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    KATY, TEXAS – 17 May, 2017 – Willow Fork Country Club in Katy,Texas will undergo a complete bunker renovation this spring. Willow Fork Country Club offers a beautiful picturesque backdrop, the renovation to the course and its bunkers will not only provide an immense aesthetic value but bring a far more superior play ability to the course.  Thus, offering a challenge to members of all skill levels.

    Fusion Golf LTD, will begin the construction of 18 hole bunker renovation. As part of the renovation, bunkers will be mapped using Ensight.  A 3D technology mapping company that will provide accurate measurements of the bunkers square footage by creating a 3D surface map of the bunker floors. Thus, minimizing material waste and helping provide accurate budgeting information for the ownership group.

    The renovations scope includes the reshaping of existing bunkers, installation of new drainage, bunker liner and bunker sand. The sand will be provided by Texas Sports Sands. The bunkers will be rebuilt incorporating a drainage and liner system provided by Zline Bunker Systems the lining method increases the speed at which water flows through the sand and over the lining, minimizing washouts and contamination while reducing maintenance costs and producing superior consistency. The bunker renovation commences mid-May, and is scheduled to be completed by mid-September 2017.

    “This bunker renovation is a part of our continuous effort to deliver excellent playing conditions, and our commitment to our members,” said Randy Jones, Senior Vice President of CBIGG Management.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fusion Golf LTD
    Contact Person: Evelyn Lopez
    Country: United States

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    We express our heartfelt greetings to IBS Journal to have published the research results. Today we run 4 of the 5 largest banking CRM implementation globally. With our cutting-edge, next-generation and robust CRM solutions, we are confident to keep delivering non-stop innovations transforming how financial services are delivered and received by end consumers, said Sushil Tyagi, Director Global Sales and Marketing, CRMNEXT
    During the period, the company won 50 % of all CRM systems deals done globally

    MUMBAI: CRMNEXT, the largest provider of CRM in financial services globally has been declared as a clear winner of the IBS Sales League Table for CRM Systems. As per IBS Intelligence Sales League table, CRMNEXT was the #1 selling banking CRM solution in 2017. CRMNEXT’s concentrated focus on the Asia Pacific, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and regions enabled the company wins notable deals and contracts in the geography. (Source: IBS Journal April 2017)

    CRMNEXT’s Banking Edition helps banks and financial institutions transform from being ‘product’ centric to becoming a ‘customer’ centric institution. With effective solutions to deliver differentiated customer experience and boost customer loyalty, banks and financial institutions can boost revenues by streamlining its processes on a powerful integrated platform. The platform can help financial services companies to drive its digital strategy on a powerful platform with robotic automation and codeless configuration capability giving it the agility and intelligence demanded by the rapidly changing business dynamics and customer behaviours.

    The annual IBS Sales League Table is an important part of the IBS Journal and is universally acknowledged as the barometer for international core banking systems sales activity. The IBS SLT 2017 is based on their sales performance in the respective system categories and geographies. IBS Leadership Club recognize the outstanding performance of the CRM Systems across nine categories. The IBS Sales League Table summary showcasing ‘12’ out of ‘24’ deals won by CRMNEXT demonstrates the company’s capabilities to deliver its solutions effectively across the Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

    Sushil Tyagi, Director Global Sales and Marketing, CRMNEXT said, “We are privileged and thankful to our customers who have extended to us their trust and support#1 selling banking CRM solution. We express our heartfelt greetings to IBS Journal to have published the research results. Today we run 4 of the 5 largest banking CRM implementation globally. With our cutting-edge, next-generation and robust CRM solutions, we are confident to keep delivering non-stop innovations transforming how financial services are delivered and received by end consumers..”

    CRMNEXT, a truly digital CRM platform for enterprises with its innovations like Vivid™ Journey, Trinity Cross Sell Modeller™, Autoflow Designer™ and Catalyst Performance Modeller™ has provided scalable and agile solution that has been used by over one million users who manage close to a billion customers using it.

    About IBS Sales League:

    The annual IBS Sales League Table, an important part of the IBS Journal offering is universally acknowledged as the barometer for international core banking systems sales activity. The table is compiled each year from submissions from each supplier detailing the names of the banks that have bought their systems in the year. IBS verifies each submission; license renewals and extensions to the systems within a bank are excluded. 

    About CRMNEXT: 

    CRMNEXT is the leading global cloud CRM solution provider. It has practice leadership across nine verticals assisting businesses from SMEs to Fortune 500 businesses in optimizing customer relationships. It is also pioneering a Digital CRM rollout for some of the largest enterprises across Asia-Pacific. CRMNEXT’s customers include global brands like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Pfizer, Tata AIA, National Bank of Oman, Pavers England etc. It was recently lauded in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2015 for Lead management, Sales Force Automation and Customer Engagement.

    For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acidaes Solution Pvt. Ltd
    Contact Person: Rahul Sheth
    Phone: + 91 9167799341
    Address:Corporate Avenue Chakala, Andheri
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India

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    NEedless PAin – A project created by a disabled mother to raise awareness – was released on May 14, 2017, and is now live on Disabled from the hit-and-run accident on November 29, 2015, Viora Mayobo now spends most of her days writing about the hardships of navigating through life’s clutter. Before her 11-year marriage buckled under its own weight in 2011, she had a decent life, one she abandoned because of domestic violence.  

    “For the first time, I was homeless with my children,” she says. “Homelessness became the most tumultuous journey I have traveled in this one lifetime. Knowing what Alvin said, always, not to take his boys when I leave, I wasn’t taking any chances. I have seen what happens to women who take those threats lightly – they end up dead, most likely … their innocent children too,” she added.

    She went as far away from Georgia as she possibly could and cut off all forms of communication from her ex thus. “It became ‘Survival of the fittest’ from this point on. You go airborne when you become homeless – you cease to exist. It’s almost as if you are expelled from existence! Very quickly … you learn to survive on nothing but thought,” she continued.”

    On December 14, 2014, she was finally ready to return to normal life, after drifting from one homeless shelter to the next for four years, in search of life. It’s fair to assume the system utilized at present time is one with too many loose ends. You can enter the world pool blindfolded, a catastrophe waiting to happen. And that’s what happened to her. Soon after leaving the Midnight Mission in Inglewood, CA, she relocated to Everett, WA … and was fortunate enough to acquire a job with minimal effort, a short-lived victory. On November 29, 2015, as she drove home from work, she was involved in a hit-and-run accident with a drunk driver, in which she sustained life-threatening injuries: a broken: forehead, left leg, bottom jaw, a fractured pelvis and severely damaged nerves in her right eye. To date that driver has not been found. She’s left alone to pick up the bits together, which means more struggle, more bills, more pain. What’s worse, her sons’ father can go free – without paying child support! It’s near impossible to fit those ends together when they are so far apart … and the politics behind these hot-button issues (homelessness and domestic violence) don’t make things any easier. It’s impossible to get your genuine and sincere point across.

    Knowing now that she has work cut out for her, she wakes up early morning, daily, through her pain, to write. Money being the prime motivator, you need a name recognition to succeed in anything. Even without one wildly recognized name attached to her products, many will find her story hard to ignore; it touches at the very concept of human decency. NEedless PAin!

    WE have before us an epidemic of homelessness involving women and their children. This kind of embarrassment must not happen in America – one of the most civilized countries on the face of the earth. Homelessness speaks to a lack of dignity among humans, it’s each one for himself. “I know what I know about being without a place to call home … and it isn’t pretty. Your self-esteem is first to depart, the rest follow, and you are left to harbor an empty shell, she reiterated.” NEedless PAin!

    If you’d like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Viora Mayobo, give her a call at (425) 212-9747 email her at  (425) 212-9747 Cell: (425) 496-3962.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: NEedless PAin
    Contact Person: Viora Mayobo
    Phone: (425) 212-9747
    Country: United States

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    JAMAICA, NEW YORK – 17 May, 2017 – G’s Melody Café is pleased to announce the re-launch of their internet radio station. As a proud supporter of the local community, G’s Melody Café plans to host a variety of local events over the next year, including After Work Connection events and charity concerts to support local youth. The station has also partnered with AdvertiseCast to make it easier for local businesses to advertise on their station to get the word out to the local community.

    “We are truly happy to be able to once again serve our vibrant community,” says Annette Haywood, Marketing Director. “We have listeners from all over the globe, and nothing makes us more fulfilled than being able to provide them with the kind of music that nurtures the soul.”

    The founders of G’s Melody Café started this online radio in 2013 as an alternative to commercial radio. The station is now bigger and better than ever as they announce their re-launch. G’s Melody Café plays a range of music, including jazz, blues, gospel, hip-hip, reggae, and R&B. With this re-launch, the station will now be available for free with minimal commercials, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    In addition to re-launching the station, G’s Melody Café also has some exciting plans in store for fun special events in the local community. Throughout the next year, the station will sponsor charity concerts with popular music acts in the jazz, hip-hop, R&B and other genres as a way to raise money to benefit the children of New York City. The station also plans to host the After Work Connection, a networking event to bring like-minded professionals and business owners in the Tri-state area together to help each other achieve their goals and dreams. This networking event will take place during after-work hours, at a different venue in the local area each month.

    “G’s Melody Café wants to be a voice in the community. We are very excited for all that we have planned in Queens this year,” Haywood says. “We want local children to know that someone is there for them and that we care for their well-being. These charity concerts are a way to bring the community together for positive change.”

    G’s Melody Café has also partnered up with AdvertiseCast to make it easier and more convenient for local businesses to advertise their products and services to the station’s global community. AdvertiseCast makes the ad placement and payment processes simple for advertisers to place their ad spots on their favorite G’s Melody Café shows.

    Listeners can tune into G’s Melody Café from their iPhone, Android, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Tunein, or desktop via the station’s website:

    All advertising inquiries should be directed to

    About G’s Melody Café

    G’s Melody Café is an internet radio station that was created to provide a high-quality and independent alternative to commercial radio. Broadcasting from Queens, New York, the station was established in 2013 and plays classics and contemporary hits from up-and-coming artists in the Jazz, Mature Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and Soulful R&B genres.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: G’s Melody Cafe
    Contact Person: Annette Haywood
    Phone: 718.819.6587
    Country: United States

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    Do you style your hair very often?

    Every individual loves to own beautiful hair and to flaunt it with great hairstyles on every occasion. With so many styling products and tools available in the market, most people use styling products these days on their own without any professional help. There are various heat curlers and blow dryers and straightening irons that are easy to use and lots of people vouch for them to get their hair styled at home. But, these tools extract heat that can damage your hair permanently with frequent use. The heat damages the hair cuticles and soaks up the natural moisture from the hair leaving it dry, frizzy and lacklustre. The damaged hair cuticles make your hair lose its flexibility and prone to breakage. As a result, your hair turns dry and unmanageable, limp and thin. To prevent this, professional salons and hair stylists use heat protectant solutions in the form of sprays and serums that protect the hair from the ill effects of heat during hair styling.

    So, visit the website link: to choose the best heat protectant solution and flaunt those naturally healthy and shiny manes proudly.

    Heat protectants to protect your hair:

    There are a lot of varieties of heat protectants available in the market. You need to choose the best one serving your specific need that suits your hair type. If you have excessively dry and damaged hair, the thick and deep moisturising heat protecting solutions might be the right choice for you. Alternatively, if the damage is on the lower side and you have fine hair then the light and natural moisturising heat protectants will do wonders for your hair. Whatever hair type you may possess you must ensure the use of a good quality heat protector on your hair every time before you style your mane. A good branded solution may create a protective layer on your hair and locks the moisture so the heat caused by the hair styling machine does not damage your hair further.  These heat resisting products are specially formulated to provide deep conditioning to your hair as well as to hold its natural shine. They also prevent damage to your hair strands by protecting the cuticles that lock the nutrients in your hair keeping it healthy and strong.

    Where to buy?

    If you style your hair at regular intervals that damaged your hair to some extent and if you are unhappy with how your hair looks, you must invest in a good quality hair protecting solution on an urgent basis. Some of the products and brands might not be available in your country for retail buying. In that case, you can rely on the various online shopping sites or visit the professional salons to purchase the same.

    Go for various africanamericanhairstyles and protect your hair from the possible damage. Read the user reviews and composition of the products thoroughly before you order as it might be possible that a particular product with excellent user reviews does not suit you at all. You must remember that the hair quality and type is different from person to person that depend on several factors, like environmental conditions, food habit, genetic background, profession so on and so forth. One more thing to remember is that you need to use these products on towel-dried damp hair to get the best results. So choose wisely and give it a try. Eventually, you will find out the best fit for your hair that will take care of all your hair woes. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: African American Hairstyle
    Contact Person: Star Light
    Phone: 267-266-8090
    Address:1434 large street
    City: Philadelphia
    Country: United States

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    NEW YORK CITY – 18 May, 2017 – Connectwerks.Com, the world’s first virtual mentoring (V-Mentoring) private cloud site platform for personal and professional enrichment, received funding investment from another private angel investor on May 17, 2017. The new funding will allow Connectwerks.Com to expand it’s go-to-market sales incentives across multiple industry verticals; acquire the best career candidates for sales to increase net new licensing revenue and solution user adoption.

    Connectwerks.Com inspire Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials to align their academics to their career pathway and subsequently is where talent, opportunity, and ambition drive life-transitions. The Connectwerks brand has been in existence since 2009 however, since officially launching in October 2016, Connectwerks.Com has provided more than 1.2 million users worldwide access to virtual mentorship, career building skills, and career aspiration alignment.

    Connectwerks.Com prepare people for success in a rapid and ever changing global world. Connectwerks.Com encourage individuals to connect with a purpose and passion to engage in self-learning that is relevant to their lives and allows them to master new skills daily.

    Individuals, corporations, agencies, students, and organizations join to be a part of an inspirational movement! We provide the software that run your inspiration.

    Johnathan Brice, Deputy Assistant Secretary US Department of Education

    Mr. James Blanton, CMO of Connectwerks.Com said, “We want to serve as a beacon of inspiration to empower individuals as self-sufficient shareholders to follow their life’s passion. The world is a conglomerate of expertise, knowledge, data, and inspiration that can play an integral role in your everyday personal and professional development. Our V-Mentoring cloud platform site app allow you to build a network of individuals that can help guide you academically and professionally. Worry less about what you want to be and focus more on what you want to do.” 

    The Connectwerks.Com private cloud site application prepare people for success in a global competitive world. People should be engaged in learning or work that is relevant to their passion. We bring people of all varying backgrounds together to share and discuss compelling life events, emerging technologies, and soft-skill building that can be universally beneficial to anyone. Virtually headquarters in Manhattan, New York. Connectwerks.Com is a true virtual company with all employees virtual, with no traditional building or tenant requirement.

    To join Connectwerks.Com visit www.Connectwerks.Com

    For phone contact (917) 420-3774 or email

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Connectwerks.Com
    Contact Person: James Blanton, CMO
    Phone: 917 420 3774
    Country: United States

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    LOS ANGELES, CA – 18 May, 2017 – Known for its amazing health benefits, Tai Chi was developed in the 16th century by Chen Wangting, a Ming Dynasty General. Over the centuries Tai Chi transformed into countless styles and spread around the world from its birthplace in Chen Village, China. 

    On Monday, May 22, 2017, the Mayor of the city of Jiaozuo, China—the municipality within which Chen Village is located—will recognize the Chen Bing Taiji Academy as a place where authentic Chen Village Tai Chi is taught. Chen Bing Taiji Academy is the only center in the USA receiving thus farthis honor. Los Angeles City Deputy Mayor Raymond Chan will be in attendance representing the City of Los Angeles.  

    This event will include skilled demonstrations of authentic Chen Tai Chi. It will occur at Chen Bing Taiji Academy, 2724 Griffith Park Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, on May 22, 2017 at 9:00 AM. Admission is free.

    Chen Bing Taiji Academy was founded by Master Bosco Baekis a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Bing who teaches in Chen Village, China, and is the 12th generation lineage leader of Chen Tai Chuan. Master Baek was appointed the “ChenjiagouIntangible Cultural Chen Family Taijiquan Excellent Successor by the China Chen Village Taijiquan Association which proves that he teaches the authentic Chen Village Tai Chi. He is the only person holding this title in North America.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Chen Bing Taiji Academy
    Contact Person: Bosco Baek
    Phone: (323) 953-5908
    Country: United States

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    QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – 18 May, 2017 – Brett Neil Saunders, CEO, Managing Director and Founder of HIFLOW Industries Pty Ltd, has been named “Top CEO of the Year” for 2017 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).  

    While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only a few members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, longevity in the field, other affiliations and contributions to their communities.  All honorees are invited to attend the IAOTP’s annual award gala at the end of this year for a night to honor their achievements.

    For more information, visit:

    With close to 2 decades of professional experience as a seasoned and trusted managing director and entrepreneur, Brett Saunders has certainly proven himself as an accomplished business leader and expert in the field.  He has demonstrated success not only as CEO of HIFLOW, but he has been successful at all positions that he has held. His impressive repertoires of roles have included QLD Account Manager at James L. Williams, where he was responsible of a portfolio of commercial clients throughout Brisbane. Brett’s key responsibilities for JLW included management of contracts, securing new business, managing a team working on his portfolio and providing mechanical services solutions.  Now as CEO and Founder of HIFLOW, Brett’s key duties include: managing and overseeing the HIFLOW group of companies that have operating offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Australia; he implements company development and growth strategies; provides financial planning and management; structures team management and deliverables, quality assurance, strategic planning for improvement and evolving as a group to adapt to constant change and providing air conditioning & mechanical services solutions.

    HIFLOW Industries delivers innovative and proactive commercial air conditioning services and mechanical services solutions and are known in Australia to be the best in the business.  Over the years HIFLOW has serviced Australia’s most prestigious commercial properties and architecture and have also acquired ACES (Air Conditioning Engineering Services) in Queensland and Victoria.  HIFLOW has continuously strengthened their position in the market place winning the National ARBS (Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Building Services) multiple years in a row and has maintained as Outstanding Maintenance and Service Provider.

    Throughout his illustrious career, Brett has been active in his community and recognized for his outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession. He has received many awards and accolades’ for his company and team, receiving BRW Fast Start Company in 2009, Smart 50 Award Listed Company and BRW Fast 100 Company in 2010. In 2011 he was a finalist for Telstra’s Best Medium Business Award and ARBS (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services) National Finalist.  In 2012 he won the ARBS Australia Outstanding Maintenance and Service Provider.  In 2014 he was the winner of the Executive of the Year in Operations Management Industry, recipient of the ARBS Australia Young Achiever Award, and finalist for the AIRAH Awards, Future Leader Award. In 2016 Brett was invited to speak with the Prime Minister of Australia (Malcolm Turnbull) on national TV regarding jobs and growth.  For 2017, Brett was named Top CEO of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals.

    The President of IAOTP, Stephanie Cirami stated that “Choosing Brett for this award was an easy decision for our panel to make.  He is brilliant, his list of accomplishments and accolades are beyond impressive, he is young, motivated, and successful and he was exactly what we were looking for.  We know we will be seeing more outstanding things from this man and hope to spend time with him and his family at the gala.”

    Looking back, Brett attributes his success to his drive, work ethic, mentors he has had along the way and staying passionate in all his endeavors.  When he is not working Brett enjoys spending time with his family and travelling.  For the future, Brett will continue to grow as a professional, continue to serve his clients and grow HIFLOW Industries and take his team to the next level.

    For more information on Brett please visit

    About IAOTP

    The International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) is an international boutique networking organization who handpicks the world’s finest, most prestigious top professionals from different industries.  These top professionals are given an opportunity to collaborate, share their ideas, be keynote speakers and to help influence others in their fields. This organization is not a membership that anyone can join.  You have to be asked by the President or be nominated by a distinguished honorary member after a brief interview. 

    IAOTP’s experts have given thousands of top prestigious professionals around the world, the recognition and credibility that they deserve and have helped in building their branding empires.  IAOTP prides itself to be a one of a kind boutique networking organization that hand picks only the best of the best and creates a networking platform that connects and brings these top professionals to one place.

    For More information of IAOTP please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: IAOTP
    Contact Person: Kristen Rae
    Phone: 212 634 4427
    Country: Australia
    Website: WWW.IAOTP.COM

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    EVERETT, WA – 18 May, 2017 – Growing up in a remote village where life to date is at a near crawl is a narrow window of opportunity many have died trying to break loose. This in and of itself made Viora aware of what she needed to do – get an education. In pursuit of knowledge, she and her siblings walked three hours and a half either way – to school and back home, for seven years, even more if you didn’t perform well on the final examination in seventh grade. You needed an above average score to proceed to secondary school.

    Determined to acquire knowledge by any means dimmed necessary, Viora pushed herself beyond the norm. In doing so she developed a set of skills many children her age lacked – discipline, and acquired a spot at the top of her class. She became one of the best there was.

    She exceled in every subject thus, not that she was intelligent than most others, but because she had to if she were to bring home the grades necessary to keep her going forward. Discipline allowed her to develop rare listening skills. Listening skills and her ability to follow the teacher’s instructions with intensity, propelled her in every subject.

    When her father was too old to support Viora and her little brothers through school, she started smuggling for a living – to pay for school, and support her brothers who themselves were in school still. Therefore, she carried through the jungle as much weight as her body could possibly handle. On one instance Viora and her group were hijacked by armed robbers; she was given a chance to tell her story.

    If you’d like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Viora Mayobo, give her a call at (425) 212-9747, Cell: (425) 496-3962, or email her at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Why I Smuggled for a Living
    Contact Person: Viora Mayobo
    Phone: Tell: (425) 212-974, Cell: (425) 496-3962
    Country: United States

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    eQ&S or eQUATIONS & SOLUTIONS is now online on Twitter @eQandS or This is a unique Q&A service for partial, ordinary differential equations (PDEs, ODEs) and their solutions.

    Follow: @eQandS (

    eQ&S or eQUATIONS & SOLUTIONS is now online on Twitter @eQandS or  This service offers a one of a kind, unique online Q&A or Questions and Answers service for partial, ordinary differential equations (PDEs, ODEs) and their solutions.

    eQ&S (@eQandS) problem solves models found in engineering, applied/industrial mathematics, science, data science, big data, finance, economics, business management, machine learning (ML), deep learning and AI (artificial intelligence). 

    It also solves equations tweeted or emailed by others. Furthermore, consulting services and workshops are available.

    This Q&A service was founded by applied mathematician, Steve M. Anglin, Sc.M., Ph.D. (h.c.).  Steve is an applied mathematician with Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from Brown University of The Ivy League.  

    He is also an experienced publisher of over 500+ books and 2 webzines.  

    For more information and consulting/workshop services, email:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: EQ&S
    Contact Person: Steve Anglin
    Phone: 650.776.7571
    City: Mountain View
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    rapidLD is a leader in Learning and Talent system consultation and implementation for platforms from vendors such as Saba Software, SumTotal Systems, Cornerstone OnDemand, and many others. rapidLD’s trusted relationship with clients allowed the rapidLD team to identify a significant gap in the Learning and Talent system solution space and develop rapidRoster to fill that need.

    Rapid Learning Deployment, LLC (rapidLD), a leader in the learning and talent management technology space, is pleased to announce the Spring 2017 release of its groundbreaking class roster management application – rapidRoster.

    rapidRoster streamlines the process of tracking attendance and completions associated with Classroom, Instructor-led, and On-The-Job training by replacing outmoded sign-in sheets and roll calls with a simple web-based user interface. Using inexpensive, off-the-shelf proximity scanners, mag stripe readers, or barcode scanners, learners simply scan their badge and rapidRoster does the rest — Attendance, Duration of Attendance, and Completion are recorded in your Learning Management System (LMS) in real-time.

    The Spring 2017 release brings with it a new feature for supporting Ad-Hoc Transcripts. Ad Hoc Transcripts are ideal for recording training that doesn’t have a specific date or time associated with it. This could be shoulder-to-shoulder or on-the-job training. rapidRoster still supports enhanced search for identifying attendees without a badge, print name badges (popular with trade shows and conferences), generate an exportable roster report, and record the entire class as ‘complete’ with a single click.

    rapidRoster allows you to save up to 40% on LMS Administration time while increasing accuracy by eliminating manual data entry and cumbersome synchronization processes. See a side-by-side comparison of the clicks in rapidRoster vs. a typical LMS here.

    Since rapidRoster is a cloud-based solution, it alleviates the burden of a costly infrastructure and cumbersome IT intervention, leaving the organization more time to focus on their core business. rapidRoster does not require any customization or additional work on an LMS platform – it is truly a plug-&-play solution.

    rapidRoster supports the Saba Cloud, Saba Enterprise, and SumTotal learning management platforms, with additional LMS platforms planned to be supported in future releases. For those companies on the Saba Cloud platform, rapidRoster is available for purchase from the Saba Marketplace. Simply drag-and-drop the application tile, enter your contact information, and rapidLD will contact you to finalize the activation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: RapidLD
    Contact Person: Jim Everidge
    Phone: 1(770) 874-1190 x222
    City: Roswell
    State: GA
    Country: United States

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    New Informative Website Includes Diverse Array of Topics

    EveryDayKnow has announced their presence on the web.  The new site provides users with information on a wide range of topics including love and relationship subjects, life in general and a vast array of health findings. 

    “At, we are ecstatic to make our presence on the web known.  We are committed to equipping our readers with the best, most current, information that’s available online.  We take great pride in the fact that our array of topics are very diverse.  Health data and information is available as is love and relationship topics and all wide range of subjects having to do with life in general.  We are experiencing a large number of viewers to the site and feel this is just the beginning as word spreads about what all we have to offer our readers,” stated a company representative.  “We love that we provide both information and advice on the subjects that are important to our readers.”

    The new informational blog site provides easy to read content that is laid out in such a manner where readers can easily choose what topic to read and have the option to go deeper into the subject if they want.  The writers for the site are extensively screened for their capabilities of researching and providing expert level creative writing on unique topics that range from health areas such as diet to love and relationship subjects. 

    Beauty and Fashion, Health and Wellness, Entertainment, Food and Drinks are additional topics EveryDayKnow covers.  Articles are geared for both male and female of all ages in all walks of life.  Recent features include such pieces as “23 Good Topics To Talk About With Your Boyfriend” and “What To Do If She Just Wants To Be Friends”.  “Why Does Your Heart of Chest Hurt When You Are Emotionally Sad” is an example of a health article on the site.

    “I was pretty impressed with the articles on the site,” commented CJ, a new reader.  “I quickly found about a dozen articles I was interested in and picked out several to really dive into.  I am actually a writer myself so I am not easily impressed.  I think I have found my new “go to” information site.”

    To learn more about or to read articles on love and relationship, health or life in general, visit their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: EveryDay Know
    Contact Person: Tanya Cooling
    Phone: (210) 216-4131
    Country: United States

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    At the AGM held on 28th of April, 2017, The Chennai Real Estate Agents Association (CREAA) elected their new Office Bearers for the year 2017-2018. Mr. Azeem Ahmed, was elected President, Mr. S.S.Mehta, Vice-President, Mr. Yasser Rahman, Secretary and Mr. Joseph Jose, Treasurer.


    According to Mr. Azeem Ahmed, “In this age of change, where RERA could be in force within the next 60 days, CREAA is more important than ever as we will be a strong force to reckon with for developers and buyers as all our agents already comply to the requirements in RERA.”


    Mr. Azeem Ahmed added, “In another significant development which will positively impact the association, is the 9th  Annual NAR Convention 2017 is being held in Mumbai in September.”


    This will be India’s Largest Real Estate Branding, Business Development and Networking event and will give our members an opportunity to connect with over 2000 Real Estate Brokerage firms including international delegates to network, connect, learn and to do business more professionally. Chennai has partnered 36 city associations having  40000 agent members in conducting India’s Largest Real Estate Networking Event in Mumbai”. NAR is a global organization in all developed & rapidly developing countries. 

    About CREAA

    A non-profit entity started in 1999, by competent professionals who were and are principally Real Estate Brokerage Firms, Consulting Agents & Companies based out of Chennai.  The membership is currently 100+, most of whom have been catering to the needs of Corporates, Developers and Individuals in the areas of Commercial, Rental, Lease, Retail, Layouts Residential Flats and Consulting, etc… for over a decade across the state.  

    The Chennai Real Estate Agents Association

    Cisons Complex
    No. 125, Cisons Complex,
    Montieth Road, Egmore,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 008, India

    For more information on CREAA, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Chennai Real Estate Agents Association
    Contact Person: Yasser Rahman
    Phone: +91 98840 41884
    Country: India

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    VAVA showcases its modern Dash Cam in the Garage area at Target Open House, with Partner Spotlight session Saturday May 20th from 3 to 6pm PST.

    After a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, with 2,647 backers contributing $425,502 in funding, the VAVA Dash Cam is currently on display inside the Garage area at Target’s Open House in San Francisco, California. 

    “It is an honor to be invited by Open House to demo our VAVA Dash Cam inside their Garage area,” says Jeh Lin, Director of VAVA. “It is a great opportunity for guests to have hands-on experience with the VAVA Dash Cam before its official release date later this summer.  The placement in the  Garage area will also give us valuable feedback directly from drivers and future customers.”

    The VAVA team will be at Target Open House on Saturday, May 20th from 3:00 to 6:00pm PST.  Anyone is welcomed to come and see the VAVA Dash Cam in person and speak with representatives from the VAVA team.

    VAVA Dash Cam

    Kickstarter-funded VAVA Dash Cam is the most versatile car dash camera yet for the everyday driver. Built from the result of hundreds of conversations with real drivers, the VAVA Dash Cam comes with a breakthrough 360° swivel design that enables users to effortlessly capture any photo or video both inside and outside the vehicle. 

    Along with a remote snapshot button, a real-time powerful mobile app, and a proprietary power bank charger, the VAVA Dash Cam is the complete package empowering all drivers to record their journey on the road.   

    VAVA Dash Cam Features

    • Sony IMX 291 image sensor is made of 6 glass lenses and one infrared lens that provide crystal-clear footage in 1080p HD quality, even in low light conditions.
    • 360° swivel design enables the users to conveniently record all occurrences, both outside and inside the vehicle.
    • 140° wide-angle lens provides a vast field of view that covers up to 5 lanes.
    • Powerful VAVA Dash Cam app allows for wireless media transfer and real-time social media sharing without taking the TF card in and out.
    • Dual parking modes can either constantly record or automatically switch on when unexpected activity is detected.
    • Dual-purpose remote button lets the drivers shoot videos or photos with just one click
    • Always recording and auto-saves footage of sudden braking and unexpected impact with a built-in G-sensor 

    About VAVA:

    At VAVA, we bring meaningful innovation to modern lifestyles. From award-winning speakers to breakthrough car cameras, our products improve lives with ideas that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. 

    For more information about VAVA, pls visit:

    To register for the live demo session at Target’s Open House on Saturday May 20th, pls visit here.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: VAVA
    Contact Person: Jeh Lin
    Phone: 1-408-455-0274
    Country: United States

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    Moving within a populous area like Calgary, Alberta can be tedious. It simply can’t be done by yourself. In many ways than one you will be in need of professional moving services. When it comes to moving no matter what type it is, you can always turn to Dynamite Movers Calgary.

    Among the many reasons for you to hire Dynamite Movers Calgary the most popular is that the company has multiple types of moving services offered. Some of these you might not even be familiar of. Dynamite Movers offer residential moving, commercial moving, local moving, apartment moving, office moving, packing services Calgary, and even donation pickup services; they also move pool tables, piano, and other sensitive furnishings.

    Packing services are offered for all types of moving done by the company. You may also phone in the company to ask for the specific number of boxes you need as well as the specific addresses for pickup and delivery. They are completely handled by the moving crew and the whole process will be painless and exciting. The company offers packaging services that are cheaper compared to the rest of the companies in the area.

    Dynamite Movers had handled hundreds of commercial moves in the past. This kind of move is a bit more complicated than the residential kind of move. We highly recommend that all items intended for moving are greatly organized or that specific information is delivered to the moving team before they arrive on the location. What they have to be informed of are the items to be moved such as cabinets, chairs, desks, etc. It is also important to inform the movers of the exact placement of the items in the new location. This will make your move so much easier since all the items are already in their proper places. If you find it hard to create your own checklist of items to move and where to place them, the company can provide you with a template checklist.

    Long distance moving services are also offered by Dynamite Movers. The primary goal of the company is to ensure that the belongings reach the designated location safely. That’s why the movers require for a list of the prized possessions for them to know how to carry and transport them appropriately. You can rest assured that the company only uses state of the art high suspension machines. They tend to absorb 95 percent of the shock that can occur from having severe road conditions. The moving team is trained in handling difficult situations brought about by bad weather, flat tires, road blockage, and other forks in the road.

    Dynamite movers is also known for offering cheap rates for apartment moving. They can handle condo moves or high rise type of moves. The company deals directly with the building manager for exclusive access to the elevators. The firm follows proper techniques to pull your stuffs up the narrow stairways. This is why the company always requires the checklist of items for them to know how to handle them.

    There are other services offered by the company. If you want to know more about the specifics, you may read more and contact them through this URL:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dynamite Movers Calgary
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Phone: 587-803-0553
    Address:Suite 65C 4040 Blackfoot Trail S.E
    City: Calgary
    State: Alberta
    Country: Canada

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    MILAN, ITALY – 22 May, 2017 – DEANNA BROCHIN named BEST LEAD ACTRESS in a Feature Film for her starring role as Mercedes Lara in independently produced thriller Frame Switch at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in Milan, Italy.

    DEANNA BROCHIN is originally from the US Mexico border town of Laredo, Texas and has appeared in more than 25 films and television productions, including Queen of the South, Puncture and Friday Night Lights. She was also an assistant producer on the award-winning documentary Spirit of the Bull. She lives in Austin, Texas.

    FRAME SWITCH is a new kind of found footage thriller, is a tale of murder and corruption told from the point of view of all the cameras in our lives — security cameras, web cams, dash cams, cell phones, drones, satellites and other found footage. After a devastating urban wildfire ignites a pile of tires and kills her boss, assistant city auditor Mercedes Lara fights to expose corruption in the city government.

    When she is approached by a flamboyant attorney with a theory about an even deeper and wider conspiracy, she doesn’t know whether he is crazy or coming on to her. As the evidence mounts, Mercedes must turn the technological tables, escape the city with her life and get off the grid.

    FRAME SWITCH was also named Best Feature Film at the Milan IFF, and was an official selection at festivals in Berlin, London, Chicago and Toronto, and is in worldwide distribution by the Shami Media Group.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Linda McAlister Talent
    Contact Person: Linda McAlister
    Phone: (972)938-2433
    Country: Italy

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    If you are looking out for a good vendor providing epoxy flooring and coating solutions for your commercial or residential property in or around Florida, then you might get a handful of options available near your location. There are many companies offering a full line of best quality floor coating and sealing products that comply with the Federal and local VOC norms and regulations.

    The firms dealing with the best solutions for sealing and coating can provide you a range of varieties when it comes to quality, design and colours. You can choose from a wide range of varied flooring options be it glossy, matt, granular or any other texture or design of your preference. With the world class products and proven expertise in providing commercial as well as residential flooring solutions, these firms can give your ordinary looking property a luxurious touch.

    So, opt for any of the expert epoxy flooring service providers in your locality to upgrade your property with a brand new look.

    Factors to select the best flooring firm:

    It is a great opportunity for the residents of Dade, Broward, Naples, Fort Myers, Orlando, Palm Beach County and Florida Metro areas to get the best flooring solutions within their reach. Be it for a commercial space or a residential property, these flooring and coating solutions are simply the best. Industrial and commercial spaces like airports, garages, malls, offices, warehouses, sports arenas, stadiums, hospitals, industrial kitchens and clinical labs need an effective coating and sealing service from a professional firm with ample experience in doing similar projects. Durability is the main factor in these areas as these places might have a heavy footfall at any given time or might have to endure heavy loads. The flooring should be strong enough to sustain through extreme conditions for a very long time without losing its lustre.

    Another important factor is the design and how much value the flooring adds to the aesthetic appeal of that space. Last but not the least is the convenience level the particular flooring comes with. The convenience part should not be neglected at any cost while focusing on the quality or design. For an example, if you opt for an immaculate design and glossy finish you must ensure that it contains an anti-slip footing and is not slippery to avoid any unfavourable situation. You should check with the epoxy coating and sealing firm and discuss various possibilities and options before you select the best option that suits your needs.

    Think wisely before you invest:

    There are various options available in your locality for efficient seating and flooring services. But the best among them choose the top-quality seating and coating products that are chemical and stain resistant, long lasting and easy to clean. If it is not durable and easy to maintain, it is not worth opting for as most people and organisations don’t go for a new flooring every other day. It might be a very costly and cumbersome process that needs a long term commitment to excellence.

    So, whatever be the purpose, be it a commercial kitchen flooring or an industrial coating or a residential flooring, you should be careful to choose the best firm that ensures a combination of state-of-the-art solutions, top-quality sealing and coating products and skilled manpower. If you need a similar service, you must get a free consultation and quote from two or three top-rated epoxy flooring service providing firms in your locality, compare them wisely and decide on the best suitable option as per your preference. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Florida Epoxy
    Contact Person: Brad Ellison
    Phone: (954) 302-2247
    Address:20533 Biscayne Blvd
    City: Aventura
    State: FL 33180
    Country: United States

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    World’s largest genomics organization announces Innovation Center co-located in Seattle and San Jose during West Coast visit of BGI co-founder and President Dr. Jian Wang, pioneer of genomic science

    May 22, 2017 – BGI, a leading global genomics organization, announced plans to create a West Coast Innovation Center to develop technologies and collaborative projects in life science, global health and related fields.

    The BGI Global Innovation Center will be co-located in Seattle, Wash. and San Jose, Calif. to build an ecosystem of innovation in the two high-technology clusters and promote cross-sector collaboration.

    Genomics are driving the most important discoveries of our time, delivering life-saving solutions across the globe. This includes securing our food sources, the preservation of biodiversity in the face of climate change, stemming the spread of devastating pandemics and revolutionizing cures for cancer.

    Dr. Jian Wang, a pioneer in genomic science, co-founder and President of BGI, visited the West Coast to launch the center, while joining 130 of the world’s top business and technology leaders at the Microsoft CEO Summit. Wang also met with Washington Governor Jay Inslee, University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce and UW Medicine CEO Paul Ramsey and Dr. Linda Buck, Nobel Laureate and researcher at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

    Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Jian Wang

    Governor Jay Inslee gave Jian Wang a painting of Mount Rainier that he painted himself

    “The Center demonstrates BGI’s commitment to international collaboration and to aligning interests and partners to drive innovation,” said Wang, adding that BGI intended to support a number of research initiatives, such as precision medicine and population health efforts at the University of Washington.

    “With the partnership between UW Medicine and BGI, more innovations in research, education and healthcare will be developed between Seattle and Shenzhen to benefit the health of people worldwide,” Wang stated.

    University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce and Jian Wang

    UW Medicine CEO Paul Ramsey and Jian Wang

    Wang met with business, health and technology leaders to share insights on key topics, such as:

    Genomics, climate change and preserving the world’s genetic heritage
    The rise of genomics to stem pandemics
    Precision medicine and big data

    Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, BGI has offices in Australia, Denmark, Japan and the United States, and expanded to Seattle last year. BGI’s Innovation Center received the endorsement of the City of Shenzhen, which is encouraging international collaboration among leading Shenzhen-based companies.

    BGI acquired Complete Genomics, a Mountain View, CA-based sequencing technology company in 2013. Based on CG’s technology, BGI launched its proprietary high-throughput next-gen sequencers, BGISEQ-500 and BGISEQ-50 in 2015 and 2016 respectively in China.


    BGI was founded in 1999 with the vision of using genomics to benefit mankind and has since become the largest genomic organization in the world. With a focus on research and applications in the healthcare, agriculture, conservation, and environmental fields, BGI has a proven track record of innovative, high profile research, which has generated over 1,000 publications. BGI’s goal is to make state-of-the-art genomics highly accessible to the global research community and clinical markets by integrating the industry’s broadest array of leading technologies, including BGI’s own sequencing platform, economies of scale, and expert bioinformatics resources. BGI also offers a wide portfolio of transformative genetic testing products across major diseases, enabling medical providers and patients worldwide to realize the promise of genomics-based diagnostics and personalized healthcare.

    For more information, visit:

    For more information, contact:

    Kristi Heim, Senior Director, Business Development and Communications
    Head of International Partnerships

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BGI
    Contact Person: Kristi Heim
    Phone: 206-778-7411
    Country: China

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    Dubai, UAE – Youngsters today are hooked to chatting, but they also want quick access to local groups and networks devoted to the issues they care about. Giving them exactly this is GoChat, the public group chat app which allows users to quickly tap into conversations happening around their topic of interest, or join an exclusive local or global community for round the clock updates.

    Looks like no one thought of this before. GoChat is no ordinary chat app, for it doubles up as the easiest way to join conversations happening around trending topics. Or discover new people and places. It’s as easy as search, join, and start streaming information on the screen. GoChat is designed to be flexible, and so a user can begin a private chat, or go public. There is also a view-only messaging feature to keep messages flowing one-way.

    Today’s youth wants to stay tuned to events as they unfold, listen to others, and voice their opinion. That’s where GoChat scores over other generic chat apps that seem to have outlived their purpose in the fast changing world order where timely information is of essence.

    The features on GoChat open up endless opportunities with multi-media features, all in real time. Use it as a private source of information, receive alerts and messages for local events, join cause-based local or global communities, post updates using images, video or audio, or make important announcements. GoChat is meant to ensure everything works out smoothly and with little effort.

    “With GoChat, we are aiming at an app that allows users to communicate within any location with ease, and to interact with likeminded people using its topic-based, public group chat features,” said Jai Rangwani of GoChat.

    As a group chat app, GoChat is truly revolutionary in the ease with which users can quickly grow their friend circles and network. All that the user needs to do is select their topic of interest, search for local or global groups and start a conversation. GoChat is available for download for both Android and iOS.

    To know more, please visit: or watch a video here:

    App Store:
    Play Store:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GoChat
    Contact Person: Jai Rangwani
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – 22 May, 2017 – With technology becoming an inevitable part of jobsites, Al-Bahar drives customer value in 4 key areas: Equipment Management, Productivity, Safety, and Sustainability, with Cat® Connect. The technology enables enhanced efficiency and productivity, tracks locations, offers repair indicators, and usage records for the fleet — keeping adequate machines in the field offering optimal uptime. It helps users monitor, manage and enhance operations and gain more control of jobsites.

    Connected assets provide customers insights to the utilization and performance of equipment, more than ever before. Regardless of the size and complexity of the operation, Cat Connect gives users the versatility to choose the right technology and services, delivering optimal business results. Using the technology, fleet owners can monitor their machines, gather reports on maintenance at a glance, and make well-informed fleet management decisions.

    With the overwhelming availability of technology, Caterpillar has customized the solution towards getting the best out of the best-in-class equipment. The bundled solution is offered by their dealers like Al-Bahar who with their experience and expertise offer the best for their customers and equipment in the region.

    Speaking of Cat Connect, Mr. Karthi Keyan, Technical Support Manager, Al-Bahar, commented, “Cat Connect offers complete control of a job site to our customers. It prevents unplanned shut downs, increases machine longevity, screens equipment vitals in real time, thereby improving service, efficiency and offering cost effectiveness. Repair indicators communicated from the equipment through Cat connect enables our customers to take proactive actions.”

    “Cat Connect gives one the ability to choose the services that suits their requirement, to help monitor, manage, and enhance operations, increasing up time leading to reduction in operating costs. We at Al-Bahar are pleased to offer our customers, technology that enables them to uncover the value,” he added.

    Productivity is improved by increasing jobsite efficiency, optimizing payload cycle times, managing maintenance and down time, reducing idling time and more. Features such as jobsite awareness, proximity detection and reporting tools, enhances crew Safety and protects the most valuable assets. Sustainability through resource management reduces environmental impact and simplifies compliance reporting. This not only leads to improved efficiency but also enables businesses, to do their part towards sustainable future.

    Cat Connect provides businesses the competitive edge in productivity by facilitating smarter decisions and improving their bottom line. Talking of success stories, results speak louder. Fujairah National Quarry, one of Al-Bahar’s esteemed customers, saves 7% in overall operating costs, using Cat Connect Technologies and Services delivered by Al Bahar. Customers are contacting Al-Bahar to start using technology and services of Cat Connect to take control of their job site and bottom line.

    About AL-BAHAR

    For more than 75 years, Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar has proved to be one of the most favored and trusted companies within the Heavy Machinery, Construction Equipment and Power system trading industry in the Middle East. With a holistic range of solutions for power system needs ranging from power systems, switchgears, load banks and all other related accessories, Al-Bahar provides total turnkey power systems solutions for the Marine, Oil and Gas, Industrial and Electric Power Generation industries. Headquartered in Sharjah, U.A.E, Al-Bahar holds strength of 2800 employees, spread across all its functional branches.

    For media enquiries, please contact:

    Oushee Sanish
    Marketing Communications – Al-Bahar
    Muhammad D. Niazi
    Marketing Supervisor – Al-Bahar

    YouTube Link:

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Al-Bahar
    Contact Person: Oushee Sanish
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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