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    Cleanit, a prominent cleaning service organization based in United Arab Emirates to provide cleaning services at nominal rates.

    Cleanit is offering exclusive range of cleaning services to serve both commercial and residential customers. The internal team of Cleanit is well aware of the significance of cleaning. It is due to this major fact that they lay special emphasis on providing impeccable cleaning services to their valued clients.

    Mission and Vision of Cleanit

    The primary objective of Cleanit is to safeguard the environment and preserve the Mother Nature. Taking into consideration the potential hazards of the human beings, they incorporate only non-toxic and natural cleaning products. The Cleanit refuse to work in joint collaboration with organizations who takes advantage of animals for product testing and verification.

    Cost-effective and time saving

    The CEO of the company Cleanit remarked that ‘the clients could save a considerable amount of time and energy by availing premium cleaning services of Cleanit at affordable rates’. Owing to the presence of highly skilled and trained personnel, they have quickly emerged as one of the top cleaning service firms in the past few decades.

    The service provided by Cleanit is formulated to serve the local residents of United Arab Emirates. Unlike other companies, the customer services and prices are very nominal.

    The people frequently complain about their time constraints to maintain their property. The humdrum routine work of an individual makes it even more complicated to keep their house, apartments in pristine condition. However, Cleanit comes to the aid by providing feasible solutions to the issues faced by them. The Cleanit is blessed with a team of professional cleaning experts who have gained expertise in cleaning an apartment or house. Upon ordering a service, the tasks are assigned to one of the experienced person of Cleanit.

    Rendering cleaning services

    The entire cleaning process is managed and organized a quality assurance team. They claim that the clients need not fret once an order is placed. Their main mission is to gain trust and satisfaction of the discerning customers. Some of the common cleaning services provided by them include residential cleaning services. It include house cleaning, carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning and ironing etc.

    A commercial cleaning service covers workplace cleaning, after party cleaning, shopping malls cleaning, hotel cleaning and restaurant cleaning. Cleanit strives to retain the clients through customers’ satisfaction. It is one of the major factors that contribute towards establishment of a strong customer base.

    The customers do not hesitate to contact the internal team of Cleanit. Either call or sign-up by simply filling a form mentioning your requirements. The discerning clients who are scouting for a trustworthy and authentic cleaning service company in United Arab Emirates may visit official website of Cleanit.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cleanit YNA Cleaning Services
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 971563407658
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    In today’s highly competitive business world, the right and effective business solutions are crucial to ensure the growth and success of business, whether individuals are operating a business online, at a physical commercial location or at home. The Business Online Business is committed to helping individuals looking for legitimate work at home. The company mainly caters for those who don’t know much or are clueless about how to make money from home. These individuals are the ones who needed the support most.

    The company helps these individuals to get started by offering them that much-needed support and resources that will further help them gain a competitive edge and drive their  home business’s growth and overall success. The business online company provides the most effective and reliable business solutions. These will help them improve their business operations and achieve their goals despite doing business in the comfort of their own homes.

    There are actually countless opportunities that await those who want to start a business at home or earn money online through profitable web-based jobs. Business Online Business opens opportunities and works from home jobs for moms that can certainly help them obtain a steady stream of income. The company helps them in such pursuit by offering reliable marketing solutions that they can use to grow and succeed online.

    Business Online Business offers exclusive products to enhance individuals’ chances further to earn more money online. Their featured marketing products include a mobile app for home business, email marketing, and certain prospecting books, eBook for entrepreneurs, article writing, blogging for money and more.

    Business Online Business is composed of five committed and passionate individuals from the US, Australia, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong and South Africa. Together, they have realized the struggles that most business individuals and entrepreneurs are going through in starting their own business and even those novices who are often clueless on how to make money online or those who prefer to work from home.

    With the aim of helping them, the company started to offer services, products and business solutions to their targeted clients all over the world. It has always been the goal of the company to provide entrepreneurs and all business-minded individuals free materials and support and reasonably priced business solutions. These business solutions are designed to help them easily navigate their way while building or promoting their businesses online.

    About Business Online Business Company:

    Video Link:

    Business Online Business has a passion for everything that they do. Aside from offering the best business solutions, they also give value to building relationships with individuals who are looking for legitimate work at home jobs or simply those who are serious about business. Regardless of clients’ location as long as they have a reliable internet connection, Business Online Business can extend the needed help.

    For more information, feel free to visit For further inquiries and assistance, contact their support team at +1 561 898 2251 or send an email at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Business Online Business
    Contact Person: Elvis M
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 561 898 2251
    Address:#377 Kent St.
    City: Sydney
    State: NSW, 2000
    Country: Australia

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    Switzerland nurtures many top watch brands in the world, appealing many watch appreciators to flock to the alpine country. With the wonderful workmanship and high prices,the key concern when buying a luxury watch is ensuring authenticity. For instance,the best selling products are hard to find, but it is difficult to guarantee the products bought with a high price are real, and the price of collection-level watches might be too high for the market.

    International watch appraisal management center solves all the problems above.

    According to the above information,international watch appraisal management center began in Swizerland,it is an organization that provides assessments to authorize systems,by inheriting rigorous and detailed Swiss aesthetic standard from an objective perspective to provide watch certification. IWAMC has decades of history across the northern hemisphere.

    Starting from the 1990’s, Adrien Dembélé has been an independent watchmaker, himself coming from a Swiss watch-making and maintenance family. He is the founder of an organization, which has the top watch-makers and professors from top watch colleges in the world for watch appraisal, focusing on making, remolding and maintaining watches. The organization’s name, AD, comes from the initials of the founder Adrien Dembélé (AD). But this organization’s scale and regularization were building in hongkong

    As the world’s most well-known free port, Hong Kong has top brands from all over the world, and is also a freeport for Asian top watch brands’ trading and communication. Hong Kong businessmen and luxury collector Charles Choi brought AD to Hong Kong and built it as the most professional appraisal management center standard, by recruiting professional employees from the luxury watch industry, convening the senior practitioners to provide academic and technical advice. In 2018, the INTERNATIONAL WATCH APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT CENTER, IWAMC was established in Hong Kong,combining luxury watches‘ appraisal, maintenance, and also providing the training for appraisal.

    IWAMC offers appraisal certificates across three areas: watch movement, parts and material.

    Today, IWAMC is choosing authorized organizations globally according to international standards. At the same time, IWAMC started consulting as a way to cooperate with top international time-piece scholars and senior craft technical experts, to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of time-piece appraisal. IWAMC is becoming the model appraisal organization in top luxury watch trading market and collection industry.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Iwamc
    Contact Person: Jackson
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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    The social media industry and netizens are buzzed with the new player in the scene as a new member-based social networking platform takes its pride in itself as probably the most elite social network to date.

    Meet Slaylebrity, a social media platform hosted by Slay Network. This was established and introduced in the mainstream social media scene last year with the goal to promote the elite and the most luxurious lifestyle trends from haute couture, to fitness, to luxury vehicles, travel, politics, famous personalities and even food trends that make the word elite very underrated.


    Slaylebrity is simply a social media networking platform that sorts out those who in the topmost of the social status pyramid as most of its members are the elite of the elite in different sectors of the society aside from promoting kids couture fashion and many more.


    Most of these people are influencers who excelled and became successful and ultra-popular in their chosen field. we all know that influencers are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business, politics, fashion, and luxury. Around the world nowadays that is why Slaylebrity is the perfect platform for these people to promote their respective cause, luxury brand advertising goals, trends and other stuff that for them will create the needed exposure, popularity and influence especially to the younger generations.



    This is also to prevent the rampant fake following trend to many people who are self-proclaimed influencers in their own field as Slaylebrity aims to uphold the credibility and integrity of its elite members considering that it is pretty difficult to judge the authenticity of some influencers in the social media industry and Slaylebrity have successfully sorted out these elite personalities and provide them a niche where they can freely speak out, promote their products and causes and further grow their followers.

    Most of these social media influencers are known for their excellence in the world of luxurious trends in fashion, lifestyle products and many more which sets them apart from your average social media influencers.

    Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat where the users do not have their own monicker, Slaylebrity calls its members as Slay bird where members can follow each other, like posts and pictures and leave comments on their wall posts.


    However, due to its elite and luxurious nature, you have to pay a designated fee in order for you to be included as an influencer if you want to broadcast a post in your account. The fee is to prove that these influencers have the capacity for their luxury and promote their enviable lifestyle to the entire world while the network itself will sort out and remove all the fake follower trends that put a bad reputation to many social media platforms.

    In order to become a member of Slaylebrity, each member is divided and identified into two different membership designation which is sloggers, and slaylebrities.

    For slogger membership, the entry fee is $1,000 for a monthly fee or a whopping $12,000 and avail of the following perks; a $500-dollar credit to every account holder good for a month-long subscription that will be used to purchase the exclusive signature products that ranges to luxury clothes, shoes, and beauty products. Along with the perks and benefits is your personal social media manager that will promote and manage the social media content of your influencer brand.

    For Slaylebrity membership, it is for people who have 500-thousand followers and above. This is actually an upgraded account for Sloggers who gained popularity and following. They will earn the ultra-elite status who will be exempted from the membership fees and other miscellaneous fees and you are instantly promoted and gains instant exposure and access to luxury brands around the world. Meaning, you will literally gain the elite status with the help of this social media platform.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Slaylebrity
    Contact Person: Chudi Okoye
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +447380933177
    Address:74-75 Shelton street Covent Garden
    City: London Wc2h 9jq
    Country: United Kingdom

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    With the rise and prosperity of the digital cash market, the digital encrypt cash has become more and more popular in the last year, and all kinds of digital cash trading platforms have sprung up in the market like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The world of the future can be divided into two parts. That is, the traditional Internet world and block chain digital world. In the increasingly mature block chain digital world, the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank is the first to be established and and also the world’s first digital asset air bank.

    A brief introduction to the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank:

    BDB—its full name is Numbasa Digital Asset Bank, Chinese name: 币巴巴数字资产银行. It was founded in July 2017 by Baba Finance company in the United States. BDB fully opened all aspects of services including digital asset loan against collateral, digital asset management, digital asset fund management and so on. BDB aims to build a bank that provides professional financial services for digital cash fields through digital cash pledge, digital cash transaction levers allocation, entrusted digital cash quantified transaction, digital cash asset management and so on.It is committed to energizing the value chain of the block chain and reshaping the new pattern of global digital asset transaction market.

    The Forerunner Of Integrated Management Scheme For Digital Assets: Numbasa Digital Asset Bank 

    The necessity of the establishment of the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank

    Based on solving the pain point of the traditional financial industry, Numbasa Digital Asset Bank makes use of the special attributes of the digital asset of block chain technology, such as decentralization, open transparency, global circulation, low transaction cost and so on. It realizes the complete transparency of the intelligent contract and the automation of the loan terms of the debtor and creditor. It realizes the automatic execution of the intelligent contract and reduces the risk immobilization of the error of manual operation. It realizes the intelligent contract can not be distorted , avoiding the risk of fraud in the process of borrowing.

    The functional wallet and the online block chain digital loan against collateral contract of Numbasa Digital Asset Bank are expected to worldwide synchronization start to realize the online digital asset pledge and depository business in November 2018. All the pignorative contracts are completed on the block chain. At that time, it will work together with the 5A Digital Asset Exchange, the Numbasa Digital Cash Mall and the GALAXY FUND to create a digital cash 5acoin that can be circulated online and offline, and can be paid directly in the entity and the Internet. All digital assets offered by the BDB are settled through 5Acoin, which solves the problem of insufficient liquidity of cash due to the purchase of digital assets at the moment.

    5Acoin becomes the settlement currency of BDB.

    The Forerunner Of Integrated Management Scheme For Digital Assets: Numbasa Digital Asset Bank

    5Acoin is a digital encrypted asset currency issued by 5A Digital Asset Exchange on the basis of ERC20 in Taifang. It is the platform passport of 5A Digital Asset Exchange and uses the mechanism of “transaction bonus”, “currency holding bonus” and “Pan ecological reward use” to complete the application of 5Acoin.60% of 5Acoin will be rewarded to community users through the “bonus transaction” model, 5% of the 5Acoin is allocated to institutions, CO founders, clubs, strategic partners, 15% as a risk reserve, 5% awards to VIP users, and 15% is allocated to the founding team. By holding 5Acoin, the user enjoys the daily bonus of the platform, the regular settlement, and the pan ecological reward: the users are in circulation in the designated pan ecological circle, and enjoy the financial adequate and systematic services in the Numbasa Digital Asset Bank, that is, the low interest rate or the interest free. These are all settled by 5Acoin, which aimed at creating a perfect digital asset ecosystem.

    BDB join hands with the 5A exchange to build a real-time settlement network based on platform block chain to achieve free and efficient circulation of digital assets. BDB will subvert the finance banking and open up the new generation of digital asset banks.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Joe
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    Alldocube X already hits the INDIEGOGO and will start the campaign on the 8th August. Subscribe now to get the 26% launch day early bird discount during the last 8 days. The IGG campaign price is $219, and there are two ways to save 26% based on the detail price at $269:

    1. Visit the INDIEGOGO campaign page and subscribe:

    2. Visit the Alldocube official website here: Only the early birds can get such a discount price! All details will be sent to the subscribers separately by the official.

    Here we list all the details of the Alldocube X:

    1. Display
    2K Super AMOLED display
    10.5-inch WQXGA 2560 x 1600 pixels
    100000:1 contrast ratio, 16:10 aspect ratio
    288 pixels per inch (PPI)
    300 nits brightness

    2. Processor
    MediaTek MT8176 ARM Cortex-A72/A53 Hexa Core 64-bit CPU
    Clock speeds up to 2.1GHz
    IMG PowerVR GX6250 GPU at 600MHz

    3. Audio
    AKM Hi-Fi chip
    (minimises distortion, harmonics, noise and other disturbance with audio processing to produce Hi-Fi sound quality)

    4. Memory & Storage
    64GB eMMC Storage
    Support up to 128GB MicroSD card

    5. Operation System
    Android 8.1 Oreo OS

    6. Fingerprint
    Fingerprint scanner
    (unlock instantly and securely just with a single touch)

    7. Design
    6.9mm ultra-slim (45*175*6.9 mm)
    All metal unibody design
    Space Gray color

    8. Camera
    8MP front + 8MP rear dual camera

    9. Battery
    8,000mAh lithium-ion battery
    (delivers up to 8 hours of movies and TV shows)
    Pump Express 2.0 quick charge
    5V/7V/9V-2A or 12V-1.5A power adapter

    10. Connectivity
    802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band WiFi
    Bluetooth 4.2 technology
    USB-C Port
    supports data, and supports alt mode for Hdmi

    It can be quickly recharged via the USB-C Pump Express 2.0 quick charge technology that charges at 5V/7V/9V-2A or 12V-1.5A.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Alldocube Technology and Science Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 15236267207
    Country: China

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    Rehoboth, DE – Aug 7, 2018 – Millions of marketing emails are sent out every day, but only a fraction of those emails are opened and the click through rates can be negligible. Dan Krcum is disrupting an old industry by bringing the creativity back into the copywriting world.

    “My mission is to help online businesses increase their email income consistently,” said Krcum.

    Krcum provides email copywriting services to online businesses, helping them increase their email revenue. He’s so confident in his services that he’s offering business owners a seven-day free trial to test the results. Those that avail themselves of the free trial will be able to track the progress on their own business. Individuals can also subscribe to receive free email marketing tips.

    Email marketing is a proven strategy for reaching potential clients. It’s also becoming more difficult for businesses to persuade recipients to open the emails or respond to the offers they contain. Krcum specializes in copywriting that intrigues and motivates readers.

    Krcum optimizes email open rates for clients and builds trust among recipients that result in return business, builds long-term relationships, and increases conversion rates. Custom quotes are tailored to the client’s specific needs, the size of their email list, the particular niche they occupy, and the frequency with which emails are released.

    The email list required will depend on the product or service, niche and current revenue, but typically begins at 10,000. Clients will receive a brief call of approximately 20 minutes each week to discuss the previous week’s results, progress and the plan for the coming week. Business owners can cancel their account at any time they wish.

    Email marketing enables businesses to reach targeted markets and demographics, while substantially increasing visibility and brand awareness. The technique is scalable and builds credibility. Email marketing is equally effective for boosting business sales and generating donations for charitable endeavors.

    In a digital world that’s typically concerned only with social media, email marketing is often overlooked even though it’s one of the most cost effective marketing methods available. The technique is approximately 40 percent more effective than Twitter and Facebook.

    Krcum is disrupting email marketing copywriting with communications that actually get opened and acted upon. The emails can be opened and read on any mobile device, generates leads, and results in increased Web traffic. With Krcum’s unique understanding of email copywriting, he’s taken a time-tested strategy and elevated it to an art.

    For more information, visit:

    About Dan Krcum

    An experienced email copywriter, Krcum’s services optimizes open rates, helps clients build trust, dramatically increases customer lifetime value (LTV), and substantially improves conversions. My mission is to help you aim higher, plan better and achieve your goals faster. Connect with him on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Dan Krcum
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1-702-745-5736
    Country: United States

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    It is all about the practicality, buying a brand new car, of course, would bring excitement and a fresh new look but for sure it will put a hole in your pocket that is why a lot of people prefers used cars or second-hand cars.

    Finance experts whose main concern is proper budgeting prefer used vehicles than brand new cars. In fact, it is a common choice for those who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle. A lot of people nowadays are more practical because of the increasing prices of basic needs such as gasoline.

    In Fresno, California, there is a used car dealership that guarantees well conditioned and well maintained used cars for sale.

    Own A Car Fresno is one of the most trusted used car dealership in the Fresno, California area for many years already.

    Own A Car Fresno is one of the top dealerships of cheap used cars near me Fresno that offers the top vehicle brands available in the market today.

    Most used cars fresno has particularly with Own A Car Fresno are assured to have a decent resale value depending on the model and year of the vehicle for sale. Most used cars that have a decent resale value or price are usually cars that are five to ten years in service that were appraised or sold by its previous owners.


    If you’ve decided to use the vehicle for commercial purpose, it may have already given you a decent ROI. For the used vehicles, you don’t expect a lot of money on these cars.

    As a customer, you have to put in consideration some several factors when it comes to used vehicles’ resale value. You should consider the vehicle’s interior, its overall wear and tear condition, its service history as well as other aspects of the vehicle like the engine’s current condition and others that will dictate the overall price of that specific used car and Own A Car Fresno’s friendly staff and mechanics would likely help you in this step towards purchasing your first cheap used cars for sale Fresno has.

    Own A Car Fresno will also help you in assisting the options that you want to avail if you are planning for a car loan if you want to find used cars near me fresno by teaching you its current interest rate which is also applied in purchasing brand new cars. There are a lot of used cars for sale Fresno has but nobody beats Own A Car Fresno’s service which makes it one of the most trusted used car dealership in the area.

    On the other hand for used cars, it is more feasible to pay upfront for your car avoiding crazy interest rates. Also, you need to take into consideration the interest rate is higher for used cars. Expect the interest rate to be 2-4 percent higher than the new cars. This is why you want to shop around for the best car finance deal.

    If I want to sell my car Fresno, Own A Car Fresno is also accepting trade-ins. You can either trade in Chevy Fresno, Nissan Fresno, Honda Fresno and other car brands.

    Own a Car Fresno offers a wide selection of quality second-hand cars that will surely give you the assurance of quality, reliability and longevity from Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), trucks to sedans that are available at reasonable prices because the company strongly believes that there’s an equal chance for everyone to have a good quality experience in purchasing used cars.

    Own A Car Fresno’s current line of vehicle brands and inventory which can be viewed and available online are:

    • Ford
    • Chevrolet
    • Dodge
    • General Motors Corporation (GMC)
    • Cadillac
    • Honda
    • Hyundai
    • Jeep
    • Kia
    • Nissan

    If you are planning to visit Own A Car Fresno’s dealership and showroom, it is located at 5788 North Blackstone Avenue in Fresno California.

    Feel free to contact Own A Car Fresno (559) 899-3711 or email them at and talk to its car dealers today.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Own a Car Fresno
    Contact Person: Mahde Jawad
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (559) 899-3711
    Address:5788 N Blackstone Ave
    City: Fresno
    State: CA 93710
    Country: United States

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    Taking advantage of the unusually high temperatures prevailing this year, Greg Peebles of Toronto launched a tree planting campaign on August 6, 2018. “Global leaders might deny the reality of global warming, and its disastrous impact on the environment; but we cannot afford to assume an ostrich attitude. Burying our heads in the sand won’t reverse the rising of sea levels, or the melting of polar caps and permafrost,” he said while kicking off the campaign.


    Back in May, Peebles had announced launching a charity to work in diverse areas through which he would be able to give back to society in some measure what he had received over the years. Since sustainability was the bottom line of all the activities he had lined up, it makes sense to begin at the beginning.

    “Mother earth must survive.”

    He says, “Mother earth must survive for all of us to do so. Therefore, it is vital to reduce our carbon footprints as well as we can.” Given that the average temperature of the earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8°C over the past 100 years, the urgency to do something increases proportionately. Since human agency is the main culprit as the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report indicated; more and more ordinary citizens need to come forward to take measures to reverse this global warming.

    Scientific Research Takes Time

    Scientific research can’t be conducted within given timelines as outcomes can’t be predicted. Therefore, the switch to affordable non-conventional sources of energy is unlikely to occur any time soon. Even the search for affordable renewable sources of energy will take time. This makes concerted tree planting actions even more valuable. Most trees are conducive to fighting the greenhouses gases humans are generating daily.

    Changed rainfall patterns:

    Global warming has led to changed patterns of rainfall thereby flooding areas which would normally have received scanty rainfall, and increasing periods of drought in other areas. This is pushing the deserts further into the forest and agrarian areas. Much of the mischief is rooted in the practice of clearing forests to make way for farmlands.

    “Be the Change You Desire to See in People”

    Peebles has taken a leaf out of this famous Gandhi quote, and has decided to head a reforestation drive to counter the worst effects of climate change. After all, trees are the lungs of this planet. By absorbing carbon dioxide, and giving off oxygen, trees reduce carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere. Planting trees would reverse global warming through their cooling effect on the atmosphere. One tree can effect the same cooling as twenty air conditioners.

    Don’t Wait for Governments to Act

    It might prove suicidal for humans around the globe to wait for their respective governments to institute measures to mitigate, and reverse climate change. Peebles is trying to demonstrate the power of one by initiating the reforestation drive. He has taken inspiration from an Amazonian forest which is wholly manmade, and can provide entire tribes with food.

    Protection is the keyword.

    Logically, if every adult in the world plants a tree, and nurtures it, then it would significantly replenish the earth’s green cover in a decade or so. By providing food, protection, and homes for many birds, reptiles, and mammals, trees do more to protect the environment than any other means. Trees like the azadirachta indica of the mahogany family remove bacteria from the air around them. Though few people realize it, trees contribute to soil and water conservation, as they prevent stormwater runoff, and prevent soil erosion on mountainsides.

    Perennial Trees Are Better Options

    Given the cruel winters in Canada where even -100 C in December or January would be considered warm weather, Peebles recommends planting perennial trees hereabouts — trees which would not need to be preserved in a hothouse, but which can survive winter.

    Regeneration and biodiversity encouraged.

    Of course, those who live in more temperate climates should choose trees which are more appropriate for the region, such as trees which can regenerate after being cut provided that six inches of the tree trunk are left above the ground. This will encourage biodiversity while reclaiming wastelands. Practicing agro-forestry would ensure that food is grown too. But that’s another story.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Greg Peebles
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (647)-477-0929
    Country: Canada

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    With the rise of crypto currencies and the growing adaptation to blockchain technology, domain names relating to this industry have skyrocketed in price.  Everyday news breaks out about a new domain name being purchased for record prices, and the trend has not shown any signs of slowing down.

    Recently, another domain name related to blockchain and the finance industry “” was sold for another record breaking price of 2000ETH, equivalent to USD920,000 based on the price of USD460/ETH as of this writing.  The domain was registered all the way back in 1999 by Michael Brook in the USA and was held for nearly 20 years.  Some may think that companies in the blockchain industry are spending a fortune on domain names, but the value of these names are far more important than what meets the eyes.

    The value of lies in the acronym VC which can mean both Venture Capital and Virtual Currency.  With a meaningful and catchy name holding value in both the blockchain and financial industry, it is apparent why people see the value in the name

    Today, the biggest tech companies in the world have also adopted to use the word “bank” in their domain names.  Baidu the world’s second largest search engine registered the domain name, Alibaba who is publicly traded on the NASDAQ uses the name, and Tencent the leading tech company in China registered creating a whole new domain name rush revolving around the financial tech industry. started the rush when it was registered back in 1999 and was sold to Tencent with a registered capital of USD600 million. was regsitred back in 2004 and sold to Alibaba in 2015 for their subsidiary Mybank, for a registered capital of USD 600 million. was registered in 2002 and sold to Baidu’s AiBank in 2017 with registered capital of USD600 million.

    With multi-billion dollar companies investing heavily on domain names to secure their brand presence online, the value of has nowhere to go but up. The company behind will be launching a crypto-currency related financial service platform, providing users with a convenient, cost-effective, and secure financial services to both large enterprises and daily users.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: VCBANK
    Contact Person: Chris Shum
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Singapore

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    VelocIT Broadens Product Offerings with Sage 100 Enhancement Catalog.

    Clarkston, WA, USA – VelocIT, a software developer and the creator of the credit card payment processing connector VelocIT Connect, announces the purchase of ISM’s Extended Solution catalog for Sage 100.

    Extended Solutions are a collection of hundreds of enhancements for Sage 100 designed to make the already flexible solution even more powerful by providing targeted and industry-specific features and ensuring Sage 100 works exactly the way companies need it to work to be as efficient as possible.

    “We partnered with ISM on several customizations for sage, so it is with great pleasure that we are able to take over development of their Extended Solutions catalog,” stated Jeremy Burt, Principal of VelocIT, adding, “Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses get the most value and efficiency they can from their Sage 100 system.”

    Extended Solutions provide features and functions not found in the core Sage 100 system, such as, adding multi-company processing capability for General Ledger and Accounts Payable or adding the ability to accept multiple deposit payments on an order or invoice.

    About VelocIT

    VelocIT, headquartered in Clarkston, WA, is a software developer focused on providing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses who use Sage 100, Sage 500, Acumatica, QuickBooks, Oracle, and SAP. They are the creator of VelocIT Connect, a credit card payment processing interface that integrates with popular ERP and accounting solutions.

    For more information, visit or call +1-844-325-7770.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Epic Sky Inc
    Contact Person: Brian Dunn
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 847-676-2590
    Country: United States

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    The 2018 application forum of XYCC blockchain technologies which is the mid-year summarize based on the reconstructing new ecology concept was grandly held in the Pattaya International Convention Center, Thailand by Sino-US Blockchain Association, Mars Finance, CRYPTO STRATEGIES on July 26-27, 2018.

    The theme of the 2018 application forum of block chain technologies.

    Celebrities in this area gathers here to explore the future trend of blockchain.

    In the forum, we have the celebrities of famous angel investor ManZi Xue, economic expert XueHui He, the former Deutsche Bank Chief Technology Officer of Oceania John Baird, Dirk von Felbert of Pard Asia, Chairman of the North American Blockchain Foundation, Founder of nuclear chain, Chief technology architect of IEC blockchain WenYan Tan, member of Royal Society in London JianHao Li, Founder of Genesis Space Alex, Blockchain core architect Jun Zhang, founder and CEO of Wanshare, Blockchain industry eco-investors Jin Wang, founder of XYCC blockchain Xia Chen, XYCC Project Strategy Consultant, Blockchain Lecturer Trainer BoWen Pan, Blockchain evaluation agency Bitoranges, Token Insight, Sphinx rating, APElink, Chain review, Block Ark, HC INGHT, SNC STANDARD & CONSENSUS and those influential companies and people from the world in this area, Core research institution, Quality projects, Dozens of international blockchain capitalists, Thousands of elites, including representatives of authoritative evaluation agencies and active blockchain enthusiasts from the world, They came here to exchange ideas, share resources, explore cooperation opportunities, and build a new business ecosystem in the blockchain.

    Celebrities coming here to seek common development.

    It’s a feature that the round table made up of professional evaluation agencies. The representatives expressed their views on the current status of the blockchain industry from those professional evaluation agencies of SNC standard & consensus, HC INSIGHT, TokenInsight, Sphinx rating, Bitoranges, APElink, lianping, Block Ark. They compare the evaluation agency to a mirror of the blockchain project, evaluating the quality and risk of the project fairly and objectively by many aspects in project team, technical framework, market operation, community analysis, etc. At the same time, in the forecast and outlook of the blockchain industry in the second half of 2018, blockchain industry and evaluation are still in the early development, but more and more projects will be implemented in the future. The evaluation agency will also continue to work towards open and credibility. Sharp evaluation and professional interpretation of investment strategies and trends for the majority of blockchain investors, and it has played a guiding role and huge influences for the positive development of the entire industry.

    Major professional evaluation agencies published their opinions

    The XYCC road show project has got a great success.

    BoWen Pan, The strategic consultant of XYCC, he made a keynote speech, explaining the 8 core application scenarios of the XYCC:

    1. To prepare healthy sperm and ovum in advance for future fertility.
    2. Test-tube baby, when there is a fertility problem, it is the only choice to use scientific means to get a baby.
    3. Assisted reproduction for families who have lost their children in their old ages.
    4. Parturition of women, XYCC has more professional doctors and more advanced technology to ensure the safety of mommy and baby.
    5. Cord blood storage, the whole family members can use the cord blood for new cell therapy.
    6. Confinement center, we can take care of the puerperas use scientific ways, so that they will get a safe and comfortable experience during the confinement period.
    7. Genetic testing, prevention of disease in advance through it.
    8. Stem cell beauty technologies to keep people young.

    8 core application scenarios of XYCC

    We could say XYCC project is definitely a report on the successful application not only a road show. In the first half of the forum, various assessment agencies talked about the team and project situation into practice, application scenarios and other issues for how to judge the blockchain project. XYCC project has been fully applied including ten thousand confinement centers, lecturer team of thousands people, global partner program, hospital investment and construction etc., and this projects are processed in an orderly manner. All the applications of XYCC are supported by practical application, all items are paid by XYCC virtual currency, and the industry status of the entire XYCC has taken initial form and is accelerating the construction of the XYCC ecosystem.

    XYCC project strategy consultant Mr. Bowen Pan gave a keynote speech

    Ms. Xia Chen, the founder of the XYCC blockchain:

    According to incomplete statistics, the number of infertile people in China has reached 50 million. Although the second child policy has been fully released, but the thing is more families get infertility problem. “In the past 16 years of infertility medical industry, I have seen too many families who have suffered a lifetime because of no children”, she said.

    Ms. Xia Chen, founder of XYCC, talks about the application and promotion of XYCC.

    XYCC is a career that can help others solve the infertility problems and achieve ourselves. It is not a virtual digital currency, but the real application and promotion, XYCC share the most benefit to the customers and partners. XYCC is a scientific fertility technology to serve people around the world, a blockchain that maintains life health, and also a blockchain that creates birth and protects life. Ms. Xia Chen hopes that she can help thousands of families those have fertility problems through XYCC blockchain and help them regain “happy pregnancy”.

    Ms. Xia Chen, the founder of XYCC blockchain, she has proved the belief and high-level vision of the XYCC blockchain with countless facts. As they clarified and what they have done, XYCC is a real practical project, in the global business, they do their utmost to help each family solve fertility problems, regain happiness and bring “happy pregnancy”!

    Work with us:

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: ZhiXian Lin
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86138 2820 6096
    Country: Singapore

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    San Clemente, CA, United States – Aug 8, 2018 – Jeff Klem, president of Remedysoft, Inc., announced that the company is offering a free trial of its new with a proprietary e-signature system built-in. The software provides small and medium size companies with a document management system that facilitates the transition to paperless options and can be automated for complete convenience.

    “HR Software is still in its infancy as technology solutions converge and hybrids are born,” said Klem. “Our goal was to create a robust solution that’s stupid simple and ridiculously inexpensive. We’ve done exactly that!”

    The cloud-based HRIS system automatically organizes and stores documents for easy retrieval within minutes, making it easy to manage mandated compliance and tracking regulations. The e-signature feature can be utilized for invoices, contracts, estimates or any document requiring a signature.

    Documents can be sent for signing to anyone within the company with an email address. Non-employees receive a link to a portal for access. Signed documents have multiple validations to ensure authenticity, security and provide a complete history of human interaction with the document. centralizes documents encompassing employee records and benefits information, onboarding and offboarding, payroll updates and training, job histories, reports and more.

    The self-service employee interface saves time for HR professionals. Individuals have custom dashboards that enable them to access required information, while preventing access to sensitive data.

    Exclusive executive dashboards provide the means to monitor a variety of costs and view detailed analytics. The software provides information about company and industry trends that allows companies to take advantage of opportunities when presented. Moreover, the software provides efficient and effective tracking of company assets, live risk assessment data, and resource distribution by location, department and division. contains alert features with the option to create an almost unlimited number of specialized alerts to keep individuals informed and organized. Alerts can be set by custom name, by date or as a recurring notification.

    The introduction and free trial of provides businesses with a simplified, all-in-one HR solution that incorporates a propriety e-signature system. The HRIS solution is cloud-based for convenience and security, enabling companies to transition from paper documents to digital systems with ease, while maintaining control over every company document.

    For more information, visit:

    About is HR software that’s easy to use, cloud-based, secure and inexpensive. It’s perfect for small to medium size businesses, easy to implement and companies can try it for free. Connect with on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Jeff Klem
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 949 596-0444
    Country: United States

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    BHP Chain officially starts BHPC commercial application to Keeping ahead of Ethereum, BHP Pow+PoS is truly realized in real commerce.

    BHP Chain (a decentralized bank-Eco public chain based on bitcoin hash power credit) has deep cooperation with, launching strategically financial investment products, BHPC PoS Mining on the basis of mining 2.0. Through the pattern of PoW+PoS, a totally new mining 3.0, miners will gain BTC net revenue and BHPC cryptocurrency value-added revenues.

    BHP Chain adviser team claims that renting mines with BHPC is the only one being realized in commerce except for exchanges in current blockchain industry.

    As a leading distributed platform offering hashrate financial service and the world’s largest renting platform of cloud hashrate,, the accessing party of BHPC has provided over 30000 global miners with hashrate financial investment service. This time, the mining 3.0 pattern will offer users a better reward. With BHP Chain ( going live, the hashrate pool of will be seen on BHP Chain as the groundbreaking hypernode and its platform offering hashrate financial service will also goes live as a Dapp on BHP Chain. Thus, the commercial applications of BHPC PoS mining will be fully realized among users and 20 BHP hypernodes.

    According to the CTO of BHP Chain, BHPC PoS mining business has gone live after nearly one-month development, market operation test and user revenue calculation, and the demands of much more new miners will automatically drive the continuous supply of hash power. At present, more experience items have been in development to cater to BHP Chain’s going live. Users can gain BHPC from BHP account, BHPC-issued exchanges and candy exchanges of mines.

    After paying for deposits of standard hashrate miners (Th/s) with equivalent amount in BHPC (BCEX latest price: ¥5.7), miners can gain net mining revenues in the form of BTC+BHPC. The first group of miners reaches 200Th/s hashrate in total and BHPC is used to pay for mines. All mines were snapped up within 20 seconds after starting the activity.

    Learn more about BHP, visit:

    Talk to us, join:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BHP Foundation Ltd.
    Contact Person: Zhe Feng
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86186 1236 6631
    Country: Singapore

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    At 10am, New York time, Alldocube company starts running a crowdfunding campaign for the Alldocube X, a tablet designed for high-quality entertainment.

    The IGG price is $219, but the super early bird price is $199, for the backers who already got the super early 20% discount by subscribing before. How to get it? The Alldocube company will send the Secret link to all the subscribers, only limited to 100 pieces, first come first served, keep checking the email from Alldocube! Except that, there are many different discounts for all backers:

    1 piece Alldocube X: 18% off discount and low down the price to $219;
    2 pieces Alldocube X: 22% off discount and low down the total price to $419;
    5 pieces Alldocube X: 23% off discount and low down the total price to $1029.

    The Alldocube X is a 10.5-inch Android 8.1 Oreo tablet with an original price tag at $269, and keep in mind that it will also support Project Treble. This is a MediaTek powered Android tablet on MediaTek MT8176 SoC and a 4GB of RAM, which is plenty for an Android device. Its super AMOLED display (2560×1600, 16:10, 288 PPI) delivers more than 105% of NTSC color coverage and has a remarkable 100,000:1 contrast ratio, providing richer colors and more realistic images.

    Finally, it has an absolutely huge 8,000 mAh battery included. The tablet supports MTK PE+ Quick Charge 2.0 so that you can charge your tablet pretty quickly too. With such a huge battery, you’ll need some of the fastest charging around for it to keep up. Alldocube also notes that it should retain 85% of its battery capacity after 1000 charging cycles.

    For more information and full specifications jump over to the official crowdfunding campaign page currently taking place on Indiegogo, by using the link below:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Alldocube Technology and Science Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 15236267207
    Country: China

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    If you are planning to get yourself a small, cute and adorable pet rabbit then the first thing you should keep in mind is their home. The rabbit usually lives indoors and that’s why they need a suitable habitat to live in. They make their home inside woods or burrows but making something inside a house can be tough. Therefore, you need to get a Rabbit hutch for you.

    All of us are bunny rabbit lover. They are such a sweet creature but they are also a very big responsibility. To provide them a right environment which suits their natural and physiological needs, we need to get them a rabbit’s hutch. It will make the bunny lover’s life a lot easier. The Hutch is made up of wood and has a cage-like framework but give a feeling of home to the rabbits.

    There are many types of Hutch available on the bunnyrabbitlover website. They understand that the Hutch is the only place in the house where rabbits can enjoy comfort which they won’t get anywhere else. There are a lot of varieties in the design of Rabbit hutch. The best one is the Tiered Rabbit Hutches. The different types of Rabbit coops are designed differently according to the owner’s need.

    Tiered Rabbit Hutches: The different tiered Hutch seems like a building which has multiple stories. In the tiered hutch, you can also choose between the following hutches:

    • Single Rabbit Hutch: As the name signifies, it is a single level Hutch which is divided into two parts. The first area is open and the other area is for nesting. On one side, a private and protected region is provided along with additional roofing.

    • Double Rabbit Hutch: This type of Hutch is in the form of a Two-Tier building and uses a staircase to connect them. It is perfect for the people who have two rabbits in their home and want to give them their own specific area.

    • Triple Rabbit Hutch: This hutch has enough space to keep a group of bunnies and still have room left for them to move freely. This can be chosen by the person who owns more than two rabbits.

    Before you buy a hutch there are some things that every rabbit lover must consider. The hutch will be the territory, the rabbits are going to own, and hence it needs to be perfect. The rabbits behave like real babies and touching them, petting them or playing with them totally depends upon their mood. The main things you should keep in mind before buying a hutch are mentioned below:

    • Space and Ventilation
    • Materials
    • Size and height of the hutch
    • Flooring
    • Openings
    • Ramp
    • Most importantly your Bunny Rabbit

    All the bunny lovers in this world know that their sweet little pets need care and love just like a kid and hence, they choose the best for them.

    In today’s time, the most popular hutches for the bunny rabbits include Prevue Hendryx Pet Rabbit Hutch with Fir Tree material, Living World Deluxe Habitat with wire material, Adavantek Stilt House with Fir Lumber material, RH-25 Rabbit Hutch 2-Story with Shingle’s material, and some others. All these hutches are comfortable and have a classic design. To get the best quality hutch online visit the official website of bunnyrabbitlover via and choose the one which suits your bunny rabbit. The most positive point of having these hutch is that you will be able to keep your little furry friend anywhere inside the house like in the patio, backyard, or in the living room.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Bunny Rabbit Lover
    Contact Person: Laverne Sharp
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (262) 313-3708
    Address:2468 Oakridge Farm Lane
    City: Milwaukee
    State: WI 53202
    Country: United States

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    Montezuma, Costa Rica – For many countries across the world tourism is one of the most significant contributors to their economy, but unfortunately, tourism while beneficial to the economy is not necessarily such a positive influence on the local environment. In recent years the world has become more aware of topics such as global warming and being a little bit more environmentally conscious, but for one hotel owner in particular environmental projects have long been part of their routine.

    Long before environmentalism became popular, at least for the general public Patricia one of the owners of the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma has been organizing and leading local environmental projects. As one of the leading family hotels in Costa Rica, the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort owners understand the importance of looking after the local environment, both for today’s business but also for future generations.

    Consequently, Patricia, and some of the other owners of the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, have organized beach clean-ups for many years, typically when the amount of plastic waste washing up on the beach has become excessive.

    Generally speaking, this is usually after the rainy season. Patricia regularly cleans and maintains her own beach and the neighboring beach at Piedra Colorado river. Patricia is also on the Board of Directors of the Karen Mogenssen Reserve. The Costa Rica Beach Resort works to fundraise for the reserve to purchase and protect more land. They ask their hotel guests if they would like to contribute $1 per day during their stay to be donated to the reserve, along with personal donations and fundraising.

    “I am lucky enough to live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and it is one of my driving passions, to ensure it stays that way,” said Patricia of Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. “Sometimes when I see all of the plastic waste being deposited on our beautiful beaches, it can be soul destroying, but I am determined to keep working hard to eradicate the problem, and preserve our beautiful beach resorts for future generations. I hope that our future generations get to experience the wonder that is Montezuma Beach.”

    Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is set in lush tropical gardens edging a white sandy beach, which provides the perfect venue for Costa Rica resort packages. A secluded romantic getaway for travelers who want a casual resort and love the sounds of the ocean! Ylang Ylang Beach Resort has over 20 rooms and bungalows spread throughout the property. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ylang Ylang Beach Resort
    Contact Person: Morya Iacono
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 506 2642 0636
    Address:700 Meters North of the School
    City: Montezuma
    State: Puntarenas Province
    Country: Costa Rica

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    With their improved metal fabrication technology, SMC introduces a wide range of copper products and other engineering services at reduced cost to boost global manufacturing industries

    The leading global manufacturing company, Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC), with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of a wide variety of metal products such as shipping containers, building materials, machinery and more, today, announces the launch of a new advanced metal fabrication technology aimed at providing support to local and overseas construction companies who continually strive to reduce production cost and meet up with deadlines. This innovative technology has been employed in the production of a wide variety of copper products such as copper strip, copper tape which are constantly in global high demand.

    Due to the constant change in global market demands over the years, there has been an evolution in Metal fabrication and manufacturing. Large-scale manufacturing industries, particularly those in metal fabrication, are faced with the obligation of improving technology and quality of their products to meet up with the increasing pace of global demand. In a quick response, Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC), with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of a wide variety of metal products, introduces a new technology in the manufacture of series of copper products. Significant amongst these products is the innovative copper strip which is employed globally in several construction activities. These unique copper strips have the ability to resist a wide variety of chemical process and their subsequent reactive effects.

    Shanghai Metal Corporation Supplies Advanced Copper Strip And Copper Tapes Set To Improve Global Customer Experience

    Shanghai Metal Corporation have shown their commitment towards serving the global copper demands as they go further into manufacturing other copper products. They have also focused on the fabrication of high-quality coppertape which has shown multiple applications in the electronics industry. This ranges from their use in the manufacture of low-profile electrical components traces to antenna-making and RF-shielding technology. This unique copper product integrated with a conductive adhesive with a 2-inch width and made in rolls of several feet is aimed at improving customers experience in metal fabrication processes.

    Other copper products made available by the company include electronic connectors copper strip.  However, SMC specializes in the manufacture of other metal products used in the manufacture of shipping containers, building materials, machinery and more. The company has garnered lots of applauds from global customers due to the high standard of their products in addition to other engineering services which are made available at affordable prices.

    Clients who are interested in knowing more about Shanghai Metal Corporation, their products, and other services can visit their website on

    About Shanghai Metal Corporation

    The large international group company, Shanghai Metal Corporation, specializes in the manufacture and supply of Metal products, Electric system, Machinery and parts, and several forms of Construction equipment. With over 30 years of experience, their focus has been on products such as high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, galvanized steel which have been employed in the manufacture of coils, foil, strip, pipe, bar, sheet, fittings and more.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Metal Corporation
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 139 1600 7766
    State: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    With custom die cut cards in a variety of dimensions and styles, a business can easily stand out from others and entice new customers.

    Die cut plastic cards are readily available with Plastic Card Online and that too at budget-friendly prices. These cards can be produced in custom dimensions and designs for a business to be easily recognized by the discerning customers. The company is also offering barcode cards and plastic membership cards with key tag printing features. These cards are ideal for building a loyal customer base by providing customers with rewards and a better experience.

    According to the company spokesperson, they can design the diecut plastic card in any dimension for their clients and they do not charge any single penny for the design work. These cards could be tailored to meet the complete branding and promotional objectives of a business. By designing plastic cards in unusual and exciting shapes, they can thrill the recipients with the perfectly presented promotional offers. The spokesperson reveals that these unique die cut cards can help a business to stand apart from its competitors to easily be noticed by the customers. The company can produce custom plastic or PVC cards that can match the quality of credit cards and are available at economical prices.

    Plastic Card Online Announces Availability Of Die Cut Plastic Cards With Customization Options  

    Plastic Card Online also announces to offer the barcode card that can be used for loyalty and membership programs. A barcode can present readable data, and hence barcode cards can effectively be used to record important data of their customers. The data can be used to design promotional offers for different set of consumers, which can actually appeal to them. The company can provide barcode cards in different dimensions, such as 35X15mm, 30X12mm and 25X12mm. The barcode can be placed on these cards in any size and in any location of the card. One can easily read the data from the card using a handheld scanning device. The company can supply barcode cards in of different packs and at cost-effective prices.

    Companies can now boost their loyalty schemes with the help of the combo key tag printing offered by Plastic Card Online. These combo key tags are ideal for businesses that offer memberships to its customers, such as health clubs, spas, restaurants, wellness clubs and others. The combo key tags can also be used for loyalty based programs. Plastic Card Online offers a wide array of choices for clients to order plastic key tags online from. They can supply combo key tags with magnetic strips and also barcode key tags. According to the spokesperson, a client needs to share its combo key card project details, and they will provide them with the best design and a reasonably priced quote.

    To choose from different types of die cut plastic cards and barcode cards and receive the quote for the key tag printing, one can visit the website

    About Plastic Card Online

    Plastic Card Online is a plastic card printing company founded in 2008. Today, the company has been working with thousands of clients from all over the world (more than 80 countries). Plastic card online, INC is now a leading professional and famous card manufacturer with monthly output of 20 million pieces. The company supplies full/four color litho printed cards with ISO standard 760 Micron solid PVC, professional looking, texture and feel.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Plastic Card Online, Inc
    Contact Person: Eason
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13758302783
    Country: HongKong

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    As we all know, a good weapon will help a soldier to win a war except using an outstanding fighting strategy. It is the same in a gaming. An immersive gaming headset, with the powerful and accurate sound, comfortable wearing experience, will make you feel like you are within the game itself. Explosions, gunshots, and sound effects really flourish with bravado. Every Onikuma gaming headset user knows well that Onikuma gaming headset ling-up, Onikuma K5 and K6, never let the users down in these aspect. Now, Onikuma are going to launch out an upgraded version from the gaming headset line-up, Onikuma K9, which do better in Xbox One gaming headset. Let’s see what make Onikuma K9 stand out.

    Powerful Compatibility – Gaming Headset for Xbox One S, Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, PS4, PS 4 Slim, PC, Laptop, PSP, Mac, Tablet, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch 3DS, Nintendo Switch 3ds LL. Extra Microsoft adapter (Not Included) is needed when connect with old version Xbox One controller.

    Powerful Isolation – This Xbox One Gaming Headphone gives the clear sound needed for getting the slightest edge while gaming. A very high isolation that will help you focus in on your gaming.The well-defined sound coupled with amazing isolation lets you hear in-game footsteps or objectives better than you ever could have with other earphones or speakers.

    Great Microphone – The PRO Gaming Headset microphone pickups your voice very well. You never have any problems communicating with your teammates even when you talk really softly. The easily accessible volume control and microphone mute gives control of them even in the middle of full screen games.

    Super Comfort – The headphone’s comfort, fit, flexibility, durability is suitable for long gaming sessions. Lightweight headset with 45-degree rotating ear cups for a better fit. The mic will pick up your voice very well at any angle so you can clearly give instructions and objectives to your teammates.

    Accurate Volume Dial – This is thanks to the added volume dial that controls the volume directly to your headphones without messing with the computer’s settings. Along with the volume dial on the headphone cable, you also have a microphone mute near the same place. If you do not need to say anything to your teammates, this can be very convenient to press.

    Here are some specs for your reference –

    Product parameters:

    Speaker Size: 50mm
    Sensitivity: 106+/-3db
    Microphone: 4.0*1.5mm
    Impedance: 32O
    Cable Length: 2.4M
    Directionality: Omi-directional
    Microphone Impedance: 2.2k
    Frequency Range: 20Hz-20 KHz
    LED Working Voltage: DC5V
    Microphone Sensitivity: -38+/-2dB
    Working Current: Headset Jack: USB+3.5mm 4Pin

    It seems that Onikuma never stop improving in gaming headset. What makes Onikuma keep going and doing the best? It is their deep learning of customers’ needs and continuous pursuit in utmost immersion and pinpoint accuracy. That is the only reason you can’t miss Onikuma K9.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen Ouni Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jeff
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 15236267603
    Country: China

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