The company makes sure that these products are available at a cost effective rate without any compromise on the quality front. Buyers should go through some of the basic configurations in order to have an idea of the product. Before finalizing the product they can have a sample made. Checking the samples helps in having an idea of the quality.

    Wuhu Haiguan Co.,Ltd Introduces New Designs Of Circular Saw Blades And Duct Machines To Worldwide Clients

    Along with duct machines the company also provides cutting blade. While buying the cutting blades it is important to have an idea of the product raw materials and the production process. The main use of the cutting blades comes in rubber goods, aluminum foils, lithium batteries and electronic goods. The blades made by the company go through routine processing and they have a design similar to flat round knife. Buyers can select whether they want to have it made from tungsten steel or front steel. The company keeps publishing news realted to its products in order to keep the buyers updated about the products. Going through these news and the FAQs helps in gaining some idea about the products. 

    There is also the circular saw blade that is wear resistant and it can be customized according to different client requirements. Getting in touch with the professionals tends to make sure that there is no problem in the quality of products. The saw blade is mainly made out of stainless steel. Its main use is in the food industry and it can be only bought from certified professionals. A professional team that has the experience and the certification to produce such products makes sure that there are no problems in the safety of the clients.

    About Wuhu Haiguan Co.,Ltd:

    Wuhu Haiguan Co.,Ltd is a Chinese company that has been producing various duct machines and cutting blades. They have been in this field for a long time now. In order to know more about the company one can have a look at the website mentioned above.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wuhu Haiguan Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Dana
    Phone: +86-553-5893176
    City: Wuhu City
    State: Anhui Province
    Country: China

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    Internship Union provides internship to different students from worldwide in China. They help interns that are involved in the marketing field.

    Internship has become one of the most important sources of knowledge in today’s world. Studying in different parts of the world has become much easier and it helps in getting exposure in different sectors. It is important to get in touch with a professional company that provides internship to students interested in different fields. One of the companies that have been providing internship to students in China is Internship Union.

    The development of e-commerce companies has brought a vast change in the business world. Almost every company around the globe is communicating with ease. The e-commerce companies have started providing internship in various fields in order to develop their business strength. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. Helping the students to learn can make the bench strength stronger. Internship Union trains worldwide students by providing paid internships. It is important to make a proper research before getting into a firm. The paid internship program provides intensive training by providing knowledge of the present business environment.

    Internship Union Introduces Its New Course for Marketing Students via Paid Internship Program

    Internship in China is gaining importance as there are various firms that are expanding into China. Internship Union keeps updating its information related to opportunities in the present world. This program helps students in overcoming the cultural problems in order to work with different firms around the Globe. E-commerce markets sell their products worldwide and it is important for them to get rid of the cultural problems. During the training the firm provides training related to different languages that can help the students to develop their career. It is important to understand the target region where the students will be working as they need to understand the culture of that region.

    During the marketing internship training the firm also helps students in China to learn English. While working with different multi-national companies it is important for Chinese students to have a strong knowledge of English. Interns can get in touch with the professionals in order to have an idea of the training provided by the institution. Paid internship is one of the best things that can happen while developing a career in any field. There are various internship offers provided by the firm that mainly lasts for three months. Interns can contact the firm through their website or call them. The duration of the internship is mainly for three months and the allowance around 500.00CNY.

    Analyzing the market and c0ollaborating with different companies is not an easier job. Interns that have worked in different sector during their internship programs get exposure to all the problems that can erupt anytime. They develop communication that helps in collaborating with the firms.

    About Internship Union:


    Internship Union is a Chinese company that has been providing training to different students in China. In order to know more about the firm one can have a look at the link mentioned above. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Internship Union
    Contact Person: Mr Zha
    Phone: +86 15356652737
    City: Hangzhou
    Country: China

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    At 9:00 A. M. , New York time, October 11th, more than 300 global media witness together that Country Garden·Xiyuan NO. 1 topped on the big screen of New York Times. The oriental France growing in on the other side of the ocean won the “Asia’s most pure French Habitat Award”. And  Kunshan has been splendent for 2500 years. What kind of charm makes a real estate the focus of the world?Let’s go into this new Asian mansion and decode “pure France in the eastern kingdom”.

    Urban Source  World famous places  Pure value zone

    Kunshan  which is known as “the back garden of Shanghai”, is the model cities in the urban agglomeration of China’s Yangtze River Delta economic circle. Its generous land value has been internationally recognized. Xiyuan NO. 1 chooses excellence in excellence. It originated western citadel plate, and ensconced noble community on Ambassador Road. Moreover, it built a new height of world value in Kunshan.

    An Ambassador Road is raised by two lakes. Ma’an Mountain Road is the prosperous Century Avenue of Kunshan city. It laid a rich area position in early twenty-first Century; Yangcheng Lake and  Puppet Lake are the global famous scenic resorts. They has become the natural greeting card of Kunshan greeting the world, and their value is self-evident. It stands up against the geography and natural resources of the Palace of Versailles in France, which makes Xiyuan NO. 1 have enough capital to show the land confidence of the East. The so-called position is probably the land based system of the original affirmation of the identity of a real estate.

    Oriental quyi  – Vocal ground of Wu-yue,  Pure Art Humanities

    The Paris Opera House is the world’s musical resort as famous as Broadway in the United States. French opera has always been a shared social language among dignitaries in Paris. Coincidentally, As “The Origin of Chinese Operas” of oriental quyi, Kunqu opera  brought out Beijing opera, the quintessence of Chinese culture. And its artistic position is not inferior to French opera. Up to this day, “Youyuan jingmeng” has been the century elegance that Wu Yue people tell for generations. No matter how the times change, life art lives forever in the pursuit of high quality of life philosophy. Xiyuan No. 1 is infiltrated in such humanistic tunes to keep the pure Eastern soul.

    Palace regulation – Eight laws of origin – Pure French architecture

    Xiyuan NO. 1 has established the intention of the design concept of the palace of Versailles in France since its founding. It also employed the “eight laws of origin” to  retain absolutely the essence of French palace architecture. With standard classicism three section building facade, it inherits the beauty of reason;What’s more, it planned the golden landscape of the cross axis landscape and the symmetrical layout of the 12 constellations. Two fountain in three fold type’s  meaning is blessing life. They add to the soft warmth of home  for the solemn French regulation.

    Garden layout is show ingenuity. The double corridor forms to the natural honor guard. Through multiple groups of landscape integration of the entire community, you  can see a lot of scenery with your every step. Four seasons are always new. I have to say

    that the details of architectural techniques makes Xiyuan NO. 1 really restore the essence of French architecture, but also the French life.


    Social arena – Celebrity community – Pure elite sphere

    Prior to this, the hidden noble community Ma’anshan  Avenue  has never had a lack of global celebrities. Some people like to see the lake, some people like to listen to music, but also some people simply like the west of the pure rich country. After Xiyuan NO. 1, people will rethink the significance of living in Asia. After touring the global map, Can the living desire “people in the East, while thier hearts are tied to the world” be really realized? As a result, the Xiyuan will be attracted by the of the upsurge as long as its establishment. The activities such as calligraphy, painting, banquet, tasting, a series of Chinese wealth forum cross-border reception, will get the world trendsetters who live in the Orient together.



    At present, the Asian Fashion demonstration area of Country Garden·Xiyuan NO. 1 is open. Its  area of structure is about 240-330㎡ of French elevator flat Villa. We are sincerely inviting the people of insight to visit Asia’s most pure French habitat to share together the legendary land of“world Scripture and 100% home”.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Country Garden
    Contact Person: FRANK
    Phone: 0512-57931888
    Country: China

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    Now the best cupcakes Sydney delivery service is available to everyone. Vanilla Cupcakery offers a wide range of cupcakes and cakes for any party, corporate celebrations included. Virgin Airlines and GIO Insurance are a few of the happy customers.

    Vanilla Cupcakery is a company that has honestly won the title of the best cupcakes Sydney delivery service. They managed to achieve this through an efficient combination of creativity, innovation, and complete dedication to offering the highest quality of service. The company now offers a variety of classic, seasonal, and creative cupcakes fit for any celebration.

    The full range of products as well as simple online order form are available on Vanilla Cupcakery’s website, This company is big on using technology to make their service more efficient. Therefore, any prospective customer can place their order online in a few simple steps. With their ‘cupcake delivery Sydney same day’ service, that order will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

    The love of cupcakes is going strong all over the world. Today, it’s one of the most popular desserts on the planet with almost every coffee shop and bakery offering some type of the treat.

    In the modern world, cupcakes are used not only as desserts. They can be party gifts and even decorations for a festive table. Decorations that can be eaten and are sure to taste delightful embody the desire for practicality that the society of today has. People seek multi-functionality in everything, and cupcakes are one of the best desserts in terms of versatility.

    vanilla cupcakery

    The founders of Vanilla Cupcakery realized that and created a service that does not only deliver tasty treats. Their products are miniature art pieces that can serve many purposes.

    What Makes Vanilla Cupcakery the Best Cupcakes Sydney Delivery Service?

    Vanilla Cupcakery does not only cater to every resident of Sydney and the surrounding area. The company’s services extend to corporate clients as well. The quality of those services is proven by the businesses that use them regularly. Those include GIO Insurance and Virginia Airlines just to name a few.

    Vanilla Cupcakery managed to attract and retain the loyalty of such renowned businesses due to their ability to create perfect cupcakes for any event. They offer both classic and mini-cupcakes Sydney delivery that can fit any time frame. This means that even ordering the treats on the day of the event won’t be a problem.

    The company offers a variety of branded cupcake options for corporate clients. Those may come in various sizes, gift boxes, and even individual packaging with unique messages complemented with the business’ logo.

    vanilla cupcakery

    Vanilla Cupcakery is the best cupcakes Sydney delivery company for themed parties as they can create original cake designs that will impress the guests. They also have a holiday range as perfect gift options for various celebrations and unexpected parties.

    Media Contact
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    The Inaugural Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit Ends in a Success

    Davos, Switzerland – The foundational summit of Khoja Business Leaders ended on a positive note, as business leaders and entrepreneurs participated whole-heartedly, thereby making it a landmark and historical event. 

    The attendees included industrialists and billionaires who willingly participated in this noble cause and pledged to approach philanthropy in a new way. During the summit the Khoja Business Leaders signed a Khoja Davos Accord, where they promised to provide more solid grounds to the philanthropic ideas in the future.

    Sibtein Alibhai Asaria’s philanthropic dreams took a very meaningful step during the summit as talks regarding the creation of a Khoja Wealth Fund obtained significant ground. What makes the summit a phenomenal success is that all the business leaders, entrepreneurs and social influencers, present at the event, took their oath seriously to take concrete action to make a real difference.


    In order to raise more awareness the community leaders including entrepreneur and philanthropist Sibtein Alibhai Asaria has partnered with Global Sustainability Network to adopt United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on increasing economic productivity; ending forced labour, slavery and trafficking; and to protect labour rights.

    About Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit:

    The Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit has been born out of the idea of connecting our global entrepreneurs, philanthropists and highest achievers worldwide. 

    We believe that by bringing about this greater co-operation we can achieve collective, united, effective efforts for the greater good that will benefit both the Khoja Community as well as Humanity at large.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Grupo Alfa Corporation
    Contact Person: Kiran Sagar
    Phone: +971 561162972
    Address:Centro Comercial Plaza Heredia Segundo Piso, P.O. Box 384-3000
    City: Heredia
    Country: Costa Rica

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    Singapore – October 19, 2017 – MicroMoney Intl. executives in charge of $30 million token distribution event will make their first public appearance after the swap goes into the public phase Oct. 18 at Monaco Growth Forums October 17th-19th at the Stafford Hotel in London and The Riviera Marriott Hotel in Monaco.

    The 9th Edition of MGF by Andreea Porcelli Fall Conference allows established institutional investors to work with top international emerging companies. MGF attendees are just the latest group to join officials of multilateral organizations, representatives of sovereign countries, officers of national financial institutions, major international banks, financial services organizations, prominent influencers, and public figures in helping MicroMoney executives to achieve company’s ultimate objective – to lift two billion people out of financial oblivion.

    Kicked off Sept. 15, MicroMoney’s AMM token pre-distribution campaign has a minimum swap threshold valued at $10,000 and a soft cap of swaps valued at $2 million. Thus far pre-distribution event generated $1.3 million and approximately $4.5 million worth of AMM transactions pledged by Oct. 17. The actual token distribution campaign starts Oct. 18, aiming to distribute between $15 million and $30 million (hard cap) worth of swaps.

    “Companies and individuals around the world are responding favorably to MicroMoney’s brand of socially conscious lending,” said Anton Dzyatkovsky, MicroMoney co-founder. “We are happy to share the results of our pre-distribution campaign at MGF event and share our expectations from the upcoming token swap.”

    A two-year-old business headquartered in Singapore, MicroMoney plans to use attracted funds to expand to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Nigeria, launch its blockchain credit bureau and add over 100,000 previously unbanked customers, thus including them into the global financial system.

    Today, banks are not able to approve first loan applications for billions of people worldwide due to the absence of credit history and records. A thriving business in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka with 100,000 registered users and 40,000 loans issued this year, MicroMoney breaks this vicious cycle by lending to the unbanked and thus creating credit profiles banks could use, a breakthrough made possible by productisation of the proprietary blockchain-based Decentralised A.I. Neural Network Scoring System.

    Currently valued at $1.85 million, MicroMoney provides social lending services with no collateral or paper-based document requirements. World Bank’s Global Financial Initiative estimates that over 2 billion adults, almost a third of Earth’s population, have never been banked in their lives. The most affected regions are Asia, Africa, and Latin America where about 65% to 80% of the adult population is unbanked.

    About MicroMoney

    Founded in 2015, MicroMoney International ( is a global fintech company offering financial services for the unbanked in the emerging markets, and access to the unbanked audience for banks, trade, and financial organizations. MicroMoney is a fast-growing company valued at $1.85 million, with over 85 employees in six international locations.

    MicroMoney makes lending decisions using a proprietary, A.I. algorithms and neural networks-based mobile scoring system. MicroMoney’s lending process doesn’t require any collateral or paper-based documentation. MicroMoney collects customers’ opt-in mobile phone data to establish potential borrowers’ credit score. MicroMoney uses the score to generate credit profiles, stored with MicroMoney Blockchain Credit Bureau, which in turn shares this data with financial institutions worldwide. For more information or to register your exchange please visit:

    Contact: Max Smetannikov, Irina Nazarova, MVG for MicroMoney, +1 646 205 7030,

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MVG
    Contact Person: Max Smetannikov
    Phone: +1 646 205 7030
    Country: Singapore

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    Singapore – October 19, 2017 – MicroMoney Intl, the headliner of the social movement for financial inclusion of “the unbanked” around the globe, has attracted $5 million during its AMM token pre-distribution, with just hours remaining before the distribution campaign start on, the company announced today.

    In total, MicroMoney reports $5,000,000 of contributions during the initial phase. The pre-distribution campaign had a minimum swap threshold valued at $10,000 and a soft cap of swaps valued at $2 million.

    “Now we are aiming for the soft target of $15 million in swaps and a $30 million hard cap during our token distribution. The activity of investors has exceeded our expectations, which is built upon reliance on MicroMoney’s social mission – to help eliminate poverty through the blockchain technology,” said Anton Dzyatkovsky, MicroMoney co-founder. “Millions of the undiscovered unbanked population in Southeast Asia and around the world are hoping to get a chance – maybe the only chance – through our transparent social and green microfinance program.”

    MicroMoney’s goal is to change the “Catch-22” reality for the unbanked, when billions of people cannot receive loans without having a bank account, credit history or financial records. MicroMoney is a thriving business in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka totaling 100,000 registered users and 40,000 loans so far this year. Dubbed as the first Blockchain Credit Bureau, it creates credit profiles using loan applicants’ mobile phone data and proprietary blockchain-based Decentralised A.I. Neural Network Scoring System. Once approved, loans go to borrowers’ e-wallets for disbursement.

    Valued at $1.85 million, MicroMoney provides social lending services with no collateral or paper-based documention. MicroMoney plans to use attracted funds to expand to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Nigeria and include over a million of previously unbanked customers into the global financial system.

    About MicroMoney

    Founded in 2015, MicroMoney International ( is a global fintech company offering financial services for the unbanked individuals in the emerging markets and access to the unbanked audience for banks, trade, and financial organizations. MicroMoney is a fast-growing company valued at $1.85 million, with over 85 employees in six locations around the globe.

    MicroMoney makes lending decisions using proprietary AI algorithms and neural networks-based mobile scoring system. MicroMoney’s lending process doesn’t require any collateral or paper-based documentation. MicroMoney collects customers’ opt-in mobile phone data to establish potential borrowers’ credit score. MicroMoney uses the score to generate credit profiles, stored with MicroMoney Blockchain Credit Bureau, which in turn shares this data with financial institutions worldwide. For more information, please visit:

    Vladimir Grinevsky, + 375 29 261 48 75,
    Max Smetannikov, Irina Nazarova, MVG for MicroMoney, +1 646 205 7030,

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MVG
    Contact Person: Max Smetannikov
    Phone: +1 646 205 7030
    Country: Singapore

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    FlexGlory Machinery Accessories Company is a manufacturer and supplier of various conduit fittings. Their products include cable glands, cable ties, etc.

    Conduit fittings are required in every construction project as it is important to provide a good finishing to the buildings. These fittings help in keeping the cables protected and stay safe from any kind of leakage. One should only rely on a professional manufacturer who has been supplying these fittings for a long period of time. One of the companies that have been supplying conduit fittings to different regions around the world is FlexGlory Machinery Accessories Company.

    Fittings and fixtures play an important role in commercial as well as residential flats. No one can expect to compromise on the fixtures used in the buildings or it can prove to be disastrous in the long term. FlexGlory Machinery Accessories Company is a cable gland supplier that supplies metal as well as plastic cable glands. They provide cost effective products that can be bought in bulk. Though the products are available at cost effective rates there is no compromise on the quality front. These cable glands are mainly nickel plated. Buyers should go through the specifications of each and every product in order to buy the one that meets their requirements. The website makes it easier for the buyers to make comparisons among different products as it helps in making a smart purchase.

    FlexGlory Machinery Accessories Company Produces & Exports Various Conduit Fittings To Different Regions Around The World

    Flex conduit are either coated in stainless steel or PVC. They provide proper protection to the cables and they are mainly used for setting up electrical lines. The stainless steel flex fittings are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel material. The surface of these fittings is smoother and they keep the lines protected. Providing a proper cover to the electrical cables is important in order to keep the people around in safe conditions. There is a MOQ for every product and the buyers need to buy them accordingly. The clients can have a look at the samples before they make a purchase. In order to get in touch with the professionals the buyers can use the live chat facility or send an email.

    There is also a split wire loom tubing sold on the website of the company. These wires are mainly available in stainless steel or PVC coating. Having a thorough look at the description of the products will make it easier for the buyers to go through a smooth purchase. The website provides different payment options in order to make it easier for the international buyers to go through a transaction. The company keeps updating its stock of products and the buyers can subscribe with the website in order to stay updated with the latest products added in the stock.

    About FlexGlory Machinery Accessories Company:

    FlexGlory Machinery Accessories Company is a Chinese company that has been selling different designs of conduit fittings for a long time now. They supply their products to different regions around the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FlexGlory Machinery Accessories.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Sailor
    Phone: +86-769-22022030
    City: Dongguan City
    Country: China

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    Stockroom launches a wide variety of furniture and office decors at affordable prices and the highest quality products. The options available suit virtually every need and requirements of the customer.

    Furniture is a necessary part and parcel of the décor for any room, be it any office or a house or any shop. Interior decoration is the essential factor for the outlook and its presentation. Stockroom is an online retailer of stylish modern furniture and sin office furniture and decoration such as lights and lamps catering to the needs of small and large offices, homes, various shops and even shopping malls.

    Stockroom is mainly an e-selling platform best known for its office furniture and decorations. Online purchases are carried out all over the world with hassle-free deliveries and secure payment methods worldwide. But it also caters to offline business. It has a furniture outlet in Hong Kong where customers can choose furniture and lamps, lights or any other decors manufactured and sold by Stockroom. Locales can easily visit the showroom at Kennedy in Hong Kong city and explore the world of smooth decorations and an artistic world of designer furniture. People from all over the world can experience this fantastic collection through the online furniture outlet which functions for 24 hours and 365 days. So customers from all around the globe can enjoy shopping with a pleasurable and satisfactory feedback.

    Stockroom Launches A Wide Variety Of Office Furniture & Solid Wood Office Tables From Hong Kong

    Stockroom also specializes in Solid Wood Office tables, mainly wooden office furniture with a modern style equipped with it. The furniture they offer adds an aesthetic beauty to the office room, be it sofas, accessories, wooden tables, benches, bed frames, desks, lights, office lamps which give a lavish look to the work surrounding. They also design office chairs, both high back and low back chairs which provide sustainability and comfort to the workers securing a healthy work environment and thereby boosting up their performances. Office furniture is best made from oak wood and presents its excellence designed by the masterpieces. The desks and tables manufactured are easy to fit and well equipped. They use Best quality wood, hence there is no room for any customer dissatisfaction. 

    Stockroom again is an excellent supplier of Table Lamp and lights for both office and home decorations, even for malls to make it look grander and appealing. It is aptly mentionable that it supplies task desk lamps which create a soothing and appropriate environment inside the office room. Modern day architects design these products and all the products get designed by experienced and leading artists suiting to the desires and styles of contemporary clients.

    About Stockroom

    Stockroom is a manufacturer and supplier of lamps and lights of various shapes and sizes catering to their clients’ needs. These are of multiple colors with adjustable arms suitable to be fitted into any space.  For more details about their products or to buy them online, please visit their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: STOCKROOM
    Contact Person: Jojoba
    Phone: +852 2817 0999
    Country: HongKong

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    The shootings in Las Vegas and other places. The NFL players who refuse to stand for the American anthem. Where and when will it end. According to JP Vance it is high time that we come together as one. That we learn to respect our country and work toward creating harmony and peace in our world. JP hopes that his song “This is America” can become the anthem of change.

    This 15 singer hopes his new song This is America can becomes an anthem to Stop the shootings , Stop the NFl Field protests and bring peace and unity to everyone.

    Last spring 15 year old JP Vance recorded the song “This is America” to celebrate the 4th of July. The song recognizes that America is the greatest country in the world.  That all problems in  America are  fixable when we stand together and unite. The song “This is America” has a simple but strong message; that being patriotic is more important than any issue including race.

    JP Vance himself is of mixed heritage and prides himself on being an American. JP has lived in both China and America. JP has true perspective on the greatness of America by having lived in these  two countries.

    JP tells of his the love for America.  JP points out that in China the mandarin word for  America is  “Mei Gou” which means beautiful country. JP believes that if the  Chinese can see the beauty of American from so far away we as  American citizens need do the same.  The song has a verse that says it all: I know there are some things wrong with this country, history shows it’s been a long hard climb, but is you and me,  we the people who have to right the wrongs, things worthwhile take a lot more time.

    Video Link:

    JP contends that we should all stand up and appreciate how lucky we are to live in America.  JP is an inspired smart boy having graduated high school at 15 years old and already in college.

    JP does not agree with players disrespecting America by their stance.  JP  believes  such protests  before games are just wrong. He thinks on the field activities  should be  limited to playing the game and letting the  play do the talking.  He is saddened and his heart goes out to the victims and their families of the Las Vegas shootings. He wonders how something like the Las Vegas shootings could ever happen. 

    It all starts with respect according to  this young singer. JP  also believes that this type of grandstanding is not fair to the fans who pay hard earned money to watch the game.  As another example take a look at the Oscars. The Oscar’s is suppose to be  a night  to reward achievement but so many actors now use it a stage to make known their political agendas. As a result the Oscars audience gets smaller each year.

    JP believes that there are better ways to  convey their message than these field protests. JP says even at 15 years old that he realizes this issue it is not about free speech but instead consequences. JP gives the analogy that   If a person goes to work every day and says bad things about their company  soon they  will be  fired.  JP thinks these athletes  are confusing the idea of free speech and  consequences.

    To love your country and support the leaders who are elected is a must. The songs message is clear:  “This is America and I can’t think of anyplace that I would rather be”. Maybe it is time we follow the lead of a 15 year old who’s eyes are open and who loves his country. All this disrespect can only lead to one thing and that is the tragedy  that happened in Las Vegas. So why not embrace the meaning of  the song and believe that there is a better tomorrow.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Checkmate
    Contact Person: John Michael Pense
    Phone: +1 7474779250
    Address:531-A North Hollywood Way
    City: Burbank
    State: CA 90068
    Country: United States

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    BANGKOK, THAILAND – 21 Oct, 2017 – The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, through its various departments, has conducted a phase II, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells, and their role and effects in improving aging frailty. The study is known as the CRATUS trial.

    Frailty, is increasingly becoming a common syndrome in older adults. It is a geriatric syndrome often characterised by weakness, weight loss and low activity that is associated with adverse health outcomes.

    However, frailty should not be confused for normal, chronological aging. The frailty syndrome is mostly driven by biological aging processes that include inflammation and stem cell dysfunction; whereas chronological aging is the number of years one has lived and which inevitably results in one naturally becoming older.

    There are two main models that are used to define frailty. These are:

    1. The deficit model – this model accounts for a person’s geriatric syndromes, diseases, physical, psychosocial, and cognitive impairments. These factors also form what is known as a “Frailty Index.”
    2. The phenotype model – the physical phenotype model is comprised of at least three factors that could include: weight loss, exhaustion, weakness, slowness and decreased physical activity. Together, these form an underlying system of multisystem dysregulation.

    Currently, the only mechanisms used to tackle frailty include: physical exercise, caloric support, vitamin D and optimization of polypharmacy. However, there are, unfortunately, no current interventions that are able to reverse or ameliorate frailty.

    It is with this regard, that the placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted. Phase I of the study was an open-label study of human allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (allo-hMSCs) intravenously infused for frailty. The study showed that the allo-hMSCs could be safely administered, they reduced inflammation and improved measures of functional capacity.

    The current phase II, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study was then conducted. It aims to test the hypothesis that exogenous allo-hMSCs could reverse signs and symptoms of frailty in older persons.


    For the phase II study, patients:

    –  were provided written informed consent

    –  were aged between 60 and 95 years old at the time of signing the consent form

    –  showed signs of frailty based on a physician assessment


    The primary end points of the study was the safety of allo-hMSCs at one month. This was assessed by treatment emergent-serious adverse events (TE-SAE) which were defined by: stroke, nonfatal pulmonary embolism, death, worsening dyspnea and clinically significant laboratory abnormalities.

    The secondary end points mainly evaluated the efficacy of the therapy. This was measured by the rate of change in frailty markers as defined by: reduced activity, slowing of mobility, 4-m gait speed test and the short physical performance battery score (SPPB).


    Of the patients that participated in the clinical trial, 60% of them were male, and the average age was 75.5.

    Safety – In regards to safety, no TE-SAE occurred in any of the patients in the first 30 days. None of the patients showed any signs of adverse cardio-pulmonary reaction after the intravenous infusion. Also, there were no cumulative, treatment-related SAEs in experienced by the patients throughout the duration of the study. Additionally, there were no clinically significant changes in basic hematologic and chemistry laboratory tests throughout the duration of the study.

    Hospitalisation – There were four patients who required hospitalization within the 12-month follow-up. Two of the hospitalizations were reported in one patient in the 100M-group, both of which were moderate in severity; however, none of the hospitalizations were secondary to the procedure. No patients in the 200M-group were hospitalized. The remaining three patients belonged to the placebo group; one patient had two moderate hospitalizations and one severe, another had a hospitalization that was moderate in severity, and another had one severe hospitalization. None of the hospitalizations were related to the procedure.

    Long-term Adverse Events – One patient in the 200M-group died of an unrelated event prior to the 12-month follow-up. Additionally, one patient in the placebo had an unrelated stroke 307 days postinfusion. The proportion of patients with adverse events at 12 months did not differ between groups at the 6 – and 12-month time points (p = .300 and p = .141, respectively).

    Quality Of life – Quality of life and functional status were monitored throughout the study. These outcomes preferentially improved in patients randomized to receive 100M allo-hMSCs. The 6MWT increased in the 100M-group from baseline to 6 months.

    Sexual Quality Of Life – In female patients, their sexual quality of life, (SQOL-F) showed a remarkable increase in the 100M-group at 6 months. However, there were no changes shown in the 200M or placebo groups. Conversely, there were no changes among male participants in the IIEF from baseline to 6 months.


    The CRATUS trial is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled evaluation of allo-hMSCs to treat the signs and symptoms of frailty. The aforementioned results support the safety and feasibility of administering allo-hMSCs in this population.

    With regard to efficacy, there was a preferential effect towards improvement of functional capacity and patient reported outcome measures in patients receiving lower dose MSCs, although immunologic bioactivity was evident with both doses. Together, these findings suggest that allo-hMSCs may be an effective biological modifier of aging frailty, and support ongoing investigation of allo-hMSCs alone or as an adjunct to current physical training strategies for aging frailty.

    These findings are in agreement with a recently completed dose-finding phase I safety study. In that study, two important sets of observations were made. First, a constellation of physical performance measures improved with cell therapy, and second, 100M cells represented the peak responsiveness dose, with a plateau and/or reduction in efficacy being noted with 200M cells. Accordingly, this study was based, in part, on phase I. Importantly, randomizing patients in a double-blind fashion to 100M cells, 200M cells, or placebo was performed to validate the results of the earlier study and to confirm both the constellation of physical performance findings and the dose–response.

    There are several factors that could contribute to nonlinear dose response curves with cell-based therapy. These include variation in functional activity of the cells rather than the absolute number of cells infused. In this regard, higher cell concentrations could impair cell activity through physical effects such as concentration-dependent cell aggregation, or damage of cells due to excessive shear forces on cells during infusion that could influence the relationship between cell dose and clinical benefit.

    However, as with all progenitor cell types in various disease processes, whether modified or not, exact dosing has yet to be established. Given the novel use of MSCs in frailty, a patient population for whom a successful therapy has yet to be developed, dosing was based on safety as established by previous studies and phase I, and was further investigated in the current study. Importantly, safety was ultimately established in both cell-dose groups. The optimal effective dosing will be investigated in future larger randomized trials.

    For more information on the CRATUS trial or on how stem cells can be used for yourself or a loved one, please contact us. One of our highly skilled stem cell representatives will be able to assist you at your earliest convenience.

    StemCells21 VIDEO:

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Stem Cells 21 Co. Ltd.
    Contact Person: Paul Collier
    Phone: +66 26507709
    Country: Thailand

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