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    The 2018 Shijiazhuang Digital Economy Expo entered the second day with the unrelenting enthusiasm of the exhibition. The E2-048 pavilion was crowded inside and outside. As the most high-profile blockchain project of the year, ADE chain is still the focus of attention in the main venue of block chain. 

    At 11 o’clock in the morning, Ms. Anny Kim, founder of ADE Chain, and Qiao Qi, founding partner of Federal Reserve Investment Management Co., Ltd., Cai Xiaowen, founder of Mac’s bottom ecological development platform, and Yu Jianing, director of the blockchain industry white paper editorial board, Zhao Wei, founder of Fushun Technology and other blockchain elites attended the roundtable forum of 2018 International Blockchain Industry Conference.

    Before the roundtable forum, Genevieve, the vice-chairman of the British Blockchain Association, delivered a speech on behalf of overseas experts of blockchain. In her speech, she briefly introduced the development of the world blockchain, in which she expressed great admiration for the rapid development of China Block Chain industry and expressed the hope that more cooperation and exchanges would be conducted between the UK and China in the future on the blockchain project, so that the blockchain could truly link the world.

    Besides Genevieve, other blockchain experts from 22 countries and regions around the world participated in the blockchain roundtable forum, hoping to further promote the development of the world blockchain through this conference.

    At the round table, Ms. Anny Kim and other four blockchain guests jointly discussed with the theme “Digital Economy Leads the Future”, and analyzed the future development direction of blockchain and the driving role of blockchain technology innovation in the global real economy.

    At the roundtable forum, representatives of the blockchain real economy application field delivered short speeches. 

    As the exclusive application of the blockchain in the cross-border social e-commerce industry, Ms. Anny Kim, founder of the ADE chain, elaborated on the unique innovation of the ADE chain in the cross-border social e-commerce field and the way of ADE chain solve the problems of logistics, language, social networks, and user trust in traditional social e-commerce in the face of global markets.

    Ms. Anny Kim’s speech pointed out a new way for the blockchain to develop in the cross-border social e-commerce field. At the free discussion period, people raised questions about the ADE chain a lot. The cross-border social e-commerce chain project has attracted the interest of many blockchains giants around the world.

    At the end of the roundtable forum, Ms. Anny Kim was invited by several blockchains giants to discuss the development and application prospects of the ADE chain. In the future, ADE chain will be the exclusive application of blockchain in the cross-border social e-commerce industry, and will cooperate with more projects to jointly create a cross-border social e-commerce industry ecosystem.

    The successful debuts of the ADE chain at this roundtable forum marks its recognition as the blockchain application for the cross-border social e-commerce industry by most experts in the global blockchain industry. In addition to the cooperation with UNIPLAZA, ADE chain will cooperate with more consumer applications and consumer scenarios online and offline in the future to accelerate the development of cross-border social e-commerce, fully serve the real economy, and realize the theme “Digital Economy Leads the Future”!

    On the morning of Sept. 22nd, Ms. Anny Kim, the founder of ADE Chain, will receive more media interviews at the venue from media, such as Beijing Satellite TV. There will be more details about ADE chain project and application contents. We are all looking forward that the ADE chain will be the leading role of the cross-border social e-commerce!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Youmi Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 86+20-80925783
    Country: China

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    The Shijiazhuang Digital Economy Exposition which is hosted by the People’s Government of Shijiazhuang City, China International Electronic Commerce Center and China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and is co-sponsored by the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province, Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce and Hebei Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television was official opened on Sept. 20, 2018. On the first day of the conference, the exhibition halls were gathered by people. According to official statistics, more than 4000 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors attended the exhibition today.

    The important exhibition area of the Expo – the main blockchain site has gathered nearly 500 blockchain industry elites from 22 countries and regions around the world. Global blockchain experts gathered together to focus on the future development of digital economy under the direction of blockchain.

    The staff of ADE chain on the spot is ready!

    As the most high-profile project of blockchain of the year, the pioneer of cross-border social e-commerce chain, and the named partner of several fairs, ADE chain’s pavilion at E2-048 has become the most eye-catching focus of the main venue of blockchain. The ADE chain exhibition booth was crowded by people.

    Foreign well-known enterprises come to consult the project of ADE chain.

    At two o’clock in the afternoon, Ms. Anny Kim, the founder of the ADE chain, was interviewed by CCTV at the International Blockchain Industry Conference. The interview will be broadcast to nearly 200 million viewers nationwide in the coming week.

    The videos of interview will be uploaded to the ADE chain public account platform and ADE chain official website simultaneously in the future for people all over the world.

    Ms. Anny Kim, the founder of the ADE chain, was interviewed by CCTV.

    During the interview, Ms. Anny Kim introduced in detail the original intention of her and the team to develop the ADE chain project, and the project history along with the team.

    At the same time, Ms. Anny Kim also introduced the breakthrough changes made by ADE chain on multiple levels, including global logistics warehousing, global commodity traceability, global social links and precision marketing of big data with the blockchain technology, and how these technological innovations can solve the disadvantages of traditional social e-commerce in the face of global markets.

    Ms. Anny Kim, the founder of the ADE chain, was interviewed by CCTV.

    In addition to CCTV, Cointime, the first media of the blockchain also conducted a special interview with ADE chain project and its founder Ms. Anny Kim at 3 PM. ADE booth gathers a large number of well-known blockchain media, and the new information about ADE chain will be reported in more than 300 mainstream media around the world.

    At the summit, ADE chain was invited to attend several fairs, which attracted the attention of well-known blockchain experts and investors at home and abroad. Blockchain experts and investors from more than a dozen countries have attended ADE chain exhibition hall to discuss blockchain technology and communicate with ADE chain project.

    The ADE chain received more than 10 TV media, blockchain media and more than 30 blockchain industry experts, and performed well on the first day of the Expo.

    In the next two days, the ADE chain will participate in the blockchain theme roundtable forum with other Internet blockchain development giants such as Tencent and China Telecom. The global elites will sit together to discuss the future application direction of blockchain and the promotion of ADE chain to the digital economy.

    In September 22nd, Ms. Anny Kim, the founder of the ADE chain,will deliver a keynote speech in the focus block chain area. More new content of the ADE chain, you can focus on the Expo site!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Youmi Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 86+20-80925783
    Country: China

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    Rytzie started preparing their October launch during the New York Fashion Week by partnering an after-party of fashion show for Vivienne Hu. Vivienne Hu’s eponymous brand is one of the most popular brands this fashion week. Vanity Fair and ELLE both review her shoes as one of best shoes in ss19 New York fashion week. Accessories Magazine reviews her bags as one of best hand bags. Their fashion show is one of the top 7 must-see this year. Tessa Hilton walked for their SS19 collection and Ali Lohan, Diana Lohan, Irina Dvorovenko, Vital Agibalow, Juli Emery, Ei King, Skye Tunes, Demi Nel Peters, Pauline Baly, Kat McNamara and blogger from China Yitian are all VH SS19 front row guests.

    The after-party held at Chefs’ club, the Nolita restaurant where the best Chefs from around the world take over the kitchen for several months to offer diners, a unique culinary experience through the Chefs Club Residency Program. There were more than 100 guests coming to the after-party, who were all the guests of Rytzie and VH.

    Designer Vivienne Hu & Rytzie’s founder Sherry Li

    Rytzie’s core value is to build up connections between U.S department stores and Chinese clients. In 2016, Chinese customers spent about RMB 50B for purchasing premium and luxury goods oversea. Individual resellers are all around the world but they are less reliable and customers cannot get the service from brands.

    Rytzie’s platform directly connects customers with sales. The customer services provide in-store can be digitized on the platform. Customers can shop and enjoy the services without going to the store. Regular online shopping websites cannot provide this type of services which is very important for premium and luxury brands. Rytzie believes the service is one of the most important value of the brands.

    About Rytzie:

    Rytzie is an interactive oversea premium shopping platform acquiring personal shoppers from traditional department stores to services online. Rytzie breaks current ecommerce sales rule and provides a better customer service for retail industry. It is an innovation to the premium and luxury brands’ online sales channel. Rytzie have launched their beta version in 2017 and will launch again this coming October, Rytzie will launch their Chinese version and start empowering the U.S premium department stores’ sales in China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Rytzie
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    One of the most trusted names in Hardwood Flooring in Canada has today announced they have launched one of their biggest sales on quality hardwood flooring which comes with free installation. Hardwood Giant, which has outlets in Pickering, Brampton, Burlington, Mississauga, Woodbridge, and Toronto is offering up to 75% off their normal retail price.


    The hardwood flooring sale has made it possible for anyone to remodel their home no matter what budget they have available. With prices so low, homeowners can afford to remodel one room or the whole property, and with free installation, there are no worries about any extra costs being involved.

    There has never been a sale seen like this before. Some customers who have already bought the hardwood flooring through the sale have commented that it is like Hardwood Giant is giving their products away with the wood flooring being so low.

    Included in the sale is 15 mm willow white laminated flooring which is now more than half price. 15 mm black walnut is now available with a huge discount. Other flooring available includes primrose laminate flooring, European Maple Terracotta hardwood flooring, White Oak Gunstock hardwood flooring, and White Oak Butterscotch hardwood flooring to name a few.

    With the Canada hardwood flooring sale, there is no other supplier of quality flooring who can currently match the price and quality as Hardwood Giant is offering. The sale will not last forever, which means those wanting to get the bargain of the year and remodel their home with quality flooring should act now.

    All the flooring in the sale is available to view online and can be purchased online by visiting

    About Hardwood Giant

    Started in 1952 from a small store in Mississauga with a mission to continuously serve the GTA with quality flooring products, great pricing, and awesome customer service! Today, they serve approximately 40,000 happy customers per year and this number is continually growing.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Hardwood Giant
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 905-919-3101
    Country: Canada

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    Today is the last day of the “2018 International Digital Economy Expo” and the official ending day of the Expo. During the exhibition, ADE chain gained numerous praises and won appreciation from countless fans and media.

    Just today, in the IBIC CCTV Focus Blockchain, the ADE chain won the “The Annual Emerging Award of Blockchain Industry” issued by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Committee and CCTV. At the same time, People’s Daily also conducted an exclusive interview with the ADE chain. This is recognition and responsibility for the ADE chain.

    The ADE Chain Won the Annual Emerging Award of Blockchain Industry.

    The three-day conference ended, and the journey of ADE was still not over. Even just the beginning! 

    Title Sponsor of 2018 International Digital Economy Expo

    Before the 2018 International Digital Economy Expo, ADE chain has reached cooperation with the host, and has become the title sponsor “2018 International Blockchain Industry Summit”. As the pioneer of cross-border social e-commerce chain, ADE chain will lead the development of the blockchain industry, promote the application and landing of blockchain in the field of cross-border social e-commerce, and make its own contributions to the world. 

    ADE Chain Received CCTV Exclusive Interview and Heated extolling from Media.

    During the conference, ADE links were interviewed by major media such as CCTV2, People’s Daily and Conintime. According to the interview, as a new technology, blockchain will bring new changes to the world, and ADE chain is a cross-border social e-commerce chain which was born in this change. Based on blockchain technology, ADE chain will also bring great changes to the cross-border social e-commerce field.

    Ms. Anny Kim, the Founder of the ADE Chain, was Interviewed by CCTV2.

    Field Elites Debuted Together and Communicated with Each Other.

    At the roundtable forum of “2018 International Blockchain Industry Conference”, Ms. Ms. Anny Kim, the founder of ADE Chain, appeared together with the general manager of Tencent Blockchain, the leader of China Telecom Blockchain, and the founder of the Token to jointly discuss the new trend of the blockchain industry with the theme of “the Digital Economy Leads the Future”. 

    Ms. Anny Kim, the Founder of the ADE Chain, Debuted with other elites of the Blockchain Industry.

    The Booth of the ADE Chain was Crowded.

    At booth E2-048 of Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, ADE chain has set up a 136-square-meter exhibition area, attracting business and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. Through a brief introduction, the visitors have a strong interest in ADE chain. More visitors choose to stay and have a detailed conversation with the staff to feel the unique charm of ADE cross-border social e-commerce chain.

    More Visitors Choose to Sit Down and Talk with the Staff of the ADE Chain.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Youmi Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 86+20-80925783
    Country: China

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    On September 20, 2018, Farberly, one of the Chinese national brands won the IFSCC Federation’s “2018 Bronze Award Brand”, which heatedly widespread New York and was openly publicized in “the first screen of the world” on Nasdaq Financial Street. It was reported that this was the first time that Chinese national brand had won this honor in the cosmetics industry. Farberly stands at the height of the world stage and has set up a bridge between Chinese, German and American cultures. In New York, the fashion capital of the United States, Farberly used its most dazzling posture to constantly update the new high level of consumers’ awareness about the brand of Farberly and displayed to the world the brilliant image of the Chinese national enterprise brand.

    FARBERLY displays in the NASDAQ Of New York With The Strong Declaration Of Brand Strength

    Times Square in New York, well known as the “World Crossroads”, is located in the heart of Manhattan and the bustling commercial district in New York, with an average of 40 million tourists, 100 million people and thousands of advertising screens. Nasdaq’s big screen stands out worldwide due to its largest area and the deepest influence, which has become a marvelous stage for the world’s top brands and enterprises to compete with each other and display themselves. This time, Farberly was appeared and displayed on Nasdaq, whose high-quality brand image would bring a new round of stream of people to Nasdaq. Through this window of the world, the new power of China’s high-end cosmetics could be elaborately displayed, showing confidence in the quality of “IFSCC Bronze Award Brand” to the world, and quickly taking a place on the international stage.

    FARBERLY displays in the NASDAQ Of New York With The Strong Declaration Of Brand Strength

    IFSCC Federation has been established for nearly 60 years. There are 49 association organizations of chemical engineers in the world, with more than 17000 registered members. IFSCC is recognized as the world’s largest and most influential organization in cosmetics research and development. Farberly was a shining new star in the cosmetics industry, even shocking the world..

    Farberly starts from the focus on creating the best user experience, regarding the product quality and scientific research technology as the top priority of the enterprise, produces the high-standard products with absolute ingenuity so that it won the “IFSCC Bronze Award Brand of the Year” dubbed by researchers as the “Nobel Organization” in the cosmetics industry, opening the door to IFSCC, and being invited to attend the 30th IFSCC Conference in Munich, Germany. Now, Farberly officially connects with the international market.

    FARBERLY displays in the NASDAQ Of New York With The Strong Declaration Of Brand Strength

    Farberly strongly believes that true beauty is not limited by age or skin color. Since the brand was founded, Farberly has planned out a precise brand positioning. In order to help thousands of beautiful women regain the beauty of health, Ms. Wang Meimei, the founder of Farberly put forward the innovative skin care concept of “restoring the healthy essence of skin” and focused on creating the first exclusive high-end skin care brand with Asian skin texture. Thus, Farberly cooperated with the world-class skin care laboratory to develop products and the world’s most cutting-edge technology formula. The raw materials of the products came from the world’s top suppliers. Once the new products were launched, a new round of consumption upsurge was set off and won wide acclaim. In 2017, she won the “China Innovation Brand Award” of the Belt and Road Initiative International Fashion Week. The following year, Farberly won a great reputation in succession and was invited to attend the 5th China Industry Impact Brand Summit and won the  China Impact Brand Award in 2018.

          FARBERLY displays in the NASDAQ Of New York With The Strong Declaration Of Brand Strength

    Farberly successfully conquering the screen of Nasdaq is a brave attempt to internationalize the national cosmetics brand. Farberly has always adhered to not forgetting one’s initiative minds of brand mission and the spirit of meticulous efforts to push forward the strategy of branding and quality. As the saying goes, something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. Farberly will always stick to its original belief of “self and authenticity” and open up and innovate to a higher, wider and more huge world stage. People with different skin colors, from different regions and of various customs will surely gather to respond to the brand idea of Farberly, “restoring the healthy essence of skin”. In the future, Farberly will help more women regain their healthy, confident and brave attitude towards life and help them start a new journey of skin and life in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangzhou Farberly Biological Technology Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Xiumei Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    It’s not easy to become an entrepreneur. There are years of trials and tribulations before you get your major break and even then, it is a continuous process of working to keep that success and accelerate your growth.

    Shaun Lee and Aman Natt are two serial entrepreneurs that have recently been featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine for their business success. They currently run three popular online companies called: AstroFXEverythingfx, and Cryptonary which respectively educates people on trading Forex – the currency markets and Cryptocurrencies.

    “We believe success should be a torch, that is passed down to as many people as you can. If you’re the only wealthy or successful person amongst your friends, many people will consider that you’re in fact poor. Success is a gift we should try and pass on to the people around you through words, advice and allowing them to see your path.”

    Their journey hasn’t been easy – with both being dropouts: Shaun Lee dropped out from his Engineering apprenticeship while Aman Natt was pursuing a University education and dropped out in his first year after discovering it wasn’t something he was passionate about. However, this led them to both discovering their love for trading and being able to have the freedom to make money from anywhere in the word. Several years later through failures, mistakes and broken electronics – they were able to generate consistent profits. This led to people seeking their mentorship and coaching to learn how to trade so they could achieve their own level of freedom and lifestyle they desired. Through setting up their first office in the heart of the UK, they have since turned into a global brand in such a short period of time with students across the world. As their students continue to succeed, Shaun and Natt’s empire continues to expand as they have their sights set on opening more offices globally.

    Within the last 12 months, they have held worldwide seminars in London, Malaysia, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, Cape Town and Dubai, and have rapidly become the face of the Forex Market.

    Having grown all three businesses with zero spend on marketing- their focus has been on building a community of successful students and traders that will ultimately become ambassadors for their brands. Second, their method of being radically transparent with their trades and showcasing their personal lives have led people and students to trust Shaun and Natt on being an authority in forex trading. Shaun publically shared their account to see the growth of a $5,000 to over $250,000 within a space of 4 weeks and then sharing their journey of purchasing lavish supercars.

    “We genuinely want our students to succeed. We only continue to thrive because our students see the results and experience it for themselves, otherwise, it would be difficult for us to gain traction and continue to expand our empire.”

    As much the duo enjoy the finer things in life, from their penthouse in central London to a McLaren and Lamborghini – their real purpose and mission has always been to inspire and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and traders. Their goal is to be at the forefront of trading forex, cryptocurrencies and be an example for aspiring entrepreneurs to take risks and make their vision a reality.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: I.O
    Contact Person: Xuang Hui
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 4378898001
    Address:World Trade Center
    City: New York
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    Singapore, a hotspot in the Asia-Pacific region for the blockchain industry is also a favorite destination for hosting some of the best blockchain events and conferences. The upcoming United Conference for Internet Money, a global blockchain conference that spans across a well-researched set of industries and technologies to empower blockchain adoption is scheduled on 26-27 November 2018 at Resorts World, Sentosa Island, Singapore. While it tracks advanced developments and latest trends surrounding the crypto-space, the conference is expected to deliver futuristic ideas paving the way for global adoption, brightening the future of the industry.

    The event spanned over two days features various segments that are primarily aimed at bringing together crypto-masses and blockchain enthusiasts along with offering networking and learning opportunities with some of the top leaders in the industry. The conference has got something in store for everyone associated with the cryptoverse whether it be a newcomer, developer, investor, start-up, crypto-pundit or even a thought leader. From generating innovative ideas to discovering strategic partnerships, here’s how you can benefit from attending this conference:

    The United Conference of Internet Money: What’s in Store?

    A highlight of this event is that it’s entirely free to participate in this conference for the newcomers of the industry. Millennials, particularly students will get access to first-hand knowledge of blockchain along with critical as well as relevant content from some of the best industry speakers under this ticket. Here’s a brief overview of the entry options and access areas:

    The event will have three different participation categories ranging from $0 – $1199. Individuals and newcomers attending the event with a free ticket will have access to keynote speeches, panel discussions and the exhibit area. Under the standard ticket that costs $749, event attendees can additionally access various segments to leverage networking opportunities, the awards ceremony, competitions, and the UCIM after-party. The VIP ticket holders will have seamless access across all the segments of the event including a press meet session, VIP lounge, and an exclusive yacht party to unwind as well as network with blockchain leaders, investors, and media.

    Here’s how participants can benefit from attending this event:

    For Investors

    Crypto-traders, investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists looking for exclusive opportunities to discover some of the most exciting investment opportunities should definitely attend this conference. UCIM has dedicated several segments including an exclusive exhibition for startups and investors to network and build long-lasting relationships. The segments that hold exclusive opportunities for investors include:

    • Investor Roundtable: Exploring the ongoing efforts to fuel innovation, blockchain startups and investors can delve into the most intricate details regarding the potential blockchain-based solutions. These sessions can assist venture capitalists and investors to get access to exciting investment prospects.

    • Partners Connect: A meet-up dedicated to networking with entrepreneurs and professionals from the industry, investors can explore opportunities to form strategic partnerships and actualize the growth prospects from their ICO investments.

    • Yacht Party: An exclusive opportunity to connect with other high-profile leaders from the industry, during a dedicated yacht party for investors, thought leaders, and media members to unwind and engage in ambitious discussions with some of the most distinguished faces of the industry.

    For Startups:

    The conference brings exclusive opportunities for start-ups to understand the trending blockchain developments with speeches delivered from the top influencers in the industry. It also offers prospects for start-ups to create an impact on and network with high-profile investors to explore funding opportunities.

    • Pitch-a-thon: A competition dedicated for the most promising startups, Pitch-a-thon is a platform where they can pitch their innovative ideas and efforts to create an impact among the investors and venture capitalists. While the winner of the competition will have cash prizes up for grabs, it will also prompt investors to indulge in advanced discussions for funding prospects and creating valuable connections.

    • United Blockathon: A unique sprint-based hackathon for individuals and blockchain enthusiasts to validate their ideas into moulding products and to deploy innovative next-gen technologies that add value to the world.

    • Press Meet: The platform is one of the most effective ways to deliver power-packed messages while creating awareness around ingenious ideas and upcoming projects to attract investors and increase your chances of success in the world of blockchain.

    For Thought-Leaders:

    Thought leaders and industry experts having unmatched experience and expertise in the field of blockchain technology can equip the leaders of tomorrow with the best industry practices for designing innovative products. These leaders will have the opportunity to share their platform as wells as knowledge with promising startups to create value for the world. Thought leaders can participate at the conference to deliver power-packed speeches to motivate newcomers and educate promising start-ups to promote crypto adoption. They can also engage in advanced discussions with existing projects to build stronger partnerships positively impacting the blockchain universe.


    Given that everything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies holds the potential to be the next headline, the conference offers several such opportunities to media members. From speeches of some of the most famous thought leaders, founders, and investors to a platform where the entire community unites – UCIM has a lot to offer to its media partners.

    Final Thoughts:

    Attending UCIM will definitely add value to your existing projects while allowing you to find business prospects. You will be empowered to build valuable relationships and leverage them to grow your blockchain enterprise.

    Visit the UCIM website for more details.

    Media Contact:

    Name: Bimlesh A.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: UCIM
    Contact Person: Bimlesh A.
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Singapore

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    Buying from US-based traders, including those that do not ship to certain countries, have been made easier now. Shopalu is offering a platform where customers can use a US-based shipping address. With Shopalu’s compliance with tax laws in each state and the necessary logistics expertise, customers are able to avail of the lowest shipping costs possible.

    “We proudly serve customers from the US and from other countries around the globe, helping them to receive mails and parcels at a single address, thereby cutting international shipping costs,” said Gregory Richard, the company’s representative, while announcing the expansion of their operations.

    To provide customers with a better experience, the company is expanding its network of remote shipping agents. With this option, the company spokesperson says that they will offer better and cheaper options for the customers. The company acts as a go-between, connecting customers with business which international shipping doesn’t offer, thereby charging high costs to ship products to the customer’s home country. To do this, the company partners with a team of dedicated network of agents and ordinary people spread in different parts of United States. With this partnership, the company representative says they are able to give customized services without the hassle and without adding extra cost.

    “We take great pride in providing our valued clients with a US mailing address to help them buy from US retailers and receive US correspondence,” said Gregory while explaining how the platform works.

    How it works

    The customer registers in the Shopalu site and gets a shipping address in the United States. The address is what will be used when a customer buys goods from a US-based trader. Apart from the address, the customer gets an account which can be used to access the delivery manager program, a platform that will help in tracking parcels and organizing shipping to the customer’s home country.

    Once a purchase has been made, the shipping address given by Shopalu is entered, allowing the sending of goods. According to the company representative, customers can send several goods to the address and then merge them before shipping. This, as explained by the representative, helps save time. Shopalu is also providing its customers with assistance in shopping, where an assistant can make the purchase on behalf of the customer.

    Using the Shopalu shipping manager account, customers can organize the delivery of goods to the physical location. The company cooperates with major shipping companies and through merging several items into one package, a customer can save up to eighty percent of the shipping cost.

    For more information, visit:

    About Shopalu

    Shopalu is a platform offering customers all over the world to buy items in United States and at lower prices and sell them in their own country. With this platform, customers can send their products anywhere in the world using a US address.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shopalu, LLC
    Contact Person: George Archer
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (800) 959-0248
    Address:2200 Winter Springs Blvd
    City: Oviedo
    State: FL 32765
    Country: United States

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    ‘Don’t Lift Up Your Hood and Cuss’, candidly recounts the loving, humorous, difficult and unexpected turns in the life of an overweight, shy and sheltered child of Chicago’s late 1940s Southside Pilsen neighborhood. After starting life in a City of flats, horse-drawn wagons, street ball, penny candy stores, Maxwell Street and black snow, she moves to a tiny cottage in rural La Grange, IL, offering a much less congested and cleaner place than the Southside of Chicago.

    Bonnie survives bullying and body shaming throughout school and during job hunting. After determinedly losing 60 pounds, she becomes a USO hostess and meets her soulmate, a US Navy Petty Officer. They date during 1968 Chicago’s tumultuous racial violence and Democrat convention and marry six months later.

    The Navy moves her life from Illinois to Pensacola, Florida and having a son, Brian; to living a primitive lifestyle on the Island of Adak, Alaska; and finally coping with loneliness, earthquakes and a completely different culture in Misawa, Japan. Her experiences graphically illustrate the hardships of “military family life”. “Don’t Lift Up Your Hood and Cuss” ends with the Harringtons return to civilian life and Bonnie’s redemption at her 10th High School Reunion. It becomes quickly evident to her and everyone else that much had changed in her life. No one recognized her with her slimmer figure and when she was presented with the most traveled award, the buzz was, “that’s Bonnie?” With just a few changes a person’s life can go in a totally different direction!

    Michelle Burwell, Chicago Writer’s Association says, “the thing that makes Bonnie and her memoir stand out is her enduring optimism. She finds humor in daunting and difficult situations. In ‘Don’t Lift Up Your Hood and Cuss’, Bonnie is open, honest, and endearing as she depicts her transformation from a shy, naïve schoolgirl from humble beginnings, to a woman capable of exploring the world and herself. It is overall a great, uplifting read. I would recommend this memoir, especially to anyone who may be deployed in the military or are hoping for some sort of dynamic life change”.

    “Don’t Lift Up Your Hood and Cuss” is available on Amazon in Trade Paperback or Kindle. Just click on the below link to order.


    Other Links:

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Patrick & Bonnie Harrington
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 847-991-0483
    Country: United States

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    New website offers reliable hammock information for outdoor enthusiasts

    SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 – Hammocks bring joy and relaxation to anyone who enjoys being outside, whether they are camping in the mountains or relaxing in their backyard. Finding the best hammock can be a struggle in the face of a seemingly endless array of options, but Living the Trail offers a hub where consumers can find out everything they need to know about hammocks.

    For instance, the newly launched website offers reviews on Ridgeline Ropes, Hummingbird hammocks, and Ridgeline hammocks. In addition, articles with titles such as “What are Hammock Snake Skins and How to Make One Yourself”, “Different Types of Hammock Suspensions”, and “Can You Hammock Camp the Appalachian Trail?” offer answers to questions campers, hikers, and outdoors enthusiasts commonly have about hammocks.

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    Oladayo Awojobi’s book “GOVERNOR AKINWUNMI AMBODE: A CATALYST FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE IN LAGOS STATE” is an enthusiastic celebration of Ambode’s many achievements.

    Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has accomplished much during three years as the Lagos State Governor. This new book celebrates these achievements with enthusiasm and explains their great impact on the country. It also introduces many of the physical projects undertaken by the Ambode-led administration and how they steer the country into a brighter future. Pictures illustrate many of the projects undertaken and several stories and anecdotes convey Ambode’s exceptional leadership and governance.

    People with an interest in Lagos and its politics will find “GOVERNOR AKINWUNMI AMBODE: A CATALYST FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE IN LAGOS STATE” by Oladayo Awojobi a highly interesting and informative read. Clearly structured, it  gives readers a comprehensive overview over Akinwunmi Ambode’s work and achievements. In addition, readers will also learn a lot about Lagos’ current culture and developments.

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    By Professor Edison Tse, Department of Management Science & Engineering, Director of Asia Center of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University
    (Assisted by Dr. Zhang Lijun, a Research Scholar at Stanford University and the Chairman of the Board of V1 Group Limited)

    1. New strategy of China’s Disruptive Innovation

    Ancient Greek historian Thucydides holds that when a newly rising country threatens to replace the established leading country, the likely outcome is war. In this age of nuclear weapon, a worldwide war is not possible to happen. However, when leading country feels that the rising country is threatening its dominant position, it will try to use all kinds of tactics to prevent the growing of the rising country. How should the rising country handle the situation smoothly without engaging in a head on confrontation? As a latecomer the rising country should not confront and challenge the leading country’s ecosystem directly, but to use reverse thinking process to develop a powerful and different ecosystem.

    1.1 China’s technology innovation development is facing the risk of being vigilant and suppressed

    Through a series of disruptive innovations in the information industry since 1982, the US had developed a strong and hard to replicate information technology ecosystem. Logic chip and operating system are two main components for all information technology products. The production of the advanced logic chips highly depends on advanced semiconductor equipment. These are all in the hands of US technology companies. These companies sell the most advanced core components to information technology products companies, who design the most advanced information technology products that are sold in the global market. This gives US the leading position in the global development of information technology. When the US felt the “Made in China 2025” could threaten its leading position, it looked for ways to stifle China’s development. This has been demonstrated by the recent US-China Trade War and technical barriers. So, how should China continue its technological innovation development?

    1.2 My suggestion is that China should develop a different ecosystem the synergistic effect to US’s information technology ecosystem to achieve a win-win situation

    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs depicted human needs as hierarchical tiers, that individuals do not think of the higher level needs when the lower level needs is not satisfied; but when the lower needs is meet, people will aspire to higher level needs. Maslow divides human needs into five levels. Lower-level needs are the “basic needs”, such as food, solving crisis, stable life, and health. Higher-level needs are the pursuit of a good living environment that is “nice-to-have”, such as wireless communication, smart phones, driverless vehicles, wireless payments, etc. There are also several levels among nice-to-have and basic needs respectively. Incremental innovation is to improve value in a particular need level, while disruptive innovation is to fulfill a higher need level. The most important distinction between basic and nice-to-have is that, basic needs is objective and is widely known, while nice-to-have is more subjective and only perceivable with personal experience. The fact that unsatisfied basic needs exist in a region is because that free market economy in that region does not work efficiently under the existing political, social, economic and technological conditions to solve the problem. To solve the basic needs problem, one needs to engage in disruptive innovation by combining technology, social resources, infrastructure development, change of institution and market structure. Therefore, most of the basic needs disruptive innovation cannot solely rely on free market economy, but needs a government-led market economy. In comparison, the nice-to-have disruptive innovation mainly comes from new possibilities brought about by new technology and young people’s pursuit of new ideals in life. Therefore, the successof nice-to-have disruptive innovation must happen in a free-market economy environment.

    United State of America is a developed country with free-market economy, and the majority of its people pursue better life. Therefore, it is an ideal place to promote nice-to-have disruptive innovation. Through a series of nice-to-have disruptive innovations in the information industry, US had built up the competitive advantage in nice-to-have disruptive innovation driven by new information technology. The main market for advanced information technology products is people with middle and high income. Selling to the global market with middle and high income gives its economy of scale. To sustain its leadership position in global information technology development, US needs to assure that information technology products based on its advanced information technology can be sold in the global market with middle and high income, and this market is growing steadily.

    Conclusion 1: Chinese should adopt a reverse thinking process. Instead of competing with the US in nice-to-have disruptive innovation driven by new IT technology, China should focus on basic needs disruptive innovation to help people meeting basic needs of life, which will lead to developing a completely different ecosystem. This is also in line with China’s development direction.

    1.3 The development of China has experienced two consecutive disruptive innovations. The first was basic needs driven, while the second was nice-to-have driven.

    China’s rapid economic development is the result of two consecutive disruptive innovations.Deng Xiaoping initiated the first disruptive innovation in China in 1978 with Reform and Openness policy.China established platform at the national level that combined domestic and foreign resources, through infrastructure development, change in institution and market structure, which successfully got majority of Chinese out of poverty. This basic needs disruptive innovation improved the living standard of Chinese people. The key to success lies in the practice of “seeking truth from facts”. Deng encouraged small-scale experimentation of disruptive innovation at a local level, especially in farms and urban area, and if successful and promising rolled out to national level with policy support. A new business culture slowly formed in China: cross-region creative imitation. In 2001, China joined the WTO and created synergies with other members of WTO, benefiting all WTO members. Joining the WTO platform helped China’s first disruptive innovation and made China the major manufacturing country with the reputation of “Made in China”. International companies outsourcing to China benefited its low labor costs, and people in developed countries benefited from low-priced good quality products. From 1980 to 2005, China’s economic development has lifted many people out of poverty, and per capita income has continued to increase. Many Western economists think it is a miracle. In 1998, private enterprises practiced creative imitation of successful US Internet B2C business model in China, initiating China’s second disruptive innovation. The success of the Chinese creative imitators hinges on their ability to execute and deliver value of Internet services in China’s unique cultural, social and business environment. In the process, each developed skills to overcome the institutional void and develop a new ecosystem that each leveraged to pivot into a new related businesses that have positive network effect with the original business. This is nice-to-have disruptive innovation to satisfy Chinese people’s pursuit of better life quality. Even though they started as creative imitator, each of them created its own unique ecosystem to transform itself and established a new identity as a major player in multi-related sectors.

    Conclusion 2: China has established a unique nice-to-have disruptive innovation ecosystem: Creative imitation of successful US nice-to-have disruptive innovation to China by overcoming its institutional void and deliver new value to China’s unique cultural, social and economic environment.

    China’s second disruptive innovation built on China’s first disruptive innovation. The first basic needs disruptive innovation brought the majority of Chinese people out of poverty and increased most people’s per capita income, which provided market demand for the second nice-to-have disruptive innovation. Network effects between basic needs disruptive innovation and nice-to-have disruptive innovation will result in future economic growth. China’s rapid development over the past 40 years has also brought about many basic needs problems, such as income disparity, polluted environmental, food safety, health and so on. Also many traditional enterprises are facing a crisis with urgent need of transformation, breakthrough and upgrading. Focusing in solving these basic needs will expand the market demand for nice-to-have.

    Conclusion 3: Through a series of successful basic needs disruptive innovations, China will steadily build up a different and hard to replicate basic needs disruptive innovation ecosystem that combines technology and resources, infrastructure development, change in institution and market structure to solve basic needs problem and expand market demand for nice-to-have.

    1.4 The grand vision of China’s Belt and Road Initiative is to meet the basic needs of the countries along the route, and thus cultivate new market for nice-to-have

    The Belt and Road Initiative is similar to China’s first disruptive innovation where it drew global resources to help China in developing its economy. This time China takes the initiative to leverage and extend its experience to draw global resources (including its own), combine proper technology, and infrastructure development to help other developing countries out of poverty and boost regional in economic development. The Belt and Road will expand and enhance China’s basic needs disruptive innovation ecosystem, and develop new demand for nice-to-have. Many traditional, environmental and infrastructure development projects can be regarded as a platform to promote basic needs disruptive innovation by changing its value proposition.

    Let us look at a real case example. In 2014, PetroChina engaged in a natural gas processing plant and pipeline project in Tanzania. Tanzania’s Mtwara, Lindi and the arduous Songgosongo Island are the source of pipeline processing plants. At the beginning, there people in Mtwara and Lindi were against the project, and the project implementation was not going well. The project manager decided to allocate resources to provide drinking water for the villagers, education to local children, boost employment rate, and other public diplomacy activities. The project team created nearly 2,000 jobs in the local area, with local workers exceeded 50%. As a result, all local people supported the project, which enabled it to complete smoothly. The project also trained local employees for the gas pipeline and processing plant management and operation technology. In one year, it trained over 1,000 people of various skills that will support Tanzania’s future development in natural gas industry. The completion of the project in 2016 enabled power generation through natural gas, which greatly alleviated the power shortage in Tanzania, and promoted the development of Tanzania’s electric power and related downstream industries. Meanwhile, by replacing imported heavy oil fuel with natural gas to generate electricity, environmental pollution was reduced and energy cost saving is at least US$800 million per year. With stable electricity supply, more investors were attracted to set up factory that boost regional economic development. At present, six power plants have signed gas purchase agreements, and two power plants are ready to sign gas purchase agreements.The Tanzanian project has to 1.59 billion yuan export of Chinese equipment. With the development of domestic economy and increase of per capita income, a new consumer market is developing. The implementation of this natural gas processing plant and pipeline project has established a basic needs disruptive innovation platform. The value of this project is not the completion of high quality construction project with low cost; but through this project, to improve local employment, improve the technical level of local employees, promote local economic development, open up new consumer markets, provide business opportunities, and build customer stickiness. This fulfills the value of basic needs disruptive innovation.

    1.5 Develop basic needs disruptive innovation platform

    The concept of the platform is that it is an entity, but its main value is not in itself, but the benefits it can bring to the members joining, which is a change in the concept of an entity’s value. Whether it is product, service, or engineering project, we can see perceive it as a platform by changing its value concept. PetroChina does not regard the Tanzania natural gas processing plant and pipeline project as a purely engineering project that only cares about the value of the project itself. It took this project as a starting point and combining multiple resources to make the success of this project drive regional economic development. This project is a basic needs disruptive innovation platform. Many traditional industries, environmental protection industries, infrastructure industries, and public utilities can become a basic needs disruptive innovation platform by a change in its value concept. For example, in a relatively backward rural area, take a sewage treatment project as a starting point to combine appropriate new technologies and various resources, coordinate with rural reform to solve rural environmental problem, while at the same time help to establish local industries with development potential to foster local economic development. In doing so, the sewage treatment project becomes a basic needs disruptive innovation platform.

    2. China needs to initiate a third disruptive innovation to continue its development

    2.1 I believe China is ready to implement a 3-pronged disruptive innovation: the first prong is the disruptive innovation driven by China’s basic needs, the second is the disruptive innovation driven by Belt and Road, and the third is that China continues to apply creative imitation of the US’s nice-to-have disruptive innovation in China.

    Consecutively implementing basic needs disruptive innovation in China and in Belt and Road Initiative will enable China’s economy continue to grow. It will expand the nice-to-have demand market that will increase China’s success in applying creative imitation of the US’s nice-to-have disruptive innovation. This 3-pronged disruptive innovation will accelerate the development of Chinese economy, and China can avoid the middle-income trap. In the process, China will establish two unique and synergistic disruptive innovation ecosystems – basic needs and nice-to-have. The two ecosystems will have positive network effects that will sustain economic growth. If we focus implementing basic needs disruptive innovation in China’s economy backward regions, it will reduce the income gap between rural and urban areas, increase the number of people with middle to high income, and improve the income inequality problem. It will also increase the market demand for new technology products and services for nice-to-have, making China the world’s largest economy.

    2.2 New technology brings us new possibilities

    The progress and improvement of a new technology depends on the scale of the application market of its new technology products. Therefore, the competition of new technology is not who gets more patents, who has more and better functions, better, who is technologically more advanced, but who has the larger application market. From a technical point of view, as long as one is willing to invest, no matter what technology, one can reverse engineer and develop a different but with similar characteristics and capabilities technology in a period. Therefore, the entry barrier of a technology is the application market that the technology has occupied rather than technology itself. Whoever takes the largest application market first is the winner. The technology that first occupies the largest application market share is the winner.

    The reason that US is able to dominate the global information industry is that through more than 30 years of disruptive innovation and development in the information industry, it has built a strong information technology ecosystem, but not just some core technologies. We can say that no country can compete with US in information technology field, because it has already captured the largest global application market share. However, if the US wants to maintain its leadership in information technology, it needs to maintain its dominance in the global application market share; otherwise it cannot support its huge R&D costs for improvement. Therefore, the more China can capture information technology application market share in the world, the less likely that the US will “ban” on the core information technology from China, because this may lead to weakening its information technology ecosystem and may lose its leading position. Most IT companies in China are now relying on the latest advanced IT technology to develop the best products to build their competitive advantage via incremental innovation, but this will expose them to the risk of diminishing returns and being blocked. I suggest that the IT product enterprises in China should not build their competitive advantage on the products with the most advanced IT technology; instead, they should use the most advanced IT technology as the fulcrum and promote disruptive innovation to develop a strong market-driven ecosystem to build its competitive advantage. Derive most of the profit comes from serving ecosystem members, rather than relying on products with the most advanced IT technology. This will reduce its diminishing returns and the risk of being blocked. They should allocate appropriate portion of the profit to the research and development to develop the core components for special applications that can further reduce dependence and build their own brand. As for some new technologies, such as 5G, AI, new energy, etc., everyone has yet to build a strong ecosystem of the technology, and everyone is at the same level of competition, depending on how one applies them and builds different ecosystems.

    Conclusion 4: China should apply the relatively new technologies in basic needs disruptive innovation to foster global economic development; and as a latecomer, it should creatively imitate the US’s nice-to-have disruptive innovation to China

    3. Sustainable economic growth needs successive disruption innovation compatible with innovative thinking

    3.1 Depending on its education, family, society and political environment,each country has a different culture of innovation that leads to different innovative thinking

    We usually think within our own familiar scope, which, like a box, limits our thinking. A type of creative thinking called “Think outside the box”. This way of thinking is not subject to any restrictions, think of the unthinkable, and challenge yourself to think outside your familiar scope. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk possess this way of thinking. There is another type of creative thinking called “Think in a bigger box”. This way of thinking is when a person who is worthy of your trust gives you guidance or certain events that inspires you with a bigger scope. You will jump out of your familiar scope and think in the context of the bigger scope. Jack Ma and Pony Ma possess this way of thinking. In scientific innovation and nice-to-have disruptive innovation, the first type of creative thinking has more advantage, while in incremental innovation, basic needs disruptive innovation, and creative imitation of nice-to-have disruptive innovation, the second type of creative thinking has more advantage. The historical background of the United States, its educational, family, social and political environment make US relatively more compatible with the first type of innovative thinking. The historical background of China, its educational, family, social and political environment make China relatively more compatible with the second type of innovative thinking is more compatible. In China’s first disruptive innovation, Deng Xiaoping gave Chinese people a bigger box – reform and opening up. It promoted the emancipation of the mind, encouraged people to develop their potential, found successful regional disruptive innovation in this bigger box, and then encouraged creative imitation to apply this innovation to the rest of China. In China’s second disruptive innovation, the successful US Internet B2C business model and China’s social and political environment gave Chinese entrepreneurs a bigger box. Several successful cases triggered a grass root movement in “Internet thinking” wave in China.

    3.2 Successful disruptive innovation must be compatible with innovative thinking

    We see that China’s first and second disruptive innovations are compatible with China’s innovative thinking. While US nice-to-have disruptive innovation in IT is compatible to US innovative thinking. The sustainable economic growth of a country needs to a successive wave of successful disruptive innovation. The key is that each disruptive innovation is compatible with the country’s innovative thinking. In the suggested 3-pronged disruptive innovation, President Xi Jinping has given a bigger box to Chinese enterprises for the first and second pronged, while the third pronged continues the second disruptive innovation where successful US Internet B2C business model and China’s social and political environment gave Chinese entrepreneurs a bigger box. Therefore, I believe the 3-pronged disruptive innovation would have a good chance to succeed, as it is compatible with China’s innovative thinking.

    3.3 Using external force to consolidate the basic strategy of disruptive innovation

    During the process of promoting disruptive innovation, one may encounter some external forces that exert pressure to you to change your strategy plan. If this external force is difficult to avoid, it is better to tackle it from a different perspective. We may make use of this external pressure to help consolidate the disruptive innovation strategy.

    During China’s first disruptive innovation, joining the WTO would enable China to deepen its integration with the world economy, and strengthen the ecosystem of the first disruptive innovation. At that time, the decision of joining WTO was a difficult one for China. The benefit for China in joining the WTO is that it would enable China to expand its export, acquire advanced technology and foreign capital that would help its economic development. However, China would have to accept considerably harsher conditions than other developing countries and additional conditions imposed by US. An addition, Chinese enterprises would face global competition pressure, which they had no prior experience. These would exert pressure to China to make significant changes in China economy that conflict with its prior economic strategy. After a lengthy process of negotiation, China joined the WTO on December 11, 2001.

    After China’s accession into the WTO, the government responded to the pressure by setting up environment for industrial reform, encourage technology exchange and corporation, and foster foreign direct investment. Its state-owned enterprises engaged in restructuring and upgrading in response to global competitive pressures. State-owned and private enterprises learned and used their creativity to develop system and improve production efficiency and management, which enable them to compete competitively in the global market. This attracted more foreign investors to invest and set up factories in China to engage in OEM production and low cost products to the world market. Resource and infrastructure development projects further boosted domestic economic activities.All these expanded local employment and its domestic market. China used the pressure of joining the WTO to help in consolidating its first disruptive innovation strategy.

    Now that China has risen to become the second largest economy in the world, the US feels that the purpose of “Made in China 2025” is to surpass its dominant position in high-tech field, so it uses trade wars, blockades of technology, etc. to stop the growing of “Made in China”. This would stifle China’s innovation activities. Especially with many innovation activities follow the “cool” tech boom in Silicon Valley and directly compete with those innovation projects in Silicon Valley, will cause more pressure from the US. However, China can also take advantage of this pressure to explain in detail the general direction of the 3-pronged disruptive innovation: Instead of competing with the US in nice-to-have disruptive innovation driven by new technologies, China focuses on basic needs disruptive innovation that help people meet the basic needs of life. It aims to create a completely different ecosystem. It uses new technology in basic needs disruptive innovation to foster global economic development, and as a latecomer, creatively imitates the US’s nice-to-have disruptive innovation to meet China’s growing nice-to-have market.

    About V1 Group Limited

    V1 Group was established in 2005, listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006, became the first Chinese video media enterprise listed in Hong Kong. V1 Group Limited was named the “China’s Top 100 Internet Companies” three years in a row from year 2014 to 2016. After eleven years of rapid development, V1 Group’s main businesses have fully covered the Internet and mobile terminals. In 2016, V1 Group successfully transformed from the new media industry group into a new economy in the internet industry, forming a strategic layout with media as the lead, financial investment as the driving force, and “digital + new culture and entertainment” as its core businesses.

    V1 Group IR website:

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    LOS ANGELES, CA – September 25, 2018 – Transatlantic Real Estate, LLC, a diversified investment vehicle that acquires and leases specialized real estate assets, such as cannabis farms, is announcing a Regulation Crowdfunding (Regulation CF) offer combining real estate and cannabis. Targeted at non-accredited investors, the innovative campaign allows players to get in the game with a minimum venture entry of $300. 

    Transatlantic proposes an investment to prospective capitalists seeking to diversify portfolios with cannabis stocks. Prior to Obama’s JOBS Act, this would not have been possible for individual investors with net worths less than $1 million.

    The opportunity, combining real estate and cannabis; arguably one of the fastest growing industries, is groundbreaking. Transatlantic recognizes the advantage of being a first-mover and makes its announcement as more U.S. states move to legalize marijuana for recreational use and as Canada prepares to fully legalize recreational cannabis next month.

    Since mid-August, there has been great speculation that companies that have the ability to distribute to the recreational beverage market may be involved in the cannabis space.

    The latest speculation involves Coca-Cola, which is in talks with Canada-based Aurora Cannabis Inc.

    Marijuana may be the biggest opportunity for investors, as shares of companies in the cannabis industry keep rallying. With the prospects of further legalization and changing public perceptions about marijuana, some investors will likely end up making millions of dollars over the next few years.

    Given the tremendous potential in the cannabis industry, Transatlantic’s investment is one to consider for budding marijuana millionaires, and conservatives keeping their finger on the pulse of this wave. For all the details on the opportunity CLICK THIS LINK.


    Transatlantic Real Estate, LLC is a diversified investment vehicle that acquires and leases specialized real estate assets, such as cannabis farms. We combine hard asset security and long-term appreciation potential.


    This press release contains statements that the Company believes to be “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements other than historical facts, including, without limitation, statements regarding the investment offerings and the terms thereof, are forward-looking statements. When used in this press release, words such as we “expect,” “intend,” “plan,” “estimate,” “anticipate,” “believe” or “should” or the negative thereof or similar terminology are generally intended to identify forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in, or implied by, such statements. Investors should not place undue reliance upon forward-looking statements. The Company disclaims any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

    Media Contact
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    Jewelries made from the Tungsten Carbide steel are not only stylish and durable, but are cheaper as well. These are a few reasons why people now prefer wearing Tungsten Carbide Rings for their style enhancement.

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    Gemcanton Investments Holdings Ltd., Zambia’s leading emerald miner continues to grow in operational strength to become a company of choice, with the recent auctioning of processed and rough gemstones, raking in a whooping US$15 million profit before tax.

    The Lufwanyama based-miner, discovered and established by Abdoulaye Ndiaye  in 1997 and formerly Grizzly Emerald Mine before changing its name to Gemcanton Investments Holdings Limited in June last year, attributes the company’s recent growth in operations and contributions to “bettering the lives of the local people through Corporate Social Responsibility” to various incentives being extended to the mining sector.

    During the auction conducted from 15-18 August in Lusaka, a gross profit of US$15 million was realized from sales. A total of 36 out of 40 buyers visited the auction floor, mainly from Russia, India and Israel among others.

    The sale received 28 bids in it the company’s fifth auction of the metal, raking in US$15 million. A total 16 percent will be remitted in tax to Zambia Revenue Authority.

    The company’s increasing business growth has been spurred by the value addition it has continued championing in the production and polishing of stones using expertise from foreign and local expertise, with India being the main source of skilled labour to ensure quality services.

    The value addition to gemston processing has chiefly been attributed to a myriad of incentives extended to mining companies in the sector including duty free machinery imports as well as other accessories needed for value addition to the precious metals, now taking over as Zambia’s lifeline from traditional copper mining.

    “We are happy with Government in the provision of incentives which is helping in the marketing of the minerals… presently, we are now able to bring in machinery that is helping us in the polishing of the gemstones and this is adding value to our business.” Abdul Ba, the Company’s Chief executive Officer says in a post auction interview.

    Among other machinery acquired, spurred by incentives include acquisition of dump tracks and excavators, among other equipment that is speeding up the mining of the precious metals. This has made the company enjoy relative dominance, spurred by the input from foreign expertise and advisory on the mining and processing of the product to enhance value.

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    When the 2019 U.S. News school ranking came out, there were surprises all around. There have been some tremendous changes this year compared to the previous rankings. Most notably, UC Santa Barbra rose by 7 ranks, for #37 to #30. Clark University went from being ranked #81 last year to #66 this year, an increase by 15 places. UC Riverside saw perhaps one of the most significant change, going from #124 to #85 this year, a rise in 39 places. A lot of people wondered why this happened, so we here at Forward Pathway decided to explain some of the intricacies behind this change. Below we created a chart depicting the average change in school rankings within the past ten years. (Only the top 140 schools are included)

    The calculation method we used was simple. We took all the place changes and divided them by the number of schools (140 in this case) to deduce the “average changes per school” on the list. As we can infer from the graph [1], from 2009 to 2019, 2019 saw the most significant change in rankings compared to its predecessors. Prior to this year’s ranking, the average school changes 2.5 places. However, this year that number has reached a record high of 6. I believe by now the readers are all wondering, what brought about this drastic change in rankings? The TL;DR version is this: U.S. News rankings this year utilized a new algorithm that included a new factor; social mobility. [2] This new calculation method is the culprit behind the madness.

    So, let’s talk about social mobility for a second. Wikipedia defines social mobility as “the movement of individuals, families, households, or other categories of people within or between social strata in society.” [3] We most commonly calculate one’s social status based on the amount of wealth he or she might possess. In fact, when I previously wrote about the value of prestigious American universities, I also mentioned the issue of social mobility in the U.S.  As mentioned in Wikipedia, 43% of the children born into the bottom quintile or bottom 20% will remain there whereas 40% of the children born in the top quintile or 20% will remain in their social class. On the other hand, only 4% of the bottom quintile will rise to the top quintile whereas 8% of the top quintile will drop down to the bottom.

    Now let’s take a look at how U.S. News calculated a schools ranking when factoring in social mobility. First, we have the percentage of Pell Grant recipients that graduate within six years. Then we have the ratio of Pell Grant recipients against all the total amount of students that graduate within six years. The graduation rate of Pell Grant students makes up for 2.5% of the scoring while the other 2.5% is composed of the ratio between the number of Pell Grant students and the total student population of the school. This 5% can only be earned through the enrollment of a certain number of students who qualify for Pell Grants, a major financial aid that students can apply for. (Generally, Pell Grants are only awarded to students in the bottom 40% of the social class)

    After discovering this formula, I became skeptical since the graduation rate of a Pell Grant student does not reflect the school’s ability in promoting social mobility. Because in my personal and professional opinion, the graduating rate of a Pell Grant recipient does not determine whether that individual possess an upward social mobility ability. Nor does it reflect the school’s ability to promote social mobility overall. The other half is determined by the ratio of graduating Pell Grant recipients vs. the overall student population. If two schools possess the same Pell Grant recipient graduation rate, the school with the higher population of Pell Grant recipients will receive a higher scoring. I’ll let readers make their own conclusion on how fallible this formula is seeing how this new formula does not directly reflect a school’s ability to train a lower social class student in upward mobility.

    So, in general, this year’s U.S. News social mobility scoring can only reflect the school’s willingness to recruit students from lower social classes as opposed to their ability in raising the social class of a student. Now, let’s take a look at the SUNY schools and the UC schools (public) when compared to most private schools. Because public schools are more likely to accept students from lower social classes, most of their rankings went up, whereas most private schools’ rankings went down. An interesting phenomenon occurred in the structure of the school name. University of XXXXX schools mostly went up whereas XXXXX University’s ranking would generally drop. (This can only be considered a general rule of thumb, seeing how all the Ivy League levels schools remain firm in their standing.)

    I’m sure by now that most readers will have a question in mind. If public schools are on the rise in this new ranking, why does 19 of the top 20 spots still occupied by these private universities? The reasoning behind this is elementary. Let’s take Princeton University as an example. 72% of the students enrolled in Princeton University comes from families ranked within the top 20% of the social caste. Students that come from the bottom 20% however, only makes up for 2.2% of the student population. So, despite “normal” schools gaining the ability to increase their ranking score by a maximum of 5%, the chasm between them and the top 20 is still tremendous. This 5% change will have a greater impact on schools ranked lower, but as the rankings increase, its impact will become more and more negligible.

    Down below is a chart published previously by Forward Pathway, it depicts the distribution of students based on their social class amongst various universities.

    As you can infer from the graph, the majority of students from elite universities and colleges come from elite families within the social ladder. This results in the further solidification of rankings as you near the top. While I wholeheartedly agree with the intentions of U.S. News changing their formula to include social mobility, I do believe the execution phase could do with some adjustments. After all, promoting social mobility is one of the many responsibilities that American universities should shoulder. While U.S. News’ formula and action in placing a heavier emphasis on social mobility still need adjustment, its actions are definitely praiseworthy. I believe that U.S. News will definitely improve its rating system in the subsequent years to come. The attention to detail by U.S. News is very apparent, during my research, I found out that the statistics regarding the Pell Grant recipients is the complete, accurate, and relevant public data on the mobility of the American social class. Previous data such as The Quality of Opportunity Project [4] is severely lacking when compared alongside. It severely lacks continuity and relevance in the long scheme of things.

    CollegeNet’s SMI Ranking’s data [5] factors in the student’s family and median graduating salary. However, the median used is the total student body as opposed to Pell Grant recipients. I believe that the usage of Pell Grant recipients as the basis for scoring is the most applicable. If further data regarding the graduate’s salary and family income can be added, the overall data will become much more infallible.

    In Conclusion: the updated 2019 U.S. News ranking brought about many changes with the added consideration to social mobility. While the data does not present an accurate picture overall, to some extent, it has increased the schools’ need to place a heavier emphasis on lower class students. Overall, the new 2019 U.S. News school ranking definitely should be checked out, for more information, feel free to check it out at Forward Pathway’s website.



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    Irvine, CA – Sunny climates are often cited as a major contributor to the visible signs of aging, but it’s not just UV rays that can hasten the aging process. BEAUTÉFAIRE skincare products were developed to help individuals look their most beautiful in any environment.

    Even those that wear hats, use sunscreen and limit their time outdoors are finding that their skin is experiencing aging beyond what they should expect for their age. The culprit is increased exposure to environmental pollution. BEAUTÉFAIRE has created a unique line of skincare products that help address a variety of aging concerns. The cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products contain no parabens, phthalates or sulfates.

    Of special interest is the company’s Age-Reversing Cellular Rejuvenation Cream, designed specifically to nourish skin and protect it from environmental damage. Appropriate for all skin types, it helps with hyperpigmentation and is rich in amino acids, algae extracts, collagen-building vitamin C, and the powerful plant-based antioxidant ferulic acid.

    The rejuvenation cream works by hydrating and sealing in antioxidants, while tightening and firming skin to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles. The addition of skin lighteners supports healthy melanin production that aids in mitigating skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

    Also popular is the company’s Cellular Turnover Retinol Treatment. The night cream resurfaces skin, refines texture, and encourages cellular turnover for a more youthful look. It stimulates collagen production and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for rejuvenated skin.

    BEAUTÉFAIRE introduced its Vitamin C Hydra-Boost Toner with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and phytoactives for acne prone skin. It soothes inflammation, has antibacterial properties and is a potent antioxidant. It’s especially beneficial for individuals that find traditional moisturizing creams too heavy.

    For the delicate eye area, BEAUTÉFAIRE has created a luxurious regenerative anti-aging cream that fights the signs of chronological aging. The Advanced Cellular Peptide Eye Complex works to boost collagen production, stimulate cell regeneration, and repair damaged skin with a proprietary formula of anti-aging ingredients for skin that’s softer, smoother and more youthful looking.

    The Advanced Age-Reversing Cellular Rejuvenation Cream by BEAUTÉFAIRE has earned the company a loyal following by clients that have experienced real results. It’s never too late for skin protection from environmental conditions and the luxury brand specializes in anti-aging formulas that are appropriate for people of any age.

    For more information, visit:

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    Are you thinking of going on a DIY adventure of painting your own house? It sounds like a lot of fun to paint your house just the way you have imagined it. Painting your own house does not need to involve the conventional colors and methods of painting. A DIY project is itself all about innovation and doing things the way you want them. It can be unusual yet beautiful; it won’t matter much as long as you have the right tools at hand.

    Asking the celebrated painters and store owners for the best quality materials and sprayers may get you credible results but sometimes these answers may not suffice your needs. In order to choose the best equipment for your painting jobs make sure that you check The Depotdad has reviewed a number of spray painting machines and guiding the people about all the various sprayers present in the market to the minutest details.

    Before painting the house you need to go through a lot of planning and making the perfect color combination for your house. There are also some precautions to be taken while painting, you also need to know about all the color combinations and what is the best quality of paints that will work with your house. The answer to all these questions can be found on the paint zoom reviewer website.

    Various topics covered under one roof:

    1. DIY projects: every DIY project needs to be initiated with a proper understanding of the task that you are going to do. On the website, you can find that a number of topics are covered. These topics range from guiding the visitor on how to prepare your house before spray painting or how to spray paint the furniture.

    2. Painting tips and techniques: the painting work is easier said than done, there are a number of nuances involved in executing the perfect paint job. For beginners it can be a bit a nightmare in completing the job in time and dealing with all the mixing of paints, wall skimming, using the paint thinner and guide to trim painting.

    3. Genuine paint sprayer reviews: the website also contains the most authentic and honest reviews about all the best paint sprayers on the market. These reviews are not without all the pros and cons of the product and a detailed description of how to use it optimally. The paint sprayers whose detailed reviews available on the website are Flexio 590, Graco Magnum sprayers the x7 and x5, the Home Right sprayers, Sprayers by PaintWiz, Tacklife paint sprayers and the Wagner sprayers.

    4. Paint Zoom: you can find a long and detailed description about all the paint zoom products. This candor paint zoom reviewer website has included a number of subjects regarding paint zoom. For instance, it has the foremost and best paint zoom sprayers, various guides about all the paint zoom products, and video tutorials on how to use these products along with all the problems with them and also a guide about the paint zoom containers. From how to switch on the paint zoom sprayer to everything else all is given on the website.

    If you would like to learn more about the sprayers and the technology used in them, for that too they have got you covered. The website has explained the technologies used in paint sprayers and it also explains how it has augmented the commercial painting experience. Their small but useful tips and tricks as a cherry on the cake and they can really help you enhance your painting work.

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