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    Delaware – May 24, 2018 – Big names in the industry expected a turbulent week with the Consensus event, many predicting an altcoin rally based on trends from previous years. Reality showed hardly any movement at all, proving again that the Crypto atmosphere remains unpredictable and that past results don’t give any guarantees for the future.

    To Project POMA it is clear that other issues are affecting the market. We believe the entire market is becoming more mature and less driven by hype and news reports. This is a good development and an indicator that bigger organizations are looking seriously at blockchain adoption.

    As indicated in the previous press release of 14 May 2018, this press release gives an update on Project POMA’s first completed projects & start of beta testing.

    POMA Blockchain:

    This is an exciting week for the entire Project POMA team. Testnet alpha is launching at the end of this week for internal use and for testing applications from Project POMA and its partners.

    Coldition Energy & Cooling Systems BV:

    Project POMA official partners with Coldition Energy & Cooling Systems BV in the Netherlands.

    Coldition BV uses blockchain technology to offer energy in packages called Coldition Energy Blocks (CEBs) to the blockchain network. The self-learning system calculates in real time the most cost-effective usage of the energy and decides by means of artificial intelligence (AI) to either deliver the generated energy to the network or use it itself.

    The Coldition blockchain network will be driven by Coldition tokens [CLDT] launched on the POMA Blockchain.

    Details on token distribution will be announced mid June 2018. The private presale will start on July 1, 2018 and is by invitation only.

    POMA Academy:

    Project POMA is opening the pre-registration of POMA Academy to people who want to participate in the e-learning project.

    The project focuses on providing valuable online marketing knowledge to participating people and companies. This knowledge enables them to develop strategic marketing tools to generate more revenue. People can thus “create their own jobs” and which can efficiently strengthen the local economy and provide local companies with increased revenue in a very short time. These tools can be used in practically all levels of society worldwide.

    The platform offers opportunities for intensive cooperation with local companies, schools, government authorities and benefits agencies, enabling fast communication, costs can be significantly reduced and results can be measured very quickly.

    Interested people can request information via and registration is possible via

    Turnkey Payment System:

    Project POMAs latest developments have been pegged to the POMA Payment Gateway and the Turnkey Payment Systems. As of this press release the test network is active and the systems are being tested with Project POMA’s and partner’s systems.


    POMApages allows people, companies, and freelancers all over the world to truly adopt cryptocurrency. In addition to its global business directory, POMApages also offers space for a global cryptocurrency commercial platform with the following services:

    – The best travel deals and sun holidays

    – Restaurant and hotel deals

    – Car rental worldwide

    – Global webshop with consumer goods from laptops to sports articles

    Affiliate program:

    An affiliate program has been set up which makes it possible to promote the activities, services and products of Project POMA.

    Registration on the affiliate program will be possible starting 1 June 2018 via the platform

    Other press release to follow:

    Press release: POMACOIN specifications & distribution schedule

    More information on Project POMA projects and team can be found on

    We invite you to spread the word and join our global team on Telegram

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Project POMA, LLC
    Contact Person: Arjen Breedt – Founder & CEO
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9999999999
    State: Delaware
    Country: United States

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    Los Gatos, CA, USA – May 25, 2018 – Known as the Wealthy Goddess to her fans, Isis Jade has overcome abduction, torture, and near death at the hands of a human trafficker. She’s used those experiences to heal herself, and dedicated her life to inspire and motivate women around the world through her Wildly Wealthy Goddesses coaching, books, courses and new podcast series.

    “I work with entrepreneurial women who have suffered trauma or abuse in their life to become fully self-empowered, self-expressed and successful in delighting themselves in life and serving their purpose at the highest levels with ease and grace,” said Jade.

    Jade’s incredible story of overcoming abduction, captivity, torture, near death, and life-threatening health issues has been an inspiration to thousands of women. She’s dedicated her life to being a powerful voice for women in need of healing, confidence and personal power, teaching them how to transform their inner lives to achieve wealth and success using their innate talents and their soul mission in life. Her nonprofit charity, A Child Unchained, raises money to liberate children from traffickers in the hardest hit regions of the world.

    Jade, an expert intuitive in business strategy, leadership, personal power, and The Law of Delight, shares her hard-won wisdom and insights during her new podcast series. She addresses topics ranging from the seven attributes of intuitive leaders, the universal laws of success to reaching your full potential. Her strategies for teaching women to use the hidden Law of Delight, and feminine power to become a magnet for prosperity while serving out of bold, courageous love at the highest levels has attracted a following of loving fans. Jade guides women through unique strategies that help them regain their sense of power, heal trauma, rediscover the delight and joy in life, deepen self-love, self-worth, belief, and self-value and showing how how women’s inner relationship with themselves affects their success, money and happiness.

    Available by application only, the coaching offered by Jade is designed for women entrepreneurs who are struggling to become financially free or frustrated with trying to bust through their limited beliefs and blocks to become successful. Jade shows women how to channel their energy into creating success that allows them to attain the life they long for.

    Wildly Wealthy Goddesses offers coaching, self-paced programs, and retreats providing women with strategies they can immediately begin to use to transform their relationships, income, businesses and success. The step-by-step strategy dispels financial limitation by addressing hidden traumas that may be holding women back from realizing their full potential. Women will gain a deep sense of power, magnetism, passion, and confidence while learning how to manifest their goals without being overwhelmed, undervalued and succumbing to overwork, stress or burnout.

    The podcasts, coaching, and Wildly Wealthy Goddesses training offered by Jade provide women around the world with the knowledge, strategies and techniques needed to “Unlock Your Goddess Code™” to transform their inner struggles, so they can live life out loud on their terms. Jade is living proof that women can turn their trauma into triumph and their mess into their message to achieve the success they truly deserve.

    About Isis Jade

    Isis Jade is a best-selling author, empowerment coach, world renowned intuitive and expert on the universal laws of prosperity and success. She works with women who have suffered trauma or abuse in their life to become fully self-empowered and successful. An inspiring motivational speaker, former CEO and Fortune 500 consultant, she coaches women on feminine power, magnetism, serving your mission in life at the highest levels, and the Law of Delight. She provides guidance through her podcast series and works to educate, mentor and coach women in self-improvement and self-growth. Her nonprofit charity, A Child Unchained, works with volunteer organizations to liberate children from human traffickers around the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Isis Jade
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 408-550-6457
    Country: United States

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    After a year of hard work and training, the Early Scholars debate team has earned the championship spot in the NYC Urban Debate League Tournament for the third year in a row.

    May 25, 2018 – New York, NY – On Saturday, May 19th, Early Scholars was named the “Top Elementary Debate Team” in New York City, earning the spot as 2018 champions. Early Scholars has held the champion position for three years running. The award came after the NYC Urban Debate League Tournament hosted by the largest city debate team in the nation. To win the award, the Early Scholars team participated in three rounds of debate covering two topics.

    Early Scholars focuses on educating debaters in the art of debate at a young age. The Early Scholars dual debate training program offers a combination of intensive online debate dialogue sessions and onsite training to help scholars improve reasoning skills, higher order thinking, research and note taking skills, poise, and confidence. After the first term of training, most students are able to use reason and evidence to form and deliver balanced, informed arguments, allowing the team to perform well at tournaments like the NYC Urban Debate League Tournament. 

    “Educating our scholars to gain deeper content knowledge and present reasoned ideas with confidence is part of our program’s philosophy,” said Dr. Erin Jacques, CEO of Early Scholars. “We believe that for students to succeed in the 21st century, they need to demonstrate strong intellectual and social competencies, drive change, influence others, and collaborate effectively. In turn, our debate coaches are topic matter experts with extensive practical experience who facilitate the success of our scholars.” 

    One of those coaches, Alissa Semple indicated her pride in the students and their work and growth throughout the year. “I continue to be impressed by the dedication of our scholars, and I enjoy seeing their skills improve,” she said. One of the team’s newest debaters, Tyler Kye, was able to earn sixth place at his first tournament this year because of the excellent work of the coaches and teammates who trained him in the art of debate.

    Dr. Jacques also expressed pride in the work of the students and their ability to remain flexible throughout the year. “The students talked about the unpredictability of the debates,” Dr. Jacques stated. “We explained to them that the mornings of the tournaments are unpredictable. Debaters have to be flexible and adaptable and learn how to roll with the punches.” 

    As an example, Dr. Jacques pointed to the tenacity of Anelyse Lopez, one of their debate team members. On the morning of one of the team’s tournaments, her two teammates were not able to arrive in time for the debate due to car troubles. She had to take on a three-person team of opponents as an Ironwoman, or one-person debater. She was able to push through the challenge to take home third place overall. 

    “We are proud of the dedicated support staff and debate coaches,” said Dr. Jacques. “Our community is fortunate to have the support of parents who are committed to debate and support our approach. Having stakeholders who are committed to the vision is a plus.” 

    At the May 19th tournament, three of the team’s debaters took home top team winner awards: Adrian Chen, Zachary Jacques and Bryan Xie. All three are veteran Early Scholars. The team is looking forward to continuing the winning streak in 2019.

    For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Early Scholars, Inc.
    Contact Person: Erin Jacques
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 3474743140
    Address:61-43 186th street
    City: Oakland Gardens
    State: New York
    Country: United States

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    The tech world is full of wonders and of course lots of jargon, irrelevant information, news, and details. Browse any tech site, you will find hundreds of boring articles before landing to the one which grabs your interest. In this era of blogging, every second technology website is just filling content in every possible tech topic which is deviating them from their primary aim to become a useful technology blog and become Wikipedia. So, rather than following them and losing your interest in technology slowly, it’s time to move to a technology blog which really cares about its visitors – TechGYD.COM.

    TechGYD doesn’t pick random stuff on post them on daily basis but rather selects most controversial and trivial problems of customer technology world, solves it and ends it once and for all. The blog publishes how-to guides, in-depth articles, software reviews and listicles providing the list of best apps/software or gadget to solve any specific problem related to technology. From Windows to Mac to Linux OS, Android to iOS, Xbox, Gadgets, Video Editing, Graphic Designing, PC Tune-Up, Gaming, Business or Internet, you will find a variety of articles providing tips, tricks and hacks to learn new things in Technology.

    TechGYD has a huge community of over 5 million people who come to the website monthly taking their problems and leaving with a satisfaction in their minds. The website makes sure that all of its readers not only enjoy the wonderful topics of technology but also stay updated with latest innovations happening in the tech world. So, time to time, you’ll find tech news of the most interesting and concerning topics of the tech world. TechGYD also holds contests and gives its readers a chance to win useful premium software, services and cash prizes for free. By far, it has given away prizes of worth $50,000 to its readers.

    The blog is the primary method but TechGYD also likes to keep its fans and followers on its social media channels up to date with latest articles being published on the blog. So, you don’t really need to visit the website daily, you will receive the update while browsing Twitter or Facebook or receive an Email newsletter from TechGYD showcasing the most popular articles of the week. To let you directly read only what matters to you.

    If you never had a chance to visit TechGYD.COM, I recommend you to visit it right now and you’ll get to know what important things you were missing by not following the blog or its social media channels. Be a part of our loyal readers, take part in discussions, suggest topics and gain new information daily. Brands can promote their innovative products by advertising at If you are a brand who has released innovative products that can help tech users in making their life more comfortable then you are most welcome. Get in touch, let TechGYD spread the word about your product. TechGYD has the eyes of 5 million readers. They can get your message through and help drive quality exposure in front of high-quality tech enthusiasts.

    With over 3000 articles distributed in a multitude of technology topics, TechGYD is by far the most interesting tech blog you’ll ever find.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TechGYD
    Contact Person: Alka Saha
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 7053704535
    Country: India

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    Offers brands a new age and effective marketing solution

    May 28th, 2018 – Emoji Games, a leading name in the business has launched Crypto Playable Ad, whichis the blockchain version of Branded Mini-Games and a smart new marketing solution for brands.

    Emoji Games has gained its reputation as a HTML5 Playable ad game specialist on the back of the high quality options it has offered clients all over the world. Its Branded Mini-Games (BMG) has given clients an engaging platform for playable ads and digital marketing, which has a big impact today. The company has more than 80 templates for games in HTML5, which have been specially created by the company’s DIY gamifying studio or its in-house team of experienced professionals.

    The blockchain version, Crypto Playable Ad takes things a step further and enables brands to boost engagement with consumers and thereby the CTR for their campaign. That’s because of its unique feature that rewards users with Pocket Arena token “POC” whenever they play the game or invite their friends to play. It is interesting to note that this crypto gaming token from Emoji Games has been qualified as a utility token by Swiss government body of finance regulation. Another advantage of using this token is that it reduces the budget drastically.

    With the growing popularity of HTML5 games on social media, brands are lapping them up with gusto. However there’s the concern of budgets that all brands have to deal with. Playable game creation can cost brands tens of thousands of dollars. But Kajin Teoh, Business Development Director of Emoji Games asserts, “These blockchain based Branded Mini-Games will be able to provide higher engagements and fun features to end-users with smaller budget. With POC rewards given to gamers, advertisers will experience the true viral effect of the branded game.”

    These games are created by professionals with over 15 years of experience of offering smart solutions to more than 50 International brands including Samsung, KFC, BMW and Kinderjoy. It gives clients the confidence they need in these new age marketing solutions from Emoji Games that can have the right impact for their brands at fraction of the cost. 

    About Emoji Games

    It is a leading distributor and provider of mobile gaming and marketing solutions in the telecom industry. Since its inception in 2005, the company with offices in 8 countries has delivered more than 1.5 billion games all over the world.

    Media Contacts:

    Emoji Games GmbH

    Phone no: +41 41 450 3212

    Address: Hirschengraben 31, 6003, Luzern, Switzerland



    Media Contact
    Company Name: Emoji Games GmbH
    Contact Person: Juhee Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +41 41 450 3212
    Address:Hirschengraben 31, 6003
    City: Luzern
    Country: Switzerland

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    SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd is a stainless steel water tank leading producer in China. its products consists of : Stainless steel tank for solar hot water and heat pump, electric heater tank, enamel tank, solar collector, solar working station& controller, solar hot water system related accessories, and related stainless steel hot water products.

    Stainless steel water tank from SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd are industry-leading solar storage tanks ideal for a variety of private, business and municipal solar hot water and Hot Water Cylinders. SST heating energy solar hot water storage tanks are accessible in a variety of sizes making them perfect for the smallest 2 person domestic hot water system to the biggest business/municipal solar heating system.

    SST Hot Water Storage Tanks are used in thousands of solar hot water and heating systems around the globe. Their tanks are produced with #304 stainless steel (one grade below titanium) and use 14 – 16 measure, depending on the size. Their Stainless Steel Tanks can deal with any temperature that these frameworks put out and are hygienically spotless. They provide hot water storage tank manufactures like OEM and ODM to procurement companies, and facility administration firms. SST heating energy Tank

    SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd Presents Stainless Steel Tank For Solar Hot Water And Heat Pump Industries

    Expansive volume hot water storage tanks are built to the highest standards in the industry and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

    Despite the fact that they offer standard tank designs, they understand that not every project is the same and modifications are important. So, regardless of whether you require standard o­ff the shelf designs or a full custom tank, SST heating energy tank has the experience to help direct you through your selection process and build the vessel you need.

    SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd offers a total line of Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty products for all your commercial and domestic water heating needs. Their products offer the most Hot Water Tank Manufactures in the industry. From glass on steel, to stainless steel, SST heating energy co., ltd can take care of your boiling water demand. By providing knowledgeable live specialized help, hearing global client’s needs, and putting resources into progressing innovative work, they proceed with a tradition of perfection and enable their clients to understand the highest quality and value for their investment.

    About SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd

    Since 2006, SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd, because of its great quality, customer needs-orient design, high client’s satisfaction and solid administration, have grown quick with every year double turnover and clients quantities. And SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd turn out to be some well-know big companies’ provider and enjoy high reputation of stainless steel hot water tank industry in China. For more information, please visit their office site:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SST Heating Energy Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Michelle
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-20-31062833
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    New website features computer case reviews, advice, and buying guides on market’s best computer cases

    MAY 28, 2018 – Consumers looking for the best computer cases are using Computer Case Lab to find the best products on the market.

    The team at Computer Case Lab has created a comprehensive resource where shoppers can find the latest computer cases on the market and discover need-to-know information through computer case reviews, advice, and buying guides.

    “We’re on a mission to help you find the best computer case,” said the staff at Computer Case Lab, who are constantly adding new content to their website to help consumers stay abreast of the current products on the market.

    For instance, the website features reviews such as “CM Storm Stryker – Gaming Full Tower Computer Case”, “MasterBox Mi5 Mid-Tower Computer Case”, and “Apevia X-SNIPER2-GN ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case”.

    Articles include topics such as “Knowing the Different Types of Computer Cases”, “How to Choose the Right Computer Case for Your Next Build”, and “Benefits of a High End Computer Case”.

    Visitors can even receive the latest tips and reviews in their inboxes when they sign up at the website.

    More information can be found at

    About Computer Case Lab

    Computer Case Lab offers everything consumers need to discover the best computer cases on the market today.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Computer Case Lab
    Contact Person: Matthew Warren
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Simply Screws Up helps consumers from all walks of life with guides and advice on today’s best screwdrivers

    MAY 28, 2018 – The team at Simply Screws Up is helping consumers from all walks of life find the perfect screwdrivers for their needs.

    Simply Screws Up recognizes that finding a screwdriver isn’t always as simple as it seems. With a market filled with competition, consumers don’t always know where to look for quality and reliability in a screwdriver. That’s where Simply Screws Up comes in.

    The company works to review the market’s best selling screwdrivers to help consumers determine which one will best fit their needs. For instance, Simply Screws Up has recently reviewed models from brands such as VonHaus, Tacklife, Hitachi, DEWALT, and Black+Decker.

    In addition, Simply Screws Up helps answer common questions raised by consumers in terms of screwdrivers. For instance, recently released articles include “Can an Electric Screwdriver be Used as a Drill?”, “How are Screwdrivers Sized?”, and “What Does a Screwdriver Look Like?”

    At the Simply Screws Up homepage, visitors can get side by side comparisons of the best brands. Details are now available at

    About Simply Screws Up

    Simply Screws Up is a one-stop website where consumers can learn everything they need to know about finding the right screwdriver for their needs.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Simply Screws Up
    Contact Person: Samuel Matthews
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Recently released website offers top five drafting tables for mechanics, architects, and engineers

    MAY 28, 2018 – When it comes to creating their designs, mechanics, architects, and engineers all know that a drafting table is critical. The right drafting table offers the perfect height and angle a professional needs to create their design, yet finding the perfect drafting table can be a challenge.

    According to People Are Artists, finding the right drafting table means needing to know the terminology of drafting tables, as well as the pros and cons of various models. People Are Artists has taken the headache out of finding an ideal drafting table by reviewing and creating a list of the top five drafting tables on the market today.

    The People Are Artists homepage now features a comprehensive buying guide with all the details of top drafting tables. This list includes popular brands such as Studio Designs, Tangkula, Coaster Desks, and Safco Products.

    Not only can shoppers find these reviews, but they can also get many of their questions answered in carefully curated articles created by People Are Artists. Some of these include “Drafting Table Dimensions and Guidelines”, “How to Assemble a Drafting Table”, and “How to Choose the Proper Drafting Table Size”.

    More information is available now at

    About People Are Artists

    People Are Artists offers an in-depth look at drafting tables for mechanical drawing professionals, architects, and engineers with reviews, articles, and more.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: People Are Artists
    Contact Person: Rhonda Holmes
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Compost tumblers offer space-saving way to recycle everyday trash into garden compost

    MAY 28, 2018 – Gardeners living in the city often search for ways to recycle everyday kitchen scraps into compost, but they all have one challenge: they need something compact and easy to use.

    Let’s Make It Clean helps these eco-friendly consumers find the perfect space-saving solutions. The website serves as a one-stop resource for compost tumbler reviews, advice, and more.

    Compost tumblers offer streamlined designs and can often be placed in small areas, making them a dream come true for anyone wanting to make compost without needing a larger area.

    The Let’s Make It Clean homepage offers a buying guide featuring aspects such as durability, portability, ease of use, drainage, and ventilation. Articles offer insight into topics such as “What to Put in a Compost Tumbler”, “What is a Compost Tumbler?”, and “How to Start a Compost Tumbler”.

    The Let’s Make It Clean team reviews compost tumblers from brands such as Yimby, Lifetime, and Joraform to help consumers find the perfect compost bin for their needs. More information is available at

    About Let’s Make It Clean

    Amateur and seasoned gardeners and recyclers use Let’s Make It Clean to find the best compost tumblers on the market today.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lets Make It Clean
    Contact Person: Melissa Kepley
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Finding the perfect mattress topper is a dream with All With Sleepy Head’s reviews, advice, and guides

    MAY 28, 2018 – All With Sleepy Head has launched a website where finding the perfect mattress topper is a dream. The new website features the best mattress toppers through detailed reviews and informative articles designed to answer consumers’ questions seamlessly.

    The best mattress topper reviews website features everything shoppers need to find the ideal addition to their bed. Some of the reviews now available at All With Sleepy Head include “Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3” Memory Foam Mattress Review”, “DreamFoam Bedding Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper Review”, and “Advanced Sleep Solution Gel Memory Foam Topper Review”.

    Articles at All With Sleepy Head answer consumers’ questions about mattress toppers. Some of the articles that can be found at the website include “Why Use Mattress Topper”, “What Does a Mattress Topper Do?”, and “What Is Mattress Topper Used For”.

    The homepage even offers a buying guide that offers information such as kinds of mattress toppers, topper sizes, thickness, density, and covers.

    The team at All With Sleepy Head is adding new information as new products come onto the market. Further details can be found at

    About All With Sleepy Head

    Shoppers come to All With Sleepy Head to learn about the best mattress toppers available today.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: All With Sleepy Head
    Contact Person: Keith Waters
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    The Optic World features reviews on some of the best rangefinders hunters can find

    MAY 28, 2018 – Hunters getting ready for the next hunting season are looking to equip themselves with the best gear, including top-of-the-line rangefinders. Many hunters are using one new website to find the market’s leading rangefinders to help them get the best shot.

    The Optic World is a recently released website featuring articles and reviews compiled by rangefinder experts. All of this content makes the website a simple, trusted resource for any hunter who wants to find the best rangefinder to take on their hunt.

    Some of the rangefinders reviewed at The Optic World include products from brands such as Nikon, Wosports, Bushnell, TecTecTec, Sig Sauer, Vortex, and Halo. Articles now published at The Optic World include “Laser Rangefinder or GPS for Golf”, “How Accurate are Laser Rangefinders?”, and “Do Rangefinders Work at Night?”

    The Optic World continues to add new articles and reviews designed to offer fast-reads and in-depth information for hunters who are serious about setting their sights on a perfect shot this hunting season and beyond.

    More information about the company can be found at

    About The Optic World

    The Optic World helps hunters find accurate, reliable rangefinders with reviews on some of the market’s most reputable models.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Optic World
    Contact Person: Brian Noble
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    The new courses have been carefully designed to include topics specific to the regions female workforce

    Dubai, UAE – LEADWomen, the region’s first leadership and professional development consultancy catering to the needs of the Middle East and Africa’s female workforce, has announced a series of new leadership courses, including the first Mini MBA designed specifically for women in the workplace.

    LEADWomen was developed to provide strategic and insightful training for women in the workplace, after recognising the setbacks many women face in their careers. By offering an educational and self-development network run by women, for women, LEADWomen hopes to inspire women to lead through the training they receive.

    The newly launched “Mini MBA: Women in Leadership” has been designed to answer the many questions women are faced with in their professional careers – namely, if they have what it takes to lead. Despite numerous studies and research outlining that women are actually better suited to lead in the new economic realities, creating that reality has been more challenging.

    This inspiring and innovative LEADWomen training course will enable women to better understand who they are as leaders, by empowering them to take the lead and build the career, team and life that they want, at an Executive MBA level.


    Commenting on the launch of their new training programmes, Sophie Said, Business Development Director said:

    “It’s an exciting time in the region, and we are proud to be one of the few firms led by women, actively seeking to better the workforce and working culture. LEADWomen is more than just a training consultancy, we are building an active community of inspiring women, where we can share the latest trends in executive education, along with news, interviews and training tools”.

    By unleashing the power, potential and positivity in the workplace, LEADWomen expects to see an exciting new dynamic emerge in the industry, thanks to women utilising their knowledge and experiences to create a better workforce.

    For more information on LEADWomen, and the women’s empowerment training courses that they offer, please click here.

    About LEADWomen

    LEADWomen brings together an international team of expert female instructors, who can deliver industry experience and best practice resulting in relevant experiential and accessible training.

    LEADWomen programmes have been carefully designed to equip our delegates with the latest tools and best practices to meet the rigorous demands of today’s fast paced business environment.

    By analysing causes, solving problems and working in teams, our participants move from knowledge and observation to confident practice.

    We apply the core principles of interactive, applied and strength-based learning as the foundation of our courses. Rooted in the conviction that participants learn and retain more ‘by doing’ rather than passively receiving information, our interventions are interactive, fun and relevant.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: LEADWomen
    Contact Person: Zaina Hana
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +971 4 365 8363
    State: Dubai
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    AICHAIN is the only blockchain enterprise having been invited to attend the ACM TURC, and the CEO and Chief Architect Duan Kai has led the team to attend. Fortunately, Cointime has an opportunity to interview Duan Kai in the end and has deeply communicated with him about AICHAIN’s development thinking and technology innovation features. 

    Duan Kai has said to the Cointime that, AICHAIN’s service concept is to provide a more private and credible data exchange sharing service with blockchain technology. In addition to the digital right verification service, it can also bring about copyright protection technology related to digital watermarking and digital fingerprinting to users. Not only can it enhance the credibility of eco-partner products, but also produce a positive token motivation for users.

    One of the most reviled points for the blockchain POW consensus mechanism is the “waste of resources”. AICHAIN hopes to combine the mining task assignment with AI computation task to make it correctly operate still under the environment not requiring trust.

    He has introduced that the current research and development contents of AICHAIN mainly include two aspects. On the one hand, it hopes to develop the data asset trading software with the blockchain technology to support the data exchange in AI application products. On the other hand, it is aiming at dividing the large-scale AI deep learning tasks into small fragmented computation tasks.

    Duan Kai has introduced that there are roughly two steps for AICHAIN’s development planning.

    The first step is to complete the existing ecological application service. It is predicted that the team would launch a wallet APP for mobile terminals in June. At present, the team is developing a credible data exchange platform DAE to be released in August as planned.

    The second step is to launch the main chain as planned. Currently, the main chain of the first version is under the built-in test, and both the test net and main net are going to be released successively in May and June.

    The full name of DAE platform is Digital Asset Entitlement, a digitized data asset authorization management platform, for the purpose of data encryption processing and key distribution via smart contract.

    The blockchain technology provides underlying support for DAE platform and improves user credibility, making users willingly provide personal information and data.

    AICHAIN project has been started since six months ago, during which the development team has completed the logical deduction of blockchain underlying architecture transformation with AI technology in principle.

    There are two patterns for the combination of AI with blockchain, as Duan Kai thinks, which are respectively commercial operation pattern and underlying technology integration pattern.

    In the commercial operation pattern, after the current blockchain bubble fades away, users will gradually focus on the value of the token in hand. For the blockchain project combined with traditional services, users will prefer to accept those having provided them with better service experience or having practical service value correspondingly.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Sophia
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 010-84780060
    Country: China

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    Shammi Rana awarded with USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame award at Los Angles, the USA for his outstanding achievement in Sports
    Shammi Rana

    Mr. Rana, through his work as a Public Relations Expert & Promoter of Martial Arts Organizations, has more than 20 years of promoting experience at the top levels of professional sports activity.  Through sports diplomacy, he has worked with state dignitaries around the world to promote political, social and diplomatic relations at the highest levels of government. 

    His work is so revered, that in 2017, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization appointed him Rapporteur of the UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to promote the 2017 Traditional Sports and Games, UNESCO (TSG).In a bid to help this issue, UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) Rapporteur, Shammi Rana, does a huge amount of work to promote the UNESCO Mandate on TSG. Shammi, also the Secretary-General of the Asian Belt Wrestling Federation, spends a lot of time speaking with Governments from across the globe to promote TSG.

    His unique role as an internationally respected Public Relations Expert / Promoter of Martial Arts Organizations stems from his experience as a recognized professional athlete (he has held membership in over 10 martial arts organizations throughout Asia) with over two decades of work as a promoter of sports, sports organizations, and sports diplomacy.

    Mr. Rana, who also serves on internationally governing associations, such as his role as Vice President of International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports, Mr. Rana has promoted the Korean martial arts, Taekwondo in his home state of Punjab, India.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Asian Belt Wrestling Federation
    Contact Person: Sonia
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +16262087373
    Address:3815 Baldwin Avenue Elmonte #5
    City: Elmonte
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    In order to strengthen the communication and contact between the company and the industry and government, the company has officially joined the valve branch of China general machinery industry association.

    Bundor join in China general machinery industry association valve branch

    China General Machinery Industry Association Valve Branch is a branch of China General Machinery Industry Association. It is the most authoritative and professional industry association in China’s valve industry. It is mainly engaged in the production and operation of valves, including related research institutes and colleges.

    Cross-regional and cross-departmental national professional industry organizations, including schools and other institutions, are the bridges and links between government departments and enterprises. They are well-regarded staff and assistants for the government’s industry management.

    As a member of the valve branch of China General Machinery Industry Association, Bundor Valve Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to implement the mission of the German company, provide high quality valve products and services for the society, and create a new platform for circulation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Henan Bundor Flow Control Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Li Lei
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-379-63150781
    State: Henan
    Country: China

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    Sydney, Australia – May 28, 2018 – Margaret Milutinovic, owner of Financial Goddess, announced the official launch of the virtual CFO and business consulting firm. The financial practice also provides business coaching services for startups, SMEs and global enterprises. To celebrate the launch, for a limited time individuals register for a free business coaching session.

    Milutinovic is an experienced business and finance expert in public practice and holds senior executive roles for multi-national companies. The business consulting services provides the means for clients to streamline their procedures and systems. Clients gain control of every aspect of their business and the firm identifies opportunities for growth of which individuals may not be aware.

    Many business owners know that they could be saving money and achieving better cash flow, but they don’t know where to start. The virtual CFO services offered by Financial Goddess locates and identifies specific areas, where improvements can be made to create sustainable growth. Sole ownerships and entrepreneurs can benefit from the firm’s business planning services and strategic goal setting and advice.

    A one-hour business consulting session can be booked online and conducted via Skype, phone or Messenger. Face-to-face sessions are available at no extra cost for those in the Sydney area. Additional charges related to travel will be incurred for clients desiring an in-person interstate or overseas session. The firm offers annual package options for clients that require ongoing consulting services.

    Few activities generate as much stress as tax time and the Financial Goddess will soon be adding individual and business tax services to the firm’s repertoire of essential business services. The company’s team of consultants has extensive experience in all areas of tax law, enabling clients to maximize their returns.

    The founder of Financial Goddess is experienced in multiple industries ranging from financial services, legal and real estate to hospitality, health, transportation and government. She’s used her vast knowledge and expertise to assist sole traders and partnerships, trusts and private companies, startups and multi-national companies.

    The launch of Financial Goddess places the extensive resources of the firm’s financial expert at the disposal of clients in a virtual climate that’s effective and convenient. Services can be booked online and for a limited time, individuals can register for a free business coaching session.

    For more information, visit:

    About Margaret Milutinovic

    Margaret Milutinovic is the founder of Financial Goddess, providing virtual CFO, business consulting and coaching services. The business management and finance professional has more than 15 years of experience in international finance and business management. She holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce, majoring in Professional Accounting. She’s a Fellow of Institute of Public Accounts in Australia and Fellow Financial Consultant in the UK.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Financial Goddess
    Contact Person: Margaret Milutinovic
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +61 439 777 839
    Country: Australia

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    The range will give pinnacle to the existing inventory of CNC components

    Runsom Precision Co.Ltd comes out with latest range of advanced CNC machine parts. It was told by the Runsom spokesperson that these parts will increase the efficiency and precision of the machinery. These CNC components adhere to the global standards of machines and tools and are made up of one of the best materials in the world.

    In the machining process Precision CNC milling parts play an integral role. Runsom Precision is a renowned CNC machining Parts Company which manufactures advanced CNC milling machines from general 3 axis to 5 axis. It was explained by the spokesperson that how the team keeps improving the components to provide the highest quality precision milled components to the clients/customers. And this is how the team has come up with the new line of precision CNC milling parts.

    Runsom Precision Co. Ltd Launches Latest Range Of Advanced CNC Machine Parts To Increase The Efficiency And Precision Of The Machinery

    It was stated in the reports that CNC turning work is majorly seen in mass production of high precision small components like components for cell phones, medical devices etc. At Runsom precision the team customizes the turning process to suit the customer needs in all aspects i.e. quality and price.

    It was told by the CEO of the company that how Runsom Precision has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing custom CNC parts. The professional team of Runsom Precision have extensive experience in quick prototype machining and precision machining. It was observed that due to the advanced machining equipments, good machining process, management and well supporting supply chain in Shenzen  that company provides quality product in budget and in given client’s deadline.

    It was iterated in number of reports that Runsom Precision is known for quality product. The company have expertise in customizing the product as per the clients need without compromising on the quality. It is with experience that the team of Runsom Precision keeps brining improved components with better precision and quality to enable the client for efficient production. Due to such service Runsom Precision has become one stop service which facilitates any business or manufacturer from initial concept to finished products. The company makes sure to achieve customer satisfaction by providing first-class project management control and problem-free products.

    With increasing global competition and demand, the pressure on manufacturing has immensely increased. The current economic condition does not allow much space for errors or substandard quality. The precision CNC milling parts and custom CNC parts by Runsom Precision guarantee that the client has the best machines to provide best results for his/her business.

    About Runsom Precision Co. Ltd

    Runsom Precision Co.Ltd established since 2005 is a professional customized, high precision machined components manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Runsom Precision was established to give support to companies in the industries fields who continually need to reduce their costs and meet tight deadlines.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Lucy Zhang (Sales)
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-755-3309675
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    Being fashionable nowadays costs a lot of money if you stay true to buying genuine brands. How much does a Ray Bans cost? Well, it costs around $150-dollars and some depending on the sunglasses’ variant and type.

    Designer sunglasses such as Ray Bans and performance-oriented Oakley usually costs more than $155. For a regular person earning minimum wage a month who wants to own either of these two popular sunglasses brands, well, their best options are to buy replicas or knock offs which only costs them a few dollars.

    In fact, wearing a knockoff Ray-Bans and Oakley’s aren’t noticeable if it’s not examined in a detailed way.

    Lucky you, there are tons of websites out there that offers online shopping that offers Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses and Cheap Oakley sunglasses that are knockoffs. Just visit and check out its wide array of Ray Bans and Oakleys as cheap as $20-dollars apiece. You can also click on the hyperlinked words in this press release. is solely dedicated to selling knockoff sunglasses of these two brands online and available for shipping worldwide.

    PROMOTIONAL OFFERS has a special offer to its valued customers. If you buy two or more sunglasses in its inventory, there will a 15-percent slash from its original price. The offer includes Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic sunglasses, the New Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Justin, Ray-Ban Erika, Ray Ban Round Style, Ray-Ban Wayfarer Original, and the Ray-Ban Aviator that is worth $19.99.

    It’s as good and durable as the original Ray Ban outlet sunglasses. These Fake Ray Ban sunglasses and Replica Oakley sunglasses are still made up of high-quality materials that underwent quality control from its manufacturers to ensure that it will last longer than the customer expected.

    There is also an existing sale for its Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses which slashes off up to 85-percent from its original price. It is now available for $19.99 from $143.00 original price that is offered in Ray-Ban concept stores worldwide.

    Aside from Ray-Ban, also has tons of high-quality Oakley knockoff sunglasses for lifestyle, sports and youth variants. Ray-Ban, on the other hand, has the most variants and models available for online shopping; this includes the Aviator, Original Wayfarer, New Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Round, Justin, and Erika.


    Just like other online shopping websites, also accepts major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express including debit cards as part of its current payment methods which is available worldwide which provides a secured and safe as well as a very convenient mode of payment that can be transacted within the website to ensure a safe and enjoyable online shopping for its customers.

    Its current payment method is well secured with a data encryption technology which protects the personal information and the account information of the credit card provided by the customer. The website also uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology which prevents interception of the data which is transmitted to the customer and website’s payment system.


    In terms of shipping and delivery, just like other online shopping sites, after purchasing the product, it will automatically have shipped within 48 hours and takes three to four business days before arriving right at your doorstep. The website also provides the customer a tracking number that will be sent through email which also includes the status of the order, the website also includes the contact information that is sent to the customer in the duration of the product’s shipping days. For offshore customers, the website requires them to purchase products over $59-dollars to avail of its free shipping fee.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Rayban Oakley Sunglasses Sale
    Contact Person: Hector T Hamilton
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    Fixgoal is celebrating the FIFA 2018 World Cup fever with its expert prediction on the world cup matches. The site also offers live scores on football games all around the world as well as authentic soccer news.

    Indonesia – May 28, 2018 – News for soccer fans who are into constant speculations about their favorite teams in the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. Indonesia-based Fixgoal has recently shared exclusive predictions about the world cup matches with detailed expert insights and estimated line-up of players. Fixgoal is a leading soccer live score website that extends free livescore for football matches all around the world. 

    “With the World Cup just round the corner, soccer fans must be into steaming debates about the upcoming matches and their favorite teams. And this is where Fixgoal comes up as your one-stop partner. Backed by soccer experts and ardent football fans, our site brings to you best possible predictions of the world cup matches. Our expert analysis will help you to shape up your debates better in favor of your favorite team and you will also have a fair idea on what to expect from the upcoming world championship”, stated a leading spokesperson from Fixgoal. 

    Speaking further, the spokesperson said Fixgoal predictions would be really handy for bettors who are planning for huge stakes on the World Cup matches.

    “We have got prediction for almost all the matches of the 2018 world cup so that bettors can take informed decisions about the odds and the stakes. We assure you an authentic and credible analysis for a winning experience with your stakes.” 

    Fixgoal is chiefly a dedicated soccer live score website which offers livescore for all the biggest football games and championships of the world – including Asia. From Liga Indonesia to Liga Europe- the site extends live scores of all the matches of these esteemed championships.  

    “We are your best go-to hub when you are looking for live scores of almost any football match from anywhere in the world.  Added to the latest scores, we present you a good picture of the upcoming football matches of today and also those of tomorrow.” 

    Fixgoal offers a detailed data on live scores for every match. Visitors to the site will get to know about the number of goals scored by each time as well as corners, shots, offsides, fouls and so on. The site also offers information on Red cards and Yellow cards received by the teams. 

    “We aim to present you the most comprehensive information on the matches, covering all the major aspects of the game so that you can have a fair idea of the whole match at a glance.”

    Added to live scores and predictions, Fixgoal is also bustling with a dynamic news section. Visitors to the site will be able to find the latest reports on the football players, teams, matches and so on.  

    “We are armed with a passionate news team who leaves no stone unturned to bring to you the most genuine and latest news reports on the football world.”

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fixgoal
    Contact Person: Joshua
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Indonesia

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