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    United States – Attention all eye pain sufferers… Finally a way to treat dry eye where you don’t have to continue taking expensive prescription medications and eye drops any longer! Optometrists Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler started up the Dry Eye Inner Circle with hopes of helping people really relieve their dry eyes and initiating the boost to a healthier lifestyle. Millions suffer from dry eye and their lives dramatically change. The Dry Eye Inner Circle is the first and only group like it, where you’ll be held accountable by your peers all over the country, the doctors are with you from start to finish, any questions you have are answered by the doctors and group mentors, and you learn how to naturally relieve your dry eyes.

    Tuesday, August 7th was the first day of registration for the Dry Eye Inner Circle. The first 100 to register will get the bonus of the 8-Week Bootcamp Challenge. Weekly interactive challenges with Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler keep the community driven and on track to dry eye relief. Weekly tests include mandatory relaxation to different foods to avoid, eye power food recipes, meditation tips, exercise routines and so much more. These challenges encourage and remind each person how to treat their eyes and themselves.

    You’ll see a difference in your wallet from not buying overpriced medications and eye drops every week. The program and bonuses (including deals on Heyedrate products) is valued well over $10,000. The Dry Eye Inner Circle only costs $49.99 per month. That’s less than the cost of Restasis and Xiidra per month, and it’s less than a daily Starbucks run. You won’t and can’t get this advice, help, and dry eye bootcamp challenge anywhere else. You’ll definitely start feeling sociable again, and you’ll stop worrying about your eyes looking bloodshot or swollen and just plain hurting while out in public. Your eyes will feel more hydrated and not as dry. You’ll be the best you. Hear what others that signed up for the Dry Eye Inner Circle are saying about it.

    Before the 8 week dry eye bootcamp began, member MaryAnn said “I was really getting down because I couldn’t figure out how to treat it (Dry Eye). I was socializing less because I had swelling and dermatitis.” After the 8 week dry eye bootcamp, MaryAnn conveyed her results as being “Much improved. It’s (Dry Eye) manageable now. I like the delicious smoothies, hydration, exercise, feeling healthier and being able to wear contacts again.”

    What do you have to lose? It’s 100% money-back satisfaction guaranteed. Take a full 30 days and if you don’t feel the difference, you get your money back. WHY wouldn’t you want to feel relief? WHY wouldn’t you want peace of mind? Why wouldn’t you want the quality comfort of wearing contacts again? Here’s how to get signed up before Sunday, August 12th for your chance at total eye, mind and body transformation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Eye Love
    Contact Person: Amy Gharibvand
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 918-606-7220
    Country: United States

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    As the most promising project in existence combining AI and blockchain, Cortex successfully raised roughly $35 million in its private placement round back in March and now boasts a core team of over 20 developers, researchers, and scientists. The Cortex native token (CTXC) is now traded on numerous international exchanges, with a daily trading volume of over $5 million.

    In order to maintain the momentum and spread its global influence in the tech world, Cortex has brought highly respected tech veteran Kris Singh on to its Board of Advisors and partnered with Ubitus, one of the world’s largest cloud computing companies, to bring together blockchain, AI, and cloud technologies. For details on these exciting developments, read on below!

    Cortex is a pioneering project that aims to integrate AI and blockchain technologies by providing an infrastructure where AI developers can store state-of-the-art machine learning models on the blockchain to be inferred by smart contract and DApp developers.

    The project saw a few major developments over the last few weeks, among which were the addition of Kris Singh to the Board of Advisors and the partnership with Ubitus. These developments will help secure Cortex’s position as a leading global pioneer in the blockchain and AI space. 

    Cortex Brings Kris Singh, Founder and President of SRII, onto Its Board of Advisors

    SRII, Service Research and Innovation Institute, was founded with the mission to “drive research and innovation for ‘IT-enabled services’ for a better world.” The foundation works closely with senior leaders from major IT companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, as well as the academia, research institutes, and government organizations all around the world.

    Kris Singh, founder and current president of SRII, recently joined Cortex as a member of the Board of Advisors. A senior leader in Silicon Valley for more than 30 years, Kris has extensive experiences working with industry leaders such as IBM Research, Intel, and AMD. His areas of expertise include embedded systems, semiconductor products, data center technologies and digital services for major sectors of the economy and leading large cross-functional global organizations. He will help Cortex build its Silicon Valley network and global partnership.

    Photo: The Cortex team and Kris Singh (third from right)

    Ziqi Chen, founder & CEO of Cortex Labs, stated, “Kris’s broad IT industry background and his strong leadership with global organizations will provide great value to Cortex Labs for building an AI on Blockchain Ecosystem in Silicon Valley and around the world.”

    In addition to his work with SRII, Kris works closely with the academia to help drive innovation in education and entrepreneurship. As a visiting professor at Tsinghua University in China, an Industry Fellow at the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley, and an adjunct professor at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at Santa Clara University in California, Kris will help advance Cortex’s presence in academia. He stated that Cortex’s product was “unique and powerful,” that he was “very impressed with the passion and vision of the company leadership team,” and that he was excited to be part of the company.

    Cortex’s Partnership with Ubitus

    After a series of successful meetings, Cortex and Ubitus, the largest GPU cloud service in Asia, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in which Ubitus agreed to accept CTXC, the Cortex native token, as a payment currency in its cloud computing business. The partnership will help Cortex build a healthy AI ecosystem and better off-chain training solutions for AI models while providing Cortex with the first use of CTXC as a payment method.


    One aspect of the MoU promises that Ubitus will support Cortex by providing massive GPU cloud computing power needed to develop AI on Blockchain. This will benefit Cortex immensely, as the construction of stable computing power is a high barrier of entry for most companies: it requires not only high equipment and operating costs but also professional AI and GPU talents.   

    In addition, Ubitus offers GPU computing powers at a competitive cost in comparison to the current market price of companies like AWS and Google Cloud. AI researchers now will have access to more cost-efficient off-chain computing service in conducting AI research and training. The development of the decentralized AI ecosystem will greatly benefit from this reduction of cost associated with GPU computing. 

    The Cortex Labs has been actively reaching out to collaborate with AI labs, academic and private research institutions around the world in order to build the AI on blockchain ecosystem. The partnership with Ubitus will allow Cortex to provide low-cost off-chain computing services to these institutions for AI model training. The democratization of AI will be achieved when the AI research labs are supported with the necessary computing power to continually develop good AI models for the world.

    As for Ubitus, the company not only locks in a long-term customer but also can combine its existing gaming industry experiences and resources to establish a blockchain business unit with the help of Cortex.

    Ziqi Chen is optimistic that the synergies between the two companies will help accomplish Cortex’s mission in building a decentralized AI autonomous system. By designing the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM) to run on GPUs and FPGAs instead of CPUs, Cortex allows AI models to be inferred on the blockchain and executed effectively, ensuring transparency and security. AI developers are incentivized to upload their models to the storage layer of the Cortex blockchain, while smart contract developers can incorporate these AI models in their smart contracts, making them “truly smart.” Therefore, the partnership with a GPU giant like Ubitus is instrumental.


    Finally, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to meeting with Ubitus, the Cortex team visited several well-known cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Japan and is optimistic that formal relationships with these exchanges can be established once crypto-regulations become more formalized in Japan.

    The last word

    The new world of blockchain is an exciting one, experiencing unprecedented growth around the globe. The same can be said of artificial intelligence. As we move forward with these two technologies, we are sure to see meaningful progress and significant value created for industries of all shapes and sizes. As the pioneering AI and blockchain platform, Cortex is leading the revolution. The recent tech updates and industry partnerships will go a long way towards achieving that vision.

    To learn more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cortex Labs Pte Ltd.
    Contact Person: Amy Chen
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +13472242718
    Country: Singapore

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    When it comes to reliable bail bonds, Legendary Bail Bonds is at the top of the list. This family-owned bail bonds company that is already serving the public for many years now and is continuing to provide quality service for everyone in the Southern California area.

    Bail bonds are usually utilized in the bail system which guarantees the court for the criminal defendant’s appearance during the duration of the entire trial period. If there is no bail bond, there is no reason for a bail for the defendant. Utilizing a bail bond is one effective way for the judiciary system to hold liability for the defendant’s appearance in court.

    Also known as surety bond, bail bond is a formal way to ensure the judiciary system just like what an insurance policy works which also depends on the type of coverage you availed based on the premiums offered by a bail bonds company just like what Legendary Bail Bonds offer to its clients which guarantees the court the exact amount of the bail stated on the bail schedule. If the defendant fails to appear during a hearing, the bail company is liable to pay the full amount of the bail bond posted during the hearing or trial.


    So why is bail bond so important during hearings and trials? In most developed countries that have a healthy judiciary system, the defendant or the people who have been arrested or charged with a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty otherwise by the judge after the trial which depends on how severe the crime they are accused with. These people who are accused have a constitutional right to be released from jail while the trial is ongoing by posting bail bonds.

    However, not everyone can afford the sum of a bail bond that is why there are financing companies such as the Legendary Bail Bonds offer financial loans that are used for bail bonds. Bails can be very expensive depending on the severity of the case filed by the complainant.

    Posting bail also helps the accused or the defendant to utilize time and energy in processing their case and come up with the proper testification upon the court rather than spending time inside the jail.
    Legendary Bail Bonds offer financial services by paying the bail premiums set by the law imposed in the State of California by posting a down payment and the total bail premium.

    Legendary Bail Bonds cover most of southern California’s major cities and counties in its service. Listed below are the following areas covered by this company. There are also bail bonds orange county available for service as well as in San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County.

    The following detention institutions that Legendary Bail Bonds cover the entire West Valley Detention Center that includes:

    • Chino
    • Fontana
    • Ontario
    • Rancho Cucamonga
    • San Bernardino
    • Victorville

    Legendary Bail Bonds believe that everyone must have an equal chance in the court and everyone deserves to get out of jail fast, everyone deserves to pay the lowest bail rate allowable by the law, and deserves equal respect for everyone and Legendary Bail Bonds is ready to assist you whenever you needed them the most because the company is committed to helping each individual by providing the required bail as the case is continuing to be processed in court in every step of the way.

    Legendary Bail Bonds is entirely reliable and follows the mandated law imposed by the State of California. Its rates are reasonable and can be afforded by individuals in all walks of life. To ensure transparency and quality service, it follows the California Department of Insurance’s rules and regulations and strictly follows the 10-percent bail amount of premium for bails in the State of California.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Legendary Bail Bonds
    Contact Person: Chris Reynoso
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (800) 701-6592
    Address:981 W Arrow Hwy, Suite 215
    City: San Dimas
    State: CA 91773
    Country: United States

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    Medipedia is bringing a solution to an industry plagued by uncertainty and blind faith. With Medipedia’s platform, people can now find quality service at a reasonable price. Every year, thousands of people travel to South Korea procuring medical services. While some may get what they’re looking for, many others are defrauded, pay exorbitant prices, or never really find what they need. We’ve all heard a story or two about people travelling halfway across the world in search of a miracle cure — or cheaper plastic surgery. Very often, these individuals face the difficult challenge of having to dig up information on their own.

    Although Google has helped increase the data available to society, there are still specific areas, not even the search engine can reach. Whether it is due to a language barrier or just because the information isn’t available online, there’s only so much one can do on their own. Fortunately, Medipedia has come up with an ingenious solution to address all these market issues. The platform makes use of the blockchain technology to provide a system where information is securely stored and available from anywhere in the world.

    All personal information is kept encrypted, and only the user can decide who has access to it. Unlike traditional medical systems, where the medical providers store all the data and share specific parts of it with you, Medipedia’s platform leaves you in complete control of your health data. All one has to do is fill in their profile when they register, including updated and relevant medical records. From there onwards, as one uses the platform, their subsequent data will be added to their profile.

    The system is quite simple too, as simple as a Google search. When accessing the platform, one would fill in a request for whatever medical speciality one needs, and Medipedia sends this request automatically to all the relevant medical providers. The customer will now receive different offers from the various professionals available. To discourage any price wars between the medical providers, the customer will be the only one capable of reviewing the proposals they send. This method ensures medical providers suggest a price which they believe matches their offering, instead of competing with other institutions.

    Once you’ve narrowed down a list of medical providers you’re interested in, Medipedia’s platform goes the extra mile. Before incurring travel expenses only to be seen by a doctor you’re not happy with, the system gives you the option to have an online consultation. Medipedia’s online consultation feature fixes an issue many medical tourists have faced in the past. You see, very often, patients receive a projected cost of how much their treatment will cost, until the doctor sees them and that price escalates.

    This is now a thing of the past — patients can now travel having previously established a relationship with their doctor, and knowing the full cost of their medical treatments. Although Medipedia is a relatively new venture, it has already partnered with several South Korea-based hospitals, and it is holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) later this year, in October. However, if you can’t wait to be a part of this exciting project, their pre-sale starts right next month.

    Media Contact:

    Name: Taeyong Kim



    Website: Https://

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Medipedia
    Contact Person: Taeyong Kim
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Korea

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    The evolution of technology has brought a new era of collaborative experience. With video conferencing equipment and internet, companies can easily realize video communication, online collaboration, remote training or sales presentation among colleagues, partners or clients. Now video conferencing room has become one of the most effective and cost-saving choices for business activities.

    Although high end laptops, smartphones and projectors are helpful when operating a meeting, it is essential for conference and meeting rooms to have good equipment to host an effective meeting. Unless you use a device specifically made for video conferencing, you won’t get the same seamless quality necessary for business meetings.

    Choosing the right equipment

    Before you begin your search, it is helpful to first evaluate your needs as a business. Consider the size of your company and how often you will need to conduct a video conference. How many participants will there be? It is recommended that you purchase all-in-one video conferencing equipment for convenience and to prevent any compatibility issues.

    Aside from the points listed above, you should consider your budget. Most video conferencing equipment have a very high price level with limited meeting participants, such as Polycom, Cisco, Logitech or Highfive. If you’re on a tight budget you may benefit from a cheaper alternative however you may have to compromise on the quality.

    There are many video conferencing equipment on the market, however not all of them will accommodate your budget or flexibility. If you’re not a fan of high priced, monthly subscriptions, then perhaps ezTalks video conferencing equipment is the best alternative to Highfive video conferencing.

    ezTalks Room Plan

    ezTalks Onion is an all-in-one device made specifically for video conferencing. When paired with a TV screen, it is often powerful enough to run an entire meeting without the need for any other equipment. On top of its remarkable quality, ezTalks Onion is the most affordable high-end device on the market.

    ezTalks Onion- all-in-one video conferencing device

    ezTalks Onion has lots of unique advantages such as easy and quick set-up, all-in-one design with a wide-angle HD video camera, low-light Sony camera sensor with auto adjusting exposure, Hi-Fi mic array with noise and echo cancellation, unlimited in-room screen projection, wireless meeting room control and full ezTalks software features like screen sharing, whiteboard, recording, etc.

    Although a large number of companies may charge thousands of dollars for a single video conferencing device, ezTalks Onion can be purchased for a low price of $699 per room. You can enjoy its unlimited meeting services with one-time fee, no monthly subscription fee at all.

    ezTalks also offers an option to upgrade your plan to the Professional, which comes with additional features including their T-Voice 100 Smart Conference Speakerphone. This dynamic speakerphone is a great choice if you’re looking for low cost video conferencing equipment that can perform on par with expensive conferencing devices. Some of the benefits of the T-Voice 100 is their crystal clear audio transmission and reception which can capture sound from 360 degrees and up to 80 square meters.

    The device is also fitted with noise and echo cancellation, as well as a high processing speed to keep meetings as fluid as possible. What’s more, with ezTalks T-Voice 100 as a meeting controller, you can simply host a meeting with ezTalks Onion and a screen, no need any other devices at all.

    Unlike other equipment providers, ezTalks offers equipment and video conferencing solution that is high functioning and very affordable. It only cost 699USD for the standard plan with easy set-up process, unlimited meeting duration, HD video and audio calls, wireless control and more to transform your meeting room. The price of the professional plan is 1299USD with a T-Voice 100 to add more outstanding audio experience.

    Selecting the best video conferencing equipment can be difficult however we’ve narrowed your choices down so you don’t have to do any searching on your own. If you’re looking for a video conferencing kit, then ezTalks Room Kit- ezTalks Onion and T-Voice 100 may be your best option.

    About ezTalks

    ezTalks simplifies enterprise video conferencing & business collaboration, with easy, reliable and affordable video communication platforms including online meeting, video webinar, audio conferencing and smart video conferencing room solution. It enables users to have video and audio conferencing and webinars with features of group video chat, conferencing call, instant messaging, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, recording, etc. Billions of online meetings and webinars have been conducted via ezTalks in over 150 countries.


    For press:
    For sales:
    Phone: +1 (888) 567-8889

    Media Contact
    Company Name: EzTalks Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 (888) 567-8889
    Country: United States

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    Unicorn Blue’s “fixed fee per hire” slashes the cost of hiring overseas teachers in the Middle East and Asia.

    August 14, 2018 – London, UK – Traditionally, recruitment agencies charge a contingency fee based on a percentage of an ESL (English as a second language) teacher’s annual salary. Based on recent research from, an ESL Teacher’s annual salary of $40,000, that fee could range from $4,000 (10 percent) to $8,000 (20 percent) – and this doesn’t include other costs like visa processing, flights, accommodation, and health insurance.

    Recruitment specialists Unicorn Blue do things differently. Their alternative to the contingency method is the “fixed fee per hire” method. It applies to all teachers who are hired in non–supervisory/ management roles. While the fixed price per hire charge depends on the number of teachers being recruited at the same time for a single project, it typically works out to be almost 60 percent less per hire than it would on the contingency method – and sometimes more. “Recruiters, from my own experience as a client, seldom think far ahead about the burden their fees have on their clients’ businesses, and the implications it has on the freedom to do what they truly want to do – and when. It solves one problem, though creates a few others. I inherited from my predecessor a bill of £600,000 for only 82 hires in a 12-month period. This worked out to be a mathematical average of £7,317 per hire. One recruiter even boasted, as she wished me happy holidays, that she had earned enough in that year to buy an apartment in central London,” said Costanzo Ferraro, Unicorn Blue’s CEO, founder and senior recruiter. “Fixed fee pricing recruitment speeds up the whole process and helps employers get teachers mobilized on the ground sooner. Colleges increase their profits by introducing and operating more courses and keeping employment costs under control. Clients focus their energies on their business with less stress and create conditions for an engaged workforce, which improves their reputation, ranking and all–round quality of life, and leads to happier learners achieving higher grades.” Unicorn Blue’s initial project setup covers social media marketing and volume advertising buying, managed by a dedicated regional recruiter for the entirety of the project. This ensures a robust project structure in the client’s time zone and region which accelerates the recruitment process, drives down costs. Unicorn Blue can also organize visa processing, background checking and book discounted flights.

    “The greater the number to recruit, the greater the savings potential, the sooner clients can start solving problems, the sooner they can they expect to increase their profitability. At Unicorn Blue we are cutting through outdated pricing concepts with our very own Excalibur of know–how and personal service, enriching clients to do more of the things they want to do, when they want to do them.” Unicorn Blue is a boutique recruitment business specializing within global higher and vocational education, and, corporate training academies. Unicorn Blue are members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, hold certifications in recruitment, HR and social media management (from the Digital Marketing Institute) and have extensive recruitment experience in the Middle East and Asia.

    For more information visit

    Contact: Costanzo Ferraro /

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Unicorn Blue Ltd
    Contact Person: Costanzo Ferraro
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 00442082426580
    City: London
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Singapore – Traderwave, the company behind one of the most efficient and user-friendly web-based financial charting application, is delighted to announce that they are organizing Asia’s first and potentially the biggest online trading summit ever. With more than 30+ international and regional speakers, each covering a certain specific trading topic that emphasizes on trading best practices, trading strategies, and trading workflows, the Online Trading Summit has the potential to be a huge event that will appeal to possibly tens of thousands of traders across Asia. The list of speakers contains some of the most prominent trading experts in the industry, such as Jerry Parker (USA), Andrea Unger(Italy) and Adam Khoo (Singapore).

    The summit will run from the 10th to 16th September 2018 and the registration site at with be opened for registration from 20th August 2018 onwards. Anyone who is interested in attending the event can follow the latest updates by visiting the Online Trading Summit Facebook page, which will be updated on a regular basis, as new speakers and other details are confirmed. Trading continues to grow in popularity across Asia, and people attending this summit will have the opportunity to listen to and learn from many of the leading experts in the field.

    “As a company, Traderwave’s vision is to capitalize on modern web technology to deliver both workflow and educational solutions to traders around the world,” said Philip Teo of Traderwave. “As the Online Trading Summit Organiser, we are determined to make this event one of the leading virtual summits in the industry. In fact, we are so convinced and confident in the caliber and quality of our speakers that we can proudly say this is a must-attend event, for anyone with any interest at all in trading. One of the main reason we decided to make this a virtual summit is because we wanted more people to be able to participate and benefit from this knowledge-packed event, regardless where they are located physically. The other advantage is that this is a free-to-attend summit. Anyone who has claimed their free pass will be sent links where they can access the broadcasts of the interviews with the speakers according to the summit schedule.”

    Traderwave is an online trading assistant software that allows a trader to analyze technical charts and set trading alerts based on his personalized trading strategy. The software monitors and notifies the trader when his trading alerts are triggered. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Traderwave Pte Ltd
    Contact Person: Philip Teo
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +65 9746 7443
    Address:446 Yishun Avenue 11 #13-52
    City: Singapore
    Country: Singapore

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    The company boasts of its flatness control system and gauge control system at its aluminum foil plant are capable of producing foils in the thickness range of 0.005mm and 0.2mm and is also ready to customize the thickness and the width of the foil as per the customer’s demand.

    Aluminum foils have varied applications in different sectors, such as packaging, air conditioners, bottle caps, vacuum packaging, cable shields and others. Shanghai Metal Corporation can supply aluminum foils of different specifications for client companies, and they can also customize the width and thickness of the foil to match the requirements of the customers. The company has a well-equipped manufacturing facility with all modern machinery and tools.

    According to the spokesperson of the company, they have 18 foil mills in their plant and have Siemens’ flatness control system and Honeywell’s gauge control system for manufacturingAapan, and are capable of delivering quality products in a timely manner. The company can produce up to 500,000 MT of aluminum foils and can meet customer’s demands with full satisfaction.

    Shanghai Metal Corporation Announces to Supply Quality Aluminum Foil With Custom Thickness

    The company attributes its quality and customer satisfaction with the advanced technology that it incorporates in its manufacturing process. With its 6 cold mills and 40 cutting and slitting lines, the company can efficiently produce the aluminum foil 9 micron, to be used in different sectors. The spokesperson maintains that they have 15 coating lines and 10 anodizing lines, allowing them to meet the desired quality level for their clients from around the world. They also have 70 annealing furnaces that give an idea of their production capacity. With the help of their best quality control system, Shanghai Metal Corporation can supply aluminum foils of different grades and package these foils according to customer’s requests.

    The spokesperson reveals that they fully meet the international quality standards while producing and shipping their aluminum foil micron to different customers. The company can produce aluminum foils, suitable for different applications, such as foils for soft packaging, aluminum foils for air conditioners, aluminum foils for household use, aluminum foil containers, aluminum foil adhesive tapes, aluminum foils for bottle caps and other usage. With years of experience and technical expertise, they are capable of producing aluminum foils of exact thickness that could be the most suitable for a particular application.

    To know more about the aluminum foil manufacturing and testing capacities of the company and the type of foils they produce, one can visit the website

    About Shanghai Metal Corporation

    Shanghai Metal Corporation is a large international group company for Metal products, Machinery and parts, Electric system, and Construction industry machines. They have been more than 30 years in the business of products, such as: high quality aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, steel structure. The company mainly manufactures coil, strip, foil, pipe, sheet, bar, and fitting. Also, they can supply the machinery and parts for Electric systems, and Construction project.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Metal Corporation
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 139 1600 7766
    State: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Sarnia, Ontario – a collective of web developers, restaurant enthusiasts and journalists have banned together to announce the launch of a new initiative, a digital Sarnia city guide, which has recently been published as the Sarnia Living Website.

    The guide has been put together over a lengthy period of time, to ensure that it includes all of the many highlights that Sarnia has to offer, such as the best local Sarnia Hotels, and the best Local Sarnia Restaurants. There is something intrinsically unique about Sarnia, and yet so many people are unaware of the many special places there are in and around the city.

    “Most cities when trying to promote themselves solely focus on the tourist trade, which is understandable as that brings in new money to the local economy,” said a spokesperson for the Sarnia Living Team. “Although we are certainly interested in increasing tourism to our wonderful city, we are also focused on educating our residents about the many hidden treasures our city has to offer. Anyone who has lived in a city for any length of time can all too often fall into predictable habits, visiting the same restaurants and venues, and consequently missing some of the other excellent eateries in their city. The Sarnia Living City Guide aims to highlight all of the best venues for everyone to enjoy whether they are a visitor or a resident. Personally, everyone on the team has had a great deal of fun putting this guide together, and we would urge people to be adventurous and get out and explore Sarnia, as there are some simply stunning places to visit, and memories to be made.”

    Sarnia Living is a digital media and web development company for Sarnia residents looking to connect local businesses and events with the online community, to reach a greater audience. Serving 70,000 people across Sarnia Lambton and beyond, it is Sarnia Living’s goal to bring people all that Sarnia has to offer in one place. They deliver everything from local events to highlighting current hot spots, to an audience that is looking for their local news across a variety of devices. The staff at Sarnia Living are proud to call the mouth of Lake Huron home. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sarnia Living
    Contact Person: Sarnia Living Team
    Email: Send Email
    Address:140 Christina Street
    City: Sarnia
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada

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    Robin Towle, Mrs. Utah, is working to help prevent teen suicide.
    Suicide among teens is a growing problem in Utah and the nation, and that has prompted Mrs. Utah to create a non-profit and a film in an effort to help save lives.

    Salt Lake City, UTAH – When Robin Towle was recently crowned Mrs. Utah, she pledged to find ways to prevent teenage suicides. In just a few short months she has created a non-profit and a film that are designed to help teens in Utah and across the nation.

    Teen suicide is the number one cause of death in Utah for ages eleven to seventeen, and it is on the rise four times faster than the national average, according to Towle, who says her concerns come from personal experiences.

    Towle, wrote and directed a faith-based short film, Room Enough, to promote teen suicide prevention that she says kids so desperately need. A trailer for the film has just been released and is available at this link:

    “This beautiful film teaches through the example of the main characters who learn from experience the importance of mindfulness, self-awareness, inclusion, gratitude, and kindness. The film can be shared by parents, religious leaders, teachers, mentors, and the teens themselves. Hopefully they will think about and discuss the positive changes they can make in their own lives, and become more aware of ways they can help those around them,” explained Towle.

    She also created the non-profit organization Sign Wolfpact to provide a safe environment for teens to thrive. It provides a program that enables teens to embrace kindness, inclusion, positive self-talk, service, nature, and exercise to increase their self-esteem.

    Towle is a philanthropist, children’s book author, dancer, actor, writer, director and producer. She is married to Kevin Towle and is the mother of six children. She will soon compete for the title of Mrs. America at the national pageant in Las Vegas.

    If she wins, she plans to travel with her husband and children to expand her teen suicide prevention program nation-wide. She can be found on Facebook and on Instagram.

    Towle recently played a lead role in Sila Algavale’s Lost at Desert. The feature film was just submitted to Sundance film festival.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Dave Bresnahan, Publicist
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 801-562-5362
    Country: United States

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    SINGAPORE – August 15, 2018 – Award-winning hospitality group Banyan Tree launches its first sun care range, adding to its newly reformulated line of bath and body products. The Coconut and Seaweed collection, featuring its namesake ingredients, is specially formulated for tropical climates, designed to soothe and protect the skin before and after sun exposure.

    The Coconut and Seaweed collection consists of five products with its initial launch, with the highlight being an oxybenzone-free sunscreen lotion. Graded SPF 50 and PA++, it shields skin from both UVA and UVB rays. The other products in the collection include a shower gel, body scrub, body gel and body oil.

    The coconut, well-loved for its wide-ranging benefits and aromatic fragrance, is fast-becoming the wellness sector’s favourite tropical fruit. All five products from the collection feature organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil as a key ingredient, with desiccated coconut and coconut shell serving as natural exfoliators in the body scrub. The nutrient-rich fruit, along with the extract of Jania Rubens, a type of red seaweed prized for its ultra-moisturising and restorative properties, combine to provide nature’s best for a day of fun in the sun.

    The introduction of the oxybenzone-free Coconut and Seaweed Sunscreen reaffirms Banyan Tree’s reputation as a socially and environmentally conscious business. Oxybenzone, a chemical that blocks the effects of the sun from the skin, has been found to contribute to coral reef bleaching and has recently been banned by the state of Hawaii in an effort to protect its oceans. With 40 beach resorts around the world and three marine laboratories across its properties, Banyan Tree actively engages in marine conservation through coral reef planting and turtle conservation initiatives.

    Banyan Tree’s Coconut and Seaweed collection has a 97.5% average of natural ingredients, with both the Coconut and Seaweed Body Scrub and the Coconut and Seaweed Body Oil being 100% natural. This reinforces the hotel group’s commitment to inspire a lifestyle interwoven with wellness, with products that are both good for the earth and the community. Along with the rest of Banyan Tree’s reformulated products, the Coconut and Seaweed collection is free from parabens, sulfates and colouring agents. On top of that, the collection is also free from artificial fragrance, being naturally scented with peppermint essential oil.

    For more information on Banyan Tree’s Coconut and Seaweed collection or to purchase it, along with the rest of its bath, body and aromatherapy products, visit


    For further information or imagery please contact:

    Venetia Chung, Marketing & Communications Manager

    Doreen Tan, Digital Marketing Executive

    Banyan Tree Gallery Pte. Ltd. | 24 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599747

    Tel.: +65 6389 1539

    About Banyan Tree – Spa & Gallery

    The leading Asian spa operator and pioneer of the tropical garden spa, Banyan Tree Spa first opened in 1994 in Phuket, Thailand. Like the tropical and sacred tree that inspired its name, Banyan Tree Spa offers guests a Sanctuary for the Senses – a haven for physical, mental and spiritual renewal. Its spa philosophy focuses on a non-clinical and holistic ‘high-touch, low-tech’ approach that celebrates the human touch and the use of natural herbs and spices. Sensing the moment, Angsana Spa complements Banyan Tree Spa with its contemporary chic and vivacious treatments. Inspiring guests to live life spontaneously and savour time, its refreshing blend of treatments emphasises the use of native flowers and fruits.

    A retail arm of Banyan Tree, the lifestyle-oriented Banyan Tree Gallery offers traditional handicrafts, spa products and accessories, travel mementos, resort-style home furnishings and apparel. Acting as a global marketing platform, these initiatives help sustain village crafts and employment for numerous communities. To recreate a pampering home spa experience, signature spa, bath and body care products can also be purchased at

    To date, Banyan Tree Group owns and manages a total of 61 Spas in close to 25 countries under the Banyan Tree Spa, Angsana Spa and Elements Spa By Banyan Tree brands. It also operates approximately 75 retail galleries worldwide, including affiliate brands, Angsana Gallery, Heritage Collection By Banyan Tree and Elements By Banyan Tree.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Banyan Tree Gallery Pte. Ltd.
    Contact Person: Venetia Chung, Marketing & Communications Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +65 6389 1539
    Address:24 Cheong Chin Nam Road
    City: Singapore 599747
    Country: Singapore

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    Jupiter, FL, USA – Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Stephen Way has been awarded with the gallery’s Artist Showcase Feature. This award is based on the results in the gallery’s recent “Solo Art Series #9 Exhibition”.

    Stephen Way is a Bondi, Australia based artist. Stephen creates drawings which reflects the fluid study of Tai Chi. Stephen Way will now be featured on the gallery’s front page and in the “Artist Showcase” section of the gallery’s website.

    Stephen’s Artist Showcase feature will be promoted to over 350+ major news outlets, with inclusion on Google News and Bing News. In addition, the gallery will also be featuring and promoting this event in the gallery’s various social media networks for further exposure. In addition, at the conclusion of the Artist Showcase feature his art will be available for viewing in the gallery’s Artist Showcase archive.

    To be considered for any of the Solo Art Series or for the Artist Showcase features, artists were asked to submit 3 components; 1. Their art. 2. Their artist biography. 3. Their artist statement. The four winning artists were selected based on the merits of all three components of their presentations. The next 8 artists were then selected to have their art presented in the Gallery’s Artist Showcase. (

    About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

    Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is the gallery’s intention to help today’s artists to successfully market their art to a worldwide audience.

    The art gallery website can be viewed here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
    Contact Person: John R. Math
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 888-490-3530
    City: Jupiter
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    Loopring is a cryptographic protocol that is used to build automated and decentralized systems. It provides users with transparency and impenetrable security while providing high transaction speeds and liquidity. It also keeps transaction costs extremely low and makes order matching fair and efficient. Furthermore, innovative applications by the Loopring team in the fields of crypto wallets, exchange pools, and integration with multiple blockchains are really helping the project to gain traction and acceptance as the crypto movement of the future.


    No idea, regardless of how innovative or groundbreaking it is, can make meaningful change unless it gains popular support and brings actual benefits to users. We’ve seen the blockchain and cryptographic-asset market explode and gain widespread popularity, but few exchanges actually tackle issues related to decentralization, and what we see instead is exchanges making profits while traders make marginal gains, at best.

    The Loopring project was created to solve exactly these problems: to bring actual benefits to crypto enthusiasts, to enable people to reap the rewards of their own investment strategies, and to make trading, buying and selling, and using crypto tokens and assets easy, straightforward, and very user-friendly. In addition to these, Loopring has been working on a number of exciting new partnerships as well to help make token trading and exchange safe, secure, and in common use. Read on below for details on each new development!

    User-Friendly Wallets

    In July, Loopring released its new web-based wallet named ‘Circulr‘, to go alongside the project’s original web-based wallet called Loopr. Circulr is intended for use with DEX developers as Loopring’s reference wallet, the importance of which will become clear in the next section below.

    In addition to Circulr, major updates to the iOS wallet now provide support for peer-to-peer trading using QR codes, the ability to submit and cancel orders, gas optimization when sending tokens, and updates to UI components for a better overall user experience. The iOS app will open up the world of decentralized trading of ERC20 tokens to millions of iOS users worldwide.

    The DEX Alliance Initiative

    Earlier last month, Loopring launched the DEX Alliance Initiative. 19 Wallets and DEX are using or will use the Loopring technology (Including imToken, the largest Ethereum mobile wallet) in The DEX Alliance Initiative. The first of its kind, this initiative was designed to use order clusters on Loopring’s own exchange to provide participants (and users of Loopring wallets and the Loopring DEX) with actual income (in the amount of 20%) from trading fees that they generate. This is a major shift from the way centralized exchanges operate. Centralized exchanges take a commission for executing trades; using Loopring, however, the entire crypto trading network becomes a decentralized and optimized marketplace in which orders are matched in an efficient and automated fashion, and traders are able to generate actual income for themselves. Even the remaining 80% of trade income is distributed to platform participants twice a year, based on each participant’s liquidity contribution to the network.

    The DEX Alliance also demonstrates a very subtle point that many people often fail to see: Loopring understands that the best business strategy for any company is to help your customers. Launching an exchange is no big feat; growing a user base and helping your users benefit is the real challenge. So far, there are 15 projects confirmed to use Loopring now, including AEX, Pilot, and Dolomite. Besides Wallexes/Dexs projects, Loopring has other partners like Corl that using Loopring as well. For example, devs are working with huobi Wallet to help them integrating Loopring and add more values on the Wallet. Loopring is one of the few players who are actually expending large amounts of resources and burning countless development manhours towards those goals. These initiatives are a true testimony to Loopring’s commitment to creating exchange and trading services that are by the people, and for the people!

    Security Advancements and Strategic Partnerships

    As mentioned above, changing the status quo is no easy task, and doing so takes more than having a great idea. You have to convince people of your vision. You have to provide easy-to-use tools and features (which is where Loopring’s iOS and web-based wallets come in). You have to reach a mass audience and gain their interest (which is where user-generated profits come in). Finally, you need to make sure that the systems you are building and the services you are providing are safe and secure from external threats so that you can continue to grow and develop without risk of attack.


    In order to add an additional level of security and high-tech professionalism to the project, Loopring has partnered with SECBIT Labs, a project that focuses on smart contract security. Founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts and specialists in the fields of cryptography, game theory, contract analysis, and economics, SECBIT provides Loopring with smart contract auditing all the way from design, development, testing, and verification, across all relevant development dimensions including semantics, formal verification, and compiler processes. In this way, SECBIT provides Loopring with comprehensive, reliable, and thorough security assessment and measurement tools to ensure that the Loopring DEX, the Loopring protocol itself, the platform’s wallets and apps, and all trades and orders that are executed using the service are fully secure and safe from external exposure or attack.

    The Bottom Line

    Loopring, using its deep blockchain expertise and a focus on building technology and products, is paving the way for crypto trading to be a beneficial, safe, secure, and easy process for the general public. The DEX alliance initiative promises to bring low-cost, risk-free, and completely private and secure crypto trading to both tech as well as non-tech traders, and since it is completely open-source and free to use, Loopring provides a unified trading experience for users and projects regardless of the underlying technology they use. Anyone can build on top of the Loopring system, using the web-based and iOS wallets is simple and intuitive, and the order-matching system used by Loopring (in addition to the extra layer of security provided by SECBIT audits) eliminates the risk of hacks and losing assets to virtually zero. The addition of numerous trading pairs on the Loopring DEX, and several exciting new projects that are building systems using Loopring, are testimony to the success of these approaches.

    The cryptocurrency market will continue to develop and mature, but systems and solutions that work for everyone, not just the elite few or the tech-savvy, are the order of the day. By providing traders with incentives in the form of commission profits, by attracting more users via simple tools and useful features, and by striking strategic partnerships with the right organizations in the right industries, Loopring is slowly yet surely creating the right tools and the right services in a very tight-knit ecosystem that will power crypto trading and DEX security in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Loopring Project Ltd
    Contact Person: Daniel Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 6503086035
    Country: Virgin Islands (British)

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    StudentsPlus Nachhilfeanbieter aus Koln, Deutschland bietet Schulern und Studenten aller Altersgruppen und Schulformen maBgeschneiderten Privatunterricht.

    StudentsPlus ist der holländische Marktführer für Nachhilfeunterricht. Das Unternehmen ist schon lange für ein einzigartiges Konzept bekannt, das eine einfache Verteilung von studentischen Nachhilfelehrern mit fundierten fachbezogenen und pädagogischen Fähigkeiten ermöglicht. Nun expandiert das Unternehmen endlich auch in das Nachbarland Deutschland, und bringt effektive und preisgünstige und qualitativ hochwertige Nachhilfe zu deutschen Kunden nach Hause. Derzeit bietet StudentsPlus in folgenden Städten seinen Nachhilfeunterricht an.

    Dabei bietet StudentsPlus im Vergleich zu etablierten Nachhilfeunternehmen einige Vorteile für Kunden. Entscheidend ist zunächst der Aspekt, dass die Nachhilfelehrer lediglich privat oder auf Wunsch in einer kleinen intimen Gruppe unterrichten.

    Dies hat den entscheidenden Vorteil, dass der Lehrer sich vollständig auf die Schwächen einzelner Schüler fokussieren kann, und somit schnelle Erfolge ermöglicht. Bei einem Schulsystem, das dazu gezwungen ist immer größere Schulklassen zu unterrichten, und die Schüler somit einem höheren Leistungsdruck auszusetzen ist dies essenziell.

    Lernen sollte Spaß machen – Nach diesem Leitfaden richten wir unseren Unterricht

    Der erhöhte Druck im Alltag und die längeren Schultage, haben für viele Schüler die gravierende Folge, dass sie den Anschluss verlieren, weil ihre Lehrer nicht mehr auf einzelne Schwächen Rücksicht nehmen können. Mentale Abwesenheit während des Unterrichts, Frust und schlechte Noten sind in dieser Situation oft unabwendbar. Mit studentischen Nachhilfelehrern werden Schüler auf Augenhöhe unterrichtet, und Schwächen schnell ausgeglichen.

    Hierbei ist es nicht nur wichtig, dass auf fachliche Schwächen geachtet wird, sondern auch, dass das Selbstvertrauen der Schüler gestärkt wird. Dies fällt einem jüngeren Lehrer oft erheblich leichter, als einem älteren Lehrer. Der Grund dafür ist, dass der geringere Altersunterschied die Kommunikation zwischen Schüler und Lehrer erheblich erleichtert, und es mehr gemeinsame Gesprächsthemen gibt.

     So kann der Schüler sich besser mit dem Lehrer identifizieren, was sowohl den Lernerfolg erhöht, als auch den Unterricht allgemein angenehmer für Schüler und Lehrer macht.  

    Weiterhin können Studenten ihren Schülern effektive Lernstrategien und wichtige Tipps zum Erfolg in der Schule mitgeben. Der Vorteil bei Studenten ist, dass diese vor nicht allzu langer Zeit, selbst auch die Inhalte von Abitur und Co. gelernt haben.

    Durch die Kenntnis aktueller Lehrinhalte und Gestaltung von Prüfungen, kann das Lehrpersonal einen effektiveren Unterricht für die Schüler gestalten.

    Unterricht in heimischer Atmosphäre ist nachgewiesen effektiver

    Ein entscheidender Aspekt, der StudentsPlus von anderen Anbietern unterscheidet, ist dass der Unterricht bei den Schülern zuhause stattfindet. Unterricht, der in komfortabler, heimischer Atmosphäre stattfindet, nimmt einiges an Anspannung heraus. Ein Fach, das einen Schüler in der Schulklasse stresst, wird somit mit einer angenehmeren Umgebung assoziiert, und so werden mentale Blockaden nach und nach entfernt. Alle Studenten sind fachlich ausgebildet, und erhalten von StudentsPlus Hilfestellungen, damit Schüler jederzeit so effektiv und erfolgreich wie möglich unterrichtet werden können.

    Auch der Anmeldeprozess ist bei dem Anbieter für Nachhilfedienstleistungen besonders einfach. Die Anmeldung läuft ganz bequem über die Webseite ab. Über das StudentsPlus Konto können alle relevanten Kundendaten eingegeben werden.

    Weiterhin läuft die Beantragung von Lehrern vollständig online ab. Hierfür müssen lediglich das Fach, Unterrichtsfrequenz und weitere Wünsche angegeben werden, und das Unternehmen findet seinen Kunden oft innerhalb von zwei Tagen eine passende Lehrperson. Jetzt unverbindlich anmelden und umgehend profitieren, durch Nachhilfe Köln und Nachhilfe Bonn.

    Kunden wird hierbei maximale Flexibilität geboten. Zum einen kann die Frequenz der Stunden jederzeit angepasst werden. StudentsPlus bietet hierbei unterschiedliche Unterrichtspakete an. Diese richten sich nach der Unterrichtsfrequenz pro Monat. Als Kunde spart man pro Stunde mehr Geld, je mehr Unterrichtsstunden gebucht werden, also lohnt sich hier Fleiß nicht nur für den Lernerfolg, sondern auch für die Brieftasche.

    Sollte es mit dem von StudentsPlus gestellten Lehrer mal nicht passen, so können Kunden ganz einfach auf Anfrage den Lehrer wechseln. Dies kann so oft gemacht werden, bis der perfekte Lehrer gefunden, und die gewünschten Lernerfolge erzielt werden.

    Nachhilfe Jobs bei StudentsPlus sind bei Studenten sehr beliebt

    StudentsPlus ist nicht nur für Schüler mit Lernlücken interessant, denn das Unternehmen ist immer auf der Suche nach motivierten und qualifizierten Studenten. Im Vergleich zu anderen Studentenjobs, bietet dieser viele Vorteile. Primär ist hier das hohe Maß an Flexibilität für die meisten Studenten von großem Interesse.

    Bei den meisten Jobs können die Arbeitgeber keine Rücksicht auf den Stundenplan der Studenten nehmen. So müssen Vorlesungen oft nachgearbeitet werden. Dies ist bei StudentsPlus ganz anders. Hier kann der Student seine Nachhilfestunden eigenständig an seinen eigenen Zeitplan anpassen, und so seine Woche ganz einfach strukturieren. So muss keine Vorlesung mehr verpasst werden, und Studenten können das Studium und die Arbeit ganz einfach unter einen Hut bringen.

    Dabei ist die Bezahlung gut, und die Arbeit ist erfüllend. Es gibt wenige Jobs, die so schnelles positives Feedback geben, wie der Job des Nachhilfelehrers. Mit den richtigen Lehrmethoden ist man oft überrascht, wie schnell ein Schüler Fortschritte macht. An den Erfolgen der Schüler, kann man als Lehrer folglich seine eigenen Referenzen aufbauen, und mit etwas Übung zu einem großartigen Nachhilfelehrer werden.

    StudentsPlus bietet sowohl für Schüler, als auch für Studenten eine großartige Plattform, die professionelle Nachhilfe auf Augenhöhe ermöglicht. Flexibilität, faire Preise und eine hohe Erfolgsquote zeichnen das Unternehmen aus. StudentsPlus wird den Markt für Nachhilfeunterricht in Deutschland nachhaltig verändern, denn die Kombination aus effektiver Nachhilfe und gutem Service ist bis Dato unangefochten.  

    Media Contact
    Company Name: StudentsPlus Deutschland GmbH
    Contact Person: Florian Linke
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0221-9888 5602
    Address:Bismarckstraße 14-16
    City: Köln
    Country: Germany

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    Creating an IFO™ (Initial Fan Offering) of Artist PoP’s™ (Pieces of PoPularity).

    Santa Monica, CA, USA – Increasingly music fans are ‘renting’ rather than buying music, pushing artist to tour more, driving substantial growth for concerts and festivals. Technology Innovation continues to shift consumer consumption from physical music to a mix of subscription, satellite, and streaming, continuing to shift the music industry which has been static for years. According to a recent report by Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) future innovation will allow artist to capture a larger percentage of industry revenue.

    Beatstoc’s IFO™ (Initial Fan Offering)

    What if you could buy, sell, and trade PoP’s™ (Pieces of PoPularity™) of your favorite Music Artist? Beatstoc is an exclusive experience platform that sells Pieces of an artist’s Popularity (PoP’s) to their most loyal fans. Beatstoc empowers PoP holders on the platform to have a direct role in the music they listen to by experiencing a closer connection to their favorite artist through FanVesting. Those PoP’s act as season tickets providing exclusive engagement and experiences with your favorite artist.

    Beatstoc… Innovation for Artist

    Beatstoc provides artists with an opportunity to; monetize their popularity, invest in their fan base, and benefit from the freedom to continue to create by selling Pieces of an artist’s Popularity (PoP’s) to their most loyal fans through FanVesting. The Beatstoc model generates a royalty that supports the artist’s ability to create content and experiences for exclusive release on the Beatstoc platform. The more content and experiences an artist provides to their fans, the closer the connection they will have, fueling their popularity and success on the platform.

    This royalty also supports real world change through Beatstoc Foundation, a non-profit platform that unites the influence of the music industry with the philanthropy of global organizations. Five percent of every PoP sale is designated to a cause of the artist’s choice. (

    Music Fans, if you could have a one of a kind experience with your favorite artist who would you choose, let us know on social media

    What if you could get in early, Investor Inquiries: |

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BeatStoc
    Contact Person: Gene Jackson
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 775-721-2311
    Country: United States

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    The State Fair of Texas has announced many new attractions that will be on offer during its run later this year from September 28 through October 21 in Dallas. The theme for its 132nd year is “Celebrating Texas Innovation.”

    “From America’s first self-contained modern shopping center, stadium nachos, iconic corn chips, the frozen margarita machine, handheld calculators, to even corny dogs, several of the world’s favorite creations were introduced right here in the Lone Star State,” said a State Fair news release. State Fair of Texas announces attractions for 2018 festival

     The fair has occurred every year since 1886—except for varying periods during World War I and World War II—and is still consistently recognized as “one of the most highly attended and best state fairs in America as well as Dallas’s signature event.”

    According to the 2017 State Fair of Texas Annual Report, the Fair attracted a total of 2,250,433 attendees during the 2017 event with roughly 93,000 daily guests. With more guest expected this year, visitors can visit to get amazing deals on car rentals. Although buses are very cheap, they get quite uncomfortable as there’s nothing quite as conformable as having a car waiting at your beck and call.

    Here are some of the new attractions to be on display at the State Fair of Texas:

    Football Game

    The State Fair will host the annual historic Texas-OU game and also one of the most entertaining halftime shows out there—with the State Fair Classic featuring Grambling State University and Prairie View A&M.

    However, this year a new face-off will be added to the State Fair Showdown: a football game between Texas Southern University and Southern University.

    Livestock birthing barn

    Attendees at this year’s fair can go into the new birthing barn and watch and learn as pregnant animals birth their babies.

    Karissa Condoianis, spokesperson for the State Fair of Texas, said her team noticed that fairgoers had shown great interest in watching and learning about animal births.

    “We’ve been asked about it for many years,” said Condoianis. “The goal would be to have a birth every day, but these are real animals.”

    The exhibit will also explain the role of breeding in agriculture.

    Music Concert

    The organizers of the State Fair announced the A-list lineup for this year’s concert, featuring hip-hop rapper Ludacris, country heartthrob Hunter Hayes, Prince collaborators Morris Day and the Time, Christian rock band Casting Crowns, among others.

    Amazing Stunt shows

    A new performance called Amazing Archery will be introduced in this year’s line of activities featuring Frank Addington, Jr., who will “hit targets as small as an aspirin”.

    Also, the All-Star Stunt Dog Show will be in attendance showcasing rescue dogs’ talents, including jump-roping and juggling.

    Agricultural Exhibition

    A new exhibition tagged Innovations in Agriculture will be premiered at the fair’s Big Tex Urban Farms—an organic farm that produces crops year-round and donates them to community members in southern Dallas—and gardeners would get the opportunity to learn about DIY growing systems for their own backyards.

    Mitchell Glieber, president of the State Fair of Texas, said he believes the theme supports the event’s mission to educate Texans.

    “We aim to inspire future innovators by offering exhibits and activities that are both educational and entertaining,” he said.

    Tickets for this year’s State Fair go on sale Aug. 1 while season passes went on sale June 1 at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Agora Media
    Contact Person: Office of Peter Tremblay
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 514-712-7516
    Address:BP 24191 – 300 Eagleson Rd
    City: Ottawa
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada

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    Jupiter, FL, USA – Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Catherine Pickop has been awarded a month-long solo art exhibition on their website. Catherine Pickop and her award winning minimal abstract paintings will be featured on the gallery’s front page and in the “Solo Art Series” section of their website.

    Catherine Pickop will also be promoted in 550+ press releases and throughout the gallery’s social media networks. In addition, her art will be displayed on the gallery’s page, highlighted on their YouTube channel and with an event postcard. At the conclusion of the solo art exhibition her artworks will continue to be available for viewing in the gallery’s archive.

    The “Solo Art Series” consists of four month-long solo art exhibitions for established artists, who have a body of work to present to the public.

    To be considered for these shows, artists were asked to submit 3 components; 1. Their art. 2. Their artist biography. 3. Their artist statement. The four winning artists were selected based on the merits of all three components of their presentations. (

    About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

    Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is the gallery’s intention to help today’s artists to successfully market their art to a worldwide audience.

    The art gallery website can be viewed here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
    Contact Person: John R. Math
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 888-490-3530
    City: Jupiter
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    A Website That Provides Most Reliable Review of Top-Rated Dating Sites and Apps.

    Los Angeles, CA, USA – Best Dating Apps proudly announces best 11 Dating Apps and Sites Reviews to benefit everybody that is looking for relationship online. This site provides detailed reviews on the most popular online dating sites online, this review was made to help you decide if the specific online dating app is worth joining or not. In this review, you will see the history of the online dating site, the features available, membership fee, the pros and cons, privacy and safety, customer service and many other factors that can affect in making a decision.

    BestDatingApps personally research each category of online dating services to recommend best options to all visitor. Expert review sources are deeply weighted, on the other hand user reviews most essentially those where usability or durability is a factor, are important to helping BestDatingApps firm our top picks. With all the internet dating services reviewed in one spot, you could find the website best suited to your tastes and personality.

    A lot of online dating sites do provide free submitting of your online dating profile as well as looking for matching profiles, however, to communicate with somebody you will need to buy a subscription or purchase credits to which specific website. None of the online dating site available is totally free. ( will at all times, give you with the latest and up to date selection of the most reliable and most excellent online dating sites available today. We do everything we can to update our test results at least twice a year for further modification and changes.

    “All in all looking for love or relationship could be hard, on the other hand, dating sites online make it simpler to connect with a wider network of prospective dates. From niche dating online sites as well as slick new applications to more mainstream services with lots of members, perhaps you are wondering which one is suitable for you. We evaluate users and expert reviews to know the best and most reliable online dating websites, free dating sites, dating apps as well as matchmaking sites,” said the spokesperson of BestDatingApps, while talking about the dating site and apps.

    “Are you planning to join a specific online dating site be it BBW Dating, herpes dating, senior dating, cougar dating, sugar daddy and sugar baby dating or bisexual dating? If so it is very much essential to know which online best dating site or app is worth joining to avoid wasting your time and money of course,” he added.

    This review was made to help you decide if the specific online dating app is worth joining or not. In this review, you will see the history of the online dating site, the features available, membership fee, the pros and cons, privacy and safety, customer service and many other factors that can affect in making a decision.

    Take a look at our BestDatingApps and do not forget to read BestDatingApps guides about finding a relationship and online dating, By keeping just a couple things in mind, you’ll be capable of avoiding rookies’ mistakes in the world of online dating.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Best Dating Apps
    Contact Person: Jacob Tang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 828-568-0382
    Country: United States

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    OTT Hydromet USA
    The OTT Hydromet Group is one of the leading providers of hydrological and meteorological sensors. These include various measuring systems for the detection of liquid and solid precipitation.

    Kempten, Bavaria – August 16, 2018 – The OTT Hydromet Group is one of the leading providers of hydrological and meteorological sensors. These include various measuring systems for the detection of liquid and solid precipitation. These can be used in both cold and warm climate zones. Recently, the precipitation sensor family has been joined by two new models: The maintenance-free, radar-based Lufft WS100 in 2017 and the OTT WAD in 2018. WAD stands for “weighing and draining” and describes a unique measuring principle that combines the advantages of weighing and collecting rain gauges.


    The high measuring accuracy meets the requirements of WMO guideline No. 8. It specifies that rain sensors have a maximum inaccuracy of ± 3%. In addition, it outputs precipitation intensities and total values in real time in the impressive measuring range of 0.001 to 720 mm / h.

    The new, self-draining tilt-balance system represents an alternative to the OTT Pluvio² sensor and is especially suitable for use in subtropical and tropical climates. These are characterized by heavy rain showers with up to 10,000 mm per year as well as extreme weather events in the form of hurricanes and typhoons. It is able to output the measured values “event” (rain yes / no), rainfall, rain intensity and the total amount.

    The OTT WAD combines a tilting and a weighing system. This has the advantage that the sensor takes into account weight increases and does not distort data by evaporation or unintentional emptying, as it can be the case with collection bucket.

    The priciple explained in more detail

    The high-precision, monolithic, self-draining collection device has two chambers that alternately fill with precipitation. When a certain volume is reached, the monolith tilts and empties. Each droplet is monitored at a resolution of 0.001 mm / m²;, accurate to ± 10 mg due to the high-precision weighing system.


    Calibration is performed using a precision reference weight in combination with monitoring, configuration, and maintenance software. The sensor is connected to the computer via a standard USB port. The calibration and adjustment are possible according to the ISO standard over the entire intensity range from impressive 0 to 720 mm / h.


    The OTT WAD precipitation sensor combines maximum functionality with a very compact design. A total of six analog, digital and serial interfaces, such as SDI-12 and RS-485 with different output telegrams, allow easy integration into different systems and networks.


    In field tests, in which meteorological services and institutes compared the OTT WAD directly with collecting weighing sensors or manual testing gauges, no negative measuring effect could be detected by the funnel. It is the successor to conventional tilting bucket systems, which are particularly suited to the comparison of long time series and historical precipitation data and based on the same housing design and two-part tilting bucket system. However, the primary weighing principle of the new WAD ensures far better measurement performance than its predecessors.

    Measurements and weight

    The small housing dimensions and the low weight of 2.5 kg result in lower logistics and installation costs than other weighing systems or optical precipitation sensors. The OTT WAD is thus approximately 50% cheaper than other precipitation gauges – with comparable or even superior functionality. It is, therefore, suitable for integration into existing measuring fields and in hard-to-reach places and can easily replace tilting scales or manual measuring devices.

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