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    Since its official launch in 2017, Uniplaza has launched two major overseas branches in Cambodia and South Korea. From 2018 to 2019, Uniplaza will simultaneously launch strategic plans in Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Europe and the United States, bringing the mature cross-border social e-commerce models to the world.

    On July 10, 2018, Uniplaza signed a formal cooperation agreement with the East Gate of South Korea to reach a strategic cooperative partnership. The two sides integrated their respective advantages and launched in-depth cooperation around the supply chain, cross-border social e-commerce, and consumer services. On September 1st, 2018, Uniplaza officially settled in the East Gate of South Korea, and the landmark building Maxtyle was renamed the Uniplaza building.

    The official operation of the Uniplaza building in Seoul is one of Uniplaza’s important strategic steps in the third quarter of 2018. It marks the official partnership between Uniplaza and hundreds of fashion brands in Korea. Uniplaza will also start from the East Gate of South Korea to provide comprehensive technical support for Korean shopkeepers and facilitate the development of global business.


    Uniplaza Started to Expand Overseas Markets and Successfully Settled in South Korea 

    South Korea is an important step in Uniplaza’s strategic layout in Asia. By working together with the East Gate of South Korea, the global first-line trend center, it will further promote the formation of the global cross-border social e-commerce pattern of Uniplaza and turn the Korean fashion industry resources into advantages of Uniplaza supply chain.

    Since the signing of the cooperation agreement in July, Uniplaza has brought China’s mature social e-commerce model to the merchants of the East Gate of South Korea and consumers from all over the world. As the business progressed, Uniplaza has collaborated with more than 200 of the East Gate of South Korea fashion brands. Meanwhile, with the support of the South Korea government, Uniplaza has become an important participant in the economic ecosystem of the East Gate of South Korea.

    Uniplaza’s mature cross-border social e-commerce shopping and shop owners’ entrepreneurial system, influenced the entire Korean market through the East Gate of South Korea, and was named “the latest e-commerce style” by the younger generation in South Korea. Now, consumers in China and South Korea can buy global goods directly from Uniplaza, or register with Uniplaza to sell goods globally.

    With the feature of Online shop and generation delivery, Uniplaza’s low-cost business model attracted a large number of Korean young users. By mid-October, the number of registered shopkeepers in Korea had exceeded 5,000, and the great potential of cross-border social e-commerce in the Korean market has gradually emerged, Uniplaza successfully entered the overseas market. 

    Goals of Uniplaza can be Realized: Global Business Starts in Many Areas. 

    As the leading global cross-border social e-commerce platform, Uniplaza’s exclusive ATS automated trading system has more than 30 international patents, connecting global languages, payments, logistics, social and supply chains.

    Language: Uniplaza implements fast conversion of 13 languages in App.

    Payment: Uniplaza exclusive intelligent payment wallet system, instant settlement of global currency.

    Logistics: Uniplaza has reached a strategic partnership with global first-line logistics companies such as TOP IDEAL SCM, using the online smart cloud warehouse and entity warehouse overseas mode to achieve 7-day logistics and freight reaching worldwide.

    Supply Chain: Uniplaza cooperates with several international first-line brands to provide quality and authentic products for the platform.

    Since its official launch in 2017, Uniplaza has launched two major overseas branches in Cambodia and South Korea. From 2018 to 2019, Uniplaza will simultaneously launch strategic plans in Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Europe and the United States. With the launch of 13 mainstream language versions of Uniplaza, it has launched overseas entities in many countries around the world. Warehouse and offline consumer scenarios also start simultaneously, bringing the mature cross-border social business model to the world.

    In Uniplaza, even smaller individuals have the ability to influence the world. 

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Uniplaza | Guangzhou Youmi Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 20-80925783
    Address:1103, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1000 Xingang East Road
    State: Haizhu District
    Country: China

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    Plastic Card Online, Inc offers printing of VIP cards, discount cards, promotional cards and other types of cards that could be very helpful for companies to grow their customers and business.

    In the modern digital age, companies use different kinds of marketing and brand promotion tools. Discount cards or VIP cards could be one of the effective marketing tools that a business can rely on to draw the attention of the potential customers and generate more sales. Plastic Card Online, Inc offers cheap VIP cards for businesses to encourage first-time customers for a repeat business with them.

    The company spokesperson reveals that they are offering VIP card printing services to a number of companies around the world. These companies rely on the VIP cards to set up targeted advertising campaigns, focusing on customers with particular shopping preferences. Through these cards, a business can provide tailor-made services to its customers and can consolidate the relationship further. Besides retaining the old customers, a business can effectively use VIP cards to bring in new customers. These cards could also be conducive in setting up a brand name and tracking the sales accomplished by the individual customers. According to the spokesperson, they specialize in personalized VIP cards at cheap prices for businesses to grow their customer base fast.

    Online Plastic Card Printing Company Announces VIP Card Printing As An Effective Marketing Tool Of The Current Digital Age

    Besides plastic VIP cards, they also supply cheap fundraising cards for organizations, such as schools, volunteer organizations, youth groups, sports teams and others. These fundraising cards can help these organizations to raise funds easily for a variety of causes. They design cards in different shapes with round corners with a better consistency. The plastic card manufacturer maintains affordable prices and can guarantee up to 50% cost savings in comparison to the local card printing shops in a particular location. With an excellent quality and a glossy finish, one will love to carry the fundraising card and which will increase the fun mobilization for an organization. The fundraising card ensures many kinds of privileges to its holders, and which ultimately helps in growing the sales of an organization.

    The company also excels in the plastic key tags printing for its clients in the hospitality sectors. Most hotels and resorts have started using plastic key tags instead of metal key tags for their guests to enter their room and enjoy their stay. Encoded with a unique code, these plastic key tags enable an individual an authorized access to a room or a designated area of a building. This secure keying strategy protects hotels, resorts and other premises from an unauthorized entry of intruders. Plastic Card Online, Inc offer printing of plastic key tags with an excellent quality loco magstrip that is compatible with different types of door locks available in the market. They supply plastic key tags in packs with different number of cards for a customer to choose from.

    To know more about the printing of plastic key tags or fundraising cards, one can visit the website

    About Plastic Card Online, Inc

    Plastic Card Online, Inc is a plastic card printing company founded in 2008. Today, the company has been working with thousands of clients from all over the world (more than 80 countries). Plastic Card Online, Inc is now a leading professional and famous card manufacturer with monthly output of 20 million pieces. The company supplies full/four color litho printed cards with ISO standard 760 Micron solid PVC, professional looking, texture and feel.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Plastic Card Online, Inc
    Contact Person: Eason
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +852 81916581
    Country: HongKong

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    As we move into the Autumn HMRC are ratcheting up the pressure on taxpayers, including those who still have outstanding loans from Employee Benefit Schemes (EBTs). Over recent years there has been an increasing focus by the government on what it considers to be corporate tax avoidance.

    Consequently, HMRC, whose collection powers have been considerably bolstered by the introduction of Accelerated Payment Notice (APN) and Partner Payment Notice (PPN) legislation, have steadily increased pressure on companies that owe tax or have set up EBTs and have yet to settle. APNs and PPNs are now seen as a key weapon in the battle to deliver increased revenue to the Treasury via a ‘fairer’ taxation system.

    Essentially APNs are designed to inform companies that they owe taxes which they might otherwise have believed to be beyond the reach of HMRC. The notices amount to demands for payment of monies owed within a period of no longer than 90 days. Crucially they do not include any scope for negotiation or appeal on the part of the recipients.

    Increasing numbers of directors and sole traders right across the UK are being confronted by sizable tax demands against them and their organisations that they haven’t budgeted for. With such a short period for the associated payments to be made the consequences of receiving an APN can mean serious financial problems.

    With specific regard to EBTs a series of recent court decisions, most notably the long running and high-profile Rangers case, have all gone against the taxpayer. Ultimately the Supreme Court has ruled against Rangers and agreed with HMRC that loans made to employees under the clubs EBT Scheme were in fact remuneration and so subject to tax and NIC.

    Whilst many specialist advisors and tax professionals have contended that the Rangers decision was not ‘case specific’ and therefore couldn’t cover all EBTs this hasn’t stopped HMRC from issuing increasing numbers of Follower Notices, the prelude to APNs. HMRC’s interpretation has been unequivocal – they believe that many other tax payers have been using the same “scheme” and if they have yet to settle they will be pursued. Indeed, if taxpayers don’t comply with these Follower Notices and they subsequently lose their case, HMRC will be able to apply a penalty of 50% of the tax found to be payable.

    April 2019 will see the introduction of the new ‘Disguised Remuneration’ tax charge for all EBT loans where no settlement has been agreed with HMRC. The clock is most definitely ticking with many companies and individuals facing serious tax bills on the 5th April with very limited means to mitigate these. The key to dealing with APN and FN issues (they can sometimes be issued concurrently) is to communicate as fast as possible with HMRC.

    There are a small number of bridging lenders that have the knowledge and experience to deal directly with HMRC and provide the bespoke financial solutions, secured on UK property assets, to allow APNs to be settled. If an APN can be settled quickly it often avoids litigation, winding up and bankruptcy proceedings.

    Still unsure and need to explore your options? Why not consult an expert?

    Central Bridging are experts with a long track record helping clients to resolve even the most complex and contentious issues with HMRC. Mindful of the developing situation we have strengthened our Team over the summer months which now includes former senior HMRC personnel.

    We will be monitoring all announcements and developments to ensure that our tailored solutions can best assist clients once they have decided how to proceed.

    Ultimately, when a satisfactory settlement has been agreed by all parties our diverse funding base means that we will be able to offer an extensive range of products and the individually tailored solutions that will allow clients to finally draw a line under the matter and move on with their lives.

    We are a principal lender offering a range of loan facilities for business use from £100K to £2.5M over periods from 3 to 24 months. Our loans are secured on freehold property across England and Wales.

    Crucially you will always speak to a decision maker who will take time to understand you and your situation and unlike some of the bigger banks will then tailor a solution that best suits your needs rather than our own.

    Why not give us a call on 03332 400 506 for an informal chat about your options.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Central Bridging
    Contact Person: John Clifford
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 03332 400 506
    Country: United Kingdom

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    AC Newswire is one stop shop PR distribution company in China with a remarkable reputation. They offer PR distribution service to the most top media.

    Looking for overnight distinction, instant dominance as well as surpassed online presence, then AC Newswire press release service is the ticket massively publicity not only in China but all over the world as well. With many years of experience in this service, the company has helped thousands of online startups establish online authority with the assistance of a powerful and well-written press release. The formula to distinction is simple for people adept in this area, and the AC Newswire staff sure knows how to use this influential channel. AC Newswire has an overseas editor team over 50 staff which will conjure an amazing announcement on your brand, anything from production launching, promotion, and sponsorship.

    A professionally written media release can be the firm and solid voice of the brand. It’s always a smart idea to maximize the effect in the first blow, as the audience will learn to perceive the future action only if you make a remarkable initial impression. A modestly made press can attract the line between repelling and attracting potential clients. At AC Newswire they have professional PR writers and Editors who have solid experience of serving thousands of clients in China.

    AC Newswire can do PR distribution to various countries which include US, Europe, UK, Japan, South Korean, South-East Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They have established a long-term connection with various media platform which takes account of ACNewswire, BBC, AP, Reuters, New York Times, ABC, CBS, Forbes, and many others.

    They have made featured stories, press releases, speeches, promotional content, as well as extensively published materials for global icons. PR submission is vital than ever before in today’s social marketing trends. This service can be used for product launch and new announcement related to the company. This also helps spread message and give remarkable publicity for the business.

    Why Choose AC Newswire

    Competitive Rates
    Get More Customer
    Build Trust Amongst Customers
    Make superior backlink
    24 hours Support System
    Has an overseas editor team over 20 staff.

    AC Newswire
    desk of journalists and editors includes journalists from all walks of life fascinated in the news. The news is made available to many search engines. Their online distribution partners help increase customer’s visibility as they publish the story for the viewers to read. What is more, press release stays on various media partners for a more extended period.

    Generating publicity with this company is so easy. They do not just send the press release to bloggers, consumers, and journalists, but they also offer web owners with new original content which they make use to keep the site fresh with business news.

    For more information about AC Newswire press release service, please feel free to visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AC Newswire
    Contact Person: Peter Fei
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 86-18123763721
    Country: China

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    Seema Tannous, Managing Director of Dermaline in Dubai: Cellulite refers to the lumpy fat bulges on the thighs and buttocks of over 95% of the normal female population.

    There are many reasons why most women are predisposed to cellulite whereas the condition is much rarer in men. To begin with, the underlying structure of the skin is different in males verses females.

    Male skin tends to be thicker and the fibrous septae has strong cross-linking of the connective tissue. Females have thinner skin and no cross-linking of the underlying septae. Women have more fat layers than men, and the subcutaneous fat layer in women is regulated by hormones and does not respond to diet and exercise.

    The female hormone estrogen causes these fat cells to store fat, whereas the male hormone testosterone stimulates the fat cells to break down fat. So, women are genetically superior at storing energy in the form of fat to provide energy during pregnancy. Women also have a higher percentage of body fat in the areas of the thighs, hips, and abdomen, and these fat cells are resistant to diet and exercise.

    Directly beneath the fat layer there is a layer of connective tissue comprised of collagen called the “fibrous septae.” When the fibrous septae becomes damaged, the subcutaneous fat cells are pushed through the damaged regions and are squeezed into small bulges that give the overlying skin the “puckered” or “dimpled” appearance that we call cellulite.

    Women have tried numerous therapies to eliminate their cellulite including various creams, endermologie, lymphatic drainage massage, etc to no avail because none of these therapies correct the underlying physiological problems of poor circulation and damaged collagen septae. Two therapies that have shown promise in eliminating this difficult problem are the Thermage CL cellulite tip and carboxytherapy.

    Carboxytherapy was originally used for aesthetic purposes by the Brazilians to sculpt residual post-liposuction fatty deposits above the knees and histological studies showed that the fat cells were ruptured by the CO2 gas while leaving the remaining skin structures and nerves unharmed. Collagen remodeling was also shown to occur, as well as thickening and smoothing of the overlying skin.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: World Wide Media LLC
    Contact Person: Jam Kurdiash
    Email: Send Email
    City: Dubai
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Diamonds have always been responsible for generating excitement, in business, and on the trade floor. As one of the most widely traded and sought-after substances in the world demand for the beautiful rocks remains at an all-time high.

    It is only natural therefore that as payment methods change and technology develops that business owners would look to find a way to utilize the strengths of diamonds with the technology of blockchain.

    Glitzkoin ( is at the forefront of the diamond blockchain phenomenon, and  CEO of Glitzkoin, Navneet Goenka and Olga Rosina, the Russian diamond professional on the team recently took the time to identify and answer the four most common questions, they get asked on a daily basis.

    Why is the crypto community so eager to see the DiaEx exchange implemented?

    Navneet said “ An interesting question but quite easy to answer. The DiaEx platform which is designed to facilitate both, B2C and B2B transactions, deploys the Glitzkoin (GTN) token as a mode of payment. Crypto enthusiasts have actively participated in the project right from the ICO stage. They continue to do so, through the development phase. The ICO was successfully completed in June 2018 at a token price of $0.20. The GTN token has since been trading on Stellar based exchanges. Sustained interest from seasoned crypto traders, has enabled the token to maintain an impressive rate of $0.18 to $0.22.  The community realizes that the usage of the GTN token on the DiaEx trading platform will create a surge in the demand for the token. This is what keeps them keenly interested in the launch of the Glitzkoin diamond exchange.

    Based on the interest shown by Glitzkoin in Russia, will rough diamonds be listed on the DiaEx platform?

    Olga Rosina answered this question saying “Russia has two very active and productive diamond mines. I have been fortunate to be involved in their operations, during my 20-year career with the glittering stone. Readying itself for any business expansion that might come up in Russia, the Glitzkoin team has included well known Russian business strategist and politician, Mr. Mikhail Kozlov on its advisory board. Listing of diamonds on the DiaEx diamond exchange will require a very objective definition of the features of each stone. The often heard of 4C parameters, have global acceptance they have been defined with a high level of accuracy. As things stand today, it is only cut and polished diamonds that are covered by the 4C specifications. Rough diamonds, for the time being, will have to be left out of the DiaEx platform. Having said that, there is no technical limitation in the application that will disallow rough diamonds to be listed and traded on the platform.”

    Why has diamond certification for listed diamonds been made compulsory?

    Olga’s response was as follows “The DiaEx diamond trading platform, accepts certificates from a group of reputed diamond testing labs that have, global acceptance. Diamond certification provides an objective assessment of the 4Cs for a specific diamond. A diamond certificate also clearly mentions, whether the stone is natural (authentic) or manmade (synthetic or imitation). In the conventional diamond trade, buying and selling of certified diamonds is smoother and generally does not require an inspection of the actual stone. Glitzkoin has a process where, a diamond that has been purchased on the DiaEx platform is physically examined by diamond experts before, being sent over to the buyer. This is something that should significantly boost the confidence of both, seasoned and casual diamond buyers.”

    Will the diamond industry accept the GTN crypto token, to settle payments on the DiaEx platform?

    Navneet’s response to this question was Navneet: “Coming from a family that has been closely associated with the diamond industry for five decades, I can say a few things with confidence. Diamond traders are in general put off by, cumbersome banking procedures and substantial bank charges and fees. Things get even more complex when international trade is involved, multiple currencies and their conversion bring on an added challenge. The $90 billion industry has had no options until now but, cryptocurrency provides a viable option today. The GTN token will facilitate payments to be made across geographical boundaries; multiple currencies will not be relevant. To put it very simply, the crypto token fills an existing void in diamond trade.”

    The testing and implementation of the DiaEx diamond exchange will be completed in the final quarter of 2018. Anyone interested in monitoring the performance of the GTN token can be reviewed on the Stellarport website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Glitzkoin
    Contact Person: Navneet Goenka
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +601125114556
    Address:76 Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Off Jalan Tun Razak
    City: Kuala Lumpur
    Country: Malaysia

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    Electronic Works LLC announces the best waiver app for a business to convert paper waivers into online waivers in just a few minutes and streamline the business.

    There is one mobile application that can offer an electronic waiver business solution for converting paper waivers into the electronic format in just a few minutes. The waiver mobile application comes with a speedy signup process, and one will get the paperless storage forever, just after completing the registration process. Electronic Works LLC has designed this mobile app and they already have signed over 100 million waivers so far.

    The company offers the easiest and safest way of managing online waivers, allowing a business to streamline its waiver signup process and manage the liability waivers. The whole process is quick, paperless and free from hassles. The mobile app can be used for a wide range of applications across different types of businesses, such as tours and parks, kid’s activity, tattoo and piercing, vape dispensaries, sports and fitness centers, spa and salon and others. According to the spokesperson of the company, their electronic waiver service has been trusted by a host of small and big businesses as well as startups. He explains the benefits of electronic waivers and why people should prefer using their mobile app instead of using the conventional paper waivers.

    Electronic Works LLC Introduces Best Online Waiver Service to Convert Paper Waivers into Electronic Format to Get Rid Of Paper Stacks Forever

    The spokesperson reveals that their waiver app for iPad and other mobile devices is a simple, efficient and trouble-free online tool to convert paper waivers into the electronic format. One can easily create the waiver template and can store waivers electronically. According to the spokesperson, they can convert the paper waiver for the client who is finding any problem in using this simple tool. One can just email them the waiver in the doc format, and they will convert the waiver within 24 hours of receiving it. One can simply sign the waiver from any computer browser and can share the waiver link with the customer. At the same time, it is possible to sign digital waivers on iPad, smartphones and Android devices. The spokesperson states that they have the waiver mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

    The waiver app allows users to collect waivers without even an internet connection. In case of a no or bad internet connection, one can turn on the airplane mode of the mobile device and can store the signed copies of waivers locally. As soon as the internet is restored, one can upload these waivers and can save them online. According to the spokesperson, this mobile app has been designed with several outstanding features that make the waiver conversion and storage task pretty easy for a user. The app can be installed onto a device and can be set up as a kiosk. One can also take photos and attach them to the waiver. For this, the user just needs to scan the QR code of the signed waivers. The user can also customize the splash page on the app with own logo and a chosen background.

    To know more about the app and to download its free trial, one can visit the website

    About Electronic Works LLC

    WaiverElectronic is the best online waiver service that allows streamlining waiver collecting and storage business with their feature-rich electronic waiver application. In just a few minutes, one can convert their existing paper waiver into an electronic waiver and get rid of paper stacks forever using the application.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Electronic Works LLC
    Contact Person: Andy Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    VSLuck platform users have exceeded 30,000 people in merely half a month, and the average daily page view has reached 5,000, which is an astonishing start for a new platform.

    Since the launch of the platform on October 20th, VSLuck, the world’s first crypto asset crowd-buying platform has won the favor of a large number of users by purchasing high-value assets at the reduced price. VSLuck platform users have exceeded 30,000 people in merely half a month, and the average daily page view has reached 5,000, which is an astonishing start for a new platform. 

    At the beginning of this week, VSLuck has launched its unique SUSD Top-Up Card, which has further optimized and improved the operation of the platform. So, what is SUSD top-up card? 


    1. SUSD top-up card, a way to get SUSD at a lower price

    We all know that SUSD a USD-pegged cryptocurrency and the basic settlement unit for VSLuck platform. Users need to pay the corresponding amount of SUSD when purchasing any asset in Lucky Market. In the beta version of VSLuck, users can only obtain SUSD by trading in the exchange according to the market price. However, users can enjoy up to 20% discount with the newly introduced SUSD top-up card. The more you purchase, the further discount you will receive. There are currently four different types of top-up cards available for uses to choose: 10 SUSD Trial Card, 100 SUSD Top-Up Card, 500 SUSD Top-Up Card and 1000 SUSD Top-Up Card, which are sold as 8 SUSD, 95 SUSD, 470 SUSD, and 900 SUSD respectively.

    2. How to use the SUSD top-up card?

    Each SUSD top-up card has an effective time. All top-up cards have specific effective times after you make a purchase. The amount of SUSD you purchased will be automatically credited into your account when it becomes effective. Users could use it to purchase assets in the Lucky Market or trade in to trade in the VSLuck exchange.

    This new concept of top-up card brought by VSLuck is essentially similar to the concept of options trading. The crypto market is known as violate pump and dump, the demand for options trading is higher than ever. The introduction of options trading in the crypto market is an inevitable trend. VSLuck introduced the new top-up card mechanism as a pioneer in the industry, VSLuck providing a platform for users to provide liquidity for steady returns. 

    Finally, as one of the early users of VSLuck, the continuous improvements of the service and introduction of new functions of VSLuck platform always inspire me to try and to share with the people I know.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: VSLuck
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Palm Springs, CA, USA – November 7, 2018 – Master of Vacation Rentals is a comprehensive and easy to read guide to become a successful and profitable vacation-rental host on Airbnb or any platform. From finding and improving a property to using design, deals, pricing, and much more, author Jeff Pierce shows readers through true stories and examples how to achieve great reviews for profit and growth. He’s here to help by breaking down the hosting process into 10 simple steps for individuals to succeed and profit in the new home-sharing landscape. This book contains the insights people need to achieve financial rewards through satisfied guests. Jeff’s knowledge and experience has allowed him to perfect a technique to have his properties constantly booked and achieving 5.0 reviews.

    MoVR is home to outlets such as Dear Airby, which allows guests to write in and ask the most sincere or even outlandish questions about experiences with Airbnb guests & more.

    Master of Vacation Rentals is a how-to guide book plus a whole ecosystem of support to help people “master vacation rentals”; so they too can participate in the profits made possible by new sharing-economy. Practice the 10 Steps to Hosting Success and engage with their affiliates, recommended experts along the way to facilitate their journey to boost bookings, and increase guest satisfaction.

    Those who are looking to prepare for a future in vacation rentals or the hospitality industry should immediately look into this guide which is now available on most major retailers!

    To purchase the book or to follow up with a Q&A, simply visit:

    About Jeff Pierce

    Over the course of his very ambitious and successful career, Jeff Pierce has worked as a high-volume real estate broker managing his own profitable office while leading a business that identified under-valued properties to flip them with minimal investment. He holds a PMP (Project Management Professional) designation and is a regular lecturer on that topic. His background also includes serving as a sought after information technology management consultant to top Silicon Valley companies, making him the perfect guide to lead you through the ten steps to master Airbnb. Jeff earned his MBA from Ohio University at the age of 21 and purchased his first property that same year. He has held or currently holds real estate licenses in California, Massachusetts, Florida, and Georgia. As a Superhost with over 200 (and growing) very highly rated Airbnb transactions, his experience has given him a valuable body of knowledge that he shares with ease, perspective, and humor.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Master of Vacation Rentals
    Contact Person: Jeff Pierce
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 310-691-3498
    Country: United States

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    E-commerce company has added a dedicated air cargo operation through Tianjin Air Cargo freighter as it continues to expand its logistics business and improve reliability.

    The new service, which launches yesterday, will fly six round trips a week between Tianjin and Guangzhou using a dedicated freight Boeing 737 aircraft branded with the JD Logistics logo.

    Transportation and delivery will be faster than when JD relied on shared aircraft and ground transportation.

    “With more, dedicated capacity, JD will be able to continue its unparalleled service of delivering orders same- or next-day, nationwide,” the company said. said it had decided to use a dedicated all-cargo aircraft because it would be more reliable than the common alternative of bellyhold capacity on passenger aircraft because flight times can be adjusted according to industry demand, as opposed to having to comply with commercial airline schedules

    JD and Tianjin Air Cargo will be looking closely at how to expand the new service, with further routes planned between northern and southern China.

    “The addition of freight by dedicated cargo aircraft brings the strength of JD’s nationwide logistics network to even greater heights,” said Hui Wang, head of the express business unit at JD Logistics.

    “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Tianjin Air Cargo in the coming months and we are sure that the resulting expedited delivery speeds will be welcomed by individual consumers as well as the businesses we work with as part of our Retail as a Service strategy.”

    “This new service sets a new industry milestone. The combination of Tianjin Cargo’s breadth of experience in freight and JD’s expertise in supply chain makes this partnership a force to be reckoned with,” added Yi Zhang, chairman and president of Tianjin Air Cargo.

    “As China’s largest retailer, online or offline, JD’s resources across the e-commerce and logistics industry will be of great assistance to our company’s development going forward.”

    The partnership is the latest move by JD to ramp up its abilities to open its technology and infrastructure to other companies and industries, part of its “Retail as a Service,” or RaaS, strategy

    “JD’s unrivalled guarantee of same or next day delivery for 90% of orders is a key reason why millions of consumers flock to the platform every day,” the company said. follows in the footsteps of Amazon which also has a dedicated air cargo operation running in the US. Amazon recently expanded its airfreight operation to include Miami.

    Tianjin Air Cargo is a subsidiary of the HNA Group and was launched earlier this year with an initial fleet of three B737 freighters.

    The airline launched flying routes between Tianjin and Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Urumqi, Shanghai Pudong and Guangzhou.

    It claims to be the only all-cargo-operator located at Tianjin, which is to the south-east of congested Beijing Capitial International airport.

    The airline hopes to add B767 and B747 aircraft in the future and expand its fleet to between 50 and 100 aircraft over the next five years.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MyPRmate
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    Kelowna-based cleaning services provider, Next Level Window Cleaning, helping to keep Canada clean with a wide range of professional cleaning services

    Next Level Window Cleaning is a team of highly energetic window cleaning professionals based out of Kelowna BC Canada aiming to keep the entirety of Canada clean starting from the outside. The company offers a plethora of outdoor cleaning services to homeowners and other such residents of Kelowna, British Columbia and other parts of Canada using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technologies.

    Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. In addition to being a step in the realm of spirituality, it is extremely important to keep the home clean, starting from the outside, as it helps to prevent the spread of infections as diseases, while also making the property look as attractive as possible. Unfortunately, the time, expertise, and other such resources required to keep the exterior of the home clean make it difficult for many homeowners to keep their environment as clean as they desire. This is where Next Level Window Cleaning is looking to make a huge difference with its range of services that include gutter cleaning, moss removal, and pressure washing.

    Next Level Window Cleaning combines the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies with a team of well-experienced and highly trained hands to offer what has been described by many as the best of exterior cleaning services to the people of Kelowna, British Columbia.

    In addition to offering pressure washing of driveways, the company also provides Window washing, and softwash for delicate cleaning of the roof, siding and other areas that could be possibly harmed with too much pressure. Softwash uses special solutions that help to lift and wash away dirt grime easily and without damage to the siding or roof.

    The team at Next Level Window Cleaning also deals with Moss removal and gutter cleaning of every part of the surrounding including high places. The professionals also follow safety precautions and get the job done right and safely.

    Next Level Window Cleaning also offers services for commercial window cleaning and pressure washing, making the cleaning company a one-stop solutions provider to all cleaning needs. The company’s comprehensiveness and unique service delivery have helped it grow in popularity with accolades coming from different quarters. “Very professional, they come into your home, do their work, and when they leave the only way you would know they’ve been there is the shiny windows left behind!!” says Joy, Kelowna B.C.

    More information about Next Level Window Cleaning and the services offered by the company can be found on their website. Next Level Window Cleaning is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

    About Next Level Window Cleaning

    Next Level Window Cleaning is a cleaning company that focuses on providing businesses and residents of Kelowna B.C with a wide range of services. Headquartered in Kelowna, the company uses the top of line equipment and CRM software to provide consistent and professional service.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: NEXT LEVEL Window Cleaning
    Contact Person: Brandon Gawdun
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (250) 826-4843
    Address:3739 Casorso Rd
    City: Kelowna
    State: BC V1W 5E8
    Country: United States

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    Javelin Services, Ltd
    Javelin Services, Ltd hosts a series of JavTalks with the first series topic covering the science of pest control and how to protect your brand.

    November 8, 2018 – Myanmar – Javelin Services Ltd, the British pest control company, embedded in British Pest Control Association (BPCA) best practices, that launched in Myanmar in 2015 and is headquartered in Yangon, held their first JavTalks seminar in Mandalay on Wednesday 31 st October at the conference center of the Mercure Mandalay Hill.

    They began their current series of JavTalks, the day before in Nyaung Shwe and continue the series tomorrow in Bagan, with Ngapali on Saturday, November 3rd and Yangon on Thursday, November 29th.

    The title of the seminar was “The Science of Pest Control and how to protect your brand”.  Chairman and co-founder, Rupert Trotter opened the seminar with a session on effective teamwork in pest control and the responsibilities of both the pest control operator and the client. It predominantly centered around the shape of proper pest control (in short, Integrated Pest Control Management or IPM) and actually how much of its efficacy is directly related to the removal of harbourage, water, and food from sites and carrying out best hygiene and proofing practices.

    Additionally, the seminar focussed on the environmentally sane use of public health chemicals but underscored that the use of chemicals was a last resort.

    Detailed presentations were given by both Jack Arkwright, co-founder and CEO and Muhammad Zaini Bin Abd Rashid, Javelin’s in-house entomologist and former 20 year veteran of the pesticide division of the German chemical company, Bayer Chemical.

    The whole seminar delivered the best practice framework of how pest control companies and clients need to work together to effectively solve pest issues and at the same time was long on science and the entomology and biology of pests. There we dedicated sessions on rodents, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and termites.

    The seminar was well attended, by representatives from the hotel industry mainly, but also supermarkets, restaurants, manufacturing, and industry.

    About Javelin Services Ltd

    Javelin Services, Ltd has physical bases in Yangon, Mandalay, Ngapali, Bagan and Nyaung Shwe and are looking to deepen their countrywide penetration over the next 12 months.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Javelin Services, Ltd
    Contact Person: Jack Arkwright
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +95 (0) 94506 222 63
    Country: Burma (Myanmar)

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    DFDL Thailand is delighted to announce an office relocation to the Rajanakarn Building at the epicenter of Bangkok’s thriving Central Business District.

    The Rajanakarn Building is one the major skyscrapers adorning the Sathorn skyline and puts DFDL Thailand within close proximity of many existing clients, as well as many of the country’s leading SET-listed companies. With easy access to Bangkok’s public transport network and ample parking space, the move to the Rajanakarn Building represents a new era for the DFDL network.

    The Rajanakarn Building is a prestigious 32-story office building which covers more than 35,000 square meters in total. Designed to meet international standards with an emphasis on energy conversation, the Rajanakarn Building is driven by state-of-art “Intelligent Building Systems” controls, which monitor the lighting and electric use, and provide cutting-edge security.

    DFDL Thailand had previously been based out of Dusit Thani on Silom road, which had been home since the firm’s establishment in 2005. Dusit Thani is set to cease operations on 5 January 2019. The locations of DFDL Phuket and DFDL Samui remain unchanged.

    This move signifies a statement of intent for the DFDL network as Bangkok represents a key strategic hub in the Mekong region. DFDL Thailand office hosts a number of key regional advisors, as well as locally-based tax and legal experts.

    DFDL Thailand Managing Director, Audray Souche, said, “This move represents the start of a significant new chapter for DFDL in Thailand and across the region. Bangkok is central to the network’s strategic planning and our new office is a declaration of the confidence we have in our vision for the future, as well as of the strong health of DFDL Thailand.”

    For more information about the relocation of the DFDL Bangkok office, please see the official DFDL Thailand announcement.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: DFDL Thailand
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +662-059-4090
    Address:No. 3, Rajanakarn Building, AA Floor South Sathorn Road
    City: Bangkok Metropolis
    Country: Thailand

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    Traders now have direct market access (DMA) to stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and the American Stock Exchange.

    – Integrating real equities onto MetaTrader 5 gives Tradeview a major competitive advantage and truly differentiates us from all other FX brokers. We aimed to give Tradeview clients the best and most complete trading experience and integrating equities onto this particular FX platform accomplishes that goal, says Tim Furey, CEO of Tradeview LTD.

    Over the past year, Tradeview made a major breakthrough by developing technology to be compatible with the MetaTrader 5 platform. The infrastructure investment includes co-location of servers on the NY4 data center, low latency driven solutions, superior smart order routing, ultra-fast fiber-optic cables and connectivity to all major exchanges. In addition, Tradeview coded and programmed its own order entry box which distinguishes between easy-to borrow and hard-to-borrow stocks when executing short orders.

    – Our custom order entry box, along with Tradeview’s overall infrastructure and technology expenditure is a testament to our commitment to ensure that traders receive the best execution for their orders so client’s trading profits are maximized, says Mr. Furey.

    Moreover, Tradeview partnered with a FINRA member to obtain the best prime brokerage clearing solution on behalf of its clients. This partnership is a key component for Tradeview’s access to the US equity markets and provides record-keeping and escrow services for trader’s positions.

    For more information on Tradeview’s on-exchange equity offering on MetaTrader 5, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
    Contact Person: Bulat Latypov
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +31 10 669 0521
    Country: Cyprus

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    Dallas, TX, USA – Trained naturopath and modern-day mystic, Tianna Conte-Dubs along with co-author Janet Cunningham, has now re-released the second book in their poignant series, Love’s Fire: Living the Awakened Journey. This series of books addresses the issue of love, loss, grief and rebirth. All continue through Tianna Conte-Dubs’ grief initiation journey, consisting of numerous afterlife guidance and communications, world travel, miracle encounters with spiritual masters and saints. Readers get important nuggets of wisdom on dealing with heartbreaking losses in life, such as losing a loved one or a spouse. It empowers people to develop a new perspective toward life and “death.” It culminates in Tianna’s emergence as a transformational, visionary leader bringing forth a feminine-based spiritual system in heart awakening, The GPS Code™.

    Love’s Fire: Living the Awakened Journey combines spiritual messages with hope and scientific methods to give readers a path toward true healing. According to the authors, this series of books provides readers with all necessary knowledge, info and tools to start a “personal evolution.”

    Author Tianna Conte-Dubs shares her harrowing personal journey of losing the love of her life and her journey with him through a kiss into the Light. She details the depths of what grief and depression actually are and how one can cope with these limiting factors by developing a new perspective on love and healing. This paradigm is that of possibilities … possibilities in being reunited with loved ones who are still with us, watching and guiding us even after transcending from this life.

    John Gray’s testimonial on the front cover captures the essence of Love’s Fire message: “Love’s Fire is an enchanting true love story that transcends grief into the possibilities of eternal love.” This love story transcends time and space and illumines the message … Love and Life Never Die!

    Tianna Conte-Dubs, N.D. is a psycho-spiritual therapist in energy medicine for decades. She is a trailblazing blend of mystic, scientist, an international best-selling transformational author and film producer. She is an ordained interfaith minister, an initiated shaman and Reiki master. Tianna empowers people in re-awakening their innate guidance and soul superpowers. She is the founder of The GPS Code™ (God/Source Positioning System) in collaboration with her beloved William, in Spirit.

    Janet Cunningham, Ph.D. is a successful author with over 11 titles to her name. She is a highly qualified expert in regression therapy and transpersonal counseling. She uses her empathic abilities to tap into people’s subconscious mind and helps them initiate a healing journey. Dr. Cunningham has extensively studied ancient Egyptian spirituality. She uses this knowledge to help people enter a new realm of consciousness.

    Drs. Tianna Conte-Dubs and Janet Cunningham are available for interviews.

    Love’s Fire: Living the Awakened Journey is now available on

    Book Preview:

    About Tianna Conte-Dubs:

    About Janet Cunningham:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Expert Insights Publishing
    Contact Person: Pam Murphy
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 214.336.7972
    Country: United States

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    Pittsburgh, PA – November 8th, 2018 – Good news for people in Pittsburgh, PA! Steel City Garage Doors, the leading garage door specialist is expanding its business by opening an office in a new location. This Pittsburgh based company has been the preferred choice for those looking for Pittsburgh Garage Door Repairs and other solutions related to garage door and the new office will allow this company to serve a wider customer base.

    A Garage door is a crucial part of most buildings. It provides access in and out the garage and also provide protection to secure everything kept inside in the garage and limiting access to go inside the building only to unauthorized ones. Unfortunately, people often take it for granted. People don’t give too much attention to the garage door as long as it can open, close, and lock properly while ignoring that the door mechanism also requires proper maintenance. People only notice when there are issues and problems with the garage door and that’s when people realize that it needs help to fix the problem.

    Steel City Garage Doors is committed to delivering the best quality services to all customers. This company has a team of professional staffs who are highly trained and experienced with all aspects of garage door system, lock mechanism, and product knowledge. This company always updated the staffs with the latest advancement in garage door system and technology to deliver the best value to its customers.

    Delivering the best value to customers is also the reason for Steel City Garage Doors to expand its business. This company decided to open a new office at the McKnight Road as the addition to its headquarter at Murray Avenue. The office also has a team of professional staffs and inventories of products to make it capable to provide the same services as the headquarter. The customers in the surrounding area will get more advantages when they need Garage Door Repairs Pittsburgh or other services with faster response from the team. Not only that, it also allows customers to get reduced costs and that’s definitely better value delivered by this garage door specialist.

    Steel City Garage Doors is the most trusted name when it comes to garage door services in Pittsburgh, PA. This company offers complete lines of services related to covering everything for the customers may need related to garage doors. Its services cover both commercial and residential garage doors. It serves customers from all Pittsburgh as well as neighboring cities. The service is including 24/7 Garage Door Repairs for anyone who needs fast and reliable solutions even in unexpected time. Getting locked outside and can’t find the garage door key in the middle of freezing night? Steel City Garage Doors is the one to call! 

    About the Company

    Steel City Garage Doors – Pittsburgh is a locally owned and operated by licensed and certified company as a garage door contractor. It is also a BBB certified business with A+ rating, a proof of high-quality services along with 25 years of top reputation in this industry. The services cover garage door repair of all types and manufacturers, garage door installations, emergency repair, and many more.

    Get detailed information about Steel City Garage Doors – Pittsburgh, PA, and its services by calling David Dvir at (412) 504-7100 or visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: PROKREA BCN S.L.
    Contact Person: David Dvir
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (412) 504-7100
    Address:4885-a McKnight Rd. #506
    City: Pittsburgh
    State: Pennsylvania 15237
    Country: United States

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    With their great specialization in silicon steel slitting machine and Electrical steel slitting line, Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co ., Ltd brings efficiency and versatility in manufacturing transformers and reactors.

    Manufacturing transformers and reactors is a complex sector, which requires different types of advanced machineries. Most transformers are composed of electrical coils and for longitudinal cutting of coils, slitting machines are required. China based Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is the leading provider of a variety of slitting machines that are aimed at improving the efficiency and convenience of coil making for transformers and reactors.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they have an advanced silicon steel slitting machine that has wide applications in silicon steel coil, transformer core, transformer lamination etc. The machine can be used for the production of transformers, electrical appliances and sheet metal products. The spokesperson reveals that the machine can efficiently cut the silicon steel sheets into the strips of different widths. Without using any special equipment, the slitter can automatically carry out continuous roll cutting of silicon steel sheets. With a simple structure and flexible adjustments, the slitting machine can automatically track the machine’s operating speed. With a uniform and swift speed and its automatic cutting operations, the machine can save both labor and costs. The slitting machine comes with different components, such as a material support device, an adjustable guide device, pressing guide device and others.

    Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co ., Ltd Presents An Array Of Silicon Steel Slitting Machines For Transformer Manufacturing Sector

    The company also has a feature-rich electrical steel slitting line in its portfolio, which has useful applications in silicon steel roll cutting and transformer lamination. Fitted with the maximum number of knives, the slitting line can maintain a cutting speed of up to 120m/min. The machine can strike a recoiling pressure of 500kg and can ensure a significant tolerance of the cutting width. The machine comes fitted with both decoiler and recoiler vehicles, which facilitate the bi-directional movement, horizontal as well as vertical, of the coil material. The vehicles come with a frame tray, a standard speed reducer, a standard spiral elevator, wheels, a guide pole and a motor. The decoiler of the machine is used to tightly clamp the silicon steel coil and for conveying the coil material. This slitting line consists of several other components to help ensure its efficient and smooth functioning.

    The silicon steel Vertical Shearing line is another important machine for the transformer manufacturing sector. The Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd develops the shearing line that can maintain a production efficiency and frequency control to ensure a maximum rolling shear line speed of 70m/min. With its smooth and uniform speed operations, the machine can perform continuous and automatic cutting to save the labor and cost.

    One can check the features of these slitting machines by visiting the website

    About Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is located in the Shenyang development zone. The company is a high technology factory, supported by high technology machines and equipments. The factory covers 28771 square meter area, and the building area is of 7848 square meters. They specialize in transformer related equipment, such as Silicon Steel Slitting line, Electrical steel slitting line, silicon steel Vertical Shearing line and so on.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Owen
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-317-3161660
    City: Liaoning
    Country: China

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    British ambassadors discussed the great potential for further investment in Kazakhstan at a forum with their counterparts in Astana, noting the increasing strategic importance of Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

    London, United Kingdom – 08 November, 2018 – During the meeting, which is alternately held each year in each of the five Central Asian countries, British ambassadors and Kazakhstan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kairat Abdrakhamanov, explored the potential for further bilateral and multilateral cooperation in areas including investment and trade.

    The two sides discussed the prospect of using British technology and expertise in the implementation of projects related to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), as well as other planned infrastructure programs.

    According to the Kazakh MFA’s press service, the representatives from the UK showed a particular interest in the international and regional initiatives introduced by the Kazakh President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and in the dynamics of foreign direct investment in the country. They confirmed their intention that both countries should look to strengthen cooperation where there is mutual interest.

    Mr. Abdrakhamanov underlined the importance of deepening economic integration with the other countries of the EAEU and fostering productive relationships with Russia and China, with which Kazakhstan shares borders.

    He added that it was crucial that London and Astana maintain a political dialogue, citing President Nazarbayev’s meeting with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, on the sidelines of the ASEM Summit in Brussels on October 19th.

    Kazakh Invest, the national company for attracting inward investment to Kazakhstan, is at the forefront of leading the investment charge amongst British business. Kazakh Invest hosted a high-level event in London in October which was attended by almost 300 senior business leaders. 

    The UK is one of Kazakhstan’s top ten partners in terms of trade turnover. Between January and July 2018, trade turnover came to $743.4 million. In 2017, total trade turnover came to $1.28 billion.

    The UK is also among the six largest investors in Kazakhstan. Since 2005, British companies have directly invested more than $12 billion into Kazakhstan, and more than 600 UK companies are currently operating in the country.

    Note to Editors

    Kazakh Invest was established by the Government of Kazakhstan to support foreign direct investment into the country. From establishing links with local companies to supporting project maintenance and coordination, it provides a wide range of services to facilitate investment, acting as a ‘one-stop shop’ for all investment queries and needs.

    Media contact

    Ms. Gulshat Suiindik
    Press Secretary

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Kazakh Invest
    Contact Person: Ms. Gulshat Suiindik
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +7 701 935 6027
    Country: Kazakhstan

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    12 finalists proceeded from semi-finals in 6 countries to participate in Smogathon 2018 finals in Krakow, Poland this November. They will present and prove the validity of their projects in front of expert panels, jury and audience. Cash and implementation prizes await.

    Krakow, Poland – Two weeks ago the semi-finals of this year’s Smogathon ended. During the events held in Brazil, USA, UK, India, China and Poland the jury has selected 12 projects that will compete in Krakow to become the winner of 2018 edition of the competition.

    Among the anti-smog solutions of the finals are: technology for making bricks under pressure, eliminating the need for firing, a coating that absorbs pollution and can be applied to panes, a new generation of masks that solves the problem of leaking, and anti-smog bus stops.

    To check out all finalists, please visit:

    “Smogathon is getting more and more international every year and it reaches wide audience around the world, which is easily noticeable when going through the profiles of participants. We try to make sure that the selected projects would solve smog problems not only in our city or country, but all over the world. We are very glad that Krakow becomes the leader of the fight for clean air,” says Maciej Rys, the founder of Smogathon.

    According to the WHO, air pollution leads to 8 million premature deaths annually worldwide. What’s more, up to 91% of people live in areas where air quality exceeds the WHO guideline limits. “We are fighting a global opponent, and innovation and technology are quickly scalable and allow us to improve the quality of life right now, without the need to wait for the politicians to wake up. This is why we have chosen this form of fight for clean air,” explains Kamila Knap, co-founder of the initiative.

    Now the finalists will face the next stage of the fight for the victory in this year’s edition of Smogathon – they are to face experts in the fields of technology and science, business and social initiatives. Only the best 6 projects will be given the opportunity to present their solutions at the Grand Final to the jury which will select the winners. Regardless of the final outcome, all 12 projects will be available to see at the Clean Air Expo, held right before the Grand Finale, on November 19 this year in Kijow Centre in Krakow.

    Winners will receive prizes worth a total of $ 30,000. In addition, just as last year, Otrivin will grant the Special Implementation Award worth PLN 30,000. This year’s edition partners are the city of Krakow, Philips, Johnson Matthey, ING Bank Slaski, Otrivin, GSK, Clean Breathing Institute and Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

    Smogathon was established in 2015 and has since become a global organization that is committed to supporting projects that combat air pollution through innovation and technology.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Smogathon 2018
    Contact Person: Kamila Knap
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Poland

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    Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd is a renowned China based laboratory apparatus manufacturer, which now discusses the uses and importance of the rotary evaporators and vacuum drying ovens in the laboratories.

    A rotary evaporator is an important laboratory apparatus that has its own significance in most of the chemical laboratories around the world. Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd is the manufacturer and supplier of various kinds of science lab equipments that come with a long lasting performance and unmatched durability. They also supply rotary evaporator that can be used for distilling different types of solvents in a laboratory.

    Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer Talks About Rotary Evaporator Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses

    The company specializes in supplying a wide variety of practical and useful science equipments, and they also share tips and guidance for using these instruments with safety and precautions. They discuss about the laboratory apparatus and their uses, so that one can remain informed about the features and functions of the apparatus to obtain the best results. According to the spokesperson of the company, a rotary evaporator may come with different types of configurations, and generally consists of condensers, distillation flasks, heating pots, motors and other components. The equipment has varied kinds of uses, but is mainly used for concentration, distillation and drying in the synthesis and analysis process. The spokesperson states that they supply the rotary evaporator whose evaporation speed can be controlled electronically.

    The spokesperson discusses the rotary evaporator principle and also reveals some important tips on buying a rotary evaporator. The apparatus follows the principle of the constant temperature heating. Before purchasing the apparatus, one needs to determine the amount of distillation that could be handled every day in the laboratory. One should also decide on the number of samples that can be distilled on a daily basis. The approximate boiling points of the solvents are also an important consideration of purchasing a rotary evaporator. It has also to be kept in mind whether toxic, harmful, inflammable and explosive solvents also to be used. The spokesperson also discusses several other factors that may affect the efficiency of a rotary evaporator.

    Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer Talks About Rotary Evaporator Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses

    The spokesperson also explains the vacuum drying oven principle and talks about important precautions and maintenance of the electric blast drying ovens. These ovens are used for drying, baking, melting and sterilization in the industrial and mining units. These ovens come with different specifications and with different temperature control range. Users must be aware of a few important safety measures while using the electric blast drying oven, and should refrain from putting perishable, inflammable and explosive materials into the oven. The oven enclosure should always be well grounded to avoid any safety risks. The drying chamber of the oven should always be clean and an appropriate power supply wire must be used. The dry items should not be placed in an excessive dense arrangement.

    One can learn more about the uses, safety measures and precautions of using these lab equipments by visiting the website

    About Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd.

    Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd is a professional science equipment manufacturer with over 10 years experience in producing and selling vacuum evaporator, vacuum pump, vacuum evaporator, glass reactor, circulating pump, and other laboratory equipment supplies. They provide customers with the best selection specifically tailored laboratory instruments. The company’s CE certificated products have been sold to over 30 countries and are widely applied in chemical engineering, pharmacy and food industries.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Lanphan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-371-67447999
    Country: China

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