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    0 0 is a virtual shopping mall for all his fans who can shop online anytime and discover several products at much affordable prices. This site has been in action for four years and with its excellent team and customer support has gained confidence and a lot of appreciation worldwide.

    There has always been a trend in people to copy the style of their favorite stars. This has been one of the leading driving forces for demand for designer clothes and accessories. Justin Bieber is such a style icon inspiring millions, and people love his sense of clothing and his way of carrying any outfit. Youths all over wish to follow his style statement and want to wear the same clothing like their idol. So has come up to make all the dreams come true for the Bieber fans with its vast range of clothing of the perfect designs of the original ones. Fans can buy a whole lot of merchandise from the online store at much lower prices. The online site provides an endless collection of Justin Bieber clothes with assurance for best quality and best available prices. The company keeps on upgrading their products and selection of clothes from time to time according to the latest trends and craze among the fans.

    Shenzhen MiBaoSpace Technology Co.,Ltd Keeps On Upgrading Justin Bieber Clothing According To The Latest Trends For Justin Bieber Fans

    The spokesperson for the company confirmed that customers could get up to 40% discount on Justin Bieber shirt collection. They can select from a vast collection of attractive shirts, so trendy and stylish that it would be irresistible for Bieber fans not to buy them. The young generation would be keen to have these to show their love for their favorite pop star. One can also grab the one which Justin Bieber frequently wears during his tours. There is a high demand for these as they are accurate representations of Justin’s fashion statement. 

    Some unlikely products like the Bieber staff hoodie have also been quite attractive to buyers available at significant discounts. Yellow colored hoodies are damn stylish and cool representing Bieber’s true style. One can choose the right size hoodie which would enhance his personality. Available in different sizes, this staff hoodie is selling way too cheaper than one can believe. So every fan can afford and easily emulate their idol’s style.

    Justin Bieber Clothing has been in high demand in the worldwide market depending on the incredible popularity of the rock star. Even several other stores are supplying Justin clothes, but sells them at exorbitant prices with high quality and authentic merchandise. The online shop introduces latest discounts so that every customer find the costs appreciable and quite reasonable. This online site delivers a secure shipment of their clothing to its buyers all around the globe while maintaining a safe and secure payment mode through PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, etc. for a much accessible purchase. Various service providers such as DHL, FedEx, etc. have been responsible for the smooth delivery of the products at any corner of the world.

    About offers a well-categorized variety of Justin Bieber’s outfits and reaches out to several hearts of the young fashion conscious people particularly Justin fans. This online store aims at providing the best customer services and hassle-free shipment for the enhancement of the shopping experience of every Justin fan irrespective of their age or size.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen MiBaoSpace Technology Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Tyler Liu
    Phone: +86 13058706453
    City: Shenzhen
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    From automobiles to optical equipments and medical supplies, Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd supplies high precision and high quality CNC turning components for a variety of industrial applications.

    CNC machining and CNC turning are important industrial processes to deliver small components used for the production of a wide range of products. China based Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd specializes in CNC turning and is capable of supplying turning components in bulk quantity, at affordable prices and with a fast delivery around the world.

    The company spokesperson reveals that they have a wide expertise in providing the CNC turning service for industries that require round materials for their manufacturing process. The company owns the complete series of CNC turning machines and automatic lathing machines to help produce turning parts with precise specifications. The company has a team of expert technicians who adopt a streamlined machining process to ensure the quality and precision of all the components supplied by them. According to the spokesperson, “Achieving precision is at the core of their philosophy and they rely on the multiple machining techniques to ensure precision and quality of the CNC machined parts they supply.”

    The spokesperson maintains that they control the cost and duration of the machining project with their multiple machining and custom machining. They use different kinds of machines for processing complex CNC turning parts, such as CNC turning machines, CNC milling machines, CNC grinding machines and so on. According to the spokesperson, with the use of different machines, they want to ensure the optimum quality level of the components they produce. They follow ISO 9001:2000 based quality control process for their CNC machined parts.

    Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd supplies various types of CNC turned components, such as washers, rivets, pipe fittings, and so on. They maintain a very high accuracy of the roundness of these components so that can easily be used in a number of applications. With a surface roughness of up to Ra0.4, these CNC turned parts can be used for fittings made of different materials, such as plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and others.

    One can learn more about their CNC machining or CNC turning services by visiting the website

    About Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd

    Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd, established since 2005, is a professional, customized, high precision machined components manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. With years of experience in the manufacturing and services of CNC machined parts, precision engineering components, custom machined parts, Precision CNC machining service, injection molding parts and die casting parts, the company has established a high reputation for their high quality and nice service. They are able to provide one-stop services from initial concept to finished products.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Lucy Zhang (Sales )
    Phone: +86-755-3309675
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    In the 8-trillion-yuan nursing industry, medical rehabilitation service market has never been so eye-catching. According to journalist, Wind statistics shows that, by the end of June 23, the company have made 156 announcement on pharmaceutical and medical mergers and acquisitions since this year. There has been a notable increase in the transactions for medical rehabilitation equipment and services which has mounted to 56, with 25 of them closed for a total of 1.455 billion yuan and 31 unclosed totaling 5.559 billion yuan. According to Qingke Statistics, VC/PE have invested in 210 medical rehabilitation service companies in 2013, hitting the record highs since 2008.

    In fact, since October 2014, the government have been issuing policies that facilitate the development of health rehabilitation industry, such as “Several Policies and Measures for Promoting the Health Care Service Industry” (No. 4 Document), “Several Policies and Measures for Promoting the Accelerated Development of Private Hospital”, “Several Policies and Measures for Changing the Unreasonable Regulation and Accelerating the Implementation of the Equal Treatment of the Private Medical Institutions” and other policies to continuously encouraging the social capital to participate in hospital operation.

    SAT Capital Partner, Managing partner Aaron Xue said that “With government’s help from policies, capital in various forms started exploiting the opportunities in health service industry. Most recently, one example of that is the transformation from pharmaceutical industry to medical services industry by a “very ambitious company”, Pkucare, which strikes a chord with the whole capital market. In June 17, Pkucare, suspended more than two months, announced its important restructuring plan to to buy 100% stake of Shenzhen Medical Technology Co. Ltd at 1.4 billion yuan. After the resumption of trading, the stock of Pkucare immediately hit limit up. After establishing Peking University Health Rehabilitation Hospital, the flagship store, the SAT Capital Partner, Aaron Xue, and the Dean of the Peking University Medical Rehabilitation Hospital, Ling Feng, revealed that, in the next five years, the company will cooperate with investment institutions and the relative government departments through brand output and chain operation management to set up eight to ten rehabilitation institutions that are in line with the standard of Peking University Health Rehabilitation Hospital, with more that 2000 available beds.

    In March 9 this year, Peking University Health Rehabilitation Hospital Co. Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Guangdong Zhaoqing Management Committee to build the Zhaoqing Branch of Peking University Health Rehabilitation Hospital.

    The management team of Peking University Health Rehabilitation Hospital also have advanced rehabilitation ideas in the domestic market. The “real patient-oriented principle” is incarnated everywhere by functional area planning, discipline construction, medical procedures and hospital environment. And more importantly, it attaches much importance to early rehabilitation, which makes them one of the few rehabilitation hospitals that are equipped with professional ICU wards and medical teams in the world. Those advanced concepts and the strong executive force play an important role in building confidence for investors towards the good performance of the management team in the future.

    Pkucare, a company with so many years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, has drawn much attention by its successful transition. Its major shareholder, Peking University Medical Industry Group, has carried out all-round cooperation with Peking University Medical School. Pkucare owns a large number of hospitals and medical institutions. Apart from establishing the largest individual hospital in Asia—the Peking University International Hospital, which will be opened at the end of this year, Pkucare also participated in the acquisition of public hospitals and investment in the emerging specialist hospitals.

    “According to Pkucare’s current plan of medical rehabilitation, it may, first, engage in the acquisition of private hospitals and hospital trusteeship for expansion in the future, and then fund the Peking University Medical Rehabilitation SAT capital using those mature and standard assets.” The SAT Capital Partner, Aaron Xue told the journalists that, for the shareholders of the Pkucare, now purchase of the public hospital is the one-step method to consolidate its hospital network.

    “When most other health care companies have not yet established a sound and sustainable profit model, the successful transformation of Pkucare gives the market a very clear estimation and expectation.” A Shanghai Securities analyst told journalists that despite that there are many listed companies involved in the medical services and related industrial chains, which companies can grasp the historic opportunities, in the future, brought by the reform of medical institutions with various forms is still waited to be seen.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China Daily Corporation
    Contact Person: Huang Yan
    Phone: +86-023-87655233
    Country: China

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    December 4, 2017 – Vancouver, B.C. – Veritas Pharma Inc. (CSE: VRT; OTC: VRTHF; and Frankfurt: 2VP), (“Veritas” or the “Company”) announces its research arm, Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd. (“CTL”) filed a provisional patent application to US Patent and Trademark Office (the “USPTO”) on September 13, 2017 for use of a specific cannabis strain to enhance the actions of opioid analgesics.  An acknowledgement letter from the USPTO was received recently which provided a filing number of US 62/558,021 for this application. 

    Opioids are substances that are derived from the opium poppy plant.  They bind to the human body’s own opioid receptors to provide pain relief or ‘analgesia’ for patients with acute or chronic pain when prescribed legally; morphine is an example opioid analgesic.  Use of these drugs for a brief time is considered safe for pain management. However, when they are overprescribed and/or frequently misused, they produce a sense of euphoria along with relieving pain.  Hence, drug dependence can occur despite using them as prescribed over prolonged periods with the potential of fatal overdose.  Opioid overdose contributed to more than 33,000 deaths in 2015 according to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Heroin and fentanyl are the most widely known opioids for their illegal, recreational use, abuse potential and fatal overdoses. Cannabis contains substances called cannabinoids that appear to bind to human body’s own cannabinoid receptors to also produce similar effects to those of the body’s opioids in mediating analgesia and behavioral effects.  However, they do not have the same drug dependence or overdose potential.  When cannabinoids and opioids are combined, they appear to augment each other’s effects synergistically.  Therefore, the combination may allow for opioids to be used at lower doses with fewer side effects for the treatment of pain and related addiction.  According Coherent Market Insights*, the global opioids market was approximately USD $17b in 2015 and is forecasted to moderately increase to near USD $26b in 2024.  It indicates that legal cannabis is expected to impact the opioids market growth as it gets adopted as a safe alternative pain relieving therapy to opioids and it is increasingly being used to address related addiction. According to the World Drug Report 2016, approximately 17 million people suffered from opioid drug abuse. 

    Veritas CEO, Dr. Lui Franciosi stated, “We are pleased with Cannevert’s latest submission to protect its discovery of a cannabis strain that could potentially reduce the dose and side effects of clinically used opioids while maintaining a good pain relieving effect for patients.”  Dr. Franciosi goes on to say, “This strain could be also potentially useful in addressing the current fentanyl crisis throughout North America.  If we’re targeting pain or opioid addiction, we want to deliver a scientifically tested, standardized product that clinicians can rely upon.” 

    Also, to note, the Company will be issuing 1.1 million stock options based on today’s closing price of CAN$0.81 cents. 

    *Global Opioids Agonist Drugs Market, By Product Type (Codeine, Fentanyl, Meperidine, Methadone, Morphine, Hydrocodone), Therapeutic Application (Pain Management, Cough Treatment, Diarrhea Treatment), and Geography – Trends, Analysis and Forecast till 2024 (Market Report – March 2017):

    About Veritas Pharma Inc.

    Veritas Pharma Inc. is an emerging-stage pharmaceutical and IP development company, who, through its 80% owned Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd. (“CTL”), is advancing the science behind medical cannabis. It is the Company aim, through its investment in CTL, to develop the most effective cannabis strains (cultivars) specific to pain, nausea, epilepsy and PTSD, solving the critical need for clinical data to support medical marijuana claims. CTL’s unique value proposition uses a low-cost research and development model to help drive shareholder value, and speed-to-market. Veritas investment in CTL is led by strong management team, bringing together veteran academic pharmacologists, anesthetists & chemists. The company’s commercial mission is to patent protect CTL’s IP (cultivars & strains) and sell or license to cancer clinics, insurance industry and pharma, targeting multi-billion dollar global markets. 

    Veritas Pharma Inc. is a publicly traded company which trades in three countries including Canada, on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker VRT; in the United States, on the OTC under the ticker VRTHF; and in Germany, on the Frankfurt exchange under the ticker 2VP.

    For more information, please visit our website:

    On behalf of the Board of Directors 

    Dr. Lui Franciosi
    President and Chief Executive Officer 

    Further information about the Company is available on our website at or under our profile on SEDAR at and on the CSE website at

    Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Veritas Pharma Inc.
    Contact Person: Sam Eskandari
    Phone: +1.416.918.6785
    Country: Canada

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    Charlie’s Drawings is a revolutionary service that made everyone able to afford custom family portrait drawing. Charlie and his team bring art to people over the Internet, enabling every family to have a portrait they would treasure.

    The value of portraits cannot be measured. Throughout the years, this type of artwork left tremendous impact. It’s no surprise that the most notorious painting in the world is a portrait. However, for the longest time, only the rich could afford to have their images immortalized. Today, Charlie’s Drawings, a custom family portrait drawing service from the UK, breaks that restriction.

    With the help of Charlie and his team, every person can get a personalized family illustration in any style they like. The best thing about this service is that creating portraits through it doesn’t require long hours of posing. The artists do their work based on photographs, which makes the process entirely stress-free.

    The terms are explained at among other details, such as delivery and payment options.

    What Is Special About Charlie’s Drawings?

    Custom family portrait illustration is not a new kind of service, even the one offered online. Charlie himself has been operating for years, so it’s quite reasonable to wonder what makes this particular artist noteworthy now.

    The answer is that he managed to create an outstanding combination of features and services. As Charlie’s Drawings is actually a team, instead of a single freelance artist, they can accomplish great things. Not only do they offer a variety of portrait styles. They also ensure the orders are completed promptly. Multiple samples of their work are available on the website, so every person can study them and decide whether they want something like this.

    However, it’s the versatility of service that truly makes Charlie’s Drawings stand out. They can make any kind of work, including a family portrait drawing cartoon. This artwork will make a fantastic present for anyone, especially if the portrait features people who never got the chance to meet.

    With the help of Charlie and his team, everyone can get a beautiful and unique picture with several generations of their family. As long as there are photos for the artists to work with, they will be able to create a piece with as many people as the client wants to see. Charlie also understands that pets are a part of the family for many. Therefore, his custom family portrait drawing service includes them too.

    Ordering a custom family portrait illustration from Charlie’s Drawings is simple. All orders can be placed online, using the artists’ website. The client has to specify the type of portrait and any details they want, as well as provide pictures. The team of artists will start working right away and send out an email with the portrait for approval before delivering the final print.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Charlies Drawings
    Contact Person: Charlie
    Phone: +63 2 9453670
    Country: Philippines

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    From the city construction in Meixihu of Changsha to the development into Oujiangkou in Wenzhou, Jinmao Group always adheres to the core idea of “Create Value, Pursue Excellence” and brand slogan of “Release the Urban Vitality in the Future”, and makes great efforts continuously, filled with sincerity for creating everything competitive!

    Oujiangkou New District renderings (planning)

    Let the world go to Wenzhou, The future begins with city-industry integration

    China Jinmao has made great contributions to urbanization construction by reforming old cities with new looks and developing the urban complexes again and again.

    Meixihu in Changsha was the city operation project carried out by Jinmao at the earliest, a new core area green and livable, integrated by city and industry and full of intelligent technology was established in Changsha by various resources including industry, tourism, culture and service, as well as by core competitiveness of the company in terms of high-end residence development, property possession and operation. After that, Jinmao developed into Nanjing and created Qinglongshan International Ecological New Town, which was awarded “Planning and design award of global living environment”; in 2005, Pure Life Pure Smile was established in Qingdao with a total covered area of 4 million square meters as the chief reception room in Qingdao.

    Oujiangkou New District renderings (planning)

    Oujiang International New Town, Port for Wenzhou stepping into Donghai Era

    In March this year, Jinmao Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Oujiangkou Industrial Agglomeration, and planned to jointly promote the development of the large Oujiangkou project.

    For Oujiangkou project in the future, a new urban space pattern would be further planned, so as to hold fast to era development and new trends in real change, moreover the infrastructure network would be further improved. As for transportation, three major three-dimensional transportation modes through land, sea and air would be arranged densely, suburban express way would be connected with other urban areas efficiently for convenience of residents; as for industry, Oujiang International New Town would strive to develop Internet + industry innovation and introduce the high-level intelligent talents; as for education, the internationally famous Nord Anglia Education, Wenzhou Foreign Language School and other famous schools would be introduced in order to make students in Wenzhou keep ahead from starting line. Meanwhile, Oujiang International New Town would keep up with New Songdo City in South Korea and The Garden City in Singapore, and thereby become romantic and intelligent with flowers by virtue of natural resources and human resources of Ou River.

    “Not to build a residential district, but to build a city with more commercial activities and more supporting facilities and city-industry integration.” The mission and target of Oujiang International New Town are designed as the development of new city samples with city-industry integration. Oujiang International New Town is a starting point of both Oujiangkou New District and Wenzhou for establishing the quality standards in the future golden decade. Its emergence would represent the development of Wenzhou from “Oujiang Era” to “Donghai Era”, and thereby release the vitality of Wenzhou in the future!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: JinMao
    Contact Person: Pan Chen Qing
    Phone: 0577-88888899
    Country: China

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    Rahul Kumar is the first and youngest German citizen with Indian roots to become the State Councillor in Germanys City Frankfurt-Kelsterbach. The popular politician is well known in the Indian community.

    Raunheim – December 4, 2017 – Indians have long been a revered community across Germany since the last quarter of 20th century. From culture to academics to sports, German history speaks of amazing contributions from talented Indians in various aspects of life over time. Talk about German politics and one of the latest sensations we have today here is Mr. Rahul Kumar from Kelsterbach. A dynamic politician from the FDP (Free Democratic Party), Rahul has created history by becoming the FIRST Indian to hold the esteemed designation of State Councillor in Germany. 

    Appointed in 2016, Mr. Rahul is the present State Councillor of Frankfurt Kelsterbach and is also the youngest German citizen with Indian roots ever to hold that prestigious position. By education, Kumar is a computer scientist and he has his own IT company. A widely popular political activist and a highly acclaimed orator, he commands a lot of followers across Germany and enjoys huge support from both German & Indian governments. He is also the honorary chairman of several social organizations nationwide.  

    Born in India, Mr. Kumar migrated to Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen with his family during his early childhood. His father, Mr. Raj Kumar used to work in a retail and wholesale unit in the country. Kumar completed his schooling from Otto Hahn School and later on moved to Technical University Darmstadt for his higher education.  

    A man of many parts, Mr. Kumar has worked for a wide range of industries including  banks, automotive sector and even medical sector. He had been the head of member  administration for 6 long years at German Association of Internal Medicine. Passionate  about medicine since childhood, the Councillor had been a regular author of the famous medical science journal „Der Internist”. For 3 years now, he has been awarding seminars regularly on behalf of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Wiesbaden. 

    Mr. Kumar is also a partner of different health care units, including a nursing care chain in Frankfurt and a day-care center for seniors.

    Mr. Kumar is an elite member of the district executive committee of the FDP Gross-Gerau. A social activist by heart, the young Councillor is the managing director and  initiator of a leading children’s aid organization “KfK”. Since 2010, Mr. Rahul has been  organizing and conducting various cultural events across the Rhine-Main region. His  charitable projects including blood donation campaign in collaboration with the  German Red Cross, music school, tree planting etc. have met with tremendous  response. His “Sounds of Rainbow”, a music and dance event that he organized in  2016, was widely acknowledged and received a record number of 700 guests. 

    Mr. Kumar has been awarded with several prestigious honors from the who’s who of  both German and Indian politics. An epitome of dynamic charisma, huge academic acumen and great generosity.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: KFK
    Contact Person: Martin Wolf
    Phone: 0049610775788
    Address:Robert-Koch-Strasse 14
    City: 65479 Raunheim
    Country: Germany

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    Dare to be the first, the amazing advertisement of Oujiang International New Town appears in New York!

    At the end of 2017, a spectacular Chinese picture scroll appeared on the large screen of Times Square in New York amazingly!

    In the picture, the styles of Wenzhou were presented slowly, and the scene integrated with future and reality was also unfolded, which attracted the visitors worldwide to admire. It was the debut of Oujiang International New Town!

    Times Square in New York, honored as “Crossroads of the World”, is always the stage favored by top brands worldwide.

    Hi, I’m China was played there to give rise to a global sensation, a series of famous leading Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, JD all showed themselves to people all over the world there as well.


    Wenzhou moved towards the world before, the world comes back to Wenzhou today

    Since the reform and opening-up, people in Wenzhou have traveled to every corner around the world. Based on data, more than 600,000 Wenzhou merchants engage in trade in 131 countries and regions worldwide. It is a marketing network created by people in Wenzhou that covers the mainland and connects the world.

    Thus, Wenzhou is equipped with the most valuable resources and unique advantages as an international city.

    Oujiang International New Town is a great achievement of the development of both Wenzhou and Jinmao. It is not only designed to be famous as 8 bay areas around the world (Beverly Hills, LongIsland, Tokyo Bay, Double Bay in Sydney, Repulse Bay in Hong Kong, Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, Burau Bay in Malaysia and Noosa Bay in Brisbane), play an important role in innovation, congregation and radiation, but dedicated to becoming the new card of Wenzhou in “One Belt and One Road” of China, Western Taiwan Straits Metropolitan Area and other economic domains!

    World-class facilities of Oujiang International New Town, to further realize “New Wenzhou on sea”

    As a new approach for Wenzhou developing to the world, Oujiang International New Town is equipped with perfect supporting facilities. As for transportation, the project is adjacent to Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, where three major transportation modes through land, sea and air could be arranged densely, suburban express way is connected with other urban areas efficiently for convenience of residents. As for industry, Oujiang International New Town strives to develop Internet + industry innovation and introduces the high-level intelligent talents. As for education, the internationally famous Nord Anglia Education is introduced so as to offer the students in Wenzhou with the bilingual education mode most relevant to the world. Meanwhile, Oujiang International New Town would keep up with New Songdo City in South Korea and The Garden City in Singapore, and thereby become romantic and intelligent with flowers by virtue of natural resources and human resources of Ou River.

    In the future, Oujiang International New Town would not only belong to Wenzhou, but become an international new approach for times development and international exposure!

    The showing at Times Square in New York is a milestone for both Oujiangkou and Wenzhou, as well as an important step for China Jinmao Holdings Group Limited to develop to the world. It would continue to quicken the development speed of Wenzhou, moreover continuously improve the international popularity and influence of Oujiang International New Town. Let’s see the better future together in Oujiang International New Town!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: JinMao
    Contact Person: Pan Chen Qing
    Phone: 0577-88888899
    Country: China

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    In early December, PLYROCK appeared on the Times Square screen with featured e-cigarette smoke pictures to celebrate a sales breakthrough of 3 million in 2017, shinning on the “first screen in world” of NASDAQ and becoming a global spotlight.

    Seven-year experience witnesses our growth and development

    Since the establishment in 2010, PLYROCK has been loved by the public in virtue of its distinctive appearance design and superior product experience. The idea of “smoking is harmful” and healthy and happy life is impressive and widely remembered, thus making e-cigarette a popular substitute for normal cigarette to fulfill the social demands of smoker is exactly the tendency. PLYROCK took an advantage of this opportunity and built a R&D center in Silicon Valley, giving birth to the brand PLYROCK. It started mass production immediately and set up its operational headquarters in L.A. Through generations of R&D and product update, PLYROCK has been in top 3 in American e-cigarette industry with sizzling sales in America, Canada, London, France, Japan, China and other countries. Constantly improved brand system and new product launch make the sales volume exceed 3 million in 2017, accompanied by an increasing growth rate.

    Excellent products and superior experience

    The growth of sales is closely dependent on excellent product design and experience. All products of PLYROCK are designed by Asher Dynamics. Besides, as a reputed e-cigarette design company in America, Asher Dynamics also provides ideas, design, R&D and marketing service for Limitless, VGOD and other top brands. Supported by PLYROCK’s professional technology reserve, Asher Dynamics team analyzes huge sales data to acquire customers’ preference and the trend so as to develop a range of mature e-cigarettes, including concise and classic Vindica, Pulse with cool appearance, imini with satisfying taste and smoke… Taking users as the center, products as the core and utilizing diversifying market strategy and innovative experience, PLYROCK has created generations of popular classic products.

    Constantly improved international influence

    As a leader in e-cigarette industry, PLYROCK also takes an active part in sports circles cooperation, philanthropy and global commercial trade. PLYROCK invited “Iron Man” A. C. Green JR., member of Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, to be the healthy substitute cigarette global ambassador to further promote the healthy and popular substitute cigarette lifestyle, which aroused wide attention.

    This time, PLYROCK landed on “cross roads of the world” as the leading brand of e-cigarette industry, which is not only a record for the sales breakthrough of 3 million in 2017, but also a persistence of the idea “higher quality and healthier smoke”. New record represents a new start. PLYROCK will keep focusing on strengthening brand system and product experience, making new breakthroughs in future development and providing high-quality service for more users.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ply Rock Electronic Cigarettes
    Contact Person: Iris Chan
    Phone: 0086-4006475122
    Country: United States

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    Why You Should Choose a Local SEO Company

    The whole concept of SEO can be very confusing for some people. SEO means for search engine optimization. Basically, this means that if you hire Montreal SEO Company, your website (whether it’s marketing computers, jewelry or an advertisement for a spa repair service) will appear higher than the main one’s search engine. If a customer is trying to find one of your products, he will first see your website. The benefits of SEO are obvious. The more traffic to your website means more sales potential that matches more money in your pocket.

    When a company optimizes its search engine, the company benefits in two ways.

    • First, the fact that their website appeared in the search options. People do not go to the 20th page of Google when they make their jewelry purchases.

    • The second advantage comes from the fact that the company must optimize the search engine. Google gives points to a website when websites contain links to this site, known as backlinks.

    The more backlinks on a website, the more points, and the higher it looks. These backlinks usually come in the form of articles with information about the company and then a link to the company. Thus, all articles written for a company will also appear in the search engine. Thus, a customer not only gets a higher search rate than he also gets hundreds of articles directly related to his website.

    One thing that people do not really consider when getting a search engine optimization company is the amount of knowledge that the company has with what it will try to sell. For example, if someone is trying to optimize a New Montreal Company that is repairing local fences, the company doing the optimization needs to know some things. First, he should have a good knowledge of the company and its environment. For example, if there was a local outbreak of people around the fence, the company that did the optimization needs to know about it. If they have a specific name called a new company, call them, adding that name to an article that improves search is a great way to get potential customers.

    People are attracted by what they know

    When they find an article or advertisement that uses words they understand will be more likely to be connected to an article that is more likely to click on the link. Using the local language and using events that happen in one place is a great way to attract customers. That’s why choosing Montreal SEO Company services for a local business is a great idea.

    When I say locally, I do not really mean that you should live in the same place as the company you work with. What is the local way is that the website you are trying to optimize should be based on the same general location that the SEO Company is working on? Most SEO companies have a dedicated team of article writers who meet a building every day for work. These people speak the same language as the company they are trying to optimize. This means that local people in search of their local jeweler will be interested in getting acquainted with the supply of local article writers.

    If you are still confused as to why local SEO companies are better, think of it this way. If search engine optimization is not about writing articles, and if the only benefit a company gets is the largest amount of research, local businesses are worthless.

    Montreal SEO Company

    Montreal SEO Company is a SEO Company in Montreal, Canada. They have many professional SEO experts that are ready to make your Company Number One in Google Search Engine which will bring more revenue into your business wallets. You can reach them today via their official website for your Keyword Research, Onsite SEO, Sales Optimizations etc.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Montreal SEO Company
    Contact Person: Jesse Waheed
    Phone: 438 476-5286
    Address:5/2770 sherbrookeest
    City: Montreal
    State: Quebec
    Country: Canada

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    NEW YORK, NY – 6 Dec, 2017 – The second-annual International Film Festival & Awards: Macao (IFFAM) will take place December 8-14, 2017 in Macao, China. Sponsored by the Macao Government Tourism Office among other notable partners, the festival strives to excite both local and international guests alike, showcasing Macao as a destination where Chinese and Asian industries meet to explore the best of new films from Asia and beyond. 

    President of the IFFAM Organizing Committee Senna Fernandes expressed, “IFFAM is such a young and vibrant film festival brimming with new possibilities and potentials to tap into. We aspire to tailor a high-quality program fueled by fresh new elements to fascinate our audience, as we strive for the vision to forge IFFAM into a prestigious brand in the world.” 

    Opening Film to offer a good laugh

    On the night of the Opening Ceremony, family movie “Paddington 2” will be shown as the Opening Film, starring Hugh Grant in this sequel of the widely acclaimed movie “Paddington” (2014), based on the well-loved character in the United Kingdom – Paddington the Bear.

    Over 40 international films come into spotlight

    In this edition, more than 40 international films will be screened through the Competition section, Gala, Flying Daggers, Best of Fest Panorama, “Crossfire”, Special Presentation and more. 10 films are selected to pit against each other in the Competition section, including “Beast” (UK), “The Cakemaker” (Israel/Germany), “Custody” (France), “Foxtrot” (Israel/Germany/France/ Switzerland), “The Hungry” (UK/India), “Borg McEnroe” (Sweden/Denmark/Finland), “Hunting Season” (Argentina/USA/France/Germany/Qatar), “My Pure Land” (UK), “Three Peaks” (Germany/Italy) and “Wrath of Silence” (China). UK war film “Journey’s End” will be featured in the Gala section; while 2 Hollywood films – “The Shape of Water” and “Suburbicon”, both being screened in the 74th Venice International Film Festival, will be shown in the Hollywood Special Presentation section. The “Crossfire” will present classic genre films selected by 6 heavyweight directors, namely Shekhar Kapur (India), Im Sang Soo (Korea), Penek Ratanaruang (Thailand), Martin Koolhoven (Netherland), Guillermo Del Toro (Mexico) and Ivan Sen (Australia). Furthermore, directed by Macao director, “Love is Colder than Death” will be screened in the Macao Special Presentation section. To go in line with the recent designation of Macao as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, the Organizing Committee specifically arranged two movies related to gastronomy to be shown during the Film Festival: “The Last Recipe” and “The Cakemaker”.

    Strong jury lineup

    This year’s international jury comprises 5 distinguished figures, presided by French director Laurent Cantet. President Cantet attended the Institut Des Hautes Études Cinématographiques and received the Palme d’Or for his film “Entre les murs” at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, in addition to the César Award. Other jury members include famed Chinese American actress Joan Chen, Austrian director Jessica Hausner, United Kingdom author Lawrence Osborne and Singaporean director Royston Tan. With their expertise, the jury will select winners for Best Film, Jury Prize, Best Director, Best Actor Award, Best Actress Award, Award for Best New Young Actor or Actress, Award for Best Screenplay, Award for Best Technical Contribution and other awards from the 10 films in the Competition section.

    IFFAM features internationally-famous stars as Talent Ambassadors

    The Organizing Committee proudly announced during the press conference that internationally-famous action star Donnie Yen and rising Korean star D.O. will also come into the spotlight as Talent Ambassadors in the upcoming Film Festival, following Hollywood star Jeremy Renner, who starred as Hawkeye in the Marvel film, and famous film actress in Asia, Miriam Yeung. All four Talent Ambassadors are prominent film stars with their own respective accomplishments in the Chinese and Western film industries. Jeremy Renner, D.O. and Miriam Yeung will be attending the Opening Ceremony, while Donnie Yen will mark his presence at the Award Ceremony on 14 December.

    Two Masterclasses unfold a vast world of potentials

    The highly-anticipated Masterclasses will explore innovative film elements and tap into new potentials, helping young people to venture forth into the world of films and reach their dreams. A highlight in the inaugural edition of IFFAM, the Masterclasses provided an interactive exchange platform for industry professionals and local audience. Carrying on this year, the Masterclasses have invited internationally-acclaimed film director John Woo and famous Hong Kong director Pang Ho-Cheung to share their skills and experiences as keynote speakers and help young aspirers to gain insights into filmmaking and a deeper understanding of the film industry. Through sharing and dialogues, the Masterclasses will inspire young minds for the advantage of the industry.

    Nurturing local new blood with the British Film Institute

    Following the success of the BFI Film Academy Project co-organized by IFFAM and the British Film Institute (BFI) last year, the upcoming Film Festival will once again offer this film-shooting training program, providing opportunities for budding local filmmakers to engage in international filmmaking experience and exchange perspectives with their European counterparts, thus fostering cultural exchange, broadening their mindset and diversifying their professional development. 24 of Macao’s most promising young filmmakers will participate in this program working together to produce two short films. They will be led by industry professionals from the BFI. Students will be offered a specific role based on their skill and experience, and work together to produce two films that will be screened at the IFFAM. Participants will have 9 days and a small production budget to produce the films.

    Supporting Local View Power to grow local filmmaking talent

    With the direction of “New Platform, New Perspectives” in mind, IFFAM offers full support to the latest edition of Local View Power by offering a platform to screen the outstanding works supported by this program. Organized by the Macao Cultural Centre, Local View Power has supported more than 90 local film productions in the last decade. The Film Festival will include these local films supported by the Local View Power program for the first time, with the aspiration to help promising local filmmakers in their pursuit of dreams to create innovative film works, encourage local youth to pursue career paths as independent filmmakers and impel the local film industry to move forward.

    Over 400 film industry professionals and media to attend the Industry Hub

    This year’s IFFAM Industry Hub will be held in the Macao Cultural Centre, offering a platform for industry professionals to exchange with one another and tap into the vast business opportunities of the industry together. The Organizing Committee will invite over 250 industry professionals from more than 20 countries and regions in addition to 165 media from 36 countries and regions to participate in the event.


    Films in the IFFAM program will be shown to the public at Macao Cultural Centre, Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre, and Cinematheque Passion. Residents and visitors can buy the film tickets through or at the screening venues during the Film Festival. 

    For more details of the 2nd IFFAM, please visit

    About Macao, China:

    A former Portuguese enclave located on the Pearl River Delta in southern China, Macao is the result of cultural exchange between Europe and China spanning over 400 years. Like Hong Kong, Macao is a Special Administration Region (SAR) of China. It is easily accessible from the US, with connecting flights into its international airport, and via Hong Kong, which is less than 40 miles away and only an hour via high-speed ferry.

    For more information, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Macao Government Tourism Office, USA
    Contact Person: Shannon Troy
    Phone: 6462270690
    Country: United States

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    OEMs Can Cut Traditional Hydraulic Technology Cost In Half With An All-In-One Actuator For Diverse Applications.

    OHIO, USA – 6 Dec, 2017 – Kyntronics introduced an all-in-one Electro Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) that can be adapted to meet OEMs’ requirements in a range of industries and applications. The compact, self-contained package offers high, efficient force and power on-demand. It delivers precision motion control with simple controls, along with programmable software for setup and installation.

    “We developed the Kyntronics EHA to provide a solution for OEMs that need a higher-force actuator contained in a small working envelope and a demand for more precision control for higher-force applications,” says Carl Richter, vice president of Kyntronics, a motion control and actuator specialist. “We’re responding to the demands of OEMs that, across the board, are seeking greater energy efficiency, simple integration and cost-effective package solutions.”

    Kyntronics EHA’s fully self-contained design means there’s no external hoses, pumps or components that can increase the probability of fluid escape and stall efficiency. Less is more: The simplified, contained construction can stand up to rugged conditions and is appropriate for clean environments. 

    “The EHA is ideal for many diverse markets and applications,” Richter says. Industries benefiting from the Kyntronics EHA include OEMs making equipment for medical imaging, the military, metal fabrication, energy and mobile. Additionally, the all-in-one EHA can be adapted to meet a range of requirements. “Out-of-box solutions are restricting, which is why we offer a range of modular actuation ‘building blocks’ developed by our team of engineers so you can adapt an actuation product or entire system to your specifications,” Richter says. 

    With trends in automation focused on increasing productivity, solutions like Kyntronics EHA address demands for less maintenance, higher efficiency, advanced connectivity, lower weight and a more compact package. EHA is an emerging technology, and the availability of a compact solution addresses the challenges OEMs face today. “The Kyntronics EHA costs up to 50% less than traditional hydraulic solutions because we eliminate the hose, central pump and other infrastructure that adds to complexity and cost,” Richter says. “OEMs can measure the difference with the Kyntronics EHA.”

    About Kyntronics

    Kyntronics motion control experts have extensive experience in the medical, aerospace and industrial markets. An in-house team of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software engineers bring deep experience to the table to solve challenging actuation application problems.

    Learn more at or call 855.596.8765 for more information.

    Photo Caption:

    Kyntronics self-contained electro-hydraulic actuator eliminates external hoses, pumps and other hydraulic infrastructure components, saving OEMs up to 50% compared to traditional hydraulic solutions.

    Learn more at or call 855.596.8765 for more information. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Marshfield Group
    Contact Person: Thomas Mitchell
    Phone: 440-974-8448
    Country: United States

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    Cork, Ireland – Drumm Carpentry Cork is delighted to announce that they have updated and completely revamped their kitchen fitting page. As one of the most renowned kitchen fitting companies in Cork, the company is constantly busy fitting all of the latest modern kitchens, and so they felt it was important to display some of their most recent installations on their website. The kitchen industry is constantly evolving and coming up with new designs which are not only beautiful to look at but make better use of storage and improved placement of electricity points.

    When people visit a company’s website, it not only provides them with an opportunity to see the workmanship which that company can produce, but it might also offer ideas and inspiration for the visitor. The new page which can be viewed at demonstrates the high standards delivered by Drumm carpentry and explains their growing reputation as one of the leading kitchen fitters in Cork.

    “When it comes to any business, we firmly believe that reputation is everything,” said Darren Drumm, the owner of Drumm Carpentry. “We have worked hard over the years to establish our reputation, based on integrity, honesty, and first-class workmanship. We take great pride in that reputation with many people recommending us to their friends and family as the best kitchen fitters in Cork.” We are always looking for new ways to demonstrate our work, and so we decided to update the kitchen fitting page with examples of some of our most recent work. We are delighted with the results and have already noticed an increase in enquiries as a result.”

    Drumm Carpentry is a family owned and operated company, specialising in kitchen fitting. With over ten years of experience in the industry, they have both the experience and knowledge to deal with any kitchen installation regardless of size or complexity. They always complete the work on time and with a minimum of disruption, ensuring that the kitchen is left clean and tidy. They aim to be seen as one of Corks leading small home builders and home renovators. They also believe that using a local business provider ensures continuity and a better working relationship between the client and the builder.

    For more information about the company or to book a no-obligation quote visit their website at 

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Drumm Carpentry Cork
    Contact Person: Darren Drumm
    Phone: 085 8864792
    Address:Main Street, Newmarket
    City: Cork
    State: P51H2C3
    Country: Ireland

    0 0 has made the Gourmet Sweet Course available online to enable readers earn extra income working from home, and achieve a better work-life balance running a rewarding business whilst spending more time with the family. The various elements of the course include learning how to make brigadeiros (Brazilian Chocolate Truffles) and brownies, and how to calculate profit margins.’s Gourmet Sweet Course has been very successful in that it has changed the lives of many women where they have learnt how to make cakes and sweets and sell them, and, as a result, build successful businesses. This is in spite of the fact that none of them were professionals, to begin with.

    In addition to learning how to make candy, the Gourmet Sweet Course aims to teach students how to sell products, how to use social media platforms such as Facebook to advertise and promote products, how to make cakes and sweets, learn a wide range of recipes, and how to set prices high enough to cover the costs of production and make a profit.

    The Gourmet Sweet Course was created by Clarissa Sousa, talented makers and seller of cakes and sweets. She succeeded in turning her life around through her candy business, allowing her to earn a substantial income, pay her university tuition and household bills. Sousa started the course so that she could share her success.

    The Gourmet Sweet Course is aimed at women who want to work from home, earn extra income, run their own business, making people happy through offering them delicious sweets, increase family income, and be able to afford more vacations. To enrol and complete the course, individuals only need a computer or cell phone, Internet access, and a willingness to learn. The Gourmet Sweet Course is conducted completely online.

    The course contents include making gourmet brigadeiros, brownies, Italian Straw, and cakes in a pot. The course also includes a series of bonuses such as the importance of appearance of the sweet, designing a company logo, developing a menu, designing a business card, and how to advertise the business in social media.

    Interested readers can find out more at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Gourmetonline
    Contact Person: Rachel Belitardo
    Phone: +57 3164469012
    Address:Travessa Silva Bittencourt 361
    City: Varginha
    State: Minas Gerais 37002-065
    Country: Brazil

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    Hip-hop music is hot in China, bringing the talents.

    (YuYao Gao)

    Recently, a child star has attracted attention in China, and she published a very interesting rap song: “Freestyle In the Girl’s Dorm”. Thousands of reposts were received on weibo just one day. The song is sung by a girl named Yuyao Gao, who is only 12 years old. She is a talented child star since childhood, and she has lots of perform experiences on CCTV, local TV and other important events. There are countless art awards she has got. Apart from a great singer, she also has the talent on acting. She got a role in the TV Situation Sitcom “family with children”, and also directed and acted in many children’s micro-films by herself.

    (YuYao Gao)

    Today, Yuyao Gao has been influenced by the hip-hop, and learning rap with the China hip-hop leader group – XinJieKou Band.It’s amazing that under the guidance of her teacher she finished the whole song independently as the generation after 00’s.

    Her performance means that the first post-00 rapper enters the Chinese music industry and is now the youngest female rapper to officially release her single rap song. More and more children are fond of hip-hop with the support of their parents. In the past the choices were folk music and main stream music.


    The new era is quite unexpected.

    We are expecting hip-hop will be flourishing in China and perhaps make a bigger surprise for the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FINANCE NEWS CO., LTD.
    Contact Person: JANE SMITH
    Phone: 01-267-4706518
    Address:SUITE 2701, 1398 MARKET STREET
    State: PA 19100
    Country: United States

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    2017 Big Ben Award and Global Outstanding Persons Selection Charity Ceremony & The 14th World Elite Young Leaders Summit Launching by (from left), Professor Jonsson Li (Founder of Big Ben Award, Chair of British Chinese Youth Federation), Stanley Tse (Chairman of See Woo Group, 2016 Big Ben Award Winner), Zhuqi KE (President of UK Jiangxi Association, 2016 Big Ben Award Winner), Lady Henrietta Rous, PRINCESS KATARINA, Lord Dominick, Baron Steven Von Kohorn, Baroness Anette Von Kohorn, David Tyler (Chairman of Sainsbury’s, Hammerson, and Domestic and General, former non-executive director of Burberry).

    2017 Big Ben Award UK Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Persons Prize Winners and Award Presenters. From left: David Scowsill (CEO of EON Reality Inc. and Former President and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council WTTC), Lindsay Xujia LIU(winner), Martin Cullingford (Editor and Publisher of Gramophone), Zhe ZHENG (winner), David Tyler (Chairman of Sainsbury’s, Hammerson, and Domestic and General, former non-executive director of Burberry), Di XIAO (winner), Yue HE (winner), Jiafeng CHEN (winner), Lu WANG (winner), Councillor John Aldridge (Chairman of Essex County Council), Botagoz Hopkinson (Founder and Chairwoman of the Conservative Friends of Eurasia), Yaoying WANG (winner), Hong ZHANG (winner), Joseph Pui Sing Wu (winner), Lady Henrietta Rous, Sisi LIN (winner), Si WANG (2010 & 2016 BBA Winner), Jonsson Li (Founder of Big Ben Award, Chair of British Chinese Youth Federation).


    Yiu Lam Andrew Tse won the 2017 Big Ben Award Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Persons Prize. From left: Jonsson Li (Founder of Big Ben Award, Chair of British Chinese Youth Federation), Yiu Lam Andrew Tse, Baron Steven Von Kohorn, Baroness Anette Von Kohorn.


    Parts of 2017 Art Big Ben Award Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Designers Prize Winners and Award Presenters. From left: Botagoz Hopkinson (Founder and Chairwoman of the Conservative Friends of Eurasia), Chunqing LI (winner), Baroness Anette Von Kohorn, Xuhuimei WANG (winner), Baron Steven Von Kohorn, Fenglin GAO (winner), Prof. Jonsson Li (Founder of Big Ben Award, Chair of British Chinese Youth Federation), Lu WANG (winner), Lady Oxmantown, Molly Irene Samuel-Leport MBE (World Champion of Karate).

    On the end of November 2017, the 2017 Big Ben Award and Global Outstanding Persons Selection Charity Ceremony & The 14th World Elite Young Leaders Summit was successful hold at St James’s Sussex Gardens in London. In the welcoming speech, the executive Chairwoman of British Chinese Youth Federation and Deputy Director of Big Ben Award British Committee, Crystal Leung mentioned the greeting message from the office of No. 10 Downing Street by Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    In the keynote speeches, Lord Dominick spoke favourably of theme of Big Ben Award and expressed his suggestion for the future development on behalf of the House of Lords. David Tyler, Chairman of Sainsbury’s, Hammerson, and Domestic and General, former non-executive director of Burberry gave the wonderful speech for the audience by their international experience and encouragement for the young persons.

    The 2017 Big Ben Award Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Persons Prize winners include celebrity host Jiong HE, Marcus C W LEE (The Member of the Council of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Yiu Lam Andrew Tse (Chairman of the UK Chinese Sports Game and Princes College London), Olympic Champion Aisen CHEN, Qiaodan Sport CEO Zhennian NI, Investor Quan REN, Fiji Daily chief editor Honglian YANG, Opera Singer Beibei WANG, Taiwan lawyer Alan Chien, Australian Entrepreneur Ruimou WU.

    Yiu Lam Andrew Tse expressed his appreciation for the Big Ben Award for recognizing his work. . In his keynote speech, Yiu Lam Andrew Tse mention: I am so grateful tonight for your support and the endorsement this award represents. BBA Chairman, members of the award judge panel, friends and members of the entrepreneurial family, I am very honoured to receive this award alongside our very rich mix of young entrepreneurs and successful people here. This motives me to push myself harder, to sharpen my tools and to better my craft in order to contribute more for our society. I wouldn’t have achieved anything alone. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me getting to this point. I would like to thank my parents for taking me to the UK 25 years ago to give their kid a better education and wider opportunity in life. I want to thank my wife, we will be together for 17 years this Christmas, you are the centre of my life and I’m so grateful for our two amazing children. I would leave you with a quote by ‘Emil Motycka’ which says ‘The earlier you start, the more time you have to mess up’. Thank you once again for the honour and your investment in today’s youth.

    The 2017 Big Ben Award UK Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Persons Prize winners include media professional Lindsay Xujia LIU, Pianist Di XIAO, Violist Professor Jiafeng CHEN, Designer Diana Lu WANG (cooperating with Cartier, Chopard, and etc.), Pianist Yaoying WANG, Cellist Hong ZHANG, Charity Community Volunteer Joseph Pui Sing WU, Entrepreneur Sisi LIN, former BBC writer Yue HE, Zhe ZHENG.

    The 2017 Art Big Ben Award Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Designers Prize winners include Diana Lu WANG, Alexander WANG, Mingzi YE, Baobao WAN, Wenyong HUANG, Chunqing LI, Fenglin GAO, Hong Zhu, Xuhuimei WANG, Furong QIU.

    Diana Lu WANG, the award winner of UK-TOCYP and TOCY Designer Prize, had a keynote speech after being presented the Crystal BIG BEN AWARD Trophy. She said, “First of all. I would like to thank Big Ben Awards for having me. It’s an honor to be selected as Ten Outstanding Young Chinese person.Thank you dear Princess Katarina. Congratulations to all other award winners. As they said, China’s future depends on us. I might do well, but this achievement could not be received without my family. They send me to the boarding school in UK 15 years ago. Just as many other Chinese parents, they did their best to raise me up as a self-confident independent young women. Here please allow me to pass my gratitude to my parents. I’ve been known by the Chinese Haute Couture designer. I started my brand: Diana Wang 4 years ago, and had co-operations with Chopard, Cartier High Jewelry Collection. Yesterday I had a Christmas party in Hong Kong with Harrods, and my team are having another events with them in shanghai right now. The whole world pay attention on China and of course our young generation. I would keep pursuing my dream in the International stage as Chinese. Just like President Xi Jinping said that we have the same dream and join effect together to make the world stronger!”

    The 2017 Big Ben Award Great China Ten Outstanding Young Returnees Prize winners include Taylor Tie ZHENG (Austria/USA) from China World Trade Centre, Xiaoxiao Shirley FU (Principal of Manchester University China office), Xin Zhang (CCTV/Oxford University), Ariel Fuming TANG (Singapore/Canada), Wensong TANG (UK), Singer Jackson Wang (Hong Kong/ Korea), Actress Shuying JIANG (UK), Yuefei QIN (Yale University), Kongbin PAN (Army Officer/UK), professional Yucheng BA (Sweden).

    The 2017 Big Ben Award Asia/Africa/Oceania Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Persons Prize winners include Artiste Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (Thailand), entreprenure Yi HE (China), policeman Jie ZHANG (China), Student MarioHo (Macao), media professional Sam Yan Leung (Hong Kong), Kai Fu Cliff WOO from Profess international Ltd (Hong Kong), C H Chen (Taiwan), Voice of China (West Africa) Weekly chief editor Hao JIN (Coate d’Ivoire), Oscar Academy Award winner for The Lost Thing Shaun TAN (Australia), Artiste /Author/Producer/painter/designer Edmund Chen (Singapore).

    The 2017 Big Ben Award Europe/America Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Persons Prize include:

    Weiming SHI (Deputy officer of 20th District Paris France), pianist Sa CHEN (Germany), charity community contributor Y L Wong (Canada), youth entrepreneurship tutor ZM Sun (Canada), Actor Archie David KAO (USA), Emerging Explorers Jimmy Chin (USA), Ning YAN (Princeton University), LAPD Captain Jennifer Thomas (USA), World Champion Michelle Wingshan Kwan (USA), Cassandra Lin (USA) originally from Chinese Taipei. ​​​​

    Christian Vinante Giovannini, Foreign and Commonwealth Council Executive Committee Member and Westminster Italian Conservatives Founder Chairman, won the International Network Prize of 2017 Big Ben Award. Dr.Maurizio Bragagni from Italy won the personal honor of International Business Leadership Prize of 2017 Golden Mulberry Big Ben Award and enterprise honor for his international firm, Tratos Ltd (Italy), which won the Golden Era Belt & Road Special Contribution Prize. Angelica Anton won the International Expansion Achievement Prize of 2017 Big Ben Award. Peter Knapp won the International Music Contribution Prize of 2017 Golden Unicorn (music) Big Ben Award. The honor of European Chinese Distinguished Women Prize of 2017 Big Ben Award was presented to Tina L K GIAM from Greece.

    The 2017 Art Big Ben Award gave the prizes for Ji CHEN (from Fuzhou Fujian), who won the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Protection and Inheritance Contribution Prize and The Gold Medal of Chinese Calligraphy Works. Zhiyong HU, originally from the porcelain capital Jingdezhen, won the Most Admired Cultural Relic Appraiser. The Most Admired Chinese Young Potter Prize belongs to Wenyong HUANG, Furong QIU, Zuliang XU. The other winners include Dawei Liu (Belt and Road Painting Prize, Chairman of China Artists Association), Jiang XU (Belt and Road Painting Prize, President of China Academy of Art), Peter Doig (Belt and Road Painting Prize), Shishu SU (Belt and Road Chinese Calligraphy Prize, Chaiman of China Calligraphers Association), Jiang YOU ((Belt and Road Chinese Calligraphy Prize, President of US China Press), Weishan WU (Belt and Road Sculpture Prize), Maojie GUO (Belt and Road Sculpture Prize), Xiliang WANG (Belt and Road Arts and Crafts & Design Prize), Meilin HAN(Belt and Road Arts and Crafts & Design Prize), Yanqin SHI (Belt and Road Arts and Crafts & Design Prize), Jiayi Clara HE (Most Admired Young Illustrator), and etc.

    In the Ranking List of Cities, the 2017 Big Ben Award gave the honor to Jiangmen, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen, Lhasa, London, Hong Kong, New York and etc. The Brands Ranking List includes the Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Coca-Cola, Bentley, Haagen Dazs, Kentucky, Microsoft, apple, Patek Philippe, Alibaba, Adidas, Amazon, Septwolves, Exception, Daphne, KC100, ImPerial, Jiangxiaobai, HeyTea, WestMaster (Xishaoye), Pechoin, and etc.

    Lang Ping, the world well-known volleyball coach, won the 2017 Hercules Big Ben Award Lifetime Achievement Prize and one of the winners of Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Coaches Prize. The other awards include the Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Athletes Prize (Ting ZHU – volleyball, Aisen CHEN – diving, Jike ZHANG – table tennis, Zetao NING – swimming, Long MA – table tennis, Bingtian SU – track and field, Jie KE – go chess, Ho-Pin Tung – racing car Holland, Alex Hua Tian – equestrian UK/China, Nathan Ghar-jun Adrian – swimming USA; Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Coaches Prize (Xian WANG -Tai Chi, Shuguang JIA – figure skating, Hongbo ZHAO – figure skating, Ngaz den Bayar – wrestle, Jianmin GUAN – karate, Zhihua Hu – diving, Liang Qiao – artistic gymnastics, Li LI – track and field, Daniel Vasile Petrescu – football Russia), Annual Outstanding Contributor Prize (Jihong ZHOU – diving), Annual Leap-forward Development Athlete Prize (Han YAN – figure skating), Annual New Generation Athlete Prize (Andong SONG – ice hockey), Belt and Road Special Contribution of Sport Prize (Bin ZHANG – CCTV), Most Admired Sport News Contribution Prize (Jingjing LIU – CCTV), Most Admired Sport Meida Contribution Prize (Xiquan ZHANG – CCTV), and etc.

    As the world leading entrepreneur, Jack MA (Ma Yun) recently working with Faye Wong for the song “Feng Qing Yang” won the 2017 Golden Unicorn Big Ben Award Most Admired Positive Energy Transboundary Prize. Zhouling YE from Fujian got the International Charity Contribution Prize of 2017 Big Ben Award with Chow Yun Fat, Louis Tin Lok Koo, and Ray Leung-wai Lui. Woon Wing Yip OBE Got the Lifelong Achievement Prize for his charity and business contribution for the British society, especially for the Asian community.

    The other Golden Mulberry Big Ben Award gave to Ou ZHANG (Belt and Road Special Contribution Prize – Media Professional CCTV and Scholar Expert for the Master Monk Xuanzang), The Association of Shuangshui Education Promotion (Most Admired Charity Organization Prize), Hiking for Caring the Water Environment of Mountainous Countryside by Fujian Youth Development Foundation (Most Admired Charity Project), CITIC Bank (Most Admired Bank Prize), China Taiping ((Most Admired Bank Prize), China Development Bank Securities (Most Admired Securities Prize), Goldman Sachs (Most Admired Investment Banking Prize), Ernst & Young (Most Admired Accounting and Auditing Prize), Fujian Xilong Law Firm (Most Admired Law Firm Prize), Evergrande Group (Most Admired Social Responsibility Enterprise Prize), Huawei China and Wing Yip Plc UK (Most Admired Business Contribution Prize), Alliance Manchester Business School and the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University – Tsinghua PBCSF (Most Admired MBA Education Prize), Yoomaa Technology (Most Admired Business Potential Development Prize), Hongxin News – Chengdu Media Group (Most Admired New Media Prize), Fashion Group (Most Admired Fashion Media Prize), Mingzhu DONG – Gree (Most Admired Female Business Leader Prize), Jianliang LI – Beijing Information Science & Technology University (Most Admired Economist Prize), Mingto YU – Taiwan (Most Admired Financier Prize), Zewang NI – Shenzhen Capital Group (Most Admired Investor Prize), Kai-Fu Lee – Sinovation Ventures (Most Admired Angel Investor Prize), Guojie HE – OVC Fund & Dajian CAI – SZGIG (Most Admired Venture Capitalist Prize), Xudong QIAO – Shenzhen Capital Group (Most Admired Venture Capital Research Expert Prize), Junfeng LI – Central University of Finance and Economics (Most Admired Young Economist Prize), Lei CHEN – China Development Bank (Most Admired Young Financier Prize), Ningyu LAN – Angel Crunch (Most Admired Young Angel Investor Prize), Yunyue HE – Pu He Capital & Xiaowei ZHANG – Shenzhen Capital Group (Most Admired Young Venture Capitalist Prize), Yi HE – Binance (Most Admired Start-up Founder Prize), Hao ZOU – TSImage (Most Admired Innovation Representative Prize), Shuo QIN – Chin @ Moments and Feihao SHEN – Shanghai Securities News, Sam Yan Leung – Hong Kong (Most Admired Finance and Business New Media Innovation Prize), Ze QING – Author of Transparent State Cheng Ming Zhi Jing (Most Admired Finance and Business Writer Prize), Beijing United Publishing Co. Ltd (Most Admired Publishing House Prize), To Pixar And Beyond by Lawrence Levy & Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre & What’s Yours Is Mine: Against the Sharing Economy by Tom Slee & The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Greeks Created the Digital Revolution by Walter Isaacson with other books (Ten Best Finance and Business Books Prize), Mannie Manhong LIU – Key Founder of China Venture Capital Research – USA/China (Liftlong Achievement of Academy Prize),  Lee Man Tat – Lee Kum Kee – Hong Kong (Liftlong Achievement of Business Prize).

    The Golden Unicorn (movie, music, TV, video, photography) Big Ben Award winners include Yimou ZHANG, Jackie CHAN, Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Ziyi ZHANG, Jet Li Lianjie, Han HAN, Han XIAO, Bingbing FAN, Eddie Peng Yu-yen, Chen YAO, Mason LEE, Jacky Heung, Leon Lai-ming, Kung-Yung Chai, Bo TIAN, Ning ZHONG, Tong LIU, Tingting YAO, Chao DENG, Zijian DONG, Yang SUN (Olympic Games Champion), Natalie Tang (TVB), Shuying ZHANG, Ge HU, Han LU, Yixin TANG, Yang LI, Lu LI, Xiquan ZHANG, Xiaochen ZHANG, Xiao Cai Qi, Shengnan JIANG, Xiaoping WANG, Yuxin YAN, Xin JIN, Changjian JIANG, Ning LIANG, Yue ZHAO, Hong HAN, Yue ZHANG, Li SUN, Xi CHEN, Dongdong DONG, Lei HAN, Yingrong JIANG, Mo XU, Yixing ZHANG, Maoshan LI, Ji’an TANG, Yongzheng WU, Qingqing LI, Wei-Chung WANG – Taiwan, Kegeng LIU(Most Admired Press Photographer Prize), Mo XIE (Most Admired Graphic Photographer Prize), Man CHEN (Most Admired Fashion Photographer), Sohu Video, BTime, Yi Zhi Bo, Liying ZHAO, Michael Miu Kiu-wai, Yuxi ZHANG, Yijie YU, Chao LIU, Jolin Tsai, Yuchun LI, Xilin WANG, Jingqing XU, Buyi MAO, Leah DOU, Mayday, Chopstick Brother, Jeff Cheung, Feifei WANG, Li CHEN, Lei ZHAO, Greeny WU Tsing-fong, Shen ZHOU, Albert Leung, Tracy Huang, and etc.

    The volunteer in the ceremony include the hosts Ning Adelina ZHANG (also as the Overall Planning Director), Lindsay Xujia LIU, Max Percy, Jacky Keqi WANG, Tiantian XIE. the general director Hedi NONG, executive director Hang YU, Zihan ZHOU, media manager Yubin JIANG, deputy director Fei ZUO, deputy director Yixin SUN, stage manager Xuewei BAI, Yuan FANG, deputy stage manager Kechen YING, assistant to director Peiting Luo, Hao SHENG, Liao CHEN, Yan WU, photographers and media groups members Yiming YANG, Zhenyu GE, Yixuan LU, Zeyu WANG, backstage group members Nanan SHI, Junjie ZHONG, Runlong YU, Jianqiao ZENG, and etc.

    The award ceremony started with winners Jiafeng CHEN, Yaoying WANG, and Hong ZHANG by the Haydn Piano Trio in G H.XV No. 25“Gypsy” and the piano solo with the winner Di XIAO for Colourful Clouds Chasing A Silver Moon (Jianzhong WANG) and Alborada Del Gracioso (Ravel). During the middle time, there were the Cello Solo Suite No 1 Prelude (Bach) by winner Hong ZHANG, Violin & Piano Meditation from Thais (Massanet) by Jiafeng CHEN and Hong ZHANG, piano solo Image One Reflets dans l’eau (Debussy) by Yaoying WANG. In the final part, the BBA-GTOCYP award winner Beibei WANG did the opera highlight with A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge (Yinghai LI) and Tacea la note placida from IL TROVATORE (Verdi), with the piano By Yaoying WANG.

    British Chinese Youth Federation, the global coordinator and one of the organizations, presented a Chinese Calligraphy Art of Work for Essex County Council and British Chinese Youth Federation Essex, by Yinya Jonsson Li, Chair of BCYF and Councillor John Aldridge, Chairman of Essex County Council. Also the BCYF and Big Ben Award and Global Outstanding Selection Committee (BBA Committee) forward three Jianzhan Beacon Teacups (artworks by the 2017 Big Ben Award winners Master Crafters Wenyong HUANG, Furong QIU, and Zuliang XU) as gifts for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip by Princess Katarina.

    The Most Admired China Practicing Belt and Road Outstanding Cities by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is Jiangmen, Xi ‘an, hangzhou, xiamen, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Beijing, Zigong, Chengdu, Jinan, Shanghai, Yanan, Yinchuan, Qingdao, Chongqing, Urumqi, Haikou, Lanzhou, Shenzhen, Nanchang. The Most Admired Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation City by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is Chongqing, Hangzhou, Jiangmen, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Mianyang, Chengdu, Kunming, Shenyang, Hefei, Changsha, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Quanzhou. The Most Admired China Tourism Destination City by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is Xiamen, Hangzhou, Lhasa, Shangri-La, Dunhuang, Beijing, Chenzhou, Fuzhou, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Tai’an, Kashi, Dali, Hohhot, Taiyuan, Liuzhou, Changchun, Guang’an, Zhangjiajie, Changsha. The Most Admired World Tourism Destination City by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Havana, Vienna, Tokyo, Venice, Bangkok, Bali Island, Athens, Dubai, Budapest, Singapore, Los Angeles, Suva, Rome, Montreal, Sydney, Seoul.

    The Most Admired Global Fashion Brand by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Cartire, Hermes, Dior, Guccio Gucci, Laurent, Prada, Burberry, Givenchy, Versace, Calvin Klein, Patek Philippe, Cerruti, Swarovski, Hugo Boss, L’Oreal, Dunhill, Mont Blanc. The Most Admired China Fashion Brand by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is Septwolves, Exception, Daphne, Mo&Co, Lilanz, Lancy, Hei Lan Home, JNBY, Lining, Easiesoft, Bo, Guirenniao, Jeyre, Youngor, Croquis, HIM uomo, Joyce, kwun Kee, Bosideng, OuView.

    The Most Admired Global Brand Influence by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is Coca-Cola, Bentley, Haagen Dazs, KFC, Microsoft, Apple, Patek Philippe, Alibaba, Adidas, Amazon, Starbucks, Hermes, Disney, Shiseido, McDonald’s, Rolls-Royce, Intel, Pepsi, GM, Cartire. The Most Admired China Brand Influence by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is Pehchaolin, Alibaba, Gree, Ping An, Tencent, Baidu, Haier, Quanjude, Moutai, Vanke, Changan Automobile, FAW Red Flag, Yunnan Baiyao, Jinlongyu, Changyu, Huawei, Midea, Suning, Wahaha, JD. The Most Admired China New Generation Brand Influence by International Young Persons Ranking List in turn is KC100, ImPerial, Jiangxiaobai, HeyTea, WestMaster (Xishaoye), Flower+, Unawares, Randian, C2H4 LA,The Beast, PomCo, N3XISM_STUDIO, Dankegongyu, Sanzhisongshu, Winshares, Gooheavens, Yimendaoke, Maidu & Liangzi, Facsimile for Fmacm, PureJoy.

    Started from the last century, the Big Ben Award focuses on offering a platform which helps to build moral models for young people. The BBA committee hopes to play a significant role in inspiring the next generation in order to help the young persons to rebuild the values towards the world, the society and lives which will encourage them to take the responsibility of revitalizing China and the world in the future. Furthermore, the Big Ben Award will utilize the resources both from overseas to connect China with the world neatly and tightly, to build an irreplaceable stage where the people can realize their personal values and serve the country and push the nation to stand out in the world.

    The selection principle is to praise those who contribute greatly at work and to the society and set up the role models in different fields and industries. Also, it will create an caring atmosphere that the society value and regard highly the talents in the charity community and encourage more youth to work harder, create borderer and contribute more selflessly. Meanwhile, the Big Ben Awards hearten the youth to join the social service and take responsibility of making the society better.

    Likewise, this year Big Ben has drawn attention not only from both UK and China, but also from the Europe to America, from Africa, Asia to Oceania. The theme of the Big Ben Award 2017 is about protecting culutre relics, ecological environment and youth development. The charity will donate to the charities including the British Chinese Youth development Fund, Sun Yat-sen Youth League, Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Overseas Chinese Cultural Relics Protection foundation, Chinese Youth Development Foundation, and etc.

    The Big Ben Award helps more people understand Chinese business, culture and development. The aim of Big Ben Award and BCYF is to establish and promote models of high achievers amongst China and the world. The Big Ben Award Committee has established models of excellence amongst youths in various fields, such as technology, economy, education, culture, medical, sport, and etc. It has attracted strong response and helped to create an atmosphere of valuable talent in Chinese society across the world, and will also encourage greater entrepreneurial enthusiasm amongst youth. The award winners include the Olympic Champion DENG Yaping, Sing Talent Eason Chan, Pianist LI Yundi, TV Host WANG Han, Lyricist Vicent Wenshan FANG, Community Volunteer Siuhung Perry FUNG, Civil Servant Jim Chu, Journalist Sun Tielin, Engineer HU Ruyi, Snooker Player DING Junhui/ Marco Fu, Violinist Vanessa-Mae, Fashion Consultant Gok Wan, Celebrity Wendi DENG, and etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Leading Oriental News
    Contact Person: Johnny Cheung
    Country: China

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    Moscow, Russia – December 7, 2017 – RMC Group’s currency pre-sales for the groundbreaking Sunrise s11i miner have topped $20 million, with orders stretching all the way to June 2018, following company’s presentation at CoinDesk’s 3d annual blockchain technology summit Consensus in New York City.

    RMC Group’s 16 nanometer Sunrise s11i for mining bitcoin is a formidable new entrant into the mining hardware space. List priced at $1,600, the miner offers a 5 month ROI with a 3 year warranty, as opposed to 12 months and less that a year warranty from the competition. RMCG’s order book currently has $20 million in hard contracts for 2017, with $100 million more orders stretching until June 2018. RMCG starts shipping Sunrise s11i on December 25th, 2017.

    RMCG is now selling Sunrise s11i for currency, not only for its tokens. The geography of Sunrise s11i sales speaks volumes to the industry issues that RMCG has addressed with its business model and product line, as RMCG customers come from all over the world including China, Georgia and the United States, markets traditionally dominated by RMCG competitors.

    “We are a Russian distributed mining company productizing a chipset based on Russian Multicellular Architecture, with the goal to empower miners around the world with the technology and equipment of the highest industrial grade at a fraction of the cost,” said Dmitri Marinichev, RMCG founder and Russian Federation’s Internet Ombudsman. “As our business success follows our ICO success, it’s worth reminding our tokenholders and our new customers that besides super-charging blockchain industry with 22st century technology, we develop our products and business processes with the values of libertarianism and authority decentralization at heart, which is why they “hit the spot,” as they say.”

    RMCG’s token exchange resulted in over $47 million in RMC Coin sales. The funds were attracted to finish development and to launch an ultra efficient line of bitcoin miners, of which Sunrise s11i is the first one, which would be based on non-Von Neumann architecture chipset initially developed for altcoin mining. The chipset, Multiclet S1, is based on 28 nanometer semiconductor device fabrication node which supports a four cell chipset architecture. The cells support dynamic reconfiguration, ensuring up to 220 times less that competition energy consumption with superior output characteristics.

    To keep its miner product line competitive, RMCG operates four integrated business units on a truly industrial scale out of a converted automotive manufacturing factory in downtown Moscow: an R&D unit working on MultiClet chipset evolution, an end-to-end miner manufacturing unit, a chipset fabrication unit and a miner-specific HVAC unit. RMCG also supports a robust ecosystem of partners, which help unlock new business opportunities and add value to RMC tokenholders, companies like MyCelium, its wallet used by 190,000 crypto-buyers around the world, or RMCG’s own Joint Mining Club, which consists of RMC coin token holders and receives 20 percent of the output from every miner sold by RMCG.

    “With 10 Megawatt worth of Sunrise s11i shipping monthly, we are confident RMCG will fully execute its business plan for 2017-2018 exactly as it was presented in our white paper this summer,” said Marinichev. “We are proud to start this year’s holiday season by shipping bleeding edge blockchain technology equipment that is “Made in Russia’.”

    About RMCG

    Closely held, Moscow-based Russian Mining Company Group is a full cycle R&D, development, initial production, full-scale manufacturing and management mining equipment provider, its products built on a proprietary multicellular architecture chipset with unique energy efficiency characteristics. Part of Moscow Technopolis community of companies, RMCG has four business units, which are separate companies united into a single holding company. These companies are: MultiClet, SmartHeat, Radius Group and Goodwin. RMCG publicly announced product line consists of Sunrise s11i and 28 nm MultiClet miners.

    Contact: Max Smetannikov, Nona Perez, MVG for RMCG, +1 646 205 7030,

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MVG
    Contact Person: Max Smetannikov
    Phone: +1 646 205 7030
    Country: United States

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    AUSTIN, TX – 7 Dec, 2017 – iRunway, a technology research firm specializing in patent licensing and litigation, has released a product teardown and IP analysis report on the iPhone 8 Plus. The report maps the hardware improvements in iPhone over the years, with a spotlight on core hardware for iPhone 8 Plus. It also takes a comprehensive look at Apple Inc.’s patent portfolio in the U.S., analyzing the company’s research and development trends in iPhone. 

    The iPhone 8 Plus has the 3G RAM edge over iPhone 8, that forms an integral part of iRunway’s technical and product teardown analysis. Like the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus is also powered by the hexa core Apple A11 Bionic SoC processor. iRunway’s study showcases die-level images of the A11 bionic SoC that is channeled via Apple’s new Image Signal Processors (ISPs). It analyzes specific improvements for Apple’s camera technology, especially on ISPs. The A11 allows for improved processing of pixels, reduction in picture noise and quicker focus in low-light. This SoC is capable of executing 600 billion operations per second, and is likely to play a key role in face detection which is a predominant feature of the iPhone X. Apple’s focus on enhancing its processor technology is evident with the company’s in-house developed M11 coprocessor included in the iPhone 8 Plus.

    The iPhone 8 Plus model analyzed by iRunway included a Qualcomm WTR5975 Gigabit Radio Frequency integrated transceiver that includes Carrier Aggregation and MIMO on a single chip. However, it should be noted that some versions of the iPhone 8 Plus, seemed instead, to use two PMB5757 RF transceivers.

    iRunway’s analysis of Apple’s smartphone related patents suggested a strong focus towards developing radio frequency, camera technology and display screen technology. Apple’s enhancements to the A11 power-efficient bionic processor also plays a key role in improving its research in battery technology, powering the iPhone to optimize the iOS platform.

    Click here to read the report.

    About iRunway

    iRunway helps corporations, law firms and universities unlock and protect the value of patents by combining technology expertise with practical business insights to monetize patent portfolios and improve licensing and litigation outcomes. iRunway also provides imaging, teardown, circuit extraction, semiconductor construction analysis, testing and other reverse engineering lab capabilities, intended to aid its clients in obtaining compelling evidence with lower cost of evidence.  

    iRunway has offices in Austin, San Jose, Denver and Bangalore (India). For more information about the company’s reverse engineering solutions, consulting model and in-depth analysis, visit

    ­­­For more information, write to­­­

    Media Contact
    Company Name: IRunway Inc.
    Contact Person: Keerthana Venkatesh
    Phone: 9945449085
    Country: United States

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    MUMBAI, INDIA – 7 Dec, 2017 – Varsha Naik of Navrang Dance Academy, New Jersey launched first ever ‘USA Dance Day’. USA Dance Day is a unique dance platform where dances from all over the world come together on one single platform promoting unity, Harmony and brotherhood between people. To further add more value to ‘USA Dance Day’ Varsha joint hands with Bollywood celebrity choreographer Sandip Soparrkar’s National Award winning initiative ‘Dance for a Cause’, the event took place at the prestigious J.P Stevens High School in Edison, New Jersey

    The theme of the show was ‘Stop Acid Attack on Women’. Acid attack not only happens in India but in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia, Italy and UK as well as in the United States and other parts of the world. The event started with Beautiful Anthem of both the countries USA and India followed by the Ganesh Vandana ( A prayer said before starting anything new and positive) USA Dance Day had around 15 performances where varied dance forms like -Ballet, Bollywood, Garbha, Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Chinese, Hip-hop, contemporary, Pakistani, Jazz and many more were showcased. It was wonderful to witness various cultures from different parts of the world coming together for a cause.

    The Chief Guest of the ‘USA Dance Day – Dance for a Cause’ was – Ms. Monica Mahendra Singh who is an acid attack survivor herself. She is a strong woman and successful fashionista and an UN Women Global Youth Champion, speaking out against gender-based violence and using fashion to empower and encourage survivors to pursue their dreams. Naik also thanked the community at the press conference for the support and encouragement for the event. “The event is gaining a lot of momentum on social media already and we have participation entries from some well-known dance institutes and individuals too. Keeping in mind all the wonderful and passionate participants who have already registered we are sure the audience and the community are going to enjoy and have a great time,” Naik said.

    Special Guests like padmashree H.R.Shah(CEO TV Asia), Antonio N. Sabas – American Politician & Philanthropist, Megumi N. Sabas (Founding member of Freedom of Choice USA), Mr .Gulshan Chhabra ,Dr. Daniel Sussot (M.D., MPH, Specialist on General Preventive Medicine & Public Health), Prakash Patil (Mr India United Nations), Promila Suri from United Nations, Jyoti Singh from Atijeevan Foundation, Haleh Darabnia (a renowned social activist), Madhu Valli (Miss India Worldwide 2017) and many others were thrilled to see amazing performances and spoke about the issue on acid Attack.

    Honourable Mayor of Edison Township, New Jersey, Mr Thomas Lankey honoured Sandip Soparrkar with a Proclamation for his contributions to the art of dance and humanitarian efforts on behalf of the less fortunate. The musical drama performed by Sandip Soparrkar and Varsha Naik moved the audience. The act was so beautifully enacted and absolutely heart wrenching with a perfect message to create awareness on Acid Attack brought tears to many. Dance and Music is universal and connects people across the world.  American Dance Studios, Sowparnika Dance Academy, Centre for Kuchipudi ,Berwinart. FalunDafa , Zumba dance fitness  along with country participation like India, China , Hongkong, Pakistan , took part in International Dance Concert  to awareness  about Dance for a cause for this year “Acid Attack “

    As a closing note Varsha Naik said, ‘Navrang Dance Academy promises to continue Dance for a Cause every year and we promise that each year we will try n bring to light various causes that are prevalent in the society.’

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Pigeon Media
    Contact Person: Abhishek Dubey
    Phone: +91 9699384240
    Country: United States

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    PHILADELPHIA, PA – 7 Dec, 2017 –

    Ictus International Music Competition is pleased to announce its first online trumpet competition that is open internationally to trumpeters of all ages. More than $3500 of prize money is available and all prize winners will be featured on the competition’s website,  Applications are due by June 1st, 2018.

    Described by David Bilger of the Philadelphia Orchestra as “democratizing music competitions”, Ictus International Music Competition was founded to make international competitions more accessible by having the application and selection process take place online, eliminating prohibitive travel costs. Additionally, the competition provides free educational resources to the public through the creation of interview and performance videos of its internationally-renowned panel of judges. These interviews provide insights into the judges’ careers, practical tips on how to practice, and what they listen for when adjudicating.

    The 2018 trumpet competition finals jury consists of:

    • David Bilger – Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra; trumpet faculty at the Curtis Institute of Music and Temple University
    • Mary Elizabeth Bowden – Classical trumpeter and Gold Medal Global Music Award Winner; Resident Artist at North Carolina School of the Arts.
    • Frits Damrow – Principal Trumpet of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra from 1991-2010; Professor of trumpet at University of the Arts in Zurich, Switzerland (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste); and former trumpet teacher at Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
    • Brandon Ridenour – Virtuoso trumpeter and composer; winner of the 2014 Concert Artist’s Guild Victor Elmaleh Competition; and youngest member ever to join the Canadian Brass.

    Founder and President Alexander Serio says, “Most people don’t realize that many international competitions are only international in the sense that they include those who can obtain visas and pay the large travel costs (and sometimes conference fees or additional concert fees) to attend. While our trumpet competition does have an entry fee, the total cost to participate may be as little as one fifth or less of the cost of traveling and attending a live round of an international – or even a national – competition.”

     Additionally, this new trumpet competition hopes to expand the standard competition repertoire. Applicants will be allowed to submit works for trumpet and electronics, solo (unaccompanied) trumpet, trumpet and percussion, trumpet and orchestra, and transcriptions for trumpet and piano in addition to the standard works for trumpet and piano. 

    During its first year, Ictus International Music Competition was only open to bands/wind ensembles and orchestras and drew applicants from South Africa all the way up to Washington State. The first place winners received prize money and were featured on local TV news, newspapers, and classical music blogs. Each winner is featured along with their winning performance on The competition will be open to bands and orchestras again in 2018.

    To apply or learn more, visit or

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ictus Music, Inc.
    Contact Person: Alexander Serio
    Phone: 267-579-3909
    Country: United States

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