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    With AI becoming increasingly pervasive in mobile marketing, app developers are seeking for more effective ad format and way to monetize with ads. In such circumstance, tech-driven mobile ad networks are developing in a vertical and refined way, thus catalyze revolutionary innovations in mobile marketing technology, such as programmatic advertising, more precise traffic matching, automated creative generation, and marketing insights tracking. However, it is not easy to handle the technology. Therefore, a lot of mobile developers lean on ad networks to achieve their goal.

    With so many ad networks in place and all the hype around them, what should app developers focus on when selecting their partners and monetize their app? To know more about the industry best practice, AdTiming held a discussion with its global renowned app-developing partners.

    Commercial and Monetization Director of Camera360Yuning Hu, Commercial and Monetization Director of Camera360: When selecting a programmatic advertising network, the ability to integrate resources is developers’ key consideration. An excellent ad network can not only offer traffic with quality and scale but also be good at innovation. As one of the pioneers to develop the international market, the camera tool Camera360 has made much effort to localize its product and operation in target markets. We are more than happy to see AdNetworks to help us in localization or catch users’ eyeball with creative ad display format. These initiatives make them stand out among their counterparts. In essence, programmatic is highly technical. Traffic quality, user labels, request processability and anti-fraud ability, are all necessary to increase monetization revenue.

    International Business Director of InvenoInternational Business Director of Inveno: We can see more and more “playable” ads with native, video and interactive becoming the significant advertising trends. Our product Noticias Aguila is now one of the most popular news apps in Mexico. As a major resource of information for over 10 million users, personalized information recommendation is crucial in improving the user experience. Meanwhile, we believe a refined operation can not only increase our monetization revenue but also increase our customer loyalty. Therefore, we want to see more detailed engagement data collected in each process of advertisement, and automatically analyze with ad network with the help of artificial intelligence, conduct A/B testing, feedback data and in-depth learning, understand user behavior and build our audience tag system, finally make sure our ads are precisely personalized, valuable and attractive.

    Monetization Director of CamScannerDan Su, Monetization Director of CamScanner: CamScanner is a powerful file scanner and organizer with over 400 million global users. CamScanner started to focus on the international market since 2015 and has taken a leading position in Europe and the Americas and gained a significant number of high-value users. CamScanner is well experienced and developed in IAP (In-App-Purchase), but still in the early stage of monetization. The primary users of the app are business users and students, who have a high standard on user experience. Therefore, CamScanner will pick monetization partners with the same standard, and find the perfect match for user experience and ad revenue.

    InstanzaInstanza: SOMA Messenger & COCO are two communication apps produced by Instanza, which owns over 300 million users around the globe with a large user base in emerging markets like India. Instanza has just stepped into mobile monetization and is in great need of experience and professional instructions. To serve such a large user base with satisfaction, Instanza plans to have the monetization experts do their work. Our priority of monetization solution is to find a situation where ad traffic can match user demand. We want our advertising partners to know our users better than we do, find a native and customized monetization strategy that suits us through multiple trials.

    Leo Yang, CEO of AdTiming: To better serve developers, ad networks need to know users better than developers do. To achieve that, developers need to adjust ad formats according to their development stage. CEO of AdTimingFor instance, with the rapid development of mobile video advertisement, especially incentive video ads, the importance of ad format has been increasingly noticed. If an advertiser cannot control ad frequency to fit each user segment group and ad format, the ARPU will drop after watching too many times of ads and a vicious circle begins. To help that, AdTiming has launched AdMuing, an open source incentive video ad tool features live-commenting to make ads more interactive and exciting. AdTiming leveraged AI to match contents with the ad format according to the user behavior of different countries and regions, meanwhile uplift ad performance with the innovative ad experience.

    AdTiming has applied AI in mobile marketing to improve platform data analysis, parameter adjustment, and operation capacity, aiming at maximizing the value of data and providing developers with stable and productive services.

    About AdTiming

    AdTiming is an intelligent mobile marketing platform, providing solutions to worldwide mobile developers and brands. We provide the best intelligent mobile marketing solutions in the age of Big Data, and help more Chinese companies go global with our strength in mobile marketing, big data solutions and technical services.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AdTiming Technology Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Rita Sun
    Email: Send Email
    City: Beijing
    Country: China

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    Digital assets started gaining wider acceptance in 2017 and have already exploded in 2018. Digital assets are leading us into a digital world. With the rapid development of digital assets, we will also have a new opportunity to achieve wealth, but how should we invest and get wealth increasingly quickly?

    Here is the SMW fund to solve this investment confusion for investors.

    SMW BlockChain Fund - Get Involved In “Digital Economy” Revolution, Let Investors Share The Bonus Of “Digital Economy”  

    The SMW Fund has professional investment teams, including hedge investment, Quantitative Investment, Equity investment, and Blockchain Project investment. SMW fund will invest in the digital assets primary market, secondary market, equity investment in blockchain projects and digital asset mining pool investments.

    In view of the current high development of the digital assets market, investors are eager to obtain wealth growth through digital assets allocation. However, blockchain projects are mixed with good and bad projects, while high-quality projects are still the minority, ordinary investors generally can’t accurately analysis and evaluate the project, especially when they are lack of effective allocation logic and strategy in the digital asset investment market, so the final investment return is usually not as good as expected.

    The SMW Fund will realize intelligent trust in the fund’s related investment and investor rights aspects through blockchain and smart contract technology, and hand over all trust to the computer, which will break the shortcomings of traditional investment models such as opaqueness, information asymmetry, inefficiency, high intermediary costs, and high credit risk. SMW will build different investment portfolios to gain more returns for investors while reducing the investment risk in the digital currency market. This will allow everyone to enjoy the rapid development of the digital economy.

    The SMW Fund has professional blockchain investment teams, including the digital assets AI Quantitative Investment Team, Blockchain Project Token Value Assessment Team, Blockchain Project Equity Investment Team. The SMW Fund will choose high-quality blockchain projects globally, including infrastructure, financial services, and industry applications in the blockchain ecosystem.

    SMW BlockChain Fund - Get Involved In “Digital Economy” Revolution, Let Investors Share The Bonus Of “Digital Economy”  

    Comparing with other digital asset funds on the market, SMW funds has the following advantages:

    Digital asset allocation strategy: Unlike other funds that mainly invest in the secondary market of digital assets, SMW’s fund allocation strategy is more abundant, which covers almost all fields where digital assets can be invested. The capital will be rationally allocated based on the fund managers’ rich investment experience.

    Big data and Blockchain technology:

    Making full use of big data for quick data analysis, statistics, processing, modeling and other efficient operations; and at the same time, the position and transaction data that investors concern about during the fund operation will be presented openly, transparently, and credibly to investors through distributed ledgers and smart contract technology.

    Global investment horizon: SMW fund will invest in all kinds of high-quality blockchain projects around the world. While investing in domestic high-quality blockchain projects, the SMW fund has also recruited fund managers and the operations team has global experience and backgrounds.  This builds the foundation for the ability to invest in superior investment global projects.

    The SMW Fund will build a decentralized, professional, credible, intelligent, efficient, open and transparent, extremely mobile and inclusively participated investment platform for digital asset investors. The SMW fund is founded with the aim to build an investor community, adhering to the “open, transparent, trustworthy” investment philosophy, to participate in the “digital economy” revolution, and share the development benefits of the digital economy with investors. SMW Fund has participated in several projects in the primary market, and some of them have already achieved high investment returns, which reflects the rich investment experience and superb investment skills of the SMW team.

    Know more visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SMW Foundation
    Contact Person: Jack
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    EuroHomeDirect has made buying premier luxury home appliances from European brands more affordable and easier by importing these products straight from the manufacturers. The company also guarantees most comprehensive stock for home decoration & makeover.

    Hong Kong – Buying luxury home appliances from top European brands has never been this easy and inexpensive. Good news for homeowners planning a home makeover with classy European appliances but uneasy about the exorbitant price tags. EuroHomeDirect is offering high-end home appliances straight from well-known European brands including Miele, Gaggenau and Liebherr, yet at a very affordable European Retail Price anywhere in the world.

    “European sellers do not usually sell internationally so until now buying directly from Europe was very complicated and requires a lot of organization and own initiative. Most importantly, sourcing home appliances from European brands has been extremely pricey given the series of middlemen involved in the whole process. Buyers living in regions like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and North America have to pay around 2x the price to buy European products compared to European consumers. But, not any more. EuroHomeDirect has resolved all such woes for you so that homeowners anywhere in the world can enjoy top European luxury home appliances at highly affordable rates”, stated one of the co-founders of EuroHomeDirect.

    EuroHomeDirect sources the products directly from the manufacturers in Europe and sell them to end users worldwide, removing all the middlemen which consequently cuts down the prices and delivery time. The company holds two warehouses in the UK and Germany to process and ship orders promptly across the globe.

    It all started with the company founders aspiring to renovate their own homes with top-class European luxury products. They observed that the same products from the same brands are around 2x more expensive in countries outside of Europe. It inspired them to create a solution where they import the top-branded European products themselves directly from manufacturers and then sell it to customers at a much affordable rate – thus EuroHomeDirect was born.

    In the bid to be the one-stop resource for home renovation, EuroHomeDirect offers the most complete stock of products. At present, the company is bustling with a vast & versatile range of 200,000 products sourced from the most high-end brands to ensure both variety and premium quality. Other than kitchen appliances, EuroHomeDirect also offers branded sanitary ware including Dornbracht, Duravit, Emco, Axor; as well as designer furniture including Natuzzi, Minotti, B&B Italia, and Poliform – EuroHomeDirect offers almost everything needed for home decoration. The company also stocks high tech gadgets for contemporary homes including sci-fi gizmos like Smart Glass and Smart Home systems. All products from EuroHomeDirect are backed by a 1 year warranty.

    Speaking further, the co-founder stressed EuroHomeDirect is also able to ship most new products faster than local retailers.

    “Local retailers do not always have full stock of all the models from every brand and they often need to wait for distributors to send them new stock over from Europe. The whole ordering and shipping process creates a waiting time of 3-5 months. But there is no such issue with us. We source products directly from the source, which means we don’t have to wait for distributors to refill our stock. We ship most of the products to customers worldwide by air and it takes just a couple of weeks for the order to reach your doorstep. Your convenience is crucial for us.”

    The company also offers installation services in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Instant Services (Hong Kong) Ltd. & Instant Services Trading (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
    Contact Person: Ray
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +852 34211222 & +65 31388699
    Country: HongKong

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    Tendai Morris is Awakening Women to Appreciate their Hair Natural Texture.

    St. Charles, MO, USA – Whispering Natural Hair Care Solutions Into the Ears of Consumers Around the World. Tendai Morris is Awakening Women to Appreciate their Hair Natural Texture.

    Whether she is multiracial or African American by a large women are going all natural when it comes to their hair. Ironically, the natural hair care BOOM! is providing access to women of color to regain momentum- in developing care products. A billion dollar industry stripped from under people of color has returned, the foreign play in the industry has seen a decline in sales as consumers dive into learning more about toxic chemicals used in products like perms, relaxers, hair dyes, and etc.

    Tendai Morris is a hair care expert with over 30 years in the business she has marked her success by developing one of the only products on the market that revives and restores the hair’s natural texture [curl pattern]. “Whisper Whip” is an all natural hydration solution absent of toxic chemicals. It’s an absolute solution for those multi-racial and african american; women, men and children looking to enjoy their natural hair. The “Whisper Whip” hydration system is a used as a co-wash, leave-in-conditioner, and deep conditioner. Most importantly, to restore its users natural hair texture- Tendai Morris has been shocking the airwaves and online platforms with her “Texture Talks,” through live video demonstrations and trade shows across the country. Tendai’s online audience has grown from thousands to tens of thousands as more discover “My Natural is My Natural.”

    In fact…

    Alongside the videos, women use a variety of hashtags around natural hair to share their own experiences, styles and advice on sites like Instagram and Twitter.

    According to social media analysis tool Spredfast there were 554,048 posts using the hashtag #naturalhair on Instagram in the first two months of 2017. The posts received 1,646,842 comments and 81,303,058 likes. On Twitter for the same period 49,745 tweets used the same hashtag.

    My Natural is My Natural

    Tendai Morris coined the phrase “My Natural is My Natural” during her informational series, Tendai wants more women to understand the importance of embracing their natural beauty [self-awareness] and secondly assure women are aware of the toxic and harmful chemicals in straighten, color and other products; Morris inspires women to LOVE themselves from the inside and out.

    Texture Talk

    Tendai Morris established “Texture Talk,” raising the bar on performance the one hour presentation keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The tour has been selling out in every city Morris has appeared; she is extremely entertaining and trustworthy.

    “The foundation of the natural hair movement is that the hair curling from our heads is innately beautiful and should be free to exist that way.” – Tendai Morris.

    Naturally Speaking Online

    Facebook Page:
    Facebook Page:
    Facebook Page: [show]
    Facebook Page:



    Newspaper Editorial:


    Product Creator:

    YouTube Channel:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Healthy Hair Care Solutions
    Contact Person: Tam Lawrence
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 414-533-7239
    Country: United States

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    Once again, STOCKROOM brings an affordably priced and elegant collection of office furniture, which includes Eames style chairs, Tulip style dining table, rustic recycled solid wood dining table, Eileen Gray style side table, Clement solid oak wood desk, solid oak working desk with drawer and lots more.

    With a commitment to keep offering contemporary furniture at affordable prices, STOCKROOM now announces a spectacular collection of office furniture for its clients in Hong Kong. The furniture range includes office chairs, working desk, side table, dining table, table lamps and many other products. They have furniture items in a wide variety of styles, and clients can pick furniture that can fit into their space and can also match with the décor of the built space.

    STOCKROOM Announces an Adorable Range Of Office Furniture Hong Kong at Unbelievable Prices

    According to the spokesperson of the Furniture Hong Kong outlet, these furniture items are available in unmatched styles for enhancing the aesthetic value of the office space. Available at discount prices, all furniture items are made from quality materials and involve superior finish. The spokesperson reveals that these furniture pieces have been designed to keep in mind the requirements of the modern office space. For example, the furniture design incorporates functional benefits of the optimal space utilization. One can install side tables and racks in corners and other places to use them as storage units.

    The spokesperson reveals that they have Office Chairs Hong Kong in a variety of styles at affordable prices. The office chair collection includes Eames Style Mesh Highback Office Chairs, Eames Style Mesh Lowback Office Chairs, Organic Mesh Office Chairs, Eames Style Office Lobby Chairs and other varieties. These office chairs are available in different colors, such as black, white and beige. Each chair features an intelligent combination of different materials to improve functional benefits and yet looks stylish. With soft cushioning and high back support, one can find these chairs comfortable to work for long hours.

    STOCKROOM deals in a variety of Office Furniture Hong Kong, which includes office chairs, tables, side tables, racks, working desks and other items.  Available in a sleek and functional design, the furniture pieces feature a classic durability. The spokesperson maintains that some of these furniture items are the exact replica of the renowned brands with a unique contemporary flair. Capable to transform the appeal of any office space, the furniture items sold by STOCKROOM are in great demand throughout Hong Kong and other places as well.

    One can check the latest office furniture available in their stock by visiting the website

    About Stockroom

    STOCKROOM is an online furniture shop. They source the furniture from around the globe to offer the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. They work very closely with only the best manufacturers and focus time and resources finding manufacturers that meet or exceed quality standards. They deal directly with the best manufacturers that can meet or exceed quality standards, meaning no costly middlemen, so they can provide contemporary furniture at an affordable price. Stockroom collection includes a variety of items that combine style and quality with versatility, including oak dining tables, chairs, lounge chair, coffee table, lamps, bedroom sets, stools, office chairs, desks, bookshelves and more for individuals, design professionals, architects, and corporations of all sizes looking for quality pieces.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: STOCKROOM
    Contact Person: Jojoba
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +852 2817 0999
    Country: HongKong

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    Who are the three richest people in Bulgaria and how did they make their wealth? All three of the people on this list have proven to be huge influences in Bulgaria and are also testament to how a country so recently freed from communism can flourish.

    Here they are in reverse order:

    Number three: Mitko Sabev

    The third richest person in Bulgaria, with a modest $650 million estimated net worth is Mitko Sabev. After graduating from the Higher naval school in Varna, Miko Sabev then served as chief of the Bulgarian maritime fleet.

    After this Mitko Sabev started his career with a business called Festa Holding where he was co-founder and managing director, together with his wife at the time, Petya Slavova and Latvian millionaire Denis Ershov. It was there he grew his wealth and also became CEO of Yukos Petroleum Bulgaria Plc. He is currently chairman of the board of directors of Petrol AD, and chairman of the supervisory board of Petrol AD. He is now one of the three biggest players in the Bulgarian oil market.

    Number two: Hristo Kovachki

    Coming in at number two for the richest people in Bulgaria is Hristo Kovachki. He has an estimated net worth of an amazing $850 million. He owns quite a few companies and shows a lot of business interest in the field of energy, which is how he made most of his fortune. As well as this, he is also the informal leader of the LIDER party, which is a centrist and liberal political party – one that he’s shown a lot of passion and dedication towards. He is married to Desislava, a former pop folk singer, and has two children.

    Kovachki owns various heating plants in different towns. This includes Electricity and briquette, lignite mines and black coal mines. As well as this, he owns technological repair and maintenance companies for the nuclear plant Kozloduy. There have been some concerns about pollution from these mines and plants which he doesn’t seem to respond to, however some sources suggest that he may be moving away from this. He has a degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences from LIMFO in Russia and is fluent in Russian, English and french.

    Number one: Vasil Bojkov

    With an estimated net worth of a stunning $1.5 billion, this makes Vasil Bojkov the richest man in Bulgaria. He gained his initial riches through gaming companies and his bank, the Bulgarian Industrial Commercial Bank. Vasil Bojkov is top of this richest Bulgarians list with a very long lead. He is an avid philanthropist; his private jets and helicopters can be used by the government for legal or medical purposes and he has an amazing collection of over 3000 artefacts to help rejuvenate lost Bulgarian History.

    With one degree in Mathematics from Sofia University and another in Labour Economics from the University of National And World Economy, we know that he prioritises education. He owns the company Nove Holding, which encompases a vast amount of other companies and subsidiaries. One of these is the famed betting company Eurofootball, which many people know of and use. Bojkov has also been a massive influence in the world of sport – most prominently chess, football and sports shooting.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Narratively
    Contact Person: Pompey Helt
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1-202-555-0143
    Country: United States

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    Los Angeles, CA The 21st century has witnessed the evolution of several needs including the way luggage and personal items are carried around for mobility. The increasing rise in the population of millennials coupled with their dynamic needs has also caused the evolution of backpacks, with a constant demand for backpacks, which not only meet aesthetic needs but is also tailored towards securing contents while appearing as compact and presentable as possible. To meet the growing needs and dynamics of millennials and the larger population, the team at Backpacks Global offer a wide range of backpack options which are specially designed and tailored to meet every need of the user.

    Describing the business philosophy and services offered by the team of consumer satisfaction oriented individuals at Backpacks Global, the spokesperson for the company said, “When you’re on the move, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your gear is safe. At Backpacks Global, we can help you find the best hiking and laptop backpacks available, so you know your gear is safe no matter where you’re going.”

    The team of millennials at Backpacks Global are committed to giving the best reviews available online on the highest quality, affordable backpacks, with the aim of satisfying every need as demanded by everyday users, travelers, and more. In order to make their services more available to individuals across the globe, the team has further broadened their scope to accommodate for the teeming fans of premium quality and multi-functional backpacks across the United States.

    With services currently available under their Backpacks Asia brand in a wide variety of countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, the team at Backpacks Global is interested in creating a global awareness regarding the top of the line available backpacks with an unbiased review and rating which is based on design, aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, and more.

    Backpacks Global is focused on an affordable range of backpacks, with reviews on some of the best hiking backpacks to include the KAKA outdoor backpack, Leegoal outdoor backpack, Deuter Groden hiking backpack, Freight Trekking 60L backpack, and the Freight 47L backpack. The review website further educates millennials seeking the outdoor life on the best ways to choose the most suitable backpack based on size, material, number of compartments, extra features such as navigational compasses, emergency whistles, water filters, rain pouches, ergonomics, and style.

    The team of backpack lovers at Backpacks Global also offers reviews on some of the most affordable backpack options to include the Lixada 50L hiking backpack, the OZUKO three dimensional backpack, the Womdee Anti-theft backpack, Hush Gecko anti-theft backpack, Leegoal outdoor backpack, KAKA outdoor backpack, and more.

    The team at Backpacks Global are located at 2549 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90057, USA. For inquiries and consultations, contact them via phone at 1-800-931-0171, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Backpacks Global
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1-800-931-0171
    Address:2549 Wilshire Blvd
    City: Los Angeles
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    The possibility of Thermobalancing therapy with Dr Allen’s Device to reduce the size of the enlarged prostate and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) will be discussed at the 6th International Conference & Exhibition on Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation is going to be held at London, August 13-14, 2018. The main point of the report is that this safe device ought to be used as the first-line treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), as widely used standard treatment options, medications and surgeries, have severe side effects and complications.

    A unique treatment method invented by Dr Simon Allen, i.e. Thermobalancing therapy and Dr Allen’s Device, were patented in the United States as “Therapeutic device and method” for chronic internal diseases such as BPH, kidney stone disease, chronic prostatitis and pain. Backed by a clinical study, this effective treatment of enlarged prostate was praised by clinicians and scientific researchers at different conferences across the world. In a couple of weeks, Dr. Allen will deliver a keynote speech: “Benign prostatic hyperplasia therapy with cost-effective Dr Allen’s physiotherapeutic device reverses prostate enlargement” in the United Kingdom.

    For about 10 years Dr Simon Allen has invented Thermobalancing therapy and devices, including Dr Allen’s Device for Prostate Treatment. Please see a short video how the device can help men with LUTS due to BPH and avoid risky drugs and surgical procedures,

    Dr Allen’s Device for Prostate Treatment applies a thermoelement to the coccyx area. This thermoelement accumulates the emitted body heat and becomes the source of energy. So, there is no battery involved in this treatment process. This energy improves blood circulation in the prostate gland relieving urinary symptoms.

    “Thermobalancing therapy® with Dr. Allen’s Device becoming recognised by medical professionals worldwide, as a unique safe treatment method for chronic internal diseases. The therapy attracts people as it is reduces pain and other troubling symptoms effectively,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “Moreover this treatment is side effects free. It helps men to avoid risky medication and surgeries that lead to sexual dysfunction and impotence.”

    Fine Treatment delivers Dr Allen’s devices to all countries across the world. Fine Treatment is a UK Department for International Trade (DIT) registered supplier to international buyers:

    Dr Allen’s Device is a Class I Medical Device, which does not require the involvement of a Notified Body at any country. So, everyone can use it at home without worrying, as this treatment option causes no side effects. For over 10 years Dr. Allen’s Devices have been delivered for thousands of customers via Royal mail tracking service. Today, the devices have been successfully used by customers in over 100 countries.

    Read more at:

    About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment

    Dr. Simon Allen, MD, PhD is a highly experienced medical professional specialising in internal medicine. He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders. Fine Treatment exclusively offers therapeutic device for chronic prostatitis and BPH treatment, coronary heart disease, for dissolving kidney stones, easing chronic pain in spine.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fine Treatment
    Contact Person: Dr Simon Allen, MD, PhD, Director of Fine Treatment
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +447958878300
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Killarney, Ireland – Alaimh Counselling, one of the most forward thinking and innovative counseling companies in Ireland is today delighted to announce the launch of their latest service. Hypnotherapy for weight loss Kerry is the first service the company has offered outside of traditional counseling. The idea to launch a hydrotherapy weight loss session, came in response to demand, with many patients concerned or struggling to lose weight.

    The company decided to seek alternative but safe options for their patients, and after some significant research, a decision was made to offer weight loss hypnotherapy, Kerry. Hypnotherapy has proven to be an excellent and safe method for weight loss, and could perfectly complement counseling sessions for patients who are suffering from a lack of confidence thanks to their physical appearance. 

    “As an organization, we are always focused on finding the best treatment option for an individual patient,” said Teddie Drumm of Alaimh Counselling. “Not everyone is the same, and subsequently what could be the perfect treatment for one person, could have little to no effect on their friend. The addition of Hypnotherapy sessions to our business means that we have even more alternatives to offer to patients when they attend. We have mentioned the new treatment to a number of our current clients, and the response has been very positive.”

    Alaimh Counselling is a locally owned and operated counseling service based in Killarney Ireland. The company is always at the cutting edge of medical developments and are regularly launching new services aimed at helping their clients live a carefree life once again. For more information about the company, or the services they provide, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Alaimh Counselling
    Contact Person: Teddie Drumm
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 087 1656050
    Address:Glenmore House, St Anne’s Rd Moyeightragh
    City: Killarney
    State: Co Kerry
    Country: Ireland

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    Ubud, BALI – Noise. In the world today, noise is everywhere from construction and traffic, to the constant barrage of television and radios blaring. The computer blips and cell phone ring tones all interact to cause stress and suppress the stillness within. One yoga center is working hard to replace the noise with the sweet songs of exotic birds and the trickling waters of refreshing waterfalls. That’s the Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreat Center located in the exotic town of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.  

    Silent meditation allows the practitioner to find the answers to life’s deepest questions from within, while helping to reveal greater states of clarity, well-being and inner peace. The Blooming Lotus free silent meditation retreats are for intermediate students who are interested in the yogic approach to spiritual liberation. The Blooming Lotus meditation and yoga retreat in Bali features a gentle Hatha Yoga class in the morning that may include Yin Yoga as well as restorative postures, Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep) in the afternoon, and evening Dharma Talks. They also offer 3 sessions of meditation daily in breathtaking Bali where vacationers can immerse in breath work & meditation.

    Retreat goers will be taught spiritual practices under the guidance of Ramananda, author of “The Essential Teachings of Yoga.“  Ramananda inspires the awakening of the spiritual heart through the spiritual traditions of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta. Also overseeing the retreat is Lily Goncalves, who has produced her own Yoga Nidra Mp3 collection as tools for meditation, health & healing, and awareness training.  Lily’s special interest in practice lies in Meditation, Advaita Vedanta, Mantra & Tantra, Bhakti Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.

    These instructors share their profound insight into the benefits reaped from such practices and how they extend to all facets of life: relationships, confidence, wisdom, compassion, sincerity, love, respect, creativity and insight.

    For more information, visit for further details about these meditation and yoga retreats in Bali.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Blooming Lotus Yoga
    Contact Person: Lily Goncalves
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (021) 29553600
    Address:Br. Mawang Kaja, Desa Lodtunduh, Lodtunduh
    City: Ubud
    State: Bali 80571
    Country: Indonesia

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    CSCMP’s Thomas Kofler Joins Olam as Vice President Strategic Business, Spearheading Latest Contributions Round for the Foundation’s Internet of Logistics Project

    Zug, Switzerland – July 30th, 2018 – Olam Foundation based in Zug (Switzerland) is proud to announce a new board member, Thomas Kofler, to join as VP Strategic Business. Thomas is based in Switzerland where he was educated and started his career in logistics with a family owned NVOCC and forwarder. He has decades of in-depth industry experience in global supply chain management, logistics, and enterprise software space. Since 2002, Thomas is Owner and Managing Partner of Symmetry Services, Feusisberg, Switzerland. For the past decade he acted as Director Sales & Business Development DACH & GCC Region for a software solutions provider in global trade management. Adding to this vast international field expertise is his standing as a founding board member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Switzerland Roundtable. Thomas holds an Executive MBA degree from the University of Dallas/Texas.

    He recently left a position in a Silicon Valley SCM startup company where he had managed pipeline building and defined the European go-to-market strategy. Thomas now aims his focus on pushing Olam’s Internet of Logistics project to its goal of standardizing data communications for the world’s supply-chain network.

    Thomas hit the ground running upon joining the board, immediately touring Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul to promote Olam’s blockchain vision, speaking to the community’s audiences at several events. “Having spent many years dealing with the raw challenges underlying modernization of supply chains, I was elated when learning of Olam’s holistic, long term solution,” said Thomas. “I am eagerly looking forward to introducing this vision to the global logistics world.”

    The excitement is mutual: “Thomas brings vast tech and business knowledge with a strong emphasis on international relations to the foundation” said Yaron Kauffman, Olam CTO. “He has been in complete sync with Olam’s vision from day one. We are thrilled to have him take such an active role in this global endeavor.”

    Olam is a not-for-profit foundation eliminating global supply chain inefficiencies by means of a standard, open-source platform on the blockchain, allowing various logistics stakeholders to connect and communicate seamlessly. Registered in Switzerland, the Olam Foundation harnesses blockchain technology enabling the global supply chain’s various stakeholders to seamlessly connect, communicate and develop their business in a trusted environment. 

    About OLAM-Foundation:

    Olam is an independent and neutral Foundation to develop an industry standard communication protocol on blockchain for the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. By using Olam’s standard protocol, the open-source platform allows all logistics parties along the supply chain to connect, communicate and develop their businesses in a more effective and transparent manner. On Olam’s trusted platform, all supply-chain stakeholders connect effortlessly, sharing data and providing their services efficiently without disrupting the ecosystem.

    In alliance with some of the most prominent names, counting GS1, global freight forwarders Kuehne + Nagel, and warehousing and ground-handler Swissport, Olam assembled a solid Board of Advisors comprised of industry leaders from the likes of DHL, Fedex, and Zebra Technologies as well as several high-ranking academics in the fields of cryptography mathematics and crypto economics, and a Nobel nominee professor in the field of nanotechnology from a leading Japanese university.

    If you would like more information about the Foundation and its vision, email the Olam team at or follow its TGE on Telegram at The projects whitepaper and proof of concept can be accessed via the website

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Olam Foundation
    Contact Person: Dana Reich-Adam
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +41 435 880447
    Country: Switzerland

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    July 30, 2018 – The mind is a powerhouse that can help people take control over their lives, so that they can defy their destinies.  A new affirmation program, My Mind Valley, now offers the tools and knowledge needed to reach out and connect to the subconscious and unconscious powers that are never otherwise obvious, so that people can finally begin to live the life they love.

    Founded by Fiori Giovanni, My Mind Valley is focused on bringing out capability, uplifting positivity, clarity and focus. The method discovered by Fiori works on the fact that people can change the world by simply changing how they speak to themselves. Fiori has experienced the magic powers of self-talk in her own life journey, from a child soldier in Africa to successful business women in Australia.

    A profound and effective affirmation program, My Mind Valley comprises Audio, video and Kindle material covering 30 topics that are designed to bring about specific changes in life. The topics are structured to enable the user to connect with their conscious and subconscious mind.

    Among the My Mind Valley series is ‘Trust Yourself’ that reorients the reader to take a leap and bet on themselves. ‘Achieve Success’ shows how one can change one’s world by simply changing the self-talk. ‘Bust Out with Creativity’ reveals that creativity is a method, and the affirmation helps bring about awareness and expanded perspectives.

    The complete My Mind Valley series is available on Amazon

    Click here below:

    as well as Smash Words.  

    Click here below:

    Fiori is a famous life, business and executive coach known around the world. She has gained her knowledge, wisdom and insights into personal growth over the course of traveling across 30 countries in all five continents. She combines this with her personal life journey to help ignite change and transformation in the lives of others. She is currently settled in Australia, where she is a highly sought-after speaker, Author and executive coach.

    The journey into My Mind Valley can be begun with a free e-book: The Secret Blue Print for Accessing and Reprogramming your Mind for Success.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Fiori Giovanni
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    Country: United States

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    The people who have searched for a way on how to play piano by yourself, with the Best Online Piano Lesson you will be able to play piano like professionals in no time.

    Just imagine that you sit down at a piano and you can play ballads, pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, Classical piece and many others. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? Now, you can turn your fascination into a reality with the help of Best Online Piano lessons. You don’t have to waste money and time going to classes and putting an effort in the traditional piano lessons. Be advanced and live in the digital world to learn piano online.

    The piano is the instrument which represents class and quality. Its acoustic and stringed system produces the sound which gets to the heart of the listeners. So, the people who want to learn piano can easily learn piano online. There are certain methods by which piano can be played which include written music, by ear, or through improvisation. 

    Many people spend their precious time going to and from the piano classes just to improve their playing skills. But it is just an outdated method to learn piano. Although the online classes or software don’t have the same accountability and reinforcement as face to face lessons but still the online piano courses helps them to save their time a lot.

    The best online piano lessons have proved that you can learn how to play piano only by spending a few hours a week. They helped everyone to transform a beginner into a professional by providing the absolute and basic techniques that are essential for a starter.

    These courses work in the same way for all and don’t require any prior knowledge or experience. In the online lessons, every single fact important to learn piano will be listed and explained. The online piano lessons reviews also provide the recommendations about the Best Online Piano Lessons. Although it is pointed out in the review that there is no substitute for a live teacher or tutor, the online piano courses do come with a lot of advantages.


    To learn piano online, you don’t have to consult hundreds of teachers and tutors or any other person. You can start the learning process at the time you see fit for yourself. The only requirement is that you have a real piano in your house. As it is a budget-friendly, convenient and flexible way to learn piano, more and more people going for the online piano courses.

    The Best Online Piano Lessons also provides books and guides. The best thing that these books and guides can do for you is to provide you the instruction that fits your needs. It depends on the student who wishes to learn that which course he/she want to opt. All the Online piano courses are written and constructed by an expert piano teacher who has years of experience and knowledge. You can also find the guide to learn electronic keyboard which will ultimately help the learner to get a hold on the piano as well.

    The wide acceptance of the best online piano lessons has introduced the world to a completely new way to learn how to play piano by yourself. Among all the courses present online which claims that they provide the best lessons, can now put a rest to their fake advertisements. To learn piano online just go to the Pickmypiano website and check the reviews for various online piano courses and choose the best one for you.

    Choosing the piano when you want to learn some musical instrument is an excellent choice, but it is also your choice that you choose excellent online piano courses too.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: John Breeden
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    Phone: +1 (619) 431-3801
    Address:1115 Carson Street
    City: San Diego
    State: CA 92117
    Country: United States

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    Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly grabbed eyeballs for their unprecedented growth, although the contention over the currency being in a bubble continues to gain resounding nods from varied entities.

    Something which can be claimed with certainty is that those with a big stake with cryptocurrencies need to be proactive to ensure the safety of their digital investment, more than ever before. It is imperative to take an extra step to secure your funds, as wallets have been hacked earlier.

    With many people engaging with a deep curiosity in the cryptoverse, it is important that they are ensured of safety with their assets. DICE has endeavored to resolve these persisting issues, by introducing the concept of offline mining. DICE has been created with a new communication protocol that makes it practically impossible to steal or hack DICE. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that exist in the digital space, DICE exists as objects in the real world. In addition to its physical nature, a pre-requisite to holding DICE is having a copy of the actual data structure.

    The DICE system is based on a large number of unconnected peers, which work independently within a single global platform. Unlike the blockchain model, where miners are rewarded when transactions are verified, DICE economy facilitates transactions similar to those in the real world. The network of each individual operator is a small nation of its own where the DICE miner becomes the virtual inhabitant of such countries. Each transaction between miners is secured by a virtual handshake, with the operator as a witness.

    DICE token holders can easily use the cryptocurrency as an alternative currency to purchase goods and services from anywhere across the world wherever DICE tokens are accepted. As is the case with fiat currency, DICE can also be stored in two ways – Digital form or as a Printed Note. There is no need for customized wallets to store DICE units. Given the structure of DICE and its physical attributes, when stored offline, it’s impossible for any hacker to steal it. Since no special wallets or complicated exchanges are involved, reaching out to a wider audience is possible. Those who are averse to the risks associated with crypto ventures can also be enrolled in the game. Since mining doesn’t require the internet, user’s resources will be safeguarded from illegal uses.

    With such a revolutionary model DICE has been gathering accolades for the perfect reasons, with the prime focus of empowering people to remain invested and engaged in the crypto world by successfully resolving their concerns and forwarding the game.

    To know more about DICE, read the whitepaper.

    Media Contact:

    Name: Dilip Chandar




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    Country: United Kingdom

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    Hong Kong – DCH Auriga specializes in Asia Healthcare and for over 50 years has partnered with world-leading life-science companies to bring essential healthcare solutions to Asia. With the support of the CITIC Group, DCH Auriga is rapidly expanding its footprint and enhancing core competencies through innovative service models, allowing DCH Auriga to streamline supply chains, improve speed to market and build competitive advantages.

    To support business development, DCH Auriga has invested in a new distribution centre in Kwai Chung Hong Kong. The Wyler Centre is a multi-level state-of-the-art facility, fully compliant with local healthcare regulations and equipped with JDA Warehouse Management, a comprehensive, real-time warehouse management system that skilfully handles real-world disruptions to help drive improved performance and competitive edge. JDA Warehouse Management has proven to be vastly flexible in integrating various innovative warehouse automation capabilities such as pick to light, voice picking and robotic warehouse operations.

    The Wyler Centre has more than 33,000 sqm. of storage space including specialty cold chain storage at multiple temperatures designed to meet stringent healthcare standards across operations including redressing and repacking.

    “The establishment of the Wyler Centre is another significant milestone for DCH Auriga to further extend our lead in healthcare business. Our transformation to a digital supply chain has been carefully planned and executed. We are delighted that this rollout has caused minimum disruption to our operation and has been well received by our partners. Our IT team, operational team and our supply chain solutions partner, the AC² Group, have been working very closely together to ensure the success of this rollout. We are very satisfied with the result and we look forward to implementing many innovative solutions in this facility,” said David Mouland, the Vice President of Operations at DCH Auriga.

    “We have been working closely with JDA and DCH Auriga in planning to rollout cutting-edge technologies as we march steadily in the era of industry 4.0. DCH Auriga has a culture of accepting challenges and they are determined to raise the bar in healthcare industry. I believe we will see a lot of innovative solutions from them as they further extend their leadership position in the healthcare market,” said Aw Yang Uei, the Managing Partner of the AC² Group of companies.

    “Congratulations to DCH Auriga on the establishment of the new Wyler Centre in Hong Kong. Digitalization is rapidly transforming how companies operate and the way they go to market. We are excited to witness our partner, the AC² Group, to continue utilizing JDA’s capabilities to orchestrate best-in-class supply chain execution and customer experience. I am proud that JDA Warehouse Management has helped DCH Auriga embarked on their digital supply chain journey, and we are very pleased with the result. We look forward to more JDA success stories from DCH Auriga and AC² Group,” said Amit Bagga, President, Asia-Pacific, JDA Software.

    About DCH Auriga

    DCH Auriga is an Asia-based integrated market management provider specializing in healthcare.

    The company is headquartered in Hong Kong as a member of Dah Chong Hong Holdings (stock code: 1828.HK) with 50+ years of experience and operations in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Offering comprehensive commercial and logistics solutions, DCH Auriga partners with the world’s leading healthcare companies to distribute pharmaceuticals, medical devices, surgical equipment, diagnostics and OTC products for 500+ brands into 10,000+ hospitals, pharmacies and specialty stores across Asia. DCH Auriga is a member of Dah Chong Hong Holdings.

    Dah Chong Hong Holdings (stock code: 1828.HK), is an integrated motor and consumer products distribution company operating in Asia with an extensive logistics network. Dedicated to bringing quality products to consumers across Asia, DCH is the preferred partner of over 1,000 brands from more than 30 countries with operations in 12 Asian economies. DCH is a subsidiary of China’s largest conglomerate, CITIC Limited (stock code: 00267) and employs 17,000 staff across the region.

    For more information please visit or

    Social Networks:

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    About the AC² Group

    The AC² Group is a leading solution provider for warehouse solution consulting and supply chain related technologies in Asia. With over 25 years of knowledge and experiences in implementing supply chain solutions, the company has successfully deployed many supply chain solutions throughout Asia-Pacific. With headquarters located in Singapore, the AC² Group has now expanded its market coverage, having offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

    For more information on the AC² Group, please visit

    Social Networks:

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    MVNOs have been fast to capitalize on the modern day consumer’s data needs and understand that consumers often pick an operator based on data packages. It has also been proven that they can grow their business through customer-centricity. vData Core will enable MVNOs to understand their customer and innovate based on consumer needs. It will help them to efficiently manage and monetize data and ultimately enhance customer experience, said G V Kumar, CEO and Managing Director of XIUS
    MVNOs Envisage Increased ARPU and Customized Customer Experience

    Hyderabad – 1 Aug, 2018 : XIUS, a leading supplier of mobile technology, mobile payments and enterprise offerings has unveiled its ‘vData Core’, a patent-pending telco grade platform. This platform, the first of its kind, incorporates Machine Learning (ML) at the core and equips Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to boost revenue and thrive.

    Today, a majority of Communication Service Providers’ (CSP) revenue is generated from data services. It is estimated that by 2021, the average data consumption will be 52 Exabytes per month with 70 percent of mobile data being video. This makes it necessary for CSPs to be well prepared in effectively monetizing the unimaginable surge in data usage.

    With vData Core, XIUS will enable MVNOs to offer personalized data packages and enchant their end users with customized customer experience through Machine Learning and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).  Additionally, vData Core’s capacity optimization provides visibility into the entire infrastructure making it possible to meet changing service demands. MVNOs can leverage vData Core’s capabilities to improve their operational efficiency, increase agility to market and deliver services to end users more effectively.

    5G expects network slicing for various customers and classes of customer which MVNOs can now achieve through NFV. AI based slicing and crucial configuring of varied products, services and plans for each customer is made extremely simple by vData Core.

    One of the key challenges faced by MVNOs is that a greater portion of Average Revenue per User (ARPU) is generated through data services but lack of innovation has led to flattened revenue and increased customer churn.

    G V Kumar, CEO and Managing Director of XIUS said, “MVNOs have been fast to capitalize on the modern day consumer’s data needs and understand that consumers often pick an operator based on data packages. It has also been proven that they can grow their business through customer-centricity. vData Core will enable MVNOs to understand their customer and innovate based on consumer needs. It will help them to efficiently manage and monetize data and ultimately enhance customer experience”.

    XIUS vData Core helps MVNOs beat competition with on-the-fly and quick launch of data plans, add-ons and combo packages. The Machine Learning (ML) driven auto-generation of personalized product / service offerings to individual subscribers improves customer loyalty and reduces churn. Over a period of time, with extended and vigilant use, it is likely to boost data ARPU by about 15 percent and transform product engagement by about 25 percent.

    XIUS is offering highly attractive commercial models to interested customers.

    About XIUS

    XIUS is a mobile technology specialist focused on real-time transaction processing in Mobile Infrastructure & Services and Mobile Banking & Payments. XIUS, a division of Megasoft Limited, brings together premium technology and outstanding value-added solutions for customers globally. Over 25 years of telecom expertise is proven by more than 230 deployments and customers that include Tier 1 mobile operators, MVNOs and large enterprises across 5 continents. Its strong belief in innovation reflects in the filing of 120 patents, with 35 awarded to date.

    XIUS is adept in meeting its client expectations and their needs. The varied portfolio of MVNOs to which it has provided solutions and offers services comprise of rural-inclusive, digital, cable, banking, ethnic, M2M, youth, roaming, advertisement-based, retail and loyalty. XIUS mobile infrastructure solutions process and manage in excess of 350 million calls / data sessions a day and the mobile payments solutions manage over $US 1 billion worth of payment transactions monthly.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Manian Sivaramakrishnan
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    Phone: +91 (40) 40330000
    Country: India

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    The monster strike 2 evolution is the updated version of Monster Strike and comes with a totally different graphic for engaging players with more vivacity.

    Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd or popularly known as APA Game deals in a variety of gaming machines and gaming machine parts. The company believes in updating their popular video games to make them more engaging as well as fun-filled for the players. Besides, they also keep adding new features to the games, so that players can enjoy playing these games with more excitement.

    Recently, the company released the monster strike 2 evolution fishing game, which is the updated version of the popular Monster Strike game. This new game has several outstanding feature additions that are going to enthrall the players. For example, the new feature of Crabs Party facilitates free shooting for all players. On the other hand, there are jackpots kept in the center of the graphic, and which are to be unearthed by the players. The jackpots are the treasure boxes, bringing pleasant surprises for the players. According to the spokesperson, the new game also features the Multiple Bosses, which are Tiger Man, Leopard Man and Dragon King. And then, there is the feature of the Depth Bomb, which can kill all the fishes. Thus, the new game brings more fun and excitement for the players.

    APA Game Announces New Monster Strike 2 Evolution Fishing Game With Enhanced Graphics 

    APA Game also offers the fishing game machine for enjoying this fish hunting game. The new machine with high hold can multiply the fun of playing a fish hunting game. The machine is available with the gaming kit and the software. The machine features an upgraded version of the software, and it has clear and clutter-free graphic. One can clearly see the game pictures and can jump into the action to enjoy the game. The spokesperson reveals that the software is produced by the same team as the Monster Strike fishing game, and players can enjoy this game even more than the earlier version.

    APA Game specializes in delivering high hold fishing games, and the Flower Fairy Shoot Fish Arcade Game is the new high hold fishing game of 2018. This game can be seen as the real money maker in the game rooms around the world, with more and more players getting attracted towards this fascinating game. It can hold a maximum of 50%, and enhance the real fun of gaming. The spokesperson maintains that this game is already a hit in the United States and also quickly gaining popularity in the other parts of the world. Released in 2018, the game features enhanced graphics that can keep gaming enthusiasts engaged for hours, and thereby adding to the profit of the game rooms.

    To know more about the new fishing hunting games or fishing arcade games offered by APA Game, one can visit the website

    About APA GAME( Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.)

    APA GAME( Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2011. The company is located in Panyu, which is the largest game machine industrial area in China. APA Gamespecializes in the international trade of gaming machines and they import gaming machines from Japan and export all kinds of gaming machines from China to overseas. They work with reliable manufacturers and source products at targeted prices.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: APA GAME (Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.)
    Contact Person: Jenny Peng
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    State: Guangzhou
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    Job-hunters can now use the convenient and free tool for creating compelling professional resumes to save time.

    Dubai, UAE – In today’s hyper competitive job market it is imperative for job seekers to have a great-looking resume if they wish to stand out. Plain and simple resumes do not cut it anymore, therefore, it is time to modernize the process of crafting a CV. Building a compelling resume can be intimidating, especially for those who lack graphic design experience or find themselves lost in the ocean of pre-design templates. StylingCV, a new online tool, has been developed to simplify the process of crafting an attractive and compelling resume without prior design experience or spending a lot of time or money. The free tool is now live

    Launched in January, 2018, StylingCV was developed with the help of professional recruiters and Human Resource experts.  The focus of the free to use tool is to help people ditch the old plain resume style and adopt a creatively designed resume instead, which will increase the chance of catching the attention of the recruiters.

    Recent studies revealed that a resume has to grab the attention of the recruiter within the first 6 seconds. Therefore, an eye-catching resume will increase it chance of grabbing the attention of the right people and in turn improve the applicant’s chances to get selected.

    The primary purpose of a resume is to represent the applicant, and generally recruiters can receive hundreds or even thousands applications for the same job, especially given the state of the current job market, making the right impression is imperative in such a competitive situation. StylingCV aims to make the crucial first step in the application process quicker and easier by building creative, eye-catching resumes.

    The process is simple, StylingCV users have to simply visit, sign up, select the desired templates and input the information, which usually takes just 2 minutes.

    “We wanted to make the resume process as quick as possible because we know that our customers are in a rush to find their next job. No one likes to spend hours filling out forms and struggling to write a good CV. Believe it or not, it’s possible to create a great resume in two minutes with StylingCV.” – Noah Adam, Art Director at StylingCV.


    StylingCV launched in January of 2018, is a free to use resume builder. Get more information or try out the resume tool at

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    City: Dubai
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    The state of crypto regulations around the globe has been varying drastically. While some governments are welcoming the revolution, others have either implemented a ban or introduced stringent rules and norms. More volatile is the state of ICOs despite raising funds worth over $8.8 billion since 2016. In light of such instability, many ICOs have adopted a cautious approach in recent times.

    One of them is GladAge, an ICO to provide an all-encompassing approach to solve the issues relating to a global demographic shift systematically. It envisions to power a complete, decentralized ecosystem on blockchain for the senior population that’s expected to cross the 2 billion mark by 2050. Given the acute shortage of senior care homes, it also plans to launch a series of fully-vetted GladAge homes. To secure investment for the same, GladAge launched its presale on 1st May 2018 after raising $2mn in its private sale. However, to allow room for streamlining of crypto regulations in different markets, GladAge has decided to put its pre-sale on hold and work on more important things like acquiring necessary partnerships in target markets. The company plans to restart its presale on a later date.

    “We understand how crucial it is for governments and international regulators to streamline the entire cryptoverse including ICOs if people are to be protected against frauds and scams. We are appreciative and supportive of such efforts, and that’s why we have decided to shift our focus on non-crypto affairs for now,” shared Sunny Kapoor, CEO, GladAge. “We received requests from many participants in our ICO, particularly from Japan, India, and South Korea to relaunch our presale on a later date given the excessively volatile state of regulations in these regions. To allow a fair engagement with people from across the globe, we plan to establish long-lasting partnerships with government bodies, health care providers, facilitators and institutes for the time being,” added Kapoor.

    Meanwhile, the project aims to close some high-impact deals with several stakeholders. They have pivoted their efforts to bring on board various partners from real estate, retail, and aged-care sector. With these partnerships in place, GladAge will be able to climb up the next steps of the regulation ladder more effectively. Existing partnerships of the blockchain powered senior care ecosystem include some renowned names like RMIT University, Blockchain Centre and few others from Russia.    

    About GladAge

    GladAge is trying to bridge the gap between technology and senior care sector. Powered by Blockchain technology, the platform guarantees fully-vetted homes and personalized care exclusively for seniors. GladAge gives power to seniors – choose the type of care, shop for equipment and review caretakers or other services. It strives to replace conventional care systems and was honored as the Best ICO of the year in Cryptocon Conference 2018.

    Media Contacts

    Name: Abhimanyu

    Company Name: GladAge

    Official Email:




    Media Contact
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    Country: Australia

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    Many may ask: “Is Singapore real estate still worth a consideration for investors?”

    This came when the Singapore government imposed cooling measure to the real estate market on 5th July 2018 yet again. This round of cooling measure came almost 5 years after the last cooling measure in Dec 2013 where the property market languished after implementing Total Debt Servicing Ratio on the loan that buyers are able to take.

    The property sales transactions and prices have been subdued for many years after the last cooling measures, and only picked up steam in the later part of 2017. Developers in Singapore were starving from the lack of government land sale and desperately needed to replenish their land bank, and hence, went into collective sale of older condominium buildings, starting from 2016, engaging a low gear as they are still wary on the market recovery. The collective sale activities sped up only in 2017 and went full steam into 2018, with purchases made at record prices and transactions at high volume, and that worries the government. The Monetary Authority Of Singapore (MAS) has probably been keeping track of the collective sales development in early 2017, and is worried that the rising price that the developers paid and the volume of new houses that will be generated by the collective sale will create bubble in the property market, drives home the swift action from MAS to increase the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty and to decrease the Loan-To-Value limit with almost immediate effect from the day of announcement.

    Many investors and buyers are questioning on whether Singapore real estate is still worth investing and buying after those new cooling measures are being implemented. To put things in perspective, if there is no significant growth potential in Singapore’s property market, these measures won’t be implemented by the government. Yes, the new measure is to prevent the “bubbles” from forming, but there has to be liquid for bubbles to form, that is, Singapore must have the substance and fundamentals for these bubbles to form, which bodes well for the mid to long term market.

    Investors might want to look at Fourth Avenue Residences condo by Allgreen Properties Ltd, which is a 99 years leasehold project situated at 2 Fourth Avenue, along Bukit Timah Road, and one of the highlight of this project is that it’s conveniently situated besides Sixth Avenue MRT Station (Downtown Line). Fourth Avenue Residences Singapore is of great potential and is poised for great capital appreciation in the mid to long term due to it being situated in the central area of Singapore, nestled in the heart of nature and has access to fantastic transport infrastructure. Meticulous planning from the architect will also ensure that Fourth Avenue Residences floor plan will be one of efficient and caters to various buyers of different demographics, and we can be expecting one bedroom units to 5 bedroom units with quality and luxurious finishing to befit this high end development in District 9, one of the most up-class district of Singapore.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd
    Contact Person: Developer Sales Team
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +65 6100 0056
    Country: Singapore

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