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    Technology can change the world, change human being, and it can also create wealth. As for the advance in science and technology, a number of legendary stories have emerged from the use of science and technology to create wealth. And the advent of the block chain era has triggered the boom of global investment. There are more and more countries regarding block chain technology as an important means to dominate the world economy in the future, which thus increases support for research. The innovation of block chain technology is listed as the frontier technology of national strategy.

    It includes that the South Korean government will formulate new standards for block chain industry, Austria will strengthen the supervision of ICO and encrypted currencies, and many other countries will develop new laws for block chain and digital currency, as a result, the application of block chain technology will soon be realized.

    Among the numerous block chain projects, the LKE is called the next hundred billion market of block chain by experts within the industry. This is a block chain Alipay that is based on the whole world and promotes the convenient and safe mode of payment in the global financial market. How does it build a universal financial payment platform, so that people in the world can truly enjoy the inclusive nature of financial services?

    The development team of the is a team of outstanding graduates from Harvard University, Columbia University, London Business School and many other institutions of higher colleges and universities. It also includes investment management consultants from world-renowned asset management companies, at the same time, it benefits from international advanced block chain technology. The LKE is a truly de-centralized block chain project, which will serve the community with the basic concept of inclusive finance as the guide, promote it to the overseas and serve the mainland. The inclusive finance will provide more convenient services for the masses. As a result, it can create our own block chain, which can let use the LKE in our own industrial circulation, so as to circulate in the world. Meanwhile, it should create a real common chain LKE, create a Alipay which truly belongs to the block chain industry, so as to change the problems of fund loss, data leakage and complicated financial investment procedures of cross border in the traditional digital money payment.

    As a reward integral of block chain technology, the value of digital money has also been increasing crazily with the application of block chain project. The first issue of the LKE is based on the EtherFong ERC20 protocol + Bitcoin underlying technology release, and the original Rebo coin technology team created it together, so as to create Alipay in the block chain.

    Because of the extraordinary value of block chain technology, digital money also has broad investment prospects. Unlike other digital money investments, LKE gets a five-fold return on its first purchase and a six-fold return on its reinvestment. The LKE system is set to double wallet, such as balance wallet and original force wallet. Assets in the balance can be traded in currency, used for online and offline merchants to consume, repay mortgages, car loans, credit cards, and circulate globally.

    Financial payment transactions are related to the safety of everyone’s assets.The LKE can provide security for financial traders, it firstly wins the trust of the market and users, which is equivalent to occupy hundreds of billions of financial markets. Everyone can participate in the digital currency investment of LKE, so that people around the world can enjoy the value return of block chain technology.

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    Country: HongKong

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    Most of the people feel afraid when they carry baby. That is why people prefer ring sling option to easily carry newborn. Anyone who wants carries a newborn and feels afraid, but ring sling is a perfect solution to carry newborn. In my point of view, the ring sling is one of the best option and easiest way to carry baby without any fear. Another various reason to carry baby using ring sling or woven, one of the main reason is mother face difficult situation during delivery and she doesn’t easily carry baby. A ring sling is perfect baby carriers. With the help of a ring sling, everyone can easily hold a newborn baby without any kind of fear. Today’s, most of the parents are not concerned about only baby health benefits; they can also use beautiful ways to carry baby to make a fashionable statement worldwide.

    What is Ring Sling?

    A ring sling is a piece of woven wrap that cut into a specific size according to your requirement. In addition, sew at the shoulder with ring to use to hold a baby.

    There are various baby carriers options available in the market, you can pick according to your choice or fashion. If you want to buy stylish or comfortable baby carriers then you can choose KidsTrust platform. This platform is one of the best platforms to get baby carriers. A ring sling is specially designed to help parents holds their babies with ease and optimal security. If you want to purchase the best ring sling, then you can visit their official website and there are multiple baby carrier options available. You can choose according to your requirement. Through this platform, you can get baby carriers with high quality, comfortable and reasonable price to hold the baby.

    There are some types of ring slings such as:

    Boba Wrap, Grey: This is one of the finest wrap scarfs for easily carry babies and it is pre-attached for quick using. This product is the best for newborn and premature baby to keeps them very close to mother heat. This scarf has various features like easily machine washable, smooth and stretchy materials used for the manufacturer.

    Baby K’tan Original: If you want to buy a Baby K’tan baby carrier then you can visit their official web portal at This product is also famous in the market and it is shaped into two loops that make to simple to store and comfortable. This product is specially crafted from thin fabric and it offers extra breathability. This product also gives more benefits and features like simple to wash, more suitable, hands-free and hassle-free for parents.

    Baby Wrap carriers by kea babies: this product is one of the comfortable baby carriers, it is very stretchier, and sturdy that can help to provide the best protection service for the child. Through this baby carrier, you can easily hold weight up to 35 pounds. This baby carrier present in a grey color with any outfit or detailing. If you want to know about their product price then you visit site of the KidsTrust.

    Four in one baby wrap carrier: This product is specially designed for both parents. This ring sling is rendering the looking great and uses stylish accessories for their babies. It includes various features such as easily machine washable, multiple usages, breathable cotton, and perfect for both parents, and more.

    On this online platform, you can easily select ring sling according to your requirement at affordable cost. This online portal is a baby site that provides baby care things to people. For more information, you can visit their official website at

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    Company Name: KidsTrust
    Contact Person: Nancy
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    Phone: (954) 650-8863
    Address:328 Foley Street
    City: Pompano Beach
    State: FL 33064
    Country: United States

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    Is there a way that makes our investment in cryptocurrencies easier and cheaper? Yes, there is! VSLuck (, is a global crowd buying platform for blockchain assets, has pioneered the “crowd-buying” model, providing investors with a new, lower-threshold investment solution. For $1, you can buy BTC, ETH, USDT and any other cryptocurrencies on VSLuck, making cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone.

    According to the latest research on cryptocurrencies released by Dalia Research, the country with the highest cryptocurrency ownership rate is Japan at 11%, followed by the United Kingdom and the United States, both of which are 9%. There is a strong correlation between the higher level of education and higher cryptocurrency ownership rate, with the high net worth individuals and middle class accounting for more than half of the total. That is to say, as an emerging and rapidly growing investment opportunity, the cryptocurrency industry has been overtaken by the vast majority of the wealthy, and they have earned significant wealth in this industry.

    Over the course of history, we know that every technological revolution comes with the rise of new economic forms and a new round of capital restructuring and wealth accumulation, as did the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Compared to traditional investments, stock, futures, and other financial derivatives, the appreciation value of cryptocurrency is more prominent. However, at the same time, the market price of cryptocurrency is excessively high. The prices for mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been abnormally high. As of the author’s writing, the current Bitcoin price is $6405, and Ethereum price is $210. The unit cost of these cryptocurrencies is too high, and which is much higher than the investment budget for most ordinary investors.

    So is there a way that makes our investment in cryptocurrencies easier and cheaper? Yes, there is! VSLuck (, is a global crowd buying platform for blockchain assets, has pioneered the “crowd-buying” model, providing investors with a new, lower-threshold investment solution. For $1, you can buy BTC, ETH, USDT and any other cryptocurrencies on VSLuck, making cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone.

    For 1 Dollar, You Have the Chance to Earn x10 Returns

    In the industry of luxury goods, there is a phenomenon called “the Veblen effect”, a tendency to find a product desirable because it has a high price. However, the Veblen effect is not applicable in the investment sector, where investors are more inclined to high yield investment and are more willing to earn high returns at low cost and low risk. VSLuck, on the other hand, gives users the opportunity to buy BTC, ETH, USDT and other cryptocurrencies on the platform with only 1 SUSD required (equivalent to 1 USD). Both the merchant (seller) and the buyer can benefit from this trading process.

    For the merchant, this a risk-free way to monetize their asset, and earn profits. Meanwhile, the buyer can buy their desired, valuable cryptocurrencies with minimal investments. Imagine purchasing a Bitcoin on an exchange for more than $6,000, only to see it plunge into the red. However, if your cost is just $1, your profit margin can be multiplied a hundredfold or even a thousandfold. In VSLuck, low risk and high-return investment are possible.

    Free LUCK Coins For All Participants

    Risks are inevitable in investing, and sometimes you might lose all your principal. With the innovative reward mechanism adopts by VSLuck, all investors will receive free LUCK coin regardless investors are making a profit or a loss. LUCK coins can be traded in the secondary market, can be used to deduct platform transaction fees and receive additional member benefits from the platform. VSluck is an indirect risk-hedging for investors, avoiding investors to earn no income from bad investment decisions. 

    Looking into the global cryptocurrency investment market, VSLuck’s “crowd buying + token” investment model redefines the investment rules of cryptocurrency and lowers the threshold. The model is simple and clear, the pricing is friendly, and adopts the community incentive mechanism.

    Innovative Investment Model, VSLuck is Worth For the Wait

    With the increasing popularity of concept such as “outlet” and “group-buying”, the success of these business models has indicated that the price is still what the consumers concern the most and which determines the demand. There was a need for “outlet” and “group-buying” and so there is a need for “crowd-buying”.

    “When we set up VSLuck’s platform, the goal was to create the ‘outlet’ for cryptocurrency investment, so that cryptocurrencies are at your fingertips,” Thomas, CEO of VSLuck, said in an interview, “the large and growing income gap between the rich and the poor has poses great risks for the global community. I believe a major reason causing this is the lack of investment opportunities. It is necessary to lower the threshold for cryptocurrency investment, and the early entrants should not monopolize the cryptocurrency industry. Everyone should be able to enjoy the profit brought by the development of cryptocurrency. I believe this will be a market turning point, and VSLuck will stand out from the crowd and take the lead.”

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    Country: United States

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    The Money Pouch is an automated stock trading app for Pinoys and OFWs. A free personal wealth management app for Filipinos who are working overseas and expats in the Philippines.

    The Money Pouch is an automated stock trading app for Pinoys and expats working in the Philippines. A smart investment app for OFWs in 2018.

    The Money Pouch is a free personal wealth app for Filipinos who are working overseas.

    The Filipino peso has fallen to a 13-year low against the US Dollar in the wake of Trump’s trade war and rising interest rates in the USA.

    The stock markets in the Philippines have also plunged. The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) fell as low as 7,552.24 in September. OFWs can protect their wealth by moving Pesos to USD and investing in the US stock market, the strongest currency and strongest stock market in the world.

    Pinoys can protect themselves by moving their money to US Dollars and investing in the US stock market. Almost every country around the world holds large amounts of US Dollar reserves and US treasuries. An investment in US Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can be a low risk strategy to protect a client’s wealth.

    Pinoys can learn how to protect their wealth with The Money Pouch, a smart investment app that can help investors who are beginners as well as financial advisers, accountants, bankers, computer programmers, developers and professional traders.

    The Money Pouch uses a stock trading algorithm which buys & sells ETFs on a client’s behalf to reduce risk and protect a member’s wealth.

    The free stock trading app will help OFWs invest their wages in the US stock market, the number one stock market in the world and the safest stock market worldwide. Invest in the number one currency in the world and start investing in US stocks.

    The Money Pouch’s algo trading strategies target 10% – 20% returns per year depending on a Pinoy’s tolerance to risk.

    There are no set up fees and no fees to cash out. The app is free to download and OFWs can open an account for free.

    The Money Pouch is the smart way to invest for Pinoys and OFWs. Suitable for Pinoys who are investing beginners or experienced traders.

    The Money Pouch uses Smart ETF strategies for Pinoys working overseas who want to accumulate wealth. Pinoy investors can build up their wealth for retirement planning and save up for their children’s education with this free app.

    OFWs can learn how to invest in the US stock market and trade on autopilot. The Money Pouch’s algorithmic trading team has built over 400 successful stock trading algorithms.

    Download this free personal wealth management app in the Philippines and learn tips for investing in the stock market in USD.

    The Peso and the Filipino stock market may fall further as Trump’s trade war against China escalates. There are likely more tariffs coming which will lead to a drop in the Peso. OFWs can protect their wealth by moving to US Dollars.

    The Money Pouch is a free stock trading app which automatically buys and sells shares of ETFs in USD, EUR or GBP. Make use of any foreign currency which is just sitting in a bank account by investing it in the US stock market.

    The Money Pouch’s stock trading strategies targets 10% – 20% returns per year depending on the amount of risk clients want to take.

    The Money Pouch manages your money on auto pilot.

    Pinoys can install this free automated stock trading app on iTunes or Google Play.

    Please watch our 1 min video and download our free stock trading app on iTunes or Google Play.

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    Country: Virgin Islands (British)

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    On September 19, 2018, China Graphene Innovation Conference (GRAPCHINA2018) was officially held at the Xi’an Greenland Pico International Convention and Exhibition Center.

    Experts from the global graphene field, heads of graphene institutions in various countries, and well-known graphene enterprises in the industry gathered in Xi’an Greenland Pico International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference was held by Professor Feng Guanping, the pioneer of China’s graphene industry, the president of Shenzhen Graphene Association and the founder of Grahope New Materials Technologies Inc.(GNM). Most remarkably, GNM is one of the organizers of the conference.

    Taking “Open a New Era of the Development of Graphene Industry” as the theme, the conference is to show the achievements, to promote innovations and development in the research of graphene applications. In this meeting, the new result from the company, the Human Health “Yang” Tester, became the global focus. Once it was exhibited, it attracts a lot of attention and interest. This innovative achievement undoubtedly will promote the development of graphene in the medical and health field.

    In Chinese traditional medical science, Yang is one of the two opposing principles whose interaction is believed to influence everything in the universe. Yang is positive, bright, and masculine while Yin is negative, dark, and feminine. Professor Feng Guanping, Chairman of GNM, delivered an excellent report on the “Yang (Energy) Tester for Human” and proposed modern sensor technology. The combination of graphene promotes the modernization of the Chinese medicine industry, which triggers big applause from the conference.

    Graphene has excellent physical and chemical properties. Professor Feng Guanping and his team found that the special properties of graphene can efficiently emit far-infrared energy under extremely low voltage conditions, and human body pairs with different physiques. The energy exhibits a relatively obvious difference in absorption, and the human body yang (energy) sensor and test technology based on the invention can be quickly applied to the Chinese medicine diagnosis market. This is an unprecedented new discovery in graphene applications and a great innovation in the graphene industry.

    Thankfully, Grahope New Materials won the two honourable awards, the Most Valuable and the Influential Awards in the field of medical and health at the 2018 China International Graphene Innovation Conference. It is a great honor for GNM, and the company will take more efforts to the research of graphene applications in medical and health industry.

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    Company Name: Grahope New Materials Technologies Inc.
    Contact Person: Jeff
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    Phone: +86 13632607603
    Country: China

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    The Echelon team is proud to join the Ironman Chattanooga, inspiring riders everywhere to come together as one community!

    Chattanooga, Tennessee – September 27th, 2018 – Echelon is proud to join the sidelines of the Ironman race and support their fellow athletes on September 30th, 2018 in Chattanooga.

    Since 1978, Ironman has become a source of extreme motivation for athletes all over the world in hopes to win all the glory, and of course, all the bragging rights. Already home to many adventure-loving athletes, it seems only natural for the Ironman’s 11th race in the US to be hosted within Chattanooga’s mountainous landscapes.

    Just like the Ironman, Echelon’s mission to Never Ride Alone has become an outlet for people to come together and share their love for riding. Echelon wanted to align with this group rider dynamic in a way for the average person to take part in. Bringing together the love for cycling and a more convenient way to get fit, the Echelon team has created a new and advanced at-home workout experience for any fitness level. The Echelon team will be showing love and support to the courageous athletes daring to enter the Ironman in the upcoming couple of days.

    Chattanooga is clearing the streets for the Ironman, but it is also making room for a new 3,100 square foot Echelon fitness studio. Along with two Connect bikes to test ride, pre-opening specials on memberships will be on sale at the event for early bird riders. Swing by the event to experience this worldwide phenomenon for yourself. Be sure to visit the Echelon tent and immerse yourself in the new rides created every single day for riders just like you.

    “At Echelon, we believe fitness is a lifestyle, not a status symbol. Your goals may take a little sacrifice, but the price of your bike shouldn’t. That’s why we have developed the Echelon Connect and Fitnation Flex by Echelon, combining fitness and technology to offer ease of use and real results at a fraction of the cost,” says company’s spokesperson.

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    Company Name: Echelon™
    Contact Person: Jasmine
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    Phone: 8449309323
    Country: United States

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    VISTA, CALIF. – Sep 27, 2018 – A recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) story, “The #1 Office Perk? Natural Light” by Jeanne Meister says that employees care more about health and wellbeing than they do about concierge services or free lunch. What is one of the key elements of health and wellbeing? Daylight.

    The HBR story cites several sources, including a new survey by their own HR advisory firm Future Workplace called “The Employees Experience” which reveals that employees want more natural light.

    Another study by Cornell University Professor Dr. Alan Hedge backs up the employee-natural light connection with research that found optimization of natural light in an office significantly improves health and wellness among workers. In fact, this research revealed that workers in daylight office environments reported a 51 percent drop in the incidence of eyestrain, a 63 percent drop in the incidence of headaches and a 56 percent reduction in drowsiness.

    What can employers do in office environments to bring more daylight in? Most offices have limited opportunities to bring in natural light and employees spend their time in dark, oppressive spaces which are the opposite of the healthy environments these studies tell us we should be providing for employees through more natural light.

    One company that is determined to promote wellbeing through daylighting is Solatube International. Solatube is the leading manufacturer and marketer of tubular daylighting devices (TDDs).

    Daylighting with TDDs is the most cost-effective and beneficial way to light up any interior space without having to use electrical lighting, thus keeping the lights turned off during the day. TDDs are daylighting systems that start with a dome at the roof which harvests daylight, with highly reflective tubes that run from rooftop to ceiling, around ductwork, etc., to flood the interior space with natural light.

    Tubular daylighting devices are eco-friendly and provide exceptional and beautiful lighting.  By using a renewable resource, daylighting systems are able to harness the sun’s rays and help build a sustainable future. They are also able to impact employees’ senses of health and wellbeing, thus changing their everyday experience in the workplace.

    About Solatube International

    Solatube International, Inc., widely recognized as the daylighting industry innovator, has earned worldwide acclaim for its unrivaled ability to transform interior spaces with natural light and celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2016. Based in California, the company is the leading manufacturer and marketer of tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) for all types of residential and commercial applications, and it continues to innovate with groundbreaking products that increase energy efficiency and light output, such as the award-winning high output SkyVault Series. Solatube recently introduced a Whole House Fan for homes – it’s part of the company’s ventilation division.

    For more information about the company and its related products, visit or call 888-SOLATUBE.

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    Company Name: The McRae Agency
    Contact Person: Beth McRae
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 480-990-0282
    City: Vista
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    Enlarged prostate and chronic prostatitis are the most common problems of men. Therefore, safe therapy of these conditions is very important in all countries around the world. At the same time, drugs commonly used for these chronic diseases can cause serious complications.

    In August and September 2018, in medical press have been published articles about Post-finasteride Syndrome (PFS) exploring that the medical community has an obligation not to turn a blind eye on this debilitating condition. 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, finasteride and dutasteride, Avodart and Proscar should be prescribed to men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) with great caution due to their irreversible side effects. At the same time, Thermobalancing therapy and Dr Allen’s Device is the safe treatment option for a prostate gland, helping men recover from BPH and CP/CPPS without adverse events.

    The articles: The Post-finasteride Syndrome: Clinical Manifestation of Drug-Induced Epigenetics Due to Endocrine Disruption and Post-finasteride syndrome and post-SSRI sexual dysfunction: two sides of the same coin? state about serious sexual dysfunction that can occur after use of these drugs. However, the standard treatment options for BPH and CP/CPPS are medications, which do not treat the affected prostate gland but try to provide the symptoms relief. They include alpha-blockers and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, which are responsible for development of serious side effects, such as weakness, retrograde ejaculation, impotence, depression and even diabetes..

    Furthermore, medications do not stop the progress of the chronic prostate diseases. Contrary to them, Thermobalancing therapy with Dr Allen’s Device improves blood circulation in the prostate tissue influencing the underlying cause of BPH and CP/CPPS. 2 clinical trials have shown dramatically reduce of pain and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), improvement quality of life in men with BPH and CP/CPPS, and no adverse side effects were found.

    Please watch the video:

    An innovative treatment method received a US patent. Dr Allen’s Device tackles the cause of BPH and CP/CPPS reducing the enlarged or inflamed prostate size. The 10-year use of Thermobalancing therapy with Dr Allen’s Device confirms its efficacy for prostate enlargement and CP/CPPS. Usually, men with BPH and CP/CPPS feel reduce of pain and LUTS within a couple of weeks. However, men should use the device for about 6 months, as positive changes in the prostate gland come gradually.

    “Thermobalancing therapy and Dr Allen’s Device for prostate non-malignant conditions should be implemented as the initial treatment option for men with BPH and CP/CPPS,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “Side effects free Dr Allen’s Device helps men to avoid risky prostate medications and surgeries that lead to serious sexual dysfunctions.”

    Fine Treatment delivers Dr Allen’s devices to all countries across the world. Fine Treatment is a UK Department for International Trade (DIT) registered supplier to international buyers. Dr Allen’s Device is a Class I Medical Device, which does not require the involvement of a Notified Body at any country. So, everyone can use it at home without worrying, as this treatment option causes no side effects. The delivery of Dr. Allen’s Device is guaranteed by Royal mail tracking service. Today, the devices have been successfully used by thousands customers in over 100 countries.

    Read more at:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fine Treatment
    Contact Person: Dr Simon Allen, MD, PhD, Director of Fine Treatment
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +447958878300
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Are you looking for a custom collapsible rigid box? You may be confused of the box design, and cardboard material. Collapsible rigid box also named foldable rigid box, it is foldable in shipping and storage process.

    Now, Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., ltd would be your good source to start. From the first email, one of our sales would listen to your ideas, or even check your real products.

    By suggesting you different cardbard material with different quality, you will get a package that protect your products away from damage in shipping.

    By choosing different printing options, you will turn your artwork into reality. All kinds of stylish printed boxes start from a design. If you do not have a designer, we can suggest you.

    By adding a special printing finish onto the box, you will make the package in high notch.

    No matter where you are located in, Never worried about shipping. Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., ltd offer Delivery-To-Door service, you just need to wait the well-packed product  arriving to your warehouse.

    As so far, we created Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes, Custom Collapsible Rigid Boxes, Custom Lift-off Lid Rigid Boxes, and Custom Drawer Boxes. If you are interested in getting more details, just visit our content-rich website.

    Be the first one today!

    Video Link:

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    Company Name: Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., ltd
    Contact Person: Eric Liu, Sales Director
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    Address:Building 3, Lane 780 Xin’ge Road, Songjiang
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Opening a bank account for your child is the best way to teach them about finance.  It’ll be their first taste of money management, but without the risk because you retain some of the control. 

    Reaching adulthood is an exciting prospect for most young people, but it doesn’t come without worry. This is because, when their 18th birthday rolls around, they are suddenly hit with legal and financial independence that they often don’t feel ready for. 

    Vivier knows that you want to do everything you can to help your child’s transition to autonomy go as smoothly as possible. Allowing them to take responsibility for their own money from a young age is a great way to help them prepare, giving them the skills and the know-how to make sensible financial decisions as a young adult and then for the rest of their lives. Following is a step by step guide that you can use to help your child make good choices when it comes to money:  

    Vivier’s guide to intelligent financial decisions

    1. Discuss wants and needs – Explain to your child the difference between a want and a need. Needs tend to include the basics, such as food, shelter and clothing, and wants are all the extras.
    2. Have conversations about saving – Talking to your kids about money matters like budgeting and investing are a great place to start for this step.
    3. Teach them to allocate their savings – Encourage them to divide their money as savings, spending and sharing. This may be a good time to teach them about interest. Put simply, the more you save the more interest you earn and the more money you end up with.
    4. Set saving goals – Saving can be difficult, but a reward at the end can motivate your child. Creating a savings goal together gives you and your child an opportunity to talk more about saving money.
    5. Open a savings account – Opening a Children’s account with Vivier is the last and most important step towards ensuring their successful financial independence.

    How Vivier can make things even more worthwhile 

    Vivier recognise the importance of learning about money as soon as possible and are therefore excited to announce that when you open an account for your child, grandchild, nephew or niece they will receive an extra 20% of interest annually to help them make the most of their money. 

    To find out more about this exclusive opportunity visit, where you will find all the necessary information.

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    Company Name: Vivier and Company
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    Phone: +6498893989
    Address:Level 13, 92 Albert Street
    City: Auckland 1010
    Country: New Zealand

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    During the three days, ADE participated in three blockchain conferences, and was interviewed by more than ten TV media, and more than 100 blockchain media. The ADE cross-border social e-commerce chain wrapped up successfully in Shijiazhuang 2018 International Digital Economy Expo on Sept. 22, 2018. ADE chain, together with its strategic partner UNIPLAZA, distribute exquisite gifts to the VIPs of the exhibition hall, and draw a successful conclusion to the wonderful exhibition of ADE Chain for the global market.

    2018 International Digital Economy Expo provides a platform for global blockchain elites to communicate and learn from each other. Experts of blockchain speak freely with the theme of “Digital Economy Leads the Future”. Cross-border social-commerce, as the next new field project of the new real economy, has become the focus of the conference.

    As the pioneer of the global cross-border social e-commerce chain, the ADE chain is also the top application of blockchain technology in the field of cross-border social e-commerce, and was invited to participate in several blockchain forums and interviewed by lots of media including CCTV.

    How does the ADE chain become the focus on the blockchain application? Let’s take a look back at ADE chain’s performance in International Digital Economy Expo over the past three days. 

    Sept. 20, 2018 – The exhibition area with 136 square meters was crowded. CCTV had an exclusive interview with Ms. Anny Kim.

    On the first day of International Digital Economy Expo, the exhibition area with 136 square meters located in the center of the blockchain zone was crowded. In addition to a large number of visitors, experts of the global blockchain, and many leaders of social e-commerce, many media and investors also appeared in the ADE chain pavilion.

    From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Ms. Anny Kim, founder of ADE Chain and founder of Youmile Uniplaza, as a cross-border social-commerce industry representative, received a special interview with CCTV and onintime. 

    Sept. 21, 2018 – Ms. Anny Kim shares the platform with experts of global blockchain to discuss the future of blockchain industry.

    At the blockchain the roundtable forum on Sept. 21, 2018, the focus of the International Digital Economy Expo, blockchain experts from 22 countries around the world delivered speeches on the stage.

    Ms. Anny Kim, founder of ADE Chain and the representative of global cross-border social e-commerce, together with Qiao Qi, founding partner of Federal Reserve Investment Management Co., Ltd., Cai Xiaowen, founder of Mac’s bottom ecological development platform, and Yu Jianing, director of the blockchain industry white paper editorial board, Zhao Wei, founder of Fushun Technology and other blockchain elites attended the roundtable forum of 2018 International Blockchain Industry Conference.

    In the afternoon, as a global cross-border social-commerce representative, Ms. Anny Kim attended the roundtable forum, where she gave a speech explaining the ADE chain and Uniplaza business model. At the end of the speech, Ms. Anny Kim and her friend Larry H.P. Lang, a well-known scholar conducted an in-depth discussion on the argument that “social e-commerce is the new real economy”.


    As the world’s first cross-border social e-commerce chain, the ADE chain has matured applications in the cross-border social e-commerce head application. In his personal speech and the roundtable forum, Lang Xianping gave a very high evaluation of the new business model of the Uniplaza and ADE chain in the field of cross-border social e-commerce.


    Sept. 21, 2018 – The ADE Chain Won the Annual Emerging Award of Blockchain Industry, Ms. Anny Kim was interviewed by People’s Daily.

    On the last day of the International Digital Economy Expo, in the CCTV Focus Blockchain, the ADE chain won the “The Annual Emerging Award of Blockchain Industry” issued by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Committee and CCTV. This award is not only the recognition of the ADE chain by the Chinese e-commerce industry and the blockchain industry, but also the recognition of the Chinese economy for the future of social e-commerce.


    After the award, Ms. Anny Kim, as the founder of the ADE chain, was interviewed by People’s Daily to carefully explained the impact of the ADE chain on the social e-commerce industry. In the future, ADE chain will assume greater social responsibilities and advance together with the Chinese social e-commerce industry to promote the development of the global social e-commerce market. 

    ADE Chain, together with Uniplaza, looks back to the past and moves forward confidently!

    In order to promote cross-border social e-commerce to the global market and solve the drawbacks of traditional social e-commerce, ADE chain uses the unique innovation of blockchain in the field of cross-border social e-commerce with brand-new system solutions to solve the problems of logistics, language, social networks, and user trust in traditional social e-commerce in the face of global markets.

    As the first mature application platform of ADE chain in the global cross-border social e-commerce market and the pioneer of cross-border social e-commerce, Uniplaza has established a long-term cooperative relationship with ADE chain and has been working together to promote the globalization of social e-commerce.

    The ADE chain is working with Uniplaza not only at this International Digital Economy Expo, but also in the future, to create the ADE chain and Uniplaza’s global cross-border social ecosystem.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Youmi Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 20-80925783
    Country: China

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    The high quality Ring Bobbins, Cone Bobbins, Dye Tubes and related products that Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd announces to supply have their useful application in the textile machinery.

    There are various kinds of plastic tubes and spare parts that are used in the textile machines. Some of these products include roving tubes, ring tubes, cone cubes, cylindrical tubes, dye cubes etc. China based Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd specializes in plastic tubes that are used in textile machines. They can also supply spare parts, such as bobbin holders, carbon fibers, roving guides, yarn separators and so on. The company employs the latest technology to manufacture each of these products that aim at improving the efficiency of machineries used in the textile industry.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they supply high quality Ring Bobbins, made from top quality PC and ABS material. Each of these bobbins is designed with precise eccentricity and tolerance that can exceed the international standards, and are suitable for use in the global textile industry. These bobbins are designed for a perfect spinning, no matter placed on a variety of surfaces, such as parallel, spiral or micro grooves. The spokesperson states that one can find bobbins suitable for manual, automatic as well as semi-automatic doffing. Available in a tape ratios ranging between 1:36 to 1:64, the bobbins can clock a massive spinning speed of 20,000 RPM or even more.

    Rimzer Announces To Supply Reliable Quality Ring Bobbins & Cone Bobbins At Reasonable Prices

    The company also specializes in Cone Bobbins, available in different lengths of 170mm to 290mm and with diameters between 20mm and 75mm. These cones are very reliable and offer a significant performance to increase the productivity of the textile machines. The multi-way tubes are more suitable for using fibers and cotton yarns in the textile industry. The spokesperson reveals that their cone tubes can work 20-30 times more for the fiber, while can work for several years for the cotton. The tubes are suitable for machines for different brands, such as Murata, Savio, SSM, Elitex, and other winding and twisting machines used in the textile industry.

    For the better performance of the textile machines, they also produce Dye Tubes that can ensure a striking performance under different temperature and pressure conditions. They have both one-way and multi-way tubes with reasonable hole designs. The one-way tubes are made from the PP material, while the multi-way tubes are made of PP with the glass fiber. They have tubes in different sizes and in different dimensions that can be used in a wide range of machines. The tubes are with the stackable cheeses, and the compressed cheeses play a major role in increasing the productivity, while reducing the dyeing cost by 20-40%. The tubes can be used in different machines and can allow dyeing of yarns evenly.

    One can check the entire range of plastic tubes and spare parts the company supplies by visiting their website

    About Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd

    Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd focuses on varieties of plastic tubes and spare parts for textile machinery. The company’s main products areplastic tubes, like roving tubes, ring tubes, dye tubes, cone tubes, cylindrical tubes and thread spools. And also, spare parts like bobbin holders, carbon fibers, belt, roving guides, rubber blowing nozzles, bottom tensioning devices, yarn separators, false twisters, lappet hooks, bearings and so on. The products are compliant with the relevant standards and specification guidelines, such as ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 368.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Leo Chen
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    Phone: +86 576 83365586 / +86 13634004908
    Country: China

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    STOCKROOM has introduced an exceptional range of Office chairs Hong Kong and other types of furniture to enhance the aesthetics as well as functional advantages of an office space.

    All offices in Hong Kong can now get a unique look with an amazing range of office furniture that STOCKROOM has now in its stock. The office furniture range includes beautiful office chairs, office tables, working desk, side tables, table lamps and other items. All these furniture pieces are highly attractive and durable and are available at affordable prices. Designed specifically for the office buildings, the furniture sold by STOCKROOM is available in a variety of designs, sizes and dimensions to fit into different office spaces.

    As a leading Furniture Hong Kong outlet, STOCKROOM always focuses on quality, durable and attractive furniture items for contemporary homes and offices. Their office furniture range can suitably meet the unique idea that every office is conceptualized with. No matter, what is the shape and size of an office space, STOCKROOM will supply the furniture that can precisely fit into the space and will also enhance the beauty of the space. They have furniture items with different polishes and finishes that can ideally blend with the office interiors. Moreover, one can choose tables, racks, working desks etc that can help in the optimal use of the office space. All these furniture items are designed with the functional features for improving the working environment of an office.

    STOCKROOM Outlet Launches a Unique Range Of Office Furniture Hong Kong at Affordable Prices

    The furniture outlet has a variety of Office Furniture Hong Kong, including task desk lamp, Eames style highback office chairs, Eames style lowback office chairs, tulip style dining table, and other items. All these furniture pieces are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the workers who generally work 8-10 hours every day. The office chairs with proper backrest offer the comfort one needs to keep working without any difficulty. They also supply shelves, storage units, tables with drawers to keep all office files and other items safely and well-organized. The furniture store has dining tables with a rustic finish for employees to enjoy their meal together during the recess times. One can also pick from a range of office table lamps that not only add to the looks of the office space, but can also provide ample lights when needed.

    STOCKROOM specializes in Office chairs Hong Kong that are specifically designed for enhancing the comfort and efficiency of the workers. They have an amazing collection of Eames style chairs in a variety of styles that are not only elegant in style, but also offer a sufficient support to one’s back and hands while working. With an adequate foam density, these chairs are comfortable for sitting long hours without any difficulty.

    One can check all types of office furniture that the company has in its stock by visiting the website


    STOCKROOM is an online furniture shop, which sources furniture from around the globe to offer the highest quality products at the most affordable prices to its customers. They work very closely with only the best manufacturers and focus time and resources finding manufacturers that meet or exceed the quality standards. They deal directly with the best manufacturers to avoid the role of the costly middlemen, so they can provide contemporary furniture at an affordable price. Stockroom collection includes a variety of items that combine style and quality with versatility, including oak dining tables, chairs, lounge chair, coffee table, lamps, bedroom sets, stools, office chairs, desks, bookshelves and more for individuals, design professionals, architects, and corporations of all sizes looking for quality pieces.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: STOCKROOM
    Contact Person: Jojoba
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    Phone: +852 2817 0999
    Country: HongKong

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    There is a tendency that more and more people start to use electric toothbrushes to brush their teeth every day. But according to researches, many people still use the wrong brushing method even with an electric toothbrush, they have a rush to spend a few minutes brushing their teeth before starting their day. Brushing teeth healthily with less time is always the pain point for most consumers. Now BABAHU, a dental care brand, claims to solve the pain point and introduce a revolutionary electric toothbrush – BABAHU X1, the world’s first AI-powered automatic toothbrush.

    BABAHU X1 adopts the cutting edge AI technique for both kids and adults to brush their teeth efficiently, and correctly! It comes with a U-shape mouthpiece design, all you have to do is to squeeze the toothpaste and put the mouthpiece in your mouth, then power on to start automatic brushing. It can totally free your hands, and enables you to make a cup of coffee, check out today’s news or deal while brushing your teeth! The most unique and key feature is that it is built with innovation intelligent partitioning algorithm, the mouthpiece divides your teeth into different areas, like incisor, canine or molar, and then brushes them at different frequencies, in the right way. Moreover, BABAHU offers 3 different sizes of mouthpieces for 3 different age range (age 2~6, 6~13, above 13), and it intelligently identifies the different mouthpiece solutions for kids and adults, providing the most suitable level of comfort for you. In terms of brushing method, BABAHU X1 is inbuilt with the well-known Bass Technique, which is recommended by more than 80% of the dentists worldwide. 6D super soft bristles cover your teeth from 6-side with a specific 45-degree angle. Brushing teeth correctly and scientifically is just so simple!

    BABAHU takes the durability into the consideration, the mouthpiece is made of FDA approved edible silicone, and the whole toothbrush is anti-drop & IPX7 waterproof, It can work well even if you drop it in water. And, thanks to the anti-drop design it won’t break when an accidental fall occurs. Charging is not a breeze for the most electric toothbrush, to solve the problem, X1 is featured with Qi wireless fast charging, and the standby time is incredibly 30 days on a 2-hour charge.

    Now the impressive BABAHU X1 is prelaunched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo ,You can get the super early bird price at 58% discount, which is only available for the first 300 subscribers to BABAHU newsletter. Don’t miss the opportunity, grab yours on the Indiegogo project page now:

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Jeff
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    Phone: +86 13632607603
    Country: China

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    Immigrants, by Dr Kamal Naser, is a new mobile application that connects immigrants together to help ease the transition from one country to another. The app is designed to provide resources for immigrants, and to create a channel of communication to allow them to reach out to one another.

    The app is free to use and is more effective at finding people than Facebook, Meetup or other forms of social media, as the app’s advanced search functions allows you to filter through names, ages, date of immigration, or country emigrated to / from to find people to communicate and meet up with. You can find specific people just by knowing the date they arrived, the country they have traveled to, or other information. Immigrants is an excellent way of finding other immigrants quickly and easily.

    Understandably, it can be difficult to find other immigrants to meet up with on your own. Fortunately, Immigrants makes the process as simple as possible by directly connecting you with other immigrants within your proximity or immediate area. You can also use the app to meet new people who you want to meet in real life or visit in families to stay in touch.

    Immigrants is the best resource for meeting other immigrants without having to worry about the logistics of finding them on your own. The app is free to use, however you can choose to purchase the paid version which allows you to send custom messages to other migrants in a specified country on any day of your choosing. This will also remove all ads, giving you an uninterrupted experience as you try to expand your social circle and ease into the new country.

    Immigrants can be considered a support system for people who are new to a country. It has already helped countless individuals and families connect with other immigrants, making their transition seamless and comfortable. The app will continue to be updated as it progresses through development.

    If you’re interested in Immigrants, please visit, for more information.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Immigrants
    Contact Person: Dr Kamal Naser
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    Country: United States

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    On October 30 and 31 in 2018, Chinese E-commerce medias and research institutions will hold the Global Cross Border E-commerce Service Resources Conference focused on cross-border E-commerce services together with Chengdu municipal government. According to the analysis by the co-sponsor Ebrun, manufacturing and consumption resources are deeply scattered worldwide, accordingly, service resources must be shared in a global scale. Cross-border E-commerce service resources assembled by third-party platforms and professional service institutions act as the highway and ferryman for global goods to quickly access users.

    Leading global service providers reveal the latest trends in the discussion of 12 topics.

    Focusing on five perspectives of platform strategy, big data marketing, innovation of trading route, capital trends, B2B revolution, the conference will firstly invite global leading platforms and institutions as well as domestic and foreign guests to explore the latest trends on topics of “Chances with the trading chain reconstruction”, “Marketing upgrading driven by big data and AI”, ”New trading route between China and Russia”, “Why does J.P. Morgan care cross-border E-commerce more than ever?”, “Enter the SME trade incremental Market”, etc. Secondly, regarding on segmented emerging market and special services, senior executives from Paypal, Clubfactory, Kilimall, Lianlian Pay and Kuaishou, etc. will be invited to share their distinct viewpoints in speeches of “One Belt One Road E-commerce consumption trends”, “Technology reconstructs the export supply chain, enter India market”, “Doing business in Africa is not like what you could imagine”, “The evolution of having different payment experience”, “The decision, evolution and evaluation of independent E-commerce site”, “Visualize your unique oversea market influence”, “Short videos change and open the gate of Philippines market”,etc. to provide participants with entirely new cognition experience.

    The grand finale of forenoon is a dialogue with platforms from the world themed on “Upgrading of market and service in the great revolution”. James Zheng, chairman of Ebrun, will dialogue with 4 guests from Wish of Europe and US, Yandex of Russia, Shopee of Southeast Asia, and Netease Kaola representing China respectively. In the afternoon, there will be a new round of dialogue on payment, discuss on “New services and solutions for selling and buying globally”, in which five chairmen and general managers of well-known E-commerce service providers will give their answers.

    In two service docking salons, global cross-border service providers will activate the potential western market.

    On the second day, the conference will organize two service docking salons for cross-border E-commerce service application and cross-border E-commerce platform merchant recruitment respectively. In the service docking salon, excellent service providers’ CEOs will be invited to share their practical landing experience in the realm of intellectual property, overseas warehouse, AI, order management, building of independent E-commerce site, social marketing, etc. In the merchant recruiting docking salon, Amazon, Wish, Ebay, and platforms from Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. ranging from the global market to emerging market, will communicate with sellers face-to-face, share product selection skills and operational requirements for different markets.

    This session of Global Cross Border E-commerce Service&Resource Conference will be a high-profile pageant for all third-party service providers for global cross-border E-commerce, aiming to help traditional trade and manufacturing enterprises, domestic brands, cross-border E-commerce sellers and purchasers to clarify the industry direction, seek for appropriate professional third-party service providers, so as to effectively perform the cross-border E-commerce business.

    For more info:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sichuan EBRUN E-commerce Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Phone: +86133 6699 5354
    Country: China

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    Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd brings Brand Women Motorcycle Boots for all women who love to ride a motorcycle or be a pillion rider.

    It’s true, women too love biking. Many women love to be a pillion rider while traveling with their partners. For all such women, Sichuan Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd now brings a collection of Women Motorcycle Boots online, which also showcase an exemplary style, while keeping the comfort and safety issues of women riders in mind. There are several styles with different types of heels that a woman can choose from for her safe, playful and pleasant biking experience.

    The online store has introduced the Brand Women Motorcycle Boots that could be essential for every woman who love to ride a bike. These boots can match the style of every woman and she can wear these boots with a pair of jeans, skirts and other types of attires. Available at affordable prices, these boots will allow women to flaunt their style, without worrying about their wallet at the same time. The online store has designer motorcycle boots of black leather that come with an extra shine. Women can choose from flat heeled boots to high heeled boots as per their dressing preferences. These boots are also available in different lengths and one can choose boots for wearing in different seasons.

    For the First Time, Sexyshoeswoman Presents Brand Women Motorcycle Boots For All the Biker Women around the World

    When it comes to the height of the boots, they have both thigh high and knee high boots for the women customers. The Brand Knee High Boots in their collection are inspired by different fashion shows and can elegantly express a celebrity style to draw the attention of every woman on this earth. They update their collections every month and one can find the latest knee high boot styles in the collection to include a pair of boots in her wardrobe. These boots are the necessary fashion element for all women who want to dress for the power and the domination. Women who want to rule the world with their style and sophistication and an attractive gait will never miss the opportunity to pick a pair of knee high boots from their collection.

    They have the Brand Thigh High Boots that could be the biggest footwear choice for the winter dressing. These boots are not only in black color, but they also have several unusual boot colors that will go well with different types of dresses. One can choose thigh high boots with zipper or without zipper and can also pick from different heel styles. The spokesperson reveals that they have high heel thigh high boots for a power dressing, and a woman can walk comfortably and in style wearing these beautiful boots. They also have flat heel thigh high boots, suitable for wearing on all weathers and walking on different terrains. Each pair is designed carefully with different elements of decoration that enhance the attractiveness of the boots.

    One can glimpse through the motorcycle boots and other boots they have in their collection by visiting the website

    About Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd.

    Sichuan Yimai Trading Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of trendy women’s footwear. The company runs the leading women’s online shoe store, for customers across the world. They supply high quality shoes with amazing designs at reasonable prices. They focus on offering the best and stylish products at affordable prices, maintaining the utmost level of customer satisfaction.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Lene
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    Phone: +86 19078765439
    Country: China

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    BITFXT is an acronym for Bitcoin Forex Technology.

    Bitfxt is an African based blockchain industry which aims at building an ecosystem of transparency, trust, speed, user satisfaction, building and developing valuable blockchain software while aiming to bring the “blockchain” closer to the people by building interactive, easy-to-use decentralized solutions that will be easily accessible to everyone within and beyond Africa.

    However, BitFxt has been in the blockchain industry for long and has built real time working platforms.

    BitFxt Projects at a Glance:

    BitFxt Exchange: It is intuitive and easy to operate. Users can fund their accounts seamlessly and withdraw with ease. It is the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of fees. More at

    BitFxt Wallet: Bitfxt Wallet is an android native wallet for securely storing and trading ETH and BTC. Users can as well trade and exchange with their local currency using bitfxt wallet. More at

    Bxtcoin Vault: is an innovative mining/coin release software that rewards users with new coins for locking down their coins to provide liquidity on the BitFxt exchange. The vault technology is the first of its kind globally. More at

    BitFxt Academy: is the first truly blockchain academy that offer courses and certifications like a typical online university. School fees can be paid in BXT as well as other cryptocurrencies. More at

    Bitfxt Lab: is the software development arm of bitfxt technology. It consists of experienced professional software developers from all over the world. Nevertheless, BitFxt has gone into strategic partnerships with IT and blockchain companies to continually expand their scopes and provide more services to clients within and beyond Africa. More at

    Bitfxt Cointracker: Bitfxt cointracker is a sophisticated crypto currency, exchange and news tracking software. It solves a major problem in the crypto space. Users of Bitfxt Cointracker can keep tabs of every activity on coinmarketcap, news and the various assets they are trading in various other exchanges without having to login to their accounts. It is amazingly always up to date because all the info are in real time. More at

    Bitfxt coin (BXT) is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with a proof of stake algorithm. BXT coin is the official coin for bitfxt technology community. It is used to pay for any services, fees, casting of votes, and for trading as a base currency in bitfxt ecosystem. It is highly profitable and has the capacity to grow in value in a short period of time.

    BitFxt Coin ICO is Live. Visit


    Overall Services: trade, exchange, wallet, academy, vault, blockchain startup incubation, software development, e-commerce and much more.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BitFxt
    Contact Person: Franklin Peters
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    Phone: +2349094494905 / +441143600492
    Country: Nigeria

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    Recently, the 2018 Italian Pioneer Cosmetic Campaign for the Ideal Life in Tmall has successfully concluded, and KIKO MILANO, Italy’s top cosmetics brand represented by Ocean Antelope International, sold more than 60,000 pieces during the event, which became the Top 1 brand and has set a new record for International Cosmetic in Tmall Global.

    Ocean Antelope International is an independent brand of the first e-commerce based company to IPO in China, Yujiahui Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yujiahui), focusing on providing a complete set of solutions for excellent international brands to enter the Chinese market. In addition to KIKO, Ocean Antelope International also manages 5 internationally renowned brands, namely Leaders, Dr.Ci:Labo and OGX, KIKO, and Lumene.

    Italian Leading Cosmetic Sales Top 1

    The Italian Pioneer Cosmetic Campaign was held from July 20th to 23th, with dozens of Italian cosmetic brands participating including KIKO. Established in 1997, KIKO produces and sells more than 1600 SKUs ranging from professional cosmetics, skin care products and advanced cosmetic accessories, and is also rapidly gaining popularity all over the world with its professional quality and value for money pricing. So far, KIKO has opened more than 1000 branched in more than 20 countries.

    KIKO not only achieved the top 1 in sales, but also was presented wonderfully during the event. KIKO adopts the integration of online and offline. In terms of online, Ocean Antelope International launched the “Milan Fashion, Grand Opening” event. In terms of offline, KIKO combined “Cosmetics Show” with “new retail” to customize a series of wonderful activities such as interactive make-up mirror, talent search store and cosmetics T stage show. Online marketing, together with offline new retail interactive experience, allows KIKO to attract attention at such a cosmetics campaign.

    Attendees experiencing KIKO interactive make-up mirror in the Tmall Pioneer  Cosmetics event
    Attendees experiencing KIKO interactive make-up mirror in the Tmall Pioneer Cosmetics event

    It is reported that KIKO is the No. 1 brand in sales volume of Italian cosmetics campaign in Tmall, setting a new record for international cosmetics in Tmall since its opening. KIKO sold more than 60,000 cosmetics products during the entire opening period, with a total number of 2598 million visitors.

    The 2018 Italian Pioneer Cosmetic Campaign was jointly sponsored by Tmall Discovery, which explored the cutting-edge lifestyle in the form of Tmall’s Ideal Life Guide and discovered the world’s best products. Last year, Tmall Discovery and Tmall International ignited the trend of Ampoules in Spain. This year, they continued their campaign to find Italian pioneer cosmetics products, broke down the brand of European minor cosmetics products, explored the trend of makeup in Europe in 2018 and ignited the color cosmetics products in Europe.

    As an ” outsider” who has entered the Chinese market for a month, KIKO stands out from many cosmetics brands, on the one hand, its product quality is recognized by the public, and on the other hand, it also benefits from the professional operation of operator Ocean Antelope International.

    In July, Tmall Global  KIKO Overseas Flagship Store Launched and acquired more than 230,000 followers

    KIKO Overseas Flagship Store Launched and acquired more than 230,000 followers

    Ting Ting, Chairman of Yujiahui (Left), Mu Xiang, General Manager of Ocean Antelope International (Right) and Vivian, General Manager of KIKO Brand Asia Pacific (Center) were all present at the Tmall Italian Pioneer Cosmetic Campaign

    In June this year, Ocean Antelope International signed a contract with KIKO to become its exclusive online partner in mainland China, operating and managing its online business and using its 12 – year experience in e-commerce operation, logistics and media to empower KIKO. The independent brand of Ocean Antelope International Department under Yujiahui opens its platform in the beauty industry, focusing on connecting excellent brands with Chinese consumers and providing a complete set of solutions for excellent brands to enter the Chinese market.

    On July 20, China’s first and only official online shop-Tmall Global KIKO Overseas Flagship Store officially opened, 392 SKUs can be purchased in the flagship store, including 36 colours of the best selling KIKO Series 4 Lipstick, which are commonly short of supply. The establishment of the official store of KIKO quickly and effectively helps consumers avoid the risk of purchasing the unauthentic products, and also solves the problem of the ease of purchase. During the trial period, the store gained 230,000 fans.

    In addition to KIKO, Ocean Antelope International manages Leaders, a famous Korean facial mask brand, Dr.Ci:Labo, the Japanese cosmeceutical makeup brand, OGX, the United States light luxury shampoo brand and many other international brands. Lumene, the top skincare product in Finland, which covers the market share of up to 40% in Finland will also be partnering with Ocean Antelope in the near future.

    In the next five years, the goal of Ocean Antelope International is to connect 300 million core consumers and serving 50 million of them. Ocean Antelope International will continue to exert its efforts in helping more excellent brands to enter the Chinese market, embracing unlimited possibilities in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Yujiahui Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Sudy Wang
    Email: Send Email
    City: Changsha City
    Country: China

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    Qihai Textle Co.,Ltd is a leading beach towel factory in China that specializes in supplying high quality beach towels with custom prints in bulk quantity and wholesale prices.

    With an extensive range of beach towels in their portfolio, Qihai Textle Co.,Ltd can meet the demand of clients that want to use beach towels for their branding and promotional advantages. They have different types of towels, such as microfiber towels, cotton towels, polyester towels, and several other varieties, and are also open to customize towels with different fabrics, textures, colors and dimensions as per the customer’s demand.

    According to the spokesperson of the beach towel manufacturer, they have the specialty of supplying personalized and custom-made beach towels that can be naturally appealing and attractive for the customers. The spokesperson states that there is no dearth of designs that customers can choose from their portfolio. Still, they are available for custom beach towel manufacturing that can precisely meet the requirements of the customers. The microfiber beach towels the company supplies are extra soft and smooth to offer can be ideal for after the bath use. The fabric of the towel can easily absorb the water and can offer a soft feeling to one’s skin while trying to soak up water from the body after a shower. They supply lightweight and high quality microfiber beach towels that are friendly to the human skin.

    Beach Towel Manufacturer Announces To Supply Microfiber Beach Towels With Custom Prints At Affordable Prices

    The beach towel factory can supply beach towels in different dimensions and in 250 GSM weight. However, they can customize the weight of the towels as per the customer’s demands and that can influence both the quality and the prices of the towels. The color of the towels can also be customized and they can design towels with custom choices for diverse types of customers. The spokesperson states that customers can give them the design of their choice and they can design the towels according to the given designs. They do not charge an extra cost for designing custom beach towels, and supply towels at reasonable prices. These colorful and warm towels are suitable for bath or travel purposes.

    With more than two decades of experience, the beach towel supplier is capable of handling any order of the bulk nature. Moreover, they have the manufacturing facility with modernized machines to address immediate or last minute orders from clients. The spokesperson states that many times they supply beach towels at short notices that their clients may require for any event or special occasions.  They can supply 100% printed cotton towels with beautiful appearance and which they can supply at wholesale prices. The towels are supplied in bags or cartons in a safe and timely manner to clients across the world.

    To check the designs of the beach towels or to order for customized towels, one can visit the website

    About Qihai Textle Co.,Ltd

    Qihai Textle Co.,Ltd is a Printed Beach Towel manufacturer with well-equipped testing facilities and a strong technical force. The company has 20 years of experience in the production of Beach Towel. The company’s beach towels are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs. They can supply all kinds of Beach Towels and can also supply personalized towels that meet the size and design related specifications of the client.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Qihai Textile Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: JASON
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 18616987926
    State: Jiangsu Province
    Country: China

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