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    Choose you like style wedding jewelry at, here have so many surprise quality jewelry.

    The first thing that you need to think about is the formality of your wedding. This will shed a bit of light on what type of jewelry that you are looking for. Generally, if you are having a formal evening wedding you can choose pieces with a bit more sparkle and pizazz than if you were getting married in a garden in the early afternoon. Use the formality of your day as a jumping off point in the shopping process.

    Today’s bride has many options to consider for the type of wedding jewelry, she should wear on her wedding day. Her choices typically include gold, silver, diamonds, and pearls, or a combination of these. Most often bridal accessories are determined by the color and style of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses and her personal taste.

    Just as the birthstone ring is the primary jewelry piece for the engagement, birthstone jewelry has been and remains the most desired accessory for the bride’s wedding day because of its symbolism, pure beauty, and elegance. Additionally, pearls are highly versatile because they come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, and blend well with other types of jewelry. Since the bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, her neckline typically becomes a focal point depending on the cut of the dress. Pearl bridal jewelry is the ideal accessory because it best accentuates a bride’s wedding dress without overpowering her natural beauty.

    Get different jewelry buyers guidelines that will help you in making sure that your jewelry pieces are made with the best quality. You wouldn’t want your jewelry to fall off in the middle of your wedding ceremony, do you? offer many fashion wedding jewelry, such as wedding hair headband, combs, clip, tiara and all of the quality is great, and the price are affordable, here you will find many you need style.


    Headbands offer great versatility and look great with nearly any style of wedding gown. They can be worn traditionally, spanning from one ear to the other or pushed up and worn in the style of a tiara.

    Bridal Combs

    These are great for brides who want to wear their hair down but keep hair pushed up off of the face. They even work great for brides wearing updos, as they can be tilted and worn as a bun-wrap.


    For the bride wearing a ball gown, a tall tiara is a perfect match as it offers a dramatic look. Full length contemporary gowns can also be paired with tiaras; as long as their complexity and adornments are of similar style.Tiaras can be worn with up-dos as well as loose long and short hairstyles.


    Bridal hair combs work with nearly any hairstyle. They offer versatility and can be worn on the side of the head or as a miniature tiara.

    Collaborate with Cosyjewelry to customize your look for your wedding day. Our bridal headpieces you will find many cool style.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Emily
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 180560985670
    Country: China

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    Bridging loans are a great solution if you need finance quickly to take advantage of either time limited opportunities or to resolve emergency situations. Also known as short term loans they are usually secured against residential or commercial property but sometimes just against land to “bridge” the gap until longer term finance can be arranged or the underlying security is sold.

    Once only a niche product, they have experienced huge year on year growth due to their flexibility and quick completion times. As High Street Banks have suffered liquidity restrictions and tightened their criteria new lenders have entered the market offering diverse product ranges to cater for almost any scenario, no matter how complex.

    Bridging Loans can now be used for a wide variety of reasons from purchasing properties at auction with short completion deadlines to releasing funds from property to resolve pressing creditor issues. They are often seen as the ideal way to prevent a chain break, to inject money into a business or to downsize by releasing equity in an existing property to complete a new purchase but in truth there are a huge range of uses. Whatever the use however, speed of completion is usually of prime importance.

    The key components of a successful bridging loan are a suitable asset, acceptable use of funds and a clearly defined exit strategy.

    So how do bridging loans work?

    There are two types of bridging loan, closed and open. With a closed loan there is a fixed repayment date – you will normally be given this kind of loan if you have exchanged contracts but are waiting for a property sale to complete. With an open loan there is no fixed repayment date, but you will normally be expected to pay it off within 12-18 months.

    Whichever kind of loan a client takes the lender will, as stated above, want to see evidence of a clear repayment strategy; such as using equity from a property sale or taking out a longer-term mortgage.

    Bridging loans are more expensive than longer term loans but are usually completed in days rather than the months that a longer-term mortgage typically takes. They can be secured against a diverse range of freehold and leasehold properties including both residential and commercial buildings and, as already mentioned, sometimes even on just on land.

    A key factor in securing a fast completion is to engage the services of a solicitor who specialises in this type of lending. A lawyer experienced in bridging loans will be able to offer the best advice and make the process as smooth as possible.

    Who are bridging loans aimed at?

    Almost anyone who has property assets and a need for quick funding. Tailored solutions can increase liquidity, protect wealth, resolve pressing creditor problems and in many cases open up new and exciting opportunities.

    Typical short-term borrowers include property investors and developers, businessmen needing a cash injection, professionals with short term credit issues such as a large tax bill and many more besides.

    Still unsure & need advice? Why not consult an expert?

    Central Bridging are bridging loan specialists with a great track record. They are a principal lender offering a range of loan facilities for business use from £100K to £2.5M over periods from 3 to 24 months. Their loans are secured on freehold property across England and Wales.

    Crucially you will always speak to a decision maker who will take time to understand you and your situation and unlike some of the bigger banks will then tailor a solution that best suits your needs rather than their own!

    Why not give them a call on 03332 400 506 for an informal chat about your options.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Central Bridging
    Contact Person: John Clifford
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 03332 400 506
    Country: United Kingdom

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    People suffering from prostate cancer can take advantage of Dr. Song’s proprietary targeted injection therapy, which is safe, painless and guarantees positive results in over 95% of cases.

    Prostate cancer and other prostate diseases could be very painful, and men suffering from these diseases often look for reliable treatments. Dr. Song in China has discovered a reliable prostate treatment that is based on ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy. His 3d targeted injection treatment involves herbal injections that are given to patients to kill cancerous cells of the prostate gland. The treatment has a very high success rate and Dr. Song has successfully treated many patients from China and abroad at his 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics.  Prostate Cancer Treatment Is Now Possible at Dr. Song’s 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics in China

    Dr. Song enjoys a good recognition among prostate patients across the globe for his 3D prostate treatment China. Each month, a number of patients from different parts of the world visit his clinic and go back home with a disease-free and normal prostate. One can read several positive reviews from prostate cancer patients, available on the website of Dr. Song’s clinic.  These reviews are eye-openers and informative for other men who are still in search of a reliable prostate cancer treatment on this earth. Dr. Song conducts prostate cancer MRI on patients to learn about the disease conditions and then starts his non-surgical targeted injection therapy.  After the treatment, scanning of the prostate is carried out to check any abnormality of the gland. After eliminating the disease from its root, Dr. Song allows patients to return to their home country.

    The 3D prostate cancer treatment offered by Dr. Song is completely safe to cure the disease without any side effects. The 3D treatment focuses on determining the pathogens, cancerous cells and other factors that are leading to the problem. According to Dr. Song, the cancer of the prostate is not hard to cure any more. The tiny injections of herbal extracts are directly applied to the affected areas of a patient. The regular dosage of the injection can efficiently kill the cancerous cells, without affecting the surrounding tissues. After eliminating cancer affected cells from the prostate, this vital organ becomes completely disease-free to function normally.

    Besides, curing the prostate cancer, Dr. Song specializes in curing several types of prostate diseases, like prostatitis, using his targeted injection technique. The treatment makes eradication of pathogens possible, which are deeply rooted in the prostate gland. By removing infection, blockage and calcification, Dr. Song’s treatment can cure prostatitis and inflammation of the prostate. Besides the targeted injections, Dr. Song also uses unblocking medicines to eliminate pathogens and lesions from the urinary system of a man.

    To know more about Dr. Song’s targeted injection therapy and to read the reviews from real prostate cancer patients, one can visit the website

    About The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

    The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are premier prostate treatment clinics. The clinic specializes in treating various types of prostate diseases and complications, such as prostatitis, enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperlasia (BPH), prostate cancer, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, cystitis, prostate blockage and calcification, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), etc. The clinic is a medical clinic, licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics
    Contact Person: Miss Alisa Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18673216429 (WhatsApp)
    State: Hunan Province
    Country: China

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    Varying styles and sizes of infinity collections including unique convertible dresses now available for online purchase at discount prices

    The Chinese company, Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd, known for their many years of experience in the fashion and design industry, proudly announces the introduction of a wide variety of collection of infinity convertible dresses with different styles and sizes in their portfolio at discount cost for global customers. These feature several collections of chiffon skirts, butterfly dresses, manic style dresses, strapless styles, laciel, and more which can be used as ceremonial outfits

    One constant aspect of human culture remains change. This is significant even within the fashion and style industries as ladies strife for more innovative ways of wearing different outlooks. Consequently, Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd, with their main focus on designing dresses and other clothing styles offers a broad assortment of infinity dress in their e-commerce site. This is aimed at providing ladies different sizes and age categories with more unique outlook. For easy purchase, the company has also placed certain discounts on their products. Tutorial on multiple ways to dress up with infinity dresses and how to create different style have also been made available for customers.

    The company, in a successful attempt to accommodate the high-taste and stylish ladies, has also introduced different styles of the Convertible dress in their e-commerce site. These include the unique strap dresses which are designed with soft fabric to offer a more comfortable feel and for easy adjustment. In addition, the soft material provides a flattering effect on the shapes while accommodating any change in the user’s body size. Today, the different styles of the convertible dresses make perfect choices for several outings and parties.

    Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd Presents Wide Collections of Convertible Dresses at Budget prices for Global Customers

    Also available in their portfolio is a novel variety of plus size convertible dress for the relatively large-sized category of women. The company has also designed these unique straps in different fashions and styles to provide the needed comfort for the wearers. However, they have expressed their focus on those who are passionate about wearing different outlooks even with the same set of fabric. In addition to the dress styles, the online platform offers other accessories which include the infinity essential silicone bra, satin groomsmen neck tie, groomsmen butterfly bow tie and more.

    Clients who are interested in placing their order on the new collections or wish to know more about Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd and other services are urged to visit their website on 

    About Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd

    The China-based company, Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd, have their main focus on the design of a wide range of convertible dresses, fashion gowns, wrap dresses and many others. The company owns an e-commerce site,, where global customers can make their choices of a collection of these stylish dresses. In addition, the company distributes to the US, Europe, and many other countries.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenyang Yi Chi Technology Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Leo Zhang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 24 85718959
    Country: China

    0 0, a token-driven mining company, is delighted to announce that it will open its token sale to the public on September 7th, 2018. With several standout features, Securix offers investors the opportunity to earn a passive income while avoiding market volatility that is typical for cryptocurrency investments.

    Superior ROI Potential: 

    Securix provides ROI estimates linked to the value of Bitcoin. Assuming an average annual value of $10,000 per Bitcoin, investors could expect returns of around 137%. Even if the value of Bitcoin drops to $5,000, return on investment is projected at a rate of 44%. Bitcoin prices would have to fall below $4,000 for mining operations to become unprofitable. If this happens, Securix has committed to keeping 10% of the first gross revenue share in reserve, which will help to fund continued mining until profitability is resumed.

    A Monthly Gross Revenue Share: 

    Owning the Securix SRXIO token will provide a guaranteed monthly share of gross revenues from the physical token mining operations run by the company in the Netherlands. Gross revenue sharing as a model is a departure from traditional mining operations, which tend to share only net profit with investors—thereby introducing uncertainty to investor ROI as net profit is impacted by unforeseen and excessive costs.

    Asset-Backed Token: 

    Unlike many ICO tokens, the SRXIO token will be backed by physical assets in the form of the hardware used to drive the mining operations. The token is developed using the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract output distribution model, offering the security that the token cannot be cancelled. It also allows the SRXIO tokens to be stored and traded using Ethereum-compatible wallets and exchanges. While cloud mining has become popular, it generally provides only a 28-60 day contract that terminates if the operation is not profitable. In contrast, the SRXIO token has no expiry date, which offers a more sustainable, long-term investment potential.

    Eco-Conscious Energy Program: 

    Most physical mining centers consume vast amounts of energy to keep working, so Securix has partnered with EXE Energy to provide a more environmentally conscious mining solution. Also based in the Netherlands, EXE Energy has created a decentralised energy trading platform called EAN-2-EAN, which allows Securix to purchase green energy directly from wind and solar generators—bypassing costly intermediaries.

    To protect the value of the SRXIO token, the company will implement a token buy back and burn program. By ensuring a limited supply of tokens in circulation, the monthly gross revenue will be divided across a smaller token pool. This ensures that the value and output per token are effectively managed and optimized.

    A Proven Team of Business Professionals: 

    The team behind Securix has a solid background in the blockchain, IT, and fintech. Founder and CEO, Jacobus Donkersloot, previously built Inco Mobile, a €150m Dutch B2B IT and telecom company. To help realize its vision, Securix is also partnering with industry leaders. The company’s head office is located in Dubai, with mining operations hosted by Fintech Capital BV, a Dutch investment company also led by Donkersloot and Securix’s founder and COO, Damian Strauss.

    For further information about the token sale and the Securix offering, visit the company website.

    Media Contact:

    Name: Jacobus Donkersloot


    TG Group:


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Securix
    Contact Person: Jacobus Donkersloot
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Netherlands

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    IC Coin: F2C Mode Leads The Digital Economy EraThe digital currency is in the light of January and has won the traditional industry for ten years. The rapid development of IC coins has condensed new opportunities under the great changes of the times.

    On August 1st, 2018, it was put into operation on the QPeX exchange in Canada. From August 10th, QPeX registered a new user and dropped 10 IC coins. In less than a month, the number of IC international community members has exceeded 100,000, and IC coins have also been appreciated to 2 dollars because they are sought after by the majority of players.

    It is reported that the IC project technical team has completed the development of the “super wallet”, the super wallet has two major characteristics:

    First, consumption is mining. IC will increase your consumption twice while spending money in the process of consumption.

    Second, the destruction mechanism. Every time the official wallet address is consumed, the token will be destroyed according to the real-time price. Until the IC market circulation remains at 100 million, it will never be issued.

    At the same time, the IC technology team is working hard to build a global blockchain super mall. The e-commerce platform fully integrates all kinds of high-quality brand products with standardization and light service. In F2C mode, we will realize direct purchase of e-commerce from factory to consumer, develop traceable brand e-commerce product standards, provide quality brand products with quality assurance to the public, and support diversified digital assets to exchange electronic currency transactions. The combination of digital assets and cash payment is a new e-commerce model that comprehensively opens up digital assets and goods and services markets, making transactions borderless and accessible.

    Experts believe that the B2B and B2C new blockchain e-commerce model represented by IC international payment chain will definitely change the existing new retail business model represented by Alibaba, Taobao and Jingdong, and become the pioneer of the digital economy era. With the leader.

    IC Coin: F2C Mode Leads The Digital Economy Era

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Iccoin
    Contact Person: Kevin
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1347 654 3760
    Country: United States

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    Dallas, TX, USA – Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Deena Marie Efferson has now released a riveting new spiritual guide. The book is full of positive advice and affirming thoughts to improve the quality of life and start every day on a positive note. The author discusses the importance of observation in order to find a conscious path in life. By finding a conscious path, one can walk in the Light and develop a new, more positive outlook on life. Ultimately, the book will help any reader find peace in life and initiate a transformative journey.

    Snippets of Peace: My Devotion is creatively formatted so that readers don’t have to follow a pattern while reading. The author wants readers to be able to go through any page at random and have it make complete sense. Many of the thought-provoking and affirming texts in the book come from the author’s personal experiences and extensive research. The book’s main emphasis is on developing a conscious approach to the world. According to Efferson, developing mindfulness results in complete mental clarity and helps people not only improve the quality of their life, but also find love and compassion at every step of life.

    Deena Marie Efferson, B.MSc. is a renowned visionary creative artist with many talents and professional undertakings. She is known widely for her work as a master healer, spiritual teacher and public speaker. Also working as a channel medium, she uses her creative talents and techniques for the betterment of others. Efferson has helped thousands of people with her work as a personal development and transformation leader. Proactive about using her passions to help people, she is the founder and director of Radiant Path Institute, an educational organization that helps people find inspiration and motivation.

    Efferson’s other professional endeavors include working as the Ceremony Director for Spiritual Unity Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated towards celebrating spirituality. She works passionately with the organization to strive for education, practice meditation, and holds monthly world healing ceremonies. Due to her unique talents and accomplishments, she has been a special guest on radio and television where she has enthusiastically spread her message of spirituality. With Snippets of Peace, Deena Efferson can spread her message of peace, love and education to the world.

    Deena Marie Efferson is available for interviews.

    Snippets of Peace: My Devotion is available on

    Book Preview:

    About Deena Marie Efferson:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Expert Insights Publishing
    Contact Person: Pam Murphy
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 214.336.7972
    Country: United States

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    CEO Experience is an executive community that provides leaders monthly retreats and strategy sessions to excel in life and business.

    Ken Gosnell, Chief Servant Officer, of CXP (CEO Experience) Washington DC announced, the launch of a new Christian CEO Retreat Day in Annapolis Maryland starting Tuesday, September 11th. This full-day retreat for CEOs is designed to help business leaders use biblical principles to lead their business for increased profits with a purpose and to have a kingdom impact.

    To register for the event go to:

    CEO Experience, is the premier resource network for Christian CEOs by offering executive resources, executive coaching, and monthly CEO retreats. This full-day CEO Retreat is focused on both self-improvement and strategic planning. A 10-15 member group will meet each month to review biblical principles that relate to business, examine the executive guide with an opportunity to strategize about their own business, share best ideas for others and review a master plan for their business. The CXP Masterplan combine an innovative, hands-on approach to business strategy while allowing the business leader the opportunity to share their findings with their team or their peers. This retreat is an encouraging environment where leaders will be inspired to learn faster so they can lead further.

    As a result of the CXP Retreat, CEOs who attend will enhance their business operations and their personal effectiveness. CXP members get access to the tools, benefits, and expertise they need to grow their businesses – and a dedicated executive coach who acts as an extension of their own team, providing personalized one-on-one support. CEO Experience members are approved by their retreat members to become part of a curated network of successful peers and get access to a variety of exclusive benefits and resources.

    Ken Gosnell stated that he was passionate about helping leaders Learn Faster to Lead Further. “I am excited about the launch of the CXP Annapolis Retreat Day for Christian CEOs. The Annapolis area has never had access to a Christian CEO Retreat day, and the initial response has been overwhelming. I believe that CXP is filling a missing void for leaders who are looking to take the next step in growing their business and enhancing their life. This group will make an impact on each other’s lives as they will know that they will never lead alone again. These CEOs will also grow in their influence in the lives of their employees as they seek to lead a better business that more reflects the principles and concepts of the Bible. I cannot wait for the launch day of September 11th, and further I want to give a gift to all Christian CEOs whether they can attend or not. I will send a FREE 15 page CEO Executive Guide that we will be discussing at this first retreat. This executive guide was designed by Christian CEOs for Christian CEOs and will inspire you to look at your business in a new and different way.”

    Ken Gosnell has worked with CEOs and business leaders for over a decade and is now expanding CEO Experience in Maryland and the Washington DC area. Ken and his team lead CEOs through one on one strategy sessions and in monthly retreats where they can learn faster to lead further. CEO Experience – CXP members receive a number of benefits and discounts on partner relationships. Ken is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council the CCA – Christian Coaches Association. Ken is a contributing author for several business magazines in the US and around the world including Forbes and YSF.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CEO Experience
    Contact Person: Ken Gosnell – Founder
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 240-396-7671
    Country: United States

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    Carbide Mulcher Teeth (CMT) is among the industrial tools manufacturers who have made a strong foothold in the market. The company has built an impeccable reputation in the market from their kind of mulcher teeth they have been releasing to the market. CMT mulcher wears teeth quality is what makes them among the most recommended replacement teeth in the market. Their teeth cutting performance and longevity are some of the best that the market can offer. These are just one of the key properties making these cutter tools popular.

    Carbide Mulcher Teeth (CMT) is a Chinese company founded in 2013. In just a short period of 5 years, the company has expanded its base beyond the Chinese market to the world. The company has developed a strong customer base worldwide compared to some of the old and struggling companies. In just five years that the company has been operating, the company has been able to establish a sturdy global presence. Today, CMT industrial carbide mulcher teeth are today being used in all parts of the world, something that most of the competing companies are still struggling to attain.

    As an aftermarket wear parts manufacturer and supplier, the company has invested heavily in quality products. In fact, the quality of CMT products is one of the main features that make the company stand tall in the market. Having had come at a time when the technology has improved tremendously, the company has been able to utilize some of the latest technologies in their production. A look at the CMT factory shows a plant built on the newest technology in the manufacturing industry. From the machinery to the automation of most of their manufacturing process, the company is much better equipped and thus the excellent performance in the market.

    In addition to the latest technology, Carbide Mulcher Teeth (CMT) has been providing quality wear parts. They have invested heavily in the quality of raw materials. The company uses some of the best materials in the industry. That is also the reason why their tools are said to have one of the best cutting performance and time last for longer. CMT mulcher teeth are also incredibly versatile in the application in that they can be used for a range of conditions due to the quality of the material used.

    So what is it with CMT teeth quality? Well, the most important to note is the quality of their cutter teeth tip. As the name suggests, CMT used the highest quality carbide materials in the construction of their mulcher teeth. To enhance the toughness of their carbide material; the company has invested in the double grained composition of Tungsten Carbide which is among the highest grades of the carbide material. It is an extremely tough and durable material compared to the standard coarse grain cemented carbide used in the market.

    With maximum solidarity ranging from 90 to 93 HRA and impact toughness of more than 2,800 MPA, this grade of tungsten carbide is one of the best that you can find in the market. So with this kind of tip, these are the kind of teeth that will withstand even the most demanding conditions. In addition, the rate of wear and tear is insignificant thus providing the much need resistance to tip wear and abrasion resistance.

    Apart from teeth tip, CMT has also used the highest grade of steel in constructing the teeth body. The quality of steel material is incredibly high with incredible features that make it stand out from the rest. The company is using a custom build steel material with incredible rigidity to ensure maximum hardness and abrasion resistance.

    Carbide Mulcher Teeth (CMT) boasts of extraordinary toughness, high cutting performance, compatibility and affordable teeth. That’s one of the reasons why their products are widely accepted worldwide. Their factory also boasts of having the latest-state-of-art machinery and highly experience technicians running the manufacturing process. Fast order delivery and incredible customer service are things that CMT takes seriously. The company has also opened doors for customers who wishes to visit their factory and buy products at a wholesale price.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CMT Carbide Mulcher Teeth
    Contact Person: Yu Zhengxuan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-0577-86581229
    City: Wenzhou
    Country: China

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    United States – The American Optometric Association has announced that August 20-24 is Contact Lens Health Week 2018. The warning is worth repeating to the nation’s 45 million contact lens wearers: Contact lenses provide many vision benefits, but you risk your eye health if you don’t handle them with proper care.

    Eye Love founders, Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler, love fitting contact lenses as an additional option to providing their patients with the vision they deserve. With this being said, they are fully aware that a good percentage of their patients are not practicing perfect contact lens hygiene.

    As contact lenses have become even more popular, it is crucial to discuss how to properly care for your contact lenses. Improper lens care can lead to many problems for your eyes, including inflammation, infection, excessive dryness, and others. If left untreated, these conditions can become severe.

    Proper lens care starts with hand hygiene. Many of the serious problems associated with contact lens care can be decreased by washing one’s hands before insertion and removal of the lenses. If someone doesn’t wash their hands, any of the bacteria and other microbes could be introduced to the eye or the contact lens. Checkout the Tea Tree Oil Soap you could use to ensure eyelids and hands are thoroughly clean. Secondly, proper use of solution is very important. You should never “top off” the solution in your case. Topping off is the practice of not completely disposing of the contact lens solution from the night before and adding more solution to fill the bowls. The old solution in the bowl provides a breeding ground for microbes that can cause infections in your eyes. And then, you put those microbes directly on your eyes…eww! Think of this like bathing in the same bath water day after day. You would NEVER do that!

    According to, “Dry eye syndrome is a common problem among contact lens wearers and non-wearers alike. But symptoms of dry eye can be more pronounced if you wear contact lenses and your contacts start to dry out. Dry eye is a common cause of contact lens discomfort.” Your eye doctor also can tell you about other possible remedies for contact lens-related dry eyes, including eye vitamins, flaxseed or fish oil supplements, and a lid & lash hypochlorous acid cleanser for dry eye relief.

    Eye Love’s Heyedrate products create healthy habits for making healthy eyes. Also, with every product purchased, Eye Love gives an exam, glasses, and sunglasses to someone in need. Join their mission to end preventable blindness.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Eye Love
    Contact Person: Amy Gharibvand
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 918-606-7220
    Country: United States

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    Yibin is located at the concourse of River Jinjiang and River Minjiang, as “Top One City along Yangtze River”. The developed wine industry with Wuliangye as the representative has turned Yibin into “City of Wine in China”. Yibin, surrounded by bamboo forests, is the “City of Bamboo” in reality as well in name, with the largest bamboo area in the country. With the bamboo sea in Shunan as “the greenest in the world”, it’s highly appreciated by Huang Tingjian- the poet and calligrapher in the Northern Song Dynasty as “Magnificent! The bamboos wave in miles.”

    In order to inherit and spread the excellent traditional culture of China, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people, and motivate the poetry and calligraphy creation and development in China, Yibin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and China Comment Periodical Office have jointly organized the first “Spread Chinese Bamboo Culture, To Be A Chinese of Moral Integrity”-“Gentleman Style· Chinese Bamboo· Everlasting Elegance” Poetry Painting Competition for Chinese on Earth.

    Now the announcement is as the following:

    1. Host unit: China Comment Periodical Office, Yibin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government

    Guiding unit: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Xinhua Painting and Calligraphy Academy
    Organizer: Beijing China Comment Cultural and Media Center, Publicity Department of Yibin Municipal Party Committee, Yibin Literary Federation, China Beauty

    2. Time for the solicit contribution
    August 28, 2018-October 25, 2018

    3. Requirements of the solicit contribution

    The original works to spread the bamboo culture and the wine culture. Poetry: both the new-style poetry and the old-style poetry are acceptable, in one piece; Calligraphy: it’s not limited in the typeface (notes for the cursive script and the seal script are needed); traditional Chinese painting: landscape, figure, flowers and birds are acceptable. The size of the calligraphy and the traditional Chinese painting shall be not smaller than 4 chi, both the horizontal and the vertical versions are acceptable.

    The submitted work must be the original work of the contributor, who shall bear any involved legal liability. It’s forbidden to copy, imitate, duplicate or scan the work to contribute.

    Gold Award, 1, 10000RMB;
    Silver Award, 3, 5000RMB;
    Bronze Award, 6, 3000RMB;
    Excellence Award, 30, 1500RMB;

    Awards for the calligraphy
    Gold Award, 1, 30000RMB;
    Silver Award, 3, 10000RMB;
    Bronze Award, 6, 5000RMB;
    Excellence Award, 30, 2000RMB;

    Awards for the traditional Chinese painting
    Gold Award, 1, 60000RMB;
    Silver Award, 3, 20000RMB;
    Bronze Award, 6, 10000RMB;
    Excellence Award, 30, 5000RMB;

    The bonuses mentioned above are pretax. The authors passing through the first review can volunteer to apply for the personal official website in China Beauty to display and marketing the personal artistic achievement, which is free for two years; the one passing through the preliminary assessment will get it free for five years; the rewarded one will get a forever free one.

    4. Way to contribute

    The websites and are the collecting platforms for this competition. The submitted picture must be clear and structured, in jpg/gif/png. The picture dimension must be smaller than 4m, while the poetry work must input the original poetry in the work introduction column.

    5. Appraisal and election way and time

    – First review: the organizing committee will undertake the first review on all submitted works, the ones that don’t conform to the requirements of the competition will not be allowed to attend;
    – The deadline for the first review: October 26, 2018
    – Preliminary assessment: the judges will undertake the appraisal and election on the works that have passed through the first review, to select out 200 pieces of poetry, calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting works for each;
    – Time of the preliminary assessment: October 27, 2018-November 6, 2018

    The poetry, calligraphy and paintings will be 200 pieces for each; The organizing committee will inform the author by telephone or message, while the author must deliver the original work to the competition organizing committee during the period from November 7, 2018 to the 17:00p.m of November 17, 2018. It must be marked as the original work for “Spread Chinese Bamboo Culture, To Be A Chinese of Moral Integrity”-“Gentleman Style· Chinese Bamboo· Everlasting Elegance” Poetry Painting Competition for Chinese on Earth and with the competition serial number; The one that hasn’t delivered the original piece to the competition organizing committee in time will be considered as giving up attending the final assessment of the competition. The deadline for the picking-up is 24p.m. in November 17, 2018.

    Address: China Beauty Art Museum, Floor 11 of Block A, No. 2 of Chuangye Road, High-tech District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
    Postcode: 610093, recipient: Wang Xiao, number: 15908192378/028-87788783-12

    – Final assessment: The organizing committee will invite the influential poets, calligraphers and painters to be the judges, who will assess and select 200 pieces of poetry, calligraphy and painting works (each) to attend the final assessment, to bring out 1 Gold Award, 3 Silver Award, 6 Bronze Award and 30 Excellence Award (each) for the poetry, calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting. Assessment time: November 18, 2018-November 21, 2018.

    Both the ownership and copyright of the rewarded masterpieces will be reserved by Yibin People’s Government, while the works with no award will be returned by China Beauty to the authors.

    6. Work exhibition

    All the award-winning works will be exhibited in Yibin in December 18, 2018. At the same time, “Spread Chinese Bamboo Culture, To Be A Chinese of Moral Integrity”-“Gentleman Style· Chinese Bamboo· Everlasting Elegance” Poetry Painting Competition for Chinese on Earth will be published, while each rewarded person will get one set.

    7. The bonus issuing

    The bonus will be issued by China Beauty to the rewarded author before December 31, 2018.

    The organizing committee of “Gentleman Style· Chinese Bamboo· Everlasting Elegance” Poetry Painting Competition for Chinese on Earth
    August 18, 2018.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TopSharp
    Contact Person: Bo PENG
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +8618516974475
    Country: China

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    Pristine Home products and Kitchen products at an affordable price. CURRENT SALE ON AMAZON NOW! $5.00 OFF JUST FOR BUYING!

    M633 Home and Kitchen Products, a company widely known for selling affordable yet elegant home and kitchen products on Amazon brings new products to all people who seek quality, trustworthy and affordable home and kitchen products. Realizing that many individuals pay through their nose to get products claimed by many sellers to be top-notch home products and kitchen utensils but at the end, get disappointed with the quality of the products they get, the company prides itself in selling nothing but only quality home and kitchen products at a very cheap rate compared to many sellers on online and offline stores.

    For your 8-inch chef knife, stainless steel with a sharp blade, odor removing soaps, of any types or quantity, M633 Home & Kitchen Products has them all in store for every client that seeks best quality at affordable price. In fact, for making quality and affordability its goals, the company was given a special place to display its wares on Amazon store.

    For its efforts and for bringing class to Amazon, M633 store and products are enlisted as a Prime shop and products on Amazon, thereby every shopper that orders products worth more than $25 from M633 at a go gets a value-added service in form of free shipping within America regardless of wherever the buyer might be. Won’t you rather take this great opportunity and shop for your home and kitchen products on M633 Home and Kitchen Products now? Also, for making available latest home products and kitchen utensils, the company always gets positive and 5-star reviews from many buyers, who always rush the product in no time.

    Corral Abraham, the genius behind M633 Home & Kitchen Products, while responding to questions from a group of reporters said, “Everybody, regardless of their income, deserves good home products and quality kitchen utensils. At M633, we’ll not rest on our oars until every home in America gets the quality home and kitchen products it deserves. Also we’ll not rest until every chef and aficionado gets the topnotch kitchen utensils and gain great value for their money. We’ll always churn out best home and kitchen products for your use. Order your home and kitchen products from M633 Home & Kitchen store and it will be delivered to you in no time.”

    Unlike many other stores that sell inferior products at an exorbitant price, M633 offers home and kitchen products, knife and plates for all levels of chefs, whether rookie, experienced or professional chef or home aficionado that wants a good home product.

    For more information and to order your product visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: M633 Home & Kitchen Products
    Contact Person: Abraham Corral
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +7027692179
    Country: United States

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    Road Milling Machine (RMM) is a market leader in the manufacturing and supplying road construction machines. The company is mostly known for producing road milling machine, soil stabilizer, and cold recycle. RMM, which is relatively new in the market, is enjoying a large customer base worldwide courtesy of their products. The company has invested heavily in the quality of their products, and that is one of the reasons why they are doing exceptionally well in the market. In addition to machines, the company is also producing a range of wear parts for these machines.

    RMM is a Chinese company that was founded in 2013. In about five years that they have been in operation, the company has experienced tremendous growth in terms of production volume and the market coverage. They have gone beyond the Chinese market and expanded significantly their worldwide market. Such growth has been made possible by the combative approach that RMM has used to conquer the market. Today, the company enjoys a global presence with their road milling machines being used all over the world. The company also enjoys a stable global customer base that most of the companies are struggling to get.

    RMM success in dominating the market in just 5 years of existence could be shocking, but it is not like they have done anything out of the ordinary. What company did is exploiting the market by providing what clients were looking for- quality and value for money. In times when inferior and counterfeit road milling products were on the rise, the company came through is the solution to many users. They provided the market with what they were looking for at a friendly price. That’s one thing that enables the company to expand at a very fast rate.

    Road Milling Machine (RMM) machines are very unique from what most of the suppliers are offering the market. The company is offering powerful, compact machines for road milling, soil stabilization, and cold recycling machine. If you have looked at the specification of their machines, you will be impressed by the value they adding to the user. The level of technology employed in constructing these machines is one of the latest that the market can offer. The productivity of the machines, depending on the size and other specifications, is incredibly high, and among the best in the industry.

    RMM machines are also extremely versatile in application, and that is a critical feature that attracts most people. If you take a look at the K100F road milling machines, it can used for both concrete and asphalt milling. The same level of versatility applies to the soil stabilizer and cold recycler machines. Therefore, buying an RMM machine solves your milling problems at a go. You do not need to buy sets of road milling equipment since one machine can be used on a range of conditions. That’s something that road contractors identify with since it helps cut their overall cost of operation.

    The fact that RMM manufactures wear parts for the machines that they make is plus to the company. That provides their customers with the ability to order original manufacturer wear parts for their replacement needs. But the company does not only produce for their machines but the entire industry. RMM’s wear parts are designed with incredible compatibility features. They are the kind of wear parts that can be used on a range of brands and still work incredibly well. Compatibility features work for contractors dealing with various brands since they can place a single large order with on supplier, which convenient and can be cheaper as well.

    In addition, RMM boasts an unrivaled quality wear parts. That’s from the quality of the material used for the construction of the wear parts. For the cutter tools such as road milling teeth and bits and soil stabilizer blades, the company uses double grain composition tungsten carbide (TC) for the construction of the tip. That’s what gives their teeth high cutting efficiency, resistance to wear an abrasion, and longer lifespan. The company used forged steel for the construction of their machine teeth and braze welding technology to join teeth body and tip. That is what makes their machine teeth powerful.

    Road Milling Machine (RMM) have their factory in China where customers are freely to visit and even buy products at a lower or wholesale price.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Road Milling Machine
    Contact Person: YuZhengxuan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-577-86581229
    City: Wenzhou
    Country: China

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    Anbieter fur Ubersetzungsdienstleistungen gibt es auf dem deutschen Markt zahlreiche. Fur Kunden ist dies prinzipiell gut, doch die grosse Auswahl kann auch uberfordernd sein. Seit einiger Zeit spielt dabei ein weiteres Unternehmen eine grosse Rolle: Straker Translations.

    Die in Neuseeland im Jahre 1999 als Software Entwicklungsunternehmen gegründete Firma hat seitdem die Welt der Übersetzungsdienstleister gehörig aufgemischt. Aber was unterscheidet Straker Translations von den zahlreichen anderen Unternehmen?

    Dieser Frage  gehen wir im Folgenden auf den Grund. Zunächst einmal hat das Unternehmen eine sehr professionelle Online Präsenz. Die Webseite ist übersichtlich gestaltet, und Kunden können sofort die Dienstleistung finden, nach der sie suchen.

    Auf der Startseite sieht der Kunde einige der weltweit bekannten Kunden, wie BMW, University of Oxford und London School of Business and Finance. Dies schafft vertrauen, und zeigt, dass es sich bei Straker Translations um ein professionelles und etabliertes Übersetzungsunternehmen handelt.

    Straker Translations hat bereits Erfahrung in den unterschiedlichsten Branchen und Bereichen sammeln können. Zu diesen Branchen und Themenbereichen zählen unter anderem:

    Diese sind nur eine Auswahl an Bereichen, in denen das Unternehmen bereits hunderte von Kunden erfolgreich betreuen konnte. Jahrelange Erfahrung, zahlreiche Sprach- und Fachexperten und weltweites Netzwerk von über 5000 Übersetzern, machen das Unternehmen zu einem der größten Übersetzungsdienstleistern weltweit.

    Dabei kann Straker Dokumente und Webseiten in inzwischen über 100 Sprachpaare übersetzen. Dies ist dem großen Netzwerk an Übersetzern, und einer guten Firmenführung zu verdanken. Das Unternehmen ist jederzeit darum bemüht, seine Dienstleistungen so effektiv wie möglich zu erweitern. Und dazu gehört die Verfügbarkeit von  Übersetzern für Weltsprachen, aber auch für Nischen Sprachen. Zu den angebotenen Weltsprachen gehören selbstverständlich Sprachen wie Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Chinesisch (alt und vereinfacht), Russisch, Hindi, Arabisch und Portugiesisch.

    Aber auch Übersetzungen von Dokumenten und Webseiten aus/in weniger geläufige Sprachen sind bei Straker Translations mit nur ein paar Klicks verfügbar. Zu diesen Sprachen zählen unter anderem Thailändisch, Niederländisch, Dari, Ungarisch, Urdu, Panjabi, Bosnisch, Türkisch sowie dutzende weitere Sprachen. Eine vollständige Auswahl der angebotenen Sprachen kann auf der Webseite gefunden werden.

    Innovative Online Plattform ermöglicht vollständige Abwicklung von Zuhause aus

    Straker Translations macht seinen Kunden nicht nur mit einem weitläufigen Sprachangebot das Leben leichter. Auch die innovative online Plattform erleichtert den Bestellungsprozess erheblich. Während man früher noch Dokumente per Email senden oder gar persönlich in den Übersetzungsbüros vorbeibringen musste, so geht dies bei Straker Translations ganz einfach über ihr DeltaRAY Dashboard.

    Über das Dashboard können Kunden ganz einfach Übersetzungen in Auftrag geben. Dazu muss lediglich die URL der zu übersetzenden Webseite angegeben oder das zu übersetzende Dokument hochgeladen werden. Nach Angabe des Sprachpaars und dem Zeitraum, in dem der Auftrag erledigt werden soll, wird Ihrem Auftrag ein passender Übersetzer zugeteilt. Hier geht Straker nicht nur danach vor, ob der Übersetzer das Sprachpaar beherrscht, sondern auch nach Erfahrung in der Thematik des Kundenauftrags. So werden optimale Ergebnisse produziert, die inhaltlich sehr überzeugend wirken.

    Nach Abschluss des Auftrags, können Kunden eigenständig Korrekturleser zuweisen, und sogar die Bezahlung wird ganz bequem online abgewickelt. Hierbei macht sich bemerkbar, dass Straker Translations nicht nur ein Spezialist für Übersetzungen, sondern auch mit Software Anwendungen begeistert. Dies zeigt sich nicht nur in dem DeltaRAY Dashboard, sondern auch in den Übersetzungs-Plugins für Webseiten.

    Webseiten einfach und kostengünstig über Straker Plugins übersetzen

    Straker bietet für Übersetzungsplugins zwei Variationen an: Zum einen das Magento Plugin für die bekannte E-Commerce Plattform, und zum anderen das WordPress Plugin. Diese bieten beide einen vergleichbaren Service. Großartig daran ist, dass die Plugins sich nahtlos in Magento und WordPress integrieren lassen, und somit keine zusätzliche Software verwendet werden muss.

    Kunden können die Plugins kostenlos von der Straker Webseite herunterladen und sofort loslegen. Darauf kann die Übersetzung der Webseite in Auftrag gegeben werden. Professionelle und zertifizierte Übersetzer übernehmen die Übersetzung Ihrer Webseite sofort. Der Service ist nicht nur erstaunlich schnell, sondern spart Kunden im Vergleich zu anderen Anbietern bares Geld. Dadurch, dass bereits übersetzte Worte nur einmal berechnet werden, zahlt der Kunde nur einen Bruchteil des Betrags, den er sonst für die branchenübliche Berechnung pro Wort zahlen würde.

    Dank jahrelangen Qualitätsmanagements, kann Straker Translations ein konstant hohes Maß an Service und Qualität garantieren. Mit bereits über 10.000 zufriedenen Kunden ist das Unternehmen eines der erfolgreichsten Übersetzungsunternehmen seiner Zeit – und das geht nur mit Professionalität, Beständigkeit und perfekter Kundenbetreuung. Mit Hauptsitzen in Barcelona, Denver und Auckland und zahlreichen Vertriebszentren weltweit, ist das Unternehmen in allen Zeitzonen vertreten, und ist für Kunden somit 24 Stunden, 7 Tage die Woche erreichbar.

    Kunden sind von dem Unternehmen begeistert, und die Tatsache, dass sich Industriegiganten wie Garmin, Amazon und Barclays regelmäßig auf Dienstleistungen von Straker Translations verlassen, spricht für sich. Ob Privatkunde oder Großunternehmen, Straker findet den passenden Übersetzer für alle. Wer Wert auf professionelle Übersetzungen zum fairen Preis legt, ist bei Straker Translations genau richtig.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Straker Europe Ltd
    Contact Person: Anna Mengia Mayer
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +34 673 467 312
    Address:Unit 4, Adelphi House, Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire
    City: Co. Dublin
    Country: Ireland

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    SEO is not simple. It takes years and years of training and adaptability to get the right mix.

    A good SEO company isn’t an instant success, it takes years of toil and hardwork, and also aconstant learning.

    One such company is Novatise Pte Ltd founded by Jon Ng about three years back. Novatise is a full scale SEO focused company that aim at providing tangible value to customers.

    Novatise have helped companies in various niches to improve their online presence and make it a viable channel for constant business.

    The companies they have helped are in the Restaurant business, Mobile Phone Retailers, Nail Salons, Cutting Edge Mobile App companies, Travel companies, Product companies, and many more.

    Novatise SEO had launched a new service via their portal called The Blogger Outreach Services, reaching out to bloggers located in Singapore for editorial efforts. They also provide free SEO website audit for companies who wish to rank better on Google.

    Novatise is a result focused SEO agency and some of the services they offer are:

    Guest Blogging

    Guest Blogging is one of the ways to bring more SEO juice to a website. In simple terms, when a site with good authority links to a website, then this site’s ranking improves. Novatise’ guest blogging service is vast. They work with hundreds of bloggers across various niches to help their customers improve their ranking:

    SEO Driven Copywriting Services

    A lot of companies do offer copywriting services. But just copywriting will not help improve the ranking of a site. If that was the case, then every person could rank a site in no time. When copywriting is married with good SEO strategies, then we have a winning combination. Novatise’s copywriting service is goal driven. They don’t write content to just write content. They write to convert, bring more traffic, and improve rankings: 

    Free SEO Audit

    Novatise offers every business in Singapore a Free SEO Audit. A Free SEO Audit basically checks the SEO effort of a business and points out areas where it can be improved. It’s absolutely free and there is no need for a commitment:

    About the Founder – Jon Ng

    Jon is a serial entrepreneur. He runs various blogs apart from running Novatise. He left a lucrative job in the financial industry to pursue entrepreneurship and explore his love for marketing and advertising.

    Jon’s experience in the financial space makes him very ROI driven and runs each and focuses on each campaign to maximise every dollar spent.

    He has had a wide range of entrepreneurial stints, that give him an innate understanding of businesses from various Industries. This understanding of businesses has led to the effective growth of companies that are in the furniture business to ones that are in software.

    Jon’s belief – “Every business can do well online and just like scientists finding a cure after trials. We run experiments to find the perfect marketing and advertising channels for your business.”

    Working with Novatise

    Novatise focus on having a close working relationship with their customers and for this reason, they meet and interact with their customers on a one on one basis and also assign a special point of contact for each of their campaign. They bring the professionalism of the hospitality industry to the marketing and advertising business.

    Additional details are available at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Novatise Pte Ltd
    Contact Person: Kishen Sreehari, Head of Content at Novatise
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +65 31579168
    Address:Crasco Building, 11 Beach Road, #03-02
    City: Singapore 189675
    Country: Singapore

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    Aug. 21, 2018 – William Battaglia, founder of Smarter-Seal, has solved the spill, hygiene and loss of fizz problems associated with canned beverages.  His unique new patent pending lids fit over the entire top of any beverage can to eliminate spills, contamination, and can even be used with a straw.  For a limited time, consumers can use promotional code CANLIDS1 to obtain 10 percent off their purchase.

    Video Link:

    The innovative Smarter-Seal lids work equally well on all types of beverage cans ranging from juice and soda to tea and beer.  The lids are available on Amazon in multiple sized packs to accommodate a wide variety of needs.  They’re offered in clear plastic and an array of colors that’s especially beneficial for designating specific cans in multiple-child households.

    The lids are created from FDA-approved plastic, contain no BPAs, and they’re reusable and recyclable.  The design is slim, lightweight and highly portable for use at home, work and travel. They easily fit in the glove box of any car or recreational vehicle, a backpack when hiking or camping, or a suitcase when traveling.  They’re equally appropriate at backyard barbeques and cookouts, tailgating and sporting events, and at the beach.

    An open can has the potential for contamination from insects, a particular concern for those with allergies.  Smarter-Seal prevents bees and other pesky insects from entering the can.  Completely hygienic, the lids cover the entire top of the can to block entry of bugs and bacteria.

    Spills are always a potential problem with an open can, especially in moving vehicles.  The Smarter-Seal fits securely over the container top to prevent spills at home or in vehicles that can ruin upholstery, garments and furniture.

    Smarter-Seal also remedies the problem of soft drinks that go flat.  It’s easy to save a partial can of any carbonated drink for later consumption.  Independent lab testing demonstrated that beverages retained their fizz for up to 58 percent longer with Smarter-Seal.

    The patent-pending beverage can protector by Smarter-Seal is an innovative approach for one of the most commonly used items – canned beverages.  The Smarter-Seal lid works on any can to preserve health, maintain hygiene, prevent spills, and ultimately save money.

    For more information, visit:

    About Smarter-Seal

    Smarter-Seal was born after its creator and founder, William Battaglia, observed a stranger wiping off the top of his beverage can with his T-shirt before drinking directly from the can. His initial thought was “that’s disgusting” and “there had to be a better way.”  Smarter-Seal is a patent-pending, inexpensive and simple solution to the unsanitary and inconvenient problems that occur when drinking from a beverage can.  The lids allow consumers to keep their beverage cans clean and sanitary on the go, at home and at work, while enabling them to save their favorite beverages to enjoy later. 

    Connect with Smarter-Seal on Facebook and Instagram.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Smarter-Seal
    Contact Person: William Battaglia
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1+ (973) 495-9081
    City: Franklin Lakes
    State: New Jersey
    Country: United States

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    Bridging loans are an ideal tool if you need to unlock money from your property. Perhaps you want to access funds to purchase an investment property or maybe you need to resolve a pressing creditor issue and don’t have the cash flow to pay the debt in time?

    There are many reasons why people decide to opt for a bridging loan, but what is meant by the terms first charge and second charge bridging loan?

    First charge bridging loan

    A first charge bridging loan is the primary loan secured against a property. This loan takes precedence over any other finance secured against the property.

    First charge bridging loans can potentially be offered to higher maximum loan to values (LTVs) than any subsequent charges but when the LTV on a first charge mortgage or loan is low it opens up the possibility of a second charge bridge.

    By granting a first charge against their property the borrower gives the lender the right to repossess and sell their property to repay the loan if repayment terms are not adhered to. First charge loans can only be secured against properties with no other loans secured against them.

    Such properties are referred to as unencumbered. They are a popular choice for borrowers who have time restrictions and need to release liquidity in order to take advantage of a time limited opportunity or to resolve an emergency creditor situation.

    Second charge bridging loan

    Second charge bridging loans can be obtained if the mortgaged property still has sufficient equity value left/the LTV is low enough for a lender to consider offering a second charge loan.

    The second charge bridge loan is considered secondary in priority when compared with a first charge loan. In the event that the borrower defaults and the first charge holder repossesses the property the first charge lender will recover their monies first.

    The second charge lender will only be able to recover their outstanding debt when the debt owing to the first charge lender have been repaid.

    Whilst the second charge lender has equal rights to instigate possession proceedings in the event the client defaults on their loan, they still have to ensure the first charge lender is redeemed in full upon sale of the security property before they can apportion any remaining funds to settle their own debt.

    The greater risk and typically higher LTVs of second charge bridge loans is reflected in their pricing. They are usually more expensive than first charge loans.

    Second charge bridging loans can be particularly useful in situations where redeeming the existing first charge might incur large redemption penalties or the existing first charge lender is looking to materially increase the rate applied to a new larger first charge loan.

    Still unsure & need advice? Why not consult an expert?

    Central Bridging are bespoke bridging loan specialists. They are a principal lender offering a range of loan facilities for business use from £250K to £2.5M over periods from 3 to 24 months. Their loans are secured on freehold property across England and Wales. Call 03332 400 506 for a friendly chat.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Central Bridging
    Contact Person: John Clifford
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 03332 400 506
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Ontario, CanadaFriendly Lender, a new and innovative loan connecting service, is set to revolutionize the online lending market by connecting customers with a direct lender that can give them a decision on loan application under $1,500 without the need for a credit check. This will be particularly beneficial for people with a poor credit history, who are in need of short-term financing.

    Under normal circumstances, every time a consumer applies for a new loan, regardless of the result, their credit score could be detrimentally impacted, causing them even more complications, rather than helping them. By offering no credit check loans in Ontario, Friendly Lender hopes to support and assist people to get back on a sound financial footing, rather than cause even more problems in the future.

    “Everyone has either been in a bad financial situation or knows someone who has gone through one. Our goal is to help connect consumers with a small dollar loan from a direct lender that can help them resolve their financial problem,” said Earl B. Cody of Friendly Lender. “As our name suggests, we have made it our mission to be the friendly lending partner who will try everything possible to help find a loan solution for our prospective customer, and this includes working with lenders that are able to make a lending decision without doing a traditional credit check that could further damage a customer’s credit score. However, this does not mean we will automatically be able to connect every applicant to a loan, we aim to bring the human back into the small loan process.”

    Friendly Lender is a locally owned and operated financial marketing company. Friendly Lender aims to help their customers obtain fast cash in a secure and reliable manner. Their online cash advance service will facilitate the client’s attainment of a short-term loan. Friendly Lender prides itself on being a safe and dependable option for quick cash advances. Content source: No Credit Check Loans Are Faster To Get With Friendly Lender

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Friendly Lender – Personal Loans Online
    Contact Person: Earl B. Cody
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 888-291-7671
    Address:3300 Hwy 7 104 suite # 174
    City: Concord
    State: ON L4K 0G2
    Country: Canada

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    Randall Malin plays Gulman in The CW Network hit series The Outpost.
    Randall Malin appears in the key role of Gulman in The CW Network hit series The Outpost, which is also showing on SYFY outside of the United States.

    Salt Lake City, Utah – The latest role for Utah actor Randall Malin is that of Gulman, an important character in a turning-point episode of the new television series The Outpost, which can be seen on The CW Network in the U.S. and on SYFY in Europe and Australia.

    The popular series follows a young woman, Talon (Jessica Green), who, as a young girl, witnessed the slaughter of her people, an elf-eared race known as the Blackbloods. Years later she comes to the Outpost searching for revenge, where she is befriended by Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse). The Outpost is a walled city known for its lawlessness. It is here where Talon discovers she has power to open a portal and exert control over ruthless demons.

    Malin’s character Gulman brings an entirely new twist to the story. Gulman’s big reveal in episode 6 causes the entire population of the Outpost to question loyalties and brings new conflicts into the series.

    “I love The Outpost, and it appears that the fans do too. I think it is the combination of sci-fi, fantasy, action, and adventure all in one show. Gulman’s character is not seen until episode 6, and yet this is a very significant role and turning-point in the show,” explained Malin.

    Malin is also known for his lead role in the feature film Ruling of the Heart, and supporting roles in Other Monsters, Lost At Desert, Granite Flats, and What Would You Do. He is also well known for his five-year-run as the professor on the Check City commercials. He can be found on social media on Twitter and on Facebook.

    A SAG/AFTRA member, he is passionate about acting and has studied with many teachers and has a particular affinity for The Meissner Technique. He is represented by Shielia Erickson of Broadway Talent.

    Malin received a college scholarship in track and cross country, as well as placing second in a national masters downhill ski racing competition. Being an exercise enthusiast, he is capable of doing many of his own stunts.

    In addition to acting, Malin a Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists and has been in private practice for many years. He was born in Cumberland, Maryland and currently resides in Park City, Utah with his wife and daughter.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Dave Bresnahan, Publicist
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 801-562-5362
    Country: United States

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    Dallas, TX, USA – A dynamic duo, Dr. Jean Farish and Viki Winterton both bring their own unique insight to this new bestseller, My Joy Journal, which is full of motivational texts and positive words aimed towards children and youth. Both authors have worked to develop a simple and easy-to-understand approach towards all material showcased in the journal. They stress greatly on the importance of young individuals streamlining their inner thoughts in order to start character development. Teachers and parents can use this new book alike as an educational resource.

    My Joy Journal is a comprehensive, multi-purpose journal that can be utilized in many different ways to develop emotional intelligence. It includes space for creating art, writing down thoughts, and collecting photos to mentally stimulate young children and help them express themselves. The book is deemed a ‘transformative resource’, something that can help teachers and parents develop the mindset of young children, and gently nudge them towards positivity. Furthermore, this journal can be used in group teaching programs or journal writing classes to encourage creative expression and sharing of ideas.

    Also geared towards children who are cancer survivors, My Joy Journal can help cancer-surviving children articulate their experience and start a healing journey towards the future. Both authors will be donating a portion of the profit from the book to hospitals and programs helping children with cancer.

    Dr. Jean Farish is an award-winning, best-selling author, educator and life care coach. She has dedicated many years of her life towards education, proactively helping adults and young people find their place in life. She is the founder and CEO of her own non-profit organization Life Care Wellness PEP for Angels Inc. (LCWPEP). The organization strives to help hospitalized children in many ways, such as providing educational and cultural enrichment resources. By creating My Joy Journal, Dr. Farish is further helping a demographic of young children who could greatly benefit from positive self-image.

    Viki Winterton is the founder of her dynamic publishing company, Expert Insights Publishing. She has taken over 1,200 authors to bestsellers. With a very strong focus on motivational content and self-help books, Winterton is highly passionate about helping people overcome their limiting factors. She is also an author with thirteen #1 bestsellers.

    Dr. Jean Farish and Viki Winterton are available for interviews.

    My Joy Journal is available on

    Book Preview:

    About Dr. Jean Farish:

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