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    ORLANDO, FLORIDA – 2 Jun, 2017 – International Consulting Network Firm, a subsidiary of UnoRed, Inc., announces its strategic partnership with Nativity Pilgrimage to make traveling to the Holy Land a possibility for churches and ministries, so they may increase their finances to accomplish the mission that God Has given them.

    Nativity Pilgrimage—thanks to its extensive experience of over 20 years, providing tourism support to Christians, and the recent international agreements with Israel’s tourism department—makes this the perfect time to experience walking where Jesus walked, visiting the places the Apostles traveled, enriching each traveler’s theological knowledge, and of course, invigorating their faith.

    This strategic union between Nativity Pilgrimage and the ICNF provides contact with travel guides who have had the privilege of living in the hometown of our Lord Jesus Christ, and shows their city to the rest of the world; more than a job, this is a rewarding practice for each of them.

    The tour packages are completely customizable to each ministry’s intention and need; all of them include travel insurance, as well as the processing of all visas and permits.

    Plan your next trip with your church or ministry and discover the benefits of constructing unforgettable memories with your group or congregation, all the while raising the finances to fulfill the dream that God deposited on your heart.

    For more information, you can access or call 407-608-5488.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: International Consulting Network
    Contact Person: Odalis Soto
    Phone: 407-608-5488 option 1
    Country: United States

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    Rising Number Choose Deutsches Auto Service Center for Luxury Car Service in Dubai

    Deutsches Auto Service Center, a Dubai based luxury car service, has announced a growth in business.  The increasing need for top car service for high-end vehicles in UAE is thought to be spurred by the fact that German built automobiles are becoming wildly popular in the UAE and thus more individuals are seeking the best car service in Dubal to keep the prestigious vehicles properly attended. 

    “We take great pride in being the best car service in Dubai,” stated a Deutsches Auto Service Center representative.  “In fact, we are actually one of top car service in UAE as well.  We are specialists in maintaining, servicing and tuning European and luxury vehicles such as those with German engineering.  It is an honor that the owners trust us to be their luxury car service provider.  We are dedicated to excellence and complete customer satisfaction.”

    The rise in UAE ownership of foreign cars such as German engineered top-end vehicles has reached an all-time high.  It is estimated that 30% of the population own a luxury foreign made automobile.  Recently, the Dubai police force even added a German built Bugatti Veyron (the fastest car on earth) to their supercar fleet.  Owners of the vehicles now need a trusted luxury car service to keep their elite vehicles in optimal condition.  This has led to the obvious choice of best car service in Dubai being Deutsches Auto Service Center which accounts for their record rise in business.

    Deutsches Auto Service Center boasts a 10,000 square foot service area with a dedicated rolling road and engine room.  There are twelve service bays, each with a lift and the very latest in diagnostic equipment and the most modern software and hardware, direct from Germany, Italy and England so the technical support available is second to none.  Another factor setting the company as the top service in UAE is the fact that they are the only shop in the Middle East that has the latest Digital Dyno, a 4 wheel rolling road test cell. 

    With over twenty-five years in the business, High level service is available for such makes as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and most other luxury cars. The recent upswing in business points to a rise in luxury and foreign car ownership.

    To find out more about Deutsches Auto Service Center and why they are being hailed the top car service in UAE, visit their website or stop by in person at Unit 2-3 on the corner of 15th and 22nd Street in the Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Deutsches Auto Service Center
    Contact Person: Deutsches
    Phone: +971 4 323 2832
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    Golf course developers understand the challenging, hard work that can go into creating the perfect bunker. ZLINE Bunker Systems are answering the call, with the recent release of their expertly designed, cost effective, extremely durable bunker liner, quickly winning praise for its absolute dependability in creating first class bunkers that blow away expectations.

    HOUSTON,TEXAS – 3 Jun, 2017 – There’s no doubt at all that the golf course bunker is a big part of the game of golf, both in its visual appeal and when it comes to strategy and tactics.  Industry professionals in golf course construction and maintenance for over 25 years ZLINE Bunker Systems founders have developed what we feel is the best performing and most affordable solutions when it comes to providing the bunker liner kits needed to make sure golfers have the best experience possible playing on courses that use their products.  In exciting news, ZLINE Bunker Systems are more advanced than ever, using the latest patent pending industry breakthroughs to provide not just a better and easier to install bunker liner product, but also one that is being made available at quite an attractive price point, giving golf courses worldwide the ability to provide sustainable quality bunkers and protect their long-term investment.  Needless to say, excitement is high!

    “We are excited to offer what we feel is the dollar for dollar best performing and best value bunker liner system on the market. The price point and quality of this product will give golf courses the ability to install a product that can deliver a return on their investment in a shorter timeframe, while benefitting from the long-term sustainability and protection this product offers.” Jacquelyn Avila, Business Manager  Zline Bunker Systems

    A key difference the company presents is a custom designed liner manufactured out of a special blend of material that has proven itself to be a perfect fit for the task.  One of its major aims is to keep golf course owners’ expenses low, through its rugged nature that can withstand both the elements and the tests of time. Depending on the design of the course ZLINE Bunker Systems generally recommend one of two options.

    The first is a premium High Line option expertly engineered to hold sand on a slope of up to 33-degrees and to do its best to retain the sand during unfavorable weather conditions of all kinds.  The High Line liner features special crafted synthetic tufted fibers of different lengths, which serve to allow internal movement of water, while keeping the sand itself retained where it needs to be, preventing the need for colossal cleanups.  The holding capability of the High Line choice has been well reviewed and comes complete with a ten-year warranty.

    The second popular option from ZLINE Bunker Systems, is the Straight Line system, designed to deliver the same holding power of the premium choice up to around 20-degrees.  Using a different manufacturing process, the company can offer this option at a significantly lower price point and still backs it with an enthusiastic eight-year warranty.

    Potential clients considering which option would best meet their needs are encouraged to contact the highly motivated and knowledgeable team of ZLINE Bunker System Professionals who are always more than pleased to discuss a project and lend advice when needed.

    Both choices deliver common benefits highlighted by things like: greatly assisting holding sand on the slopes; delivering a stable bunker edges and a bunker floor;  delivers serious protection from both machines and golfers; extends the drainage lifespan and much, much more.

    “With our yearly rainfall average over 70 inches the last few years, we needed a bunker liner system that could handle heavy rain events and reduces labor costs. ZLine Bunker Systems was our solution. Amazed by the performance and affordability of this product.”

    Todd Stephens, CGCS
    Tour 18 Houston Superintendent 

    For more information or to schedule a quote be sure to visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Zline Bunker Systems
    Contact Person: Jacquelyn Avila
    Phone: 1-800-369-8451 x1
    Country: United States

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    LOS ANGELES, CA – 4 Jun, 2017 – Last week art investigators unveiled what could be a new portrait by Baroque master, Caravaggio. What makes the discovery even more fascinating is that the subject may be a never before seen portrait of the Italian Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci.

    Today, the NPI news organization has revealed exclusive video of the press conference at which noted British “Treasure Detective”, Curtis Dowling, presented the painting.  

    The painting is currently undergoing expert analysis but a fascinating background of the painting’s genesis has emerged. The artwork is believed to have been painted in either 1592 or 1596 when the young Caravaggio made his way to Rome hoping to make a name for himself and win commissions from Vatican patrons.

    Baroque biographers record that Caravaggio first found work in Rome in the studio of Lorenzo Siciliano, churning out “heads” of famous Renaissance figures at the rate of three per day. While scholars consider these paintings “hack work” for which the artist was paid one groat per piece – a pittance – Caravaggio’s brushwork, texture, colors, and use of chiaroscuro had nevertheless emerged.

    After several months Caravaggio moved to the studio of Antiveduto Grammatica where a stable of artists created portraits of important Renaissance figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Lorenzo de’ Medici.  Here, the young Caravaggio would have had access to artwork, sketches, and images depicting these figures. Experts speculate that Caravaggio may have been tasked with producing a portrait of Leonardo – a popular and revered subject who was closely studied during the Baroque period.

    Scholars note that this possible “Caravaggio” bears a striking resemblance to known imagery of Leonardo that would likely have been found in Grammatica’s studio.  For example, it is generally believed that a popular bronze statue by the artist Verrocchio featured a young Leonardo as the model for David.  And since knowledge of Leonardo’s life was still fresh, Grammatica and Caravaggio may have known that Leonardo wore his hair in bangs as depicted in his masterpiece “Adoration of the Magi” – just as it is depicted in this potential Caravaggio portrait of the Italian master.

    The painting has reportedly been hanging on the walls of an Italian villa near the Tuscan town of Siena perhaps since the time it was painted. Experts say it appears to have suffered some degradation due to the dust, heat, humidity and cold of its hanging conditions. The painting appears to have been restored at sometime in the 20th century and seems to require further restoration

    Experts who are reviewing the painting say scientific analysis will be conducted for the next several months. Though scholars agree that the newly discovered painting would not be considered among Caravaggio’s greatest work, it would nevertheless be of great historical significance and would be a major art event whose value could reach into the $100 million range.

    Further Information:

    NPI is a news organization covering art, culture, entertainment and trends.

    Inquiries regarding the news conference and presentation may be sent to:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: NPI news
    Contact Person: News Press International
    Country: United States

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    Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd is a HongKong company that is involved in manufacture of a wide range of LED Lights. They have products suiting almost all kinds of led strip lights requirements.

    LED lighting has transformed the way in which lighting is done at homes and offices. There are a number of companies that are involved in production of advanced LED lights needed Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd The products are featured on their website and are categorized under different categories. Each of these categories features a wide range of options that are available in different designs and capacities. The company caters to customers from across the world and is based in HongKong. They specialize in products like exterior led light fixtures that can definitely enhance the appearance of your house to a great level.

    They have their dedicated team of professionals who have years of experience in developing LED based products that are highly efficient. For instance the LED Smart controller is one such advanced option that the company is presently featuring that is capable of installing a LED home lighting system. Known as a smart way of lighting, it can be controlled using any iOS or Android powered devices. The system has been developed using high quality materials that are reliable and very easy to use. These are 100% water proof and can save up to 60% of energy. Products for park led lighting or underwater lighting solutions are probably the most efficient areas where the company has plethora of products to choose from.

    Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd features its exclusive collection of landscape led lighting

    Similarly, there are a number of options for purposes like landscape led lighting that can offer amazing looking gardens. With LED strips being used, these generally blend with any background with ease. Moreover, depending on the kind of power needed, they are available in different capacities too. In order to make a purchase from their website, customers will have to browse through the different products that have been featured under each category. Depending on the product they prefer, they can compare and select their preferred options.

    The orders are usually processed within 1-2 working days after receipt of the payments. To facilitate this, the company accepts payments from reliable platforms like PayPal, Credit Cards, and a number of other sources. Moreorer, each order is shipped using the services of reliable shipping service providers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. For any queries, customers can reach the company using the contact option featured on their website. DHL Free Shipping on order over $199.

    About Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd

    Superlightingled Optoelectronics(ASIA) Co.,Ltd is a supplier of a wide range of LED lighting systems. The company is based in HongKong and is involved in production of some amazing systems that are way ahead in terms of technology. For making a purchase or ordering them in bulk, customers can visit their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Superlightingled Optoelectronics (ASIA) Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jimmy
    Phone: +86 13410161367
    Country: HongKong

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    Thessaloniki, Greece Salvatore Zin, an online fashion store, is expanding its operations for its customers. The store has been operating as a website and online shop for three months now. Salvatore Zin envisions to be one of the top online sellers to “steal the heart” of female customers from different parts of the world. It lists quality, elegance, and style as among its top properties as a company, clearly seen in its dedication to bringing sophistication to women through their product offerings.

    “For Salvatore Zin each woman is unique and inimitable, so, wishing to honor that fact, we give the opportunity to savor the conception of shopping, as only we know how to attend,” says company representative. “Whether from your home, through our website, or through our store, Salvatore Zin promises you an unforgettable journey in the world of fashion where the leading part belongs exclusively to you.”

    Salvatore Zin also has other products offered on their online shop. The shoes, for example, can be seen in different varieties like heels, boots and booties, priced €150,00 and up. A few of the other products in the shop include trousers, sandals, bags, swimwear, lingerie, belts, cosmetics and hats. More products and services of Salvatore Zin can be found in this link: Customers can also visit the company’s brick and mortar store in Thessaloniki. The website of the online shop is user-friendly. It presents two options for the language of the user: Greek and UK English. Users can sort the products based on different criteria like color, size, and category. There is also an option to only show product choices based on a specific price range.

    The Salvatore Zin is a new, unique women’s fashion store that has been operating online for the past three months. They are prominent in the area for selling women’s clothes and dresses for a wide range of customers’ ages. The clothes that are sold by Salvatore Zin is for women of all ages. Whether the customer needs overcoats, blouses, jackets or dresses, Salvatore Zin has it all. The price of these items typically range from €78,00 to €190,00.

    The company has its main store and office at Tsimiski 72, 54622, Thessaloniki, Greece. Customers who want to know more about the products contact them via phone at 00302310228785.

    Their official website can be found at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Salvatore Zin
    Contact Person: Spokesperson
    Phone: 00302310228785
    Address:Tsimiski 72
    City: Thessaloniki
    Country: Greece

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    United States – 6th June, 2017 – Koogeek, manufacturer of innovative health devices and Apple Homekit enabled smart home products, introduces this unparalleled smart blood pressure monitor designed primarily for family. 

    It has awesome features that consist of Texas Instruments CC2541 Bluetooth chip which guarantees very accurate monitoring of blood pressure along with heart rate. The monitor allows dual connectivity through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with support data storage for a maximum of 16 users. 

    All measured datas are kept in the Koogeek cloud so you can check it anytime and this can be sent to the doctor for diagnosis. This has CE (European Conformity) certification; FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Declaration of Conformity; and approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

    Said apparatus is user-friendly as anyone can measure with a single click making it simple and convenient. The wide LCD screen display ensures hassle-free reading. It is compatible with Android and Internet Operating Systems as well as Apple’s health apps. 

    The effortless one-press function allows all users to get correct Diastolic and Systolic readings for BP and heart rate promptly. This is part of the smart blood pressure monitor Intelligent Compression Technology. The monitor has the capacity to preserve 20 sets of data and Koogeek cloud can preserve all the datas. The modern technology enables automatic inflation and deflation at the right level. Therefore, it delivers precise measurements. Even irregular heart beat is detected without difficulty. 

    To get the smart blood pressure monitor at a reduced price for certain duration, the company is giving a $32 discount off for those who visit the website Tomtop and Amazon. Readers simply have to click the link: and include the coupon code TTKSBP in putting 32 USD off after the code or click the link and include the coupon code 6LKLXWKS in putting 20 USD off after the code. This is considered a big incentive for customers. 

    Koogeek, one of the most reputable companies, is also a distributor of smart home products compatible with Apple Home Kit and unveiled recently at the CES 2017, international consumer electronics technology trade fair held every January of the year at Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, USA. 

    The upside of the technology is all products are controlled easily through SIRI computer program, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple (Watch). 

    In its effort to disseminate information about this smart blood pressure monitor in the market, the company has designed an interactive website and sent out business invitations for Business to Business or e-Biz to facilitate e-commerce exchange.

    About the Company

    Koogeek, a proponent of high-quality and healthy life, advocates the Smart Cloud Approach. This includes intelligent management; analysis of big data; heart monitor; personalized service; social media sharing; and, one-click shopping. 

    Through intelligent management, all users are able to connect with each other and manage the smart blood pressure monitor along with other gadgets making use of this cloud system. Big data analysis is based on different factors like users’ behavior and health information. The company’s customized service includes doctors and life assistants. 

    Consumers with additional inquiries can browse through the company website at for general concerns. 

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Robert
    Phone: 6265335288
    Address:14273 don Julian road
    City: City of Industry
    State: CA, 91746
    Country: United States

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    A Look at the Country’s Past and its Impact on the Lives of Romanians!

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL – 6 Jun, 2017 – Authors Matei Cazacu, Ioana Cre?oiu and Ladislau G. Hajos pull back the curtain on the early days of Romania’s Democracy, a rich and intriguing part of the country’s past that seemed to be lost in the pages of history, until now.

    When the name ‘Romania’ comes up in a conversation, it is usually referred to as the backdrop where Bram Stoker’s legendary creation ‘Dracula’ allegedly took place. That would only be testament to our parochial view of this otherwise culturally vibrant country with a gloomy and gothic past. But Romania is so much more than that. It is “A unique nation that invites and welcomes all cultures as if it were its own family members” as one of the authors of the book put it.

    The book, ‘Story of Our Generation – From Monarchy to Democracy’ touches on all aspects of Romania’s dodgy past, from the gritty and rampant criminality of the ruling parties to the affects of communism, and a revolution as seen through the eyes of a generation of Romanians.

    The authors have been diplomatically brutal with the way Romania’s generation “Children of the Republic” view the country’s history, which sadly, has not been as peaceful as its geography. When asked about the contexts of the book, one of the authors replied, “The book is a series of in-depth and personal accounts from a generation that grew up under four political regimes and survived, which makes for a riveting read.”

    Ladislau G. Hajos continued, “The idea to bring together all of our stories came after Matei, Ioana and myself decided to write about this important time in history, at the 50th year of graduating from Spiru Haret High School in 1964. It was very interesting to revisit that part of Romania’s history, and the part we all played in it, and the way those experiences had shaped all of our lives. In short, the concept of the book is an examination of the interplay of social/political turbulence on a generation of students. This, I feel has been accomplished in the book.”

    During the launch, Hajos said, “The impact of growing up in a country where there was constant change couched in secrecy, is isolation. With isolation, there is paralysis. Each of us thought that we were alone in the trauma that we experienced. As a result, there was little chance to change the system. We lived in fear. We lived in secrecy. We lived with chaos. We lived with the belief that we were unable to affect the revolution.”

    The feeling of isolation and overwhelming hopelessness that comes along with a country torn to pieces has been described beautifully in ‘Story of Our Generation – From Monarchy to Democracies.’ The book is available now and is worth a read for history buffs, students of history and all those who are interested in learning more about the fascinating dynamics and complexities of Southeastern Europe in the 50s and 60s.

    Authors’ Bio

    Ladislau G. Hajos: Born in 1946 in Bucharest, he has lived in Bucharest and the USA. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He is presently retired and living in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has written two autobiographies that have been published in the USA. He can be reached at or by phone 856.305.3601.

    Matei Cazacu: Born in 1946 in Sinaia, Romania. He holds a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Bucharest. He earned a PhD in the history and civilization of the Byzantine and post- Byzantine world from the University of Paris I – Panthéon.  He has written a number of books and articles on history.

    Ioana Cretoiu (Casassovici): Born in 1946 in Bucharest and currently lives in Romania. She has studied architecture and was an active participant of the rebirth of the country after the political changes of 1989. She studied Political Science from the University of Bucharest and has taken part in various projects aimed at the civic and political participation of women in the EU.

    Available on

    List Price: $24.95

    6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 
    Black & White on Cream paper
    528 pages

    ISBN-13: 978-1543184839 
    ISBN-10: 1543184839 
    BISAC: History / Europe / General,
    Biography & Autobiography / Cultural Heritage

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Ladislau Hajos
    Phone: 856.305.3601
    Country: United States

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    Recently, GearBest ( has launched a TV Box promotion and released quite some coupon codes for the hot TV Box models on its platform. Today, we will introduce MECOOL KI PRO TV Box (S905D, 2GB + 16GB) and its coupon code (which you can use for a $10 discount when you buy this model within this month.)

    MECOOL KI PRO TV Box (S905D, 2GB + 16GB) at $78.99
    Coupon: GBMKIP (valid until June 30, 2017)

    Mecool Ki Pro is not just a TV Box, and it also has a TV tuner. This means that the device supports standards DVB-T2 and DVB-S2. The specially designed two modulators allow to simultaneously record the broadcast, while watching. The device is designed in traditional black color. It is 13.00 x 12.00 x 3.20 cm in dimension and has 163g weight.

    Mecool KI Pro specifications:

    CPU: Amlogic S905D Quad 64-bit Cortex-A53

    GPU: Penta Mali-450

    RAM: 2GB DDR4

    TOM: 16GB EMMC Flash

    OS: Android 7.1

    Ethernet: 10/100M/1000M RGMII

    WiFi: Built in 2.4G/5G  WiFi  Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac

    Blutooth: Bluetooth 4.1

    Video Decorde: H.265 4K @60fps 10btis, VP9  Profile 2

    As a main stream TV Box model, MECOOL KI PRO runs with 2GB of DDR4 RAM , 16GB of eMMc storage memory. The external storage is up to 32GB. Powerful Bluetooth 4.1 LE and dual band WIFI (2.4G + 5G) help to make the connectivity easy. We don’t need to specially mention USB 2.0 ports, microSD card reader, Gigabit network connector, HDMI 2.0 port and SPDIF optical audio output, etc., because many models have these. What attract TVBMA most is the design, which is said to be a award-winning work from a master. This is why TVBMA recommends this model.

    Check again:

    MECOOL KI PRO TV Box (S905D, 2GB + 16GB) at $78.99
    Coupon: GBMKIP (valid until June 30, 2017)

    About MECOOL

    MECOOL KI PRO TV Box comes from VideoStrong company that has become popular among people around the world for its high quality TV Boxes, some of which are equipped with DVT-T or DVB-S. The company has built a high quality management team with professional, creative, and enterprising spirit.

    About Top 10 TV Boxes

    Top 10 TV Boxes ( a technical blog about TV BOX products including other electronic gadgets, tech knockoffs, and more. The team of Top 10 TV Boxes is the folks working hard to provide in-depth reporting, commentary and a daily dose of TV BOX and other electronics news for readers worldwide.

    Click for more:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TVBMA
    Contact Person: JOHN
    Phone: 1-530-395-2035
    Country: United States

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    ACCRA, GHANA – 6 Jun, 2017 –

    N. Dowuona & Company, a dynamic legal and strategic international advisory firm based in Accra, Ghana has been recognized as a TOP TIER FIRM in Ghana in the practice areas of Commercial, Corporate and M&A and Infrastructure projects by The Legal 500 EMEA 2017’s guide to outstanding lawyers and firms in Europe, Middle East & Africa. The Legal 500 Series is an independent guide widely acknowledged as the world’s largest legal referral source. The Legal 500 rankings are based on the results of extensive research and the merits of law firms in over 82 countries worldwide. N. Dowuona & Company has been ranked by The Legal 500 since 2015 and this year two senior members of the team have been included in the rankings as leading law practitioners in Ghana.

    NanaAma Botchway-Dowuona, the founder of N. Dowuona & Company is the only woman listed as one of The Legal 500 EMEA 2017 six elite “Leading Lawyers” in Ghana. Botchway-Dowuona has extensive experience advising organizations in Ghana, throughout Africa, Europe, and the US such as Kingdom Zephyr, a premier pan-African private equity fund manager, Kingdom Hotel Investments, Databank Agrifund Manager, the Volta Lake Transport Company, and Brainworks Capital in the areas of corporate and commercial, and property and construction, and energy and infrastructure. The Legal 500 EMEA 2017 included Abla Masoperh, a senior counsel at N. Dowuona & Company who specializes in the areas of banking, finance and dispute resolution, as one of four “Next Generation Lawyers” in Ghana. Prior to joining N. Dowuona & Company, Masoperh was Head Corporate Counsel and Company Secretary of Access Bank (Ghana) Limited where she oversaw the legal aspects of the merger of Access Bank (Ghana) Limited and Intercontinental Bank Ghana Limited, the first bank merger in the Ghanaian market.

    “Having N. Dowuona & Company recognized by The Legal 500, an entity that has been analysing the capabilities of law firms across the world for nearly 30 years, is truly a testament to the commitment of our team of creative and dedicated legal professionals who provide excellent advice and exceptional value to our clients,” shares Botchway-Dowuona who is a graduate of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School Undergraduate Program, New York University’s Stern School of Business, where she received an MBA in Finance and Accounting and Columbia University School of Law, where she received a JD and was named a James Kent Scholar, the highest honor awarded in recognition of excellent academic performance.

    “The Legal 500 highlights the teams that are providing the most cutting edge and innovative advice to corporate counsel in over 82 countries. At N. Dowuona & Company we work tirelessly to find innovative, effective and efficient solutions for our clients and it is very gratifying to receive this wonderful recognition for our efforts,” adds Masoperh who has advised local and international companies such as Delta Airlines, Diageo, Ghana Commercial Bank, and US Exim Bank and the successful mergers of Ashanti Goldfields and Anglogold, Guinness Ghana Limited and Ghana Breweries Limited, Mobil Ghana Limited and Total Ghana Limited and the acquisition of Western Telesystems Limited (the second national telecoms operator in Ghana) by Celtel V. S. 

    Since 1991, The Legal 500 EMEA has been providing readers with an annually updated, impartial, third-party opinion on the leading law firms and lawyers in countries across the region. “Our research is conducted annually, providing a detailed qualitative assessment of various factors including work conducted by law firms over the past 12 months and historically; experience and depth of teams; specialisms and ancillary services; and, importantly, opinions of law firms’ clients,” cites The Legal 500 EMEA editorial team.

    N. Dowuona & Company is the only woman -owned and operated firm in Ghana to be included on the Legal 500 EMEA 2017 guide.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sun in Leo Global
    Contact Person: Mel Mu
    Phone: 718 514 2219
    Country: Ghana

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    Large, Medium, and Pocket Size Boost Oxygen canisters are available in attractive and informational point of sale packaging.
    Boost Oxygen brings the benefits of oxygen to consumers in the United States and in ten countries across the world. Based in Milford, Connecticut, Boost Oxygen is the leading manufacturer of portable, lightweight, 95% pure aviators breathing oxygen canisters. It is used by people visiting high altitude locations, professional and amateur athletes, and famous celebrities alike. Founded in 2006, Boost Oxygen is currently the best selling and most trusted oxygen canister brand in the world.

    Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen is a Connecticut-based privately held company. The company was created to fill a need that has been underserved in the United States: bringing the benefits of supplemental and recreational oxygen to those who can benefit from its use. Athletes use supplemental oxygen to improve their performance and reduce recovery time, other uses are to aid in adjustment to higher altitude, as an aid to improve focus and mental acuity, as a hangover remedy, and many others. Boost Oxygen is currently distributed in all 50 of the United States and are available in ten countries around the world.

    Boost Oxygen is 95% Pure Oxygen (the other 5% is just normal ambient air – no propellants, chemicals, or artificial ingredients) packaged in convenient, easy to use, and portable canisters. As a consumer product Boost Oxygen does not require a prescription for use and is safe for all consumers to use.

    Boost Oxygen is available in two convenient sizes and four aromatherapy scents. The large canister, with a patented integrated mask, contains six liters of oxygen, which provides between 120 and 150 average inhalations per can. The small pocket size, with a patent pending inhaler style actuator, holds two liters of oxygen, which is about 35 – 45 average inhalations.

    In addition to our unscented Natural product, Boost Oxygen is available in Peppermint, Menthol Eucalyptus, and Pink Grapefruit. The aromatherapy scents are 100% natural water based derivatives of essential oils, and are completely safe for use.

    Boost Oxygen is available in many fine retail locations, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Kroger grocery brands, and many other sporting goods, grocery, pharmacy, and specialty outlets. It is also available online at Amazon and other e-tailers.

    As summer approaches, Boost Oxygen is the perfect addition to summer fun. Whether you are going hiking, camping, mountain biking, golfing, or just going to the park Boost Oxygen is there to help you get the most out of whatever you love to do. The next time you head out, pick up a can or two. You’ll be glad that you did!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Boost Oxygen LLC
    Contact Person: Mike Grice
    Phone: 203-331-8100
    Country: United States

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    SOUTH GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK – 6 Jun, 2017 – Erbessd Reliability Instruments Corporation of South Glens Falls, New York the creator of the DigivibeMX® series of machine health analyzers, EI-Series™ Balancing Machines, and EI-Alignment™ range of machinery laser alignment products is proud to announce the release of EI-WISER™ the latest in Wireless Vibration Analysis and Balancing Technology.

    Michael Howard, President & CEO of Erbessd Reliability Instruments Corporation said “For a variety of reasons including analyst safety, productivity, and convenience the industrial machine reliability market has long needed a technically superior, cost effective wireless sensor solution for route based vibration analysis, and field balancing. The EI-WISER™ wireless accelerometer system seamlessly integrates with existing DigivibeMX® software, and delivers uncompromising power for the most demanding users. I am incredibly confident that the Erbessd group has, without question, created the benchmark for the industry; balancing technical specification, analyst capability and acquisition costs.”

    The EI-WISER™ wireless vibration analysis and dynamic balancing platform utilizes low power accelerometer technology, off the shelf batteries (including the rechargeable type), integrated intelligent power management features that maximize battery life, IP67 and MIL-SPEC810G protection, and powerful 24-bit analog-to-digital signal processing. 

    Headquartered in South Glens Falls, New York, Erbessd Reliability Instruments Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and supports advanced machine health analytical systems that diagnose and correct machine reliability problems. Masters of Machine Health Analytics, the Erbessd Group leverages over 35-years of experience to deliver the very best, easiest to implement and use vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, online machine monitoring, and laser alignment products for industry globally.

    To learn more visit

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Erbessd Reliability Instruments Corporation
    Contact Person: Meghan McCane-Howard
    Phone: 1-518-874-2700
    Country: United States

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    Former VP at Mercado Libre poised to take Movile through its next phases of growth

    SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – 6 Jun, 2017 – Movile is pleased to announce it has hired Helisson Lemos as its new COO. Lemos joins Movile at a time when the company holds a strong position in Latin America in O2O (Online-to-Offline) mobile marketplaces. He will support the Movile ecosystem of companies to accelerate growth in areas where Movile has made strong investments in the past several years including food delivery, tickets, content, and logistics.

    Lemos has 17 years of experience in online products and services and has been leading the Mercado Libre operations in Brazil.

    “I’m very excited to join Movile and be a part of an ambitious dream, solid business plan and aggressive growth business” said Lemos. “Movile has a vast opportunity to scale their businesses as an ecosystem, finding operational synergies between our companies to accelerate growth and increase performance. My former experience working in a public company and supporting a global marketplaces business will help to bring operational efficiency to the company.”

    Business Momentum

    Over the past four years, Movile has experienced significant growth and transformation. The company has its roots as a VAS market working with mobile carriers to distribute content to feature phones and has grown to more than 100M monthly active customers using its ecosystem of O2O companies to make their lives easier each day.

    About Movile

    Movile is a leader in mobile marketplaces and our big dream is to make life better for 1 billion people through our apps. We’ll accomplish that by working with people who are completely passionate to achieve this dream, empowered to build new businesses with global potential and driven to take risks to learn as fast as we grow.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: JSY PR & Marketing
    Contact Person: Jarie Bolander
    Country: United States

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    Motivational workout team B+S Fitness bring Boney M Tunes to both beginners and the experienced fitness workout.

    LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 6 Jun, 2017 – About half of the adults in the United Kingdom reported taking part in any amount of exercise in the previous four weeks, according to the Health & Social Care Information Centre. This statistic is a stark reality for many people who find themselves too busy to be more active in their lives. Work, family, being tired, and no drive are common concerns cited for not exercising.

    “An active lifestyle is very important for adults 30+ years old. We have created a program with basic exercise moves which are suitable for beginners wanting to improve their physical health. Many people don’t exercise due to lack of interest or motivation, with Fitness to Boney M Tunes we have great re-recorded music remixed in a style suitable for motivating fitness goals. If you remember the Boney M band then you will love Fitness to Boney M Tunes.” – Maria Bajo, co-founder of M+S Fitness.

    The BBC reports on a recent study by the University of Cambridge linking obesity with inactivity. Nearly 700,000 deaths each year were due to inactivity compared to just over 300,000 deaths which were due to being overweight. They also stated, “…at least 20 minutes of brisk walking a day could have substantial benefits.” The Fitness to Boney M Tunes has a running time of approximately 60 minutes and includes more physical activity than simply brisk walking – plus great music to keep you motivated.

    Music is one of the main motivational points in exercise workout videos that gives people that urge to move. “Fitness to Boney M Tunes” was created by Maria Bajo and Sharon Ogilvie to provide an easy to handle, minimal impact, 60-minute workout for 30+ year old adults. Fitness to Bony M features not only new performances of classic hits but also a member of the original band involved in the video workouts. Sheyla Bonnick, singer/songwriter/performer and published author and early member of the pop group known as Boney M, is the guest star participant in Fitness to Boney M Tunes.

    Workouts included in Fitness to Boney M Tunes include squats, lunges, push-ups, plank, and abdominal workouts among many more. These workouts were specifically chosen due to their minimal impact, optimal return, effects on the body. The exercises included offer a total body weight exercise regimen when completed – no part of the body is left out of our program.

    About M+S Fitness:

    Founded by two personal trainers and fitness instructors, Maria Bajo and Sharon Ogilvie, M+S Fitness focuses on minimal impact aerobics. With a combined 20+ years’ worth of physical fitness industry experience, M+S Fitness videos are suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness – from beginner to experienced.

    Fitness to Boney M Tunes is available in these formats and at these locations:
    Amazon Digital Download for United Kingdom and United States
    Amazon DVD for United Kingdom customers
    CDBaby for the music album

    Fitness Tribute to Boney M:

    Amazon CD purchase –
    CDBaby –
    Google Play –
    iTunes –


    Health & Social Care Information Centre (PDF):


    Media Contact
    Company Name: M+S Fitness
    Contact Person: Maria Bajo and Sharon Ogilvie
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Hundreds of people swarmed into the H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Art & Cultural Museum on June 3 to celebrate the opening ceremony of “Expressions – An Exhibit by Exceptional Artists” that showcases artwork by special education youths from four organizations – The Art of Autism, Bridges Academy, Bacon Day School and Dominguez High School.

    The Art of Autism is an international nonprofit organization that focuses on giving autistic artists global exposure. Located in Studio City, Bridges Academy is a leader in education for exceptional students in grades 4 through 12. Beacon Day School of Orange County is known for its unique art programs for exceptional students. The art program at Dominques High School headed by Pablo Holocwan is a special program dedicated to exceptional students. Besides the artists, teachers and parents from these organizations, many local mayors and councilmen were also present at the ceremony.

    The museum has provided many opportunities for developing art talents in the community, especially for those with special needs, by holding exhibits and competitions since its opening. This art exhibit again provides an opportunity for these exceptional students to express their emotions through art, demonstrate their innate artistic abilities, cultivate a sense of accomplishment and strengthen their self-esteem. Visitors can receive free admission to the exhibition at the museum till June 10.

    For more information, visit or call (626) 281-6378.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Art & Cultural Museum
    Contact Person: Gemma Li
    Phone: 650-489-5508
    City: COVINA
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    Indonesian cosplaying superstar Alston Stephanus is breaking into the US market and convention scene, hoping to gain visibility for South East Asian cosplayers.

    When people think of professional cosplayers, the mega-cosplayers of China and Japan come to mind. However there is a growing popularity and respect for cosplaying in Indonesia, and Alston Stephanus is their star. Having already found success at home, he’s now making waves in The United States at Orlando’s Megacon.

    He is bringing diversity and recognition for Southeast Asia to the cosplay world in the West, and doing it with great skill as well. He is, after-all, a fashion and accessories designer by trade.

    A proud supporter of race-bending and gender-bending cosplays, he and his MegaCon cosplay partner Tana Karo have been showcasing their colorful and heavily tattooed versions of Ash and Misty from Pokemon, Adventure Time’s Finn and Lady Rainicorn, Spider Man and Spider Gwen, and finally ginjika genderbent Zootopia Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

    He says showing off his cosplay abroad has been an interesting experience. While many people have heard of and know Indonesia, he is often the first Indonesian person they meet. He wants that to change, and this his presence as a popular cosplayer as well as a designer and social media influencer may help that. “I think we should be noticed by the world.” He says.

    Stephanus discovered his love for cosplay at San Diego Comic Con 2013 and has been hooked ever since. Since then he’s created multiple multi-faceted cosplays from a Megaman R2-D2 mash-up to a steampunk inspired Crocodile from Peter Pan to a genderbent Princess Mononoke, Maleficent, and Belle from Beauty & the Beast. Many of his cosplays include videos, from set up of the outfit to dramatic storylines. They’re all professionally filmed and directed and really cement Stephanus as a quality cosplayer.

    Most recently he was a guest at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 where he not only paneled, sharing his cosplay prowess, but met with fans and showcased his impressive Hiro Hamada cosplay. Made of fiberglass, the armor alone took over a year to make. The cosplay has been showcased on multiple sites and is easily one of Alston’s most acclaimed pieces. Next up is San Diego Comic Con and then he’ll appear at Seoul Comic Con, South Korea’s first ever comic con, as a cosplay guest.

    Additional past accolades include being a finalist for Disney’s D23 Star Wars Mousequerade and a featured designer at ‘The Masterpiece Strikes Back,’ a fashion show in Jakarta in association with LucasFilm in lead up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    About Alston Stephanus

    Alston Stephanus is a world renowned cosplayer born in Singapore and raised in Indonesia. His talents and workmanship comes from his background as the founder and creative director of Alston Stephanus Accessories, a Jakarta-based fashion boutique producing elaborate haute couture fashion accessories.



    Media Contact
    Company Name: MegaCon
    Contact Person: Kristina Manente
    Phone: +44 7779 302195
    City: Orlando
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    Many organizations recognize that Knowledge Management (KM) is the key to improving the quality and efficiency of customer support services. Most acknowledge that the proactive KM approach called Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is an investment with proven results. A successful KCS implementation guarantees a wealth of available, usable knowledge to dramatically improve the customer support experience, and accelerate innovation and creativity.

    Fairview, Utah– Many organizations recognize that Knowledge Management (KM) is the key to improving the quality and efficiency of customer support services. Most acknowledge that the proactive KM approach called Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is an investment with proven results. A successful KCS implementation guarantees a wealth of available, usable knowledge to dramatically improve the customer support experience, and accelerate innovation and creativity.

    Although a high percentage of attempts to implement KCS either fall short of expected results, or fail entirely, KnowledgeTraks Consulting Services has a proven implementation strategy that enables success, but also significantly reduces the cost of implementation. According to Tom Fuhriman, the founder of KnowledgeTraks, “We have been successfully implementing KCS since 1999. It seems complicated, but becomes dramatically easier when the right foundation is in place. That is where we excel. The other key is recognizing and avoiding the pitfalls inherent in adopting KCS, or any KM system.”  He added that this foundation is built on a true knowledge-centric culture, something very few people understand and even fewer have the skill and expertise to drive.

    For customers, KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) means less time waiting in queue, less time achieving a successful resolution, and a more consistent and professional interaction with the support team. More importantly for most customers, it also means the ability to resolve a high percentage of their issues accessing the knowledge directly and bypassing the support team entirely. It’s the difference between a frustrating, negative experience, and a pleasant, positive one.

    KnowledgeTraks Consulting Services ensures success in a way that is sustainable, scalable, and continually improving. It solves the organizational challenge of, “we don’t know what we don’t know, in fact, we don’t even know what we know.” This is a common issue as products and services become more complex interdependent, and work becomes distributed across locations and silos.

    Because their clients avoid the common mistakes so many organizations make, they make this difficult transition at a fraction of the cost and work most organizations invest. Because everything is built on a sustainable knowledge culture, they also avoid the “one-year-slump” most organizations experience. At the end of the first year, most find they have too much “junk” in the knowledge base, their teams have lost much of their initial enthusiasm, and participation is starting to lag. This is avoided entirely by following the KnowledgeTraks’ strategy.

    KnowledgeTraks Consulting Services also provides training for firms implementing KCS for the first time, or the third time. KnowledgeTraks Consulting Services has consistently led its clients to success. Compaq’s branches in Houston and Dublin saw major increases in the number of relevant, timely, usable articles available for their employees. Customers were excited to have their concerns solved on the first try with a faster resolution time. Altiris adopted the KnowledgeTraks’ Knowledge Management Strategy and saw staggering increases in every support metric they had been using, as well as a number of new metrics adopted as part of that strategy. The smallest increase was over 300% and most metrics saw increases exceeding 1,000% – in less than a year.

    KnowledgeTraks Consulting Services, like most external consultants, provides neutral and objective assessments of the firm’s current situation, across all dimensions of the knowledge lifecycle. KnowledgeTraks Consulting Services is located at PO BOX 282 Fairview, Utah. They can be reached at (435) 469-0948, or one can send queries to For more information, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: KnowledgeTraks Consulting Services
    Contact Person: Tom Fuhriman
    Phone: (435) 469-0948
    Address:PO BOX 282
    City: Fairview
    State: Utah
    Country: United States

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    The online store has included stylish and trendy earrings, sunglasses and bags, available in a wide range of styles and at wholesale prices.

    A woman who loves to showcase her unique style will be amazed by the new offerings available with the online store of Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd . They have an amazing range of earrings, sunglasses and bags for women customers to look stylish and trendy.

    According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have an exclusive collection of pendulum earrings and baroque cross earrings. These groothandel oorbellen are available in attractive styles. There are earrings with beautiful stone embellishments that can add to the facial beauty of any woman. The other earring designs include rock cross earrings, lovely stone earrings, happy shell earrings, little paws earrings, sparkly eye earrings, double knot earrings, abstract triangle earrings, chic stone earrings, moving knot earrings etc. These gold plated earrings are available with stones of various colors for a woman to pick her favorite color and style.

    The online store also has an outstanding collection of sunglasses for beautiful women who want to protect their eyes and also enhance their style. The groothandel zonnebrillen or sunglass collection brings different styles, including bril clear glasses, miss round sunglasses, hot shade sunglasses, nice guy sunglasses, hello captain sunglasses and lots more. These sunglasses are trendy and comfortable and have clear lenses. The frames are made of the PC material and are flexible and long lasting. A woman can choose from different sunglass styles and can pick one to protect her eyes from different environmental elements, including UV rays.

    Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd Brings a Trendy Collection of Earrings, Sunglasses & Bags for Their Worldwide Women Customers has an exclusive collection of ladies handbags that women can choose as their perfect accessories that can complete their fashion. The bags or groothandel tassen are available in a range of attractive styles, including hello summer beach bags, little vintage boho bags, little Indian bags, double star fun bags, croco style bags and other styles. All these bags are made of quality materials and are available in trendy styles. A woman can choose from different bag sizes according to her needs and dressing sense.

    To know more about all these trendy products, one can visit the website 

    About Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd offers extensive collections as well as competitive prices and excellent product quality. This is because they keep the entire production chain in their own hands: from design and production to export and transportation. As a result, can respond immediately to the latest trend and guarantee fast delivery. not only sells fashion accessories and jewelry, but also specializes in packaging materials. This allows jewelry retailers to present the collections in their stores at their best.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Yeqing
    Phone: +31 (0) 318 668 171
    Country: Netherlands

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    HOLLY SPRINGS, NC – 8 Jun, 2017 –

    • Latest report on Mining Equipment Services category from Beroe Inc
    • Report provides data and information for Procurement and Sourcing managers

    The global mining equipment service market is expected to grow to $158.1 billion in 2018 and procurement managers will increasingly opt for outsourcing maintenance services in order to focus on core activities, according to a latest report published by procurement intelligence firm Beroe Inc.

    Equipment services market is highly fragmented; however for mining equipment, the OEMs and their authorized dealers constitute the majority of the market followed by global distributors. Key regions for mining service include North America and Australia.

    Procurement or sourcing managers in the mining industry will have to benchmark best practices in the outsourcing space while keeping a tab on the evolving automation technologies.

    Holly Springs, North Carolina-based Beroe said the report can be accessed by procurement professionals on its recently launched on-demand market intelligence platform Beroe LiVE:

    Key findings from the report:

    • The global HME service market, valued at $31 billion in 2016, is expected to register a growth of 3-4 percent CAGR to $33 billion in 2018
    • The market for drills and breakers is expected to grow at the fastest rate due to their varied applicability and increase in demand from developing regions
    • Due to depleting ore grade in surface mines, global mining is witnessing an increasing shift towards underground mining
    • Demand for underground mining equipment is expected to grow at about 5 percent CAGR compared to that of surface mining equipment at 7.6 percent until 2017
    • APAC accounts for the highest portion of demand for mining equipment driven by production regions such as China and Australia

    The category intelligence report on MRO Mining Supplies lets users understand the current scenario and trends in the global mining equipment service market.

    The study has been done based on key technology trends, market outlook, and engagement and pricing models. The extensive research methodology for the study included:

    • Inputs from industry experts with at least 20 years of experience
    • Category-specific licensed subscriptions
    • Personnel involved in various stages of the value chain (buyers, suppliers, intermediaries)

    APAC accounted for over 59 percent of global mining equipment demand in 2014. The demand is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 8.42 percent during the forecast period. Surface mining equipment accounts for about 36 percent of the global mining equipment market and is expected to remain in the similar range (34 percent to 38 percent) until 2017.

    While the U.S. and Canada markets have been pioneers for mining equipment and maintenance services, they have become highly competitive with more than 2,400 suppliers in the industry for mining equipment and services. Also, the prolonged recession in mining industry, shortages of occupational labor such as technicians, engineers and managers have become major challenges.

    The Beroe report shows that buyers are increasingly outsourcing a majority of their non-core maintenance activities. They look forward to innovation in asset management and investment optimization in collaboration with maintenance service providers.

    Globally, bundled service sourcing strategy is widely adopted to achieve spend visibility and cost savings. The contract period ranges between 2–3 years, with an option of contract extension based on performance linked with SLAs, says the report.

    The major features of the report are:

    Market Analysis

    • Global Market Maturity
    • Global Market Overview for Mining Equipment
    • Global Market Overview for Equipment Maintenance Services
    • Global Market Trend and its implication
    • Regional Market Outlook
    • Market Drivers and Constraints
    • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

    Supply analysis

    • Supply Market Outlook – Supply Trends and Insights
    • Key Global Suppliers
    • Key Regional Suppliers
    • Key Global Supplier Profile
    • Supplier SWOT Analysis

    Cost and Pricing Analysis

    • Cost Break-up 
    • Pricing Models
    • Price Driver Analysis
    • Approaches to Cost Savings

    Procurement Best Practices

    • Sourcing Model
    • Category Strategies
    • TCO Analysis
    • Industry Best Practices
    • Repair and Maintenance Services Engagement Models
    • Best Practices
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Key Negotiation Levers
    • Technology Advancement – Mining Equipment Maintenance
    • Market Innovation and Trends

    About Beroe Inc:

    Beroe’s unique business model involves providing market intelligence and analytics to the procurement teams of businesses across the globe. Beroe leverages its deep domain expertise in 300 + categories across 14 industries. It boasts of more than 80 of the Fortune 500 companies as its clients.

    To learn more about Beroe Inc, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Beroe Inc
    Contact Person: Debobrata Hembram
    Country: United States

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    A crowdfunding for the Marawi Crisis campaign launched at, encouraging people all over the world to offer whatever aid they can. Hundreds died and were injured in this militant conflict and many more were chased out of their homes.

    Tragedy arrived at the land of Marawi as a deadly viper, striking from the shadows and without any mercy. On May 23rd ISIS militants clashed with the local government security forces causing what is currently known as the Marawi Crisis. The conflict is ongoing and more lives are lost to it every day. On the 1st of June, the death toll reached over 200 people with 24 of them innocent civilians. Thousands of people are stranded without food, medical aid, and homes as the destruction of the city continues. The crowdfunding for the Marawi Crisis campaign calls for people to offer their support to the victims of this tragedy.

    The President of the Philippines declared the state of martial law in the region. Local stores are all closed and local resources are running out extremely fast. The people of Marawi are trapped in the middle of the militant conflict, many of them with no access to basic necessities, as they had to flee their burning homes.

    Video Link:

    What Caused the Marawi Crisis?

    As it always is with terrorist groups, it’s impossible to determine the cause of their actions. They have their own agenda and make loud pronouncements of their beliefs. However, the thing that the people remember is not the motto or political position of the militants, but the fact that they write their ‘messages’ in the blood and tears of innocent people.

    Tragedies like the Marawi Crisis or Manchester Attack are acts of senseless violence that are barely covered with a sheen of some political, religious, or even philosophical ‘symbolism’.

    The one lesson that the humanity in its entirety should learn from these horrible incidents is that any enemy can be defeated when people stand together.

    With every passing hour, the battles in Marawi continue claiming and ruining lives by breaking families and livelihoods. However, every person has the power to help those struggling in the grip of the tragedy by making a contribution to crowdfunding for the Marawi Crisis on this website.

    Supporting the victims of such tragedies is the way to show the terrorists that they cannot win. Innocent people caught in the middle of these violent crimes must not be broken. Offering any aid in their struggle makes a difference and literally helps save lives.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Save Marawi
    Contact Person: Ms. Gina Alegro Nacionals
    Phone: +639774528162
    Address:716 CM Recto Juan Luna St. Binondo
    City: Manila
    Country: Philippines

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