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    There are billions of dollars of wealth stored behind digital keys globally today and this sum is growing rapidly. The total global value of encrypted, private information stored digitally and accessible by encrypted key is incalculable. Emails of Hillary Clinton, Panama Papers, Ashley Madison Data Breach, and Snapchat etc. are few examples of huge cases of breach of data stored online and have caused humongous repercussions at its leakage. This implies our information stored online is exposed to huge risks. One of the biggest challenge for the future of digital economy and digital world resides in preserving secrecy and ensuring privacy. But, citizens and economical actors don’t just want only secrecy, they also want quantifiable secrecy. The point is not only to ensure confidentiality of data, but also to be able to be sure that confidentiality of data is ensured.

    Cryptelo provides for digital security by means of end to end encryption via blockchain technology. The team of Cryptelo do not have access of the users’ stored information itself. Therefore the information is completely in the hands of the user. It is a decentralised storage network which is open to implement in any programme. There is no central authority or intermediary or third party to do the validation. With absence of any intermediary, data is secured as information need not pass various channels. Since the information is decentralised, the accuracy and transparency is maintained. Therefore, it’s a channel which gives dual benefit.

    Cryptelo has security first architecture and services for encrypted data storage, key management, and communication which is vital to achieve this high standard for peace of mind, and the proper functioning of free expression and exchange of information in the digital world. To make use of this platform, one does not have to be crypto expert. It has been designed in such a way to enable anyone to inculcate it in their existing programmes. Any developer can use it and add an extra layer of security to the organisational systems.

    Cryptelo is already offering the Cryptelo Drive, premium product designed specifically for B2B sales and provides an encrypted virtual drive for companies where users with user account can access their data via web and desktop application and can easily upload, share and edit any type of files. Along with that, Cryptelo is also building the new generation of digital key secured management platform and services implementing the trustless key server concept and providing solution about fixing the web-of-trust, C.A and other standards.

    Every piece of information saved in the system is called a record. Every record has its unique ID which is computed as a hash of its contents. Records can be connected together by embedding last record ID inside new records, forming chains. These chains then have some useful properties; mainly clients can verify that:

    ● The chain had not been forked (two child records with same parent ID exist)

    ● The chain is continuous – meaning every record from the chain had been sent to the client by the server and there are no gaps. By replying the information recorded in particular record chain, the client will arrive at final state of some particular topic. Record chain is the idea upon which Cryptelo Drive (sharable, private, file storage) is built.

    ● Every record is consistent and the data, the client received from the server hasn’t been changed. Client can easily verify that the hash of the record’s data resolves to the ID it already knows.

    Cryptelo is an effective path to solve a worldwide security problem–providing totally secure shared data solution with no compromise between security and userfriendliness in removing risks of relying on third parties in the chain of trust.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cryptelo
    Contact Person: Marek Duda
    Phone: +420777002483
    Country: Czech Republic

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    Maid Service Now Made Affordable

    CleanIt, one of the leading cleaning companies in Dubai, recently announced they are offering free consultations for their house cleaning and office cleaning services.  The company offers a wide range of cleaning assistance at affordable rates.  From sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning to deep cleaning of homes and offices, the Dubai based cleaning service is a green, eco-friendly focused company.

    “We are delighted to offer a free consultation to potential clients in the Dubai area,” stated a CleanIt representative.  “We take pride in being among the best cleaning companies in Dubai. Our services are second to none.  We offer house cleaning and office cleaning at budget rates but our customers get the best, most professional cleaning and maid service.  We use the best, eco-friendly cleaning products and our equipment is top of the line too.  Our team is made up of professionals that are good at what they do and are courteous and conscientious as well.  Now, those who are interested in getting their home or office cleaned can find out exactly how much it would cost for their custom needs with our free consultation.”

    Along with the typical maid services of CleanIt like house cleaning and office cleaning, the company also does sofa cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and mattress cleaning.  In addition, curtain cleaning, ironing and moving in or out cleaning is available. 

    Commercial cleaning options like window and glass cleaning and office cleaning are on the list as well.  Shopping malls, schools and universities, after party events and restaurants are among the commercial establishments the company’s services extend to.

    There are a number of things that CleanIt ensures that set the company head and shoulders above the run-of-the-mill maid service companies.  They offer quick availability, realizing that when a client wants their home or office cleaned, they typically want it done as soon as possible.  The company also is available 24/7 for convenient booking online. 

    In addition, they allow non-cash payments to their clients.  CleanIt carefully and thoroughly screen their cleaning team before hiring and maintain a standard of excellence during their employment as well.  Attention to detail and to hygiene during the cleaning is of great importance to the maid service too.

    To schedule a free consultation or to find out more about Dubai’s CleanIt maid service, visit the company website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cleanit
    Phone: 971563407658
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    Singapore – February 28, 2018 –, a platform based on the #BITLLIONcoin, a token whose value is based on assets and company growth built upon the cryptocurrency decentralized blockchain, this week announced they will be officially hosting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) this April. Developed to make it easier for investors to invest in blockchain technology, BITLLION wants to raise funds to create a crypto version of an economy backed by blockchain technology.

    “We want to build crypto-viable cities in a world growing increasingly receptive to cryptocurrency,” said Charles J. Phua, Founder and Owner of “Having been in the market since 2015, we’re ready to officially launch our token into the crypto sphere, introducing what we refer to as Early Support Bonus for our investors immediately following the launch.”

    BITLLION issues tokens built on a profit-sharing smart contract, enabling token holders to collect 50% of quarterly profits. Token holders’ revenue depends on the asset market price growth and on the fixed part of the incoming fund’s flow to the businesses.

    “In every way, this is similar to dividend payments. These payouts, as we call them cashbacks, are included within the smart contract,” said Phua. “Unlike other ICOs, we already have a proven profit-making formula that enables us to confidently announce our guarantee. Spread the word on our forthcoming market introduction this April.”

    The minimum token yield guarantees 20% during the first year. Funds raised through the ICO will be evenly distributed to intelligent crypto-mining “WeMine,” blockchain software for businesses, smart wallet app “Moto,” and the crypto bank “Satoshi’s Vault.”

    WeMine relies on cryto-mining, the processing of transactions in the digital currency system. BITLLION aims to have at least 1,500 mining rigs in their Singapore mining farm. Moto is a blockchain-to-human interface simplifying the interaction between the two entities. Moto will streamline the entire crypto experience, making it easier to understand for everyone involved. Satoshi’s Vault provides depositing and withdrawing capabilities for all BITLLION users. Lastly, blockchain for business means that BITLLION will be using smart contracts, also known as self-automated computer programs that carry out the terms of any contract.

    The ICO pre-sale is now in effect. For the first 1,000 backers, a limited edition Bitllion Card is up for grabs.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BITLLION
    Contact Person: Charles J Phua
    Phone: +65 81129789
    Address:883 North Bridge Road
    City: Southbank, #05-03
    Country: Singapore

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    BALLITO, SOUTH AFRICA – February 28th, 2018 – Hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide turn to the Internet to create their very own businesses, through which they can secure passive income streams that allow them to live a lifestyle free of the shackles of a 9 to 5 job. Klikzon, the premiere online educational and consulting firm, has created a one-of-a-kind program, which promises to help anyone, regardless of their academic or financial background, to create a successful online business empire.

    Covering subjects such as Affiliate Marketing, SEO and SEM, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Business, and Paid Surveys, Klikzon has already helped thousands of students materialized their business plans, become the boss of themselves, go down the road of ultimate online domination in their niche.

    “Financial freedom is a goal that everyone should be striving for. The relief that knowing the money needed to both survive and thrive is guaranteed can be a huge load off of anyone’s shoulders. Although striking out on a new venture can seem risky or even frightening, it doesn’t have to be. The secret to building a successful online empire is to get the appropriate instruction needed in order to be successful,” said Mr. David Gaz, Klikzon media representative.

    “At Klikzon, we have created a foolproof instructional program that offers a clear layout of all the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve one’s financial independence. We guide our students every step of the way, ensuring they have all the appropriate tools needed in order to succeed in their online ventures.”

    Those interested in enrolling in Klikzon’s instructional program can do so through filling in the appropriate form found here.

    To learn more about Klikzon, please visit:

    For news and updates, follow Klikzon on Facebook and Instagram

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Klikzon
    Contact Person: David Gaz
    Phone: 0817041121
    Address:13 Lorna Avenue
    City: Ballito
    Country: South Africa

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    Oficina de História Moçambique
    Pamper Me Network works with Oficina de Historia Mocambique to help universities to identify experts for research projects while providing students, researchers and publishers with a financial incentive to help each other.

    Toronto – The Pamper Me Network announced today a new strategic partnership with Oficina de História Moçambique ( and the Harriet Tubman Institute to develop a platform for researchers, authors and book publishers to enhance their ability to identify and close international collaboration partnerships, automate content distribution as well as monetize their social media following. 

    This new partnership is designed to support Oficina de História Moçambiques’ global mission to provide educational training in various historical disciplines, research techniques and the digital humanities in Canada, Moçambique and other African countries. 

    The collaboration supports the creation of an online bookstore, collaboration search business directory and search engine, annual conferences and workshops as well as the provision of specialized consulting, speaking, research and advisory services.  

    “We are excited to be working with the Pamper Me Network”, says Abubacar Fofana León, Founder, Oficina de História Moçambique. 

    Leon adds, “many of Oficina de História Moçambique members including scholars, researchers and students have requested extensive, dynamic and specialized research programming as well as improved access to tools that allow them to: 

    • Forge international academic research and commercial collaboration partnerships;
    • Expand distribution of their scholarly and commercial works;
    • Engage in historical dialogue regarding the socio-economical, political, environmental and cultural evolution of the African diaspora;
    • Monetize the relationships they have fostered online.” 

    The website makes this possible. 

    The Pamper Me Network has been contracted to provide technical, customer and marketing support for the website. In addition, PMN will work in partnership with and the Harriet Tubman Institute to organize local and international events, assist content creators in distributing and monetizing their intellectual property as well as provide the software technology required for rewarding content publishers and social media users for sharing special offer announcements or scholarly content. 

    “Our collaboration with Oficina de História Moçambique is part of the Pamper Me Networks’ global mission to educate a new generation of students and content creators while improving our campus footprint”, says Matrix Thompson, Founder, Pamper Me Network.

    Together withOficina de História Moçambique, we aspire to make it easier for universities to identify experts for research projects while providing students, researchers and publishers with a financial incentive to help each other. 

    For more information please visit

    About Oficina de História Moçambique (OHMOZ) 

    The Oficina de História Moçambique is an academic research and cultural association based in Maputo where national and international researchers aim to contribute to the ongoing research and debates on the history of Moçambique as well as the wider history of Africa and its Diasporas. It is a collaborative and inter-transdisciplinary platform for historical investigation where the annual conference is the meeting space for sharing completed research projects and research in progress.  

    About Pamper Me Network

    The Pamper Me Network (PMN) is a social rewards software development company. PMN develops social rewards technology for brands that wish to recruit & reward social media influencers for sharing their content including special offer announcements. The technology is highly scalable supporting websites, apps, content and contests. As the worlds’ fastest growing social rewards network for individuals and brands, PMN powers over 120,000 websites and apps. PMNs’ award winning cloud-based and Joomla software components revolutionizes content distribution, sales lead generation and user rewards management, enabling clients and joint venture partners to generate sales leads worth over $7,000,000.

    Abubacar Fofana León
    (416) 907-9833

    Matrix Thompson

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Oficina de História Moçambique
    Contact Person: Abubacar Fofana León
    Phone: 16477787365
    Address:4700 Keele Street, York Lane
    City: Toronto
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada

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    Each time an individual log onto Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, they share a small information about their lives in exchange for entertainment. This is normal in the modern world; all social media companies build platforms and mobile applications aimed at keeping their users engaged. But in exchange, the users provide a certain level of information and content on these sites.

    Blockchain social media platforms are set to change all this. Blockchain social video platforms such as BuzzShow award their users digital currency for the content they create. Everything an individual does on the platform; for example, a like, a post or comment is awarded in cryptocurrency. Once the cryptocurrency has been accumulated to a reasonable amount, it can be exchanged for real currency or stored as an investment with the expectation that the digital currency used will gain value.

    The tokens circulated on the network are generated at a predetermined rate and then awarded to different users on the network based on the rules written into the blockchain. The awards are also given in a manner that encourages users to increase the overall value of the platform. The largest portion of the tokens generated on the network is sent to the rewards repository for curators and content creators. A smaller portion is set aside for vested token holders.

    BuzzShow is an advanced reward-based social video network which rewards its users with BuzzShow Goldies Tokens for producing, curating, sharing and watching videos. In future, its decentralized platform will offer complete control and confidentiality to its users on their video social media space.

    One of the best qualities of blockchain based video social media platforms is that they offer absolute transparency. Every action made by the user is recorded on the blockchain. This means that every currency transfer, vote, or even the digital currency amount associated with to the user’s account is accessible to the public. BuzzShow tokens are usually awarded to creators who provide the best quality. Members are also given rewards for content that is popular amongst the other users.

    Similar to community-driven sites such as Reddit, this blockchain content sharing platform is an extension of the principles of group-psychology, where collective consciousness determines the most popular and sought-after content. This is a different approach from the one taken by platforms such as Instagram and Facebook who use massive and powerful algorithms to control what will appears in each user’s feed.

    On BuzzShow’s blockchain social video network, a weighted credit system gives more significance to the votes created by well-established users as these are more likely to be committed to the platform. While a vote awarded by a new user may have little value, the monetary value of a vote given by a user with a good reputation for producing quality content could be several dollars. In this case, also, there are influencers who can drive the traffic.

    BuzzShow makes it much easier for an average person to benefit from the use of cryptocurrency. Unlike other cryptocurrency applications, there are hardly any barriers to the entry on this social video network. Users can start earning small amounts of cryptocurrency before acquiring an understanding of how it functions.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BuzzShow
    Contact Person: Winton Jimenez
    Phone: +1585-280-3776
    Country: Netherlands

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    StockRadars, a fintech startup based in Thailand, announced they are raising $12 million via a digital token sale, more commonly known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO), of 120,000,000 pre-mined Carboneum (C8) Tokens to develop a world-class decentralized social trading platform called CoinRadars.

    Max Kortrakul, CEO and Co-Founder of StockRadars, told the media the company’s commitment to its mantra ‘Investing made simple’ inspires him and his team to develop an open protocol named ‘Carboneum’, in which the first-ever social trading platform in Thailand will be built upon. The platform will be strictly for digital asset and cryptocurrency trading at the initial stage but it would incorporate other products, such as stocks, once the regulatory framework is in place to support the concept. Regional and global expansion is also in the pipeline but primary focus of the platform will first and foremost be in Thailand.

    Social trading is an investment concept where a centralized platform allows users to choose expert traders to follow, and duplicate the trades executed by leading traders to their account automatically. Not only this idea helps simplify investment process for beginners, it would also provide career opportunities for amateur traders. Unlike other traditional social trading platform, CoinRadars’ fee structure will ask the users to pay only when the copied trades yield positive results. This payout scheme is believed to help revolutionize the investment landscape one has never seen before in Thailand. This also marks the first time CyberAgent Ventures has its portfolio company undergoing an ICO, ever.

    The Carboneum (C8) pre-sale starts on 22 March 2018, while the public offering will take place on 22 April 2018.

    For further information, please visit or and Telegram: @carboneum_io

    Apart from the ICO announcement, Max also revealed other important milestone the company has achieved on ‘StockRadars Day’ such as 680,000 app downloads, 10 local and regional brokerage partners and 76 versions updated since launched. Chief among them is the exclusive partnership with LINE Thailand, the provider of a market-leading chat application, in developing a service called LINE FINANCE and together they have accumulated almost 5 million users. With the help of StockRadars’ technology and partnership with leading brokerage companies like Krungsri, Yuanta and Globlex, LINE users can now buy and sell stocks inside LINE application.

    Also important is the announcement of successful joint-venturing effort with the fastest growing investment community Long Thoon Man, coupled with the most recent partnership with Bloomberg. These strategic moves would help improve the quality of content and strengthen community engagement for StockRadars, bringing the company one step closer to its never-ending mission of ‘Investing made simple’.

    For further information, please contact:

    Mobile: 0868108088
    LINE: Happydreamer

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Siam Squared Technology
    Contact Person: Pavalin Masagee
    Phone: +6681)3073960
    Address:23/69, 23/69 Phetchaburi Rd, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang
    City: Bangkok 10310
    Country: Thailand

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    According to the real-time pre-sale of Hello Muwood’s official website, as of 20:00:37 on February 28, 2018, the first 1000 HL (sea chain cloud service block) all sold out, taking only 37 seconds!

    According to the Hello Muwood website news, Hello Muwood super gathered group of platform first Hello Muwood single block booking on February 28, 2018 officially opened at 8 PM, this opens to booking a total of 1000 hl (single block cloud server), in order to make more participants can block chain 3.0 data Shared value can be calculated results, the minimum subscriptions to 1 HTC, exchange units for 100 HTC = 1, hl initial conversion price is: 100 RMB/HTC, wood under the below small make up from various angles in this paper, the persimmon sea chain related principle and application of information and policy regulation, etc.

    What does Hello Muwood do?

    Hello Muwood is a super cluster service platform for the deployment and operation of Muwood persimmon and the signing of the real economy. For public cloud block explain buy, simple understanding for: ordinary users to buy the chain server, the server will be used on the sign in the entity economy, and agreed service value, the value of proportional feedback to the holders of the chain in accordance with the contract.

    Why choose real economy?

    Answer: The traditional real economy after a comprehensive upgrade of the new retail, it is known that the lowest value growth is above 80%. For example, a traditional spa hotel that used to be admitted by hand, how long did anyone come and how to recover these data without any support. That was completely unrealizable in the past, at the same time also requires a lot of labor costs. Through the Hello Muwood upgrade to a new retail system, to achieve the admission of intelligent face recognition, to unlock the hands of the Internet of Things card verification, face consumption, value-added interactive venue gains, off-site secondary marketing, such as full data, intelligent Service. Through the operation of dataization, the turnover and service attendance of the upgraded spa hotel have been greatly increased. At the same time, the application of artificial intelligence greatly reduces the reliance on personnel, reduces costs and increases revenue.

    Together with Hello Muwood the real economy will be good

    Answer: The real economy lacks financials and the Internet. If these two wings are added, the real economy will take off and the imagination will be even higher. The Hello Muwood is through the block chain 3.0 mode synchronization realized in the real economy financial and Internet services. At present, the service threshold of Hello Muwood is an economic entity with annual sales of more than 10 million and more than 100,000 service visits. Hello Muwood will be the first in the industry funds, upgrades, marketing, value-added services four plates.

    The agreed value and value principle of Hello Muwood

    Answer: the real economy into the Hello Muwood ecosystem, agreed to 2 values, one is based in service value ratio, another is the proportion of the value of entity value, such as a hot spring annual sales of 1 hundred million, based in 7% agreed value of clothing, real added value 10% to the contract for the Hello Muwood value, then if it can be achieve 200 million sales by the Hello Muwood, then the base 7 million plus value-added 10 million amounted to 17 million should be included in the service of the Hello Muwood value, if the service hotel Hello Muwood is 1000 block, then a single block will generate an income of 17000, among them according to certain proportion assigned to Hello Muwood block holders and platform and other industry participants. So the value of Hello Muwood can be calculated. Initial booking Hello Muwood single design, Hello Muwood holders value about 20%, so 1000 block server service a businessman wouldn’t it be a huge waste, although do the decentralized distributed cluster, but huge investment, 1 servers even 1000 servers can be serviced, with the signing into service business the number of growth; Hello Muwood will form the amount of the value of appreciation, finally those who have the Hello Muwood can make Free transfer transaction, assuming that 10000 yuan to buy a server, the server service 100 companies, the annual income can be 200 thousand, so the transfer transaction costs will be higher, this is a long held value third. The cost of Hello Muwood’s pre-sale of 80% will be used for upgrading and upgrading of the real economy. For the real economy, joining Hello Muwood can solve the problem of transformation funds, realize the change from traditional to new retail, and form a real growth increment rather than a bubble. For the holders of Hello Muwood, it is equivalent to holding shares of the entity economy indirectly, while the entry threshold and business stability of the entity economy is a higher guarantee for holders.

    The legal compliance of hello muwood

    First of all, Hello Muwood is not a token issuing, Hello Muwood is not a virtual digital currency, and the value growth of Hello Muwood is not dependent on any hype growth. Hello Muwood is a server, the server is used to buy developers, and now the blockchain 3 times, anyone can have data to become a participant of the block, but the ordinary participants can not operate the server, the meaning of existence so Hello Muwood there have been investors to buy a service agreement by value and with the number of value-added service server, all value-added growth from the real economy itself and business earnings growth. For the entity economy, it is a role to promote development, and it is a good benefit for the Hello Muwood holders to enjoy the real value added results of the entity. This time the 3 block is the biggest highlight of the value chain is agreed, and it is the entity agreement, countries without any severe blow on all kinds of virtual currency tokens issued, but the country has embraced the block chain technology, need to block chain really rely on, and the block chain Hello Muwood 3.0 is presented in this paper is to bid farewell to false big empty speculation the first coin era, with the entity as the basis. At the same time the operation and maintenance of enterprise Hello Muwood is a technology driven company for many years, has rich experience and successful cases of global node deployment, the shareholder members are strong, with a number of domestic and foreign listed companies under Hello Muwood proposed to perform every step through the joint supervision of relevant state organs and relevant laws and regulations. That is the first time the new technology and new retail embrace.

    The highlight of Hello muwood

    Answer: Hello muwood block chain is 3.0 times the data value can be calculated, and practitioners, is the world’s fastest block chain is applied to the entity economy’s super gathered group of platform, changed the traditional economy model of development, change the way the server cloud block holding, value through agreement, to participate, the real income is derived from the growth of the entity, the growth of the GDP, rather than preach the hype, is a revolutionary progress, Hello muwood information at home and abroad have also been the depth of the various media reports, is a can be recorded in the history of block chain!

    Hello muwood related nodes

    Answer: In January 2018, it was proposed that the media debut in February and the first pre-sale sign into the real economy and service will be delivered in March. The service will be popularized nationwide in May. For more information, please pay attention to Hello muwood Official website.

    Fully embracing the blockchain technology to jointly promote the development of real economy, the value is really appreciated, not speculation advocated, a new technology is born, will inevitably be informal to formal, it is recommended to try to hold within the scope of personal capacity Part of it, then forget this for a short period of time, after two months look again. Investment should be cautious, this article only for reference.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Muwood
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: China

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    Jupiter, FL, USA – March 2, 2018 – Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that durga Garcia has been awarded with the gallery’s Artist Showcase Feature. This award is based on the results in the gallery’s recent “Solo Art Series #8 Exhibition”.

    durga Garcia is a South Carolina based photographer. She specializes in creating timeless portrait photography. durga will now be featured on the gallery’s front page and in the “Artist Showcase” section of the gallery’s website.

    durga will also be promoted to over 550+ News Outlets, Premium News Outlets (ABC, CBS, CW, Fox & NBC TV) & Radio Sites, with inclusion on Google News & Bing News. In addition, at the conclusion of the Artist Showcase feature her photography will be available for viewing in the gallery’s Artist Showcase archive.

    To be considered for any of the Solo Art Series or for the Artist Showcase features, artists were asked to submit 3 components; 1. Their art. 2. Their artist biography. 3. Their artist statement. The four winning artists were selected based on the merits of all three components of their presentations. The next 8 artists were then selected to have their art presented in the Gallery’s Artist Showcase. (

    About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

    Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is the gallery’s intention to help today’s artists to successfully market their art to a worldwide audience.

    The art gallery website can be viewed here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
    Contact Person: John R. Math
    Phone: 888-490-3530
    City: Jupiter
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    You can find the experts in furnace and duct cleaning only at Bullseye!

    BULLSEYE is the best in Alberta for furnace and duct cleaning as well as HVAC and Service Cleaning Industry. Aside from this, they have a wide range of services that can definitely benefit your home. They have expert technicians who can maintain and repair the furnace and heating systems to prepare for the winter season. When you need repairs, Bullseye can help you in any way.

    Furnace and Duct Cleaning calgary is one of the expertise of Bullseye. You may not be aware but what is hidden behind those walls but it should never be taken for granted. Your furnace might have already collected a year’s worth of grime, dirt, dust, debris, and other elements that can be harmful to the family’s health. For this instances, Bullseye can send a cleaning expert to clear out whatever that can be found in the furnace.

    Bullseye has licensed heating technicians who can help repair the air conditioning units of the house. These technicians are insured and have been through a rigid background screening for the customer’s safety and peace of mind. With these technicians’ help, determining the cause of any trouble can be traced and all parts that are busted can be replaced.

    For new air conditioning and heating units, Bullseye has years of experience in installing this equipment. They are experts in different air conditioners and furnace cleaning edmonton that may come in different makes and models. The installation technicians from Bullseye can assure you of high-quality service for satisfaction guarantee.

    When parts are needed to be replaced, which can be the main reason why air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, Bullseye can help provide the best source of replacement parts for your repair needs. Bullseye carries replacement parts for any make and model. This is to make sure that these spare parts can easily be accessed any time the technicians needs it. For any repair needs, you can contact Bullseye anytime. They have a very flexible schedule where they can always work out for you.

    The Booking Calendar is made available for every customer who is interested to experience Bullseye cleaning service. Book a service at their website anytime. Booking services are now made easy. Ensuring the comfort of the family is very important and Bullseye understands that. When you get in touch, you will be contacted as soon as possible for schedule verification.

    Bullseye knows what every home needs especially when the colder days are approaching. They have been in this business for more than 17 years. With their vast experiences, they are able to provide their customers with appropriate care needed; whether it’s for maintenance or repairs. Every machine has a wear and tear. But this can be avoided when the system is well maintained.

    Why Choose Bullseye? Simple. Because they are the best in Alberta! Why look for another service provider when Bullseye is just a phone call away. You book today and you will get your service within 24 hours. Fast and reliable. The company is 100% fully insured which includes all their staffs. The company has the best, the most trustworthy, and the only dependable people in town. Simply call them and they can give you a free Quote. No pressure.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be observant of any symptoms whether its loud noise, increased thermostat, steady rise in energy bills, and so much more. If you choose to neglect, you might end up spending more money. These are the factors to consider before calling a technician from Bullseye. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is from Monday to Sunday.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Bullseye Clean Air
    Contact Person: Chris Eastland
    Phone: (403) 995-5662
    Address:105 Brooks St
    City: Aldersyde
    State: AB T0L 0A0
    Country: Canada

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    Jonathan Loiselle Media, fournisseur reconnu de services de marketing web haut de gamme, lance une nouvelle division. Ninja Marketing aidera les entrepreneurs dans l’ensemble de la province de Québec à briller et obtenir de nouveaux clients grâce à des services de création de site web et de référencement web.

    Jonathan Loiselle Media est un nom réputé chez toutes les entreprises du Québec qui ont sollicité des services de marketing numériques fiables et efficaces. Cette agence a prouvé être un véritable expert dans l’art subtil de la promotion de l’activité en ligne. En fait, ils ont maîtrisé la subtilité au point de devenir de vrais ninjas. La nouvelle division, appeler Ninja Marketing est une preuve de cette compétence.

    Ninja Marketing est une division qui travaillera exclusivement avec des entrepreneurs québécois. Ses centres d’intérêt sont le SEO et la conception Web, tous deux travaillant ensemble pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats pour les clients.

    Qu’est-ce que de la création de Site Web provenant de Ninja Marketing ?

    Une des raisons pour laquelle Jonathan Loiselle Media fait un aussi bon travail dans leur entreprise est que le service est obstinément attentif aux détails. C’est une agence de marketing qui a toujours une stratégie à long terme, une série de plans à court terme et une douzaine de sauvegardes pour s’assurer que rien n’échoue jamais. Leur division Ninja Marketing est tout aussi bonne.

    Map Link: Creation Site Web

    Ils commencent avec ce qu’on appelle la « conception de site Web », ce qui consiste à développer le concept du site Web. Pour ce faire, l’entreprise procède à une recherche détaillée dans le domaine demandé et de l’entreprise elle-même. Ensuite, ils développent un concept du dessin ou modèle qui fonctionnera le mieux pour ces conditions particulières. Ensuite, ils passent au développement web et aux tests.

    Chaque étape du processus est contrôlée afin de garantir la meilleure qualité de service. Ce niveau de contrôle est c’est ce qui rend Ninja Marketing efficace comme un vrai Ninja. Ils agissent dans l’ombre, mais les résultats de leur travail sont impossibles à manquer. Dans ce cas, le résultat est un site Web qui fonctionne avec brio et aide l’entreprise à se développer tout autant.

    L’équipe de Ninja Marketing comprend que la conception de site Web doit inclure le référencement dès le début. Une optimisation efficace des moteurs de recherche est nécessaire pour s’assurer que les pages sont bien notées et classées par les robots Google. Pour ce faire, l’équipe effectue des recherches sur les mots clés tout en travaillant sur le concept du site Web.

    En conséquence, ils sont capables de créer des pages qui attirent immédiatement l’attention dans leur créneau. Chaque partie du site est optimisée pour les moteurs de recherche, non seulement le texte sur les pages. Les images et vidéos sont formatées conformément aux exigences de Google et ont des balises qui augmentent leur visibilité au classement des bots.

    Dans l’ensemble, Ninja Marketing est un service complet qui ne manquera pas d’aider de nombreux entrepreneurs québécois à faire croître leur entreprise. On n’en attendrait certainement pas moins de la nouvelle division de Jonathan Loiselle Media. N’hésitez pas à consulter son aperçu média pour un accès rapide.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Jonathan Loiselle Media
    Contact Person: Jonathan Loiselle
    Phone: (418) 473-1544
    Address:2388 Avenue de Lisieux
    City: Ville de Québec
    State: QC G1E 0E9
    Country: Canada

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    Washington DC, USA – Ken Gosnell, Chief Servant Officer of CXP (CEO Experience) Washington DC office, has announced that CXP has entered into a partnership with RightNow Media @ Work.

    CEO Experience, the premier resource for Christian CEOS and business owners provides content and personal growth materials to help CEOs learn faster to lead further. The partnership with RightNow Media @ Work will give CEOs access to thousands of videos and on line content that will align with the themes of the CEO Retreats that CXP members enjoy each month.

    RightNow Media @ Work is a new resource that offers over 5000 faith-based videos on marriage, parenting, leadership and more to businesses across the country and around the world. Members will have access to learn from CEOs and business owners from well known companies like Tyson Foods, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Walmart and more as they share leadership tips and strategy that will help leaders who desire to lead great businesses on biblical principles.

    Ken Gosnell stated that he was passionate about helping leaders Learn Faster to Lead Further. “I am passionate about bringing the right leadership resources to CXP members. RightNow Media @ Work will allow fast learning through video technology. These leadership videos and on line content will give CXP members access to subject matter experts who are the thoughts leaders and CEOs who are leading the best Christian businesses of our age. This partnership will help me serve the CEOs and leaders whom I support to grow their businesses and have an eternal impact. I cannot wait to introduce RightNow Media @ Work to CXP members who I coach, lead in a monthly retreats, or in quarterly excursions.”

    Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, says, “We are honored to welcome Ken Gosnell into the community. Our mission with Forbes Councils is to curate successful professionals from every industry, creating a vetted, social capital-driven network that helps every member make an even greater impact on the business world.”

    For more information, please visit:

    About CEO Experience

    Ken Gosnell founded CEO Experience (CXP) to help Christian CEOs have access to time tested biblical principles on which to build a successful business. CXP is an invitation-only community for world-class business professionals in a variety of industries. Members, who are hand-selected receive personalized one on one strategy sessions as well as a monthly CEO retreats with other successful CEOs following the principle “Where there are many advisors, there is much success.” Members receive many benefits including the opportunity to gain access to a wide range of business benefits and services including, personalized connections, peer-to-peer learning, timely video content, monthly executive guides, and the opportunity to share thought leadership content on

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CEO Experience
    Contact Person: Ken Gosnell – Founder
    Phone: 240-396-7671
    Country: United States

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    Deimira Paa Baidoo is a high-impact and accomplished business visionary with 12 years of experience in digital marketing, real estate, and business development. His analytical expertise with comprehensive real estate knowledge and proven reputation for improving fiscal operations, executing innovative solutions, and delivering superior growth results has helped many businesses.

    Deimira Paa Baidoo unwavering work ethic, innovation, and compassion have earned him the reputation as a service-centered leader within his community. Known for his trustworthy and reliable demeanor, he is a sought-after expert for his innate ability to drive company growth and treat his colleagues and clients with utmost integrity.

    Many businesses have wasted a lot of money on lead generation and business exposure. More are still falling into the trap of relying on the old traditional marketing tactics that drains their finances without tangible results. 3Volution Marketing Agency, Inc. was created to solve this problem,” said Deimira Paa Baidoo the president and CEO of 3Volution Marketing Agency, Inc., a digitally driven marketing agency with deep experience in all media and aspects of marketing. The company advises and guide clients to achieve success more efficiently by employing targeted marketing.

    Over the course of a decade, Deimira has gained extensive experience across multiple industries, from real estate investing (green homes) and finance to business development and marketing. He has proven track record of managing complex business transactions through his exceptional leadership skills.

    About Deimira Paa Baidoo

    Deimira Paa Baidoo has a 12 plus year track record in providing real estate, financial and economic solutions to clients, leading to more than 2000 closed transactions. He is currently the President and CEO of 3Volution Marketing Agency, Inc. Deimira studied Public Administration at the University of Ghana Legon and Marketing at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. He is an avid philanthropist who is passionate about helping others and advocating solidarity in everything that he does. He is a devoted family man and cherishes quality time with his beautiful wife Esther and their beautiful children, Rebakah and Kaylee.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: 3Volution Marketing Agency
    Contact Person: Deimira Paa Baidoo
    Address:Suite 228B 1935 32 Ave NE
    City: Calgary
    State: Alberta
    Country: Canada

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    RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd incepted in 2005 has established itself as a frontline manufacturer of high-precision and customized machined parts and components in China. The manufacturing concern has bolstered its goodwill as a quality producer of metallic and plastic milled/machined components.

    The advent of computers boosted the evolution of CNC machining technology that comes in perfectly handy for precisely controlling movements of factory tools and machines for manufacturing highly complex parts and components. The
    CNC machining system makes use of preprogrammed software for operating sophisticated machineries including lathes, routers, mills, and grinders for accomplishing 3D cutting projects with a single set of prompts. CNC stands for “computer numerical control” and the terminology clearly implies that all operations performed on machine tools using the buttons, wheels, and levers are computerized. The biggest advantage of using CNC machining or milling is that the drawbacks associated with manual supervision are reduced or minimized. The machine tools are operated via numerical control with regards to CNC machining. RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd is a leading China milling work service provider extending its machining services to a suite of industries in the heavy engineering sector of the economy.

    Runsom Precision’s China milling work involves the use of advanced CNC machines having three or more axes for manufacturing simple as well as complex components. These components are used in a variety of industries including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, optical, medical, prototype, electronic, defense, lighting fixtures, and consumer electronics. At the outset, a CAD (computer aided design) 2D/ 3D drawing of the component (to be manufactured using CNC machining process) is made. After that, a programmed code is encrypted that can be read by the machine and then the program is uploaded and run to make sure the operation will be smooth in the subsequent runs.

    Runsom Precision Promotes Itself As A Frontline CNC Machined Components Manufacturer

    This Chinese CNC turning manufacturer has been consistently making the most of the integrated steps involved in computerized numerical control turning like Swiss turning machining, CNC milling, and automatic lathing. This process is perfectly compatible for fabricating small components on a mass basis. One generally finds these precision parts in cell phones, automobiles, microwave ovens, washing machines, medical equipment and devices, lighting fitments, office stationery gadgets and appliances. Over the years, RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd has already produced innumerable CNC milled parts comprising washers, nuts, bolts, rivets, light fittings, wheel studs, conduit fittings, and stainless steel fittings and so on.

    RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd also manufactures custom machining parts in bulk for the food processing, custom machinery, robotic and automation, lighting, cinematic, electrical, electronic, aerospace, automotive, and diagnostic equipment industries. Multi-axis CNC milling and turning, Swiss machining, and automated lathing processes are taken advantage of for creating thousands of such small components. The vanguard CNC machined parts producer applies the most stringent quality methods for developing parts that are flawless in every respect. At the same, the outfit has in place a bankable customer service department that maintains a steady mutual communication with customers.

    About RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd

    RUNSOM Precision Co.,Ltd has been engaged in producing the sweeping range of CNC machined parts and components for different industries since 2005. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Lucy Zhang (Sales)
    Phone: +86-755-3309675
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    ionomy Studios has released a new game called ‘The Moon or Bust’ and is offering gamers a chance to win a grand prize of $5,000. According to the game developer, the first player to plant a flag on the moon will receive the prize.

    United Kingdom ionomy Studios has released a new game called ‘The Moon or Bust’ and is offering gamers a chance to win a grand prize of $5,000. According to the game developer, the first player to plant a flag on the moon will receive the prize.

    “We’re more than happy to announce that we’re offering an astronomical grand prize to the players of our new release, ‘The Moon or Bust.’ The fun game allows you to earn real cryptocurrency just by playing. Players can also compete for valuable ION prizes in weekly tournaments,” stated ionomy Studios spokesperson.

    The challenging game requires dedicated space cadets to land on the moon. It’s a race where obstacles and salvaging supplies will be encountered. The cadets will experience different dangers of space travel that makes the game challenging. The speed increases and the space journey gets deeper.

    “Our game has a shop that helps in enhancing your journey. You can choose different gear and rocket ships that help in completing your task until you reach the moon. We provide simple tilt controls so new games will not have a problem playing the game,” says company spokesperson.

    Game specification

    Size: 29.59 MB

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 9.0 or later), Android

    In-app purchases: Available

    Android users can also visit the Google Play Store for The Moon or Bust on Android.

    ionomy Studios is currently developing several different games. The ionomy Studies games include Crypto Gravity (v2 Development), Offroad Heat (Development), Urban Words (In Development), and ionix (In Development).

    ionomy Studios also provide a suite of tools available for third party game developers to enable integration with the ION economy.

    Contact (844) 237-2721 or for more information. ionomy Studios is a company offering games and tools, which allow game developers to enhance their games by tapping into the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The company is located at Spring Gardens Stables Gorseinon Road, Gorseinon, Swansea, United Kingdom, SA4 4DF.

    Visit their website at for more information.

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ionomy Studios
    Contact Person: Richard Nelson
    Phone: (844) 237-2721
    Address:Spring Gardens Stables Gorseinon Road
    City: Gorseinon, Swansea
    Country: United Kingdom

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    At present, The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics, an advanced prostate treatment facility run from Xiangtan and Changsha in China’s Hunan Province. It offers various lines of therapy for several prostate-related difficult-to-cure diseases; such as enlarged prostate, various prostatitis, prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), etc.

    Prostate treatments generally require efficient medical attention. The patient needs to make sure that he gets in touch with a professional that has experience. As men age, the probability of occurring prostate related diseases also increases significantly. Patients are given medicines, surgery, or a combination of both depending upon their conditions. Dr. Song's 3D Urology And Prostate Clinics Offer Painless And Safe 3d Prostate Cancer Treatment Service For Global Patients

    The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics run by Dr. Song and his team of highly efficient doctors and other medical professionals, (both Xiangtan and Changsha) are accredited by the Ministry of Health, People’s Republic of China (MoH, PRC). Cutting edge medical detection facility (digital rectal examination or DRE, transrectal ultrasound or TRUS, pelvic nuclear magnetic resonance imaging or MRI) is available in both the clinics. They offer the following services:

    3D Prostate treatment is a3D targeted treatment that comes with modernized medical services provided in the global market. This procedure eliminates pathogens rooted deep in the urogenital system and also clears blockage and calcification in the prostate. Old school methods (physical therapy, oral and intravenous antibiotics, etc.) treat the affected area from outside to inside, whereas this radically different approach addresses the cause of the disease. The success rate is a whopping 95+%, whereas a traditional line of treatment offers a success rate of mere 20% or even less. Results start to show after one to two weeks and the recovery holiday is around three to six months. This 3D prostatitis treatment has no significant side-effects, and it is not at all painful.

    Prostate cancer treatment are focused on plethora of problems; such as seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, cystitis, urethritis, male infertility, sexual dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS).  3D prostate targeted treatment can kill pathogens, clear toxic materials and blockage, eradicate various prostate lesions and can thoroughly treat many prostate-related health issues.

    3D prostate targeted treatment generally requires the attention of experienced professionals. Prostate blockage and calcificationindicate a compromised or weak urogenital system; such as, prostate blockage and calcification, seminal vesicle blockage and calcification, epididymis blockage and calcification and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). Patients are given targeted injections every Monday to Saturday for four to six weeks, and they will start responding after one to two weeks. This procedure is unique, painless, and safe; which kills the causative pathogens and pathogenic cells, and also eliminates prostatic endotoxins and clears blockage and calcification.

    About The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics:

    The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are medical chain run by highly experienced doctors and other skilled professionals. The two clinics at Xiangtan and Changsha offer 3D Prostate targeted treatment, 3D Prostate cancer treatment, 3D Enlarged prostate treatment and other prostate-related treatments. Patients come from 60+ countries including Britain, Germany, US, Australia, Canada.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics
    Contact Person: Miss Alisa Wang
    Phone: +86-18673216429 (WhatsApp)
    State: Hunan Province
    Country: China

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    Setting new standards in healthcare supply chain agility and visibility.

    Hong Kong – March 05, 2018 – DCH Auriga, the Asian-based integrated market management leader who specialises in healthcare, announced today that it has successfully rolled out JDA Warehouse Management – a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) to its second distribution centre in Hong Kong on 26 Feb 2018, one month after the first successful rollout of JDA’s WMS in Hong Kong.

    “We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished and are thrilled in having the second project in Hong Kong successfully rolled out in such a short time. This is especially impressive given that our WMS needs to integrate to the system used in local hospitals and that Chinese New Year festival was just before the go-live date. Our IT team, operation team and our partner AC2 have worked very hard and very well together, ensuring the go-live was smooth and successful,” said David Mouland, Vice President of Operations at DCH Auriga. “This go-live has caused zero disruption to the operations, has been very well organized, planned and professionally executed.”

    “This successful WMS go-live marks a very significant milestone for us, it has given us the assurance that our strategic IT plan has worked out well and now we are able to scale to support DCH Auriga’s rapid growth. We have a highly dedicated team, and we have partnered with the supply chain expert, AC2, who has provided us with their exceptional commitment and technological expertise.” added Paul Chan, the head of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Group IT.”

    “DCH Auriga has strategically placed some of their best minds in this project, allowing us to shorten the time required in many discussions, especially in the system validation process which is incredibly important for the healthcare industry. We are honoured to be their supply chain partner, and we are pleased that our expertise is able to help them in aligning and accelerating their supply chain digital transformation,” said AW Yang Uei, the Managing Partner of AC2 group of companies.

    “Congratulations to DCH Auriga and the JDA elite partner AC2 on their success. Together with AC2, JDA has driven greater and faster time-to-value to DCH Auriga. I am very pleased and proud that JDA Software is helping DCH Auriga to embark on their digital supply chain journey, and playing an important part in overcoming their ever-rising supply chain complexities and challenges presented by such digital transformation. JDA is very pleased with the result and we are looking forward to more JDA success stories from AC2.” said Amit Bagga, President, Asia-Pacific, JDA Software.

    About DCH Auriga

    DCH Auriga is an Asia-based integrated market management provider specialising in healthcare. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong as a member of Dah Chong Hong Holdings (stock code: 1828.HK) with 50+ years of experience and operations in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Offering comprehensive commercial and logistics solutions, DCH Auriga partners with the world’s leading healthcare companies to distribute pharmaceuticals, medical devices, surgical equipment, diagnostics and OTC products for 500+ brands into 10,000+ hospitals, pharmacies and specialty stores across Asia.

    DCH Auriga is a member of Dah Chong Hong Holdings (stock code: 1828.HK), an integrated motor and consumer products distribution company operating in Asia. Dedicated to bringing to quality products to consumers across Asia, DCH is the preferred partner of over 1,000 brands from more than 30 countries with operations in 10 Asian economies.

    For more information, please visit and

    About AC2

    The AC² Group is a leading solution provider for warehouse solution consulting and supply chain related technologies in Asia. With over 25 years of knowledge and experiences in implementing supply chain solution, the company has successfully deployed many supply chain solutions throughout Asia-Pacific. With headquarter located in Singapore, AC2 has now expanded its market coverage, having offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The company has signed an extended reseller & partnership agreement with JDA ( in Feb 2017, allowing AC2 group to further extend its market reach to the entire Asia Pacific region with JDA state-of-the-art supply chain solutions.

    For more information on AC2, please visit and

    To view the Chinese version of this article on AC2 website, please follow this link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AC Square Limited
    Contact Person: Media Department
    Phone: +60193557888
    Country: Singapore

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    The skyscraper ads of XiaoPuLaiLe made its debut in NASDAQ screen of New York Times Square at the very beginning of new year (the 1st day of Chinese lunar new year), by which the core management and all staffs of “XiaoPuLaiLe” wish all Chinese around the whole world a happy spring festival. “XiaoPuLaiLe” interprets its powerful brand influence to all Chinese around the world with its industrial leading status.   

    It is self-evident that New York Times Square is the heart of Manhattan and also a scenic spot that must go and visit by all tourists worldwide traveling to New York. Every day tens of thousands people come and visit the square, which makes it one of the best windows “for attracting the world attention” and “intersection of the world”. With nearly 500,000 visitor flow rate, the square has become a golden place for product promotion. 

    As the world’s first social new retail light entrepreneurship platform, “XiaoPuLaiLe” made its voice heard to the whole world on the first day of Chinese lunar new year in 2018 with its business idea of “spending the money you own” penetrated in the heart of people. By abiding by the user-based business logic, it satisfies users’ real and potential demands by social interaction. Users could share their favorite commodities via social media and start up their business by simply playing with Facebook, Twitter, WeChat or Microblog with no cost or experience needed at all. With 1 mobile phone + social interaction, one could run a business of nearly RMB 100 million and expand its business to the whole world. By providing a one-stop solution of running a store -selecting goods- sharing- logistics-after-sales, users could save money if using the commodities all by themselves or earn money by selling them. It aims at bringing users all brand new social, intelligent, recreational, individual and service ecological experience with one-stop service, manifesting that the new social retail era of sharing economy is coming. 

    “XiaoPuLaiLe” APP is indeed a very funny, fashionable and different mobile store, where all commodities it sells are practical, useful, fashionable and cost-saving and can also be traded. Covering the commodities of hundreds of millions brands worldwide, with diversified varieties and genuine quality and a huge sharing inventory, the APP is able to penetrate all aspects of all basic necessities of lives. It redefines campus OMO full ecological chain via WeChat, Microblog, mini apps, celebrity endorsement, live video streaming by web celebrity and offline studio. By attracting all those desiring of starting their own business, taking a part-time job or creating wealth with fragmented time such as college students, pregnant mothers and mothers of babies, civil servants, businessmen and retirees, “XiaoPuLaiLe” updates and transforms the new generation of social new retail business mode, realizing the full exploration of ecological business chain and maximizing platform value.

    So far, the downloads of “XiaoPuLaiLe” App has reached 2 million and more than 400,000 online “XiaoPuLaiLe Mini store” and over one hundred offline studios have been opened. The quantity of studios is expected to break through 1,000 at the end of 2018.

    With comprehensive guarantee and brand new mode, “XiaoPuLaiLe” will become an overwhelming phenomenal global social new retail light entrepreneurship platform.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Xiaozhuang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Guo
    Phone: +86 021-31106600
    Country: China

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    “Experience and save on a relaxing ride with Ride N’ Relax anywhere you go, at any time that you need it with their 10% discount on first-time riders!”

    Ride N’ Relax. This company is the leader when it comes to ground transportation in Los Angeles, California. They are offering the best transportation service to and from the airport, or if a fancy ride for a special night out in town is needed. Choose from their luxurious and stylish transportation service. They have Black Cars that can seat 3-6 passengers and have Stretch Limousines or Buses that are perfect for a large group of people.


    The Ride N’ Relax Luxury Rides

    Black Lincoln Town Car is perfect for 3 passengers. A professional driver will be provided. This is a luxury sedan which comes with a charging station. For luggage problems, this has a perfect luggage space for 4.

    The Ride N’ Relax Luxury Van is the best choice for up to 4 seaters. They have flat rates available with the Black Luxury Van – Loaded. It can store up to 6 luggage spaces and comes with leather recliners. This van also comes with a charging station and Sirius XM.

    The Luxury Sedan is a Mercedes-Benz S550. Call or book online anytime that there is a need for up to 3-passenger ride. All of the seats are upholstered with leather and the ride will be with an experienced chauffeur. This has a luggage capacity of 3. If luxury and comfort is the priority, this is the best choice.

    For a Luxury SUV, call or book online for Ride N’ Relax Cadillac Escalade ESV. It can sit up 6 people in its classic leather seating. It is very stylish that would be perfect for a fancy ride around LA. It grants access to it’s in/out media and also with its large luggage space.

    Stretch Limousines, Party Buses, Hummers, Coaches, and Buses are always available from Ride N’ Relax and are ready for booking anytime. Call the company, or book online for Party Buses that can sit more than 20 people. Choose from a 10-passenger Lincoln, a 10-Passenger Chrysler, and a lot more! And to top it all off, you will have your own Professional Chauffeur.

    Ride N’ Relax Las Vegas Round Trips are also available. Need a fancy ride to Las Vegas and back?  The company has a Limo Rental Service to bring you to your weekend trip on the Strip in a world-class transportation with comfort and style. They have the best luxury transportation to bring their clients to Las Vegas and back. Call and book anytime for any private transportation needs.

    LAX Airport Shuttle and Ontario Airport Shuttle are also available. Nobody wants to be late and end up missing their flight. For first time riders, you get an exclusive 10% discount on your ride to the LAX Airport! Book with Ride N’ Relax for a stress-free ride from where you are to the airport. They have the best luxury car service that will make sure that you will never miss your flight. Book their Black Car Service or the Shuttle Service. No more miserable times on a tiny bus! Just ride and relax while preparing for a long flight.

    Ride N’ Relax is not just a luxury transportation service provider. They know what each of their clients needs. The company is committed to excel and they make sure that they dedicate all their efforts to provide world-class service each and every time to their clients. No company can beat the customer satisfaction guaranteed service that only Ride N’ Relax can offer. They can provide you with a reliable transportation for any type of occasion all across the Greater Los Angeles.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: R&B Auto Center
    Contact Person: Gary McCoy
    Phone: (855) 783-7133
    Address:16020 Foothill Boulevard
    City: Fontana
    State: CA 92335
    Country: United States

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    According to their customers’ buying trends, Bieber-Clothing.Com rules that more and more young boys and girls are willing to purchase Justin Bieber hoodies to flaunt a modern, casual fashion.

    Justin Bieber hoodies and jackets are very popular among the youngsters. Not only his fans, but these hoodies are a trendy choice among new generation fashion lovers. The famous online store selling Justin Bieber merchandise, Bieber-Clothing.Com sells a number of Justin Bieber hoodies every month to their customers from different parts of the world.

    According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have an exclusive Justin Bieber hoodie collection that can appeal to men and women of all ages. They are selling hoodies and sweatshirts at discount prices and update their stock on a regular basis. Every month, a large number of customers are purchasing these Justin Bieber hoodies from them and this signifies the growing trend of wearing hoodies among people, particularly among youngsters. These hoodies are available in a variety of styles and attractive colors and are the true representation of Justin’s style.

    Justin Bieber Hoodie Collection Is the New Rage among Youngsters Discloses Bieber-Clothing.Com
    The spokesperson reveals that they have the complete range of Justin Bieber merchandise in their stock. Besides hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets, they also have yellow and red sweatpants for both male and female customers. Available in different sizes, both boys and girls are purchasing these sweatpants to look more stylish and trendy. Made from the fine quality fabric, the sweatpants are thick and warm, offering all the comfort and softness to a wearer. With the best quality stitching, one can do several kinds of workouts and other activities without any trouble or discomfort. The sweatpants and Justin Bieber hoodies make a perfect combination for anyone looking to lead an active lifestyle.

    The online store also offers the purpose tour merch that appropriately represent the clothes popularized by Justin Bieber himself during his concerts and tours. After wearing these Justin Bieber classic clothes, one can feel to be a rock star and also a real fan of Justin. With a huge fan following all around the world, Justin is a world famous pop singer and his fans can now purchase all types of Justin merchandise on the website                                                                   

    About provides Justin Bieber sweaters, hoodies, hats, pants, and various other items popularized by Justin for all his fans. All dresses and accessories are available at reasonable prices and showcase Justin’s exclusive style. Made of quality material, these clothes are available in different sizes and are made for all Justin Bieber fans, irrespective of their age and physique.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen MiBaoSpace Technology Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Tyler Liu
    City: Shenzhen
    State: Guangdong province
    Country: China

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