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    ShoppingDeals is an online platform that promotes great prices for online shopping, would like to announce they are launching a new site. With these new deals, customers can have access to more items and products at low prices. The announcement shows the platform’s unreserved commitment to ensure their customers have access to exclusive provisions, best prices, and 24/7 customer service.

    “For most buyers, it can be hard finding the perfect deal for the items they want to buy. There are tons of websites out there offering great prices for several items, but shoppers still can’t find these deals. We are announcing these new sales to help people find great deals for a wide range of products, and save for themselves some good cash,” said Linda D, owner of ShoppingDeals

    The newly launched site offers shoppers a wide selection of items, where they can purchase at a low price and save plenty of money. Offering products including baby items, wining and dining, natural and organic dental products, and so on. Site users can also shop eBay’s entire store with deals and price match guarantee.

    “I’ve been using this site for quite a while now, and it’s incredible. These guys have real discounts and deals, which has helped me save plenty of money so far. Without ShoppingDeals, I don’t think I would have been aware of all these opportunities. Thank you so much for your great work,” said Amanda K, a customer.

    For more information, please visit ShoppingDeals

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ShoppingDeals.Discount
    Contact Person: Linda D.
    Email: Send Email
    City: Monroe City
    State: MO
    Country: United States

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    InnoPD Company Limited aims at promoting local start-ups, small and large-scale industrial companies’ as they offer high-tech product design and development services at affordable prices.

    The Chinese product development company, InnoPD Company Limited, with their many years of experience aims at providing support to start-ups, small, and medium-scale industries as they offer new innovative prototyping, injection molding services, manufacturing of final product and delivery services at affordable cost.

    It is an unarguable fact that every firm whether small or large aims at reducing cost while increasing output and subsequently making more profit. This is the case with most small-scale and even established firms who specialize in the automotive, consumer electronics, medical & beauty, industrial, and other commercial products.

    Innopd Introduces Innovative Custom Design And Manufacturing Solutions At Affordable Costs For Global Customers

    These design and developmentcompaniesare in constant search for sustainable ways to reduce production cost without compromise to quality of products.  This burden is even heavier on those newly established firms still struggling to survive the highly competitive global market. In response to this trend, InnoPD Company Limited, has recently put up some strategies one of which is progressive research and development of innovative product design and manufacturing processes.  This is also followed by the significant reduction in the price of their services to global customers.

    The product design begins with the prior and virtual design of product idea. It is also referred to as prototyping and requires lots of skills and experience which is why the company dedicates the task to their expert engineers. This is then followed by the actual development process which involves the injection molding services. Then, the final product is manufactured and made ready for delivery to customers.

    However, to make themselves a step ahead of other product design and development companies, the companyadopts a one-step turnkey service which involves the custom design of products. This is to enable global clients to develop a wide variety of highly demanded and competitively priced commercial products according to their brands.

    Recently, the company lays claim over having a bunch of quality workforce made up of expert engineers, technicians and an effective management team who strictly adopt their systematic processes and policies to ensure clients’ demands are regularly met.

    To ensure good customer experience, InnoPD also is keen about feedbacks from their customers while they (the company) take their time to work on that to provide better services in addition to their innovative product design, development, and manufacturing.

    Customers and who are interested in knowing more about the company, their products, and other services are urged to visit their website on

    About InnoPD Company Limited

    Located in Shenzhen China, InnoPD Company Limited is a one-stop company that specializes in custom design, development and manufacturing of turnkey products. In addition to prototyping, injection molding, and final product manufacturing, the company also engages in customer delivery services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Innopd Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: James Yu
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-13590208318
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    Thanks to the realization of this new app, MULMIN gives information to what you are standing infront of, which story the place of interest contains and may also navigate you to the selected location via the image.

    This revolutionary app, MULMIN, is all about sightseeing. This app is the personal tour guide that gives you all the information about a picture taken of the scene by the app. No matter where you are in the world, with this app you can take pictures, get detailed information about the scene and navigate directly to the selected location. This app allows you to recall the information at any time. In addition, you have the opportunity to create your own favorites within the app, which allow a beautiful “travel album” in virtual form hereby.

    Natalie Williams, inventor and owner of MULMIN:

    “Various interfaces / providers are used in the background to make a highly complex app, even if not visible to the user, even possible in the first place. The idea arose in 2017 on my way home when I noticed a building and wanted to know more about it. This was the birth of my idea for the app MULMIN. The result was the vision to make it possible for everyone to quickly and easily acquire knowledge “on the GO” and this with the help of taking a picture via app.”

    App Download Stores:

    Google Play Store:

    Apple Store:

    Example Pictures:

    About MULMIN

    MULMIN was created in 2017 and is a registered trademark. MULMIN is composed of the two words multifunctional and minimal. The claim, Travel Made Easy, underscores the importance of the two words in that regard and sets MULMIN’S direction.

    The MULMIN sightseeing App is globally available since June 2018.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MULMIN
    Contact Person: Natalie Williams
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +41 79 627 3771
    Country: Switzerland

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    Jupiter, FL, USA – Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces an art call for the gallery’s 8th Annual “Botanical & Floral” Online Juried Art Competition for the month of July 2018. The gallery invites all 2D and 3D artists (including photographers & digital artists) from around the world to make online submissions for possible inclusion in the Gallery’s August 2018 online group art exhibition.

    Light Space & Time encourages entries from artists regardless of where they reside and regardless of their experience or education in the art field. The Botanicals theme will include flowers, herbs, fruit, leaves, plants and related botanical and floral subjects. Artists should submit their abstract or representational botanical and floral art on or before the deadline. The deadline to apply to this art competition is July 27, 2018.

    The overall winning artists of the “Botanicals” Online Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of an listing (only artists who are with an gallery can have their art shown), email marketing, 550+ press release announcements, event announcement posts and social media marketing. Our goal is to make the art world aware of the exhibition and in particular, the winning artists’ accomplishments. Links back to each artist’s website is included as part of this award package.

    Artists will also receive a digital Award Certificate, Event Postcard, Press Releases and the gallery’s digital Art Marketing Booklet “101 Free Websites for Artists to Sell Their Art” if they place in this exhibition.

    Interested artists should provide their best “Botanical & Floral” art now or before the deadline. For further information interested artists may apply online here:

    About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

    Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed art competitions and monthly themed art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is Light Space & Time’s intention to showcase this incredible talent in a series of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions by marketing and displaying the exceptional abilities of these worldwide artists.

    The art gallery website can be viewed here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
    Contact Person: John R. Math
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 888-490-3530
    City: Jupiter
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    Exrates Exchange, ranked in the top 30’s at Coinmarketcap, just added trading pairs for NYC (NewYorkCoin). WIth under 100 coins and tokens listed, Exrates is hand-picking the best of the best in the space and is experiencing rapid growth therefrom. A clear and easy to navigate interface welcomes users without a ton of “clutter” often found on other crypto exchange platforms. Fast loading, simple to navigate and secure. Exrates offers 2-factor authentication combined with email confirmations to protect your account against attempts of unauthorized access. Exrates ( currently does about $45,000,000 in daily trading volume, ranking it #33 at Coinmarketcap based on largest crypto exchanges.

    NYC (NewYorkCoin) is a lightning fast scrypt coin with a 4+ year proven blockchain. 30-second confirmations make NYC usable at the retail level worldwide. 24 businesses are now accepting NYC as payment. Growing Community with a very active and high-caliber development team, attracting talent from Fortune 100 Companies. Electrum NYC wallet for desktop and mobile recently released. Block reward halving and security updates being implemented to prevent multipool abuse. Large scale merchant acceptance worldwide is the goal for NYC.

    Upcoming NYC Exhibits at Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, July 11-13 and Fintech Week New York in lower Manhattan July 31-Aug 2 will help bring NYC more exposure and awareness. Large cryptocurrency exchanges and international crypto conferences are planned for the 2nd half of 2018. NYC’s “Summer of Awareness” combined with its international push later in 2018 will help spread the word of the convenience and usability of NYC worldwide. 

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express – 2 to 3% fees. Why? Western Union, Money Gram – 5 to 8% fees. Why? NYC is a free worldwide money transfer and payment system. And NYC is lightning fast. Open source code with a 4+ year proven blockchain. MEET NYC “the best kept secret in crypto”.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: New York Coin
    Contact Person: Charlie Kartchner
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 718-490-7554
    Country: United States

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    Now, people can customize their homes to look pretty with Luo Jue Gong tiles and marble.

    Lue Jue Gong  - Customize People Pretty Hous

    For any people, who customize one house, have  the  complete family, where you can take rest, where you can sleep. On holiday you can do some reading in your house, where babies can play happily, where you can take the birthday party with friends.

    In the life, we will spend our 1/3 important time  in our houses, and most of the time around  1/2, we stay in the living room. For example, one old man take his 15 years staying in the living room.

    Luo JueGong  brand focuses on  the wall background pictures in the living room and dining hall, produced by tiles with 3D marble series.  As one large manufacturer, we have four factories, with the all the series of  wall and floor  background and the marble pillars for any  designs and sizes.

    Lue Jue Gong  - Customize People Pretty House

    This design as the picture, is fit to the European and American markets. it looks more fashionable.

    Lue Jue Gong  - Customize People Pretty House 

    If you prefer to  fashion, the designs can be prepared full of  oriental charm. 

    Luo Jue Gong is one tiles and marble company, holding four factories, and professional  design teams and productions.  Welcome  to  be work with us, as  the agent or the whole sellers  in the world market.

    Please  call us for cooperation: Tel:0086 13827701308

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Foshan Luojue Palace Stone Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Steven Zhou
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13827701308
    Country: China

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    Loopring, a crypto protocol that can be used to build automated and decentralized systems, leverages blockchain technology to deliver trustless verifiability and impenetrable security while overcoming many problems common with decentralized exchanges today such as low transaction speeds, a lack of liquidity, high transaction costs, a lack of support for different assets and tokens, counterparty risk, and more. Here we provide a detailed summary of many exciting developments and updates.


    Loopring is a smart contract designed to create truly transparent and secure exchange systems that are free of problems that plague the financial industry such as front-running, illiquidity, and order filching. Furthermore, it not only allows users to work with different smart contract platforms beyond just the Ethereum network and ERC20-compliant tokens, but it drastically improves token and asset trading in a secure, anonymous, auditable, and verifiable manner.

    Version 1.0 of the Protocol has been deployed on top of Ethereum, and the protocol is currently being implemented on the Neo blockchain. The latest protocol version will also introduce a better incentive model.



    The applications of this kind of tech cannot be understated. Loopring was initially conceived as a progressive solution for problems inherent in online exchanges, but its flexibility will be a necessary component powering the future “cyber-economy”. Because Loopring allows interoperability on the Ethereum and Neo networks, it is highly suited to facilitating economic activity and value transfer between humans as well as between smart agents (robots) that are powered by artificial intelligence.

    The rapid growth of automation and AI now sees machines performing complex tasks such as speech recognition (using Natural Language Processing algorithms), cancer screening, detection of fraud, plagiarism detection, spam detection, automatic closed captioning, and more, and protocols such as Loopring that can connect active agents across the process pipelines for these activities are absolutely necessary to ensure that they can continue to grow and develop.


    The Loopring team has pushed over 400 Git commits to different frontend projects including Loopring.js, Loopr, and Circulr.


    For Loopring.js, recent updates include addition of support to MetaMask, TREZOR, and Ledger, added support to WebSocket, and the addition of some basic documentation.

    Web-based wallets

    Circulr: Loopring has a new Web-based wallet codenamed ‘Circulr’ (which goes alongside the original web-based wallet called Loopr). Circulr has been designed to look more like a centralized exchange. Its design is complete and current work is on its functional implementation. The current plan is to launch Circulr in early August. Eventually, both Loopr and Circulr will be available for DEX developers to use as Loopring’s reference wallet.

    Loopr: New Loopr features include better labelling and clearer transaction details, additional annotation of gas cost, enhanced UX design, removal of duplicate entries from trading history, and allowing users to specify when and how long their orders will become valid.

    To test the new beta of Loopr, two large orders to sell specific tokens at their private sale prices were placed. Much to the team’s delight, the sell orders were filled in minutes, demonstrating the robustness of Loopring and the proven functionality of the wallets.

    iOS Wallet App

    Recent progress on the iOS app includes support for peer-to-peer trading using QR codes, the ability to submit and cancel orders, gas optimization when sending tokens, support for zoom mode (which requires numerous UI layout updates), and updates to additional UI components for a better overall user experience by including circle charts, a numeric keyboard, text field validation, and so on.

    The iOS app will launch in less than a month on July 7, 2018, at which time iPhone users will be able to make decentralized trades of ERC20 tokens within the Ethereum-based app.



    Dedicated and specialized development teams are needed to focus on the research and development of Loopring to overcome the challenges of implementing Loopring on new blockchain infrastructures. To enable this, a new round of project funding via a token sale will take place, and a comprehensive airdrop and distribution plan is already in place to ensure fair and smooth distribution of the new tokens that will power the Loopring chains on Ethereum and Neo. The current price of LRN, which is the Loopring token on Neo, is roughly $0.78, and the highest price reached was $3. The Loopring token itself (LRC) is currently trading at roughly $0.37.

    New website

    Along with tech progress, we’ve made sure to stay on top of things on the marketing and outreach side of things. Loopring recently launched a sleek, new, and redesigned website ( Check it out for the latest news, updates, and community events.


    Daniel Wang: Our Founder and CEO was previously a Google Tech Lead and a Cofounder of Yunrang Technology. He has deep and extensive experience in financial services and blockchain research.

    Jay Zhou: Our CMO and is an experienced risk and operations consultant.

    Johnston Chen: Our COO previously worked as a CIO and has held numerous high-powered positions in the finance and tech industries.

    The final word

    Loopring is the new standard for crypto trading. The project is committed to implementing smart contract and blockchain technology in real-world applications. The latest developments that integrate cross-chain functionality for different crypto assets allows traders to overcome privacy and liquidity problems, and they also creates new ways for people and machines to interact and exchange resources and value.

    Loopring is at the very forefront of blockchain and financial technologies, and previous and upcoming releases of web-based and iOS wallets is another step towards bringing safe, secure, fraud-resistant, and user-friendly crypto trade to the world. Furthermore, Loopring’s ecosystem will support different types of DEXs and wallets. They will commit themselves to build a more diversify and integrated decentralized platform in the near future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Loopring Project Ltd
    Contact Person: Daniel Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 6503086035
    Country: Virgin Islands (British)

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    Boston, USA and Singapore – Repsly, Inc., a SaaS company changing the way sales and marketing teams do work in the field, and AC² Group, the leading supply chain software solutions provider in Asia, announced a partnership to help companies in the Asia Pacific region with field-based teams improve their businesses.

    Repsly is used by firms in over 70 countries to manage their growing field teams, help them sell more, improve the visibility of their brands, execute at retail, collect and organize data, as well as build accountability. The AC² Group has over 25 years of experience in implementing software solutions to help companies in Asia improve their businesses and will be Repsly’s in-country sales and support resource for firms in the consumer products, beer, wine and spirits, food and beverage and retail services industries.

    “We are excited to partner with the AC² Group in Asia as their great understanding of how to deploy software solutions across a range of industries and geographies will help Repsly expand its reach in the region. Our customers’ businesses will benefit from AC² Group’s wealth of experience in the local markets they serve,” said Matthew Brogie, CEO of Repsly.

    “We have been looking for an agile mobile solution for years, and finally we found Repsly. With Repsly, companies no longer need to wait for months or years of implementation to deploy a mobile solution. Repsly can be deployed in days. This powerful mobile solution is also very easy to setup, and customers may even set it up by themselves. It is cloud based, so there is no expensive upfront investment on backend servers. Not only will Repsly be saving a lot of cost and time for our customers, it will provide tangible benefits to their businesses and their brands, immediately enable them to manage, track and expand their business at ease,” said Aw Yang Uei, the Managing Partner of AC² Group.

    About Repsly, Inc.

    Repsly, Inc. is a software-as-a-service company that helps global businesses like Canon, illy, and Adidas control compliance at the brand level, improve coverage at the territory level and execute at the store level. With an all-in-one field management solution, Repsly is helping smarter field teams execute, learn and take action. Headquartered in Boston, with an R&D team in Zagreb, Croatia, Repsly works with over 1,000 brands and partners around the globe.

    For more information, please visit the company’s website,

    About the AC² Group

    The AC² Group is a leading solution provider for supply chain related technologies in Asia. With over 25 years of knowledge and experiences in implementing supply chain solution, the company has successfully deployed many supply chain solutions throughout Asia-Pacific. With headquarters located in Singapore, the AC² Group has now expanded its market coverage, having offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

    For more information on the AC² Group, please visit

    Social Networks

    AC² News (English):
    AC² News (Chinese):
    AC² LinkedIn:
    AC² Facebook:

    Repsly Blog:
    Repsly Facebook:
    Repsly LinkedIn:
    Repsly Twitter:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AC² Wave Pte Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Department
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +60193557888
    Country: Singapore

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    WUXI FUDA manufactures a wide variety of conveyor belt vulcanizer machines for global mining and other industrial operations.

    Wuxi FUDA, the China-based manufacturing company with over two decades of experience, introduces various forms of technologically advanced belt vulcanizing machines to global customers aimed at improving experience during mining operations as well as other industrial processes. These include complete sets of conveyor belt joint and repair vulcanizing machines in addition to other facilities which is followed by the company’s distribution services.

    Today, belt conveyor machines have found several applications in various industrial processes. Very significant amongst these is their use in the mining industries. However, they also, sometimes, come with their challenges which are manifested as faults to the conveyor belts during operations due to weaknesses along the lines, and as a result of prolonged usage. When this happens, there could be an automatic halt in the mining process. This is usually detrimental to the mining business and could bring about heavy loss through decreased output and bad customer experience.

    New Set Of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizers To Improve Global Experience In The Mining, Manufacturing Operations

    To ensure that the effect of such occurrences is kept at the barest minimum, Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a company that focuses on the research, development, and production of high-quality industrial machines with over a decade experience, introduces several forms of the conveyor belt vulcanizer machine. The company’s action is geared towards the continued preservation and enhancement of global customer experience as stated by their core objectives.

    The company presents a wide variety of conveyor belt vulcanizers for sale to various mining industries and other production industries that utilize the belt conveyor machines. These include the advanced forms of the conveyor belt repair vulcanizers, explosion-proof belt joint vulcanizers, conveyor belt joint vulcanizers, and more. To also ensure that global customers and machine operators find it easy to resolve belt connections as well as repair issues which are usually associated with these heavy belt conveying machines, the company has focused on producing high quality and upgraded machines and other facilities.  

    As one of the top conveyor belt vulcanizer suppliers in China, the company continuously works towards improving output rate to ensure that the demands of local and foreign mining industries are met. WUXI FUDA has stated their commitment to good customer experience with their quality control measures to ensure that product quality and standards are not compromised. They have also garnered good reputation and recommendations from global customers who continually patronize their products and hire their services.

    Customers who want to know more about WUXI FUDA Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd, their products, and other services are urged to visit their website on

    About WUXI FUDA Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Wuxi FUDA Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd specializes in the research, development, and manufacture of high-quality machines used in the mining industries. These include vulcanizing machines such as cable joint and repair vulcanizer, conveyor belt splicing and repair vulcanizer, belt stripper and more.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Alex-FUDA
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 15995216108 (WhatsApp)
    State: Jiangsu
    Country: China

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    Tres ponencias especiales de conservación están llevando a los visitantes de “El Vellocino de Oro. La Cruzada de los Argonautas” en un viaje atrás en el tiempo.

    El 19 de mayo se celebró en Sofía la edición número 14 de la noche europea de los museos, en la que participaba la Galería Nacional (“El Palacio”) junto con otros más de 50 museos y galerías de Sofía.

    La Galería Nacional abrió sus puertas a más de 7000 visitantes, siendo el centro de atención la exhibición “El Vellocino de Oro. La Cruzada de los Argonautas”, parte de la Colección de Vassil Bojkov.

    El público tuvo la oportunidad de seguir el viaje mitológico de los Argonautas, ayudados por 62 artefactos de la colección privada de Vassil Bojkov. Guiados por tres charlas especiales de los conservadores Dr. Lubava Konova y Elka Panova, los visitantes aprendieron de las historias y secretos que se esconden detrás de los objetos preciosos en exposición.

    En las ponencias abiertas, los organizadores de la exhibición arrojaron luz sobre las relaciones entre la historia y las leyendas representadas en las vasijas de oro y plata, los ritones, vasijas de rituales y regalos funerarios. También llevaron a los numerosos amantes de la historia antigua a través de una mágica cruzada a través del tiempo junto con los superhérores griegos que formaban parte de la tripulación de la nave Argo, dirigida por Jasón, en su búsqueda del Vellocino de Oro.

    Siguiendo las pistas de los Argonautas a través de Colquis, con sus múltiples aventuras y cruzadas, también se presentaron a los visitantes de la exhibición los mitos del tracio Orfeo, el poderoso Hércules, las valientes amazonas, el fundador de la ciudad ateniense, Teseo, y su captura del toro de Maratón, así como las leyendas de la preciosa Helena de Troya.

    Sus historias se presentaron en vasijas únicas de una colección privada. Tierras lejanas y costumbres del tiempo antiguo fueron reveladas a los visitantes de la exhibición junto con algunos de los secretos de la minería de oro en la antigüedad.

    La Noche Europea de los Museos lleva organizándose desde el 2005 por el Ministerio de Cultura y Comunicaciones, pero solo desde los últimos años se ha extendido a todos los países de Europa. Los museos y galerías búlgaros han participado desde la primera edición. Los niños junto con los adultos tienen el privilegio de admirar la abundancia de la riqueza cultural y las facetas ocultas de los museos de arte, historia, tradiciones populares y ciencia en una atmósfera festiva y amigable.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: La colección Vasil Bojkov
    Contact Person: Millie Roberts
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 442038568406
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Columbia, SC, USA – Haven’t heard of Eye Love yet? Although sight is only one of your five senses, Eye Love believes it to be the most important. Optometrist Doctors Travis and Jenna Zigler founded the eye wellness company in May 2015. The Ziglers vow, “As a company, we want you to feel good about your purchase and who you do business with. Our passion is to provide a better quality of life through better vision — locally and globally.” With their Buy One, Give One Mission they do exactly that. With every product purchased, Eye Love gives an eye exam, glasses, and sunglasses to someone in need.

    Their Sunglasses are well-made, nonprescription, stylish, and provide the proper protection needed. They have 100% UV blocking polarized lenses without the high price tag. They bridge the gap between flimsy gas station knockoffs and expensive name brands that can be difficult to afford.

    Their eye wellness products and supplements are geared to those with specific eye conditions and are strongly regulated by Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler. “Our patients deserve access to quality products, and we see it as our duty to deliver.” Everything from dry eye and macular degeneration to glaucoma and diabetes can be supported by the correct vitamin supplementation.

    The dry eye mask, hypochlorous acid eyelid and eyelash cleanser, omega-3 fish oil softgels, tea tree oil face soap and ocular health formula will be joined in the future by one to three new high demand supplements.

    In order to offer their patients and customers a place to talk with others suffering from their same condition, the Ziglers started the Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community (DESSC). This is an engaging space where questions can be freely asked and honestly answered. Unfortunately, dry eye currently requires lifelong treatment to experience true relief. However, the Ziglers are hoping with this community, patients suffering with dry eye will have a little bit of help and hope with the Heyedrate products and feel the relief.

    The Macular Degeneration Support Community is for the community that suffers from age related macular degeneration (AMD). Questions are answered by the doctors and others in the group. Both doctors see patients every day who suffer from incurable eye disease and know first hand how important it is to be upfront with patients about the reality of these eye conditions.

    Believing that everyone deserves better vision, the Ziglers provide affordable, high quality products. With people over profit being a company core value, they continue on being eyecare with a mission. Hoping to help end preventable blindness, they continue to tackle that one with a team which could include you with just one simple purchase or donation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Eye Love
    Contact Person: Amy Gharibvand
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 918-606-7220
    Country: United States

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    What many people may not know about Vasil Bojkov is that pretty much anything he starts- whether it involves sports, philanthropy, collecting or otherwise – is essentially guaranteed to succeed. This is mainly down to his awe-inspiring management skills and experience. He started a trading business as far back as 1989 and started his main business, Nove Holding, in 1991. With a fantastic education in one hand and great entrepreneurship in the other, nothing can stop Bulgaria’s richest man from succeeding in everything he sets his mind to.

    Bojkov has not one, but three degrees: Mathematics from Sofia University, Economics from the University of National and World Economy and History of Art in Universidad de Buenos Aires Having three degrees not only reveals his intellectual mind but it indicates many other admirable qualities such as determination, a hunger for knowledge and assertiveness. He is willing to take big steps to achieve success.

    There are many areas of sport that Bojkov has made a big impact upon – in fact, sport is arguably where he has left the biggest mark. As a huge fan of chess, he was chairman of the Bulgarian Chess Federation in 2003 and under his leadership, Bulgaria ranked 1st in both men and in women. When he was head of the Bulgarian Federation of Sports Shooting, 3 olympic gold medals were won for Bulgaria. Tanyu Kiryakov, one of the gold winners, was also 2nd place for sportsperson of the year in 2000. When he was owner of CSKA, the football team had many wins, including against Liverpool. As you can see, Bojkov is practically a miracle worker where it counts.

    One lesser known but equally important part of Bojkov is his philanthropy. One instance of this is that he lends an entire fleet of jets and helicopters to the Bulgarian government, which have proven to be an incredible resource for the national air ambulance service, saving hundreds of lives. He has also bought the rights for the prestige Bulgarian “Sportsperson of the Year award” and is now entirely organised by him and this helps boost the careers of many athletes. He funds a lot of charities and sponsors the annual event and winners award. He does everything to help Bulgarian sport to find its place on the world map.

    Vasil Bojkov has held a very deep interest in collecting ancient artefacts for many years, most prominently from places such as Thrace, which is where most of Bulgaria and parts of other surrounding countries used to be. With a huge focus on the conservation of Bulgarian history, Bojkov and the Thrace foundation have made a huge impact by bringing to light a lot of intriguing treasures, culture and information surrounding legends like The Golden Fleece. A collection of over 3000 artefacts such as armour, weapons, jewellery and vessels (like cups and rhytons) can give us just a taste of how passionate Bojkov is about the collection and preservation of culture and history- with this much money, intellect and skill, he is truly a force to be reckoned with. More about his incredible collection can be found at site of the collection.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Vasil Bojkov Collection
    Contact Person: Millie Roberts
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 442038568406
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Be a Voice or be a Voice for someone who do not have the courage to be a Voice for themselves. Stand up with Millions and millions of women all around the globe and be a part of the #LISTENTOOME Movement. Join us and be a part of our team for 2018 Purple Purse Challenge.
    Be a Voice and be an inspiration to millions all around the globe

    Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan – Jun 21, 2018 – #LISTENTOOME Women Movement is part of 2018 Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge

    #LISTENTOOME Women Movement will compete for the Grand Prize, and be a voice for millions of women all around the globe to join and participate in the challenge. #LISTENTOOME Women Movement is a powerful Voice to speak out, inspire, change and impact millions of women all across the world.

    Be a part of this powerful movement and join our team at Everything goes live on Tuesday, October 2 at 12 p.m. ET and ends Wednesday, October 31 at 1:59:59 p.m. ET.

    The #LISTENTOOME Movement to support sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault and domestic violence and end domestic and sexual violence.

    Let Your Voice Be Heard And Be Counted Among The Number Who Are Making A Change. 17,700,000 women have reported a sexual assault since 1998. Break the silence and make a difference. Be a part of History and take a stand for the girls, young women and women of our future. Join the movement and take the pledge to your voice being heard and donate. Visit our website at Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and click on the link Join The Movement. Make a $10,000.00 donation and be listed as a Gold sponsor on our movement page.

    Cathy P Russell is proud to be working in partnership with2018 Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge and financial bringing #LISTENTOOME Women Movement to the spotlight and bringing positive light and a Voice for millions and millions of women all around the globe.

    The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust welcome all States and countries to come on board and join our team and be a part of #LISTENTOOME and help us inspire women life’s all across the world.

    Click on this link and join our team:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust
    Contact Person: Cathy P Russell
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 313-282-9476
    Country: United States

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    MSER, LIMITTED, a leading Global Enterprise Equity Token Trading System, announced that it has received an Angle+ round of financing of 10 million RMB in Shanghai, China. This round of investment came from Zhengyue Holdings, Wuxi Financial Leasing chairman Zhao Chenglong, Wah Yan Renewable Resources Director Hong Bicong, Future Capital, Monster Capital and BCG. is the first Global Enterprise Equity Token Trading System all around the world, the trading system building of which contains One-Stop Enterprise Equity Token Issue and Trading Platform, Innovative Start-ups Incubators, Blockchain Investor Communities and Blockchain Funds, providing services and establishing connections between start-up companies and investors. MSER has created a brand new type of business model, breaking the barrier of a small number of venture capital institutions monopolizing the opportunity of investing outstanding start-ups as well as providing the investors with the opportunity to communicate with more clear ideas and channels for Blockchain Industry investment.


    Mao Zemin, co-founder and CEO of MSER (formerly as MSER Limited) said that the global blockchain technology trend is forming consensus, with the underlying blockchain technology of the blockchain developing and the wave of blockchain being on the rise. The traditional financial system based on the sovereign credit and monetary system, including but not limited the security system, banking system, and investment banking system, is facing a historic opportunity for comprehensive improvement and upgrading (from concept to technology). At present, there is no global digital currency exchange that satisfies the issuance and trading requirements of “Innovative Start-ups Equity Token”. We have the opportunity to become Nasdaq in the blockchain era. MSER’s goal is to become the world’s leading blockchain trading platform for innovative start-ups and enterprise interests, allowing innovative start-ups to focus on innovation, so that everyone can share equal opportunities to become “Angels”, to achieve the purpose of promoting faster development of human science and technology. version 1.0 is about to go online and open for registration in June and plans to complete the development of version 2.0 in the second half of 2018. The mobile client applications will be launched simultaneously (available in both ios and Android).

    Mser referral link:

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    Contact Person: JAN
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    Country: United States

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    Giant Metal Products supplier, Shanghai Metal corporation’s nickel pipe and tube is the right choice when high temperature applications is involved, and also when high pressure comes into play. As a ductile, hard, silvery white material it is efficient for food processing, fertilizer production and plays a major role in the oil and gas sector. As an experienced  major producer and distributor of  metal products, Machinery and parts, Electric system, and a major player in the Construction industry, Shanghai Metal Corporation is considered the right option for supply of these nickel materials as the ensure the best quality is produced and supplied.

    Nickel Tube is considered a suitable material for the production of high quality tubing products due to its excellent corrosion resistance in both aqueous and high temperature applications. Also another major factor is their ductility and weldability. They can also be electroplated which makes them a suitable material for industrial usage, especially in those areas where very high and low temperatures are factors to consider. Shanghai Metal Corporation produces Nickel Tubes that serves well as heat exchangers in the chemical processing and nuclear industries. They also come in play during steam generator tubing and can be applied to high-temperature aircraft systems. In the oil and gas sector, these tubes play a vital role in the oil and gas extraction programs where resistant tubing is required due to corrosion-, pressure- and temperature. Due to their corrosion resistant nature they are also considered for desalination equipment’s.

    Shanghai Metal Corporation: No.1 Choice for Pure Nickel Tube and Pipe Supplies

    Their Nickel Pipe is known to have a size around 6mm-150mm with a wall thickness of 0.8-8mm and can be customized to fit client needs. It also has high temperature properties which makes it resistant to oxidizing and sulfuric atmospheres.  It also has good mechanical properties which make it useful for products in transportation and aerospace sector.

     Shanghai Metal retains its standard and quality production even in their nickel tubes. They ensure it is a Pure Nickel Tube as it undergoes numerous testing to ensure its quality is confirmed. A tensile tester helps determine its tensile strength and capabilities. Some other testers used include a Nondestructive Tester; UT Testing Detector; Tensile Tester digital Ultrasonic Detector; Infrared Tester; and HV Hardness Tester. These tests prove the quality of the tube and its applicability and usefulness in the chemical processing unit, marine engineering, power sector, oil and gas industries, petrochemical processing and also in telecommunications.

    About Shanghai Metal Corporation                                                          

    Shanghai Metal Corporation is a renowned company playing a key role in the production and supply of Metal products, Machinery and parts, Electric system, and also in the Construction industry. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Shanghai Metal Corporation has contributed majorly in advancement of production and manufacturing in areas such as: high quality aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, steel structure. The main product they manufacture include; coil, strip, foil, pipe, sheet, bar, fitting. For the business aspect they base in the Industry Service, and can supply the machinery and parts, Electric system, and Construction project for various businesses, Shanghai Metal Corporation – is the no.1 trusted manufacturer and partner in China.

    Media Contact
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    Phone: +86 139 1600 7766
    State: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Lionsgate Capital, a company based in Palma de Mallorca and specialized in banking intermediation for clients is providing assistance and financial advice to people who seek to buy a property in Spain.

    With over 40 years of expertise, company is providing the best advice in the financing of exclusive properties and also offers a great network of real estate companies as well as international legal and tax advisory firms in the Balearics.

    The history of Lionsgate Capital began in 2015 when Drew Aaron, a successful American entrepreneur and his wife, model Hanna Soukupová, moved to Mallorca looking for the calm that life in the “Big Apple” could not offer them. They changed their home near New York for an incredible finca in Alaro. It was during the process of acquiring the property that Drew met Juanita Casanas, at that time manager at Banco Santander, expert in exclusive mortgage services and responsible for closing the deal. From that moment on, what would eventually become Lionsgate Capital began to be forged.

    Juanita’s knowledge and high-level connections with the banking industry and Drew’s international business experience merged to design a company capable of advising clients looking for the optimization of their real estate investment in Spain.

    Today, Lionsgate Capital has the most outstanding team of advisors. In total 40 years of banking experience and excellent knowledge of the Spanish banking system allows them to provide a prompt high-quality service.

    “Our team offers expert advice for each individual client and transaction” said a company representative.

    Each customer is unique and requires customized solutions. With this philosophy the company serves each client, carefully studying his needs and preferences. This is how the advisors are able to provide then the ideal financing solution out of 20 banks. The excellent relationship with all Spanish and several international banks makes the process quick and easy for the client. The company also work with cash buyers looking to optimize their investment in Spain. Clients can contact Lionsgate Capital at any stage of the property acquisition process.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lionsgatecapital
    Contact Person: Juanita Casanas
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    Phone: 034 971 100 637
    Country: Spain

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    Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, These Live Online Cooking Classes will Enable Chefs to interact with the Participants!

    Chef Help Me is an emerging new live and online learning platform for all those cooking enthusiasts, who wish to learn cooking from a professional chef. A lot of people try to learn cooking by watching videos online but videos can never be interactive, whereas a real chef coming live online is quite interactive. Moreover, this new platform has been launched by a renowned LeCordon Bleu certified chef Kathy Lujan and she is now raising funds for this platform on Kickstarter.

    “I have created a fun new way to learn how to cook, it’s from the comfort of your own home by cooking along with a certified chef and culinary instructor live online where you can ask questions and interact with the chef.” Said Kathy Lujan, the founder of Chef Help Me, while introducing this project to the Kickstarter community.

    All funds raised through this crowdfunding campaign will play a major role in helping Kathy in purchasing the necessary equipment for the show. Her goal is to raise a sum of $20,000 with this fundraising campaign and she will purchase professional equipment, hire staff and rent a proper kitchen with the money raised from this campaign.

    The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and Kathy is offering several great rewards with worldwide shipping for the backers. There are a wide range of rewards being offered with this project and it is already creating a major buzz not only in San Francisco but around the world. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

    About Chef Help Me

    Chef Help Me is an inspiring initiative of Kathy Lujan, a San Francisco based seasoned American culinary instructor for LeCordon Bleu. The chef herself has been involved directly in the restaurant industry for over 35 years and she has now decided to share her knowledge of cooking with the future generations with this live online cooking academy.

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    Company Name: Chef Help Me
    Contact Person: Kathy Lujan
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    Phone: 415-286-2412
    Country: United States

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    LONDON, England – Jun 22, 2018 – Elegant West Indies international cricketer, Kieran Powell, has sealed an exciting brand ambassador deal with multi award-winning US design, marketing and branding agency, NEWMEDIA.COM.

    Powell, the dashing left-handed batsman who recently enjoyed historic success as Captain of the West Indies A team versus the England Lions, is part of the West Indies senior team that are currently playing against Sri Lanka in the Caribbean, where he scored a blistering 88 runs in the first match of the series which saw the West Indies surge ahead to a 1-0 lead.

    As part of his brand ambassador role with NEWMEDIA, Powell will collaborate with the firm on a diverse group of projects in a move that will catapult the star cricketer’s business and commercial portfolio to a global audience.

    “This is a tremendous and significant affiliation for me. NEWMEDIA is a highly respected leader of design and marketing innovation in the United States. There are remarkable, new and ongoing, developments and trends in this area and I am thrilled to be aligning my public profile with a firm of NEWMEDIA’s superiority and calibre. They resonate with my own ethos of excellence, assiduousness and accomplishment.” Powell said of the partnership, ahead of the first ever day-night Test match in the Caribbean, set to take place at the iconic Kensington Oval in Barbados on June 23rd.

    The gifted batsman, a former student of the exclusive Millfield school in Somerset, England, has had a fascinating international sporting career. While he has long been viewed as a prized cricketing talent for the West Indies elite team and plays a key role in the senior men’s squad, Powell also made global headlines in recent years when he was pursued by US Major League baseball franchises, including the famed Los Angeles Dodgers who contacted his agent after glimpsing video footage of him.

    Steve Morris, CEO of NEWMEDIA, stated that the collaboration with Powell added a monumental new dimension to the thriving company, who have branches throughout the United States, including in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

    “Kieran’s presence as brand ambassador for NEWMEDIA is thrilling for us as partnering with an international sports star synergizes perfectly with our plans to augment and emulate our success in the United States, to a far-wider global audience. Kieran has brought so many impressive ideas to the table which we are incredibly excited about. He is extremely intelligent, astute, disciplined and results-driven – all fundamental elements to sporting and business success. We are looking forward to a long and abundant relationship with Kieran.”

    NEWMEDIA was named one of America’s fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine for the third year in a row and has received numerous other prestigious accolades in recent months, including being awarded #1 ranked Global Leader Digital Agency by Clutch, #1 ranked Digital Agency in the United States by UpCity and #2 ranked Global Award Winner by Mashable, ahead of social media powerhouse Twitter which placed at #3 respectively.

    The firm’s impressive portfolio includes prominent clients such as American television giant CBS, Delta Airlines and Amtrak.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Andrew Braithwaite
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    Phone: +44 (0) 161 818 6487
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    The “ecological nation” theory proposed by Puhua Commercial Group defines the changing mode of productive forces in the future development of humanity from a brand-new perspective

    Beijing, China, June 25, 2018: In Beijing, Mr. ZhaiShanying, Chairman of Puhua Commercial Group, proposes the epoch-creating “Ecological Nation Theory”, a theory that unveils a brand-new era of living for humanity.

    Out of a foundation of blockchain technologies, a multitude of interconnected values and demand-driven “ecological nations” that humans will establish in the virtual world will gradually overturn existing ways of life by which human societies currently live, and finally lead to the formation of a brand-new economic operating system for online living, and offline survival.

    An “ecological nation” is to be established in the virtual internet world that may be founded by a legal person, a regular citizen, or an alliance, and operated in a liberal, democratic, equitable and transparent manner, completely according to the living laws of the internet world.

    Mr. Zhaiwas is a permanent special guest of CCTV’s Dialog and Dragon TV’s Boss Town, having conversed with a multitude of leading world figures. He has also been touted as the most eligible Chinese person for a Nobel Prize in Economics. He used to teach specialized financial courses at more than 10 famous Chinese universities consecutively.

    Humanity has entered the internet era and the rapid development of China’s internet technology has attracted global attention. In China, people are paying close attention to others’ responses to their updates in WeChat Moments, and the level of their role in online gaming every day.

    With a staggering sensitivity to this, Mr. Zhai came to the formal conclusion that people’s conventional living and development law will be completely broken and an internet life, another life that coexists alongside our real lives, will start to play an increasingly prevailing role in the further development of humanity.

    As Mr. Zhai analyzes, in the diversified internet world, different ecological nations can be created for people with different preferences. As such, various groups of people will be the sticky “digital citizens” of their respective ecological nations.

    Marx published Das Kapital in 1867, yet in the following 150 years, no economic theory appeared which was comparable.

    The “ecological nation” theory proposed by Puhua Commercial Group defines the changing mode of productive forces in the future development of humanity from a brand-new perspective. It is justifiable to believe that the ecological nation can realize the ideal state or “Plato’s Utopia” if it is designed reasonably.

    Please view :

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    Contact Person: Abhinav Atulya
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    Phone: +91 9910223563
    Country: India

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    Company Prepares to Meet Uplisting Requirements to Achieve OTCQB Designation

    FT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – June 25, 2018 – PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink:POTN) announced today that its Board of Directors has directed the Company’s counsel to prepare a Form 10 to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, to become a fully reporting SEC company. This action is fundamental to the Company’s efforts to demonstrate heightened transparency to its investors, and bring the Company greater visibility and credibility before a substantially larger group of qualified investors

    The Company expects to file the Form 10 not later than June 30, 2018. 

    This announcement comes following the Company’s recent release on April 2, 2018 of its audited consolidated financial statements for calendar year 2017, certifying 2017 revenues of $14.49 Million, and gross profits of $5,180,865. “We believe that we have developed a company with a business model and market traction deserving of a stronger presence in the financial markets. With revenue continuing to demonstrate strong gains year-over-year and an ever expanding distribution footprint, this Board of Directors’ decision was inevitable.  It sets the stage for several significant developments to be announced over this next calendar quarter. This filing is a pivotal event for us,” stated Richard Goulding, PotNetwork Holdings’ CEO. 

    About Diamond CBD Inc.:

    Diamond CBD focuses on the research, development, and multinational marketing of premium hemp extracts that contain a broad range of cannabinoids and natural hemp derivatives. Diamond CBD’s team consists of hemp industry pioneers and natural product experts, chemists, doctors and scientists, dedicated to producing the finest and purest cannabidiol (CBD) oils. The result is a robust selection considered among the most powerful natural CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, and vape liquids found anywhere. For more information, please visit its website at 

    About PotNetwork Holdings, Inc:

    PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink:POTN) is a publicly traded company that acts as a holding company for its subsidiaries, First Capital Venture Co., the owner of Diamond CBD, Inc., the maker of Diamond CBD oils. 

    Safe Harbor Act: Forward-Looking Statements are included within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All statements regarding our expected future financial position, results of operations, cash flows, financing plans, business strategy, products and services, competitive positions, growth opportunities, plans and objectives of management for future operations, including words such as “anticipate,” “if,” “believe,” “plan,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “could,” “should,” “will,” and similar expressions are forward-looking statements and involve risks, uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond our control, which may cause actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from anticipated results, performance, or achievements. We are under no obligation to (and expressly disclaim any such obligation to) update or alter forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Marisol Elwell
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    Phone: 1-800-915-3060
    Country: United States

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